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dndtreasury · 1 day
Industrial Alchemy
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wearesorcerer · 1 year
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gavamont · 4 months
Emptied my robe pockets this morning and a cursed talisman I hadn’t put there fell out. Some people would freak out about stuff like that, but at this point it’s more like a game between us. Some mornings he is resting on my chest with his face in a perpetual snarl embossed in oiled bronze, and I just have to think of how lucky I am to have him, always there for me.
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jillybeanjoy · 7 months
Guys! I cracked the code! I wish I had any followers to share this magic revelation I had!
In D&D I love being a DM. I really do. With one exception.
Knowing how much a character should buy or sell something for is just way out of my grasp. For a rare item the price can be anywhere between five hundred and five THOUSAND. That’s a big difference! How am I supposed to know in between those two numbers what it should be?
I googled. And googled. And googled. Thinking *there must be a better way* and couldn’t find a single thing that made sense. Well me and two other DM friends got together and we figured it out. The magic system of pricing.
So first you take the pricing by magic item rarity in the DMG
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Then you go to Xanathars and look at the Magic Item Tables to determine if the item is major or minor
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Divide the prices in the rarity into major and minor. Major the higher half and minor the lower.
So that makes
Rare Minor - 500 - 2,500
Rare Major - 2,501 - 5,000
Very Rare Minor - 5,001 - 30,000
Very Rare Major - 30,001 - 50,000
Legendary Minor - 50,000 - 300,000
Legendary Major - 300,000 - 500,000
It’s all up to a persuasion roll. Because let’s face it, what’s a fantasy shopping adventure of magic items without bartering and haggling?
So you divide the amounts into roll milestones. So a persuasion roll of 0-10 you pay the highest and 20+ you pay the lowest.
Like so:
Common Items: 1d6 x 10
Uncommon Items 1d6 x 100
Rare Minor:
0-9: 2,500
10-11: 2,100
12-14: 1,700
15-17: 1,300
18-19: 900
20+ : 500
Rare Major
0-9: 5,000
10-11: 4,600
12-14: 4,200
15-17: 3,800
18-19: 3,200
20+: 2,500
Very Rare Minor
0-9: 30,000
10-11: 25,000
12-14: 20,000
15-17: 15,000
18-19: 10,000
20+ : 5,000
Very Rare Major
0-9: 50,000
10-11: 45,000
12-14: 40,000
15-17: 35,000
18-19: 30,000
20+ : 25,000
0-9: 250,000
10-11: 200,000
12-14: 150,000
15-17: 100,000
18+ : 50,000
Legendary Major
0-9: 500,000
10-11: 450,000
12-14: 400,000
15-17: 350,000
18-19: 300,000
20+ : 250,000
Seriously someone who is followed by a lot of D&D people find this shit and spread it! It’s so much easier and makes a million times more sense then anything I ever heard of before and i wish someone else would have thought of it sooner (or if someone else did that I had found it sooner)
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dndcreaturesinfo · 7 months
Tattoo-Eating Slug
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the-oricami-curio · 3 months
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Blood Drinker Lotus
Nelumbo sangua
The lotus is commonly found floating in the pools of swamp water, but may also grow in mounds among the peat. Though the name may be deceiving, it is actually two organisms, a cnidarian and a plant, in a mutualistic relationship. Normally white in color it turns a crimson red after feeding on a victim's blood.
When a creature touches the lotus, its tendrils shoot out in a 5ft radius. All creatures within the area must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw, taking 3d12 magical piercing damage on a failure. If the creature fails by 5 or more it takes an additional 6d6 piercing damage as the lotus drinks their blood.
Each part of the lotus is a separate target, the cnidarian and the plant. Both have 5 AC and 15 HP each. The cnidarian is resistant to fire damage while the plant is resistant to cold damage.
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shmaba · 11 months
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Swordtember 2021 prompts 1-6
Next in the series
All swordtember swords available on gumroad in a pdf book!
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thearcanacheck · 4 months
Long Time No See!
I took some time to compile all of my Homebrew D&D Subclasses and 125+ Magic items (organized by rarity, of course). Click the link and it’ll take you right to my Google Docs Thingy!
I’d be flattered if anyone out there wants copy/paste any of these ideas on their own blog or whatever! Like, if your blog is titled “D&D Homebrew Daily” or somesuch. My only request is that if you do, make sure to include a link to this blog post right here so that more folks will check out my crap!
(Also, feel free to reply to this post if y’all notice any mistakes I made. Like, if something seems Overpowered or Underpowered or too-vaguely-worded for a half-serious game of D&D)
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Swordtember - Week 1
Yeah, we're doing this too.
I'll be releasing these a week at a time because it's already enough work to do a subclass a day, and also because it seems kinda dumb to release an entire page just for a few lines of text.
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autumn-sweet-fae · 1 month
Character concept: A tailor/seamstress who can stitch and weave spells into their garments to create wonderful wearable magical items.
They’d make their items to sell, or even gift, to all sorts of folks, from the daring adventure to the local baker. Items like a coat that let’s you move through shadow, a scarf of greater cold resistance, or a dress with magic pockets of holding. Each item is lovingly handmade down to the smallest detail.
Of course, some of their best pieces were the ones they kept in their own wardrobe. Their favorite ones had been magically altered, mended, and repurposed again and again over their long life. This was both to extend their use and to keep up with the current fashions.
By the time of the tailors passing, the fabrics in their wardrobe had become so bonded with their magic, that their death had hardly affected them at all. When their spirit left their body, they simply floated over to the closet and put on their outfit for the day.
So basically, a ghost character that can only wear the magical wardrobe they made in life, and through that clothing, is able to interact with the world around them and still be seen by others. From and outside perspective they look like floating clothing being worn by an invisible person.
They would be the most fashionable undead wizard ever 🌈
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dndtreasury · 4 days
Cloak of the Moth Rider
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bugbart · 2 months
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chaos lord’s greataxe
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penflowerink · 4 months
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Designed some personal / commercial use magic item art assets for my Patrons last week! Probably going to make some more later this month 👀 Penflower Ink Patreon
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redbeansanddice · 4 months
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Do you like homebrew items? Here is a magical honey <3
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shiftythrifting · 10 months
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A sexy license plate, a cursed amulet, a cute lil jug, a dragon claw bottle, and birds
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quietsnooze · 5 months
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This document is supplementary to any Dungeons and Dragons game and most similar TTRPGs. It would well suit a Strixhaven campaign, where the players have a location which they stay in most often to put to use these mildly magical trinkets. Includes a pdf with a detailed d100 list, and 4 illustrated common magic items from the list.
Available as pay-what-you-want on my kofi!
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