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cyrwrites · 13 days
Somewhere Out There...
Danny is Catherine and Wills' kid and is separated from his brother, Jason, while they are being forced into Gotham's foster care system.
Being the trickier of the two, and by far the most experienced, Jason Todd managed to get away from the trafficking rings.
Daniel Todd most definitely did not.
In another news, Amity Park may be Danny's best home situation so far, even if he was killed by his adoptive parents' strange ghost science.
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nelkcats · 30 days
Restraining order
Due to a problem in Amity Park with their parents, Jazz decided that it was in Danny's best interest to move in with her until she could have full custody of him, the legal process was really long when you had no connections, her brother was happy with that arrangement.
However when he decided to move to Gotham with Jazz, Danny heard rumors about Bruce Wayne and his entourage of black-haired, blue-eyed children, similarly there were other rumors about the "Gotham Knight" who kept adopting children and transforming them into "Robin", or at least, that's what the kids on the Alley told him.
So, he made the most logical decision possible: he applied for a restraining order, for both: Batman and Bruce Wayne, he justified in court that it was for his own safety and he had nothing against them but he preferred if they stayed far from him, considering his trauma it was for the better. Jazz supported him and gave her professional opinion which sped up the process; Harvey Dent found the case hilarious so he supported the siblings and they got the court order.
For his part, Bruce was extremely confused when he found Jason laughing at a document that had arrived in the mail at the mansion, his confusion only increased when his League communicator beeped, alerting him to an urgent call from Flash.
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hailsatanacab · 10 months
Chapters: 3/? Fandom: Danny Phantom, Batman - All Media Types Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Danny Fenton & Damian Wayne, Batfamily Members & Danny Fenton Characters: Danny Fenton, Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth Additional Tags: Good Sibling Damian Wayne, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Danny Fenton and Damian Wayne are Twins, Danny Fenton Needs A Hug, Implied/Referenced Torture, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Not Phantom Planet Compliant (Danny Phantom), Bad Parents Jack and Maddie Fenton, Gun Violence, Blood and Violence, Gunshot Wounds, Mugging, Medical Torture, Vivisection Summary:
“If you ever find yourself in danger, go to Bruce Wayne. He will help you.”
His mother had loved him, in her own way. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have helped him escape. If she hadn’t, she would have dragged him back to the League of Assassins, to Grandfather. If she hadn’t, he’d be dead.
She loved him, but she loved the League more.
Jack and Maddie Fenton loved him too, they did, but they loved their work more.
They loved their work more.
After his parents react poorly to his reveal, Danny escapes to the only person he thinks can help him - Bruce Wayne. He doesn't know what to expect when he gets there, but it has to be better than where he is, surely? He certainly doesn't expect to be reunited with his long lost twin brother Damian. It's funny how things work out that way.
Chapter 3!! Chapter 3!! Chapter 3!!
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daxromana · 1 year
it's like. how much of what clara does in dark water/death in heaven is actually about danny and how much of it is about clara's need to feel like she's in control and that the universe owes her something.
and generally, to what extent does danny exist as a character in his own right and to what extent does he only represent the sort of life that clara could have (but can never have because of the person she is)?
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carcinized · 6 months
sorry for speaking curses onto the dream enjoyers. if i jinx you imsorry but also like Its Funny so
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grendelsmilf · 2 years
have you seen the new mq ep? i'm so mad that they're trying to give brad depth... let him be cartoonishly evil! also hoping for dana's corruption arc. more yelling at poppy for her <3
I mean I think it’s great that they’re letting danny pudi broaden his range more, bc he’s an incredible actor who can convey more with his eyes than many actors can convey in a whole movie. and brad is clearly a very broken person. even poppy can recognize this, and she’s... well... poppy. like, brad being cartoonishly evil was very fun for him, especially because they made the brilliant decision of casting someone so charming you can’t help but root for him even though he’s a complete and utter asshole. but brad is now getting the same backstory ian got at the end of the first season when it was revealed that his father was abusive and he then abandoned his own son out of the fear of perpetuating that cycle of paternal estrangement (thus perpetuating the cycle nonetheless). he’s sympathetic now without being any less of an asshole. he’s evil enough to put profit before merit, but not evil enough to slaughter his pet (sidenote: was brad raised xtian or did his father just make him slaughter a pig as a test even tho they weren’t gonna eat it... either way, explains a lot ngl). jo, on the other hand, was established very early on as being completely remorseless, seeing as she takes pleasure in driving children to suicide, so I think this will be a good payoff to that setup, however that arc may end. but yeah, I think it’s a good thing that they’re giving brad depth, because if they cast danny pudi in the first place, it’s because they know not to waste his talent.
