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'But a guy like you, it's no fun when you don't give in.'
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I've been wondering, and this isn't something you necessarily have to answer, I'm just thinking in your direction because vegaspete. But I've been thinking, when exactly does vegas realize that he wants pete? That he WANTS wants him? Because this starts out in a place of maybe curiosity, but ultimately as humiliation and as taking control from pete against his will and the thrill that comes from that and from pete's reactions to that.
I'd say the conversation about their fathers was a pivotal moment, and it is, but at this point he's already taken care of pete in a panic when he could have just let him die. Would have been the easier way, and I wonder, if it had been tawan in pete's stead, would he have saved him? Then again, tawan was of some use to him and once he ceased to be useful, he disposed of him without remorse. Probably not vegas' first boytoy to meet that end after blindly having played their part, either.
Which begs the question, of what use was pete? Could he have killed him, as per his father's wishes, if he hadn't already tortured him and found him to be curiously interesting? Or did it start before that? Was pete's reaction an essential piece of the puzzle but not the first piece? How consciously has he been collecting these pieces or did they just accumulate and then fully start clicking into place when pete refuses to be intimidated by him?
Is Pete's sole use that vegas needs to explore that curiosity? That he just gets a kick out of it? But when does he start caring? Because his reaction to pete hanging unresponsive and feverish from the ceiling isn't annoyance at having to do something about this, he's genuinely distraught and, in caring for him, for the first time showing genuine gentleness towards pete (thinking about how carefully he dresses the wounds, among other things). Is it because he's starting to care for pete as a person or is it because he can't let another pet die. Or a bit of both mixed together?
When does he go from *forcing myself on you and seeing you squirm is fun* to 'with a guy like you it's no fun if you don't give in'? When does he start needing pete to want him?
I also just really love his mood switch in that scene. Going from his most sensitive (that we know he associates with weakness) to a display of thinking himself back in control: if you want me, do something about it, take it, let yourself go, submit to me; effectively handing the control over to pete. And pete takes it. And not only that, him handing over that rope to bind his hands with is such a mindblowing display of trust amidst that whole dynamic and vegas loves it.
But when does he realize he loves pete? One could argue he makes love to him in that moment (seriously, their sex scene still blows my mind with how reverent and sensual and loving it was and I am constantly torn between trying to watch pete's face and being absolutely captivated by the absolute devotion in vegas' every look and touch and kiss ugh perfection), but when does he know?
Does he know when he looks at pete afterwards? Or when things escalate to a point of him being in real danger of losing pete to a knife that he himself originally put there in mindless anger? Or when the realisation hits that pete is not coming back this time and he's left alone with two plates of food? Or when pete is unable to shoot him and looks at him in agony and cries into his shoulder, knowing that he's responsible for that pain? When does he know? And when does he accept it?
(I'm inclined to say he definitely knows when he's crying after their separation and accepts it during their meeting afterwards at the latest but that's just a guess)
I don't even know where I'm going with this anymore and I kinda got distracted from my initial question of 'when does he want him' which is not the same as 'when does he fall in love with him', but this is just a stream of consciousness anyway, so I'm leaving it at that and letting it bounce around in my head a bit more while simultaneously throwing it at you, I hope you don't mind xD
hiiiiiii anon!!!!!
okay this is a Very Juicy Meta ask. and i'd love to give my pov on it!
i think pete catches vegas' attention pretty early on tbh. this isnt me talking about vegas wanting pete rn just yet. this is me talking about pete catching vegas' attention. now hear me out.
in ep 6, we have the condom sharing scene. ep 7 is where pete spends a bit more time with vegas along with the other bodyguards. and in ep 9, we have the temple scene. by ep 10, vegas has captured pete.
now, its interesting bc i think vegas most definitely knows, not even suspicion, he KNOWS from as early as ep 6, that pete is tailing him. when he gives pete the stuff in the paper bag, he tells him "i know you've been on the lookout for a while". vegas Knows. and its interesting bc even as early on as this scene, vegas gives pete some bread, because "you might get hungry". so food plays a role even as early on as here!! and since vegas knew pete was tailing him, he buys a packet of condoms. now, why? why buy condoms, put them in the bag on PURPOSE when the entire package was meant for pete anyway?
its all intimidation. all of it. and every time vegas has touched pete, up until ep 10, pete's reactions are his classic Go To Dopey Wide Grin and jumping at the touch. but the condoms, and the way vegas says "would you like to share?" is just ... Very Intimidating. he clearly is telling pete here that i Know you're tailing me, and you're Not Even Good at it, and bc you're Not Good at it, and you get caught, and yet you STILL keep tailing me, i'll let you carry on, bc i'm having Fun seeing you squirm and seeing how resolute you are at your job, even though, you know, you Suck at following me (which, oh vegas .......... oh VEGAS ........... how you end up EATING your own words up by the finale when you say "why are you here pete? why did you follow me?")
so yeah. pete catches vegas' eye from very early on. but vegas sees him as harmless at this point, bc pete hasnt ruined anything for him. he hasnt ruined his plans, hasnt come in the way to ruin or fuck up any of his schemes etc.
so they work together in ep 7. and lots of talk between them focuses on hunger and food and vegas being able to provide pete with food whenever he desires it, and to not hold back or be shy in taking what he wants and eating it. and pete is hugely impressed by that. so much so, that food and appetite bleeds into the scene where vegas says "you might wanna look away bc you'll lose your appetite", just before he begins his torture session. of course, every other bodyguard looks away apart from pete, who just stares and stares and stares, his appetite isnt lost, and vegas stares back at pete who he saw was the only one who could stare, who had the stomach to stare, who had the appetite.
so even that catches vegas' attention. that pete didnt flinch or look away when he saw a glimpse of vegas' darkness, whilst everybody else did. he stayed. he looked back. and i think vegas from then on realises that pete isnt all that he lets on that he is ("but you like it, don't you, when i'm like this? everytime i get moody, your eyes tell me that you like it." from ep 12, just before they kiss and have sex, and how WONDERFULLY that parallels to the ep 7 torture scene, where vegas stares back at pete who is staring at him whilst vegas is COVERED in blood, and cant look away from him).
also, not to forget the "looking for something?" scene. vegas CLEARLY checks pete out. his eyes ROAM and SCAN pete's entire body. but even then, vegas doesnt use anything more than just touch to intimidate pete. yes he is in vegas' sight, but he still isnt That Important yet, to do or use anything more than touch to intimidate and co-erce. or rather, he hasnt derailed anything vegas has got going on just yet to make it worthwhile of vegas to use anything more than touch to get his point across to pete.
so then, by ep 9, vegas is still bemused that pete is tailing him. even so far as to here, its still bemusement, bc pete still hasnt hindered anything for vegas yet. now, the temple is A Choice that vegas made to lure pete in with. now, why a temple? only Vegas knows. maybe he DID see how pete bowed in ep 7, and saved that bit of info for later use. but. i think. and this is my fucked up side coming out: but vegas uses the contrast of a place so holy like the temple, and gropes pete, an act of sexual misconduct and harrassment, 2 such polar opposite concepts, to TRULY fuck with pete. thats ALSO a darkness vegas is letting pete see into, that this is how shameless he is, that in a temple, a place of worship and Godliness or holiness and purity and sanctity, vegas is thinking about the lewd, the impure, the filthy, about sex. its such A Choice, such a Vegas thing to do, and its pure intimidation, just like the ep 6 condom scene. like, he may know that pete has some inclination towards religion, and vegas himself does too, but honestly, the idea of using the juxtaposition of sexual misconduct in a temple? is so Vegas. to get his point across. and he did. he sent pete into a trance. he GOT INSIDE pete's head, even if it was for a short while.
which then takes us to ep 10! and NOW. NOW is where pete has finally done some Proper Damage to vegas. has caused a hindrance. has made his entire little mastermind plan result into something futile. and this is where vegas SEES pete as someone who is Good at his job. finally!. even though he got caught. he managed to finally make his mark. now, up until this point, vegas has seen how resilient and resolute pete is, how he has an appetite for vegas' darkness. vegas knows all of this. so now, its finally time for vegas to really just ... unleash himself entirely onto pete, no holdbacks, and see if pete can withstand that. which he did. and that REALLY fucks with vegas. because yes, physically, he maybe the one in control, but emotionally, its pete who is in control. its pete's reactions, his smiles, how he simply DOES NOT LET UP, that causes vegas to spiral.
and vegas tries so HARD to break pete. torture, touch, threats, violence, and pete withstands it all. even when he's speaking to his grandma, and he screams at vegas after it, saying "are you happy now?". like. here, vegas thinks he finally cracked pete. even when he points the gun his dad gave to him to kill pete with and he says he wont kill him because he likes to see him suffer, likes to be with him because its fun, sees him as a pet that will keep him company at the safehouse bc he doesnt wanna go alone - which is funny, bc he was gonna go with his hegdehog, so he wasnt alone!, but, alas! even tho vegas called pete a pet here, he gave him some humanity, by saying he doesnt want to be alone. bc being with an animal who is a pet, and a human who is a pet, are 2 very different things. animals dont talk back, dont bite back, dont laugh back in complete mockery with an intent to goad, not in the way humans do, not in the way pete does.
and i think that bleeeeds into the rest of ep 11, in particular where he is forcing pete to eat and when he spots pete completely out of it and panics. you cant force an animal to eat, not in the way you can with a human, like vegas did with pete. vegas at this point needs/wants pete to stay alive. bc yeah, surface level, its all very entertaining to him, where he loves how defiant pete is to him and gets a kick out of punishing him for his disobedience. and i think a huge part of that lies with the fact that vegas doesnt want to be alone. and with pete, he isnt alone, despite calling him his pet. he isnt alone with pete, in the way he would be had it only been him and his hedgehog.
that is fundamentally the use of pete in ep 11, just before he's unconscious. he's there for vegas for emotional projection, as a fun little pet, a toy, a puppet on strings, all tied up, doing what vegas wants him to do, so that he doesnt feel alone. and pete's constant defiance of him is that one trait that is THE DIFFERENCE between vegas treating him as a human compared to an animal - the scenes where vegas feeds his hedgehog and then looks at pete who hasnt ate IS the example of that. that he gives them both food to eat. the hedgehog doesnt refuse it. pete DOES. thats what makes him human. and that defiance to him: a) makes pete crawl under vegas' skin even more, b) makes vegas wanna eliminate that feeling bc he is the one who should be in power and control here. thats what pete's use and purpose is. so far.
and then he falls unconscious. and nononononononononononono NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO NO NO. NO. THAT was not meant to happen. bc that scare alone is enough of a reason to remind vegas why he didnt kill pete in the 1st place: because he doesnt wanna be alone. pete's defiance, the only trait that's so far made him as human as possible to vegas, GIVES vegas something to be accompanied with. but then again, he is his pet. he has a duty of care. see if vegas didnt give 2 shits about pete, why would he even BOTHER giving him food?? he could just let him die. so easily. but vegas DOESNT want to be alone, which means he needs to keep pete alive, just like his hedgehog. he needs to take care of pete, just like his hedgehog. and so if pete is unwell, or sick, he will panic, he will need to take care of him, bc pete IS his responsibility to bear. vegas CHOSE to keep pete alive, so he now has to bear the responsibilty. ("are you very hungry? can someone else take you to eat?" "you dare push me away? you dare push me away, vegas? and why the hell did you tell me that you wanted to be with me? i'm your pet, aren't i?")
