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Universal translators don't just translate words from one language to another. They match your culture's linguistics to the closest cultural dialect/accent of the listener's world. For example: aliens might not BE Irish, but if they're Irish in SPIRIT, they'll be translated with an Irish accent
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DPxDC: Fear Eaters??!!!
Uncle Scarecrow AU!
So Jonathan is either Maddie's Half brother or Cousin and was really close with the Fenton family until he went a little crazy.
His obsession with fear is driven partially by the idea that ghosts feed on fear and partially since he's ecto contaminated and also feeds on fear to some extent.
Eventually word gets out to a few people that Danny is Phantom and the GIW managed to destabilize him in a way that he doesn't look as human and needs a large amount of fear and ecto to look even somewhat normal.
Maddie and Jack send him off to his Uncle Jon knowing that Gotham has ecto and fear in abundance. Jon digs deeper into his fear gas and figures out that it can work as a stabilizer for Danny if he inhales, drinks, or gets it injected into him.
The Bats get suspicious when Scarecrow breaks out of Arkham and just isn't seen for weeks. They manage to track him down and see him with his mask off in a lab with Danny and Bruce, Tim, and Cass listen in:
"Are you sure this will work, Uncle Jon?" A boy with white hair and Lazarus green eyes asks looking just a bit too inhuman to be comfortable. ("Uncle Jon?)
Crane spins around
"It has to work, Danny and I'll keep working until it does." He approaches Danny with a syringe full of fear serum. The Bats get ready to intervene but the boy doesn't seem scared
"So this chemically causes fear and hallucinations. Right?"
"Exactly. Since you're half human I'm unsure how much fear you're supposed to ingest to stay healthy but we're going to figure it out. Your parents entrusted you to me so I'm going to make sure you're okay." The boy sighs and gestures for the needle. As the Bats shift, this child has to feed on fear to stay healthy?
"I'm pretty sure they sent me to you because of ecto levels in the city and the amount of fear I'd be able to consume naturally Uncle Jon." He states as he jams the needle into himself. Above him Bruce and Tim want to intervene but Cass stops them
"Not hurting him." She states. Danny shivers for a moment before shifting into a much more human form with black hair and blue eyes as they watch on.
"How human do I look?" Scarecrow grins widely
"You look great kiddo. How stable do you feel? What effects are there? How is it interacting with your biology?" Danny thinks for a moment
"I feel like I watched a horror movie in theatre and absorbed enough fear to last a few days." Scarecrow takes note of that.
"Eventually we'll find something that'll work more permanently." Crane vows
"How much fear do you need to eat weekly?" (The Bats listen closer if one of their rogues literally has to feed on fear that rewrites several prior assumptions about him)
"Not as much as you. I'm still mostly human and I tend to stock up on a bunch at once. I'm thinking about making a weak strain to inject myself with so I won't have to go out as much." His Nephew seemed surprised
"Really? Family tradition means that we need at least one Supervillain a generation and my parents have stopped doing vivisections in their basement so really it's just you?"
"Family tradition?" Tim questions but Bruce is almost as confused. He'll need to look into Jonathan Cranes background more after this if it's a family tradition. He's also concerned about the vivisections the boy mentioned.
Scarecrow let's out a bit of a laugh below them.
"Who will be the villain from your gen then?" He mused
"Any one of us really," Danny laughed "According to the Government I'm breaking the law by existing. Ellie is half raised by Uncle Vlad and he's enough of a villainous fruit loop, Dan is on probation for murder, and Jazz wants to be a psychologist." He explained.
"Jazz I'm sure." He smirks as the Bats take notes
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Person A: “This isn’t going the way you planned, is it?”
Person B: “Nope, not in the slightest... It’s kind of thrilling actually! Though I could have done without the attempts on our lives.”
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You're writing is godly. Can you take a shot at
09.  “I should’ve told you back then, but I didn’t want you to leave.”
Writing Prompts | No longer accepting new prompts
It was the first time in ten years that Steve Harrington had seen Eddie Munson in person, and it was from what felt like miles away in shitty seats up on the balconies, the only saving grace was that Eddie was being tracked like prey by the camera guys, each step, each sway of his hair, each manic, dimpled, toothy grin blown up larger than life on the big screens on either side of the stage. The rest of the band blown up on the ones in the back.
He wasn’t looking at the ones in the back, although the guys suited being up there.
“Steve… he’s uh… Eddie I mean, corroded coffin, they’re playing, y’know? In Indy? Dustin got tickets, but… well they’re not the best tickets, nothing VIP or close to the pit or anything, I don’t think Eddie even knows Dustin’s going, but… we could at least go and see him perform…” it’d been Robin that’d mentioned it, none of them had seen Eddie in person.
