#probably half of the reason the judges didn't disqualify them
nelkcats · 5 days
Not a Dog!
A competition was set up to award the best dog between Gotham and Amity Park, probably because the judges were quite aware that the two cities were a little crazy and decided to unite their competitions.
Damian bragged that he shouldn't be participating since obviously Titus would beat everyone. Jason snorted and commented that Dog was much better than Titus and would win the competition easily, the rest of the siblings walked away from the discussion, but Dick felt left out and called his friend.
Beast Boy, better known as "Gar" wasn't too happy about Dick using his favor to make him pretend to be a dog in a pet contest, but he agreed. Dick signed him up as his own pet while Jason and Damian complained about how silly the idea was.
When Gotham competitors list was released on Amity, Danny noticed that one contestant had a green dog and smiled. He could compete with Cujo! His father told him something about wanting to compete too but the halfa denied and said that he needed a dog for that.
On the day of the competition the judges tried not to flinch at the two obviously green dogs and a contestant who had decided to enter with a peculiar type of dog, they decided to judge them as best as possible. A rivalry ensued between all the contestants while Danny tried to avoid looking at his father's eyes, why was he participating with a fridge?
To everyone's surprise, none of the dogs won. The winner was Jack Fenton, with his very alive and aggressive sausages. The judges couldn't disqualify him because "hot dog" was technically a type of "dog" even if they didn't know how it was possible, and Jack taught the hot dogs a few tricks.
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bridgyrose · 1 year
Alright, time for the post that no one asked for! Which ship had more development between Bmblby and Blacksun!
Gonna preface a few things first: I dont particularly ship either ship, so I'm going to do this with as little bias as possible.
This is only over the first 3 volumes, so anything after the fall of Beacon isnt taken into consideration right now.
And the rules are as follows:
First, winking will not be considered. Since people keep saying a wink isnt inherently confirming of a relationship, I'll ignore any winks and judge the scenes based on the content.
Second, scenes will be judged by whether or not you could replace any character and still get the same effect. (the more you can replace, the better in my opinion)
And lastly, since I keep seeing this coming up as well, the only evidence I will consider for absolute confirmation is of any sort of kiss in the first 3 volumes. Although, its going to feel a bit rushed and out of nowhere since the first 3 volumes takes place over 4-6 months at best.
Without further ado... everything will be under the cut.
Starting with Vol 1, after re-watching, there really wasn't any build up to either ship. Which, doesnt surprise me considering that Sun doesnt show up until the end of Vol 1 and the entirety of that volume is centered around introducing the characters, the world in which they live, and just general ideas on what it's like being a huntsman academy. But there are still a few scenes to note in vol 1:
Initiation: Its a quick blur, but you can see Blake rush across the screen once we see Yang walking through the forest. At that point, its safe to assume that Blake had already made her choice on who she wanted, which is further implemented with Blake helping Yang out with an Ursa.
Tumblr media
Its safe to assume that between talking with Ruby the night before and seeing hearing how what she thought of Yang didn't quite match her thoughts.
Our next scene comes to Sun and his infamous "slow-mo wink introduction." As per the rules, I'm ignoring the wink and going straight off the content of the scene itself. Which, doesnt leave much. We know he pinpoints Blake as a faunus very quickly and he has some sort of infatuation with her, but the scene alone doesnt give us much.
However, that one does lead into the end of the Vol: Blake runs off from her friends and takes her bow off to finally show us her ears. At which point, Sun comments that he knew she'd look better without it. So that already shows that 1) Sun definitely pinpointed Blake being a faunus early on, and 2) he wanted to talk to her and this provided the right opportunity. Or... so he thought. Especially since the next scene opens up with him half complaining that they've spent 2 days together and all she's done is make small talk.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Which is all pretty on par for Blake. She then spends the next bit talking about her past, how she was pretty much born into the White Fang, stayed with it after it went from peaceful protests to more anger filled, until leaving Adam just a few months ago. After all of this, Sun asks if she's told her friends, to which we can assume she answers no to, you know, since she ran. Overall, it ends up leading Sun into going a bit gung-ho about helping Blake with the White fang.
Overall, Vol 1 did well to start putting together dynamics between Blake and her friends. Sun and Yang both make different impressions on Blake, both of which she ends up seeing as friends... for now.
Vol 2, is a bit of a strange one. Our first introduction to Beacon is Sun basically telling Neptune how cool team RWBY is, emphasizing a bit on Blake. Which does end up bringing us to the meat of the first half of vol 2: Blake worrying over the White Fang. Now, because of this, we dont see any build up between Blake and Sun or Blake and Yang while they go around town to figure out what the White Fang and Torchwick are up to. Sun makes a good point that Blake shouldnt go to the rally alone, and the two pair off while Yang goes to the club with Neptune.
Once the dance arc comes along, that's where things take an interesting turn. Sun immediately asks a sleep deprived Blake to the dance, in probably the most awkward way since he's trying to say the dance is lame, but would be less lame if the two of them went together.
Tumblr media
Sun definitely cares about Blake and actively tried to help her calm down a bit. Which, ultimately, she never says no, just that she doesnt have time for a dance. So, I give this one a +1 in points for build up.
Then, we get to the burning the candle speech. Which, a lot of people seem to write off as either pointless or not build up. Personally, it gets a +1 in points on build up for me on this. First, Yang is absolutely worried about her partner, seeing her go down the same path she did when she was much younger. She immediately starts by telling Blake that she doesnt want her to stop, just to slow down and take a breather. And she ultimately makes a strong point: slowing down isnt a luxury, its a necessity.
Tumblr media
This also end s up being the first time we see Yang open up and drop the party girl demeanor that she's had. She talks about her mother, someone that she doesnt talk to many people about, and just how much it hurt her to find out that Raven left shortly after she was born.
After an emotionally charged discussion, we finally see the point that Yang had been trying to get Blake to see:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And it finally does work. Blake slows down, takes a rest, and ultimately enjoys herself at the dance. Which, in her own words, she technically goes with Sun.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Overall, the dance arc in general gives great build up to both ships. Which ultimately is the end for the Black Sun build up.
