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Dubble Life 12 (ATSV x Reader x Batfam)
A/n: Just a chapter full of fluff for now(Or is it 馃ぁ)
Part 11
You stared at the therapist with a blank expression. Irritation was clear in your eyes. Your defining silence and small glare did not affect the therapist.
"I was told by your father, that this isn't your first session with a therapist." The therapist, Mrs. Dean spoke with a firm yet soft tone. She very beautiful. Maybe in her early to mid 30's. Her hair up in a neat bun, but some curls managed to poke out in a graceful way.
". . . yeah." You gave a short response.
"Well, you already know the drill. So, I'll dive right in. You originally lived in New York. How are you adjusting to Gotham." Mrs. Dean crossed one leg over the other while waiting for your response.
"It's okay." Your eyes seemed to be more interested in looking around the office.
Mrs. Dean nods and intertwined her fingers while letting her hands lay on her lap. "And school? I've heard your practically a genius."
"I guess." You spot a hand drawn picture on Mrs. Deans desk along with a little teddy bear. There was a small corner that looked like it was for kids. It had dolls. Other types of toys. A small table for kids.
Mrs. Dean noticed you looking at her little kid corner. "I work with a lot of kids that your age and younger. It helps the younger kids feel more comfortable."
You nod and let out a small thoughtful hum and focused your eyes back on Mrs. Dean.
Mrs. Dean gives you a small smile. "Back to you."
Bruce had put you into therapy. Which you were not happy about of course. You didn't need therapy. It made you feel weak, and it's not like you can tell your therapist everything. Most of your trauma was due to your life as Spiderwoman.
You got back from your session. Walking into the manor your hit with the smell of fresh baked sweets. You get curious and walked into the kitchen where you see Alfred baking and Damian doing his homework on the counter.
"Hmm. Smells good." You spoke as you walked into the kitchen.
"Sister!" Damian spoke up. His tone with slight excitement. You walked over and ruffled Damians head. "Hey cupcake." You mumbled with a small soft smile. Damian turned his head up to you as you wrapped your arm around the youngers shoulder.
"Ah, Ms. Y/n. How was your therapy session?" Alfred spoke as he pulled out the first batch of cookies from the oven.
"Oh, it was great. Had a wonderful time." Your tone was clear with sarcasm.
"Seriously?" Damian piped up, seemingly not taking your sarcasm into note. You chuckled as you smiled down at Damian. "Your funny cupcake." You ruffled his head once more and smuggled him with a hug and kisses.
"Ugh- stop!" Damian struggled to push you away. You were surprisingly strong. (He wasn't actually even trying)
Alfred watched the sweet scene in front of him with s fond smile upon his face.
Jason walked in. Looking like he just woke up with messy hair while wearing boxers.
"Where's my kisses?" Jason spoke up while staring at you and Damian. You and Damian frown at the sight of Jason.
"I can punch you." You gave the older man a "sweet" smile as you held Damian close to you.
Jason flipped you off while Alfred had his backed turned. Which you and Damian returned by flipping him off together.
You and Damian were watching a drama show while eating popcorn. It was fairly silent. Damian had his head on your shoulder while you had your head on his.
". . .Sister." Damian spoke up in a quite tone while you two kept your eyes on the tv. You let out a small hum of acknowledgement.
"Do you hate it here?"
Damians question made you pause. You lean your head away from his to look at him. Your brows furrowed. "Why would you think that cupcake?''
Damian stared up at you, his expression a little sad but mainly conflicted. Wondering if he should tell you what was on his mind. Worried if he does say what was on his mind, whatever you respond with might confirm with what he asked. "Well. . . I overheard the argument you and father had."
You let out a sigh while turning your head away, clenching your jaw. "Right. That."
Damian frowns and held his head down. You turn your head back to stare down at Damian with small frown. ". . . Hey. Look at me."
Damian slowly looks up at you. Expecting some sort of deep frown or a sad look on your face. But he's greeted with your usual soft smile.
"What I said to Bruce was. . . wrong. I didn't mean it. But most importantly. I don't want you thinking I hate being here. I got you here with me, what's to hate?" You pinched his nose and hugged him. Damian hugs back while letting out a small sigh of relief.
While hugging Damian, you glanced down and see a bruise underneath back of his shirt. You frown and lean away from the hug to tug on the shirt and get a better look at the bruise.
"What is this?" Your tone turned protective. Damian was quick to pull away.
"Nothing! . . . I bumped into a bookshelf pretty hard in the library yesterday."
"Oh. . . Okay." You still had a small doubtful look on your face. A still a little worried.
A week goes by and your back in Ms. Deans office.
"So, do you have any friends?" Mrs. Deans asked with a small smile.
You were seated across from Mrs. Dean. "Yeah."
Mrs. Dean nods. "You don't talk much about them."
"They don't live here in Gotham. But we keep in contact." You were referring to your friends in the Society. It was a lie about keeping in contact part. Of course, you knew you were the problem for that.
"I see. Have you tried to make friends here in Gotham? In school or outside of school?"
You shook your head with a small bitter smile. "A lot of people already know I'm Bruce's daughter. Hard to make friends who, actually want to be friends. You know?"
Mrs. Dean nods in understanding before asking another question. "I'm sure there are a lot of pros to being Bruce Wayne's daughter."
You let out a chuckle. "Yeah. I got a little brother. A dad. Money. I was broke as hell."
Mrs. Dean chuckled at the last part.
"Anything I want I could ask for. I can get it. . . But sometimes I want go to the past."
Mrs. Dean's brow raised at your words. "Now why is that."
You paused for a moment. You had a faraway look on your face as you spoke. "Everything before. . ." You sighed as your mind wondered back to her.
"Never mind." You mumbled as you shifted uncomfortably in your seat. Mrs. Dean seems to already know what you were about to say. But she doesn't press you about it. Not yet at least.
"You mentioned your brother?" Mrs. Dean thankfully changed the subject. She watches your uneasy expression turn into a fond smile. "Damian. Yeah. He's a tough one. He acts so tough and mature, but in truth he's just a little baby. We weren't close at first. . . he actually hated me."
You chuckled to yourself as you thought back to your first encounter with Damian.
"What changed?" Mrs. Dean tilted her head.
You seem to think deeply about her question. ". . . I guess I kind of saw myself in him."
Mrs. Dean became more interested by your words.
"I used to do that too when I was younger. I acted like an adult. Thought if I did that people on the streets would take me more seriously. No one would mess with me if I acted tough." You had that faraway look on your face again. Thinking back to the past.
"I never really got to act like a kid. Felt like that was the only way to be taken seriously by others. To be trusted to do things on your own. I saw that In Damian. But that's not how a kid should act or worry about." You held your head high and gave Mrs. Dean a confident look.
"I don't want him to worry about stuff a 12 your old shouldn't even worry about. I know I probably can't give him what he already has. But I got my love. And that should be enough. . . right?"
Mrs. Dean smiled. "Yes. I'm sure your love is enough."
"Ugh, why the hell is this level so hard." You grumbled as you set down the controller. Getting frustrated over a game and a certain level you couldn't pass.
Tim chucked as he watched you stress over it. Jason right behind him reading a book. "How long have you been stuck on this level?"
"A week." You mumbled as you turn to look at Tim. Catching Jason make an amused face at your frustration.
"Shut up Jason." You glared at the older.
"Wha- I didn't even say anything!" Jason looked offended.
"Your stupid face did." You huffed in annoyance. Tim laughed and hopped over the couch and sat next to you. "Can I help?"
Your eyes lit up with hope. "Oh my gosh really?" Tim gave you a smile and nods. "Yes! please help."
Since Tim already played this game and finished it. He showed you multiple ways to beat this level. You had fun with Tim. You and Jason would argue here and there. But overall, it was fun.
As it got dark. Tim and Jason suddenly got an Alert on their phones. "Sorry Y/n. Me and Jason have to go. But I'll play with you next week."
You were a little sad. And confused at the sudden rush, but you understood. "Oh, okay. Bye."
Jason ruffled your head as he followed behind Tim. "Hey!"
Jason quickly ran out the room as you threw a pillow towards him.
"Do you ever feel left out?" Mrs. Dean asked as she watched you play with a small ball you picked out from the kids corner.
"Left out? No not really." You tossed the ball up in the air and caught it.
"How about I sum out the question. Do you feel left out in your family? With the Waynes I mean."
You hum as you thought about it. "Sometimes, I guess. Everyone treats me good. But I kind of feel like, an outsider sometimes."
"Do you think it's because of the way you were raised that you assume that. Suddenly living one life then now to this." Mrs. Dean watched as you let her words sink in.
"Yeah. I guess so. They knew each other longer and stuff. So that's probably why I feel that way. . . but. It kind of feels like something more."
Mrs. Dean's Brow raised "Why do you think that?"
You shrugged as you fumbled with the small ball in your hands. "It's like they all have this, thing. Like a bond with each other that I probably won't understand. . ." You seemed to think about it before shrugging "Maybe because they are all guys? I heard fathers have deeper connections with their sons."
Mrs. Dean hums and leans back into her chair. "Well, that can be some cases. Do you think Mr. Wayne doesn't pay much attention to you than your brothers?"
You shook your head. "No, he gives me attention. He's. . . a good man. He wouldn't neglect any of his kids. He's also a busy guy. So, if he's not around much I don't hold it against him."
Mrs. Dean nods. "You seem to be a very open-minded person."
It was late in the night when you had awoken from a nightmare. You tried to go back to sleep. But your mind betrayed you. Keeping you up and refusing you sleep for what felt like hours.
So, you wondered downstairs. In hopes of getting something that could make you fall asleep. You slowly enter the kitchen that was engulfed in darkness. Before you could reach for the light switch. The light was turned on by another.
"Ms. Y/n."
It was Alfred.
"Hey Alfred. Sorry I just came for something to drink." You mumbled as you approached the fridge.
"A nightmare?" Alfreds question caused you to pause. "How did you-"
"I know the look of a child who has come out from a bad dream Ms. Y/n." Alfred shooed you to sit at the counter as he made you a warm drink.
You just sat in silence as Alfred spoke.
"Do you usually get nightmares?" Alfred still has his back turned to you as he made your drink. ". . . Sometimes. Nothing too bad. Just need to lay off the horror films I guess." You let out a small chuckle.
"I see. Your father had a lot of nightmares as well when he was around master Dameon's age." Alfred slides the cup to you. You take the warm cup into your cold hands. The warmth sending a sort of satiation through you.
"Bruce?" You took a sip from the warm drink as you eyed the Butler. Alfred nods as he turns to clean up. "Especially after Master Bruce's parents passed."
Your expression dropped slightly. Both parents at such a young age.
"Must have been hard." You mumbled as you thought to yourself.
Alfred glanced to your slight glum expression.
"Yes. Same for Master Dick, and Master Tim. Along with Master Jason. All boys lost their parents at young ages. Master Damians mother left him with Bruce after the death of his grandfather. It took him awhile to move on after that."
You stayed silent as Alfred spoke.
". . . Why are you telling me this." You were lean back against your chair as you stared up at Alfred with slight confusion.
Alfred turned back around and handed you a treat.
"Everyone here has lost someone. Your brothers and Master Bruce will understand your pain. You don't need to hide it."
And with that the butler walked off back to where he had come from. Leaving you to let his words sink in.
"You have trust issues."
You couldn't help but let out a chuckle at Mrs. Dean's words. "Whoa, I just got here. And I'm very trusting. I'm here talking to you. I tell you my feelings and thoughts."
"Yes. But you don't tell me the full truth. Which I don't expect you to. But having trust issues doesn't mean you don't trust someone when it comes to talking about your feelings and thoughts. Trusting someone with yourself is different with trusting yourself with another. You, Y/n don't trust yourself."
"What are you going on about." You lean back into the chair as you gave Mrs. Dean a look of confusion.
"You don't trust that you would do the right thing. You don't trust yourself when it comes to situations that involve you being needed. You make yourself look bad, but not too bad to the point where others don't trust you." Mrs. Dean flips a page from her clip bored.
"You always talked about others in a good honest light. I ask a question about you, and you would either answer in short answers or divert the conversation about another."
"Come on now. It's not like that." You chuckled a little with a lazy smile. Mrs. Dean narrows at how nonchalant you're acting. You're acting. You're a good actor. And she sees it.
And you know she knows.
You are acting smug about it. But why. Why are you playing around like this-
Mrs. Dean catches you glancing to the teddy bear on her desk with a knowing look.
You smirked as you see realization creep upon Mrs. Dean.
There was a nanny-cam in that toy bear. You spotted it on day one. Yet you didn't say anything. You spoke about your thoughts and feelings to her. Most of it was true as well. You were yourself in the sessions you had with her.
You did all that while knowing of the nanny-cam.
"How did you. . ." Mrs. Dean spoke in a low tone. Almost like a whisper as she stared at you with wide eyes.
You simply smiled. "Like you said. I'm practically a genius."
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home is where the heart is ft. tooru oikawa
a/n: hi guys! it's been a while since i've wrote a ff, so forgive me if it isn't that good. i've been fixating on haikyuu ever since the movie!! also this is not grammar checked.. i wrote this within an hour at 2 AM!!!
warnings:聽a bit angsty, tooth rotting fluff at a certain point, i forgot how to write, oikawa is sad and yearning, oikawa is scared to come back home, childhood friends to exes to something else?, tears are shed, please don't cringe i will cry
Tumblr media
oikawa inhaled the familiar cool breeze surrounding him. he hadn't been in japan for years due to his hectic volleyball schedule. he was lucky enough to fly back for a short break before his season started again in a few months.
a wave of homesickness hit oikawa the second he landed. the memories of his mundane lifestyle in japan compared to his ever-changing way of life in argentina had shocked him.
oikawa wrapped his scarf around his neck tighter as snowflakes scattered from the skies. the delicate crystallized flakes began to litter his chestnut colored hair.
he hadn't told anyone that he was back in japan - oikawa felt no need to celebrate his arrival. he had burned too many bridges while chasing his dreams. arguments out of pure pettiness had ended relationships that he could never repair.
whenever oikawa thinks of japan, he thinks of you.
his dearest childhood bestfriend, who could never leave his side. until of course, he left for argentina without much of a say from you.
the only person he could say he loved, even through numerous flings and failed relationships.
he blames his fiery passion that became suffocating to be near. he blames his refusal to change his behavior. he blames every part of himself for driving you away.
because when he thinks of airports, he can't help but wander back to the memory of you not showing up to see him off. when he's gifted an alien keychain as a gag gift, he thinks of the two of you at ten years old, staring into the sky all night attempting to spot a flying saucer.
being back in his home country opens new wounds that he's tried to heal over and over. he wanted to enjoy his time off season without any worries.
his shoes tapped against the concrete evenly as he began to approach the convenience store. oikawa had left his hotel room earlier to clear his mind, and the only thing that could put him at peace was a slice of milkbread.
he hoped to go unnoticed, since he heavily disliked wearing an obnoxious disguise that would make him stand out even more. still, he raised the hood of his maroon sweatshirt over his head. oikawa desired some semblance of anonymity.
the bell clanged against the door loudly as oikawa quickly avoided the front of the store. he observed the vast selection of packaged milk bread loaves, before deciding on his usual choice brand.
he sauntered towards the beverage isle in curiosity and ended up settling for a bottled green tea to pair with his bread. he had never been a fan of green tea, but you had made it for him consistently after his practices to 'calm his nerves.' a tiny smile stretched onto his face as he thought back fondly.
he wanted to head home and collapse in his bed. the jetlag refused to leave him without a good night's sleep. after making sure he was satisfied with his choices, he walked up to the counter.
with his head down, he placed the items in front of the cashier. they scanned his items while he shuffled in the pocket of his pants for his wallet.
oikawa lifted his head slightly, comparing his money to the price shown on the register. he placed the money on the counter, not bothering to pay attention to the cashier.
he turned to leave and quickly get back to his hotel.
"i thought you hated green tea?" an easily recognizable voice remarked behind him.
he felt his heart drop as a lump began to form in his throat. out of anyone he could've ran into on his first night back, it had to be you? he contemplated putting on a brave face and telling you how he felt all these years or running out of the store just to avoid you.
he decided on the former, quickly turning around to face you. his breath paused as he looked at you for the first time in years. oikawa remembers you being beautiful before, but you had changed entirely.
you looked like you were crafted by the gods themselves.
the blush inched on his face as he tried to find the words to say. he had never been this anxious in his life. you looked at him with a puzzled expression as he continued to gape at you.
"i was... came home... off season...you're gorgeous?" he spoke in gibberish since he was unable to formulate his thoughts.
you laughed at his words as he stared at you with a stunned face, trying to determine whether or not you were real. you decided to ignore his shock and ask him about himself.
"how has your professional career been going? i heard you went to the olympics!" you gushed as he embarrassedly nodded along. you ignored your unpleasant past with him and continued with the formalities.
"i was glad to represent argentina in the olympics. going abroad to play volleyball was one of the greatest decisions i could've made."
oikawa sighs as he continues on.
"i still regret it, you know? arguing with you and leaving our relationship on bad terms. i think about it all the time. you inspired me to keep improving everyday. i'm so sorry for leaving.."
silence echoes throughout the store as he finishes his thoughts. you cut him off, beginning to explain your faults.
"i should've came to the airport. i knew that you were leaving, but i held a grudge." the regrets spilled out of you as the two of you continued to think about your every decision.
oikawa blinked away tears that formed in the corners of his eyes. he had missed you more than he could comprehend. there hadn't been enough words in his language to express how much he cared about you.
a few tears escaped his eyes, rolling down his cheeks. you leaned forward, wiping away the stray tears from his face. you softly grasped his jaw with a gentle smile.
"i've regret letting you go for years. you mean so much to me, tooru."
oikawa grins elatedly at you as he stares back into the comfort of your gaze. he could never get tired of this feeling.
the security of your embrace, the jokes that only you would laugh at, your support of his passion, your fixation on romance movies that you force him to watch with you, the longing gaze you send him whenever you're apart, and his overwhelming love for you.
there was nowhere else he'd rather be than with you.
whenever tooru thinks of home, he thinks of you.
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edward hart 鈥 valentine
Tumblr media
vampire thinks it's so pitiful to be cursed by a human with this thing called love.
pairing: edward hart / reader, m/f
tags: slight angst, it's ed missing you hours, major character death bc ure dead lol
words: 581
[cross posted from ao3]
Tumblr media
edward knew exactly why he was feeling reminiscent. it started with the box rui found under his bed, something they got into an argument over which caused rui to grumble and huff, leaving his captain alone. if edward was going to be difficult while rui's cleaning the bedroom then fine! he'll just return later! that's precisely how edward ended up alone again in his bedroom, heaving a sigh as his hands fiddled with the box's contents.
for a proud, powerful vampire, he was feeling nothing but the opposite of that. he was sick- rather, cursed was more befitting of a term. never in his centuries old age would he think a human would curse him, that a mere human would cause him so much pain and anguish. it was all too much even for someone of his stature. this curse was dangerous- it was affecting his heart and making him feel as if it was being ripped into two when his eyes focused in on the photograph in his hands.
it was a photograph, black and white in color, the edged tattered and folded. it looked old, a century or two old, yet it was well preserved for its age. it was amusing how a simple photograph can hold so many memories; to think such a simple non-anomalous thing invented by humans would become so precious to him later down the line鈥 he must be growing old and senile if he's reminiscing about her like this all of a sudden.
it took three years worth of his savings from his measly salary to surprise her. living in western europe as a commoner was a daily struggle, often times earning shillings that aren't enough to live off comfortably- even so, he took a cut of his pay just to prepare this birthday gift for you.
you, who on your twenty third birthday, he took to a photo studio to get your photographs taken. he made sure to dress up better than usual just as he advised you to do the same. it was awkward, staying still in the same pose for a long time yet he reveled in how his hand was snaked around your waist, holding you close to him for an extended period.
he could smell your cheap perfume which he didn't mind, in fact, it brought him some sense of comfort every time knowing that it's you. still, even the vial of your perfume he kept had its scent faded, becoming a useless relic of his devotion to you when you were still breathing the same air as him.
all these love for you- it was suffocating him, choking the air out of his lungs. it was a curse to love a human. it was a curse to love- one that eats away at him for the rest of his eternity. you were the love of his lifetime, yet his lifetime was just a prolonged agony of misery from missing you. he misses you, yet he wishes that sometimes he could forget you. he wonders at times, would he miss missing you?
like a ghost, you were haunting his waking hours. the ghost of you was watching over his decline, his downfall, his spiral of torment. he felt as if you were watching his fall with those beautiful eyes of yours he adores so much, as he plunged into hell alone, the mess that he is now.
oh, his valentine... his decline would be so, so much better with you.
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Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson / Odinson x Reader
Request: yep @tricksterlover_1054
Summary: Loki comes down with the flu and after due confusion you take care of him :) (established relationship)
Warnings: symptoms of sickness (such as fever, throwing up); unedited (so sorry for the long wait!)
Word Count: 2K+
Loki groaned, burying his head into the crook of your neck as far as possible. Your hand lifted to meet his hairline, fingers running through the black strands. "What's wrong, darling?"
"Nothing," he answered, muffled by your skin. Nothing, he said as his head ached, icy chills festered with an unnatural feeling in every corner of his body.
"You sure? We can go to bed if you want, there's no rush to finish the movie..."
"No, no, I should like to enjoy it all at once." He forced his gaze back to the screen, (enormous, of course - worthy of Tony,) trying to concentrate on the film you had been gushing about for weeks.
He felt fine. Really, it was nothing. Thor must have knocked him in the head with that damned hammer at some point.
You glanced sideways at your lover, worry creasing your forehead at the way he fidgeted. Your nails never abandoned his roots, tugging and caressing his scalp.
Nothing, Loki repeated to himself, though he was sure he couldn't remember the last time he had really felt cold.
Loki stirred beside you, waking you with the help of rustling covers. Your eyes wedged themselves open, observing as he nestled into your side, tried desperately to get closer, closer to you than humanely possible, throwing a leg over your own to pull himself near.
You considered searching for a blanket, but couldn't bring yourself to wrench your bodies apart. He shivered beside you, almost sighing when you wrapped your warm arms around him.
Loki accidentally grew cold sometimes, almost like a glamorous statue of snow, only unbothered, careless until you flinched at his touch. But this... he never shivered, never seeked warmth. You embraced him tighter, rubbing the wool of your jumper against his bare skin hopelessly.
You awoke before him, a sure sign of misdemeanor. He hardly moved when you pried away, but he looked better once you had piled two soft blankets over him, pulled one of your larger sweaters over his predominately limp arms.
You helped Wanda make breakfast, carrying a particularly large helping back to Loki in the late morning.
He whined as you shook him, but eventually his blue-glazed eyes found you and he smiled weakly.
He devoured the English breakfast in minutes, breathing heavily by the time the last morsel was gone.
"How are you, love? You were... cold last night, so I wonder..."
"You should have woken me," Loki answered indignantly, but you interrupted his reproach.
"No, I mean you felt cold. You. Shivering and all."
"I'm fine."
You didn't bother pushing. It would only end in irritation. Then again, he looked relieved when you slid into bed beside him, offering your lap and gentle caress as he explored the TV - a new and strange thing.
"Are you up for the mission later?" you asked after some time, careful as possible.
"Why wouldn't I be?"
He gave you a very telling look, so you only shook your head. Hopeless. You would just have to keep an eye on him.
Meanwhile, Loki was fighting with himself, attempting to ease every panic that surfaced. Why had he been cold? Why did everything feel so uncomfortable, a dull ache, almost?
Some short hours later you were both seated in the Quinjet, silent as you mulled over plans in plans in plans, each dependent on whether or not one or another succeeded.
The mission consisted of you wooing a military man, of Loki gently creeping into his mind while distracted to make him show you some vaguely specified documents. Your hopes were far from high.
"So, monsieur..." you drawled, leaning toward the bald man, French accent well overdone. "I hear you have met the... couronne?"
"Ah, the crown," he answered happily. "Yes, you see..."
You glanced at your beloved, eyes narrowing when you saw him walk around the party aimlessly, gaze permanent on you when he should have been inconspicuous.
"So that was all, really. And you, madam? Ever met someone famous?"
"Oui, but it's rude to talk about someone when they're present," you countered easily, willing yourself not to look at Loki.
The man laughed, badges bouncing on his chest. "Witty, aren't you, honey?"
"Only for those deserving, monsieur."
You could feel your lover tugging at your mind, desperate. Any moment now, he should have been invading on behalf of the mission, but instead he was pleading you...
"Mademoiselle? Is that man bothering you?"
I had hardly noticed my gaze lock on Loki, Steve's voice ringing in the headset. His breathing was too fast, fear too obvious in his expression...
"I'll be back," I excused myself, half forgetting the accent as I quickly approached Loki instead, gripping his face in my hands. His head burned.
"I don't feel well," he murmured, voice so weak your heart shattered.
"Let's get you home," you said quietly, barely a whisper, holding him, leading him out of the room so that you could teleport away. Steve roared commands and reproaches through the mics, so you removed Loki's before any guilt could set in.
"We cannot fulfill our part of the mission. Have someone else complete it," you spoke harshly, clicking off your device as well. "Beloved, what is wrong? Do not lie to me."