as for dana, I love that they’re showing that there’s a limit to how much she can actually put up with. because she’s such an angel, and so accommodating, but she’s not a doormat either. and the contrast between her and rachel, and how race plays such a (previously) unspoken role in their dynamic, which they’re establishing now is so good. I loved when poppy was like “I’m a woman of color so it’s fine” god that was good. i love how many pee oh cee on this show get to be assholes but not necessarily in a white way (whereas jo and david are assholes in an especially white way lmfao). the gag is that if rachel were being mentored by poppy and dana was being mentored by ian, both pairs would get along so much better. ian has a way of comforting people and making them feel good about themselves even when he’s blatantly exploiting them, whereas poppy and rachel are both in their comfort zone when being argumentative and confrontational, so they would probably build off of each other’s ideas really well. unfortunately, poppy is the one who knows how to code, and ian is the one who can actually grant rachel access to resources, so they’re stuck with each other. lmao
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
im sick of this post sitting in my drafts anyway my cringe i never posted 😔✌️
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Through the shenanigans of GZ/IR portals Danny ends up in a completely different dimension (DC’s my preference) that has heroes. There’s no ghosts to fight and he doesn’t want to step on any toes with this dimensions hero population, meaning Danny Phantom gets a vacation.
( I like to think Danny fought the ghosts in Amity because he opened the portal and felt responsible for it and originally there wasn’t anyone else that really could fight them. If he still has to satisfy an obsession while there he now has time and an entire new star system to learn about. )
Danny somehow ends up at a job interview as a food delivery boy accidentally, it’s definitely not 100% above the table because he doesn’t legally exist there but still gets the job.
Things are going well, he’s doing a good job and making his delivery’s on time via the use of ghost powers on occasion. Eventually he gets a delivery for a completely different city, over two hours away, they’re willing to pay a ton to get it delivered to them. Danny decides to see if he can finish the delivery while the foods still hot.
He gets there in under 10 minutes.
The person that made the order is definitely a hero, and when they got their food two hours early freak out. Asking Danny how he did it. Danny looks them dead in the eyes and says “We have a delivered hot guaranty.” They try to question Danny, but Danny already got paid, he gave them their food, he can leave, so he just walks away and tells them to enjoy their meal.
The hero tells other ones and they decided to order from there as well and get told that when ever Danny’s on shift the delivery range doesn’t have a limit. Obviously they test it. He delivers to a random rooftop in Bloodhaven at 2am. The top of the Dailyplanet. Hong Kong, via a Blackbat/Orphan order. The Titan’s Tower some how.
Eventually someone orderers to one of the places that’s almost impossible to get to, but he does it, he delivers to the watchtower, in space. Just shows up in the middle of the room in front of the person that ordered, and goes “I don’t miss deliveries.” And walks away into space.
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alienzil · 1 month
DP x DC Prompt/notion #1
Danny is summoned by some superheroes. Maybe by accident or maybe they didn't know what they were doing but they don't really know who he is (or that he's the ghost king)
Danny isn't entirely honest about his powers or who he is for reasons and the Justice League mostly just classify him as an average power level teen hero and sign him up for the teen titans (or young justice, whichever).
After hanging out with the younger heroes for a bit, Danny gives them his summoning spell because it's the most reliable way to get ahold of him.
Danny's summing spell has very specific requirements (as is the norm) but after a while one of the other heroes gets annoyed at having to go through the whole process every time they need Danny (maybe Danny is going back and forth between Amity and the hero team and they have to summon him every few days?) Specifically, I'm picturing Red Robin. So he decides there has to be a better way.