Bmblby doesnt get much more build up in vol 2, the only other notable scene being the campfire where Yang, Blake, and Weiss start opening up a bit more to each other to figure out why each of them are becoming huntresses. Which absolutely gives a bit more foundation to the friendships they have.
Vol 3 ends up having most of the build up between Blake and Yang. The first major scene being after Yang was disqualified for breaking Mercury's leg. When Yang finally asked her team if they trust her, Blake is the only one who doesnt immediately say yes, instead, saying she wants to. Leading us to this face from Yang:
Tumblr media
(yes, I know, captions are a bit off, deal with it.)
But Yang ends up being distressed by her own partner saying that she wants to trust, but doesnt yet. Blake ultimately ends up opening up about Adam, telling us how she used to trust him... until accidents started piling up. Eventually, she looks at Yang and asks her to look her in the eye and tell her she didnt do anything wrong. When Yang does, Blake allows herself to trust Yang.
Which then brings us to the biggest piece of buildup between the two: Adam. When Adam shows up, he starts using words like "my darling", hammering in that at one point, the two had something going on. He decides immediately he wants to hurt Blake just like she hurt him by leaving. But what really hammers in Blake's feelings for Yang, is the fear she had on her face when she heard Yang's voice not so far away... and right where Adam can hear her. It doesnt take long for Adam to look down at Blake, notice the fear, and then look in the direction of Yang, ultimately stating that he'll destroy everything Blake loves, starting with her.
Now, I know a lot of people will dismiss that as "it could've been anyone. If Sun had shown up, it would've been the same." And honestly, yes, it would've. This moment here is what solidifies who Blake ultimately cares about. Had it been Sun to come around, no doubt she'd show the same fear. But it wasnt him. Instead, it was Yang, who immediately found Weiss and asked where Blake had gone. And we further see her feelings for Yang cemented by the way she blames herself that Yang got hurt. The way she stays close, gently reaches for Yang's hand, the emotion of the entire scene after they get to safety.
Sun does ultimately care about Blake, and helps out where he can, but at least in vol 3, he had his own priorities of making sure everyone could make it to safety.
TL;DR: Both ships had a bit of build up in vol 2 and 3, although, the build up that Bmblby had outweighs the buildup that Blacksun has. Blake definitely had feelings for both, but ultimately, it took until Adam was a threat for her to realize the feelings that she had for Yang, and even then, she still wasnt entirely sure what they were until later in the series. At this point, the only reason anyone can say that Bmblby has little build up is due to either a higher bar for f/f ships (because, lets face it, everyone takes the wink from vol 1 as absolute confirmation for blacksun because its m/f) or they continue to deny that sometimes, there are multiple ways to show buildup between two people for a relationship and the slowburn route usually takes an emotional route over a physical route. And look, Blake has two hands. Take that as you will.
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theposhsworld · 2 years
When rude pick up artists ask you "What do you bring to the table?" This is how a countess responds:
First smile, back straight, laugh confidently, hands on your hips,
"Why are you looking at me and asking this question you silly pick up artist. You known exactly what I bring to the table because you are asking a beautiful feminine woman this question. Go ask masculine feminist like Hillary Clinton this question. I bet she's lonely, go slide in her DMs.." pause...
"hey red pill boy, you have a phone I said go DM Hillary Clinton and ask her in what ways her resume can turn you on. What are you waiting for?"
Why does this work? Men always test to see if you had a strong father. A strong high value father would have taught his daughters to stand their ground, negotiate business deals and not take rubbish. I haven't seen any "nice girls" who are daughters of powerful men nor have I seen witches with a B either. The men at the top, the quiet power in the room, are assertive. So are their daughters. Do you ever see me take garbage? No... because I am not used to garbage. I didn't grow up in the gutter.
Men have what they call a garbage test. Or sh*t test in pick up terminology. They throw a piece of garbage at you to test if you are a high value woman or not. A high value woman says "ewww" and walks away, no thank you, what is that, he's gross... no man is worth throwing a used water bottle in your direction, how disgusting!
A low value woman if a cute boy throws his empty water bottle in her direction will pick it up, give it back to him and say "please don't do that" and even lower value woman will say "thank you for noticing me, here is your bottle, can I please have your number."
So you have to look at him, smile, find a way to say no firmly.
"What do you bring to the table?"
"Macaroons. But judging by your lack of etiquette to ask a lady of any breeding such a question, you probably can't tell the difference between McDonalds and a Michelin star restaurant... so you won't even appreciate my macaroons... so why are you even still talking to me? ....Uber... hello taxi"
"What do you bring to the table?"
"You know what a beautiful feminine lady such as myself brings to the table, come on I am not 5, why aren't you asking all the career feminists about their resume you silly pick up artist. Cute line from the internet, huh, won't work on me. Now why don't you ask Hillary Clinton that line,... go slide in her dms. Hey you have a phone, go open your phone and ask Hillary Clinton, she's lonely and I bet she'll get a jet and fly straight into your bedroom. ... go ask her, what are you bugging pretty women for"
Pick up artists groups will also tell men to go to beautiful ladies and insult them in a purity-poverty spiral. Sort of like The Rules girls groups for men. So the latest negs is to go up to young women and tell them they are into the opposite, like "why are you so high maintenance"
Response "There is not such thing as high maintenance women, only men too broke to pay the maintenance. "
Or ""why are you so high maintenance"
"Why are you looking at me? I mean there are lots of low maintenance women and you are using this cheesy pick up line from the internet on me not them, right. "
"Nice nails are they real"
"Nice pick up line Mystery wannabe, is the personality real lol"
Men love a woman who calls them out on their rubbish, because its a sign of quality. Subconsicously it sends them the signal that you are the daughter of a high status alpha male, so they should marry or commit to you to gain status in the community.
