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Birthday gift for @mylarena GOOD ON YOU FOR GETTING OLD! CONGRATULATIONS! This is a scene from her beautiful soaproach songfic which you should go read right now go do it I'm holding a gun to your head you have to it's her birthday the least you could do is give her a little kudos as a gift I'm actively threatening you and your family.
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Let's have more posts with Roach馃ズ馃挒
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Hello Roach Nation
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guard dog
(better quality if u open it!)
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toomanywordsnllines 23 days
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I'm not dead, hello!! Life's been chaotic and a certain lil discord server has been keeping me extremly distracted (affectionally) But art has been happening slowly!
Here is some color pallete studies (soaproach edition, cus they are... plaguing my mind) I did some days(?) ago!! Most of these were requested (as you can see by the amount of... soap's (truly a fan favorite))
Part 1 (this one) - Part 2 - Part 3
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natelia-aldelliz 2 months
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more ghost!Roach with accidental necromancer Soap, their first interaction !
(please ignore the fact that i can't draw the same character twice lmao)
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fixfoxnox 3 months
Soap: Do you guys want to have your mind blown for a second?
Roach: sure, I love being blown
Soap:...i- you what?
Roach, louder: I said I love being blo-
Ghost, covering his mouth: Alright thats enough of that we are in a room full of people
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Get on with GhostRoachSoap TLOU AU鉁 My baby Roach鈥檚 gonna be super grumpy in this馃槨
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mylarena 2 months
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had a vision
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boxofthings 5 months
GhostRoach & Ghostroachsoap brainrotters understand the pain of going through their respective ao3 tags and getting excited to see a new fic only to find out it's another "Roach was a past lover who died tragically" trope fic :')
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kisses! + soaproach for @mylarena
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alektohuj 4 months
GhostRoachSoap Headcannons!
Am I having a meltdown? Yes probably. Is writing Headcannons going to help? Absolutely!
I'm not a good writer but here you go! It's going to be random.
More sexual ones:
Soap is a (power) bottom. Roach a switch. Ghost also a switch. But mostly Ghost tops our boys.
Both Roach and Ghost are very caring when a top. But soap sometimes likes it rough and they always want to please him.
I don't have any sexy ones anymore so more fluffy or something:
Roach is semi verbal. All of them know sign language. Ghost and Soap get non verbal episodes so knowing asl is important.
Roach will randomly cuddle them to show affection. Ghost and Soap at first got caught of guard when he did that but now they are use to it.
Soap is the one who brings the most comfort and lets Ghost and Roach talk about their problems but will change the subject when it comes to him.
Soap has adhd. Ghost and Roach are autistic.
Small spoon Soap. Will and does lay on his boyfriends. Sometimes get suffocated by them.
Ghost sleeps at the open side of the bed (?) ,Roach at the wall side and Soap in the middle.
Price gave Roach and Ghost the dad talk. Laswell gave them all the dad talk too.
(little bit od Price and Laswell they are absolutely mlm and wlw solidarity)
All of them are scared shittless when others are at missions even if together but don't let it affect their work.
Ghost calls Roach 'Bug' , Soap 'Johnny'. The other two use pet names (?)
Everyone thinks that Soap is the sun but I ,the little shit who has weird thinking, says that he is the moon because he shines only by the light somebody gives him ( sunlight reflects on moon so it shines, the reference to 'The Moon will sing' is visible I hope). He is only the sunshine when people are around but get easily sad and overwhelmed when near negative emotions and when he's alone.
Ghost does not like talking to people he doesn't know and like. Roach likes to talk to people only when he sees that they are nice and respectful. Soap will talk to people to have someone to talk to.
Ghost has night terrors when not sleeping with Soap and Roach or unless he knows they are safe and alive.
Soap likes to sketch his boyfriends so no one is allowed to go through his journal because his boyfriends don't like when their faces are seen. Even though when both of them found about Soap's sketches they both posed for him.
Roach and Ghost are ligh headed while Soap can drink a lot and still feel sober. (Did make a drinking competition with everyone, everyone lossed because of Gromsko, I love my polish man)
All can cook but Roach is the best at it. They still order take out anyway.