He kept in touch when he could with Dustin and his little adventurers, Lucas, Mike, and Erica. But he��d left Hawkins behind with nothing there to hold him back.
There could have been.
Steve knew there could have been, Eddie had told him the night before he’d packed his stuff and left, bore his heart to him in his backyard, hair haloed by the blue light that shimmered off of the pool, nervous but hopeful, he’d offered his heart on a silver platter and Steve… god…
He hadn’t known.
He hadn’t known just how much Eddie meant to him until he was gone, off to stardom with his band, leaving a possible life behind for something else. Could have, should have, would have, it made no difference in the end. Steve had said no when he really meant he needed time to work out his feelings, he’d shut down the possibility before it could grow, and had regretted it ever since.
Eddie had been gone by the following morning, he’d only said goodbye to the kids. Apparently there’d been a record deal offered at his last gig, and his choice depended entirely on whether or not Steve said yes.
Part of him wished he’d have been selfish, part of him wished he’d known his own heart before he’d stupidly let the rejection slip out, things would have been different… but then… Eddie wouldn’t have had this.
He wouldn’t have had a stage, an audience of thousands cheering for him in awe. He would’ve been stuck, in Hawkins, a place that still hated him… Steve was happy for him, truly. Happy that he’d made it, even if it meant Steve could never have him. He could stomp around the stage dressed in denim and leather and shred on a guitar in a way that made Steve’s ears ring but his heart happy, he’d never be tied down to a place that hated him.
He'd never be stuck where the past could haunt him. He could be happy even if Steve couldn’t.
The gig was amazing though, even if Steve stook out like a sore thumb, he’d done his best, wore a little eyeliner, mussed up his hair, he wore Eddie’s old battle vest with the blood stains still visible cause he’d never been able to get them out and Eddie had never taken it back, had seen Steve still had it after they’d won and claimed “it looks better on you anyway” he still looked like someone’s out of place dad, but he was surrounded by the party so, it didn’t matter. Nobody was paying attention to him, nobody was looking for him, Eddie wouldn’t see him from so far away, probably couldn’t even see the row in front of his face with the lights shining on him so brightly.
And yet near the end of the concert, while the band were wrapping up on their final song (before the inevitable encore the audience demanded of them, Dustin claimed it’d probably wind up being Upside Down, or Pariah, two songs he’d always claimed had been inspired by ‘his past’ from the bands last album, they were fan favourites.) A burly guy dressed in a black crew neck with a big white ‘SECURITY’ stretched over his broad chest, flagged him down.
Steve motioned to his ears, he couldn’t hear shit over the music, and could barely hear shit on a regular day, but that particular security guard, simply signed the words:
‘Not in trouble, come with me.’ confidently, as if he knew Steve would understand it. Only when Steve frowned in confusion and signed back
‘why’ did the guy thrust his thumb over into the stage’s direction. The band.
Steve, feeling suspicious, turned to look toward the party, only to find Dustin giving him a thumbs up, and Robin making shoo motions with her hands. Scheming little shits knew he wouldn’t think twice about attending if the seats were so far away. Would think it was safe, that he wouldn’t have to face Eddie. Face his terrible decision that worked out for one of them but not the other.
He wouldn’t have to find himself waiting backstage in a quiet room behind a door labelled ‘Talent’ because of course he’d go. His traitorous legs and heart would force him to go at the mere chance of seeing Eddie again, of seeing him up close, of talking to him, of the chance to fix a mistake he’d made years ago even if his new answer wouldn’t change anything between them. It’d been too long, Eddie wouldn’t still want him when he could have anyone.
If they had told him, he wouldn’t have to see Eddie, quietly (a word not many used to describe the man) enter, his back facing Steve as he closed the door just as quietly as he’d entered. His hair was longer.
The curls fuller, they reached down to his mid-back now and glistened with a mixture of product and sweat, Steve still wanted to touch, still mourned the fact that he’d never gotten the chance to.
“Y’know… When ol Dusty bun said he’d get you here… I wish I’d have believed him. I owe him 20 bucks now.”
“You bet on me coming?” Of course he did.
Eddie turned to face him, a small wistful smile on his cheeks that just hinted the presence of dimples. “Wouldn’t you if you were in my place? Steeeeve Harrington, at a metal concert? Pfft, seems a bit farfetched. You even dressed up too, shit, man, I guess that’s forty bucks. Vest still suits you more.” Steve let his head duck down a little, his cheeks warming under the mans gaze, unsure of the feeling within it. He didn’t know Eddie anymore…
Had he ever really known Eddie though? Had he ever given them chance to know each other outside of sharing trauma and comparing matching scars?