only now, there's an added layer. bc pete isnt just a pet. hes a human. a human UNDER HIS RESPONSIBILITY. vegas has killed before, he's gotten blood on his hands before, what does HE care about that? god, he shot tawan and he didnt give a SHIT, and this was the man he was gonna marry! and yet pete? pete's entire survival at this point relies solely on vegas ("and i'm hungry now. and you walked out. so i had to come find my owner!!!!"). THATS the difference. and if he ends up killing pete, that is a WHOLE DIFFERENT type of blood on his hands. hence why he mourned his hedgehog with so much sadness and grief - he didnt even shed a tear for tawan!
and if that wasnt emotionally charging enough, then as soon as pete regains consciousness, they talk about their dads. fuck, not even THAT, pete continues to be defiant and wont accept the medication. that ONCE AGAIN reminds vegas that pete is human. and this time, he's so gentle in telling pete that his wounds are inflamed, he needs to take them. he reasons with pete. REASONS. he lets pete be human here and treats him humanly in return. and then pete asks HIM what happened to him, when pete 2 seconds ago was half dead. and i think its just .... the jumping from wall to wall and the paradox of it all, just takes vegas by surprise a little. that how does pete SEE it? how does he SEE it? and, well, pete's already put 2 and 2 together ever since he saw vegas' dad abuse him at the start of ep 11, and knows his dad is an abuser. and its the conversation that is a turning point. its where they connect on a human level: that, oh, he and i have been through the same thing, as humans. not as a pet and owner, but as humans. the other side of his coin - though it doesnt hit him just yet. that comes when he says "i know you're suffering inside." that comes when he says "at first, i thought i was a freak, until now."
so when does the attraction, to want pete on a HUMAN level, come in? to need pete to want him come in? i'd say that last scene of ep 11, the "i havent poisoned your noodles!! eat them so that if you still hate me you'll atleast have the energy to kill me later!". is the start of it. here, again, vegas speaks to pete humanly. he offers food to pete humanly. thats not to say there still arent undertones of him treating pete like a pet animal here: he knows pete is healing, and just like how you'd treat a sick pet animal with TLC, thats what he does to pete here too. but the line blurs a little. bc pete once again SEES the bruises on vegas' face and asks about them. and they connect again on a human level. and vegas feels a little bit more better about himself after what pete told him about how the abuse isnt his fault. so he cooks for pete, hot steaming noodles. maybe its him returning the favour. maybe its just a bit of TLC bc pete is sick. maybe its just him starting to treat pete more like a human. and maybe its a bit of strange bemusement how pete manages to just ...... be the way he is, whilst being in the circumstances he is. he asks vegas to kill him, but doesnt want to be poisoned. he talks to himself, whilst knowing vegas can hear everything. and vegas just ... softly smiles at the HUMANITY that pete displays.
and it becomes even more real when they talk about blood types. bc. oh. THATS human. and vegas WANTS to know pete's blood type. THATS human. and what pete's blood type means. THATS human. and pete does the EXACT same. pete shows AN INTEREST in vegas. human human human. and its all going SO WELL, and vegas is enjoying it so much, the smirks, the eye rolls, the interest. and then he gets called sensitive, and how he needs love.
but everything he's ever loved has always ended up leaving him, causing pain and grief and loneliness and a sense of mourning in its aftermath.
so Fuck That. and he kicks the book away. and pete realises that theres .... a Lot to work with here. that love is an extremely touchy subject.
and i think its. something i havent seen spoken about. but only whilst im answering this ask that ive come to realise. what a CLEVER and downright Fucking MINDBLOWING parallel it is that, as one pet (pete) starts to heal because he is allowed to be human, the health of the other pet (the hedgehog) begins to deteriorate, until the hedgehog himself ends up dying bc it can no longer bear it anymore. and isnt that EXACTLY what ep 13 was? as soon as pete was in the chains again, was made to feel like a pet (animal) again, everything went downhill, pete's entire mental state, his self worth, his process of self-realisation collapsed, bc he was no longer human anymore, so much so, that he couldnt bear it anymore, because, you know why? it felt FUCKING INCREDIBLE to be human with vegas. THATS all that pete didnt know he needed until he had it. and to go from THAT, so fundamentally and primally and carnally human, to being a pet again? god. the mental toll and whiplash of it all, the earth shattering numbing feeling of it all. for it to be snatched. and it hurts to the point where pete would rather die, kill himself, because he isnt human, just a pet again.
and so i think. when does vegas realise he wants pete to need him? would be when he realises pete stayed, despite having the chance to run. its one thing pete stayed, but that could be completely out of sympathy, something we Know vegas LOATHES (from ep 14 and korn treating him and macau like charity). no. if pete stays, and vegas tells him he wants him, sexually and intimately, then pete BETTER want him like that too, not as a sympathy fuck. not as someone who can be his guardian angel and saviour. no. he needs pete to want him in the exact way he wants pete. so vegas prods and probes and teases, just to awaken something in pete. just to let pete know that THIS is how i want you. and then he backs off, leaving it all in pete's hands to make the next move - here, its ALL human. every undertone of pet and owner has vanished.
and i think the moment vegas realises its love, is "and you know why". bc he couldnt kill pete. and he realises pete cant kill him. and its for the same reason. but that feeling of "this is deeper than anything else previous to this" is brewing since "at first, i thought i was a freak, until now." because that has vegas feel differently about all of this. he doesnt feel like a freak, he doesnt feel filthy. so what does he feel then? its whatever it is that he found pete out to be: someone, a human, that is the other side of his coin, his mirror, and just how sexy and fulfilling that can be - to have someone who wants it and gets it, no matter how dark and twisted the want gets. and i think ... once vegas reached that point, he didnt want to go back. and its why the image of pete bleeding out, saying he doesnt feel human anymore, holding the knife to his jugular, haunts vegas. absolutely WRECKED him. but then, it was still for more selfish reasons: stay with me because i need you, stay with me because i dont wanna be alone - more or less like it was at the start, but different because vegas' emotional needs had now been met, he had a taste for it, and couldnt do without it.
and he still had the ... audacity? nerve? hope? faith? to think that just like before, pete would come back. but this time he doesnt.
and love is selfless, right?
so then, outside of the bar, this time, vegas is the one who walks away. he apologises. and then he walks away. despite the fact that vegas shouldnt even BE out bc he's fucking blacklisted. AND YET. he came to pete. this time, HE followed pete.
and he walks away leaving pete feeling like a human, not a pet. he walks away, not telling pete that he needs him, but that he's sorry. that vegas knows now why pete cant kill him, and he's sure pete knows now why vegas cant kill him either. and that if theyre both feeling this, that's human. and that he's sorry. and maybe pete touching his face is pete somewhat telling him he needs him too, feels that same pain too, feels that "and you know why" too, despite and against everything ("you just have to accept and be true to who you are. i just live in the present. what i'm feeling, that's all i think about.").
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itsapeterthing 3 years
My Hero || Peter Parker
Tumblr media
pairing: civilian!peter x avenger!reader
summary: when your boyfriend, peter, gets invited to the stark gala for his internship, you have to try to make it through the night without him finding out that you鈥檙e secretly an avenger
a/n: peter is in college here! finally another oneshot for our boy petey- reblogs and replies are super appreciated!
word count: 3.9k
warnings: reader has spidey鈥檚 enhanced senses, there鈥檚 a gun, fluff
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Pushing open the door of the building you had just had class in, your eyes immediately met those of your boyfriend sitting on the bench waiting for you outside. As soon as you saw him a smile reached across his face and he pushed himself out of his seat, making his way over to you.
鈥淗ey, Pete-鈥
鈥- So I don鈥檛 know how I got one of these-鈥 Peter started rambling, walking beside you.聽鈥淭hey handed it to me and in my head I was like聽鈥榯his has to be a mistake鈥 you know?聽鈥楥ause there鈥檚 no way I would get invited-鈥
鈥淲oah, Peter, slow down!鈥 You laughed, turning to your boyfriend.聽鈥淲hat are you talking about?鈥
Realizing that he hadn鈥檛 even told you what he was going on about, Peter stopped and began shoving his hands through his pockets. When you stopped your pace in front of him, you watched as Peter pulled an envelope out of his pocket.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 that for?鈥 You asked.
A smile spread across his face once again as he pulled the invitation out of the envelope.
You swore you felt your heart drop to your stomach when you saw Stark Industry鈥檚 logo printed on the piece of paper.
鈥淚t鈥檚 for this party thing-鈥
鈥-Gala.鈥 You corrected him.
鈥淵eah!鈥 He said.聽鈥淕ala! It鈥檚 for this gala that Mr. Stark is hosting and you know- at first I didn鈥檛 think I could be invited, but it has my name and everything.鈥
You began to tap your feet as he explained this all to you, feeling your anxiousness grow.
鈥淪o, are you going to go?鈥 You asked, praying that he wouldn鈥檛 say the answer that you were sure he was going to give.
鈥淲hy wouldn鈥檛 I?鈥 He asked.
You knew it was a rhetorical question. At least in Peter鈥檚 mind there wasn鈥檛 a logical reason as to why a 19 year-old intern for Stark Industries shouldn鈥檛 go to a Gala- it could open so many doors for him and it was a rare honor- but you knew things that Peter didn鈥檛. To be more exact, he didn't know the things you were keeping a secret from him.
You had known about the Gala before Peter had even mentioned it because you had been invited yourself, not as a Stark intern, but as an Avenger. You had only found out you had abilities a few months ago when you had been bitten by a radioactive spider. Later you had been discovered by the group, but managed to have your identity remain a secret.聽
It鈥檚 not that you didn鈥檛 trust Peter enough to tell him- you were going to tell him- just not yet. You needed more time.
This Gala invitation felt like Tony Stark was purposefully trying to ruin your life, despite the fact that you had never informed him- or any of the Avengers for that matter- that you and Peter Parker, his intern, were dating.
鈥淥f course I鈥檓 gonna go!鈥 He said.聽鈥淢r. Stark invited me. This is big for me, Y/n. And... guess what?鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 You asked, not particularly enjoying where this conversation was headed.
鈥淚 have a plus one.鈥 Peter said.
Of course he did.
鈥淥h that鈥檚 awesome, Pete!鈥 You smiled, beginning to walk in the opposite direction once again. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure May would love to go!鈥
Jogging to catch up with you, Peter grabbed hold of your arm, pulling you back.
鈥淢ay?鈥 He asked, furrowing his eyebrows.聽鈥淲hy would I ask May? I want you to go with me.鈥
Looking at your boyfriend, you felt so guilty for lying to him. He was the sweetest person you had ever met and as he smiled at you, hopeful to have you on his arm at tonight鈥檚 event, you couldn鈥檛 find it in you to say no to him.