Ghost is a cat person. Soap is a dog person. Roach just wants to pet the animal.
And that is all for now. Going to maybe make more, or write a fanfick idk. So that my children is your food for at least the month. Love ya.
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miilkybnn 6 months
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they鈥檙e boyf riends
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toomanywordsnllines 5 days
Some would think that the hardest person to put into some formal wear would be Ghost.
He uses the comfiest clothing he has, soft and big enough for easy movement and with as many pockets as humanly possible. The man's practicality in his dressing style is what tends to make people think this way. (Also the fact the man just seems to rotate the same.... four pair of.... everything for weeks on end)
But no not really. When time does come, Ghost is someone that cleans up well. He makes sure his suits fit him like a glove, no unecessary bunching or tightness that would make the whole ordeal be hellish. Always making sure he has spots to hide his weapons "just in case". His hair might be the only issue in everything - but it's not from a lack of trying. The thing has life for itself.
He even makes sure to treat the little invisible parts of his face with care (though that's mostly with someone's else's help).
He's a sight to see when formal wear comes into play. Layering being his best friend even in this situations. Shirts. Jackets. And the vests he uses, usually subtly decorated, hug his chest and middle tight but elegantly. It's both mouth watering and knee weakening.
And does Soap want to kneel
It's rare, but god is it a devine look. Ghost's elegance and confidence always radiate brighter, putting the sun to shame, when he leaves the bathroom.
Dressed and ready to go. Smelling phenomenally like a fresh shower and soft cologne.
Soap always has to count to ten before he even approaches the man. Controlling himself to not do.... something that would get them all late.
But no it's not Ghost who's a pain in the ass to get dressed to the nines. (Soap would even go as far and say the man always looks forward to putting on a nice suit)
And it's not Soap either.
You see being raised with an.... arrangement of sister's makes you a little more preoccupied in your appearance. God forbid he goes out with them in just a plain pair of sweatpants. (He did it once, and wore dress shoes on purpose to see the vein in his twin sister pop and his youngest eye twitch. His mom just shook her head with laughter)
But, no. Johnny takes great pride in getting dressed nicely. Always making sure his accessories go well with the vests and shirts he puts on. From rings to earrings and necklaces. Never too much. Just to pop attention to where he wants people to look
There's this....."necklace" that he loves wearing. For no reason in specific, of course, it's not like Johnny hasn't seen Simon look at him hungrily when he uses it or anything... It's also not because he always leaves some buttons undone when he uses it.... He finds it pretty, is all.
His style is marginally different from Ghost's, of course. While the man likes to go more monochromatic with it. Johnny takes pleasure in mixing blues and golds. Red's, Green's. He has either shirts decorated subtly. Or vests that are the center of attention in different graceful shapes.
He has fun in it. Gets a little boost of euphoria in putting some nice pants that hug his ass nice just right and a vest that flatters his chest correctly. He always forgoes a jacket though. Having the tendencie to roll the sleeves up his arms and leaving his arms exposed. (Price has told him multiple times to not do that since it's not "formal enough"....
"But sleeves are so itchy, Price." He whines, making the most miserable face he can.
Price sighs, pitching the bridge of his nose
"You know what? I'm too tired for this." "Do whatever you want, but make sure to cover your tattoo.")
The perfect image on causally put together - as his sister would tell him.
He also takes pleasure in stealing Ghost's nice colognes and using them on himself. Going sometimes for Gaz to help him fix his hair and eyebrows, making sure everything is in place.
So as you can tell. It's not Ghost nor Johnny. Gaz is of course not even close to that list. And price may grumble (because of the loss of his dear hat) but he gets the job done.
No, the person who is a fucking pain in the ass to get ready. And to pry out of the bed with a hammer so he puts on a fucking pair of nice pants is no one else but local Cockroach Gary, pain in Soap's ass, Sanderson.
Who see's anything besides t-shirts, jumpers and tank tops as a straight jacket. It's like getting a five year old dressed for the cousins wedding. Fighting tooth and nail to get the bastard in nice pants.
"It's tight," he whines, feeling talkative on this day where things don't really go his way.
Soap eye twitches.