“Why am I back here, Eddie? Why’d you call me back here? Why not the party, they’re here too, they’d probably wanna see you too, it’s been years… why?”
“Ah. Dustin told me to, said I should have another go at something I tried years ago that didn’t pan out very well for me the first time around… has been chatting my ear off about it every time he calls… I guess I finally humoured him.” Something he tried years ago? Involving Steve? “Listen, Steve… I—”
Steve cut in, he shouldn’t have, but words just… had to burst from him driven by a flickering ember of hope, he had to, even if it wasn’t the path Eddie’s words were taking, he had to, with hope driving him on “I should’ve told you back then, but I didn’t want you to leave.” Eddie’s mouth shut, his head tilting to the side a little in uncertain interest “I didn’t know… I should have just told you, I didn’t… I wasn’t sure, shit, Eddie… I’d never… you—I’d never felt like… like that for a guy before… I didn’t know what it meant, I should have said—I should have told you that I just needed more time… that I wasn’t ready to answer but… but I didn’t want you to leave. I didn’t know you’d be gone by the time I woke up. By the time I realised I was wrong, you were gone.” He wanted time, but his words had come out wrong.
He’d stumbled through them like he stumbled through everything, struggled to get the right words out and they’d wound up wrong. So so very wrong. “And you didn’t think to call?”
“Heh, you were on your way to fame, Eddie and you didn’t exactly leave a number, Dustin told me you had a chance at stardom… why would I want to weigh you down? Where would I fit in in this life of yours, Eddie? I’m no one, you could have anyone.”
“Mmn, anyone. Even if the one I want believes himself to be no one?” Hope burned brighter, its embers brilliant and warm. “So… can I try again? Or was Dustin wrong?”
“Did you make a bet with him about this too?”
“Absolutely, I’d owe him two hundred bucks if he’s right.”
“Would it be worth it if I said try again?”
“God, Sunshine, I’d drain my entire bank account right into that little buttheads pocket without a care in the world if it meant he was right… i never stopped...” Eddie stepped closer, "I never stopped wanting... even though I wished for the longest time that I could stop... it's always been you, Steve..." now close enough to be within reach, his voice quiet but hopeful “so... is he right? Should I try again?”
“…Please try again.” This time… he wouldn’t be saying no.
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A gun pressed to a feverish Whumpee’s forehead, but they’re so delirious and the cold feels so good against their flushed skin, they can’t help but lean into it, much to Whumper’s shock or delight.
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tearful goodbyes - scenarios for characters seeing one another for the last time
prompt list by @novelbear | requested: @dank-meme-legend
"i'm gonna miss you so much."
an embrace so tight, neither wants to let go
"will i see you again?" "i can't make any promises..."
"hey, no crying...i thought we said we wouldn't cry."
time seeming to stand still as they're staring into the other one's tearful eyes
texting them the moment they leave because they already miss their presence
"i know you said you didn't want to see me before i left but i just couldn't go without saying goodbye."
going home after they've gone and taking their sadness + anger out on everything (ex. slamming their coat down, kicking the door closed)
trying to capture every detail of their face so that they don't forget
slipping a gift/memorable item in their hands to remember them by
"i can't take this.." "i want you to have it. think of me."
"goodbye-" "damn it, i thought i told you not to say that word!"
hard swallows as they're trying not to cry
rocking back and forth when hugging
"i'm sorry...." "don't apologize for doing what's best for you. i'm proud."
final confessions that just shatter the other's heart
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Prompts about first kisses but make it awkward and silly?
first kisses but awkward and silly :)
“bro…” “i just sucked your face i don’t think i qualify as ‘bro’ anymore” “…dude?”
also the classic, idk where this is from: “why are your tongues purple?” “oh i had a red slurpie” “and i had a blue one”
A leaning in to kiss B, who has glasses, and as a result their forehead just clashes against the glasses and they get hurt
“kiss me” *leans in, gets super close, character is waiting in anticipation, and this motherfucker kisses their nose*
^ “…” “…” “…that was cute but i meant like kiss kiss me” “oh”
trying to make out but they just can’t stop laughing because of something that happened before
^ “ok ok let’s try again” *uses their hand to tip the other’s chin up, leans in, eyes locked, and the other one just starts cackling* “IM SORRY”
^^ “wait okay let me try this time” *tries to kiss their neck, actually manages for 0.002 seconds before giggling again*
“oh wow you are not good at this” *frown* “it’s ok. let me teach you”
kissing and noses bumping.
