themostat · 2 days
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More gotham studies!! Just ed this time :)
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intricate-ritualz · 2 days
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it’s actually been scientifically proven that throwing the drug you’re addicted to into a body of water allows you to quit cold turkey with no additional side effects
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It'd be funny if there was residual fear toxin in Gotham, but the Gothamites don't notice since they've been around it for so long, but anyone who goes to the city for the first time is just like fuckin plagued by nightmares for the first week of being there for seemingly no reason.
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frownyalfred · 2 days
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Batman - All Media Types Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Alfred Pennyworth & Bruce Wayne Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, various background Gotham OCs Additional Tags: Alfred Pennyworth is the Best, BAMF Alfred Pennyworth, Good Parent Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne Needs a Hug, Gotham City is Terrible, Gotham Academy, Parent-Child Relationship, Young Bruce Wayne, no beta we die like jason todd, Family Feels, Fluff and Angst, Based on a Tumblr Post, pov you come to support your ward, and a class full of eight year olds tries to parse the class divide Summary:
It wasn’t his place -- far from it -- but Bruce had asked.
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little-umbrella-boy · 18 hours
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I think I finally figured out my digital art style 😭🙌
I had so much fun making this Oml
I’m literally obsessed with the first two
He’s just so silly fun
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college!au or something 😗
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funkingpetvulture · 3 days
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School//University riddlebird AU???????????
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jpl40rk539 · 3 days
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«The classic» Riddler as a solo parent is fine. But what about the Riddler from Batman 2022?
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batfambyval · 1 day
Tim at breakfast: ya know, since i started at WE I’ve been spending time at Wayne Plaza. I was hoping you guys could help me track down the architect to help with that new affordable housing project.
Jason (bored): sounds great Timmy.
Dick: of course baby bird!
Damian: tt, of course you need help with such a menial task.
Bruce (internally panicking): I don’t think that’s such a good idea Tim.
Alfred (in consternation): no, indeed it is not.
Tim, Jason, Dick, and Damian: *confused noises*
Bruce (biting the bullet): yeah I’m not hiring The Joker to build affordable housing.
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jokerz-dozen · 3 days
So you are all probably quite familiar with the hallucination Oswald scene and the song he sings well, the song “wake up alone” is about a wife who’s concerned about her husband who doesn’t come back and night and is genuinely worried about him, and it PERFECTLY fits the mood of Ed not coming back for dinner. And the reason Oswald dressed that way is because that’s how ed believed that’s how Oswald would dress if they got married. The whole scene is built on Ed’s guilt of shooting Oswald and denying his feelings. But that’s just a theory.
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orikeepitasecret · 3 days
You think rumors went around Gotham about what happened to the third Robin when Tim's dad made him quit? Like it's not like Batman is gonna tell people that.
I'm personally choosing to believe that rumors eventually get b to that basically joker junior happened and THAT'S why Robin 3 isn't patrolling any more
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furikass · 14 hours
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Becasuse every Riddler version makes fangirls go crazy for him. 👀👌💘
Screencap from the episode Riddler’s Reform (Batman TAS)
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intricate-ritualz · 2 days
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vladimir-utyug · 1 day
It's literally Oswald's
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random-gothamite · 15 hours
Not Jason threatening to sick Red Hood on our professor for giving me an F for telling him that Sappho was, in fact, a lesbian (I didn't even say "you fucking moron")
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heddailler · 2 days
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this drawing just erupted from my heart
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