There's a big battle and Danny isn't there. The teen heroes all have a pretty good idea by this point that Danny is more powerful than the Justice League knows. They're dodging explosions and flying debris and one of them shouts to Tim that they need to summon Danny, does he have the supplies?!
"Download the app!" Tim shouts back.
"App?!" they respond "What app?!"
"The app I made to summon Phantom, it's in our secure sever."
"That can't possibly work?! The summoning needs a circle drawn while chanting the spell!"
"The image of the circle is loaded on the screen and the spell plays via a recorded audio file. It actually works better because there's no way to mess up the incantation or the circle requirements since the app does it all!"
"You need 7 candles of pure beeswax!"
"That part's just about not being cheap with the lighting! That phone costs over a thousand dollars and has a backlit LCD screen with the highest resolution available. It exceeds the requirements."
"What about the blood?"
"There's blood inside your hand, your hand is holding the phone. It works fine. "
Naturally the app works and Danny shows up to help save the day.
I'm picturing one of the Justice League's bigger magic users (Constantine? Zatanna?) finding out about the app and they want to see it. This ultimately leads to them getting details on the summoning spell (presumably with some shenanigans along the way if the younger heroes know the secret and are helping Danny hide it) and finding out Danny is the ghost king.
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halfghostwriter · 1 month
Danny had been planning this vacation for months, and Ancients did he plan to make the most of it. His friends and parents all agreed to keep Amity safe while he’s gone for the summer, and he had Clockwork to tell him when it was time to portal back home. As he floated towards a natural portal in the ghost zone (because it’s far more fun when the destination is a surprise), he began shifting his form. He had been dealing with so much both as a human and as a ghost. School, fights, teen drama, hunters— but not this summer! This summer, it’s going to be different! He won’t have to worry about human or ghost problems, because this summer, he’s not going to be either! He’s going to be…
A Little Creature™️.
He doesn’t use his “compact” form very often, since it dampens his powers and takes away his ability to talk. But, on this vacation, he won’t need his powers. He can just wander around an unknown dimension, steal some food, sleep in a cardboard box. If he actually needs to be human for something, he can switch back no problem. But honestly? It’s fun being a little guy, even if being a little guy does make him kinda stupid. (He got stuck in a cardboard tube the first time he went into his little form. He was stuck for half an hour. Didn’t even think to phase out of it. As soon as he was pulled out of the tube, he went right back in and got stuck again). Plus, he can stay in this form for an incredibly long time— he doesn’t even switch back when he’s hurt! (Which no, it was not fun to learn that, but good to know)
Shifting into his compact form, Danny slips through the portal and finds himself wading through a big pool of stuff that seems like ectoplasm, but slightly to the left. Like yeah, it’s technically ectoplasm, the same way a carton of milk set out in the sun for three days is technically milk. Not fun to play in, horrible to eat.
As Danny pulls himself out of the gross, bubbling “ectoplasm” pool, shaking himself off, he sees some sort of big fight going down. Bunch of people with swords, some big guy dressed as a bat, some kid dressed as a traffic light. He considers stepping in for a moment, but… no. This is his vacation. Not his dimension, not his problem. Just be a Little Creature™️. He sees a bat-shaped piece of metal at his feet. He knows exactly what a Little Creature™️ would do in this scenario.
He hits it.
Then he hits it again.
Then he hits it again, and again, and again and again and again and he grabs it and bites it and rolls around with it and tail slaps it and bites it and bites it and bites it and bites it and then he almost gets stepped on.
Danny looks up from his toy to see the kid dressed as a traffic light staring down at him. The kid tries to grab the toy away from Danny only to be met by the fierce batting of his little paws. The kid moves his hand close a couple more times, and each time he’s fought off valiantly by Danny’s little paw smacks. He’s not sure why the kid looks like he’s smiling when he’s so clearly losing this battle. The kid gets distracted by the guy in the bat costume calling out to him, and Danny takes this opportunity to continue biting the bat toy, rolling with it and biting it and batting it and biting it and why is he being carried away by the kid.
Danny looks around and sees that the kid is carrying him into a big plane being piloted by the guy in the bat suit. Then he’s shoved under the kid’s cape, and he doesn’t really see too much for a few minutes. He chirps at the kid, and is met with a soft yet quick “shhh!” He waits until he can feel the plane they’re in take off to peek out of the cape and look out the window.
