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Sometimes everyone dusts off or throws together their Robin costume for a hijinks filled patrol
((Yes I’m behind but it’s been a rough week))
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Black Bat 🦇 By Jo Cheol-Hong (Mi-Gyeung)
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☀️⛅️Waiting for the warmer weather, so I can lay out in the sun
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me @ this week's ep:
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just a test on sketch paper with the wrong kind of ink but HELL yeah
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Pretty sure this is a fair summary of their reunion in Batgirl (2009)
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@colorfulbaobab 👀
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Maybee.....Villain saves him at one point and Redhood defends Villain from the other Batfam members. And they end up together somehow
kiss or kill [red hood x villain!reader]
✧ summary: after come across with jason in a mission, hidden feelings finds a way to get free and they make you do the things you always wanted to do.
✧ requested by anon ❥ [thanks for the request, hope you and others will enjoy the story while reading! have fun. ^^]
✧ wc: 3.3k
✧ warnings&tags: gn!reader, no use of pronouns, fluff & a little angst, wounds, violence, kicking, blood, kissing, touching, flirting, nicknames/pet names, batfam [only some of the members], teasing, jokes, hidden feelings, saving, defending, protective!jason, flashback, enemies to lovers, complicated relationship, hint of explicit moment of jason and reader, & more in the story! enjoy. ^^
Tumblr media
there were lots of blood on jason’s suit, dripping onto the floor with loud sounds, making ears focus on them instead of surroundings of you.
sitting on the rooftop, you looked down at him intensely taking advantage of broken ceiling’s of the room that helped you to see what was going on. jason who was using his red hood identity now had faced with one of his enemies, not you but someone weaker. even if his enemy was week, he sure had some damage due to previous mission he had tonight with the rest of batfam members, including famous batman, the dark knight.
you knew they were close to this building – this room because tonight wasn’t made for them to interfere, no, it was one of business nights of a company working for government to do dirty jobs behind the doors and batfam members were here to track them down in order to get more information about the company.
knowing jason’s relationship with batman and other members, you could see how he was trying to not kill his enemy standing in front of him with a smirk on his disgusting face, happy to see jason get weaker each second due to wounds he had on some parts of his body. even if his suit’s dark color were hiding them, it was clear he had serious wounds under it. it was hard to tell how much he was suffering from them since his face was covered with that famous red mask of his, making it impossible to see his attractive face but you knew it – he sure was gritting his teeth under the mask, trying to stay stable and powerful; it was a habit of batfam to not show any hints of weaknesses in front of others.
but not you – you knew jason well and he knew you. you two sure had lots of night all alone, getting each very well even though you two see each other as enemies; jason was seeking for justice mixed with slight revenge while you were using people to continue living. he had his family even if he was trying to deny it but you had no one – no one except life that was given to you who was the daughter of no one – who belong to only streets.
therefore, your paths always found their ways to cross each other; he tried to kill you like a hundredth time and you too – he helped you lots of times you forgot to count and you too, so, the bond you had was different and unspoken – it was like a spider web, you two just at the opposite sides of it, not ready to take any steps yet because of afraid of stick feeling of it – you didn’t want to fall for him and he neither. so, here you were, watching him with a fast beating heart but you didn’t know why it was beating like that, ready to break your chest to get free any time soon, and you sure didn’t mind it because you already got used to it; to feel such senses in there whenever your eyes picked sight of him.
you weren’t an angel, no. no one on streets were angels, including you. however, he was making you one. your life changed when he came into your life without your control. he was making you more human, thoughtful one even who began to care for others. you remembered how you killed all people who crossed your path in a bad way, avoiding you to reach your destination, without any hesitation, not minding whether they were good ones or not. but now – now, you were searching each one of them to avoid killing unnecessarily, especially the ones who had no knowledge about the business.
you weren’t saint but you sure cared for those who helped you, and mostly jason. you knew you already fell for him since trying to take some steps forward him on that dumb spider web, not afraid of its sticky feeling. not telling him this or showing, you sure did a good job ‘till this night – ‘till you saw him so vulnerable. it was sad – painful even.
previous moments of the night came into your mind in these slowed down seconds, felt like eternity.