You were standing in your room in the tower, Loki collapsing onto the bed before you. "I'm tired," he muttered, and you believed him.
"Head hurts. Everything hurts. Everything's so hot..."
You placed a hand on his forehead, suppressing a sigh, if not laugh, of relief. "Darling... you have the flu."
"What?" Loki snapped, as if this were insulting propaganda. "I don't get sick, and I'm quite happy to leave it to mortals and lesser beings to be-"
He coughed. This time, you allowed yourself a small chuckle. "That's too bad. C'mon, let's get you warm in bed-"
Loki sat up like lighting, sprinted away to the bathroom. You followed, feeling a little bad when you heard him retch.
"It's alright, this is all normal," you consoled, sitting down beside him where he hugged the bowl. "At least... for mortals and lesser beings." Your fingertips traced circles on his back while your other hand gathered his hair, holding it away from his face.
"This... is horrible," Loki managed, breathing heavily.
"It is. But it will pass," you answered gently, humming to him as he threw up again. His eyes closed briefly at the familiar tune of an Asgardian ballad, though rest was far from him.
You wondered whether gods, in exchange for the rarity of illness, were struck much stronger when the time came. But finally, after multiple hours of cool tiles digging into your knees and making him drink water, his wretched state ceased.
"I hope so. Thank you for... staying," he murmured, voice weakened.
"Of course." His fever had risen. "Let's clean you up, yes?"
The bath ran warm and you scented its comfort with various herbs Tony always eyed you suspiciously about. A little thyme, a little elderflower, some echinacea... all foes of the common flu.
You helped Loki into the tub, helped him clean himself and handed him a toothbrush to ease the remaining discomfort. He could have fallen asleep then and there.
By the evening he was in bed beneath copious blankets, wrapped in jumpers and thick pants, steaming stew on his lap as you laid beside him.
"Your fever's down a bit," you informed him, packing away the thermometer. "How do you feel?"
"Like my head's about to split in two and I shan't ever move again," Loki grinned at the look on your face, "but... very comfortable."
He studied you for a moment, taking careful sips from his spoon. "Is this how you feel? Every time you're sick?"
"Well, some times are worse than others," you replied sagely, warm hand slipping under his shirts to rub delicate circles over his abdomen.
"And who looks after you?"
"I don't need anyone to, I'm used to it. Not everyone is a god."
Loki only stared at you, almost shocked. His wide eyes lingered with only short interruptions to eat something.
"You're strong," he said finally. "Stronger than I give you credit."
"You have never doubted my strength, beloved. I have never felt weaker when it was inappropriate."
"But you deserve so much softness to avenge any hardship." His hands wandered to your face, bowl quickly stashed on the night table. His fingers grasped your outline, one set running through your hair, pulling your head back a little so that he could kiss you, facing upward.
Looking up to you.
"My love..." you murmured, barely committed. You wanted to remind him of his stew, of the covers that were slipping from him...
"Thank you," he whispered into your skin, lips pooling at the base of your neck, tongue licking at the damage of every kiss. "Thank you for everything."
"Darling, it is not I who needs consoling, though I do enjoy it," you managed, cupping his cheek so that he would look you in the eye. He looked divine - was divine - the way he looked up, baring his throat, lips slightly parted, eyes dark, hair tussled from the array of pillows behind him.
"Let me take care of you," you purred, throwing a leg onto his other side before dragging him into a kiss, pulling away after few seconds so that he leaned forward, wanting more. Your mouth ghosted down the side of his neck, teeth grazing his ear as you sucked on it. He moaned beneath you, eyes closing in submission.
Your hands ran under his clothes, one gripping his waist, the other running wild over his chest, reminding him you were there, always. Your tongue dipped beneath his collar, fought the fabric to lick down his front.
"Darling?" he breathed, barely a word, barely more than a sigh.
"Yes, love?"
"I think I'm working a fever again."
You both laughed, the vibrations of your voice sending shivers down his spine.
"Eat. I mean it."
Hesitantly, Loki resumed eating his stew, occasionally breathing heavily when you interrupted your conversation to suck or bite or kiss his abdomen.
"Has Rogers calmed down? Since we left, I mean," he continued daintily, hips tensing as you devoted yourself to his chest.
"I talked to him. The mission was inelegant without us, but they're all fine and they have the information, so he had no grounds on which to complain."
"I shouldn't have... I should have stuck to the plan," Loki whispered. At that, you lifted your head properly, lips shining red.
"Loki," you said, dangerously low, "don't you ever regret caring for yourself. Over all else."
"But the danger-"
"If the whole world were in danger, I would still stay at home until you recovered from a headache. The world could be burning, and I would tell you to care for yourself first if at all possible."
Loki stared. "I would burn the world for you." His tone was soft, child-like in its innocence, but just as saturated with honesty. He would destroy with love in his heart, should he need to.
"I know," you only said, pressing one last kiss to his stomach. "I do."
He pulled the covers up, trapping you where you wished to be. By his side.
"I can't believe I was scared earlier."
"It's not a thing of shame."
"If you say so."
"Thor would like to visit you, by the way. He asked me before - treated me like a nurse and went all polite."
Loki laughed. "Yes, well, he needs someone to answer to, doesn't he?"
You hummed. His head rested on your shoulder now, eyes drifting shut against his will.
"Sleep," you ordered, and he could not deny you long enough to protest. The pillows swallowed him into their dreamland, but your arms anchored him to a world he would never burn down. Never, not even for himself.
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upat4amwiththemoon 1 month
came up with this idea and now i can't get it out of my head lol so nat saves and adopts a teenage reader but when yelena finally meets the reader she hates her guts bc she feels like nat loves her more/has replaced her ( i imagine yelena in her 20s so not that much older than the reader) and like during a sparring session or something yelena takes it too far and like breaks the reader's arm so nat obviously blows up at her but then they eventually talk about their feelings and then yelena apologizes to the reader for acting so immature and cruel to them
Fight for affection
Summary: aka jealous Yelena has a one sided fight with a teenager.
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x daughter!reader, sisters Natasha Romanoff x Yelena Belova, Yelena Belova x teen!reader
Warnings: mean Yelena, purposeful hurting
Word count: 1983
a/n: best sister ever
Tags: @thought-of-you-and-me @rafecameronswhore @sayah13 @strangegardentaco @natashamaximoff69
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Tumblr media
Very nervous Y/N sits on the couch, moving her leg up and down as she waits for Yelena to arrive. She has never met the woman before, but Natasha has been waiting to introduce her two favourite people to each other, so, once Yelena found a free day to come over, they immediately made plans.
It doesn鈥檛 take long for Yelena鈥檚 car to park on the driveway. Natasha goes to open the door right away, while Y/N waits in the living room, taking some deep breaths to calm herself down.
She can hear the two talking, though she isn鈥檛 fully paying attention to it. Once they start walking towards her, she stands up with a smile on her face.
Natasha and Yelena stand before her, the latter looking confused. 鈥淵elena, this is Y/N.鈥 She gestures at the teen with a smile.
There鈥檚 a silence. 鈥淪he isn鈥檛 a baby?鈥 Yelena whispers to Natasha, but due to their closeness Y/N can hear it clearly.
Now it鈥檚 Natasha鈥檚 turn to look confused. 鈥淲hy would she be a baby?鈥
鈥淚 thought you adopted a baby.鈥
鈥淚 specifically told you I adopted a teenage girl.鈥 An annoyance grows in Natasha, not wanting to have this kind of conversation in front of her daughter.
Yelena scoffs. 鈥淲ell, you can鈥檛 blame me for not hearing that. You said you adopted someone, and then I lost focus because I started thinking what to buy to a baby.鈥
Natasha lets out a harsh breath, but she brings a smile to her face once she notices Y/N鈥檚 tense body language. 鈥淲ell, she鈥檚 not a baby.鈥 She whispers quickly before going to set her arm over Y/N鈥檚 shoulders, bringing her closer. 鈥淭his is Y/N, she is 16 years old, and I adopted her.鈥 A proud smile adorns her face as she looks down at her daughter.
鈥淗i.鈥 She says again, bringing a slightly shaky hand forward. 鈥淚t鈥檚 nice to meet you, Yelena.鈥
A tense silence follows. Yelena has a frown on her face, but it disappears quickly when she glances at Natasha. 鈥淗ey, you too.鈥 Her voice doesn鈥檛 match the enthusiasm that Y/N has and the hand shake feels very forceful.
They move on quickly, going to sit down on the couch to talk. For the rest of the time they鈥檙e together, Yelena has a subtle glare fixed on Y/N, especially whenever Natasha touches her.
Her sister speaks so highly of this teenager, but Yelena doesn鈥檛 see what鈥檚 so great about her that she doesn鈥檛 have. They鈥檙e both grew up in a bad place, they both know how to fight, though Yelena would bet her whole fortune she鈥檚 better at it, and they were saved by Natasha. The biggest difference they have, is that Natasha has known Yelena so much longer. So, why does it seem like she care for the teenager more than her?
Once Yelena starts to leave, she is in a sour mood. It鈥檚 like the younger girl is flaunting Natasha鈥檚 love and care in front of her face.
鈥-sit us soon again?鈥
She lifts her head to look at Natasha. 鈥淗uh?鈥
Natasha lets out a laugh. 鈥淲ill you come visit us soon again?鈥
鈥淩ight.鈥 She sighs. 鈥淢aybe. I have a busy schedule.鈥
鈥淥kay, we鈥檒l see you at the compound some time then.鈥 Natasha hugs Yelena. 鈥淏ye bye.鈥
鈥淏ye, sestra.鈥
鈥淏ye!鈥 Y/N waves, half of her body hidden behind Natasha.
Yelena walks to her car, completely ignoring her.
The next time they meet up is at the Avengers Compound, and Yelena鈥檚 feelings have not changed. If anything, her hatred and jealousy have grown while having time to wallow in those feelings alone.
Natasha and Yelena are talking in the compound鈥檚 living room, while Y/N is sitting in silence, only following the conversation from the sidelines. She can feel Yelena鈥檚 dislike, but she is too afraid to comment on it.
鈥淗ey, Nat?鈥 Steve pops up from the hallway. 鈥淐ould you help me out with a report now that you鈥檙e here?鈥
鈥淥f course,鈥 she stands up, 鈥淚鈥檒l be back soon.鈥
The smile on Yelena鈥檚 face disappears when she notices the assurance was given to Y/N instead of herself. The jealousy bubbles to the surface once again.
Her wide eyes snap to Yelena. This is the first time she has been talked to by Yelena since they first met. 鈥淵eah?鈥 There鈥檚 a sliver of nervousness in her voice. A sliver, that Yelena can hear.
鈥淒o you want to train together to pass the time?鈥
鈥淯hm,鈥 she doesn鈥檛, 鈥淚 guess so.鈥
鈥淕reat!鈥 The grin on Yelena鈥檚 face is unmistakable. 鈥淔ollow me,鈥 they start walking towards the training room, 鈥渢he compound has the best supplies to train anything and everything you want.鈥
Once they get into the training room, Yelena leads Y/N straight to the mat placed on the middle of the room. Y/N feels the mat under her feet, it鈥檚 soft enough to make landings bearable, but it won鈥檛 take the pain completely away.
鈥淵ou were trained in hand to hand combat when you were at HYDRA, yes?鈥
Y/N鈥檚 face screws up at the mention of the organization she was saved from. 鈥淵es.鈥
Yelena gets into position, her hands raised and feet apart. 鈥淕ood, then this won鈥檛 be a problem for you.鈥 Before Y/N has time to prepare herself, Yelena is already lunging at her.
With a blink of an eye, she is on the ground. Y/N groans, looking up at Yelena with a frown.
鈥淐ome on!鈥 Yelena claps her hands together. 鈥淯p, up, you gotta be ready.鈥
Y/N takes a breath and stands up, this time getting into position before Yelena can fully surprise her.
They start sparring.
It鈥檚 more like fighting, at least on Yelena鈥檚 side.
Y/N is good at fighting, but Yelena is better. She is older, she is bigger, and she was in the Red Room for a long time.
She gets slammed to the mat two more times before she starts panting, her hands on her knees. 鈥淚 think I鈥檓 done.鈥 Her voice comes out as a mumble.
鈥淐ome on! Don鈥檛 be a party pooper.鈥 Yelena circles around her. 鈥淥ne more round, this time like you mean it.鈥
Y/N doesn鈥檛 have time to disagree. She desperately fight back against Yelena鈥檚 onslaught of hits and kicks.
After five minutes, she gets dropped to the ground, again.
She lays there on the ground, her breathing heavy and laboured. But Yelena doesn鈥檛 seem to be finished. There鈥檚 a certain fire in her eyes as she brings her foot up. Fear runs through Y/N鈥檚 body as her wide eyes are stuck on the bottom of Yelena鈥檚 boot.
A loud crack echoes through the training room.
Y/N cries out, rolling to her side to hold her now broken arm against her chest. Yelena鈥檚 eyes widen, shocked by what she did, though the feeling goes away just as quick.
Unfortunately for her, an immense feeling of guilt fills her body when a loud 鈥淵elena!鈥 comes from the door. Natasha comes running in, instantly kneeling to Y/N鈥檚 side. 鈥淲hat the hell was going on in your head?鈥 She practically growls out while lifting up her daughter, shushing her in a comforting manner when she lets out a cry of pain.
Yelena opens her mouth to speak, though she doesn鈥檛 know what she could even say, but a harsh glare from Natasha shuts her up. She stays in the training room while Natasha and Y/N leave to the medical room.
After three excruciatingly long hours of pacing in her room, a knock on the door finally breaks the silence. Yelena opens the door, instantly stepping to the side to let Natasha walk inside.
鈥淲hat were you thinking?鈥 Natasha鈥檚 arms are crossed over her chest as she stares at her sister with an icy glare. 鈥淪he鈥檒l be okay, thank god for that, but she has a broken arm, Yelena.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥 She whispers.
Natasha shakes her head. 鈥淪orry isn鈥檛 going to cut it now. You鈥檝e been incredibly cold to her, and I chalked it up to nerves, but this,鈥 her brows are raised as she gestures around, 鈥渢his is unacceptable. She鈥檚 my daughter, Yelena. I can鈥檛 have you around her if you鈥檙e going to hurt her.鈥
鈥淚 won鈥檛!鈥 Her eyes are turning misty from tears and her voice wavers. 鈥淚- I don鈥檛 know what came over me. I was feeling鈥ealous鈥nd, and insecure.鈥
Yelena tugs at the skin on her fingers, at times pressing her nails against her palm as her eyes drop to the ground. 鈥淚 was scared you鈥檇 love me less.鈥 A few tears fall down her cheeks at the confession.
A deep sigh leaves Natasha鈥檚 mouth. She rubs the space between her brows. 鈥淚 love you, Yelena, I would never love you less. But I also have so much love for Y/N, she is my daughter.鈥 There鈥檚 no anger in her tone anymore, but there鈥檚 a certain steadiness to make sure Yelena fully hears her. 鈥淚 love both of you so, so much.鈥
Yelena nods. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥
鈥淵ou need to apologize to her.鈥 Natasha mumbles, combing her fingers through her hair. 鈥淚鈥檓 really upset right now, so I鈥檓 going to leave.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l make it up, okay?鈥
Natasha opens the door. 鈥淢ake it up by treating my daughter well, be genuinely nice to her. You hear me? She is my daughter, that means she is your family too.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 my niece.鈥 Yelena whispers with a nod, fully absorbing the words. She hurt her niece.
After Natasha leaves and Yelena has a minute to gather herself, she makes her way to the infirmary.
She knocks on the door gently, opening it after she hears a quiet come in. Yelena steps inside. 鈥淗ey.鈥
Y/N lifts her head. 鈥淗i.鈥 She scratches the cast on her arm, her eyes anywhere else but Yelena.
Clearing her throat, she takes a few careful steps inside, stopping beside the hospital bed. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry. I鈥檓 really sorry, truly.鈥 She whispers, her eyes on Y/N. 鈥淚 was an asshole, an insecure and jealous asshole, who was scared that her sister would love me less because she got a daughter.鈥 She lets out a butter laugh. 鈥淲hich was very stupid of me, because I know Natasha isn鈥檛 like that.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 pretty great.鈥 Y/N whispers.
鈥淪he is.鈥 Yelena sits on the chair next to the bed. 鈥淪he is my sister and you are her daughter, which makes you my niece. And鈥鈥檝e always wanted a niece, even though it might not be obvious from the way I鈥檝e acted. I want to be what Natasha was to me for someone, except a little more fun, you know? I鈥檇 let you break the rules and drink a little bit and I鈥檇 teach you how to run away from the cops.鈥
Y/N giggles softly, glancing at Yelena every so often, but never looking at her for too long.
鈥淐ould we start over, maybe? I could be the aunt that you deserve.鈥 There鈥檚 a silence as Y/N stares at the cast while biting the inside of her cheek. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to be scared of me.鈥 Yelena whispers. 鈥淲hich I know is a stupid thing to say after I-鈥 she glances at the cast, 鈥渁fter I broke your arm.鈥
鈥淵eah.鈥 She lets out a shaky breath. 鈥淚鈥檓 a little scared of you, but I鈥檇 like to have an aunt.鈥 Y/N raises her head, giving Yelena a small smile.
Yelena smiles back, wider than ever. She inches closer to the edge of the seat, gently setting her hand on Y/N鈥檚 healthy hand. 鈥淚 will make it up to you, I promise. I鈥檒l spoil you so much.鈥 She grins, already excited with the idea of buying things to her niece.
鈥淥kay.鈥 She laughs, already feeling better despite her broken arm.
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wannabespiderman 6 months
Tumblr media
Thank you so much to everyone that was so nice to like and reblog my previous post <3 I really appreciate it and it gave me inspiration to write more! Fair warning that I wrote this while being a little tipsy so some typos may have occured.
Bucky Barnes x reader
Bucky completely forgot what it was like to be touched in a way that wasn't punishing. Well, until he met you.
Bucky Barnes was a conundrum. He was strong, stoic and had a head through the wall attitude. On the inside though鈥e was like a frail house of cards on a windy day. It was about a fifty-fifty chance if he turned cold or broke down. Well, actually, when he was out and about he would derealize and turn passive a hundred percent of the time. With you on the other hand, in the confinement of your own home, this massive, build man would turn into a weeping little boy. At first he didn鈥檛 know what to do with himself when his walls broke down in front of you. It was a feeling he wasn鈥檛 familiar with and the vulnerability made him feel small and weak, something he experienced regularly while he was still with hydra, something that he wasn鈥檛 allowed to show back then.
The same night he broke down in front of you for the first time you had your arms wrapped around him before his tears could even start to fall. Bucky鈥檚 mind went haywire the second your body touched his.
It was like he couldn鈥檛 comprehend how a touch could be this soft and warm, so void of anger or malicious intent.
It felt like it made him almost feel worse but at the same time he couldn鈥檛 bring himself to rip himself away from you.
And then he got hooked.
He was always flirty with you and heavy on the PDA, constantly having his hand on your waist or leg or hell, even on your ass while his face was buried in your hair. He could touch you easily, shower you in physical affection in front of anyone who was unfortunate enough to hang out with you two at the same time.
When you touched him, you had to be alone because that was the time his guard went down. Only you were allowed to hear him sniffle and whimper and see him curl into a ball on your bed while he let you run your fingers through his hair. Bucky never talked about why he cried so you could only speculate if someone said something triggering or if last night鈥檚 nightmares tortured him throughout the day but you didn鈥檛 ask him about it. All you knew was that he needed your touch and you were not only happy to give him that, you took this job very seriously.
You鈥檇 tenderly catch his tear drops with your thumb while he leaned into your touch like it was his oxygen and held him in your arms when he basically folded himself in half to fit into them. But it wasn鈥檛 only when he was sad or overwhelmed that he needed your touch, actually it was allowed any time of the day as long as you two were alone. He appreciated every small brush of your hand when you gestured too much with your hands or tried to push past him in the narrow hallway and almost every time a small sound would escape him. He was just鈥ddicted as he鈥檇 call it. Addicted to your soft hands that fit the equally soft touch.
He'd say he鈥檚 addicted while you knew the truth. The poor man was touch starved and hell, if you weren鈥檛 gonna be the one who鈥檇 give him what he so terribly needed.
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surielstea 2 months
The Best I Ever Had
Based on this request.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Eris x Fem!Reader (Azriel鈥檚 ex)
Summary: Reader seeks revenge on her ex-boyfriend, and that revenge just so happens to take the form of a very willing Vanserra.
Warnings: Smut | Minors DNI | p in v | fingering | cervix brushing | no aftercare (not Eris) | angst (not Eris) | manipulation (not Eris)
7.6k words
Tumblr media
I've been dating the shadow singer for a little over a year now鈥 but calling it dating seemed to be a stretch. It started with a few dates but inevitably it turned into a cycle of him telling me to come over, we'd hook up, then I'd leave in the morning. If he wasn't busy I'd stay for breakfast, but that was pretty much it.
Now I lay next to him, thoroughly fucked out and sweating. Azriel was a busy male but when he fucked, he fucked good. That fact made me feel selfish for wanting more than just being a casual hookup.
I sigh audibly, sitting up and slipping out of the bed, waddling into the bathroom to get myself cleaned up. That was another thing, once Azriel got what he wanted he was kind of done with me, so aftercare was absent and it made me feel like shit.
I huff as I wipe myself down with a warm rag, then splash water over my face and pat it dry with a soft towel.
I met the spymaster through Morrigan, I hadn't been particularly close to the inner circle but Mor was a good friend of mine, and of course, I could see the way he looked at her, admired her with a silent devotion. He has for years while I just watched in the background. Then the three Archeron sisters showed up and he began doing it to Feyre's sister Elain, or Nesta's friend Gwyn. But never me. Never looked at me that way. I was slowly realizing I was becoming a placeholder until something better fell into his lap.
I turn the faucet off and leave the bathing chamber, shuffling back to the bed, slightly defeated. I slide onto the mattress, my boyfriend already sounds asleep with his winged-back facing me. I yawn and decide I鈥檒l voice my opinions tomorrow after a full night's rest, perhaps over breakfast, I could tell him how I feel.
With a plan in mind and enough exhaustion to make a pegasus pass out, I was able to find a light sleep.
The morning greeted me with an empty bed, Azriel's spot empty, and I doubted the male was downstairs making me breakfast. I grumble a curse as I flip the blankets off of me and get up. I simply glance at myself in the mirror and brush my hands through my hair before leaving his room in my nightgown, rubbing at my eyes as I descend the stairs and into the kitchen.
The clatter of a fork sounds and I turn to my left to see the silent shadow singer who had just finished eating. "You didn't want to wake me up?" I say, squinting at the male's silhouette framed by large windows of the morning light behind him. He shrugged in reply. "Figured you'd rather sleep," He murmured as he stood, collecting his dishes and walking towards me.
As he brushes past me towards the sink I remember the loose plan I had put together last night.
"I was thinking," I start. It was now or never. He turned his head to me slightly, signaling that he was listening while he placed his dishes in the basin. "We've been going out for about a year now, maybe we should do something special?" I offer and he turns to me fully, slight confusion creasing his brows. I didn't understand what was so puzzling about it.
"Like what? And when?" He asks, his tone making me feel like I was scheduling a business meeting. I roll my eyes and take a few steps closer. "I don't know, you're always busy," I sigh, making my annoyance clear. He bristles. Perhaps I shouldn't have said that.
"I just mean, would it kill you to take a break for a day?" I look up at him, my arms behind my back. I hated this. Hated the way he looked down at me as I begged him to just give me the slightest fraction of his attention. He blows out a long breath in contemplation. "I suppose I can take a day off in a couple of weeks," He utters like it's such a chore to leave work.
"A couple of weeks?" I balk with wide eyes and he shrugs again. "I'm not that flexible," He explains and my frown deepens. "Just the other day you took off to help Morrigan with writing letters to the continent," I argue. "That's, different," He said with a slight hesitance in his voice. "How so?" I cross my arms over my chest.
"Because that's Mor," He muttered and a pang of hurt bloomed in my chest. My lip quivered at the words but I maintained my composure. "Listen, I'm not trying to make you sad I'm just telling you the truth," He craned his neck, stretching it out like I was tiring him out with this conversation. "Which is?" My brows raise a fraction. He opens his mouth, then shuts it again, rethinking what he was about to say.
Instead of speaking at all, he leans in and presses a light kiss to my lips, his hands coming to the back of my neck as he slants his mouth over mine. There was no passion behind it, just a move to shut me up and I was a fool to fall for it.
He kisses down my jaw, making his way to my neck where his marks from last night were already fading. His other hand finds my thigh, pushing me up against the counter and hiking up my dress. "Az," I place a hand on his chest. "Az, I don't want to have sex," I murmur, pushing him away and he backs off, confusion in his eyes because that hack has worked every time before.
"I just, I wanted you to look at me the way you look at Elain, or Gwyn, or鈥" I start. "Don't be ridiculous," His hands come to my cheeks as he interrupts me. "I'm not with them now am I?" He tilts his head. "No, but, you would be as soon as they called," I reason and his gaze falters because he knows I'm right.