Ghost chuckles from where he's shaving by the sink.
Soap is very close to throwing a bottle of shampoo at his head
Johnny has been fighting him, physically, for over an hour to get him in the vest. He could forgoe it. It's not necessary. But he knows Roach likes layers, feels more protected with it, so it would make him the most comfortable to go with it.
"Ah dinnae see ye complainin' when ye put on yer tactical vest-" he tightens his hands on the buttons when Roach squirms again "- stop squirmin', bloody Jesus- I'll go get the fuckin' pesticide, Gary dinnae tempt me."
At that Ghost let's out a breathless little laughter and when Soap looks up furiously at him in the mirror the man has his head hanging low, shaking with suppressed laughter.
"Ye think, this's funny? Come dae the job yourself then," he grumbles, giving up with hands towards the air.
"Take care of yer man."
Roach huffs up at him, crossing his arms over an half buttoned vest and an messed up shirt. Johnny doesn't even want to look at his hair, least him have a stroke right there and then. Good thing they decided to start dressing a good length of time before they need to get out.
Him and Ghost trade spots, Johnny finally getting in front of the mirror to get himself ready. His eyes don't get the idea though, straying constantly to the reflection on the two men standing behind him.
Roach refuses to look up as Ghost gets in front of him, posture relaxed and mirth rolling out of him in waves. A hand flutters through his hair gently but he stays looking at the floor until Simon rests his hands on each side of his face and lifts it to look at him. Ghost lifts an eyebrow
"What's all this, then," he says in an exaggerated accent. He does it softly, getting a huff of laughter from Johnny.
His eyes don't leave Gary's tho.
"Tight," he hisses through gritted teeth.
Simon hums as his eyes gaze down slowly his body. Analizing. Roach supresses a shiver.
"This was tailored for you." Ghost puts two fingers between the vest and Roach's chest, pulling gently the fabric towards himself, observing the give and leeway of the cloth in question. "It's impossible to be tight," he points out, head still sucked down, looking through his lashes at Roach, through Roach.
They stand in silence, staring.
Gary is the first to yield.
'It's...it presses...wrong.' He signs, 'Uncomfortable.'
Simon's hand presses gently over Gary's left side, right over his ribs. An acknowledge of what exactly is getting pressed...wrong. Roach let's out a sigh before Ghost pulls away to stand in front of him, head turned to the side and eyes fixated - thinking.
"Johnny." The man in question stops fussing with his hair, eyes already fixed on the ones that stare at him from the reflection. "Do you have your black suit at hand?"
He pauses for a second. "Ah think so, yeah."
So they all stop what they're currently doing and scavenger Soap's side of the wardrobe until he comes out with a triumphant yell.
"Ah asked him an hour ago if he wanted to wear somethin' of mine and he said nae", he says deadpanned as he watches Ghost take the pieces carefully out of the protective bag. He then glares directly at Roach.
Who was fluttering his lashes innocently at him.
He rolls his eyes passing the two to get back to the bathroom and finish getting ready. Gary catches him by the waist. Pulling him in and kissing him on the corner of his mouth. An apology.
Soap hums, turning more fully and pecking him on the lips.
"Sweet talk me all ye want, love. It ain't gonna work." And then he leaves, slapping Roach's backside and booking it for the bathroom in giggles at the man's indignant yelp.
Thirty minutes later and John is up and ready to go sitting on the couch waiting for the other two. It's all quiet besides the occasional muffled sound of Ghost's voice.
It takes thirty more for the bedroom door to open. And when it does Soap is up and looking up eagerly, holding his breath.
Simon is the first one to leave the room. Dressed in all blacks. Hair slicked back nicely, a single rouge strand falling gently over his forehead. Shirt hugging his biceps deliciously and tidied up to perfection. Little gold brooches rest on the collar of his shirt harmonizing everything.
Enticing Soap to kiss his neck
He decided to wear the vest that Soap has dubbed his favorite. Completely black save for the gold accented flowers that frame the whole thing. It accentuates his waist and makes Simon's pale skin and hair shine even under the god awful lights of the livingroom.