He can see the large pool— though it’s more of a pit, now that he sees the whole thing— that he arrived through, as well as a bunch of people running away from it. Not sure why though, it’s just a bubbling—
It blew up.
… Danny hides a bit further in the cape, clutching his bat toy a little tighter. He wound up in a very comfortable position, which made him just… a little sleepy…
Danny woke up wrapped in the cape, held by the kid, surrounded by a shocking number of people all yelling something about a “tiny pet pit demon.”
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contantscreaming · 5 months
I'm relistening to The Magnus Archives, and I made a list of Actual Canonical Details we as a fandom forget about
- sasha gets coffee from a specific coffee shop every morning
- Jon has an excellent sense of direction
- canonically in artifact storage there is: a wardrobe light cannot penetrate, a carved rock eye that interferes with the video cameras and therefore is kept in a black velvet bag, and a scalpel ride with disease no matter what they use to sterilize it, kept in a hermetically sealed plastic box
- during halloween week, they have to call in the archives as backup due to the influx of statements. jon canonically gets a good nights sleep after disproving these statements.
- Jon sincerely believes he is far too unlucky for statements to just be a hallucination
- Not-sasha asked not to be recorded multiple times
- when told he benifited from gertrude's death, jons only response was "...I didn't?"
- [daisy became police in ~2002, almost 15 years before the story starts...meaning she is canonically late thirties/early 40s
- even when compared with the paranormal, daisy considers car accidents worse
- mary keay made an eye pun "i know the institute and i haven't always seen eye to eye, as it were"
- jon noticed when ghost hunt uk stopped updating
- sasha is taller than not-sasha
- annabelle dresses like a vintage clothing store exploded on her, has bleach blonde hair and dark skin
- annabelle looked "like the type of person that talked to cleaners as if they were actual people"
- annabelle looms over the cleaner by almost a full foot, meaning she Tall
- "the moment i die will feel just the same as this one" is not just a georgie thing, it's an End thing in general, as proved in ep 70
- not-sasha tends to stay late
- martin worked at the institute in 2009
- micheal has curly sandy blonde hair
-micheal is tall
- melanie and jon are on the same wavelength, and when working together they both came to the same conclusions with the same evidence
- elias does not think daisy is smart
- georgie is observant, and pays attention to peoples behavior
- melanie thought jon killing someone with a pipe was "wildly out of character" for him
- georgie and jon have a mutual friend named Jess who thinks Hungarian food is "too Soviet"
- jon borrowed georgie's coat when he went to meet jude perry
- jon tells jude to kill him as an ultimatum every five minutes
- elias tells tim that when presented with horrors, he finds comfort in beaurocrocy
- jared hopworth is handsome with cheekbones and a jawline to die for
- georgie was canonically willing to cover for jon to the police with no context after an unpleasant breakup and after no contact for almost 5 years
- georgie grew up poor in liverpool, and had a scouse accent until she went to oxford
- basira is a huge nerd and will talk about what she's reading to anyone who will listen
- nikola makes an allusion to not having a face
- martin and melanie got along fantastically
- georgie told jon that he needs anchors
- "if something happened to you, or-or god forbid, The Admiral, I-"
- "Don't be a Stranger." georgie thinks she's funny
- michael had a childhood friend who was taken by something like michael (schizophrenic) and that's what drove him to the magnus institut-he never you over what he saw or didn't see
- Hannah is a black woman who works in the library, had a "Thing With The Milk In The Breakroom" in april 2016. Went on maternal leave to have a baby in June of 2017.
- elias enjoys scheduling
- martin zones out when he has to read a statement, and often takes little notice of his surroundings when doing so/about to do so
- martin was looking for a book called "marvelous spiritualism and the circus in tge 19th century" and a guy named tom said tim had it checked out
- danny and tim didn't talk much, but were still close
- Abigail Ellison-who tim calls abby- is a mutual friend of tim and danny's from "back home"
- tim shipped danny and abby
- out of the two of them, danny was more assertive and tim "had never been able to stand in the way of his confidence"
- tim has a big armchair, a printer, and a couch
- melanie has made everyone in the archives cry
- [basira loved wtg until it "took a weird turn in season 3" when they introduced something she thought was odd
- melanie, basira, and martin used to go out for drinks, and martin and basira were gossip buddies
- Melanie's dad had dementia relatively young, but he always remembered her. He called her "Little Moth", and her mothers life insurance helped pay for him to be put into Ivy Meadows Care Home-where he was killed by the Corruption at the hands of John Amherst before Julia and Trevor burnt it down.