“drop the gun, handsome.”
you said, pointing a gun right to his forehead with a certain distance after getting onto the ground with a short jump from boxes that were invisible thanks to the darkness that rooftop had.
looking unreadable with that red mask on his face, jason chuckled lowly, leaving his defensive manner and starting walking to the corner of the rooftop to see city under your feet better.
“ordering me around, huh? you sure don’t know your place very well cutie.”
rolling your eyes playfully, you put the gun on your belt, walking towards him with crossed arms, “and you sure don’t know having fun.”
he shrugged, “I know fun which I can show you while teaching you some manner.”
and there he was, the side of him which made you try to look another side while feeling shy suddenly due to his flirting, mostly having mature contexts like this one. you knew he treated you differently than others and you enjoyed every second of it, so, you chose to just chuckle playfully and reach him.
when you stood beside him, looking at him directly, you asked, “will you have fun tonight?” referring to what his business was in here, you didn’t hide your curiosity because you had a job to do tonight as well, a kind of you would like to be not disturbed by surprised guests.
he looked at you with a way making you shiver even though you couldn’t see his eyes or face at all. he sure had great influence on you without even knowing it – maybe he did, you thought, or why he kept using it. he wasn’t dumb, no, not at all.
“I will.” he said, “will you?”
his sound was deep enough to make your stomach twist in excitement, giving you a previous memory’s reflection once again in which you and jason shared a bond – physically. the memory that haunt you down every night whenever there was time to think of it over and over again. you gladly let it get into your skin every night but not in this one – in this one, you needed to focus only on the mission.
shrugging, you spent a moment to show a fake thinking, your hand on your chin, saying ‘hmm’ sounds, walking from here to there.
when you reached him closer, leaving just inches between your bodies, a hand stopped when it touched the surface of his red mask. you wanted to touch his face but this was closest you could get now, so, you accepted It, caressing his mask like it was his cheek under your palm. putting free hand on his chest, you smiled, feeling the power of being able to this close to him without a gun pointed on your head, like those in first times you two met, you said, “nights never stop as you know and I can not either. so, don’t cross my path handsome or else –“ you looked at where his lips stayed for a second before looking up once again, “a bullet will smash that beautiful body of yours.”
“beautiful?” he asked, sounding childish intentionally, “I prefer attractive.”
you chuckled, shaking your head slowly, leaving him free without your touches on his body, taking a few steps into the deep sides of the rooftop, “don’t make me hurt you, j.” you said, leaving him alone but his hand found your wrist, pulling your body fast like its weight meant nothing, making it crush his chest with a loud ‘pump’ sound.
with fast heart beats, you looked at his masked face, trying to hide your shyness and excitement at sudden gesture.
“don’t –“
you put a finger on his mask on where his lips stayed and he became silent even if your finger wasn’t touching his lips directly. you would laugh at his face with happiness if the air wasn’t this intense.
“whatever you will say, just keep it ‘till I finish my job in here.” lastly, you put a kiss on his mask, smiling and taking back your wrist from his hand, not willingly of course but you needed to. “bye bye handsome!”
then, you were in all darkness, away from him.
touches you shared meant different things according to the place, time and occasion. however, each one of them was remarkable, leaving their own marks on the soul and whenever your skin touches his, you wished to touch more – to feel more.
you loved him. yes, you were his enemy, could pull a trigger of a gun which can hurt him in the past, but not now – not anymore. not when you realized you were ready to become human shield in front of him only for protection – his protection.
not thinking any longer, you shouted, “hey, dumbass, look up!”
when his enemy finally acknowledged your presence below him, it was already too late and when you jumped from there to right onto his body, he screamed after you held his head, holding it ‘till his forehead hit the floor underneath your feet, loudly, making him scream more in pure pain with a dizzy brain because of the impact.
when the man was about to get up, you kicked his head again with your foot, making him moan in pain.
putting your foot on his back to make him stay on the ground, you got the gun of jason from the ground, throwing it to him and picking up yours from your belt to point directly at the man’s head.