"Don't think like that," He shakes his head. Then presses his lips to mine again, his hand returning to my thigh. "Don't think," He whispers and that sets me off. I push him away harder, sending him stumbling a few feet back. He looks at me like I've gone insane. I'm sick of it, sick of feeling so compliant when he wanted me and when he didn't. I was easy to please, and he liked easy, but he loved a challenge more.
"If you're not going to even take the time to make your girlfriend feel like she means anything to you, then," My breath hitched and a stupid smirk came across his features when I didn't finish my sentence. "Then what?" He scoffs. "You're gonna break up with me? Then when you can't find a male who fucks you better than I can you'll come crawling right back, I know how you are," He crossed his arms over his chest and I hated it. Hated that he was right. Because he was such an arrogant asshole but he was handsome and knew how to pleasure a woman. Which was rare to find in the Night Court.
"No, I'm done this time," I stand my ground. "Don't be like this," He sighed at the dramatics of it, looking up to the ceiling like I was draining him. "You always do this," He shakes his head. "I'm serious," I bite out. "Yeah, sure you are," He scoffs, unbelieving of my words as he leaves the kitchen without another word.
I'm serious. I hated being treated like this. I have a long life ahead of me, I can find someone better, perhaps go to another Court where I won't be given such limited options.
I collect my things, forgetting about the rest of my clothes in Azriel's room as I shrug on my jacket, I looked ridiculous with the oversized leather jacket over my short nightgown but I was only going home.
I gave one last look at the house before slipping out and closing the door with a particularly hard slam, making sure he heard I proudly took my leave.
My pride didn't last long before tears began to stream down my face. It was foolish to be crying over my own decision but I couldn't help it. Leaving him meant leaving the entirety of the inner circle, and as close as Morrigan and I were, she'd choose Azriel without a second thought. I knew it, she knew it, and he definitely knew it. So now I was walking through the streets of Velaris teary-eyed, hands shaking as I attempted to wipe them away but inevitably I gave up and just let them run, let myself crumble into the dejection of it all.
I had a house in the hewn city, it wasn't a home necessarily but, it would make do for a few nights until I figured myself out. I muster all of my energy and source my power, before winnowing back to the Court of Nightmares. I sigh in relief to be home, a shock to myself since this is the last place I'd ever want to be. Yet here I was, in my shitty apartment with little to live for. I slump onto the couch and curl into a ball, then just allow myself to bawl and promise myself this is the last time I鈥檒l ever cry over the shadow singer again.
It had been a week.
Azriel was right when he said I鈥檇 crawl back to him. This sort of thing happened often, we鈥檇 argue then I鈥檇 leave until eventually I got too lonely and find my way to his doorstep, he鈥檇 take me back and we would pretend to forget about what had happened until the cycle repeated, over, and over, and over again.
But I was done this time. I promised myself I was done and I鈥檓 sticking to it. A week was the longest I had gone without going back to him so I took myself to the flower shop down the street to treat myself to something as a reward. Flowers had always brought a smile to my face. Azriel never quite understood when I鈥檇 bring him to the gardens, he didn鈥檛 see the beauty of them, the way they all lived so harmoniously with each other. So he rarely went to the flower markets with me, it especially hurt when I found out Elain and him had visited the gardens more than鈥
I shook my head, voiding my thoughts of the spymaster and focusing on the beauty of the white dahlias in front of me. I picked up the bouquet and went to the clerk鈥檚 cart to pay. I had visited her whenever I was in the Hewn City, so it was nice to see the familiar face.
She smiles brightly when she sees me. 鈥淛ust the dahlias for today?鈥 She asks in a raspy tone and I nod. 鈥淵es, but I鈥檒l most likely be back tomorrow for those daffodils tomorrow,鈥 I say, placing five marks down on the counter. 鈥淚鈥檒l be looking forward to it,鈥 She says, taking the bouquet from my hands and wrapping it in a burlap paper. 鈥淢y tulips bloomed this morning, they should be in stock by the end of the week,鈥 She hinted and I grinned at her memory of my favorite flower. 鈥淎 pleasure as always, Moe,鈥 I say as she hands me the wrapped bouquet.
鈥淗ave a good day!鈥 She calls back and I wave at her from over my shoulder before walking down the cobblestones back towards my apartment.
It was a short walk, only around the corner, I had been a few yards away from my apartment yet somehow I still managed to clumsily ram right into a wall while staring down at the flowers鈥 no, not a wall, a male who barely even faltered as I stumbled back. "Sorry, you alright?" Warm hands come to my shoulders, steadying me. I look up to see a familiar set of amber eyes, ones that could only belong to one Eris Vanserra. "Oh, it's you," He uttered but his voice didn鈥檛 carry any distaste, only simple curiosity in his gaze. "Are you okay?" The male asks and I was surprised at the concern of his voice.
I often ran into Eris, so much so that it had become sort of a thing between us. I had never loathed him like the others, I understood him better than the rest of the inner circle who had never tried to see more than just a monster. It was clear to me that he was nothing like his father, no matter how much he tried. So clear that it had been a shock to me when Rhys didn鈥檛 understand he was only wearing a mask, even when the High Lord had to do something similar while Under the Mountain.
"I'm fine," I shrug with a hurried motion, Eris was also good at reading me, leaving me terrified that he鈥檇 somehow see right through my feigned smile. "You sure?" One of his hands left my shoulders only to lift my chin, angling it up towards him. "Who's got a pretty girl like you crying?" He tilts his head, and I blanch. How was he so good at that? I pull away from his touch and avoid his piercing gaze.
"I'm fine," I repeat. "You're a terrible liar, sunshine," He intoned.
Sunshine. A nickname that was only used to remind me that I didn't belong in the Night Court, didn't belong with the Inner Circle at all. There was no place for the sunshine in a place that thrived in darkness.
"Where's that bastard of yours, I doubt he'd like you running around the Hewn City dressed like that," He gestures to my low-cut dress, my cardigan parted just enough to reveal any excessive, albeit impressive amount of cleavage. I press the flowers to my body and a smirk grows over his lips. "He wouldn't care," I grumble. "Really?" He tilts his head. I shrug. "We broke up last week," I don't know why I told him. Some undiscovered part of me has always trusted him, so much that my actions have often betrayed my own thoughts.
"Is that right?" A smile curves his features, nothing but amusement in his tone. "You could at least pretend to feel bad," I frown.
"Why? He lost something he didn't deserve, you gained the freedom to be with someone better. It's a win in both cases, for you at least," He justifies, and a small smile tugs at my lips. "There she is," He admires and maybe it was because I was looking for revenge, or maybe it was because Eris and I had always flirted, but I couldn't help but feel this magnetic pull to the male.
"Hey, do you want to come inside?" I offer, brushing past him and walking up the steps of my apartment, he blinks in shock, I was surprised with myself just as much but I didn't show it. "Just to talk, I'll open a bottle of wine?" I added and his cool demeanor returned.
"Why not," He hummed.
"You're telling me, he did all that鈥 then didn't even provide aftercare?" Eris said in pure disbelief and I nodded with a sigh, thinking myself stupid for letting a male treat me so poorly.
I had spilled most details of my relationship with the Shadow singer to Eris, it may have been wrong to vent to one of the male's many enemies but I owed him nothing anymore, it wasn't like Eris could do much with the details of our relationship anyway.
We sat on my couch, too small for his large legs so I was positioned with my feet in his lap, not that I was complaining once he started tracing shapes on the tops of my knees mindlessly. Eris actually listened, it hadn't been something I hadn鈥檛 experienced in quite some time. This easy conversation that made me feel like he wanted to be a part of it. Perhaps it was the three glasses of wine or the glint in his eyes, but what he said next left my head reeling.
"I have a meeting with him today, maybe I should mention it," He hummed, his tone so casual I could hardly tell if he was being serious or not.
"It hurt," I mumble, unsure if I was referring to the sex itself or how he treated me. "It shouldn't," He replies with that damned look in his eyes, reassuring every part of my turmoil. "I know," I shrug.
He doesn't reply, his eyes linger on mine, something beneath that gaze that reminded me so much of how I used to look at Azriel, a certain yearning that I've known so well it was hard to mistake it for anything else.
But before he does something he'll regret, before he gets me attached his breath catches in his throat and he suddenly stands. I look up at him curiously with creased brows.
"Well thanks for the drink, sunshine," He says. I stand, following him to the door like some dog. Was I capable of honing independence for five seconds?
"I appreciate the gesture, but I don't need to be walked out," He gives me a crooked smile, and something foreign pangs in my chest, something I hadn't even felt with Azriel. "But, it was just," I struggle to find exactly what I wanted to say. "Never mind," I sigh, spinning on my heel, angling back to the couch but he grabs my wrist and pulls me back to face him. "It's okay, use your words," he eased and I swore I didn't imagine his thumb stroke on the back of my palm.
"I was just going to ask if you wanted to help me get back at the spymaster," I utter and his brow lifts a fraction. "Are you always plotting in that pretty head of yours?" He leans against the doorway, clearly interested. "You can say no if you want鈥" I start. "Tell me what I have to do," he sighs and a small smile curves my lips.
"How would you feel about faking a relationship, for the sole purpose of making him mad, nothing more I promise," I say. His brows raise and his hand leaves the knob of my front door. "Why don't I come with you, to the meeting?" I propose. A grin curves his lips. "Look at you scheming," He hums and I roll my eyes. "Who do you think I learned it from?" I smile and he returns it. "Go get cleaned up then, I'll wait," He leans against the closed door and I nod, spinning on my heel and walking down into the hall.
Faking a romance with Eris had been easier than I had thought. Our touches were casual, before the others had even arrived he had his arm slung around my shoulders as if he'd been at my side for the past century. Maybe this was all to get back at Azriel, but my hand on his abdomen didn't have to be there, and I didn't have to look up at him like he stole the breath from my very lungs but it was involuntary, something that couldn't be helped when around him.
He was regal, his features sharp and his words sharper. But more importantly, he actually looked at me, looked at me like I was anything worth importance and more than just a distraction. "You nervous?" He asks, his other arm coming around my waist as I turn to him fully. Everything was so natural, whatever this tether was between us rendered any awkward tension and allowed a casual intimacy.
"No," I shake my head and I meant it, I didn't feel scared with his arms around me, his warm hands splayed over my waist as if they were meant to be there. "You think we'll be convincing enough?" He tilts his head down at me. I peer up at him through my lashes, wrapping my arms around his neck鈥 something about him made me feel so bold, so powerful, so content.
"You want to practice?" He offers with a smirk. "It couldn't hurt," I whisper, his mouth just inches from mine. "Unless you bite," I add and his smirk widened. "Only if you want me to," He shrugs. I grab him by the back of his neck and pull him down, his lips sealing over mine with a fervent force that was unknown to me, his hands mapped my body as he slowly pushed my back into a trunk of a tree, he was entirely addicted to the way I felt, the way I tasted. He was at my mercy and entirely satisfied with the fact.
I arch up into him and he kisses me deeper, pushing me harder into the tree as his tongue swiped over my bottom lip with a needy intent. I parted my lips just wide enough for his tongue to take control, worshipping my mouth like a temple and I could only let him, knew no better but to comply because I loved it, loved the attention, the feeling of him giving me his all while I met him halfway, giving and taking.
鈥淕ods, are you done?鈥 A familiar voice grumbles from the distance and I freeze, Eris鈥檚 lips slip from mine, and a broad smirk breaks across his features as he turns to face two winged men, revealing me in the process.
Their eyes weren鈥檛 on Eris like mine were, they were pinned directly on me. I smile softly as Eris possessively tightens his hold around my waist, fingers digging into my skin through the material of my dress.
Cassian and Azriel continued to gawk at me, the both of them held straight expressions but their eyes didn鈥檛 leave me once, brows twinged upward in both shock and concern, as if I was in any more danger with Eris than with Azriel.
鈥淎re we going to get this over with or are you going to continue to stare?鈥 Eris cut through their gazes and both their eyes snapped towards him. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 she doing here?鈥 Azriel seethed, crossing his arms over his chest like he always did when he was infuriated. He was so easy to read for a spymaster. Eris seemed to have recognized this too, anyone angry had little control over what they said, making Eris gain the high ground.
鈥淲e can trust her, if that鈥檚 what you鈥檙e worried about,鈥 The male beside me retorts. Azriel only ground his teeth in reply.
The meeting had started and they began talking about politics, to which I quickly tuned out. Azriel made a few digs at me but it was nothing but a toddler lashing out over not getting what he wants.
It was amusing to watch his cool demeanor deteriorate while Eris found every weakness and dissected it with insults and remarks, I just stared up at the red-haired male with an amused grin, my arms wrapping around his torso, occasionally pressing kisses to the top of his hand that had been slung around my shoulders.
I can remember kissing Azriel鈥檚 hands, the scars, it was one of our better moments. It was a low blow to do it to Eris too but it had happened without thought, like an instinct and it made Azriel absolutely feral.
Once the meeting was over Cassian was quick to grab Azriel鈥檚 arm and tell him to winnow before he could say anything he鈥檇 regret.
鈥淎lways a pleasure Cassian,鈥 Eris smiled to the male. 鈥淪hadow singer,鈥 He nods his head. 鈥淚f you don鈥檛 mind I鈥檇 like to leave early, we have places to be,鈥 Eris looks at me with a smile and I return it. 鈥淵eah enjoy my sloppy seconds,鈥 Azriel spat and I smirked. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the one who told me to find someone who could fuck better than you,鈥 I scoff. 鈥淒on鈥檛 be jealous because I did.鈥
鈥淛ealous? Why would I be jealous when I had you before you started whoring yourself around鈥斺 He started. 鈥淎z,鈥 Cassian warned, even his brother was upset at him. It felt good to make him hurt, felt like power. Eris looked like he was about to retort, looked angry, and angry meant having little control over what you say so I placed a hand on his abdomen and he clamped his mouth shut with a low growl. He knew this was my battle, knew it should go out on my terms. However, that didn鈥檛 stop his fingertips from singing with fire.
鈥淚t鈥檚 humiliating, honestly Az,鈥 I tease. 鈥淒on鈥檛 call me that,鈥 He bites but I ignore him. 鈥淔irst you lose Elain to Lucien, and now me to his brother?鈥 I say like it鈥檚 something to study, a truly demeaning tone. It made him furious. 鈥淢aybe you鈥檇 be better off going for girls who don鈥檛 want you,鈥 I shrug and the spymaster snarled, Cassian winced at the indirect mention of Morrigan. 鈥淛ust a suggestion,鈥 I shrug, then look to Eris, signaling that I鈥檓 finished.
鈥淓xcuse us,鈥 Eris flashes them a smile as he slips his warm hand into my cold one. Eris doesn鈥檛 wait for them to reply before he winnows us away, back to my apartment.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a lot more cunning than you look, Sunshine,鈥 Eris says, his hand leaving mine in favor of coming to my cheek as I peered up at him. 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 too mean, was I?鈥 My brows crease in worry. I wanted to get back at Azriel, sure, but I wasn鈥檛 looking to break any alliances. 鈥淭here鈥檚 the girl I know,鈥 He uttered. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean to be impolite鈥 I just,鈥 I begin to ramble until he tilts my head up manually to face him, making me seal my lips shut at the wonder in his eyes, how he looked at me the way no one has before.
鈥淵ou were perfect,鈥 He reassured. 鈥淎nd watching you tear him apart was awfully attractive,鈥 He smirked. 鈥淚 did not tear him鈥 what do you mean?鈥 I snap my head up to look at him and he shrugs. 鈥淚鈥檓 just saying, I wouldn鈥檛 have kissed you if I didn鈥檛 want to,鈥 He shrugs. He wanted to?
鈥淒o you, still want to?鈥 I asked meekly with his hands on my cheeks and my heart pounding against my ribs so loud I was sure he could hear it.
鈥淪o shy,鈥 He observes with a growing smile. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 okay, we can work on that,鈥 He says like it鈥檚 a pressing issue, clearly excited to corrupt it out of me.
I rise onto my toes and crash my lips onto his, warmth blooming in the pit of my stomach at the sensation. My hands came to his jaw while he traveled down onto my waist, one finding purchase at my hip while the other came under my hip, tapping twice and indicating for me to jump. I wrap my legs tightly around his torso as he catches me.
My back bows as he leans into it, tilting my head to the side and opening my mouth for his tongue. We blindly stumbled down the hallway, he must鈥檝e been guessing his steps because he was too busy with his lips on mine, too enamored with our kiss to ask which door was my bedroom.
He got lucky and opened the door to the master chamber, quickly closing the door behind him.
I didn鈥檛 want to waste another moment without his skin to mine, a moment without him inside of me, a moment without his hands in my hair鈥 so I was grateful when my back met the mattress of my bed and he crawled over me, settling between my open legs, hovering above me with his hands on either side of my head.
We were both panting when he pulled away, need blazing in his eyes like a fire and I leaned closer to smother it, or get burned by it, I hadn鈥檛 decided yet.
His lips reconnected with mine and I was quick to reach for the buttons of his shirt, pulling him free from the fabric that strained against his muscular arms while he worked at the ties of my dress.
We were a tangle of limbs and needy pulls until eventually he thrashed my dress off and I unbuckled his pants. He breathed deeply as he pulled away, taking my bare body in, studying every curve and fill of my figure. Gods he looked like an animal with that glint in his eyes. 鈥淵ou have no idea how long I鈥檝e wanted this,鈥 He confessed, head dipping into my neck and leaving sloppy love bites trailing from my jaw to my collarbone. 鈥淵ou imagined this?鈥 I murmur, attempting to tease him but it came out all too soft and innocent. 鈥淔uck, every night baby,鈥 He admits and my cheeks flush.
He manages to get his pants off, freeing himself from the constraints of his boxers. I nearly gasped at the sight of him because, Mother, he was huge.
鈥淓ris I don鈥檛 think I can,鈥 I look down at his erect member with creased brows, afraid he might split me in half.
鈥淚 know baby, it鈥檚 okay, we鈥檒l stretch you out first,鈥 He reassured, placing a gentle kiss on my neck and I nodded, trusting him.
鈥淵ou want my tongue or fingers?鈥 He questions and his sultry gaze leaves me wanting his lips on mine. 鈥淔ingers,鈥 I say, only because I favored his lips when they were kissing me. I鈥檇 have to see how good he was with his tongue at a different time.
He flashed an animalistic smile before leaning down and sealing his mouth over mine, tongue immediately finding its place swirling with mine, not a battle but a dance.
He practically rips my panties off, and then two of his fingers dive into my soaked folds, my arousal lubing his hand. He smiles at the feel of me, how wet I was over just a few kisses.
His thumb made contact with my clit and I arched, a soft moan slipping from the base of my throat and he caught it with his mouth. He smirks, his fingers beginning to circle over my pulsing entrance, I ached for him, for all of him.
鈥淓ris,鈥 I pleaded out and that was all he needed before he sent both of his long, wide fingers into my cunt. I gritted my teeth at the stretch, holding back moans as he began to curl them expertly inside of me, flicking over that sensitive spot with ease like he knew exactly where I wanted him.
鈥淔uck, so good at that,鈥 I murmur incoherently, sweat lining my brow as he continues to pleasure me with his hand alone.
His thumb returned to that delicate bud, teasingly circling it with the perfect amount of pressure. My breathing becomes heavy as a symphony of moans is pulled from my chest. There was no way to explain the feeling in my abdomen, the feeling he caused. It was engrossing and hot, so fucking hot.
He was like a furnace above my body, absorbing all the heat from the room so he could possess it, burning over me.
鈥淓ris, I can鈥檛 s鈥檛oo much,鈥 I whisper helplessly and his hand continues to work, continuing its relentless pleasure over my pussy.
鈥淏e a good girl and cum on my hand, alright?鈥 He instructs and I suck in a sharp breath, feeling that orgasm pick up then tumble over that fine line. My legs jolt as I find release, doing exactly as he said and reaching my high on his fingers alone. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, just like that,鈥 He hummed, helping me down from my climax as he pulls his fingers from my stimulated cunt.
鈥淵ou think you鈥檙e ready to take me Sunshine?鈥 He tilts his head with a caring look in his eyes, if I didn鈥檛 know any better I鈥檇 think he was being mean, but his touches were gentle and his movements were slow, hinting that if I wasn鈥檛 ready he would stop and we could go to bed now.
鈥淚 want you inside Eris,鈥 I confess. I wanted him more than just inside. I was ready to cut myself open and allow him to dissect me, analyze me. But I鈥檇 have to settle for this connection instead. 鈥淧lease,鈥 I beg, tears at the corners of my eyes from my earlier release and he nods. 鈥淭ap me twice if it鈥檚 too much alright?鈥 He kisses my cheek with the intimacy of lovers who have been tangled in bedsheets for decades. 鈥淥kay,鈥 I nod.
We watch as he aligns his heavy cock with my entrance, a pearl of his pre-cum budding at his red, angry tip. He swipes himself through my folds a few times, the weight of him alone enough to satisfy. He lathers himself in my arousal, then strokes himself once, twice, until finally, he pushes his head into my aching slit. He grunts at the tight feeling and I was unsure if I was pushing him out or sucking him in.
He moves deeper, going quicker as to get the most uncomfortable part for me over with. His movements remain gentle, my fingers intertwine into his deep, auburn hair. Whiskey-colored eyes stare down at me half-lidded and it only leaves my heat sopping wet.
I swallow my moans as he reaches halfway, then deeper. He brushes over that perfect, sensitive spot then somehow goes further. I hadn鈥檛 even known it was possible to be so fucking long because by the time he had sheathed himself entirely his tip lightly kissed my cervix.
I writhed beneath him as he began to pull in and out, thrusting his hips at a leisurely pace, feeling out what made me feel good and where he was when I moaned the most. He was specializing this entirely to me and how it made me feel.
鈥淔aster,鈥 I panted. 鈥淔uck, Eris I want you feral,鈥 I plead, the tears that had been threatening at my eyes now spilling onto my cheeks, down onto the mattress below my head. He followed my instruction, picking up his pace and beginning to piston himself into me with such a maddening force that the bed began to creak against the power.
He held me tight so I didn鈥檛 move up the bed with his movements, and the sounds, the wet, lewd sounds of his cock entering me over and over sent me into a moaning mess.
鈥淪pread your legs,鈥 He ordered. I did as he said, going as far as I could manage. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, wider baby,鈥 He hummed and I let out a cry of pleasure as he brushed my cervix at his next thrust, breath leaving my lungs momentarily at the feeling. He smirks at the way I squeezed him tighter. He grabbed my thighs and forced my legs apart himself, folding me in half and bringing them up to my chest, holding me in a mating press.
I whimpered at the realization that I was completely vulnerable for him, laid entirely bare and I fucking loved every second of it.
A fire roared in the hearth, the warm light making his skin practically glow with the sheen of sweat on his chest. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so tight,鈥 He grunted out in between thrusts. 鈥淵ou feel so good wrapped around my cock.鈥 My pussy pulsed at that, at the unapologetic force of his shaft as he rammed into me, the dirty words, the perfect sounds that filled the room.
Eris continues to push into me, faster this time, his speed outmatched and the look in his eyes, pure lust. He leans down and trails kisses from the side of my neck, taking in the expanse and leaving it with marks and saliva. He kisses to the back of my ear, his soft whimpers inaudible if he was any farther sent me reeling, gods he whined every time he drove into me and I loved every fucking moment of it.
鈥淎ll mine,鈥 He purrs at the shell of my ear, his breath fanning over my jaw. 鈥淎ll yours,鈥 I reply and he twitches at the devoting words. 鈥淣o one else can fuck you this good, isn鈥檛 that right?鈥 He hums and I mewl鈥 because he was right, he sent me to planets of pleasure, the emotion behind each of his thrusts left me convulsing.
鈥淢hm,鈥 I nod. 鈥淏est I ever had, Eris,鈥 I pant and he smiles, nipping at my earlobe before returning his attention to rolling his hips over mine, his balls slapping against my ass as my slick drips onto my thighs.
He continues to push into me, every injection harder and deeper than the last leaving me to spiral beneath him. His base rubbed against my clit and that had been my breaking point. 鈥淓ris, I鈥檓 gonna鈥斺 I couldn鈥檛 even get the words out. 鈥淚 know, me too baby go ahead,鈥 He allowed and with his next thrust hitting my cervix I found that sweet ecstasy and it was more than just a wave of pleasure it was a tsunami, crashing down onto me with a force I thought I鈥檇 never recover from. I felt full, complete.
He followed soon after, his release pumping into me and painting my walls white, and gods he was so close to my womb I could feel his warm seed seep into my cervix while I milked his cock dry.
I pant and my legs jolt as he guides them away from my chest and slowly pulls himself from my throbbing cunt, still squeezing him in despite just experiencing the best orgasm of my life.
He flipped over onto the pillow beside me. Our pants filled the room as the fire dwindled into ash and we were left in the darkness, with nothing but the company of each other.
We lay there for only a moment before Eris left my side on the bed, pulling his boxers back up. I assume he鈥檚 going to leave now that whatever transaction this was is over, and even if I felt my heart crumbling to pieces I鈥檇 let him go. We didn鈥檛 owe each other anything, there was no reason for him to stay anymore, even if I wanted him to.
I ignored the noises of clothes ruffling and drawers opening, closing my eyes and waiting for him to leave until I got up to clean myself.