Nice girls are low value daughters of poor hunters. Masculina females are the lowest value, usually didn't know who their father was in the cave. Remember our brains, emotions, subconscious and sexual attraction is based on cave monkeys we used to be half a million years ago. Since then we have stopped on swinging trees and left the caves and even have agriculture, civilization but the cave brain is the same.
Female Dominance hierarchy: Assertive > Passive > Aggressive
Male Dominance hierarchy: Assertive > Aggressive > Passive
Don't lose your cool, act angry or go masculina. Be cocky and funny, but firm. No means no. For us to win, we have to be more disagreeable then men yet more feminine. Men want us to push back in a feminine way. Men hate doormats because it means low status. A nice doormat is not a catch, and neither is an angry aggressive woman.
The response to most pick up lines is this, and practice so you can be cocky and funny,
Laugh, hands on hips, back straight,
"Then what are you looking at a beautiful feminine lady like myself for. You are using a pick up line. Listen if you wanted X (whatever he said you should be) then why are you talking to men, not them. Come on lol." If you show them you see through it, and find their attempt at using a pick up line funny and pathetic, the more confident alpha ones will own up to it and continue talking and think, now that's what I want in a wife.
When happily married celebrities are asked what they love in their wife, they they say its "she doesn't take sh*t. She doesn't let me or anyone get away with anything."
Another line, "Look I know other women will let you get away with your behavior, but I won't."
Low value losers will behave like those rules girls who compete who responds 4, 5, 6 days, and who can delay responding longer to the point the man loses interest. They will get angry and keep throwing negs at you, and try to insult you more because that's what the broke dusty bros in the groups told them to do. You then just call a cab, and get out of there.
Be firm in that you are the daughter of the king, have loads of options and will not tolerate bad behavior, because there are plenty of men who will spoil you. Don't ask him to improve - that's low value... act like a princess or duchesss who is also a model with tons of options. Next the guy, onto the other. Dating is a numbers game. Always expand your network, to expand your networth, always be meeting people. If gentleman is rude, call him out on it and walk away. If he's really into you, he'll apologize and chase you and court you properly. If he won't he was only looking for a one night stand. Either way you win.
Imagine you are a countess, duchess and model for Dolce and Gabanna like Emma the Marchioness of Bath or Lady Kitty Spencer. Imagine some idiot ask them such a question. How would they respond to the loser? First they would laugh it off, and then call him on it confidently, say no assertively and walk away. "LOL my mother raised no fool... come on, we both know what you are trying to do... cut it out."
Remember in this modern atheist no rules society these boys are as confused as you. We live in a society that anything goes, but not anything works.
Final response if a man rudely asks you, "what do women bring to the table aside their looks for men to marry them?"
"A male feminst like yourself should ask that question to Hillary Clinton and slide into her DMs because she is lonely."
Remember pick up artists think the one who "qualifies themselves" or explains themselves to a rude person is a low value loser. So never ever answer it directly. Deep down the ones ready to settle down and find a wife a looking for a woman to respect and ready to be the mother of their sons who will call them out on being disrespectful, but do it in an elegant assertive manner.
What you don't say "you are a jerk, you mean bla bla, swear word, swear word." You call them out confidently on their ACTION, never attack the person, always keep the focus on the behavior. Not "you are a jerk!!" but "You really have no manners lol " Notice both sentences sound almost similar but the second is confident and assertive. You have to be stoic, calm and grounded, and let the man lose his cool, never be the one to lose her cool.
Finally, remember, if a man makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason... walk away. He will respect you and won't respect someone taking his emotional micro-abuse. Men throw the garbage at you because they want to know deep down can they respect you. So don't chase after them, don't take their garbage, don't take their bait and the men that still pursue you after that are serious. The ones who are just rude to large numbers of women just want a one night stand and nothing will make them marry anyone.
Respect yourself, and men will respect you. A man must respect a woman to fall in love with her. High-value men know how to disqualify themselves from being a creep without insulting the lady. There are even "day game" pick up coaches who teach that, walk up to women and compliment something other than looks and keep a pleasant conversation going, and have a couple friends with them. As a high value lady its not your job to entertain boys who are only beginning to learn social skills. Your attention is precious and belongs to those who are more mature and grown up.
Tumblr media
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mooifyourecows · 2 years
Moo’s OC Bios- Ryker Edition
Tumblr media
Name: Ryker Atlas Shaw
Nickname: Ry, RyRy, Shawshank Rydemption (by Sebastian)
Age: 18
Birthday: Oct. 10th
Gender: Male(cis)
Sexuality: Gay
Race/Ethnicity/Nationality: Caucasian American
Place born: Muskegon, Michigan
Place currently living: Muskegon, Michigan
Religion: Raised Baptist but doesn't practice. More spiritual than religious
Job: none
Education: High school senior
Disabilities/Mental Disorders/Illness/etc: Dyslexia
Positive Attributes: kind, outgoing, gentle, sweet, caring, cute, energetic, protective
Negatives Attributes: naïve, stupid, oblivious, weak willed, low self esteem
Physical 💪
Height: 6'4" (193 cm)
Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg)
Body Type: broad shoulders, muscular build, long legs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: blonde
Accent: typical Michigan accent, doesn’t stand out too much
Notable Physical Features: dark/thick eyebrows, strong jawline
Tattoos/Piercings: none at beginning of story, but later pierces ears and gets sunflower tattoo over left pectoral
Shoe size: USA men's 14 (EU 47)
Fashion Sense: when living with his parents, he didn’t get the chance to explore self expression through fashion. he mostly wore athletic wear or jeans and a t-shirt. But once he’s out of their house, he starts trying new things. Roy and Scar show him the way of high waisted pants and breezy summer shirts tucked in to the waistband and he’s a changed man. he isn’t quite sure if he’s found his style yet but he’s having fun figuring it out! (When he works out, he hates when his clothes get sweaty or are too baggy and get in the way so he likes to wear either super tight bike shorts or other small shorts and shirts that show off a lot of skin and hes 100% gotten in trouble for school dress code violations because of it. Ryker pls I know you hate it but your shorts are too tight, its distracting all the girls in PE 😩)