jason who was seeming better now, especially from this view, came into your side, standing in front of the man who was looking so pissed off.
kneeling down into the level of the beaten man, he said, “not a good night for you, huh, dummy.” then, he hit man’s head to make him passed out when he was about to curse to his face. you remembered those times jason chose to put a bullet into their brains, but now, he chose not to and not knowing why, you felt a proud feeling on your chest – proud of him and his actions.
he was better. thanks to batfam, I guess – you thought.
smiling to him, you gave him a hand to get up. holding it after looking at your face a certain time, he got up. when you were about to say something like a teasing in order to calm yourself down because his hold’s affect on your hand were increasing, giving you explosions, he left your hand only to growl in pain and falling into his knees, holding his abdomen with a light grip.
as you made your way to him – closer, feeling sorrow to see and hear him in pain, to help, the wind cut with something flying on the air.
hearing it at the last moment, you dodged the attack, jumping back onto a box behind you to take a defensive manner; one leg’s knee on the surface of brown heavy box, the other staying as crouching, a pistol gun on your hand, directed into the shadows.
it was silent for a second, giving you the time to look at flying object which ended on a wooden column of the building; a batarang, shaped as a bat’s symbol – the batman.
holding your breath, you didn’t move an inch, even when not one but four different foot began to hit ground loudly and heavily.
then, you saw them one by one; first famous vigilante of the gotham who gave fear to all people – the batman himself with all his glory, nightwing with his blue logo on his chest that completed with a black eye patch to hide his identity, then – red robin who wore a red and black suit and lastly, batgirl who was shining in gold color of her suit.
you knew them, including their real identities, one by one and you knew more of them, including alfred and batman’s other son, damian wayne with other members. you faced with them in bad and good ways thanks to your connection with crime on the city and particularly with jason.
“step aside.” batman spoke, deeper than jason and sounding so strong but it meant nothing to you, you hadn’t fear of them because they knew you too but it was a fact that they didn’t like you that much – or not enough to trust you helping jason without any benefit from it, especially now when they saw him on his knees.
dick, the nightwing, was the first one rushed towards jason, picking up him from the ground, wrapping jason’s arm on his shoulders to help him stand.
when bruce took a step forward with the rest of batfam members, he opened to his mouth to say more. “working with them?” he showed the man on the ground, “I can not say I am surprised at all.” he didn’t show any emotions but you knew he was telling the truth, seeing you as an enemy rather than an ally who can hurt jason without guilt if it means to give benefit. “their business is nothing I would like to interfere but hurting them is not acceptable either.”
when you had enough, you put the gun on your belt, straighten your posture, you were ready to say goodbye to jason but he had other plans – plans no one expected him to do, including you.
“batman, stop,” he said, getting from the hold of dick and walking towards you while holding his wound on the chest. however, when he reached his destination – right in front of you, he stood still, showing no pain, no fear or hesitation as his body made a shield between yours and others, making you look into his neck with disbelief, not ready to what he was about to do because you already understood it. “y/n saved me.”
you could see them with acute angle but their surprised expressions were still visible, not waiting for you to save jason.
your surprise was different than theirs; why jason was defending you like this? image of you was as an enemy for others, so, you waited jason to see you as same. maybe, you thought, maybe he saw you – differently.
“oh,” dick said, looking at you and to batman, waiting him to say something – or others. as they kept silence, dick continued, playing with his neck hair while his other hand stayed on his belt, “then, thanks, I guess?” smiling, he added, “for saving our cute boy!”
you could feel jason’s eye rolling. smiling to dick, you said, “take your time well. he will take his little revenge when he get his health back for saying such words.” you turned to jason playfully, get a pick from behind to his face like a kid, “isn’t that right, red?” choosing to use red nickname instead of j in front of his family, you seemed his tensed body went calmer, looking down at your face.
in pure silence, two fake coughs heard coming from both red robin and batgirl, making you both look at them.
