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rebekadjarin · 20 days
Character comfort requests are OPEN
Send me what's bothering you or whatever that's on your mind, tell me which of your favorite characters you want to comfort you and I'll answer in their voice (mostly the bad batch but I write for everyone in SW).
I know we are all going through something and this is my way of spreading kindness and giving back to the community.
The answers are going to be tagged with: " #rebekadjarin character comfort " and if it's triggering or too much for you feel free to block it.
And if you appreciate my work and would like to say thanks, I would be most grateful if you could give me a follow.
I'm trying to get to every ask as soon as I can, please be patient with me <3
Love you.
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madebythe0cean · 2 months
Hi! I love your account! I was wondering if maybe you could write something about how Professor Sharp would interact and maybe comfort a reader who was injured or cursed while fighting dark wizards and now deals with chronic pain
Tumblr media
A/n:of course! I’m so happy you like my blog🥺 glad to have ya around!
Professor Sharp with a Mc who experiences chronic pain after attack:
✭ He was well aware he was one of the less approachable teachers at hogwarts but you had wiggled yourself into his better graces during your short time at hogwarts
✭ you had excelled at your assignments and taken to potions to a mermaid to water,colour him silently impressed
✭ But after the attack of Hogwarts
You had been left with scars and lasting pain from Ranrok and his cursed magic
✭ honestly? He feels partly to blame,you were a student of Hogwarts and he was responsible at least somewhat for not noticing all the plights you were facing
✭ now he’s forced to watch a young student who once ran through the highlands and collected ingredients with mirth now clench their teeth and eyes while praying for their newly acquired bouts of pain to pass
✭ he felt like he was looking at a younger mirror of himself.he got his scar after years of work and overall life lived,he felt more at peace with his injures because he had to years to chase dreams and dark wizards before it was cut short
✭ to see someone so young who sacrificed so much and be left with difficulties that will last a lifetime….it stung honestly
✭ it felt like a cycle was repeated somehow
✭ since your injuries he subtly keeps an eye out for you (he’s not as subtle as he think,it very obvious that he cares)
✭ he offers to teach you advanced potions for pain relief that are higher than your year but he believes this to be an exception (he had a very stern ‘talk’ with the headmaster since the pompous twit thought you should make do with the lesser effective potions)
✭ he has spells,charms,potions and all manner of pain relief paraphernalia he’s gathered over time and shares it with you wherever he thinks you might be more prone to a pain spike
✭ he always allowed you to sit during lessons and actually gets a new chair that’s more comfortable on your back legs
✭ he’s….painfully acquainted with the bouts of leg pain that leave you tumbling to the ground at random moments (those damn shifting stairs are no help either)
✭ he goes out of his way to make sure a student who also in your next class gets you there without any tumbles.he knows it hard to ask for help when you used to be able to something so he takes away the self assigned shame of having to ask
✭ Merlin forbid anyone and I mean ANYONE even so much as whispers a negative word.he’d have them expelled if he could but if that isn’t an option….well let’s just say they get well aquatinted with the muggle way of cleaning stained cauldrons and rather potent smelling ingredients that coincidentally need a restock
✭ again he hates that this is something you share common ground in but he’ll be damned if he let you process this on your own when he can lend personal experienced advice
✭ it took him years to adjust even now he still has moments where he pushes his s body to far thinking he’ll be fine but sorely reminded of his firm limits
✭ he feels melancholic that from such a young age you must now live with constant unpredictable pain and scars.he only hopes that magic will advance enough in your lifetime so you may be rid of your ailments
✭ if you ever need help,comfort,protection or even just company his class is always open alongside his arms.just because he seems icy on first pass doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soft side
✭ you two develop a sort of ritual where you both have tea and a small lunch after both your rather unpleasant medicines and just have idle chat.
✭ he will actually talk a bit further into his time as an Auror and his injury.he actually smiles quite fondly when recounting his time as a overconfident aspiring Auror
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obsidian-art04 · 2 years
Tumblr media
Man, I've been doing a lot of art recent huh... should probably take a break JFIEDI
But anyway, have a bit of comfort art for my bby Perci!
- Ray 🍇
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some close ups to see it all better.
In case you can't read my horrid handwriting:
Panel 1: "Okay... you're okay, it was just a dream.."
Panels 3&4 Sfx: "knock knock"
Panel 4: "Everything alright in here?" "Thought I sensed something wrong.", sfx: "tip tap"
Panel 5: "Xiphei?"
Panel 6: "Oh, hun..."
Panel 7: "Sorry, did I wake you?" "No, I was already awake, don't worry." "Okay..."
Panel 8: "Xi..? What's goin on?" "Oh!"
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bebx · 18 days
“We hope this email finds you well” babe, the only emails I hope find me well are the ones from Archive of Our Own
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laioseggsy · 30 days
his ultimate weapon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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please please please please reblog if you’re a writer and have at some point felt like your writing is getting worse. I need to know if I’m the only one who’s struggling with these thoughts
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candaru · 9 months
no no. you don't get it. the reason I injure my blorbos until they can't walk is because that's the only way they'll ever let someone else carry them. the reason I curse them to be sick and feverish is so that they'll finally open up about their emotions while delirious. the reason I force them to overexert themselves to the point of exhaustion is so that when they pass out they can finally rest.
I'm doing this for their own good.
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whiskeybottlebullshit · 3 months
Speaking of homestuck, my brain just thought of my one heavily traumatized and damaged pre-med-transition kid meeting their older post-med-transition self who has come to find and experience genuine joy and happiness-
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The five cutest, most wholesome characters in Hazbin Hotel will still look utterly terrifying the moment you are threatening their loved ones (or you're in stabbing range, in Niffty's case).
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cirrocula · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
my rendition of the steven panel
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craftbadger · 1 year
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you’re at a low point:
If you were a fictional man right now, there would be *at least* ten people if not a large portion of the fanbase that would call you their wet beast poor little meow meow
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rebekadjarin · 19 days
hello hello! i saw your clone comfort requests are open, so here is mine:
i have dpdr, so for most of the time it feels like i'm just playing a video game and not really alive. i have a hard time concentrating on things and get overwhelmed by too much noise and too much movement. pretty sure it stems from a bunch of losses that I had when I was younger. it's been going for 2 years straight now, and sometimes i wonder if it'll ever get better. what makes me feel better is being away from lots of noise and outside.
tech is my fave so with him plz
have a great day/night!
"Can I disturb you for a minute? I wanted to ask your opinion on... What? You are not feeling well? We have to change that. Elaborate on that to me. I see. That is highly understandable. I don't prefer those environments myself, either. I would appreciate it if you let me help you. Based on my previous knowledge, I would say to go at your own pace. It is irrelevant what others say. We need to draw up a plan and get to the root of your problem. If I were you, I would just pull out one of my data journals from when I was a cadet, but I believe it's unlikely that you have followed such a protocol. Nevertheless, writing down your feelings helps cope with them. We could work on widening your comfort zone. Sometimes you can't detect progress when it's slow, but it's clearly there. I know that you are capable of doing this. I will be here with you with every step you take, shall it be forward or backwards. "
- Tech
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owlssin · 7 months
Tumblr media
raaah comfort character meme
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bebx · 26 days
"undoing this character's death would take away his sacrifice and character arc" girl I don't give a shit. I'm bringing him back through the power of ao3 fix-it fics and there's nothing you can do to stop me x
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doubleloner · 2 months
Tumblr media
tag your traumatized man comfort character
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daydreaming about writing: 🥰😍🥹❤️😊🌺✨😘
the act of actually writing: 😭😰😵‍💫😭😰😭☹️😖
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