That was until warm arms came beneath my back and thighs, hoisting me up into his arms bridal style.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 My brows crease, arms wrapping around his neck involuntarily. 鈥淚鈥檓 getting you cleaned up,鈥 He explains with such a casual smile it makes my heart beat twice as fast.
He led me into the bathroom and placed me on the cool counter, the apex of my thighs aching with an already developing soreness. 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you tell me about your day?鈥 He offers, finding a rag beneath the sink and wetting it with warm water. 鈥淵ou were with me for most of my day,鈥 I mumble and he smiles at the fact. 鈥淭ell me about before, talk to me,鈥 He says and an odd feeling begins to spread in my chest, the kind that made my cheeks flush and my head spin.
So I did. I told him about my day, how I went to the flower market and ran into a familiar face, how I invited him in for wine and it managed to end in the best sex of my life.
I also told him about how I felt when I was getting my revenge on Azriel. Told him that it made me feel powerful, but also that I was satisfied where it ended and I wasn鈥檛 interested in associating with him at all any longer.
I told stories, topics varying in length until I was sure I had been talking his ear off鈥 but he was listening, chiming in now and then, signaling that he was still tuned in to whatever I had to say. It was healing to talk about all of this while he cared for me, his touches gentle and his calloused fingers warm. He healed internal scars with those hands.
When I cleaned myself up I wiped myself down and then changed into a nightgown before getting into bed. He took his chance to go above and beyond, he even offered a bath but I told him I was tired so he only wiped me down in touches so featherlight I would鈥檝e missed it if I hadn鈥檛 been staring at him in the low lighting the entire time.
He brushed through my hair and made sure I was okay and safe. I had realized he was so gentle with me because of the way his father had treated women in the past, his mother in particular. Becoming a male like that seemed to be Eris鈥 greatest fear, which made clear why he was so soft with me. And perhaps it was also because I deserved the kindness.
鈥淭his one?鈥 He held up my softest nightgown and I nodded, putting my arms up so he could slip it over my head. He grinned as I adjusted the dress down past my head, leaving my hair in my face, making me grin wildly. He reached out and brushed it behind my ears.
鈥淚 love that smile,鈥 He hums and my cheeks burn with a blush. He then leans in and presses a loving kiss to my lips. I had never experienced anything quite like it and now I never wanted anything else. He pulled away, analyzing my features beneath the dim light, and if I wasn鈥檛 red from his earlier comment I definitely was now.
鈥淎lright, let鈥檚 get you into bed,鈥 He reached beneath my thighs and hoisted me up into his arms, carrying me back into my room and then laying me down on the soft mattress.
I sigh contentedly as he slips into the bed beside me. 鈥淐an you hold me,鈥 I whisper, feeling confident enough around him to ask such a thing. 鈥淲as planning on it,鈥 He smirks, wrapping his arm around my torso, and pulling me right into his chest.
I smirk excitedly, slinging my leg over his torso and wrapping my arms around the back of his neck. 鈥淚 thought you were tired?鈥 He murmured as I pecked all over his face in lazy kisses. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to waste this,鈥 I confess and his gaze softens. 鈥淚鈥檒l be here in the morning,鈥 He reassured and I swallowed thickly. 鈥淧romise?鈥 I murmur and he nods, pressing a hard kiss on my forehead. 鈥淚 promise, sunshine.鈥 And those words sent me into the first peaceful slumber I鈥檝e had in a while.
Eris had not been in the bed next to me when I awoke. A sense of hurt and betrayal ran through me at the sight of the empty bed. I audibly groaned in defeat, muttering curses into my pillow because last night had left me so hopeful, but I suppose what鈥檚 easy in the evening is a drag by morning.
I huff and slip from my covers, adjusting the straps of my nightgown and leaving my bedroom with small, waddling steps due to my horribly sore legs.
I continued my slow, depressing trudge until I made it into the kitchen and froze at the sight of Eris leaning over the stove, making breakfast.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to get burned cooking shirtless,鈥 I warn, ignoring the visible release of tension in my shoulders. Because he held up his promise, even better, he鈥檚 making me food. He whirls around to face me with a small smile. 鈥淚 won鈥檛 get burned,鈥 He scoffs, holding his hand out to the fire of the stove, the flames growing then reaching towards him and forming into a ball in his palm.
I marveled and walked closer, staring straight into the flickering ball of heat, dangerously close. 鈥淵ou won鈥檛 either,鈥 He says, uncurling his fingers and allowing the fire to stretch into a line of flames leading from me to him. My breath hitched as the flame came into contact with my skin but it didn鈥檛 burn, in fact, it barely even tickles. The serpent of fire twines around my wrist, dancing along my skin and I smile, looking up at him excitedly like I was the one controlling it.
鈥淪ee? You鈥檙e safe,鈥 He says then retracts the flames and feeds them back into the fire at the stove. Safe. That was the feeling that鈥檚 been filling that pit in my stomach.
鈥淣ow, you hungry?鈥 He tilts his head and I look up at him in wonder, why was I ever settling for less when I could have everything I ever wanted with him?
I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips hard onto his, attempting to show my gratitude through the action, my chest pressing to his as his arms came around me, heating my frame as I exposed my fragile heart to him and he returned the movement with the same tenderness. 鈥淚鈥檒l take that as a yes.鈥 He mumbled against my mouth, making me smile giddily up at him.
Tumblr media
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samodivaa 10 months
Training Techniques
Tumblr media
Winter Soldier x Reader He is not allowed to move an inch鈥攈e can only watch you pleasure yourself鈥攂ut why is there a ring on your finger?
Warnings - smut, light angst, mastrubation(f), rough sex, choking, breeding kink Words - 2600 鈰嗏媴鈰嗏媱鉁р媱鈰嗏媴鈰嗏媱鉁р媱鈰嗏媴鈰嗏媱 You have absolutely no pleasure in the work in which you sometimes so madly indulge鈥攖raining the assets with delicacy of words with which their handlers don鈥檛 approve of鈥擲oldat is your favorite, with his expression of endless and unconditional gratitude and a silent promise of complicity unto death鈥攈e may not remember your face, but he always remembers your voice, its' gentleness. The soporific air of your room, in the soft breath of bread and sweets鈥攈e was sent there, because he was misbehaving again.
It has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that you have periled this life and reputation鈥攂ut here you are鈥攐n your bed trying to sleep when you see him sitting on the chair, waiting. And this isn't a romance. You're not a damsel in distress and he is not the handsome prince who comes to save you鈥攖his is his desperate attempt to escape from torturing memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and a dread of the impending doom, but they didn鈥檛 know that.
You know.
He can't stop looking at you鈥擲oldat is gazing at a distant star. It's dazzling, but the light is from tens of thousands of years ago, because he is not allowed to move until you instruct him to.
Subconsciously, he licks his lips at the sight at your body in a night dress and wonder if he will ever just cum in your mouth as you suck him off to your knees鈥r if he鈥檒l take you by the hair before he鈥檚 finished and fuck you into a sobbing heap before blowing his load. It doesn鈥檛 seem worth the risk 鈥攂ut he wanted this for so long now, he needs to voice it.
鈥淧lease-鈥 鈥攁n irrational and indulgent mistake. you stand up on your elbows in shock at the word he utters鈥攈is eyes drift leisurely back up to your face and his lips twitch. Soldat has fallen into a state of feverish lust, but that is not a justification for his disobedience. His heart goes into a shameless delirium when your eyes meet. 鈥淒esperate?鈥 you mock, but underneath the mockery Soldat finds a reservoir of understanding. You lay back on the bed as nothing has happened, and your voice takes on a restful strength 鈥淚 still need to punish you for that, Winter鈥 He behaves as naturally, with such discretion, that he does not lose his composure, not even when you remove your wedding ring鈥攚ho committed the impertinence of marrying you? He goes through a crisis of disappointment, fury, jealousy, but this is your way of giving Soldat a layer of respect鈥攈e wants to call it loyalty. And maybe you can be his or maybe you will be entwined in this sexless foreplay tonight.
He wants to ask so many questions, but he can鈥檛. Not now. There is a pent-up curiosity, hysteria of his unsatisfied needs, unnaturally suppressed communion and also a kind of tense respect, because if he is obedient enough鈥攈e will be rewarded.
鈥淵ou will watch me, that's all you will do for now鈥 you say, your voice has sunk to a whisper. Your words stoke a warmness in his stomach, a fire in his crotch. And he doesn鈥檛 care what you will do with him鈥攅ven if you want to cut him, sharpen him however you please鈥攖hat's all he knows anyways. He wants this memory to stay what it is, one intense moment, something that is strong and sweet enough to stand on its own. Your room has turned into an idyllic paradise for a good many years, your skin glistening in the聽light coming from the slits in the blinds as your hands play with your breast through the nightgown. He has lost his voice and a thread of cold sweat runs down the path of his spine, suffocating with heat, because of the black leather clothes鈥攖he stiff collar and the tight harness that is restricting his breathing, is becoming increasingly annoying.
His eyes are growing moist with indignation, with angry impotence, and for the first time, he is barely controlling himself. It is the natural sequel of an unnatural beginning鈥攈e needs to be patient, but it鈥檚 hard鈥攏ot harder than his cock鈥擨t's more erotic, more intense to watch you touch yourself. He is master of what he does, but never of what he desires. You are greatly overestimating his self-control. But this is what you are testing tonight鈥攈is ability to subordinate the impulse to fuck you. Self-control might be as passionate and as active as the surrender to passion, but you need to show him who is in charge while your panties are becoming steadily slicker. All you need to do is to tell him to come, but you refrain from doing the thing you want so badly鈥攖o be consumed by Winter. You glance up to find his eyes blazing with raw need鈥攂lue orbits pleading for you to command him. You spread your legs open, positioning yourself in front of him鈥攐ne hand still toying with your nipple while the fingers of the other hook in your panties and drag them down your legs slowly before throwing them in his direction. His breath stutters as they land on his left boot and Soldat eyes them wickedly, knowing that all he can do is watch.聽
"Good, very good, Soldat '' you coo, sliding two fingers into your core, scissoring and stretching, curling over the one sweet spot鈥攊magining his metal digits. You remove them as your index finger takes their place, rubbing slow, torturous circles on your clit, sliding down to tease your opening, then back up. Over and over again.
He slides his tongue across his teeth, remembering the taste of your nectar, becoming more and more aroused with every beat of his heart that runs down his shaft.
鈥淚 want you so much, gosh鈥 he is stirred by the lust in your smooth voice. You are breathing deep with your mouth wide open鈥攈e doesn鈥檛 blink, he doesn鈥檛 dare blink. Soldat can swear he feels the pressure of your palms on his cheeks鈥攐r is it a memory? Everything is a memory to him. 鈥淚 want you here, fucking me鈥 There is something raw and pleading in your voice that surpasses sexual desire, these fleeting moments of carnal craving.
With the auspicious attention of a strained killing machine, he examines your fingers, your shivering body and listens to your muffled moans meticulously. It is such a tumultuous and intemperate invasion to his mind鈥攜our scandalous behavior is pulling at every string of his nerves and self-control.
It is such a prolonged act, so meticulous, so rich in all aspects as you are giving yourself over to the deserved adoration of your own body and pleasure. It leaves Soldat breathless at the tremendous spectacle of your nudity and lack of shame as you bring yourself closer to the edge.
鈥淛esus-I am so close鈥 You confess, surprised at how fast the arousal is budding. You arch your back and hips buckle like an electric current runs through your body, moaning, rubbing your clit faster, forcing yourself to let out a louder moan. The orgasm wrecks your body from head to toe and being watched by a ferocious male is exciting鈥攁ll he needs is a feeling as primitive and as simple as that of love.
You see his eyes, still unblinking and you feel menaced by some invisible danger鈥攜ou are keenly aware of every movement, every breath you take. Lust is a weed that grows in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind and the stacks of bad words that you have been forced to swallow, spills 鈥淪oldat, come here鈥 you command, languid and serious.
You lick your lips, trying to quench the thirst for him. Your throat is dry as you watch him between your spread legs, getting up and slowly coming towards the bed as his thick, black pants fall to the floor around his feet, the belt clattering noisily. Winter craws on top of you and he cannot articulate a word, capable only of an animal sound, a strangulated wheeze that shocks him deeply, enraging him, this sudden loss of the faculty of speech that feels somehow bestial and forgotten. He breathes, his chest rising and falling so close to yours.
鈥淜iss m-鈥 you whisper the words, and before you even finish saying them, his mouth is on yours and you are melting under his lips, eyes flutter shut鈥攁nd it is blissful oblivion鈥攇iving you the most intense and explosive kiss you two have ever shared. With the coldness of his lips and the warmth of his tongue beneath yours, you vow an endless bliss. He pulls back with a groan鈥擶inter鈥檚 sky-blue eyes stare back into yours, and in his eyes you can see no parting from you. You put your hands on either side of his face, and the room falls away. You have never gotten so lost in a kiss before. And the kiss is not gentle. It is a wrestle of who would lead the excursion into the territory of passion and ecstasy, heat and unending craving for one another. You suck on his lower lip between your teeth and he lets out a low groan. It sounds almost aggravated and definitely impatient. Fire looks into his quiet eyes, touches his dear, familiar face鈥攜ou lean upwards for a moment and dip your head towards his ear, grazing his soft skin with your teeth, while your hand slides to the harness. Soldat stills, angling his mouth towards your bare, perfect neck. You feel a warm slickness on your skin, his tongue trailing a path towards your shoulder.
It is a wild, animalistic compulsion, an urgent need as he suddenly slots himself between your legs and you turn your head away. Your fear is returning, crawling through your limbs and leaving you numb to everything. You shut your eyes, gripping the sheets, and whimper when he pushes himself inside you. He releases a ragged breath before moving, slow but with purpose, and you simply take it with soft whimpers and gasps as he pumps in and out of you, now starting to set a steady pace. His eyes, the blue completely gone from his them, soften for a moment and he kisses you tenderly before he whispers in your ear, his breath puffs against your skin. He spends a good amount of time on your neck, a brief stop at the base of your throat鈥攈e wants to bite you, but he can鈥檛鈥攕omething melts inside Soldat that hurts in an exquisite way鈥攜ou are not his. 鈥淲ho did you marry, Snow White?鈥 He asks, voice throbbing with menace鈥攂efore slipping inside you again and burying himself to the hilt. Sex with you this time is different, he has never felt this dominant, this claiming. He is so far in that his balls are right against your lips. You arch your back and moan 鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 matter鈥 as he slides back out nearly all the way before slamming into you hard and fast. You wrap your legs around his waist as he slams into you over and over, the only sound in the room is the skin slapping. You close your eyes and swallow. Your mouth parts and stills鈥攜our voice is barely a whisper as his tip touches your cervix. 鈥淧ierce鈥 am closer to ruining his plans, closer to freeing you鈥 Despite your eyelids being tightly shut, a single, hot tear runs out of your eye. You are so angry that it has escaped鈥攕o angry鈥攈e stops his trusts completely. You moan as you feel his movement out of you. Then, as he almost has the tip fully out, he slaps it back in. When your eyes meet his gaze as you are sitting here staring at each other, time stops. Your fingertips reach to trace the metal shoulder, but he grasps your hand with his own. He leans down, far enough that the ends of his hair brush feather-light against your face, catching in your lashes and tears.
His breath, warm and measured, hits your cheek. Two breaths. Three. Then you stop breathing, and a second later, you feel his lips on your mouth. It is hungry, desperate. His metal hand wraps around your neck, thumb presses into the skin鈥攜ou moan, it ripples over your nerve endings. His breath caresses your ear again鈥攈is grip on your neck tightens. And this makes you always still and submit鈥he act of Winter taking shameful, contemptuous possession of you is the kind of rapture you want.
鈥淣ext time-鈥 you try, but with your restricted of oxygen brain, you are not able to. He tastes passion. He tastes lust. He tastes his power over you. He tastes a world of stimulants he鈥檇 never imagined. You are right there in front of him, he can do whatever he wants. Winter loosens his hold鈥攐nly to observe you as you breathe raggedly, sliding down slowly, a moan ripping from your throat.聽
鈥淣ext time he calls you in his house, I will be there, too鈥
I have nothing to give but my heart so full and these empty hands.
鈥淚 need to kill them one by one, Winter鈥 His mouth curves into a smile鈥攈is eyes are light blue and dancing with life. He pauses for only a fraction of a second. Then he leans forward and presses his lips to yours "Okay, yeah, yeah" a devil-soft whisper. He blinks several times like he is trying to comprehend your plan word by word. His trusts become so hormonal鈥攜ou want his roughness. His other hand slips to your waist, pushing you into the mattress as he fucks you. For him, sex intimately relates to the most primitive kind of human contact, which can satisfy all of his needs he has been deprived from. "Winter " you gaspe breathlessly "Slow down" You try to let out a choked squeal, but his metal hand tightens around your neck again, muffling any sounds, your toes curling as he brings you steadily closer and closer to orgasm, reeling from the thrill and the fear from both his forceful thrusts of his powerful hips and the choking. Soldat is unrelenting in his domination of your body. But you are his at this moment, your cunt clenching around him while you mewls and grunts fill his ears, he can鈥檛 slow down even one bit. Logic would say that this is insane, every other fibre of his being says it's right鈥攈e has to fill you up. You can't move. You can't breathe. And his pace. And the adrenaline. 鈥淚 will cum inside鈥攄ear Snow White鈥 This is his demarcation line, all of a sudden it seems unfair to withhold it from you. Your inner muscles tighten as waves of pleasure start to build and ripple out. You don鈥檛 normally get off this fast, but you are lost in the exquisite sensations鈥攜ou put your hands on his metal arm as your body bursts into flames, your fingers curling into the metal. You can鈥檛 make a sound and it is a shame, because it is the best orgasm you ever had. It is unbearable, unreal, unimaginable鈥攊t is too much as your eyes can only see darkness due to the choking. You can only hear a broken and hoarse cry escaping his lips, his warm come filling you up completely.
You can hear his breath, as your vision slowly becomes solid鈥攁 stray lock of dark hair falls into his eyes as he is looking down鈥攈e moves his hips back and then into you again, enjoying his cock being in a tub of cum, swimming in your honey.
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aurrorraaaa 18 days
Tumblr media
鈥淪hit. Shit. Shit. Why the hell did you do that!? Are you stupid woman!?!鈥 He said angrily as he tried using his rct, but it didn鈥檛 stop the bleeding.
You smiled, weakly cradling his cheek with your hand as you laid in his arms, 鈥淚-isn鈥檛 it obvious?...because I love you kuna,鈥
Your vision was blurry but you saw the red blood covering his clothes. As your vision cleared, you could see his scrunched up face, he was crying. 鈥淪top. Stop fucking talking.鈥
鈥淪-sukuna. It won鈥檛 work..I-I won鈥檛鈥斺
鈥淣o, no. Stop saying stupid things. You鈥檙e going to be fine, 鈥榤 gonna fix you up ok? Just stay with me woman. Keep your eyes on me, don鈥檛 close 鈥榚m.鈥
He continued trying to stop the bleeding but it didn鈥檛 slow down at all.
You were slowly getting colder and colder and your heart beat was slowing. You didn't have long.
You could feel him shaking. He was holding you so close, whispering things to you but you couldn鈥檛 hear. Your hearing was fading too.
You tried to hold his cheek again, but he held it with his own hand, kissing your palm. He looked at you, eyes puffy and red.
He leaned down to kiss your lips, you kissed back as much as you could, but it was getting harder and harder to stay awake.
As he pulled away, your vision got worse, your heart beat even slower and slower.
鈥渋t was supposed to be me.. please, no, Y/N, please d-don鈥檛 leave me..鈥
His voice was so sad. It hurt so bad to see him cry over you. You wanted to tell him how much you loved him, you wanted to comfort him and tell him that everything was going to be ok, yet you couldn鈥檛. You were too weak.
鈥淜-keep your eyes open, for fucks sake! PLEASE! Please don鈥檛鈥斺
But soon enough, it went black. Your heart stopped beating and the last thing you heard was a gut wrenching scream from the man you loved.
Suddenly he jolted up, stream of tears covered his face. He was shaking and quickly looked to his side only to find you sleeping peacefully
He gently shook you, making you stir. You opened your eyes and saw the tears rolling down his cheeks. You immediately sat up, hugging him tightly.
He held onto you, crying into your neck.
He mumbled, saying something along the lines of you dying and him begging you to stay.
You rubbed his back, comforting him. You felt his grip on your waist tighten as you did this.
鈥淗ey, hey, shhhhh.. it鈥檚 ok..I鈥檓 here. Everything is ok darling.鈥
He pulled away to look at you, wiping his tears, he cupped your face and looked into your eyes. He was so relieved. He pulled you into a deep passionate kiss. He didn't want to let go. He didn't want to wake up to a world without you.
You kissed back, feeling his lips move against yours. His lips were soft, they were wet from his tears but you didn't mind.
As you pulled away, you held his face. He grabbed your hands and placed them on his cheeks. He nuzzled your hand.
"Don't leave me."
"I won't, I promise my love, cmon let鈥檚 go back to sleep, kay?鈥
You gave him a soft smile and another peck on his lips before going back to sleep. He cuddled up against you and drifted off to sleep.
The next morning, he was still holding onto you as if you would slip away. You smiled softly at him and gently rubbed his head.
His eyes fluttered open and looked up to you. He kissed your cheek and got up.
"Morning sleepy head." You chuckled.
He didn't reply and instead, gave you a soft smile. You noticed the dark circles under his eyes and how exhausted he looked.
You stood up, grabbing his hand and walking him to the bathroom. You prepared the bath and got into the tub together. 鈥淜una lay against me, let me wash your hair.鈥
Reluctantly, he fit himself in between your legs and laid his head against you chest. You grabbed the shampoo and started running it through his hair, lathering it over his scalp and massaging his head. He never showed weakness but when he was with you, he was a completely different person. He felt so incredibly loved right now. he felt like he was on cloud nine. You spent a good 7 minutes rinsing his hair and kissing his back, you swear you saw him almost cry again because of how affectionate and gentle you were being with him. Never in his life has he ever experienced this, he was always treated harshly by the people around him eventually making him become the 鈥渕onster鈥 he is today. Yet even with all his flaws, you loved him.
You grabbed the body soap and washed him, paying extra attention to his tattoos and scars.
Once he was all clean, you hopped out of the tub and handed him a towel, while you wrapped one around yourself.
You both got dressed and brushed your teeth.
He walked over to you and placed his hands on your hips.
You smiled and asked him if he wanted to stay in today and watch movies. He agreed, kissing your forehead and going to the kitchen.
After making breakfast, he made his way to the couch where you were seated and sat next to you.
He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you close, placing a kiss on the top of your head.
"Are you feeling better?" You asked, looking up at him.
"Yes, thank you. I'm sorry you had to see that." He said quietly.
"It's alright, just know that you can talk to me." You gave him a soft smile and peck on his cheek, making him blush slightly.
He turned on the TV and put on a random movie.
You were so cute, the way you would laugh and hide your face, the way your eyes lit up at the screen. You were absolutely adorable. He couldn't help but smile, which was rare.
Throughout the entire movie, you and Sukuna cuddled and ate popcorn.
He loved every second of it.
It was night already when the movie finished. He stretched and got up.
"Thank you again, princess." He said softly, walking into the kitchen and grabbing a cup of water.
"Anything for you my love. Now go get some rest, you need it." You smiled and stood up.
You hugged him and told him goodnight, before walking to your bedroom.
You flopped onto the bed and got comfy, pulling the covers over your body.
A few moments later, the door opened and the bed dipped as sukuna got in next to you.
"Is everything ok?" You asked him, turning to face him.
He simply nodded and pulled you closer.
He was being oddly affectionate tonight. But it was nice, he was a big softie.
"Thank you for putting up with me, princess." He whispered.
You chuckled, "it's not hard. You're easy to deal with, well, sometimes. I love you, even when you're a pain in the ass."
You could've sworn you heard him let out a little laugh, but maybe you were imagining things.
"I love you too, my little one." He said, pulling you close.
He rested his chin on the top of your head and played with your hair.
You nuzzled into his chest, breathing in his scent.
"Goodnight, kuna."
"Sleep well, angel."
And with that, the two of you fell asleep, knowing no matter what happened, you'd always be there for each other.
a/n: I tried writing angst but i literally couldn鈥檛 like I need to write happy endings yall馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃馃挃 omg i just realized how out of character I write sukuna 馃槶 whatevez
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justsomerandomfanfic 3 months
Just A Little Bit Jealous - Logan Howlett X GN Reader
Tumblr media
Title: Just A Little Bit Jealous
Logan Howlett X GN Reader
Additional Characters: Charles (Mentioned), Hank, Co-workers, Scott (Mentioned), Random bar people, and Rogue (Mentioned)
Requested by: Anon!
WC: 4,927
Warnings: Jealousy, slight violence, slight suggestiveness, nicknames, teasing, banter, flirting, bars, alcohol (beer) mentioned, unwanted flirting and physical touch (nothing major), Reader has Telekinesis (and other unspecified mutations), minimal cursing, men being jerks, blood briefly mentioned, angst, and fluff
Logan wasn't the best with emotions. Or at expressing them really. However, in certain situations, the emotions that did seem to shine through were not the most positive ones. Especially as Logan found himself standing at the entrance of the X-Mansion kitchen; raging, for a lack of better words.
