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arrowheadedbitch · 7 hours
Early chapter update??!!??!!!
I will still be posting thursdays chapter on schedule, don't worry, I just happened to be feeling extra generous <3
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vodrae · 17 days
Tim: Send dudes
Cassie: You mean nudes ?
Tim: No dudes im in a fight
Tim: Send dudes
Tim: Send dudes
Kon: You mean nudes ? *Photo attached*
Tim: Damn drop the core routine
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cosmicpoutine · 1 month
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if yall could hear the demonic screeches that unintentionally come out of my mouth every time i see these two, i would be exorcized back to hell
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pichichu-studio · 10 months
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I asked my fans on Instagram what’s their favorite relationship (including partners and friendships) in DCU months ago when I first in this fandom :))
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fullcaps-ethan · 2 months
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they are so silly
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pechaghtlecha · 8 months
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I'm dying
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mitsuo23 · 5 months
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T: Hola Kon, ¿puedes echarme una mano? Me rompí el tobillo.
Yo si fuese Tim también hubiese pensado igual, pero no esperaba como lo sostendria Kon, jajaja
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tinamoti · 11 months
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notroomanovs · 1 month
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Why are you looking at me like that?
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dc-and-damirae · 27 days
tim: I fell asleep and then woke up to dick screaming at me. It was very disorienting. Turns out I sleep dialed him. dick: I thought you were dying! tim: Turns out I also have sleep apnea…. dick: I was afraid he got kidnapped. Then I heard him snoring and was relieved. But then he stopped breathing and I was terrified again! I had to wake him up! bruce: Ok, I get it. But how did the fire start? dick: kon came running because he thought someone was being attacked. bruce: *sigh*
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peachiexparfait · 4 months
Danny and Dani think their evil future version clone (?) has been more down in the dumps lately, and, without Dan's knowledge, create a fake profile on a dating app for him. If it doesn't work, they can joke that Dan's too good for whoever doesn't like him on there.
If it works... then Dan could have a partner that'll, hopefully, make him happy despite nearly all of them needing therapy (Jazz can only do so much, after all...).
Dani's the one who suggests including Clockwork when nobody shows any interest after a week.
Clockwork, surprisingly, agrees and informs them he added a function that has the dating app be used for multiple universes.
Just like that, people start swiping right and spamming the app with messages.
It's when they get one from a Kon Kent, does things start changing.
They used a good photo of Dan (one of the few rare good ones since the guy hates taking pictures and is the opposite of photogenic): where he's smiling at something off screen but still shows off his entire face in a good light. And a couple more good pictures including Danny, Dani and Jazz. Some with Tucker and Sam as well.
Most of the messages they got were ignored and more were blocked since people were being weird about Dan and, quite frankly, nearly made the two give up on the dating app.
But this Kon guy, something gave them a good feeling. They figured he could be good for Dan, despite him being from another universe.
So they responded to the message and from then on they responded to the guys messages with responses they know Dan would say back.
Then Kon suggested they meet up.
Meanwhile, Kon has been talking to this Dan guy who, at first, seemed like he really didn't want to be on the app but did it for his siblings.
He was hot, in a 'Sarcastic loveable asshole' way that Kon thought made him hotter.
He tells the others when Dan agrees to meet up with him and steadily ignores way Tim had immediately started checking for things on the guy and his background.
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arrowheadedbitch · 4 months
"Aren't you worried they're gonna kill him?!"
Tim, to kon and bart: What's the rule on murder?
Kon: Uh, don't tell batman?
Tim: Good, be free, do whatever.
"Are you serious?? You don't even care?"
Tim: What they do when I'm not around is none of my business.
"But you are around!"
Tim: Not if batman asks.
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madnesssoul · 2 months
I have too many interesting sketches with her… And not only with her…
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cosmicpoutine · 9 days
the day i draw tim drake actually sleeping, assume I'm being mind controlled.
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salmonchan · 3 months
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mcgomega · 4 months
I am currently working on a DeadTired/BrainDead fic, but one idea from it I wish to share so you guys can run wild.
DP x DC prompt: Polycule
I do love when Everlasting Trio (Danny/Sam/Tucker) becomes Everlasting Insomniacs (Danny/Sam/Tucker/Tim). But I also really love TimBerKon (Tim/Bernard/Kon).
Soooo… how about after meeting, befriending and then dating Danny for some time, Tim invites him into his, Bernard and Kon’s polycule?
(How would that ship even be called? Super Dead Tired Conspiracy?)
(If you combine it with Everlasting Trio, Danny basically owns a harem at this point. Fitting for a king. Let’s call it “everlasting court”)
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