“well,” red robin said firstly, “we should go back now, right? the mission is over.” he looked at batgirl and she added, “yes! and red hood need medicine for his wounds as well.”
batman only said ‘hmm’ while watching you intensely, studying you to see whether you really saved jason purely or for benefits – or even whether you were controlling him or not. selina always said he was a good detective who thought every possibility in every situation.
“okay,” batman said, “let’s get going.” he nodded to dick while getting back with rest of the fam.
dick smiled to you once again before leaving you and jason alone after saying, “don’t get long and y/n, you should come too. yeah?”
and then, it was all silence; you standing behind jason, watching his back, him staying silent and well than before.
wanting him to reach the medicine he needs sooner, you said, “jason,” to take his attention to yours, “you need to go.”
he kept his silence a little more ‘till his hands reached his mask, opening and removing it slowly, giving you excitement on the chest – fastened heart beats, sweats on palms and hope all over.
“be careful.” he said, sound deep and soft.
you, on the other hand, was confused. “what?”
“the thing I tried to say on that rooftop,” he said, turning to you as he kept his mask on his right hand, showing his falling hair on forehead, green eyes with some blue on them thanks to the gloomy light of the place, and sparkles on each eye that directed into your face, making you burn in love and lust to finally see his face you missed so much as you realized now. “I wanted you to be careful.”
he confessed, giving you a breathless statement.
feeling like it, your both hands reached his face, holding each cheeks, smiling happily, “maybe, I should have been the one who say that after all.”
looking serious, he closed his eyes, feeling your touches’ power on him, letting it to flow into his soul, making the night the happiest one of your entire life – he was enjoying your touches and contrast to other nights, he was showing it openly, not afraid to be weak – he wasn’t, you believed, he wasn’t weak at all, instead, he seemed so powerful, not hesitating to show his true feelings unlike you.
“thank ‘u.” he said, opening his eyes, “for saving me.” he added, sounding honest.
smiling wider, you said, “of course,” caressing his cheeks, you raised on your tiptoes, reaching his lips and put a kiss on them after saying, “or how we can continue to chase one another, handsome.”
the kiss meant to be short but for jason, it had to be longer as it seemed because he reached down, capturing your lips with his – a feeling you missed to have.
reaching a happy euphoria, you let him kiss whatever he liked and he let you kiss him as long as – as deep as you wanted it to be.
when lots of kisses happened in that moment, a voice came from his mask – a headphone put on it to hear others, “hey, c’mon already!” dick’s robotics sound came into ears, “tim and barbs already began to gossip about you and bruce is not having any fun at all. I can’t keep him more from getting in again.” then, some voices joined him, one from tim who said from a distance, “get y/n, jason! just kiss and tell how you feel, it always works!” then, barbara added, “do not kiss directly! be romantic, for gods sake, don’t listen tim, he isn’t good with beloved ones.”
when they began to fight on the background, dick began to talk again, “hey! stop fighting, you will get attention of bruce and I already gave something to him to focus on or else – oh shit,” he run towards a point – a point ‘till he reached bruce as it sounded after you heard his deep voice on the line, “I am going inside – they can’t take this long –“
the last thing you heard dick trying to stop him and saying, “and how would you know this?” in a low tone, full of playfulness.
chuckling to jason who was holding his face with his free hand, you removed it from his face, “cute.”
he rolled his eyes, holding you from the wrist while starting to walk towards the outside to reach others, “get going, the night isn’t over, there is still time to teach you some manners ‘cutie’.”
the end. 🍰
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Bruce: Make the plan
Dick and barbara: Execute the plan
Tim, cass and duke: Expect the plan to go off the rails
Jason, stephanie and damian: Throw away the plan
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nissa in Batman Beyond vol 6 #11-12
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Steph when she started dating Tim: We've been dating for 3 months already and everytime I think he's finally gonna kiss me he goes off about his last Robin mission, like, bro, I was there too
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Unmatched rizz.
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“…DAMN IT…I KNEW it was a mistake to introduce my GF to my cuter siblings!!! I’m gonna get CUCKED by my SISTER!!!”
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Steph and Harper's conflict on Gotham Knights is based on Harper thinking Steph looks down on her for being poor.
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