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twistedr0sebud · 2 days
short snippet - glaring
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Awkward encounter on their first year...
A little edit I did of their dynamic! During their first years at NRC/RSA, Malleus, Fiore and Aurelius meet again years after their last incident in the past (much to the confusion of others around them).
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bunnwich · 22 days
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eunzul · 6 months
btw dropping the full edit cuz maybe y'all want it or sumthing'
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strawberry-soot · 3 months
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have some more memes i collected like washed up seashells at the beach.
edit: I fixed Floyd's hair. No I don't know where the black strand went or why it was gone but it came home and is already rearing to squeeze everyone and anyone now that the real Floyd is back.
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blueberry-pride · 3 months
How do you think trey, Idia, rook, leona and kalim would deal with having a sweet and cute s/o who is convinced the boys are the cute ones of the relationship and s/o is puzzled when other people don’t agree with the guys being the cute one? They’re convinced other people have bad tastes. As hcs please :))
Don't Deny It Babe~
warnings: Berry's grammar, semi proof-read and like two curse words
Berry: I greatly apologize for those who have been waiting for these since February from the 100 followers event. And thank you all for the overwhelming support from the last post, love you guuys 🥰
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"Are you sure about that babe? I mean..." He chuckled as he scratched the back of nis neck.
Trey would be as confused as the others at first when he heard you claim that he's the cute one in the relationship
Would just have a sheepish smile as he rolls with your antics cuz why not? you're not hurtin anybody but he does get shy when you would debate about it ESPECIALLY with the other Heartslabyul members
Moments like these happened often, which would gradually led to Trey feeling more comfortable and started teasing you about it when the opportunity presents itself. like putting a dash of flour on your nose to have flustered or even calling you 'cutie' at times~
I also see as this goes on that he'd be the one to tell Heartlsabyul or among close friends that you're cute just to see you're reaction. (goodluck (Y/N)!)
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"Maybe you should get your eyes checked Pillow, ain't no way in hell I'm...'cute'"
He's the type who wholeheartedly disagrees about your statement more than others. Just imagine Savanaclaw. Ruggie was legit concerned about you when you told him.
He'd do that thing where whenever you guys are walking around campus, his arm is always draped on your shoulders just in case if ever the convo is directed at him being the cute one, he'd clamp your mouth and say farewell to whomever you're both talking with
I also see that when you're trying to convince him, he'd squish your cheeks so you're mouth would be puckered as another way to shut you up (may or may not lead to a kiss) He'd look into your eyes and smirk.
"Now who's the cute one now huh~?"
Even if he realizes it or is just in plain denial (stubborn ass) He'll slowly just let you go with whatever you're spouting about him cuz honestly he likes it when you debate about it ESPECIALLY if it just so happens to be with Vil. "Yeah Vil, don't you see I'm fuckin AdOraBlE?"
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"Eh? Sunshine, you think I'm cute?" Kalim's eyes lit up as he looked at you to which you affirmed with a chuckle. Kalim stood up and ran towards the kitchen. "JAMIL , (Y/N) THINKS I'M CUTE!"
You know, we know, the entirety of NRC knows, he's one golden boi whenever you call him cute or talk about it with others.
Give some moral support to Jamil cuz he's gonna be hearing this everyday from now on. "Hey I know we have this important dorm leader meeting to attend to in a min but (Y/N) called me cute again toda-"
When it comes to people that says otherwise, he's likely to pull you out of it before it drags on. He'd chuckle as he drags you back to Scarabia for some afternoon snacks to distract you~
Would start giving you more compliments but not the ones that are generic like "you look good today" but rather he'd say "Y'know I really like it when you do this little quirk of yours. I find it really interesting cuz it's well...you" all said with a genuine smile and a soft gaze. (ma heart)
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"Ma belle my heart swoons over your flattery~" Rook smiles as a faint blush grows across his cheeks. I see him being flustered but is just really good at hiding cuz internally he's like 'I've been complimenting other people all my life but now?? You came along??'
Would lovingly watch you argue if people say otherwise. Cuz despite you claiming that he's the cute one, why not you AND him? well just between you two anyway and who cares what other people think!
He's in it for the dramatics both in private or in public so when you compliment him, he'd like put a hand on his chest, go down on one knee and act as if he's part of a play~
you two test Vil and Leona's patience istg
Whenever it's time to print out his photographs of the two of you, he'd write little captions on it "I'm the cute one, she says~" or "there are 2 cuties in this picture." It's corny but this man is in love knowing that you see him that way <3
Tumblr media
All I could think of at first is that this man would have war flashbacks to that time he got abducted by Eliza
"EH??" Idia exclaimed. Straight up denial like Leona but I see this fire son of a- would just start talking in immense speed and list down all the possibilities on why he's not.
Remember that one groovy in ghost bride where his hair turns slightly pink cuz everyone was flustering him? yeah his locks went from #3a8df7 to #FA86c4 through majority of your guys' relationship
Though... that's in public. But when its just the two of you in his room, he'll slowly warm up to your claims (along with some persistence from his bro Ortho like him randomly leaving sticky notes with the words 'you're cute, stop it.' printed on it)
"Heh,I mean I guess..." His cocky smile grows. "My archetype in an anime or a video game would be seen as cute~ would that mean I'm your Oshi then (Y/N)-shi~?"
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tartppola · 1 month
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croobies :D
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qyuuri · 3 months
Take 'em.
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twst-quotes · 1 month
Rook: I've had a haircut that I've regretted
Leona: is it the one you have now?