Common types of outfits you can see them wearing in an average week:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Go to jacket type: sherpa lined corduroy like this:
Tumblr media
Scars: burn scar on left ribs from when older brother lit firework in his bed while he was sleeping, various little scars here and there from rough play/sports, getting beat up by his brother
Jewelry: friendship bracelet that Scar made him when they were younger
Nails (length/color they paint): Keeps them short af because he’s always biting them and also long nails interfere with sports, never painted them because of parents' disapproval, but starts painting them once he moves out. likes blues/greens
Body Goals: Wants to grow beard and bulk up muscles a bit more
Allergies: none
Bad Habits: bites fingernails, self deprecation, not asking for help when he needs it
Interesting Talents/skills: walking on his hands, roller skating, bouncing baseball on bat for a long time without dropping it, shooting basketball backwards on half court line 👀
Past injuries/illness: broken multiple bones over the years, mostly fractures from sports, once went weeks with cracked ribs, too afraid to tell his parents
Are they ticklish?: absolutely, very ticklish, especially his ribs and neck
How clumsy/graceful are they?: somehow both clumsy and graceful. when it comes to his athleticism, he's insanely light on his feet and USUALLY knows how to take hits/fall without hurting himself. but he forgets his own strength/size and breaks things easily
Pain Tolerance: high pain tolerance to injury but low pain tolerance to sickness
How do they act when sick?: very needy and weak, whines a lot, cries, requires a lot of care and attention, always assumes he’s dying
How do they act when injured?: gets real quiet and defensive and private. he's afraid of getting in trouble when he's injured so he keeps it to himself and tries to fight through the pain. his friends have learned to spot the signs that he's in pain though and bully him into getting treatment
How seriously do they take fashion/skin care/etc?: he's very clean and puts effort into looking nice but doesn't have much of a skin or hair routine (he def uses that 3 in 1 bullshit)
Worst physical pain they’ve ever been in: the broken ribs thing probably
Interesting physical quirk: has really good control of his eyebrows and wiggles them a lot
Mental/Emotional 🧠
Weaknesses: making decisions, asking for help, judging someone's intentions/character
Strengths: extroverted and likable, he tries really damn hard to please everyone, extremely empathetic
Phobias/Fears: fear of abandonment, fear of being a burden, extreme phobia of being choked, fear of the dark
Vices: none :) he’s a sweet innocent babe (despite his corrupt friends’ attempts to turn him naughty)
Pet Peeves: when people are MEAN >:\, arrogance, shallowness, when people interrupt while he's talking, bad sportsmanship, when someone disrespects waiters/retail workers/etc
Motivation: earning the approval of the people around him
Mental Age: others will say his mental age is 13 years old but he actually acts his age and sometimes older, everyone else is just obsessed with acting 35 for some reason
Insecurity: everything 😅 most specifically though, he's insecure about his intelligence and often berates himself for being "too stupid", he is also insecure about his value to other people, thinks he's not valuable/important to anybody
How are they under pressure?: Depends on the type of pressure! Academic pressure- absolutely terrible, he will crumble immediately. Sports pressure- fantastic, has great physical instincts. Other pressure- he's most likely going to let the weight of expectations screw him up, but every once in a while, he comes in clutch 💪
How do they respond to criticism?: despite being VERY accustomed to negative criticism, he hasn't learned how to handle it gracefully. he usually takes it quietly like a scolded puppy and then holds onto the shame for the rest of his life, overly aware of the thing that got criticized every single time he does it. he also might cry if it's especially mean/confrontational 😥
How do they express their anger?: he doesn't get angry often, but when he does, he doesn't really know how to express it. if it's an explosive/self righteous kinda anger, he will most definitely burst into angry tears, yell, and storm off. if he's getting angry for someone else, he MIGHT turn to violence if the situation calls for it. for less confrontational things that piss him off, he will stew in it until it blows over or gets resolved. he forgives way too easily because he just doesn’t think the bad feeling of being angry is worth it
How do they express their sadness?: bro he CRIES. a lot. that, or he will be very, very, very silent and try to isolate himself from others, often turning away help and their attempts to cheer him up
How do they express their happiness?: omg he's so cute. he gets really giddy and giggly and smiley over the tiniest bit of happiness. if he's experiencing an extreme happiness/victory, he is absolutely gonna YELL and RUN and HUG EVERYBODY WITHIN REACH
Earliest Memory: TW-violence/choking- when he was really little, maybe 4 or 5, he was at church with his family and one of the old ladies there said something nice to him about how cute and well mannered he was, his brother got mad about it and chased him into the kitchen and choked him until he had bruises 😥
Worst nightmare they’ve ever had: a giant octopus attacked his house by whipping up tornados with its tentacles 😱 He’s like, lowkey scared a tornado will come fuck his shit up now even though he’s never seen a real tornado and Michigan only gets like 6 a year and never in Muskegon
Most embarrassing moment of their life: he got stuck in a child’s swing at the public park and his friends had to call the fire department to come free him. He was on the news 😞
Hardest day of their life: his 18th birthday when his parents kicked him out with nothing but the clothes on his back and he had to sleep on a bench in Michigan Autumn
Best day of their life: the day of his first kiss 😳
What phases did they go through?: he didn't fall victim of any of the typical phases that were popular as he grew up, but he definitely carried his baby fat longer than his friends and was a chubby boy all throughout junior high and the beginning of high school before he REALLY hit his growth spurt
Guilty Pleasure: gossip 👀, boy bands
Life Motto: “You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.” – Pubilius Syrus
Describe their laugh: very big, very loud, full body laugh that gets super squeaky and wheezy when he's really riled up
Worst emotional pain they’ve been in: being told on the morning of his 18th birthday that his parents would no longer support him and he needed to leave 🙃
Relationships 🤝
Mother: Helena Elizabeth Shaw
Father: Thomas Shaw
Siblings: Garrett Keaton Shaw
Other Notable Family Members: grandparents on father’s side- Gloria and Hal Shaw
Friends: Emiliano, Scarlett, Kamaria, Royal, Sebastian, Lincoln
Mentors/etc: Coach Tae-joon
Enemies: Garrett 😡
Idol: Lincoln 😳
How did they meet each of their friends?: 
Emiliano- went to the same daycare when they were four and immediately hit it off. been together ever since.