鈥淚鈥檇 love to go, Peter.鈥 You said.聽鈥淧ick me up at seven?鈥
鈥淵eah- wait.鈥 Peter said quirking his eyebrows again.聽鈥淗ow did you know it was tonight?鈥
鈥淥h!鈥 You chuckled.聽鈥淚... I don鈥檛 know why I figured that. So... seven?鈥
Slowly nodding his head, your boyfriend nervously chuckled.聽鈥淵eah, seven.鈥
鈥淥kay!鈥 You exclaimed, leaning in to peck Peter鈥檚 cheek before pulling away.聽鈥淚 have to go meet my professor. See you later!鈥
And with that you took off in the other direction, your mind filled with worries about tonight鈥檚 event, planning ways in your head to keep your double life a secret from your boyfriend. As you did, Peter watched you walk away, still glued to his spot sensing that something just wasn鈥檛 right.
Clipping on your earrings, you heard the sound of Peter鈥檚 knuckles meeting your door, lightly knocking. Pulling the door open, your eyes met Peter鈥檚 and you smiled.
鈥淲hat do you think?鈥 You asked, gesturing at the dress you were wearing.
You watched as Peter鈥檚 jaw practically dropped and he reached out his hand for yours.
鈥淲-woah.鈥 He said in awe, a smiling reaching across his face as he pulled your hand, twirling you around.聽鈥淵ou- you look so beautiful, Y/n.鈥
Despite the anxiety that you were feeling about the night ahead of you, you couldn't help but smile at his compliment. No matter how often he called you beautiful, you still became a smiling mess every time.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 look too bad yourself, Mr. Parker.鈥
He didn't. Standing in front of you, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice how much your boyfriend had gone out for the Gala tonight- adorning a a black tuxedo, his hair slicked in a way that you were sure was his Aunt鈥檚 doing.
鈥淪ince when do you have a tux lying around?鈥 You asked, tugging on the labels of his jacket.
鈥淚 rented it a few hours ago. May picked it out.鈥 He told you, resting his hands on your waist.聽鈥淒-does it look okay? I thought it might look better than the old suit at-鈥
Pulling on the lapels once more to bring his lips to yours, you kissed him, quickly shutting him up as he pulled you closer, deepening the kiss. Smiling and 聽pulling away you straightened out his jacket.
鈥淵ou look amazing, baby.鈥 You whispered.聽鈥淣ow let鈥檚 get going shall we, Mr. Parker?鈥
鈥淲e shall.鈥
Stepping out of the cab and onto the sidewalk outside of the museum where the Gala was being held, the thoughts that you had been pushing aside for the last nine hours suddenly came to the surface as your heart began to race in your chest.
How were you going to keep everything a secret? You hadn鈥檛 even told the other members of your group that you would be attending with your boyfriend... your boyfriend who didn鈥檛 know that you had super-human abilities or that you were one of them.
As Peter laced his fingers with yours, squeezing tightly before guiding you towards the building, you gave him a soft smile while all you could do in your head was attempt to haphazardly form a plan.
Stepping inside the foyer of the museum, it was clear that no expense was spared for the night. The room was filled with people you didn鈥檛 recognize, waiters with flutes on trays weaving through the crowd. The sound of the orchestra playing mixed with the sounds of the hundreds of conversations around you.
It was times like these that you weren鈥檛 so glad to have your abilities, the light of the chandelier glowing brighter in your eyes as your enhanced hearing tuned in on ten conversations around you.
Unlacing your fingers from your boyfriend鈥檚, you pulled him closer.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to go find the bathroom, okay?鈥 You told him.聽鈥淚鈥檒l be back.鈥
鈥淎lready?鈥 He asked.聽鈥淒o you want me to wait outside or-鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 You exclaimed a bit too excitedly before lowering your voice.聽鈥淚鈥檒l find you.鈥
Before he could say anything else, you pushed through the crowd of people, leaving the foyer of the museum to find an empty hallway. When you finally pushed through your last person, reaching an empty exhibit within the museum, you slumped against the all.
Why did you think this was a good idea? Although Peter would have initially been upset with you declining his invitation and Tony Stark would no doubt find it suspicious that you cancelled so last minute on his end, at least you would be spared from the nervousness you were feeling now as your hands became clammy and the air felt as though it grew thicker by the second.
鈥淵/n?鈥 You heard a familiar voice ask.
Pulling yourself away from the wall and glancing over your shoulder, you looked up to see Natasha Romanoff standing in the doorway of the exhibit.
鈥淪orry,鈥 You said, playing with one of the bracelets adorning your wrist.聽鈥淚 can leave if I shouldn鈥檛-鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, kid.鈥 She said, smiling.聽鈥淚 didn鈥檛 see you come in.鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 You said, chuckling.聽鈥淭hat鈥檚 because I came with my boyfriend.鈥
Tilting her head, she smiled.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know you were seeing anyone. So your boyfriend came with you?鈥
Although you knew what she meant, you shook her head.
鈥淣ope,鈥 You told her, popping the p.聽鈥淚 came with my boyfriend. He... he鈥檚 an intern for Stark. He thinks I鈥檓 here as his plus one.鈥
鈥... But you鈥檙e an Avenger?鈥 She said.
鈥淗e uh.. he doesn鈥檛 know that.鈥
You felt guilty finally saying it out loud, confessing to your mentor that you had been lying to your boyfriend about not only having super-human abilities, but about being a part of the Avengers, risking your life to save others almost weekly.
Rather than lecturing you, she made her way over to you, leaning against the wall beside you.
鈥淚 can understand that.鈥 Natasha said before sighing.聽鈥淏ut... I also understand what it鈥檚 like to live a double life, Y/n. You can鈥檛 keep living like this. It鈥檒l make you sick and at some point you鈥檒l lose yourself in the two.鈥
鈥淏ut how can I tell him?鈥 You asked, turning to face her.聽鈥淚鈥檝e been lying to him for so long and he鈥檚 just so sweet, Nat. He鈥檇 be so worried about me if he knew.鈥
鈥淵ou said he鈥檚 nice, right?鈥 She asked, smiling as you nodded.聽鈥淭hen tell him. He鈥檒l understand and if he doesn鈥檛... at least you鈥檒l feel better because right now you look like shit.鈥
Scoffing at her insult you elbowed her.聽鈥淭hanks, Nat.鈥
Patting your back and shoving herself off of the wall, she laughed.聽鈥淲hat am I if not honest?鈥
Before you could throw her another snarky comment, however, you watched as she strolled out of the exhibit, heading back into the Gala.
Letting her advice sit with you, you knew that she was right. You had never been as stressed as you were hiding your identity from your boyfriend. You were actually less anxious fighting bad guys than when he would go to grab a pencil from your drawer where you kept your web shooters when the two of you were studying.
You had to tell him- if not for your sake at least his own.
You were afraid to tell him, but Nat was right.
He deserved to know. He was your boyfriend and one of the most kind, honest and understanding men you had ever met- he deserved to know what his girlfriend was up to every night and even the danger he was putting himself in by choosing to be yours.
You decided then that you were going to tell him... except not tonight. Tonight was his night- the night where he finally felt like an appreciated member of Tony Stark鈥檚 staff- and he didn鈥檛 deserve your limelight ruining it.
Straightening the dress you were wearing, you made your way out of the exhibit and back into the expansive foyer of the museum. Tuning in your hearing, you looked for your boyfriend, but when you heard his voice muffled with Tony Stark鈥檚... it was too late to turn around.
鈥淵/n!鈥 You heard Peter call.聽鈥淚鈥檓 over here!鈥
Taking a deep breath, you waved back to your boyfriend, forcing a wide smile onto your face. Striding over to Peter, your eyes met Tony鈥檚 whose quickly went wide as he pieced together the situation in front of him.
Before he could open his mouth, however, you extended your hand to him.
鈥淢r. Stark!鈥 You exclaimed.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 so nice to meet you. Peter鈥檚 told me so much about you- I鈥檓 a huge fan- really.鈥
Slowly taking your hand and shaking it tightly, he quirked his eyebrows, staring at you for a moment before turning back to Peter.
鈥淧arker,鈥 Tony said, pulling his hand away.聽鈥渋f I knew you had a girlfriend like her, I would have promoted you sooner.鈥
You felt Peter鈥檚 hand wrap around your back to rest on your waist as he smiled brightly.
鈥淲-well thank you, Mr-鈥
鈥淵ou know,鈥 Tony said, cutting him off.聽鈥淚 just can鈥檛 get over it. She looks exactly like this girl I know. What did you say your name was again?鈥
You should have figured that Tony was going to give you a hard time.
鈥淵/n.鈥 You told him, through gritted teeth.
鈥淵/n...鈥 He said your name again, before chuckling.聽鈥淕od I almost feel like I鈥檓 talking to her-鈥
Before he even had the chance to finish his sentence, however, you heard the overwhelming sound of the glass window that spanned the length of the room shattering behind Tony. Turning your attention to the area, you watched as a large robot-like creature climbed its way into the foyer, kicking it鈥檚 legs through the remaining wall.聽Behind you the crowd of people began to erupt into screams as they rushed out of the doors of the museum.聽
鈥淗oly shit!鈥 You shouted, stunned by the android.
At your side you felt Peter鈥檚 hand grip yours and when you turned around to face him, you watched as he attempted to pull you in the other direction towards the door, tugging on your hand.
鈥淵/n, we have to get out of here!鈥 He exclaimed.
You had hoped you had more time.
You had hoped you would be able to break it to him nicely.
But as you turned back around to see Tony Stark鈥檚 Iron Man suit forming around him and the robot stepping inside the building, you knew you were out of time.
Pulling your hand out of Peter鈥檚, you watched as a look of betrayal washed over his face.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 Peter!鈥 You shouted, reaching your hands behind your dress.
鈥淲hat? What do you mean you can-鈥
鈥淎re you in or are you out, Y/n?鈥 You heard Tony ask.
Glancing between him and your boyfriend, the sound of the robot destroying tables echoing throughout the room, you nodded at Tony.
鈥淚鈥檓 in.鈥
鈥淲hat do you mean you鈥檙e in-鈥
Ignoring Peter, you undid the laces on the back of your dress, the fabric falling to your feet.
You were thanking yourself for choosing to wear your shorts underneath your dress right about now.
鈥淕ood.鈥 Tony said.聽鈥淵our suit鈥檚 coming in three.., two...鈥
Stretching your arms out, you felt as the high tech machinery of Tony Stark鈥檚聽 鈥渟pidey suit鈥 for you met your skin. The material stretched across your body, covering your skin until it finally reached around your face, forming your mask.
Turning to look at your boyfriend, you saw his eyes go wide, his mouth practically dropping to the floor.
鈥淲hat... Y/n-鈥 He stumbled over his words.
Picking your dress up off the floor, you shoved it into your boyfriend鈥檚 arms.
鈥淧eter, you need to get out of here!鈥 You shouted over the sound of destruction in the background.
鈥淚- I-鈥 He continued, still glued to his spot.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e Spider-Woman?鈥
鈥淗ey!鈥 You heard Tony shout.聽鈥淪ave the Soap Opera for after we stop this thing!鈥
Glancing back at Tony and then to Peter, you gently shoved Peter in the direction towards the door.
