Just a little something I whipped up to represent my fellow autistic wizards. I felt gripped to make these as though a hex was upon me.
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Enjoy, my mages.
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are y'all still doing the skeleton war or is it finally over? all that undead fighting is causing my acne to flare up
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saschacantrip · 3 months
If I casted spell. I dont cast it bc I did. No I didn't 💜
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Spell of the day - 27.01.2023
unfold public transit
remember those folded parts between segments of bendy busses and some trams? this spell straightens them out
modification of the spell unfold which unfolds just whatever but isn‘t specialised enough to work on parts of larger vehicles
doesn‘t seem to have any effect on the function of any vehicles i‘ve seen it used on
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beefstatic · 6 months
Casting spell of don’t have covid
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wodnes--coyotl · 1 year
sat 11.13.21
made a sigil for prosp and gratitude.
accidentally spilled offering water on it, let the ink run beautifully and buried it as a seed in our empty but soil rich planter box. used an old shelf to create an altar over the box, placed my plants, my candle lit and the remaining water on this makeshift altar. used my leftover lavender and sprinkled it like raining petals over all.
to keep us strong, in good faith, and hopefully soon in good company
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transgenderer · 1 year
i love spellposting as much as the next guy but nothing will top "i cast small your dick".
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butchqueenofswords · 5 years
spellposting => witchpun
also im hoping to start using this more!!!
i recently became a teacher at The Bubbling Cauldron for spellcrafting and whatnot, so that’s super exciting
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um yeah I pull bitches. pull bitches into my dark realm of terrors
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I'm not a gossip so you didn't hear this from me BUT apparently my mentor and the alchemist from the apothecary used to date. apparently the break up was messy - the alchemist cursed my mentor for like a year every drink he had was always spoiled
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Spell of the day - 25.01.2023
pacifies bees so you can collect their honey without getting stung
requires the use of a bee smoker instead of a wand so im unsure why you wouldn‘t just use the smoker to pacify them in the first place but to each their own
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transgenderer · 1 year
Spellposting is lazy and probably not very funny to others but unfortunately describing something inoccuous as a spell is funny to me so you all see it
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