His vision was green. A dark haze settled over his eyes. It was a look that only Logan could achieve. The anger in his gut was beginning to bowl over. He needed to calm down, but how?聽
Seeing you, looking the way you did, absolutely gorgeous in that outfit - the one that made you feel confident - it wasn鈥檛 even anything fancy, just your usual attire; something more laidback for the weekend. The way that you seemed to be oblivious to the way that Hank was looking at you. Logan understood. You looked stunning, as always.聽
Even though Logan knew that he shouldn't be feeling such... Well, jealousy. Hank was a long-time friend of both of yours, and you and Logan had been together for well over a year at this point. But, he couldn't help it. It was like an itch under his skin that he couldn鈥檛 reach to scratch. Logan felt protective. As he usually felt for those he truly cared about. And even though he knew that he didn't need to worry, again, he couldn't help it. Logan knew Hank, and he knew him long enough to know that he was a good guy. Hank wouldn't try and steal you from him, not that you were something to steal. Logan didn't own you, if you so wished, you could leave him. You could do whatever you wanted. You could leave and forget all about him.
Though, that just might've been Logan's insecurities talking.聽
At some point, while Logan was stuck in his head, his eyes still glaring holes into the side of Hank's head. Logan was not paying much attention to your conversation, but whatever it was about, Hank made you laugh. Another wave of jealousy rippled out of Logan. But, thankfully for Logan - and Hank - the conversation between you and Hank ended.
"Have a good night, Y/N," Hank spoke, grabbing his coke can from the kitchen counter.
"Goodnight, Hank." You replied, noticing Logan at the kitchen entrance, leaning against the wall; his arms crossed.聽
Hank turned and paused, also noticing Logan, giving the man a grin. "Good evening, Logan."
"Evening," Logan grumbled, eyeing the man as Hank awkwardly passed him and left the room; escaping down the hall.聽
You huffed, turning to lean against the kitchen counter, pressing the palms of your hands against the edge of it. You stared at Logan, inspecting his body language, trying to get a feel for how he was feeling, and Logan stared right back at you. You mimicked him, moving your arms to cross them over your chest, and at his eyebrow raise, you raised yours. His frown slowly slipped into a small grin at your actions, making your lips tug upwards in response. You moved towards him. "Hey..." Your voice was soft, yet full of curiosity. You looked up at him, taking him in fully once again.
Logan leaned forward slightly, his crossed arms dropping, and his hands coming to rest on your waist, "Hey..." He mimicked your greeting, making you huff again.
Raising your hands, you placed them on his own waist, your pointer fingers looping into his blue Jeans belt loops. "What's up with you?" You asked, tilting your head back a bit to look up at him. "Something on your mind?" You pressed on, pulling yourself closer to him.
"Hmm..." Logan hummed softly, gazing down at you for a moment - just admiring you, your eyes shining as bright as ever, looking up at him with such love and admiration - before lowering his face to meet yours, capturing your lips in a kiss. The kiss was slow but passionate. It sent shivers down your spine. One of your hands left his waist, cupping the back of his neck, the tips of your fingers running through the soft, brown hair at the nape of his neck. Your head was in the clouds, lost in Logan鈥檚 lips against yours. Logan felt all the anger and jealousy just wash away, leaving nothing but the love he felt for you burning inside of him. With each kiss and every touch, he felt a little bit lighter.聽
You slowly pulled away from the intoxicating kiss, your eyes feeling heavy and your heart full, you couldn't stop your smile from growing as your whole body felt warm. You bit your bottom lip as you watched Logan chase your lips, before gently pressing his forehead against yours.聽
You sighed, shutting your eyes once more, "I hope you didn't think that kissing me would get you out of answering." You lightly teased, feeling Logan's warm breath waft against your face as he let out a sigh of his own.
Logan's hands tightened around your waist, the warmth from his hands seeping through your shirt and onto your flesh. 鈥淣othin' much on my mind, bub," Logan spoke, letting out one more sigh before letting his shoulders fall slightly, "Jus' a bit tired."
You hummed, nudging your nose gently against his before pulling your forehead from his, glancing at the kitchen clock on the wall. "It is almost seven." You turned to look back up at him, seeing that he was already looking right back down at you. "Kind of early to be tired, eh, old man?" You continued to tease, though Logan gave you a look and a small chuckle, you know that something else was swimming in that head of his; and you decided to let him just tell you whatever it was when he was ready.
Logan's grin turned into a smirk, blinking down at you tiredly, his hands on your waist tugging you back into him; your hands coming up to rest against his chest. "I put the 'grand' in 'grandpa'." He spoke.聽
At that, you let out a snort, and the two of you started laughing quietly. It took a few moments before you quieted down, your hand coming up to your mouth as you looked at Logan; your eyes squinted slightly, trying to contain your giggles. "Either, you've been spending way too much time with Charles, or you really are tired." You giggled out, your laughter slowly subsiding.
Logan's chest heaved lightly as he chuckled once more, "Maybe both."聽
As the both of you started to head up to your shared bedroom, Logan almost forgot what he was all upset over. Almost.聽
Logan had once again found himself watching from afar as some guy - a co-worker - talked to you. You somehow convinced Logan to be your plus one for a work party that your job was hosting. Logan didn't want to go, but with your little pout - and Puss In Boots eyes - he caved, knowing that he wouldn鈥檛 win against you. You even convinced him to dress somewhat rather nicely, in black slacks, his boots, and his red flannel rolled up past his elbows. Yes, he looked nice, but he really wanted to wear his Jeans.
Logan disliked parties. Parties were different from bars though, you didn't have to interact with others. And with most parties, there was an expectation to mingle with others. Logan, however, did not want to mingle with others. He was a loner after all.聽
He stood next to the table of snacks and refreshments, holding a small red solo cup of fruit punch for you; sadly for Logan, the party didn't have any alcohol. He could've really gone for a beer or two, but no. No, instead he had to stick to his own cup of fruit punch that he held in his other hand.聽
But he watched, watched as you spoke to that co-worker of yours. Again, similar to Hank, the man said something to make you laugh - though, Logan knew you incredibly well enough to know that it was not a genuine laugh; the man even had the gall to reach out with his free hand to hold your upper arm for a moment. And Logan did what he could to push the jealousy that he was feeling down. Walking over, he skillfully maneuvered around some other people, making his way over to you.聽
You nodded your head, letting out another fake laugh before you noticed Logan walking towards you in the corner of your eye. Turning your head, a real smile graced your features as you waved him over. "Logan! This is Henri."
"With an 'I'," Henri raised his cup in the air slightly with the inflection, giving Logan a grin, and offering his free hand out to the Wolverine. "Henri French."
Logan stared at him, with a hardened look, handing you your cup of punch without even looking at you. Taking Henri's offered hand, he shook it firmly - possibly enough to warn the guy to keep his fingers off of you. "Logan." He spoke simply, his voice gruff and low; letting go of Henri's hand, stuffing it into his slack's pocket. He turned his gaze back towards you, seeing your eyebrows knit together, and the confusion written across your face, your eyes searching his, though you quickly turned to look back at Henri with a smile; your hand curling around Logan's upper arm, the tips of your fingers brushing under the rolled sleeve of his flannel. At the touch of your chilled skin on his, Logan felt himself breathing out a deep sigh from his nose, you always knew how to calm him.
At Logan's nothing-but-short introduction, Henri let out a small laugh, "I know, Y/N said that was your name." He joked. "They seem to never shut up about you." Though Logan felt a sense of pride wash over him - making the corner of his lips twitch at the thought of you rambling about him to your co-workers - he also felt slightly off when Henri said that, the tone unnerved him.聽
You huffed, rolling your eyes before you turned to look up at Logan with a sweet smile. "Lo, honey, could you hold my drink for me, please? I spotted Anna. I'll be back in a jiffy." And with that, your punch cup was back in his hand, and he was left alone to deal with Henri all by himself.聽
Logan watched as you left, seeing you weave around a few people, waving to another co-worker of yours; an older woman with black hair and large glasses. Turning to look back at Henri, he noticed his gaze on you. And, in fact, Logan didn't like how Henri was looking at you. He was staring at you like he wanted you - the guy was even biting his lip, his eyes trailing up and down your body - Logan didn't like that one bit.
Letting out a small chuckle, Henri turned back to Logan, taking a sip of his punch. "You got a fine piece of ace there." Logan's brows furrowed, he wasn't exactly fond of how this conversation was going.聽
"Excuse me?" Logan's voice deepened - a growl almost leaving his throat - as if he was warning Henri, feeling a burning feeling bubbling up inside him, but Henri just raised an eyebrow, brushing his short, blonde curls away from his forehead.
"Can't help a guy for being a bit curious, can you?" Logan pursed his lips, and Henri took the chance to continue, "So, how did you catch them? I've worked with them for three years now, and they never took me up on anything. I mean, come on, give a guy a break. What鈥檚 a guy gotta do to get some action around here?" He chuckled, and Logan felt his hands grip the cups of punch a bit tighter, the plastic of the cups crinkling slightly as the pressure. "You've got to tell me how you won them over. Did they play hard to get with you too?"
Logan wanted to lash out, but he knew how important this was for you, and he didn鈥檛 want to cause a scene in front of you and all of your co-workers鈥 But, Logan was pretty close to punching this guy鈥檚 teeth in. "I don't have to tell ya nothin'," Logan finally growled, making Henri raise his hands in defense as he chuckled lightly.聽
"Okay! Relax, buddy! Don't have to be so hostile, man, I'm just curious how good they are in-" Suddenly, Henri paused mid sentence, his own hand holding his cup of punch moving up in a swift motion. In confusion - and bewilderment - Logan watched as Henri moved the cup above his head, his body seemingly moving involuntarily. All the while, Henri's eyes were wide, his mouth agape as he blabbered nonsense in horror and confusion, before the cup flipped upside down, drenching himself in his own punch. The couple of people around both men stopped their conversations, turning to witness Henri as he slowly brought his hand down, his mouth opening and closing; his blonde curls wet and sticking to his forehead. "I- uh," He stammered out, "I- I don't know why I did that." He spoke out, sounding incredibly embarrassed.
Turning his head to look over in your direction, seeing you already looking over at him, a small, mischievous grin and a knowing look in your eyes. He matched your grin, knowing full well that this was your doing.聽
When Logan said that he was going to go out on his bike, he wasn't expecting you to ask to come along. He was just going to a bar that was a couple of miles away, but the more the merrier; and Logan was actually meaning to show you the bar - that surprisingly didn't sell crap beer, at some point. When the world let the both of you, you and Logan would just ride around, sometimes for hours, just enjoying each other's company; the wind blowing through your hair, and the scenic views.
So, you and Logan drove off on his - Scott's - motorcycle, heading off to that bar that he told you all about. You weren鈥檛 all for bars, finding them a bit too loud and the lights a bit too dim. But, you had been curious ever since the many times Logan spoke about it when he got back to the Mansion. And even though Logan couldn't get drunk, you convinced him to let you drive the both of you home. Which was always fun for you. So, this was technically a win-win for both of you. Logan got to go to his bar, you got to drive home, and you both got to spend some quality time together.
When you pulled up to the bar, you slipped off of the bike, looking at the bar with your hands on your hips as Logan kicked the kickstand and slid off the bike. Looking around the exterior of the place, you noted how loud it seemed, even from the outside. You were in for a headache in the morning, and it wasn't going to be from the alcohol.聽
"Ya good, bub?" Logan asked, his hand pressing the small of your back, his words breaking you out of your thoughts.聽
"Hmm? Oh, yeah, I am," You nodded your head, glancing up at him, "I will admit, I am slightly nervous."
Logan nodded, turning his head to look at the bar, "I get it, but don't worry. I ain't gonna leave your side." Pulling you into his side, he gave you his signature grin, "Plus, they got the best fries."
"I like fries." You grinned right back up at him, "Lead the way."
"Sure thin', darlin'."
As Logan pushed the door open for you, you were immediately greeted by the smell of beer, sweat, and smoke; and the loud music that you heard outside, blasting overhead.
Logan鈥檚 hand was protectively placed on your lower back as he led you to the bar at the far end of the room. As you both walked, you took the time to look around and spied a couple of men playing pool to the right, and a handful of tables filled with all sorts of people to your left; drinking, smoking, and talking. At the far end of the bar, you found several men sitting on the bar's stools, watching the TV in the corner of the room; a football game was on. You were thankful that the bar wasn't full of just men, having spotted a couple of women here and there; with their partners, friends, etcetera.聽
Finding a couple of empty stools at the bar, you and Logan took your seats, the bartender sliding over from behind the bar; cleaning a glass with a cloth. He was a burly man, with a well-trimmed beard and mustache - and a bunch of tattoos littering his arms. He gave Logan a nod, glancing at you before speaking.
"What can I get you two?" He asked, raising his voice slightly to be heard over the music. His voice was deeper than what you had thought it was going to be, as he sat the glass and cloth down.
"Beer," Logan answered, and the bartender nodded, then turned to you.
You waved a dismissive hand, letting out an awkward chuckle, "I'll just take some fries. Thanks!"聽
"Yeah," Logan spoke up, "Thanks, Charlie." And this Charlie nodded once more, leaving to get Logan's beer and your fries.聽
Turning in his seat, Logan leaned his arm against the bar - close enough for you to be able to hear him over everything - giving you a grin, amusement in his eyes, "Well, wha' d'ya think?"聽
"What do I think?" You asked, resting your own elbow against the bartop, leaning your cheek against your hand, "It鈥檚 not too bad. Honestly, it's a bit loud."
Logan chuckled, "All bars are loud, bub."聽
You huffed, playfully rolling your eyes, "Well, it's certainly not the worst."
For the next thirty minutes or so, you and Logan talked, about everything and anything as you ate your fries and Logan drank his second beer. It was very enjoyable, really. You were honestly impressed by the bar, its fries were amazing; crisp outside that was sprinkled with cinnamon and paprika; it was interesting, but you liked it. When Charlie came out of the kitchen with a plate full of stacked fries. The sight of all that food made you salivate slightly, your stomach growling in hunger.
As Logan finished off his tall glass of beer, he gained your attention, "I gotta piss, I'll be righ' back."
You felt a slight rush of nervousness but nodded anyway. With a gentle squeeze of your thigh, Logan slid off of the bar stool and over to the far left corner where you supposed the bathroom was located. Turning back to the bar, you picked up a fry from your plate, twisting it between your fingers before plopping it in your mouth. Chewing, you glanced at the many drinks lining a shelf behind the bar. You were quickly growing bored, and you soon found yourself reading the labels of the alcoholic bottles; well, the ones that you could make out.
"What's someone like you doing in a beat-up place like this?" You heard a voice from beside you, where Logan used to be. Huffing, you mentally rolled your eyes. Ignoring the voice, you continued to stare straight ahead, and continued to eat your fries; maybe the guy would just go away, if you were lucky. "Come on, sweet thing, give me your name?" The guy spoke again, this time, much closer to you.
"Not interested." You answered plainly, becoming irritated.聽
"Awe, don't be like that!" The guy exclaimed, taking the stool that Logan had occupied. "I just want to get to know you, sweet cheeks."
You didn't even glance at him as you answered with the same tone, "I got a boyfriend."
"A boyfriend?" The man asked, scoffing, seemingly thinking that your answer was ridiculous. "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never leave you all alone in some bar." He tilted his head slightly, his smirk growing, "I don't think I could keep my eyes off you - much less my hands."聽
You scoffed, rolling your eyes. How typical. "Look, if you're done being creepy, I鈥檇 like you to leave me be - I'd like to eat my fries in peace while I wait for my boyfriend." You were this close to just using part of your mutation to physically make him leave you alone, but you didn鈥檛 want to bring much attention to yourself. 鈥淎nd, honestly, I鈥檓 doing you a favor. You won鈥檛 like whatever happens when he gets back.鈥
"Hmph," The man hummed, narrowing his eyes playfully - he liked a challenge - "Then why don鈥檛 you and I leave now before he gets back?" You then felt pressure on your thigh, making you snap your gaze from in front of you, to your thigh, and finally to the man. "I can show you a good time."
And before you could do anything, you heard his voice, "Hands. Off. Of. Them." And thankfully, at Logan's growl, the man took his hand from off of your thigh; as if you had burned him.聽
Letting out a deep breath of relief, you looked up at Logan - who stood tall beside you, his dark eyes almost glowing with anger - his face showing pure fury, and his fists balled at his sides; his claws just threatening to escape his knuckles.聽
"I was just fooling around, dude," The guy brought up the courage to speak, reaching out to steal a fry from off of your plate, "Just having some fun." But as he began to pull the fry from your plate, a metal claw suddenly stabbed the fry down, pinning it to the table with a loud 鈥榯hud.鈥 The man froze, staring at the three claws as they pierced the wooden bartop. He gulped, obvious by his Adam's apple bobbing as he dropped the fry, his fingers only centimeters from the sharp claws.聽
You chuckled, narrowing your eyes as you smirked, 鈥淚 told you.鈥 You taunted as the man slowly looked up at Logan, who continued to glare daggers at him; the man's eyes widened before he quickly stumbled off of the bar stool and ran away. Logan watched him go, slowly retracting his claws back into his knuckles, his blood staining them before they quickly healed. You huffed as Logan continued to watch until the man was out the bar door; your hand coming up to grab his arm. "Lo," You spoke up, gaining his attention, his head turning. You gave him a soft grin, gesturing to the bar stool, "Sit, hon." And he did, taking his seat, you could tell that he was still seething, though, less so than moments before. Taking his hand in yours, you curled his hand back into a fist, shutting your eyes as you pressed a couple of light kisses to his bloody knuckles. Pressing a last kiss to his knuckles, you sighed, opening your eyes; your eyes meeting his brown ones. "Thank you," You whispered quietly. He let out a long sigh, nodding as he looked away, but you reached out with your free hand, cupping his chin, and turning his head to face you. "Want to go home?"
He stared at you, a frown still on his face as he nodded. And so, you and Logan left the bar - leaving a couple of dollars for the drinks and fries - and then some for the slightly damaged bartop. Hopping onto the bike, you held onto the handles, feeling Logan's hands slip around your waist - protectively, his face digging into the side of your neck as you started the bike up.聽
Driving down the road, you felt yourself smile as Logan's lips pressed gently against your skin, feeling his beard scratch lightly across your throat as he kissed your skin; instant goosebumps. The chill breeze was welcoming as the bike sped along the slightly bumpy roads, and you were excited to get home and sleep. And you could tell that Logan was tired too; mentally and emotionally. It wasn't until the bike pulled into the X-Mansion garage that you and Logan could finally let out a sigh.聽
"Home sweet home," You said, the both of you slipping off of the bike. "I'm exhausted."
Logan only grumbled as the both of you headed into the Mansion.聽
You hummed tiredly, looking down at the watch on your wrist, "It's almost seven." You took Logan's hand, interlacing your fingers with his as you walked down the Mansion halls, "Kind of early to be tired, eh, old man?"
You asked the same question from more than a week ago, your smile widened as you saw Logan's tired frown turn into a slight smile, "Yeah, yeah," Logan grumbled, amused, "Let's jus' get ta bed."
You nodded, chuckling, "You don't have to tell me twice."
Finally, some peace, and quiet; alone with you. With your head on his shoulder, and his arm wrapped around you, Logan finally felt content. Content with just spending a quiet night in with you. No missions, no work parties, no bars - though Logan did have a beer on the coffee table - or waiting for you to get done with teaching. Just the both of you, watching a movie. And it was some fantasy movie that you got the VHS tape for. It was interesting, enough to keep Logan somewhat entertained, but not a lot. He kept finding himself looking at you for most of the movie.聽
In fact, he was doing just that. The TV illuminated your face, perfectly highlighting your features. He found himself unable to focus on the movie at hand - he was too focused on you. His eyes followed your every movement - watching every little detail as you shifted. You wore a slight smile on your lips; your hand laying softly on his thigh, rubbing soothing circles onto the material of his jeans. Logan found himself smiling as he watched your actions. His own fingers absentmindedly played with the soft strands of your hair, occasionally scratching your scalp. His chest felt warm - fuzzy.聽
But, then Logan noticed something. The expression on your face changed... Changed into one that you only gave him. Logan's eyebrows furrowed, watching as you let out a soft sigh, your eyes glued to the screen. Turning his head, he spotted the reason for your dreamy sigh and love-sick eyes. The man on the screen, dressed in the attire that was appropriate for the type of movie he was in, was dancing gracefully around a crowded ballroom of masked masqueraders. The man was beautiful, Logan had to admit. Beautiful, graceful, and ethereal.聽
And you seemed to have thought so too, as you let out another dreamy sigh.聽
Turning to look back at you, you glanced up at him, at the screen, and back at him. "What?" You asked, smiling lightly, noticing the odd look on his face.
"You're sighin,'" Logan spoke simply, making you frown slightly and raise an eyebrow.
"I'm sighing?" You asked, blindly grabbing the TV remote and pausing the movie.
Logan tilted his head slightly, raising his own eyebrow as his chocolate eyes stared into yours, "You did the same sigh when you first met me." He recalled, making you huff out a little laugh, incredulously.聽
"What are you talking about?" You asked, turning your body slightly towards him.
"Rogue said that ya sighed, just like that, when ya firs' met me." Logan pointed out, teasing lightly - his chest feeling warm in the process. "She said ya were starstruck."
You snorted, "Of course I was starstruck, I mean, look at you! You're gorgeous! You're tall, dark, and handsome!" You explained, pausing for a moment. "And you do have a nice butt." You added, as if it was common knowledge at this point, and it was - you praised his behind often.
Your flattery made Logan grin mischievously, "That's all ya like me fo鈥? My looks?" He joked, making you lightly slap his thigh in response.聽
"Lo, of course not, you know that!" You spoke before becoming a bit serious as you made eye contact - Logan gulped lightly - "When I first met you, aside from your dashingly good looks, Logan, I fell for your character.鈥 You glanced away briefly, the memories filling your mind, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e funny, fiercely loyal, passionate, intelligent, and a very strong-willed man." You found yourself rambling, "There's a whole lot more I could say, but it would take hours." You breathed out a small chuckle, running a hand through your hair.
Logan couldn't fight the blush that crept up his cheeks, a smile pulling at the corners of his lips as you spoke; his eyes softening. "I could say the same 'bout you." He spoke honestly - fondly - his voice low and husky; almost speechless.
You hummed, leaning up with the hand on his thigh to press a quick peck to his cheek before turning back to the movie with one last tap to his leg. 鈥淚 know these past months have been crazy. Work parties and loud bars鈥 But, you don't have to worry. My fictional crush doesn't hold a candle to you."
"Fictional crush?" He muttered, glancing at the TV screen as you unpaused your movie.
聽A smirk played on your lips as you turned your attention back on the TV, "I can smell the jealousy rolling off of you, hon,"
"Jealousy? I ain't jealous, bub." Logan shook his head, his arm returning to wrap around you. "Just鈥 Surprised is all."
"Suit yourself."
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A Dance in Death
Tumblr media
Title: A Dance in Death
Pairing: Alastor x fem!reader
Word Count: ~3,927
In which Alastor takes the reader out to Mimzy鈥檚 club. Things go sideways much too soon, but the Radio Demon is quick to make amends.
A/N: Part 2 of sorts to my Never and Always series. Hope you enjoy!
Part 1, Part 3
Mimzy鈥檚 speakeasy was most known for three things.聽
One, it was known for its captivating acts and performances. Demons and sinners from all around Pentagram City had heard stories and whispers about what could be experienced there. Two, it was known for being one of the most lively and entertaining places on this side of Hell. And three, it was known for being on the wrong side of town, making it the perfect place for no-good demons to spend their time and even do discrete business, so long as they paid their dues to Mimzy, of course.
That last point probably should have kept you away from this place. But you couldn鈥檛 help but feel safe knowing that you had come on the arm of the Radio Demon himself. After all, who would dare approach you with Alastor around?
Nobody, as it turned out. You and Alastor had been sitting in a corner booth for almost an hour now, and nobody had dared to come within ten feet of you, save for one unfortunate server who had graciously provided you both with your drinks before scurrying off and hiding, not coming back even once.
And although you enjoyed any time that you got to spend alone with Alastor, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice that the two of you were both on edge that night.聽
You, on one hand, simply wanted to dance. It wasn鈥檛 often that you were able to go to bars or speakeasies, and you would have loved nothing more than to lead the demon across from you on to the dancefloor. But you knew better than that. Alastor鈥檚 interest in you came with limits that you hadn鈥檛 yet discovered, but you鈥檇 be double-damned if you were going to find them out tonight.
Although you had to admit, as you gazed out longingly at the dancing demons on the floor, that you wouldn鈥檛 mind at least trying to share a drink and a conversation with your partner. But that wouldn鈥檛 happen until Mimzy finally decided to saunter over to your table.
Which led you to the reason for Alastor鈥檚 impatience.