鈥淲e鈥檒l talk about this later!鈥 You shouted, jogging backwards. 鈥淛ust get out of here!鈥
Without turning around again to look at Peter鈥檚 face, you shot a web towards the android, flinging yourself towards it. When your web met the android鈥檚 chest you landed a swift kick to its head before shooting another web, spinning yourself around the android鈥檚 body.
鈥淪hit!鈥 You shouted.聽鈥淭his thing鈥檚 strong! Can someone help me out?鈥
As soon as you asked, you watched as a familiar shield came straight for the android鈥檚 head, dodging out of the way at the last second, it collided with its face, stopping the animatronic from moving its arms long enough for you to swing yourself around them, webbing them down at its sides.
鈥淭hank you!鈥
As Tony continued to blast at its face, trying to get a reading on what this creature was, you shot a web towards its waist, swinging yourself around its body once again.
鈥淭aking out the legs, Y/n?鈥 You heard Cap鈥檚 voice ask through the earpiece of your suit.
Huffing and Puffing, you replied.聽鈥淭hat鈥檚 the plan!鈥
Pulling the webs that you had spun around the android鈥檚 knees tighter, you groaned, feeling the strain on your muscles. Just as you were about to lose your grip, the webs slipping from your fingers, both Steve鈥檚 shield and the rays from Tony鈥檚 palms hit the back of the android鈥檚 knees, knocking it onto the floor. Jumping off of the being at the last second, you landed on your knees.
Pushing yourself onto your feet, you heard the clicking sound of a door within the android鈥檚 torso opening. When you looked up, your eyes were met with a man who had a gun raised in his hand... pointed at you.
鈥淗ey!鈥 You called shakily, raising your hands.聽鈥淲e can talk this out.鈥
鈥淭alk this out?鈥 The man said.聽鈥淚 spent two years working on this-鈥
Before he could say another word, however, the loud clang of a platter meeting the back of the man's head rang throughout the room. When he fell to the ground, your eye鈥檚 met Peter鈥檚 who stood behind him, the silver tray in his hand.
鈥淧eter?鈥 You asked, tapping the side of your neck so your mask would retract from your face.
Dropping the tray to the floor, he doubled over, hands on his knees.
鈥淭hat was...鈥 He said huffing.聽鈥... so... cool!鈥
Rushing over to Peter鈥檚 side, stepping over the unconscious man鈥檚 body, you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend鈥檚 back, listening as he wheezed. Knowing his aunt well enough to know that she wouldn鈥檛 let Peter leave the house without his inhaler, you slipped your hands into his pant pocket, pulling out the device and placing it in his hands.
As he inhaled a quick two puffs, his breathing slowly evening out as his airways opened up, you and him looked up to find the attention of the rest of the team on the both of you.
鈥淲ell,鈥 Nat said breaking the silence, staring at the unconscious man on the floor in front of you.聽鈥淚 guess love really does conquer all.鈥
Hearing a chuckle settle over the group surrounding you, the next person to speak was Steve, stepping in front of Peter and reaching his hand out for him to shake.
Glancing between Cap鈥檚 hand and face, Peter straightened up, clearing his throat.
鈥淥h, wow.鈥 Peter said in awe, shaking his hand dramatically.聽鈥淢- Mr. Captain America, sir, I鈥檓 a huge fan.鈥
Smiling, Steve laid his hand on his shoulder.
鈥淚 can say the same about you, kid.鈥 He said.聽鈥淵ou gotta stand up for your girl- no matter how strong and capable she may be... I would know.鈥
Without saying another word, leaving Peter starstruck in his spot beside you, Steve walked away towards Natasha. Tony was the last to come up to the two of you.
鈥淲ell, Parker,鈥 He said, tapping his wrist so that his suit retracted from around his body.聽鈥淚 gotta say- I鈥檓 impressed. I didn鈥檛 think you had it in you.鈥
鈥淭- thank you, Mr. Stark.鈥 Peter said nervously, scratching the back of his neck.
鈥淚 guess we can consider making you a paid intern now.鈥 Tony said.聽鈥淵ou saved an Avenger and now you get paid minimum wage- sound fair?鈥
Nodding his head smiling, Peter took Tony鈥檚 hand in his, shaking it.聽鈥淵es! Thank you, sir. You won鈥檛 regret it!鈥
鈥淚 know I won鈥檛.鈥 He said, pulling his hand back and stepping away from him. 鈥淎nd Peter?鈥
鈥淏e nice to her.鈥 Tony said finally shooting you a wink before heading towards the rest of the group standing over the unconscious man.
Glancing down at your hands, fiddling with your fingers, you looked up at Peter.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry for not telling you, Pete.鈥 You said, taking a deep breath. 鈥淚 was just so scared. At first I didn鈥檛 even know what was going on with me and then the Avengers found me and my life just got so crazy, but you always treated me like I was just me... I didn鈥檛 want that to change and I.... I didn鈥檛 want you to leave me once you found out.鈥
Taking your fidgeting hands in his, he squeezed tightly.
鈥淵ou thought I would leave you?鈥 Peter asked.
You nodded.
鈥淵/n, I- I would never leave you.鈥 Peter said seriously.聽鈥淵eah, it鈥檚 super cool that my girlfriend鈥檚 Sider-Woman and you look... like... really hot... in that suit-鈥
鈥淏ut I love you.鈥 He told you finally.聽鈥淣ot Spider-Woman- you.鈥
You weren鈥檛 able to help the smile that reached across your face as you listened to your boyfriend. You should have known that Peter would never hate you- especially not for something as cool as having super human abilities- and you almost wanted to laugh at yourself for worrying so much over it. In the end all that mattered was that Peter now knew and he chose to be with you anyway.
Taking your hands out of his, you cupped his face in your hands and pressed a light kiss to his lips before pulling away.
鈥淭hanks for being my hero tonight, Peter.鈥 You whispered.
Smiling, gazing at his face you couldn鈥檛 help but notice the blush that began to rise to his cheeks as he nervously scratched the back of his neck.
鈥淥h that? That was nothing.鈥 He chuckled.
鈥淗ey! Love birds!鈥 Tony shouted from across the room. 鈥淭he press has gotta be here any minute- better head out unless you want your face on the front page.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檝e got it, Mr. Stark!鈥 Peter called back, waving his hand.
Waving goodbye to the members of your group one last time, you laced your fingers with Peter鈥檚 guiding him towards the door.
鈥淕ot my dress?鈥 You asked.
Pulling your dress out from behind a nearby vase, he continued his pace handing you the bundled up gown.
鈥淐ouldn鈥檛 forget that!鈥
Smiling you slipped behind a wall near the entrance, pulling your gown on. Without asking you felt Peter come up behind you, lacing up the back of your dress as you tapped your wrist, your suit retracting with your touch beneath the dress.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know about you,鈥 Peter said, tying the laces.聽鈥淏ut I鈥檓-鈥
鈥淪tarving?鈥 You asked, laughing.
Stepping back from tying up your gown, he laughed.聽鈥淵eah, want to go grab some post battle dinner?鈥
Taking his hand in yours, you couldn鈥檛 help the smile on your face.聽鈥淗ow can I say no to that?鈥
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padsnprongs 3 years
this is for @anythingforour_moony鈥檚 writing competition!!
Prompt: 鈥淲ho ate my pudding??鈥
If there was one thing that Remus Lupin loved more than life itself, it was chocolate. Chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, you name it, he would eat it practically inhale it. Not only would he gulp down anything with the slightest trace of chocolate, he would hoard聽it. He had secret stashes hidden all over the school. Throughout his five and a half years at Hogwarts, his stashes had remained undiscovered.
Or so he thought.
Without his knowledge, one silver-eyed, mischievous Sirius Black had discovered his little secret months ago. Actually, if he was being honest, he found it rather endearing. The image of one Remus Lupin, engulfed in that adorable green sweater of his, tawny curls falling onto his face, amber eyes gleaming with that enchanting golden tint that Sirius often found himself mesmerised in, happened to be the main source of Sirius鈥 serotonin regardless, but adding that to the image of Remus Lupin, curled up with some chocolate from his secret little stash, perfectly content, was even more adorable, if that was at all possible. 聽
Yeah鈥 Sirius would really have to do something about this crush of his.
And so, Sirius hatched a crafty scheme: he would steal Remus鈥 chocolate from his stash. Not to eat! Oh lord, no. Maybe just to hide for an hour or two? At least until Remus noticed it was gone, which surely wouldn鈥檛 take long; the guy was obsessed. Once Remus had figured out that Sirius had stolen his chocolate, he would probably be rightfully mad. And then he would hopefully start spewing something about morals and boundaries or something. And maybe that, in turn, would help Sirius see that maybe being with Remus wasn鈥檛 all he鈥檇 thought it up to be, and maybe this silly little crush of his, could finally come to an end. Sirius鈥 main aim was just to find a way to make Remus mad, and stealing his chocolate was apparently the best way to go about that.聽
The plan may have been long-winded and, frankly, ridiculous, but Sirius was desperate. He couldn鈥檛 go on like this 鈥 just being in the same room as Remus was enough to give him the complexion of a tomato, and surely someone would notice that soon? It was too risky; no one could ever know.
Little did Sirius know just how hard he had fallen.
That was how Sirius found himself sitting in the common room, absent-mindedly watching Peter try desperately to Vanish a table, and James hurriedly scribbling a Potions essay. However, the only thing he could concentrate on was the fact that Remus had just disappeared into the dormitory and was bound to discover what he had done any second now.
Not long after, his suspicions were confirmed. He heard the dormitory door slam, the sound echoing through the tower, followed by the sound of footsteps crashing down the stairs. Remus skidded to a halt at the bottom of the staircase. Sirius鈥 mouth was dry with anticipation; he could feel his heart about to burst through his ribs. He had no idea what Remus鈥 reaction would be, but he was notorious for being incredibly overprotective of his chocolate.
Sirius did not fancy his chances.
Remus was annoyed, to say the least. He had had a particularly good day, so imagine his disappointment and frustration when he hurried towards his trunk, only to find that the chocolate pudding he鈥檇 been eagerly looking forward to all day, had disappeared. And Remus knew聽he hadn鈥檛 misplaced, or already eaten, the pudding. There was only one possible explanation. One of those three idiots聽had eaten it. He wasn鈥檛 as angry as he could have been, mostly because he genuinely had聽had a great day, but he was irritated, nonetheless.
That was how Remus found himself storming down to the common room, ready to have a serious conversation with his friends about respecting boundaries. However, not everything goes to plan. When Remus reached the bottom of the staircase, his gaze landed on one Sirius Black. Remus, as so often happens, was mesmerised by the grin which seemed to light up any room, the eyes which seemed to be swirling in the ocean depths, and the hair which seemed to catch the sunlight, shimmering with the slightest movement. Sirius鈥 charm was infuriatingly distracting, and Remus couldn鈥檛 help but to lose himself in those breathtakingly bright eyes, which were gleaming like the moon. 聽
Come on, Remus, snap out of it. Feeling his face start to heat up, Remus took a deep breath. There was a more important matter at hand.
鈥淎lright, which one of you was it?鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 up, moony?鈥 James replied without looking up.