Rook: no
Leona: well it should be
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hebidanshi · 2 months
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Little Malleus edit...
Let me know if you like it. I'll edit his other cards if requested. (Send requests via ask if you have any.)
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estcaligo · 3 months
some of you already know what happens when I am bored some also know how much I love the guest room feature lol
well here we go again, next level I was stressed and bored so I started…cleaning…......💀💀💀 and decorating……
idk this may be a new tag game? like, what will your/your OC's twst room look like? choose your dorm and decorate your room ?? (should I make a new post for that???)
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mine lol
and empty rooms
you can use them, but with credits please because it took a while to clean them
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beelscustard · 5 months
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adrianasunderworld · 4 months
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twisted-fishbaiit · 6 months
The wrath of the prefect
Tumblr media
[ edit: I forgot their marks on the eyes so I fixed it ;-; ]
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heartslabyulis · 7 months
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Apparently Cater's hair isn't actually tied up, it's not even half it's a pompadour. I'm guessing he added the hairclip so it would look like his hair is tied
Tumblr media Tumblr media
( pompadour ; in which the hair is turned back off the forehead in a roll )
Tumblr media
: you can find this in the magical archives
Tumblr media
All this time my whole life is a lie 😭😭😭
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strawberry-soot · 4 months
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throws you memes like an old woman feeding pigeons at the park
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blueberry-pride · 3 months
Can you do headcanons for Leona, Jack, Trey, and the tweels with a small gn!s/o who “borrows” their clothing items (like a jacket or something) often and it looks super oversized? 
It's Not Called "Stealing"~
warnings: N/A
Berry: Hi everyoone! New Years are upon us and as you may have noticed I've closed the ask box but it is temporarily to help me setup for the follower event! I will finish the rest of the requests before I officially announce what I have in store <3
Tumblr media
The first time he saw this, He was about to greet you but almost immediately went to shut his mouth cuz he didn't wanna interrupt what you were doing (It's a funny and adorable sight to him)
Lowkey is the type to take blurry pics of you wearing his clothes, especially the jacket he wore in the Vargas camp. He'd tease you afterward of course ~
He'd be a bit weary especially if you so happen to "borrow" his dorm hat (cuz he doesn't wanna have an incomplete uni in front of Riddle) but when his outfit is not in use he'd happily lend it to you
Would be the type of BF that would help you adjust his clothing to fit you better. I see him as the cheeky one who he'd keep on "fixing" his hat on top of your head for a little longer just too close to see you get flustered at how close you guys are <3
A cute thing that I would see is that later down the line he'd call in his parents to send him some of his old clothes from home as a gift to his (Y/N)~
Tumblr media
At first, Leona thought that his clothes were being washed by Ruggie more so than usual...like they kept on disappearing and reappearing. That's when he found your scent had lingered in some of them and it clicked for ya boi.
You just gave this man an ego boost I swear
He'd deadass just buys more stuff and just oh so happen to leave them around his room for you to wear or if not (cuz Ruggie would give him an earful) he'd put them in places that's easy for you to get
He's a bit more smug than usual, "happier" if you will, knowing you're somewhere around campus, proudly showing off that you're his and vice versa ~
When you do return some of his clothes, he often spends time laying in his bed sniffing them (it's a bit weird but hey he's a beastman) It's the scent of his mixing in with yours that just well...leaves Leona in a calm state of mind. It soothes him either to yet another nap or in a better mood.
Tumblr media
He'd be a proud and bashful boi~ <3
He first saw you wearing his school blazer and ya gotta listen to me (Y/N) Jack is yknow...JACKED so that's one baggy blazer. There's that instinct of his that makes him want to protect you more cuz you look so soft and warm in something that's his
He won't straight up say it but his tail would start wagging when he sees you wearing them either when you guys are hanging out of campus or just hanging in each other's room
Similar to Jack, he loves that your scent is still in his clothes once you gave them back, which makes him more determined and allowed him to focus on whatever he's doing
Next time Jack's out looking for clothes, he'd bring you along cuz he'd be the type to trust your taste since you like his attire so much (aww)
Tumblr media
Another bf that would tease their s/o relentlessly~
I could see Jade as the type to compliment you but the type where he'd whisper them lovingly in your ear cuz he likes to see your reaction~
Would sometimes just let you borrow some of his clothes even tho he needs them at that moment. He'd have this proud smile despite being nagged by Azul for being in an incomplete uniform. "It seems I happen to have lost it~" Jade chuckled as he eyed you in the corner, casually wearing his hat
On the occasion he does need one of his clothes, he loves the chase of finding you and getting it back (I pray for you but you might be into it-)
I could see him as the kind of bf that would take pictures or fond over you from a distance. He gets a kick out of people's reaction once they found out that your clothes are actually his. entertaining and adorable. *mentally takes note to shower you in affection later~*
Tumblr media
Out of all the guys here, he'd be one of the happiest once he found out. Like he'd run up to you and twirl you around cuz you look adorable
He's in a much more cooperative and better mood (Riddle and Azul mentally thanked you for this one) especially when you so happen to pass by him.
Even when you didn't "borrow" something from him, I see him straight up giving you one of his clothes or accessories to wear for the day. like, imagine him waking up early just to pick out what accessory of his he wants you to parade around campus~!
I see him taking pics of you wearing them as well as putting one of them as his lock screen cuz his tiny koebi-chan looks good~
Later down the line, he'd bring you on shopping dates to buy matching outfits inspired by all of this happening~ (be it the same attire or coordinating ones) Idk why but I see him taking really good or candid shots of your guys' outfits
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