Scarlett- she joined Ryker’s and Mili’s daycare a few years after them (at 7 years old) and muscled her way into their friendship
Kamaria- she caught him cheating off of her math test when they were 10 and instead of tattling on him, she found him on the playground and taught him how to do all of the questions on the test
Royal- Roy transferred to their school when they were in the seventh grade and Ryker got an instant infatuation him when he joined the football team 😍 until he realized his pretty face didn’t match his shitty personality and the crush ended and plain ol friendship took its place
Sebastian- in the 6th grade, Ryker and Bazz were made partners in a science fair project. long story short, they were questioned by the police and disqualified from the science fair but the experience forged a bond that shall never be broken
Lincoln- Link picked him up off the streets like a stray puppy when he was kicked out by his parents. then he fed him so now there’s no way he’s getting rid of him
Have they lost anybody close to them?: he basically lost his parents when they kicked him out and disowned him
Story their family tells to embarrass them in front of others: his family really only talks about Ryker to others when they're being mean/critical so in a way, every time they talk about him to other people is downright humiliating 😔
Favorites/Likes/Dislikes/Interests ⚾
Hobbies: Sports, learning kpop dances, cross stitching, building things, exercise, roller skating
Interests: carpentry, birds, poetry
Sports: American football, basketball, baseball, snowboarding, hockey
Favorite Song: Advice by Taemin
Favorite Movie: I Love You Phillip Morris
Favorite Color: orange 🍊
Favorite Animal: dogs!
Favorite Food: all of them 🤤, but especially carrot cake
Favorite Smell: coffee
Favorite gum flavor: spearmint 🍃
Favorite candle scent: strawberry fields 🍓
Favorite candy bar: Whatchamacallit
Favorite cryptid/mythical creature: Phoenix (he really likes the idea of rising up from the ashes)(also he likes birds so ya know)
Favorite school subject: PE! (he’s taking multiple phys ed classes in his senior year since he had some open slots in his schedule 👀)
Favorite chore: mopping 💦
Least favorite chore: folding clothes (he cant do it well 😥)
Favorite type of weather: Sunny! 🌞
Favorite Season: Summer 🏖
Favorite videogame genre: farming simulators
Favorite holiday: 4th of July (because he never had to celebrate it with his family and got to hang with friends instead)(also he loves fireworks)
Favorite superhero: Spiderman
Favorite genre of movie: Romantic comedies
Food 🍔
How big of an appetite do they have?: HUGE, bro can eat an entire whale and still come back an hour later for snacks
Controversial food opinion: he LOVES pineapple pizza and HATES chocolate cake
Weird food thing they do: loves cheddar and jam sandwiches 🤤
What do they eat/like to eat for breakfast: a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, and hash browns
Best thing they know how to cook: he has perfected the art of the cupcake
Food they HATE: He likes almost all food but there’s just something about breakfast burritos that he can’t stand. he usually just rips it apart and dumps hot sauce on it
Could they be vegan if they tried?: probably not, he loves dairy too much. He could MAYBE cut out meat if he reeeeeeally tried, like if it was killing him or something, but he would be sad about it
Coffee/tea/hot chocolate: hot chocolate 
Do they like celery?: Yes! especially with peanut butter
Blue cheese?: yeah, sure!
Spice tolerance: average. he can eat spicy things but he avoids the really spicy stuff because he doesn't like how it makes his tongue numb and muddles the other flavors
If they could only eat one meal for a month, what would it be?: loaded baked potato with all the toppings 👀
Romance ❤
Have they ever been in love?: yes 😌
First love/crush?: a boy he met when he was seven. his name was Jacob and his family always sat behind Ryker's family at their church. Ryker would ignore the service and just peek over the back of the pew to steal glances at him instead. he invented a whole romance in his head and continued to crush on him for years until his family moved away and he never saw him again. sigh, Jacob, wherever you are, Ryker will never forget you or the gay awakening you gave him
Current love/crush?: Lincoln 😳
What’s their type?: he’s really into pretty guys with tiny waists 😍 he’s also attracted to strong personalities and people that are really patient and treat him gently 🖤
Are they good at flirting?: he doesn't know how to flirt. his version of flirting is being really friendly and giving nervous compliments, hoping that the other person will just fall in love with him and confess first
Past romances?: nothing substantial, just a little fling that lasted like two weeks at summer camp
How do/would they react to a breakup?: he would be absolutely gutted if he had ever experienced a breakup. even if it was a terrible and unhappy relationship. being dumped would just aggravate his fear of not being good enough and being abandoned 😥
Who was their first kiss?: when he was 14, he and his friends all signed up for summer camp where he had a very brief fling with a pretty boy from a different state who kissed him one night when a group of them snuck out of their cabins to go skinny dipping. best day of his life so far
How would they react to catching their partner cheating on them?: CRY. He would be DISTRAUGHT. But he would def blame himself and try to change himself so that his partner wouldn't want to cheat on him again 😥 it would absolutely affect his future relationships too
Celebrity crush: Jude Law, Lee Taemin (from Shinee)
How many times have they been confessed to?: more than he can remember. Mostly girls who don't realize he's gay yet. He's a chick magnet FOR SURE. really sweet and tall and handsome and athletic, what more could you want?