鈥淲ho ate my pudding??鈥 Remus narrowed his eyes at the three boys and seemed to notice Sirius鈥 eyes widening. As he watched, Sirius ducked his head behind those glistening curls of his, refusing to meet Remus鈥 gaze. This was unusual only in that the other two boys had looked up at the mention of Remus鈥 chocolate. It was the reaction of a guilty person. Remus knew it, Sirius knew it, and he was pretty sure James and Pete had also figured it out.聽
Sirius still refused to meet his eyes, which only made it all the more obvious that he was guilty.
Remus waited expectantly, hoping that Sirius would say something; this was awkward enough as it was. Finally, Sirius glanced up.
鈥楨rm鈥 I鈥檓 just gonna go take a quick shower鈥 yeah, I haven鈥檛 had one since quidditch practice鈥︹ Sirius stood up hastily, but found his way blocked.
鈥楽irius Orion Black. If you have done what I think you have done,鈥 he warned under his breath, enunciating every syllable to ensure the message was crystal clear, 鈥業 will send you straight to Filch鈥檚 office myself, and tell him what really happened in the girls鈥 toilets yesterday. You can鈥檛 fool me.鈥
Sirius gulped. Although he was aware that he was currently in deep, deep shit, a part of him desperately wanted to make a 鈥榮traight鈥 joke in reply to Remus鈥 threat. However, Sirius felt that may not bode well with the fuming werewolf, who was currently glaring into his soul. So, instead, he did the only reasonable thing he could think of; he ran. Scanning for all possible exits and realising the portrait hole was blocked by a giggling group of girls, he sprinted straight for the stairwell. Taking the steps three at a time, his heart pounded nervously as he heard Remus in close pursuit. He slammed open the dormitory door with enough force to make it rattle in its hinges and dived for his bed. Rolling across the bed, Sirius fell through the drawn curtain on the other side and landed on his feet. Although he personally felt that this was a move worthy of James Bond himself, there was no time to dwell, because he had probably pissed Remus off even more, if that was possible.
Speaking of Remus, Sirius had no idea where he鈥檇 gone. He could swear his pursuer had been mere footsteps behind him moments ago. Narrowing his eyebrows, he approached the dormitory door cautiously, when, out of nowhere, Remus barrelled around the corner, straight into him, and rugby tackled him to the ground. Winded from pure shock, Sirius could do nothing but flail desperately as Remus wrestled him onto his back and pinned his wrists above his head.
Suddenly, all the anger and all the panic evaporated. Their faces were mere inches from each other, and Sirius could hardly breathe. Remus was staring into his eyes, and Sirius noticed how the amber seemed to darken and his pupils seemed to expand.
But he had no time to think, because he could feel his heart pounding faster and faster, even though he had stopped running. He would have guessed that it was because of the pure intensity that comes with someone laying on top of you, pinning you to the ground, and staring deep into your soul, seemingly getting lost in your eyes, but his brain could barely comprehend what was happening.
Wait. No. That pounding he had felt? That wasn鈥檛 his heart. That was Remus鈥 heart. What? Why would Remus鈥 heart be beating faster? Shut up. Suddenly, Sirius became hyper-aware of Remus leaning closer to him.
鈥楨rm鈥︹ he managed to mumble, now oddly self-conscious of how his breath smelt.
鈥楾ell me to stop.鈥 Remus whispered, so softly that Sirius could barely hear. Tell me to stop what?? What does that even mean?? What is he doing??
Remus was now so close that their breaths were mingling, and if Sirius moved slightly, he could probably have brushed their noses. Why the hell would I move slightly?? Are you crazy?? Let鈥檚 just see what he does.
And Sirius barely had time to process what happened next, because Remus鈥 lips curved into a soft smirk, no I am not watching his lips thank you very muc- HOLY SHIT, and then they crashed against his.
Remus鈥 lips. Crashed against Sirius鈥 lips.
Sirius鈥 nervous system was going berserk, his brain was short circuiting, and all he could think about was every point where Remus was touching him.
Time seemed to slow down; everything else faded away until it was just him and Remus.
Remus鈥 mind had a similar reaction. He swore he could see fireworks behind his eyelids and, despite his nervousness at initiating the kiss, what if I misinterpreted it?? I鈥檒l literally ruin our whole friendship!! Ah you know what, fuck it, he ate my pudding, we don鈥檛 have a friendship anymore, those few moments were possibly the best of his life. But then, if it was possible, those moments grew even better; gradually, as they both got over their initial shock (and, let鈥檚 be real, a little bit of *gay panic*), they relaxed into the kiss. It turned away from passionate and hungry, and more towards comforting and slow. 聽
Sirius鈥 intestines seemed to be fizzing and twisting, his fingers tangling themselves in those golden curls that he was so incredibly crazy about.
Well, he thought, that鈥檚 my plan gone to shit.
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parkertech 4 years
Tattoos & Tears 鈥 CHAPTER 6
Tumblr media
a/n: on everybody's 18th birthday, they get a tattoo of their soulmate written on their wrist. for you, it's your best friend who you thought you got over. who even has a girlfriend of his own.
warnings: swearing, slight smut
The room seemed to shrink more and more as seconds were spent in pure silence. Peter never left his glaring eyes from you, eyeing how you couldn鈥檛 look at him. Instead you kept twirling your fingers and looking at them.
You knew eventually the secret would be out, but now that it became a reality, it was way more intense than you thought it was going to be. You鈥檝e never seen Peter look at you like that. It鈥檚 always been smiles and laughter, twinkling eyes and happiness. Now, it鈥檚 silence and glares, hands in tight fists and waiting for someone to say something. Peter was getting impatient by the minute, and was tired of the rather very undeserved silence you were giving.
鈥淪peak.鈥 It wasn鈥檛 a question. It was more of a demand. His void was raspy and cold, causing shivers to run down your back and goosebumps to arrive on your skin. You opened your mouth to say something, but closed it immediately afterwards. You wanted to scream sorry and confess your heart out. You just wanted to drop all your walls and let it all out. But the words wouldn鈥檛 come up. It obviously didn鈥檛 make Peter happy. It only made him angrier.
鈥淪PEAK!鈥 He yelled at the top of his lungs. He ignored how you flinched and stepped away from him. All his friends could have easily heard him, but that wasn鈥檛 his focus either. His focus was on how betrayed and hurt he felt. You never kept secrets from him, especially something this big. His heart was aching from your actions, and it overcame all his senses and gave him no control.
鈥淚....I-I鈥檓 sorry...鈥 you whispered under your breath. Peter scoffed. Then chuckled. And then chuckled again. Now he was laughing in disbelief.
鈥淪orry? Sorry? That鈥檚 what you鈥檙e going with?鈥 You knew it was a bad starter, and Peter was in complete disbelief. He deserved way more than just a sorry. 鈥淲hat are you sorry for, Y/N? Hiding the fucking fact that you鈥檙e my supposed 鈥榮oulmate鈥?鈥 Something about the way he said soulmate made you lose the shy demeanor, which was replaced with an anger mirroring his.
鈥淵es! Of course I鈥檓 sorry for that! 鈥極h, let me go up to my boy best friend since middle school and tell him the tattoo is his name when he has a fucking girlfriend!鈥 Peter groaned and looked away, knowing you were somewhat right. But you did more than hide it.
鈥淥kay, yeah, sure, but you said it was Brad! You lied to me!鈥 The haunting memory came back, and it was your turn to look away.
鈥淚 had to come up with something! If I didn鈥檛 you would鈥檝e been on my ass about it!鈥 You sighed and started rubbing your temples, trying to calm down. 鈥淭his is exactly why I didn鈥檛 wanna say anything! Because you鈥檙e in love with...MJ.鈥 For some reason, that last sentence was hard to get out. It knocked the wind right out of you, causing your chest to ache and your eyes to tear up. Peter noticed and looked down at his shoes, his own memories coming back.
鈥淚....I鈥檓 not anymore...鈥 he mumbled meekly.
鈥淲hat...?鈥 You started wide eyed at him, taken aback by his sentence. He鈥檚 always been in love with her. Ever since the beginning. He鈥檚 done everything for her. He must be lying. That鈥檚 the only explanation. 鈥淟isten, Pete...my hearts already been broken from this...you don鈥檛 have to lie.鈥
It was Peter鈥檚 turn to look at you in disbelief. Heartbroken? What?
鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥 You sighed, knowing exactly what to say at that moment. The secret was already out. No point in hiding anymore...
鈥淧eter...I鈥檝e been in love with you since freshman year, I was just really good at hiding it. D-Do you remember the week where I went M.I.A?鈥 He nodded and swallowed hard. 鈥淭hat was because I saw you kiss MJ...hence the whole 鈥榟eartbreak鈥 thing. I went through it already and I don鈥檛 want to have to go through it again, so don鈥檛 lie and say you love me.鈥 You couldn鈥檛 hide back the pain in your voice. Peter鈥檚 head was running one hundred miles per hour, causing him to sit down on his bed, running his hands through his hair.
He took in your words and your confession slowly. Heartbreak. Kissing MJ. You love him. As crazy as it sounds, he didn鈥檛 even hang onto the fact that you loved him. And he was your soulmate. It all clicked when you really looked at it. Peter didn鈥檛 know whether to love it or hate it.
For some reason, Peter鈥檚 silence led you to slowly sit down next to him. He kept looking away from you, keeping his elbow on his knee and his hand in his curls. You took a deep breath, realizing he wasn鈥檛 going to say anything. 鈥淟ike I was saying...you love MJ. And I鈥檓 with Brad, so...maybe we can put this behind us and act like it never happened?鈥 You proposed. Peter sniffed and looked at you and disbelief.
鈥淲e cannot put something like this behind us. And I don鈥檛 love MJ, I said it already.鈥 Still in disbelief, you titled your head and squinted your eyes slightly.
鈥淚f you don鈥檛 love her then why are you still in a relationship with her?鈥 You were putting him on the spot, and now it was Peter鈥檚 turn for his anxiety to grow.
鈥淏ecause I don鈥檛 wanna hurt her, Y/N! MJ鈥檚 a cool person, but I don鈥檛 like her as a girlfriend anymore. I don鈥檛 love her anymore.鈥 You watched intently as he kept his eyes trained on yours. Your face fell in realization. He was telling the truth. 鈥淚...I love you.鈥 He whispered. For some reason the air became thicker and the only thing in that small bedroom was him. His eyes never left yours, as you both kept staring at each other.
There was some sort of black hole that was aching between you two, causing to slowly pull closer to him. Peter saw as your widened eyes softened, and he titled his head towards yours. His diverted from your lips, then your eyes, then back at your lips again. You were leaning more closer now. So close, that Peter鈥檚 breath was tickling your nose and cheeks. In an agonizing and long few seconds, you felt his soft lips on yours, and your shoulders relax. Peter hummed softly into the kiss, feeling his own weight being lifted off his chest. There goes the butterflies in his tummy, and his flushed, red cheeks. Your self consciousness was turned off, as you decided to keep initiating the kiss, and press your lips more firmly against his.
Slightly taken aback, Peter鈥檚 lips stuttered before moving with yours. Soft, gentle pecks turned into slow, passionate open mouthed kisses, and you found yourself needing to pull away at the lack of oxygen. Your forehead never left his, both of your eyes hooded and your pants mixing. You looked up into Peter鈥檚 eyes, and then his face. Something about how flushed his lips and cheeks were made that familiar desire crawl back all over your body. You didn鈥檛 hesitate to fist his t-shirt in both your hands, and yank him towards you for another kiss.