A singing/humming an extremely stupid song and B kissing them to shut them up
done this one before but;
^ “i need to test a hypothesis” “okay?” “i need you to kiss me”
“i’ll do it if you kiss me” and other other character is like yes ok sure that is a completely reasonable and normal request let’s make out
“i need to practice before going on my date” “and why am i your candidate of choice for this?” (“because if i mess up you won’t try to pretend, you’ll laugh in my face, and i need the honesty rn”)
“did we do that right?” “no i don’t think so”
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Could I get title prompts for someone with one too many secrets?
Titles: One too many secrets
If one of them is dead
Bury your secrets
Two lies and the truth
10 ways to keep a secret
You know nothing about me
Share your secrets
Hold them close to your heart
Your secret's safe with me
Got a list of secrets
Lie to me
Dirty little secrets
Tell me all about you
Lock them away
More: Fic Titles List
Hope you like one of them!
- Jana
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Protective prompts where Person A is protective of person B ahhh plssss <33
Of course!! I hope you like these, let me know what you think!!
Some otp prompts where one is protective over the other
A tugging on B's hand and switching places when walking down the sidewalk because they don't want B walking next to the busy traffic.
A standing guard outside B's office as they take a short nap during lunch break so as to make sure nobody interrupts B's much needed rest.
A not letting B do any household chores after they find out that they're expecting. In fact, A doesn't let B lift a finger around the house nor at work, revealing A's lesser known domesticated side.
A giving B a lift home after their date, and insisting on walking B right to their doorstep before leaving.
^ with A tightly hugging B goodbye, not wanting to let go until B reminds them that they have an early morning at work the next day.
A reminding the waiter a second (or third) time of B's food allergies at a group gathering, and A getting teased by their friends for being over-protective and smitten with B.
A and B are out on a date, only to run into B's toxic ex. A immediately holds B's hand under the table, and whispers a quick 'I'm here, I love you' into their ear just because they know it'll reassure them.
A holding B's hand while sleeping after B had gotten physically hurt just so that they will be woken up if B tries to get out of bed or needs to get something.
"Get behind me, A, right now—" "No, b... but—" "Please, I can't afford to lose you,"
"I'll be right here whether you need me or not, I'm not going anywhere without you again,"
"What do you mean by why I got into a fight with them?" "I can take care of myself, you know—" "Yes, and so what? That doesn't change the fact that I promised myself I'd protect you no matter what,"
"What did you just say?" "B, please, not now..." "No, I'm not letting anyone walk over you like that. A is the most beautiful, intelligent and kind person I've met in my entire life, and I definitely am not the only one who thinks that way,"
"You have me now, A. I'm sorry that I wasn't before... but I'm here now. You have me now, and forever,"
"Why did you do that, A? Now you're hurt because of me," "There's no why," A sighs, wincing as B cleans their wound, "when it comes to you, there's no why, A. I'd do it again in a heartbeat,"
"Promise me you'll call?" "Of course," "Even three seconds is enough... I'll just need to know that you're okay—" "And I will be okay, because I know you'll be rooting for me no matter what,"
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Tumblr media
Text: These tattoos are as illegal as you can possibly get, inked with the grimy black blood of Reapers. They say the tattooist kills them himself. He doesn’t look like I expect him to.
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whygodohgodwhy · 3 days
Conversation Prompt
“You want to leave the kid with me?”
“He just needs someone to watch out for him for a couple of weeks. I’m not saying you have to be his parent, I’m not saying you have to care about him, or, god forbid, love him, but -”
“No, fuck off. He’s mine now. I’ll love him as much as I want. You’re not getting him back.”
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writing-prompt-s · 2 days
Turns out there is a 'special place in hell'. But it's not for the worst: it's for good souls so utterly convinced they're hellbound, so they can 'repent' and accept they are indeed good people.
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“I didn’t really want to be the one to die, but I guess someone has to for any of this to work.”
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Person A: “What did you do to (Person B)?!”
Person C: “Nothing you can prove in court.”
Person D: “Court? Ah, you misunderstand the situation... We gave up on seeking that particular brand of justice the moment you targeted (Person B).”
Person C: “...Then why bring me out here? You trying to scare me into stopping or something? It’s not gonna work.”
Person D: “Scare? No ...We have a much more permanent solution in mind.”
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daily-prompts · 3 days
Prompt 2077
“ but I love you!”
“That dosent give you some sort of moral high ground!”
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As part of a rebel group, your mission is to assassinate the heir to the throne by being his poison tester, mixing his drink with a poison you’ve spent months building up an immunity to. However, once you get the position and enact your plan, the prince doesn’t die. Initially, you suspect he also has built an immunity to that poison. However, you later find out that one of your fellow rebels spontaneously died at the exact time the prince should’ve. On top of the monarchy’s corruption, it seems they are playing with darker forces, spelling danger for not only the rebellion but all the land.
- Lynn
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