- julia is in her early thirties and wears nondescript hard wearing denim
- jon thought that reading statements could be a classical addiction, but decided that even if it was he had no time to, as he put it, "experiment"
- Peter was surprised that elias killed people kimself-implying elias has people to do murders for him. what other murders did he commission
- martin and basira both noticed something wrong with melanie after the Elias Incidint when her work started to deteriorate-martin said she'd always been "quite conscientious"
- right after being told by basira that standing by with a cup of tea wasnt enough, when melanie entered the room Martin immediately offered her a cup of tea.
- Martin knocked over a stack of papers and defended himself by saying that they shouldn't have been there. the absolute madlad
- after micheal stabbed jon, jon told martin he stabbed himself with a bread knife; and martin then proceeded to A) believe him and B) not trust him with anything sharp after that
- Gerry didn't care abt what happened in the unknowing bc he's a book. jon asked if he was serious. Gerry responded that he was, in fact, dead serious.
- gerry teases jon by saying he doesn't know anything before rescinding that statement avd giving the vaguest hint possible. he's such a dickhead i love him
- gerard didn't trust gertrude-he wanted to, but she reminded him of his mother
- gerard called trevor and julia "the van helsings"
- gerry was jealous of lietner bc his mom paid so much attention to them
- mary haunted gerard for 5 years before gertrude destroyed her, and gerry cried with relief when gertrude gave him back the destroyed book
- before the unknowing, daisy was running around killing mannequins and other Strangers
- tim didn't think they would be able to stope the unknowing
- jon would rather have tim where he could see him-which is why he let tim come (guilt guilt guilt guilt GUILT GUILT GUIL GU
- basiras dad couldn't stand people who passively whined about their problems. he always said "If you don't like something, you accept it and you adapt, or you fight, and you change it. Whining doesn't help."
- Melanie was depressed before the unknowing
- jon rambles about his latest insights and melanie wants to punch him.
- martin: "it felt good, weaving my own little web." "Also, i get to burn some stuff, so that's cool"
- basira was the one to suggest that they not tell Melanie they were doing surgery
-Daisy made jon listen to the Archers. "I hate it. but it feels... good, to hate something that can't hurt me"
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riot-ghost · 25 days
I'm losing my shit imagining full grown Local Feral Raccoon Man Fenton moving into the shitter of Gotham. He just took a look at Batman's 'no metals allowed' rule and thought there wouldn't be many issues to it. He's accidentally moved in right across from Red Hood's most common apartment.
Now Jason Todd has just gotten notified that someone suspicious moved in right across from the hall from one of his more frequent apartments. Oracle did some digging, and he immediately set off a bunch of red flags. The man is late twenties with, like, eight doctorates but no significant job. Came from some hick town that started as some government experiment some years back. An older sister who was a child physiatrist. A disconnect from birth parents, taken in as a ward by some local legend/myth barely mentioned globally. Former godfather is filthy fucking rich. Not in a good way, either.
So when Jason catches his first glance at the man, it immediately pings him that something is just overall wrong with him. He's average height, around five seven or eight. He looks taller, given the fact that he's thin. Skin and bones, hasn't eaten in a week kind of thin. His hair is fluffy, shaven on the sides but not the back. His hair poofs up, giving him odd horns. His skin is tan, coated in freckles, something that definitely wasn't something you saw in Gotham. He always had a brown rat somewhere on him too, which made Jason really confused the first time he'd seen it.
The way he dressed? Screamed for Jason to punch him in the face. He wore baggy black cargo pants, with a loose band shirt with cut out sleeves. His boots had inch-tall platforms but he walked with hardly any sound. He always wore long fingerless gloves, always black. What really got Jason? Was the fucking cartoon lab-coat the man always wore. The slightly off-kilter safety goggles that were always on his forehead. The man had to have different lab coats, too, because some had different stains, or tears.