The slacks sit comfortably on his legs and God do they make them look like miles longer than they actually are. Fighting for their lives at his thighs and ending just under the ankle. Just missing the shoes and jacket that are by the door.
Soap has to bite his lip and exhale through his nose.
Breathtakingly, drop dead fucking gorgeous is what he is.
He kills for that man.
Ghost saunters closer to him and rests both of his hands on Soap's waist, leaning closer to nuzzle against his freshly groomed stubble. Cologne fills Soap's nose, leaving him dizzy.
He notices familiar earrings resting prettly on Simon's ears. And his knees almost buckles when he realizes they're his.
Dark blue, almost black, just like the vest he's wearing.
"Gorgeous" his voice leaves him in a rough rumble, vibrating in his chest and leaving close to Simon's ear.
The taller man's hand snake to his chin, and heavy eyes look down on him.
"You're not too bad yourself," he mutters, bending slightly to kiss him. It's soft and sweet. Long. And doesn't go any father than that before he's pulling away with a peck on the corner of Soap's lips.
He smacks Soap's ass before going to the door.
"Cheeky." Johnny laughs before he turns back to the bedroom door and his breath catches on his chest once more.
Roach stands by the bedroom door, hands in his pockets. He looks.... Well not self conscious. That's not a word for someone like Gary-
Timidly looking at Soap with a soft blush covering his cheeks. And Johnny is stunned into silence.
While Ghost looks sharp and downright sexy in his suit, Roach looks softer. Perhaps it's because of how the clothing sits a little more baggy on him. Jacket longer for his slightly shorter frame. Shirt buttoned with a loose short tie.
His hair is a mixture of slicked back and ruffled. Arranged so the longer pieces curl beautifully behind his face. There's a little golden hairpin close to his ear holding some of his fringe back. Framing it and bringing the green of his eyes forward. Shining with their specks of brown.
All Soap can think is that he looks God-like.
And that he looks his.
Wearing his suit, his jacket, his slacks, his shirt and as John gets closer and wraps an arm around his waist and pulls him flush against his own chest, nuzzling along the curve of his neck. His cologne.
His his his his his-
Possessiveness fills his chest and he can't help but pull him closer, kissing behind his ear and growling.
"My pretty boy."
Roach hums low in his chest, content with tilting his neck barring his throat further for Soap to keep smothering kisses all over.
"Fuck, doll. Ye look so pretty in my suit."
The chuckle he feels against his lips feels like dripping honey, coating his tongue as he licks a long strip just under Roach's jaw. The man gasps, hand tightening where it rests on Soap's shoulder playing with his earring.
His own hand tightens on the expanse of waist he's grabbing. The things he wants do for him-
Ghost heavy rumbly voice calls from the door. A shiver goes down Soap's spine at his tone. Detaching himself from Roach is painful but the kiss he gets on his lips is salve for his wounds.
Gary cuts it short, however and he has to keep himself in check and not whine at the loss. They both turn to look at where Ghost is standing gazing at them.
The self control Johnny has almost gets thrown out of the window at the look Simon fixes them. It's Hot, heavy, eyes so dark he can barely see the chocolate that rests behind the black of his pupils. He realizes that Ghost and Roach had full eye contact when Soap got a little lost in his own mind. He shifts in his spot a little.
"Let's go then, aye." He says cheery as ever.
Ghost turns with a huff and a roll of his eyes, one that makes Soap's grin widen. He's about to follow right after when Roach suddenly grabs his waist and gets incredibly closer to his ear.
"Be a good boy tonight."
'And you'll get your reward' is left unspoken but Soap heard it loud and clear, so much that he's left a blushing stunned mess in the middle of their hall as Roach follows just right behind Ghost.
He wills his heart to stop hammering in his chest (and his blush to stop being embarrassingly hot) before he follows after them, picking up the car keys and closing the door after himself.
Maybe Roach's fuss for fancy clothes wasn't so bad after all... His heart flutters, giddy.
"Bleeding Jesus."
It's gonna be a fun night.
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natelia-aldelliz 1 month
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Some werewolf 141 & cat Soap au drawings to celebrate me finishing the fic ! (the last chapter will be up here either tomorrow or the next day!)
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