The whole reason that he had invited you out tonight was because Mimzy had requested an audience with him at her place of business. To discuss what, you weren鈥檛 sure, but you knew that the Radio Demon hated to be kept waiting.聽
His impatience was starting to become evident, though it was likely that nobody around you noticed anything amiss. You, however, had become well versed in reading Alastor鈥檚 silent cues.
He had yet to touch his drink, though his clawed hand was firmly wrapped around the glass. He was surveying the building with apparent disinterest, but you could see the way that his sharp gaze roamed over each and every other demon and sinner present. You could see tension in the corners of his ever present smile, even though his eyes were hooded in an expression of mild boredom.
As you downed the last drops of your drink, you risked a glance over to Alastor once again. You had wanted to strike up a conversation since you had stepped foot through the door, but hadn鈥檛 wanted to distract him from his thoughts. But when his grip around the glass tightened once again, your internal war finally ended. It wouldn鈥檛 do anyone any good to have him suddenly lose his composure and bring the whole place to the ground.
You cleared your throat lightly as you placed your glass back down on the table. You received Alastor鈥檚 attention immediately, his eyes darting over to yours. 鈥淵es, my dear?鈥
You smiled back at him. 鈥淢imzy has a lot of nerve hyping this place up when it has such terrible customer service, doesn鈥檛 she?鈥
With no small amount of satisfaction, you noticed Alastor鈥檚 smile ease into something that almost resembled kind amusement. 鈥淚ndeed,鈥 Alastor hummed. 鈥淭hough I must say, her choice in song is quite enjoyable.鈥
You shrugged, looking back at the dance floor. 鈥淚t鈥檚 fine to dance to, I suppose. Not so much fun when you鈥檙e stuck sitting and waiting for someone to show up.鈥
There was no response. You returned your gaze to Alastor to see him looking at you almost curiously. 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 aware that you were one for dancing, my dear.鈥
A laugh bubbled up and pushed its way through your lips before you could stop it. You pressed your fingers to your lips to try and conceal it as Alastor tilted his head at you in confused interest.
At the sound of your laughter, his shadow suddenly perked up, quickly making its way over and sitting beside you.
When your giggle had finally subsided, you opened your mouth to respond to Alastor鈥檚 comment. It wasn鈥檛 completely his fault that he knew so little about your past life, after all, but you hadn鈥檛 expected that he, of all people, would make such blatant assumptions.
Before you could get a word out, though, the shadow placed a clawed hand under your chin, tilting your head to face it. Its fingers wandered until they reached the base of your throat before gently clawing their way back up, almost as if trying to coax another laugh out of you through touch alone.
It was so much more intimate than you had thought Alastor was capable of.
But then Alastor waved a hand in the air, summoning his shadow back to his side. It obeyed almost immediately, caressing your throat once more before melting back into the floor and returning to its rightful place.聽
You cleared your throat again, this time in an attempt to fight the red spots on your cheeks. Not that their presence had escaped Alastor鈥檚 notice. His smile had widened dramatically, though thankfully, he chose not to comment on the interaction, instead waiting for a response to his earlier comment.
鈥淚 do dance,鈥 you finally replied, looking back up at the Overlord. 鈥淚 used to dance plenty before鈥ell, you know,鈥 you said with a small grin. 鈥淚 died.鈥
Alastor waved away your comment with a flourish. 鈥淎h, yes, I do see how such a thing could impede on your abilities for a moment. Though, if I鈥檓 not mistaken, you now have two perfectly functioning legs.鈥
鈥淏ut I haven鈥檛 been to a club since before I died. And there鈥檚 not much opportunity to show off my moves at the hotel,鈥 you replied with a shrug. You tilted your head at the demon. 鈥淎nd you? Do you dance?鈥
The Overlord smiled wistfully. 鈥淥h yes, I was quite known for my dancing abilities back in the land of the living.鈥
鈥淚 thought you were known for being a mass murdering radio host.鈥
Alastor shrugged, giving you a devious grin. 鈥淚鈥檝e always been multitalented, my dear.鈥
You laughed again, this time trying to ignore the eager look you received from both Alastor and his shadow.
鈥淵ou know,鈥 you said slyly once you had calmed yourself, looking down at your empty glass. 鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 mind brushing up on my skills tonight after your meeting.鈥 You looked up innocently, meeting Alastor鈥檚 eyes. 鈥淚f you haven鈥檛 lost your impeccable skills, that is.鈥
The demon鈥檚 eyes flashed. 鈥淐areful, mon chere. I-鈥
鈥淎lastor! How鈥檙e you doing, doll?鈥
You whipped your head around at the sound of the new voice. You stared as a short, blonde woman made her way across the floor, arms raised in welcome and a broad smile on her face.聽
Alastor, on the other hand, didn鈥檛 seem at all bothered as he greeted the woman. 鈥淢imzy, dear,鈥 he drawled, turning away from you. His smile stretched unnaturally. 鈥淵ou are extraordinarily late.鈥
The woman- Mimzy- waved her hand in indifference. 鈥淚鈥檓 busy running a business, Al, you know how it is. Can鈥檛 eva get anyone to do what you want without a bit of prodding.鈥
Her gaze slid over to you, eyes widening as her smile grew. 鈥淪ay, Alastor, did you bring me a new toy?鈥 Her eyes roamed over you slowly. 鈥淪he鈥檚 a little dull, but I can spruce her right up.鈥
You suddenly felt very exposed.
You recoiled slightly, attempting to keep your movements unnoticeable as you pressed yourself further into the booth to get away from the Mimzy鈥檚 prying eyes.聽
You tried not to notice the way that other demons and sinners had begun to glance over at the sudden appearance of the bar鈥檚 owner. They aren鈥檛 looking at you, you told yourself. But you couldn鈥檛 help but take in Mimzy鈥檚 confident appearance and attitude, coupled with Alastor鈥檚 calm poise. You could see how the Mimzy could have mistaken you for one of Alastor鈥檚 wayward souls.
Almost as if it could sense your discomfort, Alastor鈥檚 shadow suddenly reared up and placed itself directly in front of you, blocking you from Mimzy鈥檚 line of sight.聽
鈥淯nfortunately, Mimzy dear,鈥 Alastor said from opposite you, though he avoided looking in your direction. 鈥淐harlie has grown quite attached to her little friend, and I doubt she would be thrilled to discover that I had allowed her to become a part of your鈥︹
鈥淧roductions,鈥 you piped up. Alastor鈥檚 shadow looked back at you in delight before shifting through the air to sit beside you once again.
鈥淧recisely,鈥 Alastor said.
Mimzy only shrugged, giving you a wink. 鈥淲ell, I鈥檓 here if you change your mind, hun.鈥澛
She turned back to Alastor. 鈥淟et鈥檚 you and me talk for a bit, huh? I know this sorta thing ain鈥檛 really your cup of tea. I鈥檝e got a room in the back that we can use. Your little doll will be alright on her own for a while, won鈥檛 she?鈥
At her words, Alastor finally turned to face you once again, his eyes roaming over your face for only a moment before he stood. 鈥淥f course. I never would have brought her otherwise.鈥
With that, he made to follow Mimzy without so much as a glance back in your direction. A move that he had made on purpose, you were sure. After all, it simply wouldn鈥檛 do to have others believe that the Radio Demon actually cared for someone.
Even so, you couldn鈥檛 help but sigh in disappointment as the two sinners walked away. From beside you, in the dim light that the club so generously provided, Alastor鈥檚 shadow placed its hand on yours comfortingly. You turned to face it with a smile. 鈥淎t least I still have you.鈥
The shadow grinned, using its other hand to gently cradle your cheek, pulling you closer until your foreheads met. You closed your eyes, savoring the feeling as your heart grew light. The shadow might not have been Alastor himself, but you had learned enough to know that it was heavily influenced by Alastor鈥檚 own thoughts, feelings, and commands. This was as close to affectionate that he would ever be with you.
Suddenly, the shadow鈥檚 touch left you.
You opened your eyes to see that it was nowhere to be seen.
鈥淢y, my,鈥 a voice said from behind you. You jerked forward in surprise, spinning around to see a tall, winged imp casually leaning against the booth. He definitely hadn鈥檛 been in the building a few minutes ago, you noted.聽
The imp leaned forward. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 a pretty little thing like you doing in a place like this?鈥
You flushed, glancing around to see if you could catch a glimpse of Alastor鈥檚 shadow. But it was as if it had never been beside you in the first place. Which would explain why the imp had decided to approach you at all. Nobody would have dared spoken to you if they knew that you were here with an Overlord.
You opened your mouth to tell him as much before you caught yourself, clamping your mouth shut. No matter how well Alastor鈥檚 conversation went with Mimzy, it was likely that he never would have danced with you anyway. There were too many eyes and ears here for him to let his guard down.
鈥淵ou here alone?鈥 the imp asked, trying his luck once more.
You fixed a smile on your face. If this was your only chance to dance, you were sure as Hell going to take it.
You stood, extending your hand in greeting. 鈥淲ould you like to dance?鈥
The imp鈥檚 flirtatious smile changed to one of intrigue. 鈥淪traight to the point. I like it.鈥
You wiggled your fingers. 鈥淎re we going to dance, or what?鈥
The imp grinned, taking your hand and leading you on to the dance floor.聽
Sure, it wasn鈥檛 exactly what you were hoping for when you and Alastor had come to Mimzy鈥檚 club, but you figured that it would at least be a decent substitute for something that you would never be able to have.
You felt your smile slipping as the pair of you began to move to the music.聽
You hated moments like these, when you realized that no matter what you did or how you felt, you would never be able to show your feelings for Alastor in public. It wasn鈥檛 just the fact that he disliked physical touch, which you had never faulted him for. It was the fact that as one of Hell鈥檚 most powerful Overlords, he felt the overwhelming need to keep up an appearance. One that did not, unfortunately, include you.
A gentle touch snapped you back to reality. 鈥淵ou alright?鈥 the imp asked.
No, you weren鈥檛. But you weren鈥檛 going to let that stop you from dancing.
You nodded, taking the imp鈥檚 hand in yours as you began to move to the music once again. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine.鈥 You smirked. 鈥淣ow, show me what you鈥檝e got.鈥
If you were to later ask anyone at Mimzy鈥檚 speakeasy what had happened that night, you would probably receive a whole mix of stories.
Some would say that the Radio Demon had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, his antlers growing and his bones cracking as he laid waste to the bar, presumably for fun or out of an unjust anger.
Others would say that he had come to seek some sort of revenge on a winged imp that had been spotted dancing before he suddenly disappeared, not to be seen again.
One specific witness, who shall remain nameless, would say that she had been speaking to an old friend about a business opportunity that he had foolishly taken no interest in. As she was speaking, a shadow had entered the room, whispering in its owner's ear. Her old friend had walked away from her, re-entering her bar, where he was met with the view of an imp dancing with the very woman that he had brought here in the first place.
The witness hadn鈥檛 even had time to blink before her friend had taken on his true demon form, batting people aside as if they were only flies before promptly picking up the imp dancing with the woman and melting into the shadows with him.
When her friend returned, he refused to say what he had done with the poor imp, though the witness had no trouble making a few assumptions. He had walked over to the women, gently taken her hand, and gave the witness a clipped farewell before vanishing with the women into the shadows.
It was a brutal display, even for the Radio Demon. If the witness had to guess, she would assume that perhaps the woman had something to do with the whole debacle.
Not that she would ever say so to anyone else, of course. She knew better.聽
You, however, had no trouble saying straight to Alastor鈥檚 face what you believed had happened.聽
鈥淲e were dancing, Al. It was harmless. If I鈥檇 needed your help, you would have known.鈥
鈥淵ou would never have summoned me if he was threatening you, my dear.鈥
You groaned and buried your face in your hands. The two of you had been going back and forth like this ever since he had so graciously brought you back to the hotel from Mimzy鈥檚 bar.
You lifted your head and took a breath before continuing. 鈥淚f he was threatening me, we probably wouldn鈥檛 have been just dancing.鈥
Alastor鈥檚 eyes flashed dangerously, his shadow rearing up and scowling in disgust.聽
You whirled around and pointed at the shadow. 鈥淎nd you. You went and told him that something bad was happening, didn鈥檛 you? You are a liar and a rat, my friend.鈥
At your words, the shadow suddenly shrank down in size and hid behind its owner, almost as if trying to avoid your accusatory glare.
Alastor, on the other hand, didn鈥檛 break eye contact. 鈥淗e only meant to protect you, my dear, the way he was instructed to.鈥
鈥淲hat did you think I would need protecting from, exactly? I can鈥檛 exactly die again, can I?鈥
鈥淭here are things far worse than a second death, my dear,鈥 Alastor said with false sweetness.
He was right, you knew. You had almost been subjected to such a thing after your death, when you had sold your soul to the Vees. You still weren鈥檛 sure exactly how it had happened, but Alastor himself had found out about you and somehow saved you from a life of imprisonment and torture.聽
Not everyone was as lucky as you were.
But that wasn鈥檛 why you were upset.聽
As soon as Alastor had saved you from the Vees, you had been determined to help him even a fraction of the way that he had helped you. You owed him so much more than that, you knew, but it was the only thing that you could give. And so, from that moment forward, you had tried your very best to become a solid and stable presence for Alastor, unmoving in your trust in him and, hopefully, eventually something like a friend.
But tonight, you had done the exact opposite. To see the Radio Demon defend you was to know that he felt things like affection, or even something more than indifference. That wouldn鈥檛 do for his reputation at all, you knew, and you hated yourself for being the cause of it.
You sighed in defeat, crossing your arms over your chest in defense. 鈥淚 know that,鈥 you said, holding your position and glaring daggers at the Overlord. 鈥淏ut I also know that you risked a lot today by protecting me. I鈥檓 not worth losing your power over-鈥
You gasped as Alastor appeared directly in front of you, glaring intensely. He didn鈥檛 lift a finger, but you swore you could feel the heat of his gaze.
鈥淚 do hope you haven鈥檛 finally started to doubt me, my dear.鈥
鈥淣ever,鈥 you promised, searching his gaze.
The Overlord stepped back, his stretched out smile immediately concealing his true feelings. 鈥淲onderful,鈥 he said. 鈥淭hen we both understand that my power and status will forever remain.鈥
You nodded once before finally breaking eye contact, choosing to look down at the floor.
You could feel the anger seeping out of you slowly, replaced by embarrassment. Of course Alastor would never give up his power for you. Even if someone had truly seen the incident, it was unlikely that anyone would ever be able to use it to their advantage. You were talking about the Radio Demon himself, after all.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e right,鈥 you muttered, wrapping your arms tightly around yourself. 鈥淚 made a foolish assumption.鈥 You smiled to yourself. 鈥淚 seem to be full of those today. I鈥檓 sorry.鈥
You were met with silence.聽
But before you could look up, you suddenly felt the cool touch of a shadow. It rested its hands against your cheeks, tilting your head up to make eye contact. It moved its thumbs in slow circles, leaning down until your foreheads were touching. It didn鈥檛 move any closer than that, but you knew that this was more than anyone else had ever received.
It was lovely.
But oh, how you wished it were really him.
The shadow stepped back, returning to its place beside its owner.
Alastor himself acted as though he hadn鈥檛 noticed the interaction at all, instead looking around your room as if seeing it for the first time.
鈥淚 do plan to maintain my powers, my dear,鈥 Alastor repeated.聽
Before you could even open your mouth to reply, he pushed forward. 鈥淎lthough,鈥 he said, almost thoughtfully. 鈥淚 certainly wouldn鈥檛 mind losing a few souls to keep what is most certainly mine.鈥澛
He looked towards you then, his gaze hard, as if daring you to argue.
And you should have. You should have told him that you weren鈥檛 worth losing souls for. You should have told him that you only wanted to help him, never hinder him.聽
You should have done lots of things.
What you did do, however, was smile and duck your head to hide your rising blush.聽
You looked back up and extended your hand wordlessly.
Alastor looked down at it before glancing back up at you, his eyebrow raised in a silent question as his shadow looked on eagerly from behind him.
Your smile only widened. 鈥淚 believe, good sir, that you owe me a dance.鈥
The shadow nearly leapt with excitement, rushing forward and taking your hand.聽
You laughed at its enthusiasm before Alastor stepped forward and waved his hand, whisking the shadow away and taking its place.聽
He placed his hand under yours, bringing your hand up to place a soft kiss on the back of your knuckles before releasing you and straightening. Slowly, he brought his claws to the base of your throat before gently dragging them back up until he reached your chin. He tilted your face up further to meet his gaze before dropping his hand down to yours once more.
With his other hand, he waved his staff, summoning a slow dance tune that seemed to emanate from the walls themselves.
You tried to ignore the heat in your cheeks and looked up curiously. 鈥淒idn鈥檛 you used to dance to songs that were a bit more lively?鈥
Alastor smiled gently down at you before summoning his shadow and surrendering his staff to it. 鈥淚 did indeed, mon chere. But we aren鈥檛 exactly alive now, are we?鈥
You smiled back in agreement. 鈥淣o, I suppose we鈥檙e not.鈥
You placed your hand on his shoulder as he placed his hand on your waist. He lowered his head down until your foreheads were touching and began swaying, taking you with him on his slow trek around your bedroom floor.
You couldn鈥檛 have asked for anything more.
If you asked anyone at the hotel what had happened in your room that night, you would receive a few different stories.
Angel Dust would have told you that the Radio Demon had suckered a poor woman into going out with him that night, and you were most likely getting it on.
Charlie would have told you that she hadn鈥檛 seen either Alastor or the hotel鈥檚 newest resident all evening, though she doubted that the two of you had gone off somewhere together. Right?
Husk would have told you that he felt sorry for the woman who had gotten caught in the Radio Demon鈥檚 line of sight. You were such a sweet thing, and you deserved so much better.
You would have simply smiled and shrugged, giving nothing away.
Nobody would have dared ask the Radio Demon, of course.
But if anyone had bothered to ask the shadows, they would have received a rather lovely story about two sinners who had found their peace, only for a moment, dancing in each other鈥檚 arms that night.聽
An Overlord and a sinner.聽
A woman and a man.聽
Two damned souls, finding home at last.
A/N 2: I didn鈥檛 get to proofread, but I hope you guys still enjoyed it! If you read the first fic (or even if you haven鈥檛), I鈥檓 thinking of making another part where it鈥檚 platonic Angel Dust x reader and he finally gets to give her a makeover. Let me know if you want to be tagged!
Also, I want to write more Alastor x reader (maybe a continuation of sorts, maybe not) so let me know if you guys want to be tagged in those!
Taglist:聽@severusminerva @anh4125 @midorichoco @rapturenyx-blog @maybememoriesx
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sparkles-rule-4eva 5 months
I have a slightly angsty headcannon about Sonic.
I know he's not normally big on touch or physical affection, but based on two scenes, there seems to be an implication that he gets more clingy/keen on touch when he's in pain. 馃ゲ
The first example is in Sonic Frontiers. Tails knows Sonic better than anyone. When Sonic freed Tails from his cyber cage, and Tails saw him on his knees and coughing, what did he IMMEDIATELY try to do?
Tumblr media
Run and hug him. 馃ス馃挃
As if there were previous times when Sonic was suffering with one thing or another, and Tails's hugging him helped him feel a little better. 馃ス Of course, Sonic then tried to brush it off and hide it from Tails, but Tails's initial reaction still says something to me.
The second example is in the last episode of Sonic Prime. The set of scenes between the energy extraction and returning home is probably the most vulnerable I've ever seen Sonic act around his friends, and the most he's had to rely on them (which really says something about how bad he must've been feeling 馃挃). Besides a couple scenes when he was more or less standing on his own, he spent almost the whole time leaning on one of his friends. He was practically clinging to Knux at the start of it.
Tumblr media
There were low-key moments like this later on with Thorn holding his hand and Shadow carrying him, but this moment stuck out the most to me in context of this headcannon.
It's ... both sad and sweet. I'm just glad Sonic's friends are there for him when he needs them. 馃挋
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hazbinwhoree 4 months
I feel like adam would be the type to pull pranks, so may I request an adam x sensitive!reader, where Adam pulls a prank a little too far?
Too Far
A/N: The song is Work Song by Hozier, I am a slut for Hozier.
The thing about Adam is that he was a damn good actor. That mixed with his love for pranks was a lethal combination.
Poor (Name) was often the victim of his pranks, but today he went a little too far. He hid his guitar and then accused (Name) of misplacing it.
Watching her flounder and stutter and insist she hadn鈥檛 taken it was funny at first. 鈥淚 know it wasn鈥檛 me, so where the fuck did you put it?鈥 Adam raised his voice and suddenly, it wasn鈥檛 funny anymore. Tears welled up in (Name)鈥檚 eyes.
She burst out crying. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 take it,鈥 she sobbed. 鈥淧lease, why don鈥檛 you believe me, I wouldn鈥檛 do anything to your guitar.鈥
Well shit. Adam hadn鈥檛 meant to make her genuinely upset. He just wanted to make her a little frustrated.
鈥淔uck, baby, don鈥檛 cry. Shit. It was a joke, I know where my guitar is.鈥
(Name) gasped for air. 鈥淲hy would you do that?鈥 She sounded so hurt and betrayed that Adam swore she鈥檇 never be the subject of one of his pranks ever again.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry鈥︹
He went to approach her but she shrunk back. 鈥淟eave me alone,鈥 she whimpered, turning around and running off to her room.
Adam felt like a piece of shit.
He gave (Name) space for a while, but when he checked back twenty minutes later and could still hear sniffling through the door, he knocked lightly. 鈥(Name)? Honey?鈥 The sniffling stopped and he was answered with silence.
Ten minutes later, he came back with his guitar. He sat outside her door, his back against it and began gently strumming his guitar. The crying stopped and he could tell she was listening.
鈥淏oys workin鈥 on empty
Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat?
I just think about my baby
I鈥檓 so full of love I could barely eat.鈥
He felt the light thump of (Name) leaning against the other side of the door.
鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing sweeter than my baby
I鈥檇 never want once from the cherry tree
鈥楥ause my baby鈥檚 sweet as can be
She give me toothaches just from kissin鈥 me.鈥
There鈥檚 still silence on the other side of the door, but Adam can tell she鈥檚 listening and can feel her anger and sadness waning.
鈥淲hen my time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I鈥檒l crawl home to her.鈥
Finally, the door opened a crack and (Name) peered out. 鈥淚 love that song,鈥 she mumbled.
鈥淚 know.鈥
(Name) opened the door wider and Adam stood, putting his guitar down. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry babe, that was a mean joke.鈥 鈥淣o shit,鈥 (Name) grumbled. Adam opened his arms questioningly. (Name) seemed to consider it for a moment before fully opening the door and stepping into Adam鈥檚 arms.
Adam sighed in relief, holding (Name) tightly. 鈥淣o more pranks,鈥 (Name) said, muffled in his chest. 鈥淣o more pranks,鈥 Adam agreed.
鈥淚 am actually sorry, sugar tits.鈥
(Name) rolled her eyes.
鈥淵eah, I know.鈥
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berryblosom 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reader x jealous!Satoru 鈺扳攬鉃 Megumi is coming down with a cold and Satoru hates the attention you鈥檙e giving him.
A/N: I鈥檓 in such a slump lately, so here鈥檚 one of the many in my drafts :(
鈥淗ere sweet pea, take this and drink it all.鈥 You carefully hand Megumi the cup of tea you brewed up for him. The poor thing came down with a nasty cold and can barely keep his eyes open, so you鈥檙e doing everything you can to make him feel better. Some would think of this as a loving gesture and would give praise but for your boyfriend it鈥檚 the last thing he would do.
You鈥檝e noticed ever since Megumi came back from school with a cough that Satoru has been giving the two of you the stink eye, he lurks behind doors and stands in corners of the room scowling at Megumi. Every where you turn he鈥檚 there giving you strange looks and then walking away without a word when you catch him. You knew he was werid when you first met him but maybe he鈥檚 finally loosing his mind.
鈥淪atoru would you stop that.鈥 You knew he was behind you so you didn鈥檛 bother turning around but you could basically feel the daggers he was shooting into your back.
鈥淚鈥檓 not doing anything- I mean I鈥檓 not talking to you.鈥 He grumbles with his arms crossed.
鈥淥h no, whos going to talk my ear off now?鈥 You dramatically turned and feigned an distraught look. Megumi giggles from the couch which earns him a glare from your boyfriend.
鈥淭his is bullying you know!鈥 With one last angry look at the two of you Satoru storms off to your room. Megumi breaks out in a fit of laughter but you smile knowing that a laugh from you would just set Satoru off even more.
鈥淚鈥檒l go check on him.鈥 You leave the kitchen and follow Satoru into your bedroom. You found him faced down on the bed, his face buried in his pillow.
climbing onto the bed you lay down next to him. 鈥淒o you wanna tell me what that was?鈥 He turns his head slightly so you could see his blue eyes but he said nothing.
鈥淵ou know if I didn鈥檛 know better I鈥檇 say your jealous of little Megs out there.鈥 You raise your eyebrows in question, you knew you were right but wanted Satoru to admit it himself.
鈥淚鈥檓 not jealous of that shrimp.鈥 He mumbles and you stifle a laugh.
鈥淪atoru look at me please.鈥 It takes him a couple seconds but he finally turns his head to look at you fully. His infamous 鈥淚m mad at you鈥 pout was as clear as day on his lip but you just found it adorable.