It had to be a fucking joke, Jason thought. That or he was cooking meth. But the man was good. His door had eight different locks, his windows were practically bolted shut and had a one-way tint on them. His walls were sound proofed, and Jason only ever got minimal glances inside of it.
Jason's suspicion for the man jumped when he got hired as the new Chemistry teacher at Gotham Academy. The school Timothy and Damian both currently went to.
So Jason leaned against the hall, right beside his door. He waited, patiently, until Daniel emerged from the stairwell. He was looking down at his severely out-dated phone, carrying a backpack over his shoulder. Jason figured he didn't see him as the man walked closer.
"Any reason you're waiting for me?" Daniel snapped his flip phone closed, looking up at Jason with tired eyes.
"Just waitin' for you, babe." Jason grinned, winking. It was just recon, he told himself. Another part of himself called him a big, fat, fucking liar.
"Oh?" Daniel shifted, raising an eyebrow. A little smirk came to his face and Jason grinned a little wider, leaning towards him. Jason tried not to laugh seeing his rat in his hair, glaring daggers at him.
"I figured I'd do the neighborly thing and welcome you to the building." Jason says.
"Really?" Danny steps closer and Jason feels absolutely feral.
"Well, yeah. There's so much to tell you about this place. Like how the elevator has been out for thirty years. Or the rat on the third floor does a little dance if you give him mozzarella cheese, but won't take pepperoni."
"Why don't you tell me more?" Daniel moves in closer, teasing Jason before ducking under his arm to unlock his door. "I'm Danny Nightingale, by the way."
"You can call me Jay. Or anything you want, really." Jason turns around to him. "Going to invite me in?" He asks.
"What are you? A vampire? I left the door open for a reason." Danny drops his bag by the door, and Jason is filled with a sense of victory. Danny takes off his shoes and Jason is a little caught off guard with how much the shoes are lifted. He does a hand symbol over his chest, and brings his hand to his forehead. He holds his arm out and his rat clambers down and onto the side table he has by the door, scrambling down and further into the apartment.
The apartment is... Surprisingly normal. The loveseat has a hand-crocheted blanket on it with a floral pattern on it. Plants hang from the ceiling, like. A lot of plants. The TV is outdated, with a curved screen and a VCR. A laundry basket sits overflowing next to the couch, and the kitchen is clean and pristine.
Danny steps into the kitchen, starting a kettle with hot water. "Anything I need to know about you Jay?" He asks. Jason gives a little grin watching him half-climb the counter to get to his tea collection. Jason takes note of the collection- a very well stocked kitchen. Several different teas, mostly centered in helping sleeping, relaxation, to fight anxiety.
"Well, I've got a wild family."
Danny scoffs, setting two mugs on the counter. "Don't we all."
"Anything I should know about you, Danny?" Jason asks.
"Nothing that comes to mind." Danny hums. He takes off his lab coat and peels the gloves off his arms. Jason finds himself watching Danny watch him analyze his electrical scarring. Jason takes off his jacket, setting it besides Danny's as he joins Danny in the kitchen. "Nothing to say?"
"I have plenty of my own, trust me." Jason watches Danny pour the water. "This one? My younger brother got a new sword." Jason lifts the bottom edge of his shirt, pointing to the stab wound Damian had given him. "This one, my first time taking off a tire." Jason lifted the shirt to his chest, pointing at the one he got when he was four.
It's a night that Jason finds himself enjoying. Danny fixes breakfast in the morning, and Jason thinks he'd be okay with Danny being around forever. Then thinks about what Roy would say, that he always fell hard and fast.
Then Danny comes back into the bedroom, wearing Jason's shirt, and Jason thinks he's absolutely screwed if this man turns out to be a villain.
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confusedlittlebastard · 3 months
DP x DC Prompt #4
I've seen a couple prompts of Danny being the bio-kid of one or more heroes, but I've been thinking, and I thought, wouldn't it be funny if it turns out he's someone's grandkid?