Peter groaned before kissing you back with just as much force, causing a rhythmic smacking sound erupt in the room. His hand started slowly crawling up your hip, gripping it tightly. You softly whimpered before hiking both of your legs next to his hips, straddling him. The position got you closer to Peter, making that fire in your explore even more. To say you鈥檝e dreamed about this day would be an understatement.
Peter was beginning to grow impatient as he pulled away, trailing his kisses down your jawline. You tilted your head back, giving him more access and freedom to do whatever he wanted. His grip on your hips tightened, surely leaving marks as his lips danced on your neck. You gasped as he kissed your sweet spot, feeling Peter smirk against that same spot. He started sucking and nipping, causing you to softly moan into his ear, gripping his chocolate curls and tugging. He groaned into your neck before smoothing the red mark with his tongue. You closed your eyes and hummed, causing Peter to be more aggressive and start sucking more marks into your neck.
Sure, you鈥檝e had your first kiss before, but they compared nothing to what was happening now. No one kissed you like this before. Especially not Brad.
Wait, Brad!
鈥淧-Pete...鈥 you whispered softly. Peter misunderstood your sound for one of pleasure, and started sucking even harder. As good as it felt, you knew how wrong it was and started to gently push against his chest. But he couldn鈥檛 seem to take the hint, being completely entranced by you. You started pulling away from him and hitting his chest more firmly. 鈥淧eter!鈥
Peter heard your alarmed cry and looked up at you panicked. 鈥淲-what? What did I do?鈥 A million thoughts ran through his mind, but his main one was that he mad you uncomfortable and fucked everything up. His hair was a mess, now being a messy plop of curls, his chest heaving up and down from how passionate the moment was. You took one last glance at how perfect he looked, no matter how messy he was, before getting off his lap and losing his touch entirely.
鈥淭-This is wrong...so wrong.鈥 Peter swallowed hard and looked at you embarrassed, while you tried to smooth your hair down and collect yourself.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry-鈥 Peter started.
鈥淒-Don鈥檛, just...never speak of this again.鈥 You looked at him with slightly teary eyes before opening the door and storming down the hallway. You quickly grabbed your phone from the couch where everyone was sleeping and made a beeline for the front door, practically slamming it down and sprinting towards your house.
Peter was still in slight shock, trying to process what happened. He knew it was wrong, but you kept imitating it. So who鈥檚 fault is it? Fuck, what if MJ finds out? He would hurt her more than ever. He thought he got this weight off his shoulders already, but you pulling away from him made it come back twice as heavy. He groaned and hid his hands in face, sitting in silence with nothing but his thoughts. Now he definitely had no choice. He had to tell MJ as soon as possible.
Peter tried texting you before going to bed, but you never even opened them. His stomach was stuck in knots that couldn鈥檛 be untangled, the nights events replaying in his head. He kept his hands buried in his pockets and his head down, taking occasional glances so he could see where he was going in the sea of students. He glanced up and saw MJ leaning against his locker looking left and right. He blew some air out, mentally preparing himself before standing next to her. She sent a friendly and sweet smile before kissing his cheek.
鈥淗ey, loser.鈥 She mumbled. He chuckled a bit at the nickname, knowing this might be the last time he鈥檒l ever hear it.
鈥淗-Hey, um, I-I have to talk to you...鈥 He said meekly. MJ鈥檚 smile didn鈥檛 change as he kept looking at him.
鈥淥kay, yeah, one second, Y/N!鈥 She shouted from the hall. Peter looked behind her, and saw you chatting with Brad at the lockers not too far from them. He noticed you were wearing a turtleneck, probably to hide the hickeys he unintentionally gave you last night. Once he locked eyes with you he looked down and cleared his throat. 鈥淐an you come here for a sec? Bring Brad with you.鈥 You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at Brad, only to find him mirroring you. He shrugged slightly before walking with you in front of MJ.
鈥淗ey MJ, what鈥檚 up?鈥 You asked cautiously. Peter was silent and glaring daggers at Brad, who had an arm around your shoulder. Much to his please, you gently shrugged it off and kept your attention on MJ.
鈥淣othin鈥 just thought I鈥檇 need you all 3 for this right here.鈥 MJ pulled out her phone and turned it on it鈥檚 side, so the screen was now in a horizontal view. You all moved closer to her and looked at her phone. You felt your heart drop and your face pale.
It was a video of you and Peter from last night, making out鈥攜ou straddling his waist. The smacking sounds and soft moans didn鈥檛 make it better, and your ears started ringing while Peter鈥檚 throat started growing a lump at the bottom.
鈥淵/N...are you fucking kidding me?鈥 Brad asked you, pure anger lacing his voice. You looked up at him, your eyes glossy in tears, your mouth open in shock. 鈥淲hen the fuck was this?鈥
鈥淟ast night. At Peter鈥檚 birthday party.鈥 MJ answered for him. Her voice was calm in the most disturbing way, not an ounce of hurt or betrayal in it. You saw as Brad鈥檚 jaw clenched, his own betrayal showing through.
鈥淲hy the fuck would you do this, Y/N?!鈥 MJ scoffed and turned to Peter.
鈥淵eah, Peter. Why would you do this, too?鈥 None of you had an answer as Peter looked down at his beat up shoes and you stared at Brad鈥檚 hurt expression. The next few seconds are spent in silence before Brad scoffs and turns away from you, starting to walk away.
鈥淏rad, wait!鈥 You chased after him as Peter eyed you, feeling guilt slowly eat him up. He turned to MJ鈥檚 emotionless glare and swallowed thickly.
鈥淚n case it鈥檚 wasn鈥檛 obvious, we鈥檙e over, and you鈥檙e fucking dead to me.鈥 MJ demanded. Her voice was now cold and aggressive, making her even more intimidating than before. She slammed her locker door, causing Peter to flinch. 鈥淗ave fun with your soulmate, Peter.鈥 MJ spat out, before turning away and walking to her first class, leaving Peter at his locker, the aching in his chest alternating between softening and becoming even more painful.
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Soul Bonded (Two)(Spideypool)
鈥淥h hey, I know those guys.鈥 Clint peeked over Pepper鈥檚 shoulder when he saw the video playing on her tablet. 鈥淗ow鈥檇 you get that video footage? Not even the Daily Planet manages that good of a look at them.鈥
鈥淵ou know, I鈥檝e learned not to ask where or how JARVIS comes up with surveillance videos.鈥 Pepper took her eyes off the screen only long enough to kiss the other Omega鈥檚 cheek and to lay a gentle hand at the non existent bump of Clint鈥檚 stomach. 鈥淗ow are you and my next favorite niece and nephew doing today?鈥澛
鈥淚 dunno why everyone thinks I鈥檓 having twins.鈥 Clint complained mildly. 鈥淲e all see how big Steve is with baby James. If a super soldier can barely handle just one kiddo, what makes you think I can handle two?鈥澛
鈥淐os you already handle one set of twins so well!鈥 the sweet Omega laughed at Clint鈥檚 disgruntled expression, and lifted her fluffy pink wings to brush against his darker ones. 鈥淭ony says the young mutant with webs is named Peter Parker and the bigger one is Deadpool. He wants me to try and get a hold of them and bring them by the compound.鈥澛
鈥淧eter鈥檚 younger than Wanda and Pietro, and Deadpool鈥檚 real name is Wade, but trust me, he鈥檚 not the type to share his Omega.鈥 Clint pointed out, and then immediately after, 鈥淥h but with our Alpha starting to step aside with the Iron Man thing, he wants two more mutants on the team and around the family to keep us safe. That makes more sense than the other thing.鈥澛
鈥淓xactly.鈥 Pepper rewound the footage to the spot where the admittedly beautiful Omega showed off sheer jaw dropping strength as he shoved the Alpha off him. 鈥淭hey seem rough, together. I鈥檝e never seen a pair wrestle like that before. Isn鈥檛 the Alpha worried about hurting his mate?鈥澛
鈥淲ade鈥檚 mutation keeps him halfway to feral all the time, but Peter鈥檚 got some spider thing going on, so he channels predator half the time anyway. They鈥檙e fine. It鈥檚 like violent flirting, but best I can tell, neither one ever gets hurt.鈥
Clint pulled a chair up next to Pepper and snuggled in under her wings, soaking in every bit of the love she so readily gave. Tony might be the family Alpha, but Pepper was the family鈥檚 matriarch, kept them all together and fed and clothed and made sure Stark Industries stayed successful so Tony could afford to give their always growing family everything.聽
The pretty Omega exuded pure comfort right along with unwavering resolve and underlying steel that made her a powerhouse in both the business world and in front of the press. Simply put, Pepper was perfect and even with her layers of suppressants, she scented like home and like love and all good things so Clint curled in closer and purred low in contentment.聽
鈥淪weet Omega.鈥 Pepper dropped a kiss on Clint鈥檚 head and ran light fingers through his feathers. 鈥淗ave you started craving anything? Getting over tired yet?鈥
鈥淣ot too bad.鈥 Clint promptly yawned and she laughed at him. 鈥淚鈥檓 only like three or four weeks out, you know? Tony figured it out right away so we are still ages away from me even starting to feel pregnant.鈥澛
鈥淗mmm.鈥 she kept playing with the feathers closest to his shoulders and Clint sighed and relaxed into the familiar touch. 鈥淵ou called this Alpha Wade. You know him personally?鈥澛
鈥淲e have lunch together like once a month.鈥 Clint mumbled. He was honestly lulled halfway to sleep right there on Pepper鈥檚 shoulder but he startled when she jumped and cursed. 鈥淪heesh! What?!鈥澛
鈥淵ou have lunch with him?鈥 Pepper鈥檚 pink wings ruffed up in concern. 鈥淐lint! If our Alpha knew you were out there with such a volatile mutant, he would lose his mind! Deadpool is dangerous!鈥澛
鈥淚 think you鈥檙e forgetting that I can take care of myself just as well as anyone else in this compound.鈥 The Omega said firmly, almost irritably. 鈥淒o you really think I鈥檇 hang out with someone I was scared of? Wade鈥檚 got a rough past, but he鈥檚 okay now.鈥澛
鈥淐lint, that鈥檚 not what I鈥檓--鈥
鈥淧ep.鈥 Clint pulled away entirely now, dark brown wings lifting above his shoulders as his irritation grew. 鈥淲e live in the same building as the Hulk and I regularly share a bed with the former Winter Soldier and the stabbiest, scariest ballerina in the world. How is Wade any different than them?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 be angry with me darling.鈥 She tried. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just--鈥澛
鈥淐os he鈥檚 a little closer to feral?鈥 Clint interrupted. 鈥淏ecause his bad days are a hell of a lot worse than ours? Cos his wings aren鈥檛 pretty and perfect? Since when does anyone have to be pretty and perfect to fit into this family? You鈥檙e about the only one in this place with no blood on her hands, Pep. Don鈥檛 turn your back on Wade because the blood on his hands is a littler newer than what鈥檚 still staining--鈥澛
鈥淐lint.鈥 Pepper cupped the Omega鈥檚 chin and forced him to look at her. 鈥淐lint, I wasn鈥檛 going to say any of that. I was just going to say that if our Alpha found out you鈥檇 been meeting with someone so dangerous, he鈥檇 put an immediate stop to it until he could do some research and make sure Wade鈥檚 worst days are behind him. Tony never tells you no about anything, but he would say no to this until he knew you and the babies weren鈥檛 in danger.鈥