鈥淚 am not jealous, he鈥檚 a little shit that need to give me back my girl.鈥 You laugh and Satoru perks up at this, if there鈥檚 anything that could make him feel better is knowing he made you laugh.
鈥淗e鈥檚 sick Toru and he鈥檚 seven. He needs someone to take care of him.鈥 Satoru sits up and pulls you up with him.
鈥淚鈥檓 sick too (a lie) but you haven鈥檛 even given me so much as a kiss for five whole days.鈥 He waved his slender hand in you face, as if that made is point more believable.
Megumi has only been sick for one day but your boyfriend had a flare for the dramatic. Satoru clearly wasn鈥檛 going to let this go until you did something about so without warning you climb into his lap and wrap you arms around him.
鈥淢y poor baby, what can I do to make you feel better hmm?鈥 Satoru reacts to your touch instantly, his eyes follow your every word and it was vey clear what he wanted.
You cup his face and lean slightly forward, your lips linger infront of his teasing him slightly until you hear a quiet whine escape him.
You kiss him softly with your fingertips running through his hair but Satoru needed more. He grabs your legs wrapping them around his torso, you were much closer now and he could kiss how he wanted to.
鈥淢hm Megumi is in the living room, slow down.鈥 Satoru doesn鈥檛 listen, continuing to caress your skin and press sloppy kisses on your neck. He captures your lips again this time managing to push his tongue past your mouth. Satoru has always been a good kisser especially when he hasn鈥檛 kissed you for a long time. He finally lets you go to catch your breath. You watch him rest his head on your chest and nuzzles into you.
鈥淚鈥檓 your one and only right.鈥 Blue eyes gaze up at you with hope swimming in them. You loved Satoru more than anything and found it amusing he thought your love for him was being threatened by a sickly seven year old. But to ease his mind you鈥檇 tell him over and over if you have to.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my one and only, my sweet baby that I love very much.鈥 His signature giddy smile returns to his face so you thought this was the best time to check up on Megumi.
Satoru notices your attempt to leave and locks you with his arms. 鈥淲here are you going?鈥
鈥淭o give Megs his soup, there鈥檚 still a sick child in the house remember.鈥 He looks hesitant to let you go but knew he really had no choice.
鈥淵ou鈥檒l come back to me right?鈥 You smile and peck his forehead
鈥淥f course.鈥
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mylifestylearedilfs 2 months
鈬 藯藦藡 joost klein x friend (with benefits)!reader 嗫愢緜
Tumblr media
喋堚湬鈥р倞藲 LUNCH : not smut ; a bit of angst (but not really) ; fluff ; imagine ; all is fictional ; english is not my first language
part two
, , ,
_________ 讉讉喃⑧紜嗉樴繍 YOU WERE FRIENDS with joost for few good years, you two met at the set of his song 鈥榦me robert鈥, since then you became inseparable. you never thought that this acquaintance would last for that long and you also never had in plans to care that much for this crazy little dutch guy. sometimes other people was saying that you two were clones, who shared the same sense of humour and even the same clothes from time to time. long story short you were acting like an old sweet couple.
you have always founded each other attractive, at first it caused some awkwardness, even if you both tried to ignored by typical for you jokes. but after one party, when you both were a bit of drunk, but still capable of thinking rationally, you finally decided to do something with that sexual tension that was between you. that was the moment when he proposed you to start kind of friends with benefits type of relationship.
, , ,
right now we are in the present times, when joost was chosen to represent the netherlands. you were extremely proud of him, you knew the whole story, about how he watched eurovision because of his parents. that鈥檚 why you also wanted to make this whole event special and memorable for him, and with help of apson and martijn by your side it was super easy to achieve.
you always thought that the whole contest wasn鈥檛 that exciting, because people who worked as their social media management wasn鈥檛 that creative. that鈥檚 why all of you wanted to make it a bit more interesting, because let鈥檚 be honest, all the contestants were great people and they had such a potential to advertise eurovision with their personalities not only with their songs.
it was you who recorded all iconic joost鈥檚 clips, sometimes you even were taking part in some videos, as a 鈥榠nterviewer鈥 for example. it was a lot of fun for not only you, but everyone; by other contestants and of course by viewers. people quickly became interested in your persona, because you have never been active on social media, that鈥檚 why when you finally started getting more attention online, joost鈥檚 fans were simply curious who you were and what kind of relationship you had with dutch man.
it was a moment when you started to ask yourself, who you really were to joost. of course you were aware that you both cared for each other, but officially it was in friendly way. on the other hand let鈥檚 be honest, in privacy you didn鈥檛 acted like friends more like a lovers. but the truth was that you were tired of being just friends (with benefits but still friends). you wanted to be officially couple and the fact, that his career was developing in unbelievable fast way, wasn鈥檛 helping.
you understood that having casual relationship was convenient for him, because he didn鈥檛 have to worry about how busy he sometimes was. but you started to feel that sex that you shared, wasn鈥檛 that sweet and special, it was kind of opposite you felt that he only treated it like a stress reducer, which hurt your feelings. you weren鈥檛 selfish though, that鈥檚 why you kept it all for yourself, because right now it was about joost and eurovision, there wasn鈥檛 room for unwanted drama.
but maybe someday he will find out that you didn鈥檛 want to be just friends anymore.
, , ,
鈬 藯藦藡 thank you for attention! do you guys want a part two?
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sachiko1309 6 months
The Kings plaything - Part 1/2
Tumblr media
Summary: After the dwarves have been captured, Thranduil decides to have a little fun with his wife, fulfilling his need to show of his greatest possesion.
Word count: 9223
Warnings: smut with plot, public fingering, exhibitionism, possessive Thranduil, Dom! Thranduil, sub! reader, slight hurt and angst because of something Thorin said, Minors DNI! This contains adult content
Tumblr media
Pov Legolas:
The guards and I had captured the dwarfs that were mindlessly roaming through our lands. Right now, we had stripped them of their weapons and escorted them through the woods. Right before the big bridge that led towards the only door into Mirkwood, I stopped the parade, turning to look at the dwarves:
鈥淵ou are now going to be brought in front of the king and his queen. Let me offer you some advice as to how to act in his presence. You bow when greeting him. You shall not speak unless asked to. Nor do you insult him or her majesty. And most importantly, don鈥檛 stare at her majesty.鈥 I rattled down the points, but I was interrupted by the tallest dwarf, they addressed as their king: 鈥淒o not worry, none of us would want to see that disgusting elven pack of you anyway!鈥
Before I could even react, one of my guards already forced him to his knees, a blade against his throat. That seemed to enrage the others, a slight turmoil breaking out. I waited until my guards settled it, before I spoke again: 鈥淐areful of your words dwarf. She is the kings most precious possession. You do not want to anger him, by looking at her or insulting her even.鈥
One dwarf pressed himself through the ranks, until he stood right in front of me. He wasn鈥檛 reaching much above my waist and I had to suppress the instinct of kneeling down like I would do with a kid. 鈥淲hy are we not to look at her?鈥 He asked, nothing but curiosity filling his big brown eyes. I suppressed a laugh, still a small sly smile crossed my lips. 鈥淭hings are run differently here. You will see for yourself.鈥
Then I just turned, not waiting for the dwarves to follow me. I knew my guards would simply force them to.
Pov Elanore:
I was sitting next to Thranduils throne beneath his feet on my pillow. It was my usual place between his legs, leaning against one of his thighs and relishing in his soft touches while covered in his cloak. Ever since I had married him some decades ago, we had slowly dipped more into showing our relationship openly. Knowing that the elves were a race loving their routines, the king openly showing his affection caused some stir. Especially, when that affection was interlaced with our power play.
But after a while the people had gotten used to it, even smiling a bit, when he softened around me. It wasn鈥檛 often for the king to show his softer side openly, but when he did, he usually did it for me. Legolas once thanked me, that I had brought his father out of his shell. Even though he did not quite understand our relationship, he accepted me as his father鈥檚 new wife, soon becoming my partner in crime when it came to wreaking havoc.
I never wanted to replace his mother and I told him so. Legolas didn鈥檛 seem to mind either way, soon starting to teasingly call me naneth and over time the name got stuck. 聽
A guard racing down the hall and stopping in front of us breathless, made me turn my head to look at him. He bowed deeply, his eyes quickly washing over my face, before he looked at the floor in front of him. It was common for the guards and common people to not look at me and after I had pressed Thranduil deeply on the matter, he had admitted to make it a general rule not to stare at me. His harsh demeanor the earlier centuries still sitting deeply, that most elves took it literally and refused to look at me. The only exceptions being Legolas and Tauriel.
鈥淢y king.鈥 The guard started. 鈥淵our son and some guards have captured a group of 13 dwarves wandering our forest. They are now on their way to be brought in front of you.鈥
鈥淚s that so?鈥 Thranduil cued, caressing my hair with a soft growl in his voice. 鈥淗ow long are they going to take until their arrival?鈥
鈥淣ot long, my king. They have already made it to the gate.鈥 The guard answered. Thranduil raised an eyebrow. 鈥淭hank you. You can leave now.鈥 Waving the guard off, he looked down on me. 鈥淚t looks like we are about to have guests, little ithil.鈥 Then he opened his legs. 鈥淛oin me on the throne. A queen must rule besides her king.鈥
Quickly getting up from my place, I sorted my dress to make it look more presentable. It was made out of thin silk, a soft blue touch to it. During the time I was staying in Mirkwood, I only wore my inside clothes, that Thranduil himself very carefully picked. The dresses he picked for me to wear were far from hiding my body. Rather the opposite. Their light and see through fabric accentuating my curves, doing nothing in hiding my breasts or core from other peoples eyes.
鈥淚 am not wearing anything appropriate.鈥 I argued, trying my best to ruffle the dress to cover the dark circles of my nipples that clearly shone through the silk. 鈥淣onsense, meleth. You are wearing just the right dress.鈥 Thranduil said, stopping my hands and smoothing the fabric over my breasts. His soft touches to my nipple made me sigh in pleasure and he smiled. 鈥淵ou are my queen. Mine to protect and cherish. Whenever I am at your side, the world shall see what a beauty lies beneath those fabrics.鈥
Then he fidgeted with his pants, tying them lose and signaling me to sit on his lap. My eyes widened, when I saw him freeing his cock, that was already leaking precum. 鈥淣o鈥︹ I whispered, but he just pulled me towards him. Simply spreading my legs, he pulled me on top of him so that I was straddling his lap, my back towards him. Beneath my heat, I could feel his cock stroking through my folds. 鈥淵ou are always so wet for me, melethril.鈥 He groaned, taking my shoulder and pushing me down on his cock.
I yelped in surprise and the slight pain the stretch brought with it. But Thranduil didn鈥檛 react to it. He simple sorted my feet to dangle besides his thighs, so that I now had no leverage of pushing me up from the throne. 鈥淵ou will stay right here and warm my cock, you understand?鈥 He growled into my ear, biting the skin of my neck right beneath it.
鈥淵es, my king.鈥 I whispered, leaning back onto his chest. My actions made him chuckle slightly. 鈥淵ou are such a good little girl for me. All it takes is my cock inside of you and you are already forgetting your worries.鈥
Sorting the dress between my legs, he made sure the two cut outs were delicately laid out to show my legs. Reaching up to my hips and slightly my waist the fabric closed again, just the edges of my hipbones peaking through. A dark blue leather belt securing the dress around my waist and keeping the fabric tight around my chest to not only show my hard nipples through it, but also prevent my breasts from falling out of my cleavage.
What I did not expect was Thranduil sneaking his right hand beneath the fabric of my legs, putting his fingers on my clit. With slow movements, he collected some of my slick that had run out of my core, spreading it over his fingers and my pearl. I couldn鈥檛 help myself but moan out his name. 鈥淵es, my little petal. Let them hear you.鈥 Thranduil whispered cockily in my ear and I clasped a hand in front of my mouth, which he quickly took away again. 鈥淥h no, my sweet darling. You are my queen. You do not hide.鈥
鈥淏ut you cant just鈥︹ My argument was shut down by another moan rolling off my lips, this time a bit quieter, but still clearly hearable for elven ears. 鈥淚 can and I will.鈥 Thranduil retorted. 鈥淚 am the king. I can do with my plaything whatever I want and whenever I want it. Not even you will keep me from it.鈥
I wanted to say something, but the faint thrumming of several pairs of feet made me bite my tongue, trying my best to keep my face straight even though Thranduil had not stopped his soft touches on my core. He was not moving inside of me and thanked the spirits for it, as I would not have been able to keep quiet otherwise. I knew it was obvious for everyone what was happening on the kings throne, but none of the guards reacted openly, even though I thought to have seen some smirks quickly cross their faces.
My dress didn鈥檛 do much to hide my growing arousal, my nipples hard and stiff against the silk, Thranduils rings still glittering through the fabric between my legs. And to my dismay, he brushed his free hand over my breasts, making my head roll back onto his shoulder. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, gilgalad. Feel me.鈥 He cued into my ear, kissing my neck and my cheek. 鈥淚 will make you come and you will let me, understand?鈥
鈥淵es, my king.鈥 I yelped out, closing my eyes at the tingly feeling, that started to slowly build inside of me. With another flick of his fingers, he made me twitch around his cock, growling slightly. 鈥淛ust like that, darling.鈥 Then his attention shifted from me towards the dwarves that stomped through the halls. Even though they were almost half the size of the elves, their steps were loud and unflattering to the ear, making me shiver and clench my jaw at the interruption.
Thranduil of course noticed, kissing my ear. 鈥淭hey should have taken of their shoes. But then again, I can just make them stop walking. The smell on the other hand I cant control.鈥 I chuckled at his words, my shaking body causing his cock to hit my sweet spot deep inside of me. I yelped, biting my tongue. The hot feeling inside of my body suddenly becoming more prominent.
鈥淎dar.鈥 Legolas voice ripped me out of my fogged up brain and I looked at him. A smile crept on his lips, as he shamelessly stared between my legs. I tried to close them, but Thranduil kept me in place with a slight slap on my clit. I hissed out, clenching around his cock in revenge. But unlike me, the king did not react besides a slight tilt of the head.
鈥淟egolas.鈥 He greeted his son, shuffling a bit on this throne to look at the group in front of us properly. 鈥淚 see you have brought guests.鈥
鈥淭hey were wandering around in the forest. We saved them from being killed by spiders.鈥 Legolas explained, still not taking his eyes away from me. He knew it was a dangerous game to play, but being the son of Thranduil he obviously grew up to be as cocky. His father did also notice his staring, raising an eyebrow. 鈥淪omething else, you want to add?鈥
Just like his father, Legolas tilted his head the same way. 鈥淣othing of important matter.鈥 A sly grin on his lips, he leaned against a pillar behind him. Thranduil just scoffed, slightly speeding up the movements of his fingers. He turned his attention towards the dwarves and I could feel him suck in a deep breath.
鈥淭horin, son of Thr谩in, son of Thr贸r king under the mountain.鈥 He greeted the tallest dwarf, who immediately puffed his chest, looking him straight in the eyes. 鈥淜ing Thranduil.鈥 Came the short answer, a suppressed anger in the dwarfs voice. Thranduil did not openly react to it, just letting his left hand delicately brush over my nipples again. Taking the left one between his fingers, he tugged on it, making me involuntarily moan out.
鈥淭ell me dwarf. What is the matter of your visit?鈥 He asked, not even caring to look at the other man, studying my face as it contorted in pleasure. The answer that followed would have cost the dwarf his head, would it not have been for me to sit on Thranduils lap: 鈥淲e came to seek aid, because unlike you, we have much more important things to do than pleasure a little mistress.鈥
Immediately two guards had the dwarf on his knees, dragging him closer to the throne, while the others aimed their weapons at the group. 鈥淲atch your mouth, scum. This is the queen you are talking about.鈥 One guard growled, harshly tilting Thorins head back, so he was forced to look at the king. Thranduil just smiled one of his arrogant but angry smiles: 鈥淲hat would your people know of pleasuring a woman? Clearly there is not much desirable about your kin.鈥
And while he was reprimanding the dwarf in front of him, he once again sped up his finger play on my core. The other hand now openly gripping my breasts, tugging on my nipples, until I couldn鈥檛 help myself but become a moaning and shivering mess on his lap. The people in front of me faded out of my brain, my focus only on the kings touches and his cock sheathed deep inside of me.
Warm desire, syrupy and all-consuming, filled my stomach. Lust clouding my thoughts. He made it difficult for me to do more than groan, desperate for his touch, as the anxiety I had felt dissipated with each swipe of his fingers. I didn鈥檛 care where I was and who was all watching me slowly but surely come undone in the king鈥檚 lap. My mind was way too fogged up with the tingly feeling that started to spread from my center towards every string in my body.
I closed my eyes, my head lulling back onto Thranduils shoulders, nails gripping his arm. 鈥淥h god, please. This feels so good.鈥 I moaned, my voice slurred and shaky. The only thing I could focus on was the searing warmth between my legs. Time seemed to still as everything but this, everything but being filled to the brim, ceased to exist. I was tumbling closer to the edge, as my cries were reduced to nothing more than his name. Thranduil didn鈥檛 seem to mind one bit either, every cry that left my lips spurring him on further.
鈥淚 got you.鈥 Thranduil promised, pressing me impossibly closer to his chest. He pushed me higher and higher, not caring about anything else than my pleasure. Forcing my head back to look at him, I gasped at the sudden possessiveness that overruled everything in him. I could see it in his eyes. They were dark and blown with lust, trained on my face, taking in every twitch of my expression, feeding his arrogance with it.
And then it happened. I barreled over the edge, vision turning black at the edges and lips parting. Thranduils mouth met mine, swallowing my cries of pleasure, noises he knew would still be ringing undeniably loud through the halls. His actions drew a gasp from my lips, the warmth of my orgasm searing through me from within as I clenched around his cock. That had him nipping at my bottom lip in a warning, though a lazy grin betrayed him. 鈥淲atch it, nin iell.鈥 He teased. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 want to end it that quickly do you?鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 I yelped, tugging his hand away from my center as I could feel the overstimulation turning unbearable. 鈥淕ood girl.鈥 Thranduil growled behind me. 鈥淏ecause you take what I give you, like the good little slut you are, isn鈥檛 that right?鈥
鈥淵es, my king.鈥 My voice was shaky, barely above a whisper and he took it as a sign to let go of me. Just holding me at my hips, he turned to look at the kneeling dwarf before him. 鈥淓xcuse me. What was it that you wanted?鈥 The sheer arrogance, that laced his words was filling the air, dripping onto the floor, and poisoning everything it touches. Thorin took a deep breath, clearly biting down the words he wanted to say. 鈥淎id, my king.鈥 He repeated between gritted teeth, shaking the hands of the elven guards from his shoulder and standing back up.
Thranduil leaned himself to the side, gently resting his chin on his fingers, as he watched the dwarves. 鈥淪ome may imagine that noble quest is at hand. A quest to reclaim a homeland and slay a dragon. I myself suspect a more prosaic motive. Attempted burglary, or something of that ilk.鈥
Thorin did not say anything, but his lips twitched slightly, obviously not going unnoticed by my husbands eyes. Thranduil, tapped my hip, before he simply heaved me from his lap, making me stand in front of him as a shield. After he had sorted himself, he stepped down the stairs, while I took my seat in his throne, cuddling into his warm cloak, watching the interrogation unfold in front or my eyes.
Thranduil stopped besides Thorin, leaning down on his eye level. 鈥淵ou have found a way in. You seek that which would bestow upon you. The right to rule. The kings jewel. The Arkenstone鈥 His words made Thorin look aside, while Thranduil slowly stepped back, stopping in front of me, his eyes still fixated on Thorin. Keeping on talking, he slowly entangled the plan of the dwarves. 鈥淚t is precious to you beyond measure. I understand that.鈥 Looking at me with a smile.
鈥淭here are gems in the mountain, that I too desire. White gems of pure starlight. I offer you my help.鈥 Thranduil bowed his head. That made Thorin chuckle: 鈥淚 am listening.鈥 Immediately my husband stone changed, growing darker, a slight threat in his voice: 鈥淚 will let you go. If you but return what is mine.鈥
Thorin turned, walking to the edge of the platform. 鈥淎 favor for a favor.鈥 And I could hear he did not trust one thing Thranduil was saying.
鈥淵ou have my word.鈥 My husband pressed on. 鈥淥ne king to another.鈥
鈥淚 would not trust Thranduil the great king to honor his word should the end of all days be upon us.鈥 Thorin turned around, pointing a finger at my husband, before he started yelling again. 鈥淵ou lack all honor. I have seen how you treat your friends. We came to you once. Starving, Homeless. Seeking your help. But you turned your back. You turned away form the suffering of my people in the inferno that destroyed us. Imrid amr芒d ursul!鈥
I gasped, as I heard Thorin wish a fiery death upon my husband. Jumping from my seat, I was about to yell at him, but Thranduil raised his hand, my light elven feet clearly too loud for his ears. Taking a step towards Thorin, he bent down once again. 鈥淒o not speak to me about dragon fire. I know its wrath and ruin.鈥 Knowing what he was about to do, I balled a fist, gripping tightly at his cloak, when I watched him reveal his scar. I could only see the outer edges that covered his chin.
鈥淚 have faced the great serpents of the north.鈥 Thranduil pulled back, stepping closer to me. His whole demeanor changed. Was it before slightly arrogant but still willing to help. It was now hard and hateful. Something he rarely let me see. Still keeping his voice in check, he walked towards the stairs, giving me an apologetic look before turning back to Thorin. 鈥淚 warned your grandfather of what his greed would summon. But he would not listen.鈥
Thranduil slowly walked up the steps and I shuffled to stand up, but he just signaled me to stay seated. Taking his stand next to me, hands clasped behind his back. 鈥淵ou are just like him.鈥 Then he waved his arms. The guards immediately jumping to action, grabbing the dwarves. 鈥淪tay here if you will and rot. A hundred years is a mere blink in the life of an elf. I am patient. I can wait.鈥
The guards were about to drag the dwarves of, when I rose from my seat. 鈥淲ait.鈥 All action stopped, the dwarves looking at me with wide eyes. Slowly, I made my way down the stairs, stopping in front of Thorin. In comparison to Thranduil he looked tiny, but when I stood next to him, he reached up to my eyes. Looking me straight in the eyes, he challenged me by tilting his head. 鈥淟ook at that. Thranduils little pet, decides to come to our aid. We do not need your help, woman.鈥 He spat directly in front of me, missing my feet by mere inches.
鈥淐areful of your words, dwarf. I am currently the only one between you and my husbands wrath.鈥 I smiled, mimicking my husband as good as possible. It did not seem to help anything, as Thorin just chuckled. 鈥淎re you sure you are not a dwarf yourself? You barely outgrew me.鈥
鈥淚 am an elf.鈥 I said, clenching my jaw. 鈥淎nd only a fool would underestimate his opponent that greatly. Are you perhaps a fool, dwarf?鈥
鈥淚 am no fool!鈥 He yelled out and I couldn鈥檛 help but chuckle: 鈥淥h my apologies. Your latest actions must have misled me.鈥 Sighing I stepped around him, taking a closer look at the rest of the group. 鈥淵ou really should take my husbands offer. A small chest of white stones in exchange of an army. That is a small prize to pay, considering the wealth of that mountain.鈥 The rest of the dwarves had agreeing looks on their faces, but none of them dared to speak up against their leader.
鈥淲hy are you so set on getting those stones? Is you wardrobe not full enough?鈥 Thorin gritted out, the hate still very prominent in his face. I waved him off. 鈥淎h, I do not care about jewels鈥︹
鈥淵our clothes speak different, woman.鈥 He spat out, interrupting me. Slowly I was getting angrier at his antics, twirling around on my heels. But Thorin wasn鈥檛 finished making fun of me: 鈥淵ou walk around this realm. Clothed in nothing more than what can be called an excuse of clothing. A tease to everyone鈥檚 eyes and yet, your king enables it by ordering everybody to shy away their gaze. And still, everyone is able to see your form, covered in gemstones from head to toe and you dare to claim not to care about jewels? I bet you even have them stuck up your womanhood. That鈥檚 how greedy you are for them!鈥
鈥淭ake his head!鈥 Thranduils voice thundered through the halls. His words making everyone gasp out in fear, the guards holding him, now forcing him down, a blade on his throat, ready to cut it at my command. I just raised my hand to stop them. 鈥淚 do not need to answer your foul accusations, dwarf. But if you may know, those stones and dresses are a gift of my husband. I wear them, to please his eye and only his. As for his orders, I have asked him to at least loosen the punishments, and for our people he has. But you are an outsider. Clearly not able to respect a woman, so why should you be allowed to set eye on her?鈥 Stepping closer to him, I looked him deep into the eyes, before carrying on: 鈥淎nd for those white stones. They were an heirloom of his late wife. They hold great worth to him.鈥
Thorins lips contorted into a wicked grin. 鈥淎n heirloom of his late wife. Look at that. The second one defending her husband. To blind to see, he will never love her the way he did with his first. Tell me how does it feel to always be second? To always be reminded of the woman he lost? The mother of his son?鈥 That鈥檚 when it snapped in me.