Like, take John Constantine, for example. He sells his soul to multipld demons, does his hocus pocus and just basically bulshits his way into inmortality. Now, say he's forever stuck in a middle-aged looking face on top of being inmortal. He already has three cannon bastard kids, who's to say he doesn't have any more?
He has a lot of one night stands. There were some he didn't even bother to learn the names of. Jack Fenton's mother, who some times went out to a bar to cheat on her husband for whatever reason the author decides, was one of those.
Constantine looks a lot like Jack's supposed father and Jack gets his dark hair from his mother, so no one suspects him of not being his father's biological child, not even his mother.
So Jack Fenton is born. He lives, grows up, falls in love and has two kids, Jasmine and Daniel Fenton. Then the portal happens, the entirety of Danny Phantom happens and he and his parents have a good relationship after he comes out as Phantom.
Danny becomes the ghost king, and as such, he learns of the problems and troubles of his people. The name John Constantine comes up a lot, so he picks up and goes to Wolf so he can bring him to the watchtower so he can contact the guy.
He gets there, and comes face to face with a very surprised and scared-looking John Constantine. A John Constantine who looks exactly like his dad, if Jack Fenton was blonde and slightly thinner.
Consantine, on his end, is panicking. Danny, so as not to scare the guy, had come not as Phantom, but as Fenton. Danny knew that the guy knew about ghosts and the supernatural, so he'd get scared by a freaking ectoplasmic ghost just appearing in front of him.
It seems he'd miscalculated, because Danny, in human form, looked just like Connstantine, but with Rosacarnis' hair colour and body build.
Constantine's like shit, yet another one of my bastard demon kids here to kill me? Just how many did that woman make?
Danny's just like ghost IRS is here, it's tax season bitch, pay up.
I love the confusion and misunderstandings this could cause.
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itshype · 2 months
Reverse Bruce (DC x DP)
Danny adopts Jason who stumbles into a natural portal aged 7. He does not miss Willis. Danny is currently the Ghost King and living full time in the zone.
Danny loves his son. I'm picturing him as a colossus like in Blister Pack if you know that fic, but you don't have to. He dotes on his human child and protects him with ferocity that straight up scares any of his rowdier subjects. They touch him and they're about to discover what comes after the afterlife.
Then five years later, when Jason is 12, either under the power of a rogue or by stumbling back out the way he came, Jason is returned to his Earth.
Danny immediately starts to look for him. But the realms are infinite. Jason could be anywhere inside or outside the realms. Danny and his army have to check every single person on every single version of Earth.
If Jason rejoins the infinite realms, Danny will know. Other than that, all he can do is look.
Jason knows this. So, all he can do is wait. On the streets of Gotham. He waits for his dad.
Jason does okay, he was 7 when he left so he remembers enough about the 'real' world to take care of himself and not be declared a raving lunatic or shanked.
Batman picks him up not for taking his tyres, but because Jason was investigating Batman in case he was a ghost. Jason tells Bruce, Alfred, Grayson, anyone who will sit still long enough that he's not Bruce's new kid. Jason will just stay with him until his Dad comes to get him.
Willis died in prison years ago. They tell him and are concerned that it's not sinking in when he doesn't seem to care.
Jason still becomes Robin, his time in the Zone giving him excellent aerial abilities as he's used to operating without pesky gravity harshing his vibe. So once he's got a grapple gun he's good to go. He and Dick bond beautifully over it.
(There is so much content in Jason raised by Danny as a concept.)
Over time he grows to care about Bruce but insists that he still has a dad who loves him. He declines a legal adoption.
Three years later, Jason is dying in Ethiopia. He calls out for Bruce and then Danny. Neither can hear him. Then he's dead.
Danny's still looking over in the CBS Supergirl universe.
Bruce is only a mile away.
Jason wakes up in his coffin and the next part goes how you would think.
Then Danny shows up. An army of ghosts cloud the sky and demand the son of their king back. They're threatening but non-violent.
The king - while terrifying - is actually fairly reasonable when confronted by the Justice League and UN representatives.
Then Danny feels it when Jason comes into contact with a pool of ectoplasm leeching right from the infinite realms. Someone has his kid. Possibly the same person who took or lured him away from the realms. Someone has his son and they're hiding him away from Danny.