鈥淚 love how quickly you stand up for everyone.鈥 Pepper coaxed Clint back into her arms, put the tablet down and turned so she was facing him better. 鈥淵ou did it with Bucky when Natasha wasn鈥檛 sure about him, you stepped right in with Thor and Loki to welcome them to the family, and I鈥檓 not surprised you鈥檙e doing the same for Wade. But honestly, it鈥檚 weird enough that you have friends outside our family and it鈥檚 even weirder that none of us know about him.鈥澛
鈥淎nd this isn鈥檛 about who Wade used to be, or what he鈥檚 done and good god, you know it鈥檚 not about his looks.鈥 she continued. 鈥淚t鈥檚 about making sure our loved ones are safe before bringing anyone home. Steve didn鈥檛 bring Bucky home until he was sure the Winter Soldier was gone. Thor came with Coulson鈥檚 personal recommendation and Thor waited to bring Loki along until he knew they were settled and had worked through some of their anger.鈥澛
鈥淎nd now?鈥 the Omega glanced pointedly at Clint鈥檚 stomach, then motioned upstairs where Bucky and Loki were napping with Baby Maria and where Thor and Tony were currently putting the last touches on Baby James鈥檚 nursery. 鈥淣ow it鈥檚 not just a houseful of super powered or otherwise capable and scary people we鈥檙e thinking about. Now there are babies to think about too. Tony would want to meet Wade before he let the Alpha meet anyone else only because our family has grown to fourteen and soon--鈥澛
She patted at his tummy again. 鈥淪ixteen. Our Alpha will soon have sixteen people to look after. Finding out that you have been hanging out with one of the most astonishing and breathtakingly dangerous Alphas...well we all know what happened with Director Fury when Tony thought he was trying to recruit Bucky, right? The last thing we need is our Alpha going toe to toe with someone like Wade because his initial reaction to his mate spending time with Deadpool would be to go and rip Wade鈥檚 wings right off.鈥澛
鈥淚 guess I never thought to say anything.鈥 Clint frowned, wings drooping, and Pepper immediately crooned at him comfortingly. 鈥淲e used to run into each other when I worked at Shield, and I鈥檝e told him to bring Pete up for dinner a few times, he鈥檚 just never accepted the invite. He鈥檚 a good guy, Pep. I promise. I wouldn鈥檛 bring anyone into our home who wasn鈥檛.鈥澛
鈥淚 know you wouldn鈥檛.鈥 She reassured him. 鈥淏ut how about I break the news to Tony that you know Wade personally, hm? I鈥檒l promise I鈥檒l phrase it better than 鈥榶our pregnant Omega regularly has lunch dates with someone who carries two katanas, three different guns and has the unnerving ability to regenerate everything鈥.鈥澛
鈥淔ine.鈥 Clint finally smiled again, leaned in and bumped their noses gently. 鈥淚鈥檒l let you tell Tony about Wade.鈥澛
Clint cuddled up for another few minutes then wandered off to see if Sam would take him for ice cream-- the Beta was helpless against babies and expecting Omegas and Clint fully intended to take supreme advantage of it for the next eight months-- and Pepper went back to taking notes about the footage of Wade and his mate, Peter.聽
鈥淛ARVIS?鈥 she called and the AI鈥檚 system clicked just once to show he was listening, a feature Tony had installed when he realized Bucky had a hard time with J just speaking out unexpectedly. 鈥淟et鈥檚 get some of the material ordered that Tony used to create Bruce鈥檚 room. Not the safe room below the laboratory, but his actual living quarters. Weighted blankets, the daylight lamps instead of the usual lighting, the higher security on the doors, all that sort of thing.鈥澛
鈥淭he Alpha Deadpool will need similar accommodations due to PTSD?鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure.鈥 she admitted. 鈥淏ut it鈥檚 probably a safe bet, and even if Wade doesn鈥檛 need those things, I鈥檇 rather have it all on hand than need them and have to go get them. Turn on the systems in one of the adjoining suites like Wanda and Pietro have, one of the rooms can be for his mate. Order materials to construct some perches and higher up places for the Omega. Apparently he鈥檚 got a rather spidery inclination.鈥澛犅
鈥淢s. Potts, a rather spidery inclination doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean the Omega wants to sleep in the corners.鈥澛
鈥淣o, I suppose not.鈥 the disapproval from JARVIS was nearly tangible and Pepper laughed softly, 鈥淏ut it couldn鈥檛 hurt, right? What if he webs up in the corner and naps?鈥澛
鈥淗onestly, ma鈥檃m.鈥澛
鈥淥rder additional high protein foods as well. We鈥檙e already getting to the point of needing to raise our own food just to keep up with the soldiers, but the addition of two more metahumans will strain our pantry to about breaking.鈥澛
鈥淵es ma鈥檃m.鈥澛
鈥淭hank you.鈥 Pepper finally gave up rewatching the same videos over and over and went to find their Alpha, trying to figure out how to tell an increasingly protective Tony that his newly pregnant mate had been spending time with a mercenary.聽
She鈥檇 have to make sure he was holding Baby Maria just so he wouldn鈥檛 shout.聽
Their life was absolutely crazy.
School buses weren't supposed to blow tires and careen wildly around the freeway at sixty plus miles an hour and then plummet off the overpass into the traffic below, but that鈥檚 exactly what happened.聽
It could have been an error of judgment when the tires had last been filled, it could have been a less than motivated operator who rushed the vehicle inspection before the kids loaded on for their field trip, it could have been something unexpectedly sharp on the road that hit just right and sent the relatively calm day into chaos.聽
Whatever it was, it was terrifying and Peter didn鈥檛 so much hear the screams as he felt them clang around his head when his spidey sense went haywire. The Omega dropped to his knees with a quiet cry, hands over his ears and maroon wings wrapped around his body as he tried to limit the sensory input and figure out what exactly was happening.
鈥淧ete?鈥 Wade dropped to the ground right by the Omega, dark wings up and around them to fend off any prying eyes. 鈥淗ey baby boy, what鈥檚 up? What鈥檚 going on?鈥澛
鈥淪omething is really really wrong.鈥 Peter gasped, scrambled for his mask and jammed it on. 鈥淪omething鈥檚 wrong, Alpha. I gotta figure out what it is.鈥澛
He pushed away from Wade and bolted for an alley, shouted,聽鈥淜eep an eye out for me!鈥 then threw himself up the wall. Wade couldn鈥檛 do much more than watch helplessly as the Omega webbed his way towards the roof so he could try and see what was happening
鈥淥h shit.鈥 Wade saw the bus right when Peter did, and he took off running for the nearby crowd, pushing people out of the way and shouting for the others to move.聽
鈥淕et out!鈥 He shouted, snapping his wings out to try and rush pedestrians out of the area, growling in frustration when people just glanced at him and glanced away.聽鈥淒amn it! Move your ass there鈥檚 a goddamn bus heading this way! Fucking move!鈥澛
Peter as Spider-man jumped down into the crowd and the pedestrians panicked when he started simply webbing slower moving people and yanking them out of the way. Wade ran around trying to help, shoving Alphas and Betas off into the side alley鈥檚, trying hard to gently but quickly force the Omegas off the street, both of them screaming for someone to call the police, to call an ambulance, to call for help---
-- the noise the bus made as it crashed through the barrier was unbelievable, the echo of screams inside horrifying and the Alpha had only a split second to register a flash of maroon wings --
--and everything came to a stop.聽
The world came to a stop and all Wade could see was his mate his mate halfway to crushed beneath the front end grill the bus, legs braced and arms straining to hold the weight and not for the first time the Alpha remembered that Peter wasn鈥檛 just pretty, he wasn鈥檛 just funny, the Omega was damn near supernatural.聽
And then Peter screamed, cried out because everything hurt and he might have been outrageously strong but he was still human and it hurt and Wade went scrambling to figure out how to take some of the weight off his Omega. He wrapped his wings around Peter鈥檚 slim frame and braced his arms on the underside of the bus too so Peter had at least a little bit of support. When the Alpha let his strength surge, he could take on close to half a ton which didn鈥檛 even touch the amount his Omega could hold, but at least it was something.聽
鈥淚鈥檝e got you, baby boy.鈥 he hissed out between clenched teeth. 鈥淟et鈥檚 get this thing down, huh?鈥澛
鈥淪low.鈥 Peter gasped, sweating through his mask, through his clothes, his honeysuckle scent burned bitter with fear and pain. 鈥淪low, Alpha. I gotta-- I gotta move towards the back so it doesn鈥檛 crush when it lands. You got this part?鈥澛
鈥淣ot even a little bit.鈥 Wade stated calmly. 鈥淏ut we both know I鈥檒l regenerate from being squashed flat, and no one on the bus will, so you do what you gotta do.鈥澛
Christ it was excruciating trying to hold onto even just part of the bus as Peter inched his way further down the underside of it, holding it as steady as he could and having Wade scoot along behind him until the front wheels touched. It was easier after that without all twelve tons on their arms, but Wade鈥檚 arms were still shaking by the time they made it to the back wheels, his back aching and wings trembling with the effort of holding what his Omega made look so easy.聽
鈥淥ut.鈥 Wade ordered when it was just him underneath the rear wheels. 鈥淕et out from beneath this thing and hold it from the other side.鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檓 fine, Alpha.鈥 Peter shook his head. 鈥淭his could drop on you the second I let go and I鈥檓 not doing that.鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檝e come back from being splatted by far worse.鈥 The Alpha said firmly. 鈥淥ne day I鈥檒l tell you about my first run in with fuckin鈥 Colossus, but first you need to get out from under here. I鈥檒l hold it for a few seconds while you get situated and if you have to vacuum me up and let me reassemble in the apartment, that鈥檚 just how it鈥檚 going to be.鈥澛
鈥淕od, you鈥檙e gross, some days I don鈥檛 know why I like you..鈥 Peter鈥檚 feathers shook uncertainly as he tried to time the maneuver. 鈥淥kay, I鈥檓 only going to let go for like three seconds alright?鈥澛
鈥淕et going before the kids start screaming again.鈥 Wade retorted, so the Omega dashed away and for three endless seconds he really thought his back was going to shatter, he really thought his legs would give out or his arms would fall right the hell off. It was the longest three seconds of the Alpha鈥檚 life and just when he thought he couldn鈥檛 take it half a breath more, Peter was holding the rear bumper again, shouting for Wade to roll out from beneath it so he could put it down.聽
The kids inside the bus started cheering the second the wheels were down, but Wade wasn鈥檛 listening and even if he had been listening, he didn鈥檛 care.聽
All he cared about was the way Peter was looking at him right now. The Omega had set the bus down then ran for the shadows of the alley where he could tear his mask off and stare at Wade, chest heaving and feathers flutters and fingers pressing at the side of his neck where a bonding bite should go. When Wade met his eyes, the Omega tilted his head and parted his lips and dropped his wings submissive for just a split second in a clear invitation.