How many times have they confessed?: just once, to the boy at summer camp, and only after he confessed first
Love language (how they show their love): acts of service
Love language (how they prefer to be shown love): words of affirmation
When/where did they lose their virginity?: he hasn't yet 😳
Would they fuck their clone?: no, that would def be too weird for him. also two indecisive people in bed would be a nightmare
What do they think is the sexiest part of the body?: B-booty... 🍑
Are they a monster fucker?: he doesnt even know what that means tbh
Do they watch porn?: he has watched it on occasion but the fear of being caught by his parents was too strong so he didn't make a habit of it
Kinks: praise kink 👏👏
Stance on recreational drugs: hes too nervous to do them himself but he supports people who do (aka half his friends...). He’s accidentally eaten a few edibles, thinking they were normal chocolates and got totally lost in the sauce. that experience was enough for him for the next ten years at least
Tits or ass: Ass 😩🙏
What are they like when they’re drunk?: he’s underage so he only drinks when his friends find a way to sneak some alcohol. he’s def the type to get really overly emotional and loving, but also the type to be loud and reckless and wind up hurt or in trouble
Ever been in trouble with the law?: its pretty common for his friends to get into illegal shenanigans so yes, too many times
Fun Miscellaneous 🎡
Would they pick up a hitchhiker?: Ryker is so caring and trusting that he would ABSOLUTELY pick up a hitchhiker, even if he was covered in blood and holding an axe
What would they do if they were in a horror movie?: he would either die immediately or sacrifice himself to save others
How do they respond to someone else crying?: cry with them or act like a goofball to make them laugh
What would they be like in a zombie apocalypse?: the instant he was faced with the task of killing someone he loves who has been transformed into a zombie, he would give up and let them eat him
Could they kill someone if they HAD to?: no
How often are they late?: never! He's always the first to arrive, usually with treats for everyone else
What’s their meme knowledge?: he only knows what Sebastian takes the time to explain to him in excruciating detail and once he knows it, he very happily sends every version of it he finds to Sebastian with a caption like "look what i saw haha! 😃"
Would they let a little kid paint their nails?: yes of course absolutely it would be an HONOR
What would they do if a little kid wanted to play dress up with them?: yes of course absolutely it would be an HONOR. he would def wear whatever the kid wanted him to wear. whether it was a frilly pink dress or a horse suit. and he would get SUPER into pretending
Favorite position to sit in on the couch: he's a big boy so he needs lots of space. He usually sits a little slumped with his thighs spread or both feet on an ottoman/coffee table
Character song: Good News by Mac Miller
Preferred method of travel: he prefers to be a passenger in one of his friends' cars. Too much a responsibility to drive himself and he feels cramped on other forms of transportation like planes/buses/subway
Which social media do they use?: he has a Twitter and Instagram and Facebook but doesn't really use any of them that much. he’s too sensitive to deal with the toxicity of the internet
Driving habits/type of car they drive: he's a super careful driver and obeys traffic laws to the T. But he's also a nervous/defensive driver so you know he's that dude thats always waving people ahead at intersections and such. when he was living with his parents, he was allowed to drive his brother’s old car which was a black, 2016 Chrysler 300. since he was kicked out, he sometimes drives Link’s green Kia Soul
Sleeping Position/Habits/Wardrobe: stomach and back sleeper, usually wears just a pair of underwear or loose exercise shorts, has super detailed and long dreams, sometimes whimpers in his sleep like a puppy 🥺
Do they believe in any legends/cryptids/aliens/mythical creatures?: he swears he's seen ghosts multiple times at his grandparents house, and believes in aliens, Bigfoot, and absolutely any cryptid/legend that has roots in Indigenous  mythology because i dunno man it just seems like they know what they’re talking about, you know?
Music taste: sappy love songs, mellow alternative music, k-pop
Funniest/Favorite joke in their repertoire: he’s gotten people with the “someone here said you look like an owl” “Who?” joke like a billion times and he STILL giggles like a fool when they fall for it. He busts it out at the most random/unexpected times and so even people he’s already gotten with it fall for it again. When getting chased by the cops after doing some illegal shit, he and Roy were hiding behind a Taco Bell and he was like, “in case we don’t make it out of here alive... i wanted to tell you that someone was saying that you look and sound just like an owl the other day at school” and Roy, ever the vain and confrontational bastard, was like “Who?” then the cops heard Ryker’s giggling and found them 😩
If given the chance, would they fly a plane?: nooooope. Too much responsibility
Are they a good singer?: he's not bad! Definitely couldn't make a living of it, but he has good tone
Singing habits: likes to sing very softly while he does things around the house
Can they fight?: he has plenty of experience defending himself from his brother but its scrappy and relies on brute strength rather than skill
WILL they fight?: no please 😰 (unless he has to defend one of his friends, then he will)
What bug/animal do they have personal beef with?: mosquitos LOVE him. (Because hes so sweet 😘) So the mere sound of them awakens a fight or flight response in him he doesn't even experience when threatened with violence from his brother
Dumbest thing they’ve ever done: drank an entire liter of sunny d on the drive to the amusement park and then barfed it all up on the first roller coaster 🙃
Smartest thing they’ve ever done: trust Lincoln 😊
How rebellious are they?: he's quietly rebellious. Confrontation is not his thing, so he tries not to outwardly rebel against authority unless he reeeally needs to, but he begins having rebellious thoughts from an early age (right around the time he realized he was gay)
What’s the most rebellious thing they’ve done?: he didn't go running to his parents, begging them to take him back when he was kicked out, and thats a pretty good representation of his silent rebellion
How do they respond to cold/hot: Ryker LOVES heat and summer but is a little sensitive to cold/turns into a bit of a pitiful baby when he's really cold 🥶
Are they good at videogames?: nope 
What genre of videogames are they best at?: farming simulators
What genre of videogames are they worst at?: sport/competitive games like Madden/Rocket League
Thrill seeker?: only a tiny bit
Would they bungee jump?: if his friends did it first before him and reassured him he wouldn't die
Sky dive?: no, too scary👎
Do they enjoy rollercoasters?: yes! Except for the ones that jerk him around. He doesnt like the feeling of knocking into the harness
What would they wear to a fancy event?: he would have no idea how to dress for a fancy event, so he would get Scar and Roy to help him. then he’d probably wind up looking somethin like this:
Tumblr media
Have they committed any crimes?: yes, mostly unintentionally or at the behest of his friends
Worst crime committed: the others talked him into vandalizing a police car with a bucket of paint. It still haunts him to this day, wondering if the police will ever find him and throw him in prison 😳 ACAB tho
Exercise of choice: the clean and jerk and dead lift 🏋️‍♂️ he prefers weight training over cardio but running is a good stress relief so he does that too
Sportsmanship: he's a wonderful sport. Never rubs it in peoples faces when he beats them at something. Losing makes him really nervous and upset but he never ever takes it out on anybody but himself, and only when nobody is around
What’s a lesson they learned the hard way?: Silence is an answer. Doing nothing is still doing something, even if it doesn’t feel like it
What thing accidentally traumatized them as a child?: a needlessly graphic Christian cartoon his parents made him watch when he was like 6. He is a little sensitive/scared of religious imagery (specifically Jesus stuff) to this day
Family traditions: nothing really. they did the typical white american stuff for holidays but didn’t even decorate the house together. Helena would do it while everyone else was at school/work. every year for his birthday, Ryker got a store bought chocolate cake.