I slapped him across the face, my eyes squinted in anger and I had to physically hold back my voice to not yell at him: 鈥淚 have given you another chance. Offered you a way out. And yet you stand here, still spitting on the help we offer. Spitting on Legolas mother. There is no competition between us. I know he loved her with all his heart and there is still love in there for her, but that does not dull his love for me. I can see that you are bitter. Too bitter to see the good around you. Your people will die because of your wrathful greed. You lead them into death by dragon fire just because you are to arrogant to accept help. I might not have met many dwarves, but you, Thorin, son of Thr谩in, son of Thr贸r, king under the mountain are clearly the most arrogant and hateful one.鈥
Then I looked at the guards. 鈥淔inish my husbands order. Take them to the dungeons. Let them rot.鈥 Turning on my heels again, I made my way away from the throne. One the one hand to give my mind peace and to hid the tears that were about to form in my eyes. Thorins words had hit dead center. I knew I should not doubt Thranduils love for me, but still. A part of me, was contemplating whether he was still hanging on his late wife or not. I did not really look where I was going, letting my feet carry me through the kingdom halls. The tears had now pressed themselves to the surface, rolling down my cheeks in big paths and making my vision blurry.
When I stopped, I realized I was in my old chambers. The one I had moved into centuries ago, when I stumbled into Mirkwood by accident. Originally, I was an elf of Imraldis. Elronds cousin to be exact, but I wanted to see the world before I was to marry. My path bringing me into the woods of Mirkwood. What I did not know, was the severity of the spiders. Underestimating the danger, I soon found myself surrounded by five of them, a venomous bit in my left shoulder. I must have passed out, because the next thing I remembered was Legolas and another elf leaning over me and caring for my wound.
After I had healed, I was brought before the king. He offered me shelter and I had taken his offer gladly. Not knowing who I was, I simply took a role as a soldier of Mirkwood, going on patrol with Legolas to keep the borders safe. It took several years, before Elrond had figured out where I went. With the cause to bring me back, he stormed into the halls, demanding to know why the king would let his cousin do such a dangerous job. Thranduil not knowing let to a big fight between the normally very close elves. And after I had refused to go home with Elrond, I was taken from my patrol and sorted to do the more strategic part of military tasks. My new role forcing me to work closer with the king and slowly we became friends. That friendship turned into love and Thranduil started to court me until we finally got married.
I was too caught up with my tears and the memories streaming into my brain, that I did not hear the footsteps approaching me from behind. So, when a hand touched me, I whirled around ready to fight. Btu strong arms held me close, the strong smell of pine, red berries and a hint of frozen mint entangling me, announcing the person holding me as my husband. 鈥淪hhh don鈥檛 cry, meleth. Please. There is no need鈥︹
鈥淣o need?鈥 I yelled, tripping over my own words. 鈥淗e read my like a book just by looking at me. Every word of his is true!鈥
鈥淣ot all of them.鈥 Thranduil calmly stated. It made me reel out in wicked laughter, the tears streaming down my red cheeks before dropping onto my chest. 鈥淥h spare me. I know you love your late wife. You always had and you always will. I am merely a distraction for you, one you grew to love the image of rather than the truth.鈥
鈥淢eleth鈥︹ He started, but I just stepped out of his hold. 鈥淣o, Thranduil. Don鈥檛 call me that ever again.鈥 My words visibly made him angry, but he held back, letting me speak my mind: 鈥淲e have lived a lie. A dream. Me too blind to see and you to torn by your feelings to understand the truth. You long for your late wife everyday. That鈥檚 why you keep distracting yourself with dressing me up, so that you don鈥檛 have to look me in the eye and see I am not her. And I let you do it. To stupid to see the poison it brought to my body, believing it was just your way of loving me.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what you think?鈥 His voice was quiet. A slight tremble to it.
鈥淚 know it is.鈥 I simply answered, not daring to look at him.
鈥淪o, you want this to end? Just because a bitter dwarf told you to?鈥 He asked, angrily taking of his crown and throwing it against the wall. It splattered into thousands of tiny pieces, scattering around the floor. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 how much I love you. I would give up all of this, to be with you. Why don鈥檛 you see that?鈥 He started to take of his jewels, throwing them against the wall as well. And with every piece of stone that shattered, a piece of my heart broke, until I couldn鈥檛 help myself but sink to my knees.
He was by my side immediately. 鈥淟isten to me, bereth. As it might be true, that I deeply loved my wife and that I still hold her very dearly. It means nothing compared to you. She is the mother of my child. You are the light of my life. I love you with all my heart and I want to spent eternity with you. Don鈥檛 listen to the words of that dwarf, as he knows nothing about love.鈥
I was still doubtful. The words of Thorin still present in my ears. 鈥淵ou just say that to keep me as your wife.鈥
Thranduil rose back to his feet, now angrily pacing through the room. 鈥淚f its that what you want, we shall separate. I cannot divorce you because of our social standing. But I shall leave you be. You will be cared for and every wish shall be fulfilled, but I will never bother you again.鈥 He forced his hands through his hair, making it all messed up, before he looked at me again: 鈥淚 do not say things lightly and you know that. I have lived thousands of years to see people fall in and out of love. And if you are鈥 Then so shall it be.鈥
There he was again. The cold king I had met centuries ago. The stiff shell of what he once was, hiding behind power and coldness. It broke my heart seeing him like that and the pull I felt inside of me, made me realize how wrong I was about him. About us. Before he could turn to leave, I sprung to my feet, grabbing his hand. 鈥淚 am sorry.鈥
He stilled in his movements, tilting his head to look at me, his gaze harsh and unmoving. 鈥淚 am sorry.鈥 I repeated. 鈥淚 was not thinking clearly鈥 Thorins words鈥 They were so hard, so鈥 real. It made my mind underestimate your love for me. Please forgive me, herven. I鈥 I always fear you will leave me one day. Realizing it meant nothing for you. And when he said that鈥 It all became so real, so true. I could not bear the thought of you leaving me, so I fled. Making myself believe that if I were the one to decide, it would not be so harsh on my mind.鈥
A soft smile crept up his lips, before he took me in a long and warm embrace, wrapping his cloak around us both. 鈥淥h, you stupid little girl. Why did you not tell me about your fears? I would have done more to show you otherwise.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 call me a little girl.鈥 I grumbled against his chest, hitting him with my fist. That only caused him to laugh out loud. 鈥淏ut you are. Merely overtaking dwarfs by half a head. Just a little more than a decade older than my son.鈥
鈥淭hat is only shining a bad light upon you. Grooming an elleth that is the age of your child. You should be arrested for sacrilegious acts.鈥 I teased, slowly gaining my confidence back. I looked up, only to be met with Thranduils love sick blue eyes watching me intently. At my words he raised an eyebrow. 鈥淚s that so? I believe you should stop me then. Or do you perhaps relish in the way I am corrupting you?鈥
I was speechless. My mouth opening and closing without the words coming out. My brain was mushy, melting under his strong gaze. That only seemed to spur him on even more. 鈥淎re you falling out of words, p卯n iell?鈥 Letting his hands slowly graze down my body until they reached my thighs, he lifted me up. Out of instinct I wrapped my legs around his waist, feeling the bulge of his pants pressing against my core. His expression turned smug, when he saw my nipples again peaking through the thin fabric. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to say it. Your body speaks enough.鈥
With that he carried me out of the room, but we didn鈥檛 get far, as he crashed us into the next wall, his lips feverish on mine. I sighed deeply, when I felt him press against me as desperate as I was. Letting my hands wander through his hair, I pulled on the strands that normally were very orderly sorted on his head. But now I had turned them into a mess. 鈥淭hranduil鈥︹ I moaned, pressing myself even closer to him.
鈥淚 got you, meleth. I am here. You are safe.鈥 He groaned against my lips.
鈥淏ed.鈥 I breathed out and he chuckled. 鈥淲hich one? Ours or just any bed?鈥
鈥淚 hate you.鈥 I said, leaning my face against his chest to hide the blush creeping onto my cheeks. He took my chin into his hand, softly turning it, so that I had to look him into the eyes. His blue orbs were burning with desire and lust, making me speechless. 鈥淚 am the king. I own every bed in this realm. So, if you should ever desire something else than ours, you shall have it. Besides. I would not mind fucking you on any bed or surface. By Valar, I would even fuck you in front all of my people to show how much I love you.鈥
鈥淚 figured.鈥 I retorted, cockily. 鈥淲hat even was that back in the throne room? I know you are a possessive man, but that was something new. Even for you.鈥 He smirked, tilting his head. 鈥淗ow do you thing I have managed to stay sane over all those years? A creature living this long needs to be creative to make life worth living.鈥
鈥淢hm. Sure. And now what's the truth?鈥 I asked, not falling for his sly answer. 鈥淚 was just incredible horny for my wife.鈥 He whispered into my ear, causing goosebumps to erupt on my skin. 鈥淪o horny, that you would bring me to an orgasm in front of our guests?鈥 I breathed, holding onto his shoulders. 鈥淵es.鈥 Was all he said, before he pressed his lips onto mine once again.
A scattering sound made us flinch apart, only to see a young servant standing in the middle of the hall, a load of books spread to his feet. 鈥淢y king, my queen.鈥 He bowed deeply, before he sunk to his knees to grab the books. 鈥淚 am so sorry for interrupting, I did not intent to walk here, but I got lost on my way back to the library. Please forgive me.鈥
Quickly I shuffled out of Thranduils hold, kneeling besides the servant. I helped him sort his books, putting a hand on his shoulder. 鈥淚ts alright. You are new, are you not?鈥
鈥淵es, your majesty. I am a new scribe in the library.鈥 He didn鈥檛 dare to look at me, his eyes trained onto the books. I sighed deeply, wondering what the older elves had told him would happen if he were to look at me. 鈥淵ou know you can look me into the eyes.鈥 I chuckled, ignoring the low huff of my husband behind me.
鈥淚 am not to look at the queen. That鈥檚 what I have been told by Cabron.鈥 He answered. 鈥淗e said I would be thrown into the dungeon where my eyes would be poked out and I was to rot to death.鈥
I couldn鈥檛 help but laugh. 鈥淒o not fear me or the wrath of my husband. Cabron is a very鈥 lets say teasing ellon. He was just messing with you. The rule is not to stare at me, looking me in the eyes, when I speak with you is fine.鈥
鈥淚ts not.鈥 Thranduil grumbled behind me, but I shushed him. 鈥淒on鈥檛 listen to him. He is particularly grumpy today, as he had a run in with dwarves.鈥 Then I stepped next to him. 鈥淚f you want to the library, you walk down that corridor, take the first left turn, follow the path to the end and then turn right. After that you should be close enough to the library to know.鈥
The servant bowed again. 鈥淭hank you, your majesty.鈥 Then he ran off the way I described to him. Looking at Thranduil, I raised an eyebrow. 鈥淟ook at what you are doing to the young ellons. The older elves might understand your words in their meaning, but they are using it to torment the young ones.鈥 He didn鈥檛 seem to be bothered one bit. 鈥淲hat a shame鈥︹ Slowly stalking towards me, a grin spread over his face. 鈥淭hat makes me think of something I said earlier.鈥
鈥淎nd what would that be?鈥 I asked breathless, fleeing backwards from my husband. The grin on his lips turning more wolfish with every step he took. 鈥淚 shall take you where anyone can hear you.鈥
鈥淵ou wouldn鈥檛 dare.鈥 I shrieked; my eyes wide in shock.
鈥淥h, and how I would. And I will teach that scum of a dwarf a lesson.鈥 He stopped his prowl, looking at me as if he was thinking about something. And then he yelled at me: 鈥淩UN!鈥
Before I even completely comprehended his words, my body reacted to his command. Gathering my skirt, I turned on the spot, fleeing down the hall, Thranduil hot on my heels. I was giggling like a little child, as I raced through the kingdom. Elves forced to jump aside, looking after us, as we passed them. Soon I was caught between a stone wall, the cliff of a path just above the dungeons and Thranduil blocking my only way out. Trying my best to catch my breath, I leaned against the wall, forcefully slowing my breathing. Then realization dawned on my face: 鈥淵ou routed me here鈥︹
鈥淚 did.鈥 There was no regret in his voice, the sly smile still present on his lips. His shoulders were heaving in big breaths, the fabric of his tunic stretching across his chest and arms as he flexed them against the wall. Slowly stalking towards me, he forced me deeper into the dungeon, until my back hit the wall. I looked to the side and down the cliff. Beneath me, I could see the dwarves being captured in their cells. Thorin looking right back at me.
He was about the same height we were currently at, the others of his company below us or him, unable to see what was happening. That didn鈥檛 keep them from listening. 鈥淭horin. What's going on up there.鈥 A young voice called out. Thorin鈥檚 face contorted, as he answered. 鈥淣othing, Kili. Just the elven king giving into the desire of his flesh once more.鈥
鈥淲hat does that even mean?鈥 Kili asked, another voice, very similar to his answered him: 鈥淚t means the elven king is about to fuck his wife just above you, you moron.鈥
鈥淔ili!鈥 Thorin thundered, but I couldn鈥檛 help but laugh. Even Thranduil had a sly smile on his lips, securely hidden from the dwarves.
鈥淚t seems like you have pulled our guests attention, nin iell.鈥 He cockily said and I knew that he was staging a play. Tilting my head, I played along: 鈥淕ood thing you are here to prevent me from any more danger.鈥
鈥淚ndeed.鈥 He said, letting his eyes shamelessly run over my body. Then with one big last step, he closed the distance between us, picking me up once more. 鈥淭hranduil!鈥 I yelped out, clutching at his arms and wrapping my legs around him. He tightened his arms around me, pressing me against the wall. It caused me to make a soft noise, something between a moan and a purr.
Thranduil grinned wolfishly, as one hand wandered from my face, down my shoulder, gripping the belt of my dress. And with one sharp tug, he ripped it from my body. I gasped at his sudden show of violence, the dress falling open. It was one of his favorite dresses. Basically, one long piece of fabric cut into two strands one side up to the middle. To wear it, I simply laid the two strands above my body, while the single strand covered my back. Then I wore a belt to safely secure it around my waist, sorting the fabric over my chest. Now those two strands were flaring widely open, only held between my legs.
Letting the belt fall to the ground, Thranduil gripped the fabric of the dress, slowly pulling it out between us, before he disregarded it onto the floor as well. Now I was naked, my back pressed against the cold stone wall.
鈥淧lease.鈥 I begged, making the elf before me hoarsely chuckle, his teeth were grazing my earlobe, biting it gently.
鈥淧lease, what?鈥 He asked as he pulled away, his eyes now dark with lust and desire.
鈥淧lease touch me.鈥 I breathlessly whispered. It was all he needed. Without wasting any second, his lips captured mine, locking them in the most passionate and fiery way he could muster. The feeling of his lips against mine was enough to knock the air out of my lungs, not to mention the force of his tongue inside my mouth, it was enough to have my mind reeling.
He gently put me down, leaning me against the wall, as he knelt in front of me. Spreading his cloak on the floor to give some warmth from the cold stone. Patting the fabric in front of him, he looked at me with the uttermost desire I had ever seen a man look at me with. Fully aware of Thorins eyes upon me, I walked around Thranduil, taking my place on the ground beneath him. A sly grin on his lips, he shuffled between my legs, throwing one last glance to the dwarf watching us, before he simply dove down.
鈥淥h my GOD!鈥 His tongue traced my clit lightly, barely giving much stimulation, but even that was enough to make my legs starting to quiver.
While his tongue tracing my clit felt absolutely amazing, nothing prepared me for feeling his tongue tracing along my soaked slit, before delicately prodding inside of me. 鈥淢elethron!鈥 I shrieked out, his tongue trailing back to my clit before I felt his finger slowly enter my core. He raised his mouth from my center, looking me straight into my eyes. 鈥淏y Valar, how I love this.鈥 His voice was nearly a growl. 鈥淎nd by all what is mighty, I will never stop worshipping it.鈥
He was passionate about pleasing me, humming at my skin. Making sure to wait for me to relax, welcoming the pleasure rather than being surprised by it, before he slowly started to thrust the single digit in and out of my core. I tossed my head back, gripping the fabric of his cloak at the feeling of his long fingers reaching parts of me that I could never reach myself.
鈥淔uck!鈥 I yelped out, his finger finding the perfect spot inside of me, curling to massage it gently and bringing me closer to the edge. My walls pulsating in rhythm with his thrusts, the wet and messy sounds of my pleasure filling the room. I felt him moan, even more as he brought his free hand up my chest, pinching and pulling my nipple before switching to the neglected breast, simultaneously adding a second finger.聽
I cried out for him. 鈥淚鈥檓 so close, please don鈥檛 stop! Please don鈥檛 stop!鈥 My back began to arch off the ground, as his ministrations went on, his fingers pounding into my core as his lips continued to suck eagerly at my clit. 鈥淥h my鈥︹ I rasped, my voice hoarse and thin. 鈥淭hranduil!鈥 I yelled, as my orgasm washed over me all the sudden. Riding it out, as he refused to cease his actions on my body until I couldn鈥檛 take any more and had to pull him away.
鈥淥h, how I love seeing you like this. All ready for me.鈥 Thranduil snickered, his eyes trained on the spot between my legs. I could feel my wetness slowly dripping out of my core, running down onto his cloak. 鈥淭o bad, a certain dwarf had to interrupt me fucking you on my throne. Making you the queen you were born to be. I would have fucked my seed so deep inside of you. Taking you until you are begging for me to stop.聽 Making you a crying mess for everyone to hear. And then I would have carried you back to our chambers, my cum leaking out of your pretty little pussy.鈥
I whined at his words, my body instinctively arching. 鈥淵ou are so needy for me. My beautiful little slut.鈥 Playing with my folds, he pulled another moan from my lips. Forcing them into me, he curled them once more, finding my sweet spot just so easily, reaching places I couldn鈥檛 reach myself. 鈥淭his pussy belongs to me, you hear me?鈥
鈥淵es.鈥 I breathed out, my voice high pitched from the pleasure he was once again granting me.
鈥淵es what?鈥 He snarled, his blue eyes squinting with a slight threat that shot the heat right between my legs.
鈥淵es, my king.鈥 I mewled. 鈥淧lease. I need you. Please鈥︹ Sounding like a needy child, I cried out for him, spreading my legs further to coax him in. He stopped moving his fingers inside of me, slowly pulling them out. 鈥淒o it again. Beg for it. I know you want to.鈥
鈥淭hranduil鈥︹ My moan was reflected by the walls, traveling through the halls up to the throne room. 鈥淧lease, my king. I need you. I want you to take me. Make me your queen, please鈥︹ Without a warning, he lined his cock up with my entrance, bottoming out in one go. I yelped at the pain of being stretched so suddenly, but it soon subsided, when he started his slow and passionate pace. He wanted to take his time. Relish in the moment.
I was a quivering mess beneath him. My eyes rolling back into my head, lips hanging open, hands gripping at everything they felt. He growled above me, causing my eyes to snap open. Like a ravenous predator, his eyes captured mine. A desire burning inside of them that only he could produce. 鈥淧lease鈥︹ I whimpered once again, now completely pushed into submission by his demeanor. He grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at him. Then he turned my head towards the cliff. 鈥淟ook at him.鈥 Thranduil ordered and I opened my eyes, seeing Thorin stand in his cell. His hands harshly gripping the metal rods of the door.
Thranduil tapped my lips with his fingers and I obediently opened my mouth, taking his long digits down my throat. I choked on their length, but forced down the gag reflex. 鈥淗ands above your head.鈥 He ordered and I quickly moved them where he wanted them. His response was taking them into his big hand, the pace switching from slow to a more moderate speed, knocking the air out of my lungs.
My head hung back, my lips being parted by his fingers, drool running down my cheeks, as I gave myself to him. The searing heat returning, starting between my legs and slowly burning its way through every fiber of my body. Soon my moans were accompanied by his groans, the sound of him growling my name and cursing in elvish dragging me towards the edge in record speed. I tried to ask for more, but his fingers restrained me from forming a coherent sentence. With a knowing grin, he let go of my mouth, looking at me challengingly: 鈥淲hat is it, nin iell?鈥
鈥淢鈥 More.鈥 I moaned out. 鈥淧lease. I need more.鈥 He hummed at my request, bending down to kiss me. 鈥淗mmm. My little petal. So eager to be fucked. Wishing to be ruined by her king.鈥 He murmured between kisses, smothering every inch of my body he could reach. Unable to even process his words, he caught me by surprise, when he took my right leg and threw it over his shoulder, the space now enabling him to pound into me even deeper.
鈥淭hranduil!鈥 I cried out, twitching beneath him and trying to get away from his harsh thrusts. His cock hitting me deeply and perfectly on my sweet spot, to an extend that I wasn鈥檛 sure if it was still pleasure that shot through my body. 鈥淭his was what you requested, was it not?鈥 He cued and I couldn鈥檛 help but mewl. 鈥淚t is what you begged me for. To give you more, isn鈥檛 that right, gilgalad?鈥
Trying my hardest to answer him, I opened my lips, bit my sentence got ripped away by the sudden moan that rushed through my lips. Even though I was staring at my husband, I wasn鈥檛 really able to focus on anything in particular. All my attention laying on the feelings he freed deeply in my body. 鈥淭here鈥 Please鈥︹ My words were slurred and hasty, my brain drunken from the pleasure overtaking my body. 鈥淗ere?鈥 He cockily asked, repeating the exact movement that had me reeling in a mixture of pleasure and overstimulation. 鈥淥r perhaps here?鈥 Dragging his free hand over my body, he pinched my nipples hard, before he let his fingers wander lower. Circling my clit with soft little touches, he watched me, as I fell apart.
Searing hot the fire rushed through my veins. I tried to warn him from my upcoming orgasm, but my body was faster than my mind. My walls clamping down around his cock, I shakily came undone beneath him, the cry of his name ringing through the halls and echoing in the distance. A string of elvish curse words left my husband, my hip now marked in a new red bruise of his hand. But he didn鈥檛 falter in his thrusts. Relentlessly pounding into me, knowingly overstimulating me in the chase of his own release.
鈥淚鈥 Cant鈥 Please鈥 cant鈥︹ I cried out, but he cut me off with a hand around my throat. 鈥淭ake it.鈥 He growled. 鈥淚 know you can. Be a good girl for me and take my cock.鈥 His eyes were burning dark, the wild lust flaming through his pupils. And then he squeezed my throat, watching me, as my eyes rolled back into my head once more. The cry of his name, caught in my throat, my body overshooting with bliss and a blinding fire.
Trembling. That鈥檚 what I was able to do and not much more. My frame buried beneath the king, as he captured my swollen lips with his, only giving me short allowances of air. My vision got blurry, a tingly feeling spreading through my limps and I nearly missed the second wave of hot pleasure racing through my body. Thranduil of course noticed by the way my walls were gripping him once more. 鈥淐ome.鈥 He demanded. 鈥淐ome for me again.鈥
It was all I needed to hear, when he let go of my throat, supporting his weight on both of his arms, letting go of my hands. Shattering around him a second time, I gripped his shoulders, pressing myself against his frame to find something to ground me against the violent shivers that overtook my body. It was blinding and breathtaking, as I released the blistering heat in my body with a cry of his name, that was surely heard in all Mirkwood.
I barely noticed him being brought to his own release, the stuttering pulse of my walls, finally pulling him over the edge as well. A growl on his lips, he captured my mouth with his, forcing me into a heated and passionate kiss. The once harsh and fervent snaps of his hips melted into soft bucks, rolling against my core until he slowly came to a stop.
It took him a few moments to find his composure again, but when he did, he slowly pulled out of me and I couldn鈥檛 help myself but curse. 鈥淚 am sorry, meleth nin.鈥 He whispered, stroking the hair out of my face. 鈥淚 should have been softer on you.鈥 Looking over my body, he let his hand rest against my core, cooling the heated flesh with his cold touch. Then he got up on his feet, and I only now realized, that he was still wearing all of his clothes. Smiling at him, I tried to get up, but he shook his head.
鈥淩est, meleth, I will take care of you.鈥 Once he had his clothes sorted, he kneeled down next to me again, carefully wrapping his cloak around my shivering body, the coldness of the dungeons slowly creeping into my bones. 鈥淭hranduil鈥︹ I whimpered out, trying to reach out for him, but he shushed me immediately. 鈥淚ts alright, little ithil. I got you.鈥 Then he turned to grab my dress, but his action were interrupted by a sly grin. Handing me the belt, he crumpled the fabric into a ball. Getting up to his feet, he hurled it across the distance, directly between two metal rods of Thorins cell and directly into his face.
鈥淜eep it as a reminder of your place, dwarf.鈥 Thranduil gritted out between his teeth an arrogant and possessive smile on his lips. Thorin looked as surprised as I was, but his expression quickly turning sour. 鈥淵ou will pay for this, elf!鈥 He yelled, but Thranduil just chuckled. 鈥淲e will see about that.鈥 Picking me up from the ground, he made his way through the dungeon and up the little pathways. In the distance I could still hear Thorin cursing us out in Khuzdul, his voice quickly fading into nothing more than a quiet background noise鈥
On our way back to our chambers, we passed several elves all of which carried a sly smile on their lips, that could have rivaled my husband himself.
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