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dahliadew · 20 days
Danny Fenton goon union representative (dp x dc fanfic prompt)
At no point in Danny's life has he ever turned down a challenge, even when he had to deal with opponents bigger than himself. From dealing with everyone from Dash to Vlad to heck pariah dark, he's learned to take down people bigger than himself. So when he overhears that his nice father of four neighbors has been having some trouble at work and has been unable to get some time off, he figures it can't hurt to try to help such a nice guy out. And it does go ok, all things considered; I mean, what if the guy's boss was the penguin, and so what if Danny maybe had to show off some of his less-than-human characteristics to get him to agree to let the guy have some time off? Everything worked out at the end of who cares.
Well, when word gets out that someone is not afraid to go tow to tow with the city's villains, someone's bound to either take him out or hire him. And when word gets around that he's willing to help get better working conditions for Gotham's goon workers, their union could use a new representative.
So Danny inadvertently gets a new job, wherein he gets to meet many strange characters around the city and help many friendly working-class people with their problems. Interchange the goons help hide Danny from the bat, and his no meta-rule, even if Danny doesn't know they're hiding him. But this does cause some problems because people like black mask don't necessarily want to pay for their goon's vision care or overtime and refuses to adhere to any of the union's demands. Danny, for what it's worth, did warn the guy because, unlike black mask, he has the goon's respect and knows that they will listen to him, so when he proposes a strike, they readily agree to his suggestion.
And with all of this going down so quickly in the city, both batman and the red hood need to get as much info on this new player before things get even more out of hand. But with all of the normal underground information channels refusing to give them anything, they are forced to schedule a meeting with not only the union but its infamous leader, which is good for Danny because he wasn't sure how to get into contact with batman anyway. He has some concerns with the level of violence used to take down some goons. And well, when they have no choice but to work in this industry, they should, at the very least, outline a clear code of conduct for all parties involved to ensure the safest possible work environment.
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obsessedwithstarwars · 5 months
Maddie and Jack Fenton find out a secret. (Not that secret)
Jasmine Fenton is liminal due to ecto-contamination. Since their stance on ghosts is very black and white, they believe their daughter is dead. They hand her over to the GIW, determined to avenge their daughter and take this wonderful opportunity to study the ghost clearly inhabiting her body.
One Daniel Fenton hires Red Hood to get her back, and relocated somewhere safe, like Gotham. (Ya know, cause that doesn’t raise red flags on their home life AT ALL)
The normal charges up front, plus double after the job is done. (With what money you ask? He definitely stole it from Vlad. Or Vlad helped out under specific conditions. Or Sam helped out, but I prefer taking from Vlad. Doesn’t matter. Point is, he has the money.)
He tells Hood that what they’re doing (rescuing his sister) is highly illegal. He briefly explains the Anti-Ecto Acts. Red Hood is in disbelief. Danny tells him not to worry, Hood will be assisted by Phantom, Amity Park’s protector. Phantom can get him in and out of the facility, but there are places inside that Phantom can’t go. Jasmine is likely being held in one of those places. Plus Phantom will be a good distraction while Hood does the job. Why you ask? Phantom is… well, a phantom. The GIW have been trying to get him for years.
Why would Phantom risk it then? (Danny doesn’t expect this question so he blurts the first thing he thinks of) He loves her. He’d destroy the universe if it meant he could save her. Or he’d destroy it to avenge her. (Danny means sibling love, Hood takes it as romantic love. (When Danny finds out he’s like eww gross that’s my sister) Insert all the miscommunication if you want Anger Management.)
Red Hood warily accepts. There’s something off with the kid. Makes him feel less stabby, and that’s something to investigate. All of his sensors are going off with the GIW. Plus he’s getting major Bruce adoptee vibes from him, and wants to check out the parents since they seem insane. Doesn’t matter that Danny is practically an adult, the guy screams lost puppy in need of a loving parent. When Red Hood digs into the files, he finds out the money was stolen from uncle?! Vlad Masters and that this kid has a history of messing with the old man (prank wars!).
Next time he sees Danny (after rescuing Jazz), he tells Danny something like, “If you ever need another job done, all you have to say is that it will piss off Vlad Masters and you got yourself a freebie.”
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