Lucky ritual/item: he and his teammates all participate in silly baseball luck rituals that change every season depending on what new thing seemingly “works”, Scar made everyone in their group a personalized friendship bracelet out of woven string and beads that Ryker thinks is lucky because it holds all the love of their friendship in it 🥺
Superstitions: you gotta hold your breath when going through a tunnel or over a bridge or else it’s bad luck
Things they consider a good omen: bad weather before an important day (sport game, big test, first date)
Things they consider a bad omen: bad dreams
Random goals they have that are NOT about education/romance/career: grow a beard, embrace his sexuality and learn to express it in a way that’s uniquely Ryker~
What was their comfort item as a baby?: a baby blanket with little planes and trains on it. His parents threw it away when he was eight though because apparently he needed to “grow up”
If they could only have one sense, what would they want?: Taste! Food is king!
First pet: None 😟 He once found a stray kitten when he was little that he begged his parents to let him keep but they took it to the shelter anyway
Current pet: None 😟 
Future pet goal: He wants a whole pack of animals to love! Dogs and cats and maybe some birds or lizards or snakes, anything that he can love and care for!
Dog person or cat person?: he loves all cute animals but he does have a slight preference for dogs because he is basically a golden retriever in a human’s body and would love a pet that can match his energy level/go on runs with him
Mistake they made as a child they still remember/regret: he tattled on a kid for something and the kid’s parents responded angrily toward their kid and it made Ryker feel really guilty. vowed to always side with the guy at a disadvantage from then on
Piece of media they were obsessed with as a child?: Toy Story 🙏
What’s one thing that they Just. Don’t. Understand.?: So, so many things. But to pick one- he doesn’t understand national debt... how do countries be in debt TO EACH OTHER like... if they owe us three trillion and we owe them 2 trillion then why... why are we still in debt for 2 trillion why don’t we just knock 2 tril off their debt why... whyyyy? what does it mean? what even IS money? why can’t we print more? can’t we go back to trading goods and services? it makes so much more sense.....
How do they play Minecraft?: he likes low effort, low risk games, so you know he just does creation mode and makes mansions with a bunch of pet wolves 😊
Movie/TV quote they say all the time: “You are a child’s plaything!”- toy story
Do they like talking on the phone?: Yes. He can talk on the phone for hooooouuuuurs
Go-to karaoke song: Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
How long does it take them to respond to texts/messages?: he responds IMMEDIATELY. leaving someone on read makes him feel guilty. he’s the type of dude to apologize for replying late even if it’s only been half an hour
What would their hoard be if they were a dragon?: puppies
What material would they be made of if they were a golem?: that fun sand stuff that’s really soft and malleable
Do they go out of their way to step on crunchy leaves?: of course
How do they decorate a snowman?: he does the classic carrot nose, scarf, gloves on the end of stick arms. And he always makes them smile very big with rocks
Strangest thing they do: when he eats anything with layers (cake, nutty bar, lasagna, etc) he eats it layer by layer instead of a bite with each layer in it at a time
Are they proud or ashamed of it?: it drives Roy insane so he’s pretty proud of it
What weird thing would they name their hypothetical child if they could?: Tsunami. he just likes how it sounds 🤷‍♂️
Sport opinion/bias they inherited from family: His family has completely different opinions than him so he actually didn’t inherit any of their biases! (phew)
At what percent of battery left do they charge their phone?: you know my boy plugs his phone in at 40% just in case
How do they act around authority?: most authority figures adore him because he’s so respectful and polite. he’s a little scared of authority and does his best not to get on their bad side
Are they good at small talk?: the best! he’s genuinely interested in other people and so asks a lot of questions and encourages people to talk
Niche thing they can talk about forever?: craft stuff! stuff like cross stitch patterns or carpentry. he has a million ideas and he can just talk and talk and talk about them and how he would do them and where he would put them etc, etc
What types of videos are recommended to them on their YouTube home page?: Lots of cute animal videos and sappy love songs from various artists. there’s also some how-to videos like “how to build a headboard” and “cross stitch tips for beginners”. also tons of videos like “these best friends haven’t seen each other in eight years but one flew in to surprise other!” and “watch this father learn he’s going to be a grandpa!” and stuff like that because he’s totally a sap and watches those just to cry tears of joy
What do they bring to a party?: Ryker’s the guy bringing snacks. He’s got the biggest appetite and the best taste (he’s always sharing new, off brand snacks that he discovered to be actually way better than expected) so he stocks up on the chips and dips and cookies and candy and shows up with like 6+ grocery bags filled to the brim
Can they tie a tie?: no, absolutely not. his dad showed him how one time and then refused to help him again because “i already taught you this, figure it out” so every time he needs a tie tied, he gets Roy to help him
How do they clean their room?: at his parents’ house, he was supposed to always have a really clean and pristine room or else he’d get in trouble and they’d remove his door from the hinges so he got into the habit of always cleaning up RIGHT AWAY. after getting kicked out and being picked up by Link, he was still nervous about getting in trouble to he’d continue to be the cleanest roommate ever until Link finally convinces him that he’s not going to kick him out over a little mess
What would they change about themselves?: he wants to be smarter, less dyslexic, stronger willed, better at standing up for himself
And that’s all for Ryker! (until the group questions of course 🥰) I hope everyone who reads this loves him very much because he deserves all the love in the world 🖤🖤
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the-firebird69 · 1 year
Do all Corgis we are having a pilgrimage race you are truly a snood from Miami and other locations the first ones to arrive get free Sim products tonight we're giving away the small houses and we're giving tiles way to winners who arrived first damn it's 1,000 people at each location that we name and you have to go right up to it but you have to go there and we want to show people that you can go there and back and to lake Okeechobee within 1000 yards of the lake and our computer registers it it'll put Marcus up 1,000 yards is 3000 feet is 1/2 Mile it's more than half mile I should be able to judge it is pretty far 1/2 miles far it's further than the eye can see so if you go up and you can see the lake when you've gone too far
The other is for the chasm and still the other is for Disneyland and will be helping the runners what's the pass will be clear some of you will be lost in the woods and underbrush like Dempsey was in North Carolina because he's an idiot and a lot of people have fun at work talking about including her son so you went out and got lost but he did at UMass even think of it I said it too I didn't really think of that but something stupid happened to you some reason just know who or why no I don't think so I will be putting effort into it they're putting a half a sub for you bothering me believe you me so loud. So asking what beverage they want to drink during the race this is a racist we're going to begin it and every 20 minutes 120 is a start forming up the Miami herald's nude you may wear shoes and sneakers and running socks and all the real stuff you can bring your clothing with you in the backpack. They're choosing gear almost all of them it's just a lot of corky 7 have beer there and it's going to be this table type thing and people handing you cups of beer do you drink with plastic see-through party cups not the Teeny ones you don't need a urine sample thank you as you go by please don't pee p beforehand or after we have had this problem the best so as you see the table please urinate immediately or hold it until you go by the table and probably like 20 feet is good 30 feet is better 40 is the best 50 and you won't get disqualified that's supposed to be peeing while running anyways and really it's kind of a jog because you guys never leave run put Brian out there and run the seas in the show it's safe you want to go out and stop and come back and not to run into the lake but it could even be just big fish.
The race begins shortly we have our pods handed out in the necklace format and it's the type that is longer so you want to lose it in his cloth can all say that your mental health professionals the effects of love it millions. Millions millions and millions and millions of formula we're going to get you Mac and we going to put you in the mental hospital. Huge lines of them tons of dragon memorabilia the girl that came over to the men's house And drew the Dragon. She's been sequestered to draw the Dragon and I will get to pay her for it and she's going to make the drawing and she's going to do it in there that's the ink pens she has other formats she's going to try and bring since the drone is not going to cut it she's to see it somehow I have to lift her up in the air and put a light on it can be close enough but no she can use binoculars very good binoculars telescope dismounted if it doesn't move so not a real life girl he's laughing and one of them as well it would make sense if you're not that particular race since I'm not them at all Kelly wants to do it we asked if she can draw a painter she said not really she just cheated you take a picture and whole bunch of jumping through paintings be right up next to it with aloe Halo 4 wheel drive with lyrics of smoke no move it away from me yes move it away from you yes so I hated her there I hate her now I hate you from entering it no yes kelly says.
What what Mac says
Those are corkbeywords Mac
Oh no max says
So there's a huge crowd I'm officiating men and women there how to tell the difference like blobs 4 figure out where they're from in the cloning facilities sick of that stuff they all say it and we're releasing them momentarily and then drinking tons of beer downtown Miami your sirens off the distance try to get in there you can't obviously there's too many people and there's tons and tons coming to Miami downtown is full House characters the one in new house they were telling him the package the first prize winners and their armies to new house new car U-boat the pool and some other dude adds a come with it though if you party packs and food packs have a great time dreaming about it the jaculating all over the place is semen and sperm everywhere through slippery true that there are also having intercourse right in front of us so you should probably get the show on the road don't drink as much as I can cuz if we could be the calories to stop screwing around supposed to post apelliptic scene my husband says. It is very weird as people are all sticky because there's beer all over them and they also have feces on them lots of them somehow drank too much beer too fast and just pooped it out extension are we going to have to bring in the water trucks to watch it out of here I do that now cops are really pissed off and they can't get here yes corky tidwell take there cop cars in gear let them go and run security should we do it naked with belts on have an extra baton lots of them. They say were observant. And tell they were offering their autograph and if they want your name on the plaque so where can I put up a wall wall of Martyrs give their life for Max cause. They say it to this is for your Mac drink it down and they're running the movie it doesn't matter if they're at the front of the pack or not so time that matters the movie pretty good love and yelling get out of the way girl the way you move and it's not working there's probably 7 9 alien people from each area in Florida running to it and there are more at the chasms of North and it's feeling all sorts of people to come out this massive crowds and instead of releasing every 20 minutes when you released constantly and they can just have the times whenever they received their pog press the parking and it activates it and the time starts the light turns on so we can keep track of them so they don't get lost whole bunch of them are off the course in the bushes doing something the whole way there by the way solstice custom thing I've ever seen in my life disgusting thing. It doesn't serve the washing their photo and so am I happy valley maybe get off to the guys they're doing it it's a girl thing cuz I would take you that's what he was saying I'm tired of these clones but. So the race is on and you say there might be with that song came from so soul survivor solitary survivor Anna is from the 80s and then in the house a new house to the new car and it's all Sim what's maybe Brad's company so they're all sight and there's tons of people coming out now do I know how many winners we tell him it's round somebody winners and the same is it doesn't make sense so I say this we have rounds and each part is a different color and we hand out so many around about 9 non alien poor Pearl lake Okeechobee and it's about 10 million winners of the first round level fries pictures of this number about half of a percent it's not running and think it's not bad do people collect each other and not for time but really a space is and tons of people are coming down
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