And a split second was all it took.聽
Wade鈥檚 entire body snapped to attention, and when his Omega turned and fled, the Alpha took off after him, tucked his charcoal wings back and tore through the shadows after his mate as Peter laughed and trilled and egged him on.
They headed east towards Peter鈥檚 apartment to get to familiar streets, and once they made it past the park, up to the roofs they went. It wasn鈥檛 really fair of Peter to use webs to get so high so fast but Wade would never complain about being able to watch his Omega fly, the beautiful body soaring through the sky, the wings stretched out and catching the sun as he swung between the buildings.聽
It wasn鈥檛 fair that Peter had webs, but Wade wasn鈥檛 complaining, and the Alpha just doubled his pace tearing up the stairs to get to the rooftop, bursting through doors and vaulting railings. His heart was pounding, scarred skin itching and veins crawling with feral rising red behind his eyes as Wade raced up and up and up.聽
His mate had almost died. His mate had almost died. My mate almost died---
鈥淥mega!鈥 Wade burst through the rooftop door of Peter鈥檚 building, dented the steel as he rammed into it and skidded to a stop. 鈥淧eter!鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檝e been waiting for you.鈥 Peter jumped from the utility shed and landed with a light thump, tore off his mask and shucked his jacket and spread maroon wings open in an excited welcome for the Alpha. 鈥淲hat took you so long? Where have you聽 been? I want you.鈥澛
Wade met him halfway across the roof, charcoal colored feathers hitching high and aggressive, eyes snapping scarlet as he grabbed for his mate and yanked him in for a brutal kiss.
鈥淲here have you been?鈥 Peter asked again, gasping through the kiss and scrabbling at Wade鈥檚 clothes, shoving his hands beneath the Alpha鈥檚 shirt to get to skin and moaning low, anxious when he could finally feel Wade鈥檚 heartbeat against his palm. 鈥淕od, that鈥檚 good. I missed you. I know it's only been a minute but I missed you. That was incredible, we are incredible, you are incredible, I want to eat you alive.鈥澛
Peter was talking a mile a minute, walking backwards towards the wall and dragging Wade with him, crushing kiss after greedy kiss to Wade鈥檚 mouth and hissing in excitement when the Alpha鈥檚 teeth stung at his bottom lip. 鈥淵es my Alpha, yes more of that. More of you.鈥澛
鈥淪ettle.鈥 Wade rumbled, a damn useless word when he was no where close to settling, the liquor heady scent of turned on Omega like a shot of adrenaline to his heart, his soul, his cock. 鈥淪ettle.鈥澛
鈥淢ake me.鈥 Peter鈥檚 hands went sticky at Wade鈥檚 side and he grabbed too tight, too greedy as they kissed again and again. 鈥淢ake me settle. Bite me.鈥澛
鈥淏ite me.鈥 The Omega half purred, half growled, turning his head to bare his neck even as he used that ridiculous strength to shove Wade against the wall. 鈥淏ite me, you know you want to. You want me just as bad as I want you and we just did something incredible together and I鈥檓 half outta my mind needing you.鈥澛
鈥淪ettle.鈥 Wade ordered again, dark feathers waving warningly in a display of dominance and a fight for self control聽 that made the Omega whine in pleasure. 鈥淪low down, Omega.鈥
鈥淢ake me.鈥 Peters eyes were bright, his smirk nearly devious, but his honeysuckle scent twisted longing when Wade鈥檚 hands settled at his waist. 鈥淢ake me settle, Alpha.鈥
鈥淚鈥斺 Christ, sometimes Wade loathed himself. 鈥淚鈥檓 not your Alpha.鈥
鈥淭he fuck you aren鈥檛.鈥 The Omega ran his tongue over his teeth, then tipped his head to the side to show off the line of his throat, lush and inviting and practically dripping with want and need and mineyoursmineyoursmate. 鈥淏ite me, you coward.鈥
鈥淏ed.鈥 Wade said, instead of saying everything else, instead of just jerking forward and cutting into the Omega鈥檚 neck to finally bond. 鈥淏ed. Now.鈥澛
鈥淚 shouldn鈥檛 let you knot me until you bite me.鈥 Peter whispered, but he was already backing up towards the edge of the roof, already readying himself to web backwards and then twist into his bedroom window that was only a few feet below them. 鈥淚 shouldn鈥檛 let you knot me until you say I鈥檓 yours but fuck, Alpha. I鈥檓 gagging for it. Gagging for you. So empty I wanna scream. Need you so bad. What we just did was incredible and I need you so bad---鈥澛
It was always like this.聽
Always Wade wondering what he鈥檇 ever done to have such a sweet Omega, such a pretty perfect Omega curled up and purring on his chest, wholly content to lay over Wade鈥檚 heartbeat and rub his adorable nose over the myriad of scars on the Alpha鈥檚 skin. Always one hand resting low on Peter鈥檚 hips and the other buried in the ridiculously fluffy hair, breathing in Peter鈥檚 pure honeysuckle scent and letting it calm the fire in his veins.
It was always like this, always Peter straddling Wade鈥檚 waist and stuck tight on his knot, rocking that gorgeous body just lightly, just enough to keep the Alpha swollen so he could stay full as long as possible. Slim fingers tracing the rougher patches of Wade鈥檚 skin, the scars and ruined pieces, then drifting up to coast gently, almost tenderly through the feathers Wade had kept away for so long, and Peter breathed in deep and exhaled slow of his Alpha鈥檚 scent as it mellowed from brittle need to caramel thick possessiveness.聽
I love you. Peter thought, and he knew his scent must have changed when Wade shifted beneath him and murmured, 鈥淧retty, perfect Omega.鈥澛
It was always like this.聽
Always so close to enough but just not quite.聽
鈥淐lint invited us to dinner at the compound tonight.鈥 Wade said a few minutes later when he thought his Omega was maybe drifting off to sleep. 鈥淵ou wanna go?鈥澛
鈥淚 feel like it鈥檚 going to do ridiculous things to your ego if I tell you I鈥檇 rather get knotted again than go have dinner with the Avengers.鈥 Peter mumbled, and the Alpha鈥檚 wings shook with his laughter. 鈥淪o I guess we better go. Clint鈥檚 been asking for months.鈥澛
鈥淵eah, he really has.鈥 Wade smoothed his rough palm down Peter鈥檚 back and patted lightly at the Omega鈥檚 rear. 鈥淪hould we put some clothes on?鈥澛
鈥淒efinitely not. Let鈥檚 definitely go naked to meet my personal hero Iron Man and his harem of demi-gods and super soldiers and non powered but still terrifying mates.鈥 Peter yawned and snuggled in closer. 鈥淒efinitely not putting pants on for that.鈥澛
鈥淏rat.鈥 Wade left a quick swat on Peter鈥檚 butt, but he couldn鈥檛 help an adoring rumble when the Omega only kissed over his heart. 鈥...I guess we could be pants-less for a few more minutes.鈥澛
From the outside, the Stark compound upstate looked like exactly that-- a compound. Towering gray walls and not one but two different fences that ensured no one would risk a climb over or cut through without suffering serious electric shock and probably a dangling appendage or two. A deceptively grassy campus with a landing pad that came up from beneath the tennis courts, an underground tunnel system that led to the pools and a state of the art laboratory buried in a bunker that would withstand a nuclear blast. A security system that scanned Wade and Peter not once, not twice but three different times before they even made it through the initial foyer and to the bolted security doors that led to the living areas.聽聽
But past the foyer, past the security systems and uncomfortably prison like appearance, through the windowless hingeless doors that either slid back into the walls to welcome someone or slid shut on their bodies to crush them flat, past one more full body scan that ended with a palm imprint machine that collected fingerprints and most likely a trace DNA sample--- past all that,聽 the Stark compound transformed into a gorgeous home full of the scent of happiness, of love and affection, and of family.聽
鈥淗o ho holy shit.鈥 Wade breathed as they suddenly stood in an entry way that arched up at least thirty feet, beautiful windows and graceful, artistic architecture lines, and a running length of carpet so plush he sort of wanted to lay in it.聽鈥淟ook at this thing. Who knew Upstate Alzatraz was a posh palace inside?鈥澛
鈥淭his is crazy.鈥 Peter picked up a picture from the mantle, wings lifting curiously when he saw Black Widow super spy Natasha Romanoff hanging off of Captain America, laughing and clearly drunk, wearing a ridiculously sequined tux for what was apparently the ball dropping party in Times Square the last New Years Eve.聽鈥淭his is Natasha Romanoff drunk with Captain America. This one is Air Force Colonel James Rhodes wearing the worlds ugliest Christmas sweater. Here鈥檚 Tony with the Winter Soldier and uh--鈥澛
The Omega peered a little closer at the picture,聽鈥淭he prettiest baby I鈥檝e ever seen, look at her Alpha, she鈥檚 adorable.鈥澛
鈥淭hat鈥檚 Maria, the prettiest girl in any room anywhere in the world, and the tiniest thing capable of bringing Iron Man, the former Winter Soldier and an actual God of Mischief to their collective knees with one gummy smile.鈥澛
Pepper Potts was ridiculously pretty as she hurried towards Wade and Peter, her pale pink wings surrounding her like a halo as she reached to shake first Wade鈥檚 hand, then Peter鈥檚. 鈥淗onestly, it鈥檚 almost embarrassing. She rumbled in her diaper the other day and then laughed about, and I thought Loki was going to faint. You鈥檝e never seen a Trickster God fumble to magic up a camera and take a picture so fast in your life.鈥澛
鈥淩ight.鈥 Wade wasn鈥檛 sure if he was dumbfounded because of the unexpected information, or dumbfounded because Ms. Potts was just so elegant.聽鈥淪ure that锟斤拷锟絪-- yep. Trickster god, cameras, that all makes sense.鈥澛
鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 make sense.鈥 She corrected with a quiet laugh.聽鈥淏ut stick around and you鈥檒l see Lo and Bucky and Tony going absolutely ga-ga for Maria isn鈥檛 even the most unbelieving thing to happen on any given day with our family. Now come along, it鈥檚 just about time for dinner and you still have to meet everyone, come on.鈥澛
The beautiful Omega turned around on sky high heels and hurried down the hall towards the rest of the compound, and Peter and Wade trailed along behind her, eyes wide as they took in the myriad of family pictures on the wall, the intricate AI system control panels set out on a platform by a set of stairs, and as they neared what was apparently the dining room, Peter reached for Wade鈥檚 hand nervously as they drew closer to an astonishing amount of noise coming from behind the huge double doors.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 be nervous.鈥 the Alpha sounded nervous even as he pressed at Peter鈥檚 palm.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 fine. Clint invited us, the apparent Queen right there seems to think we鈥檙e welcome so--鈥澛
鈥淎ny friend of Mr. Barton鈥檚 is welcome in our compound.鈥 came a voice from the ceiling, and Wade instinctively grabbed for a gun at his waist, Peter instinctively clamped his hand down on the Alpha鈥檚 wrist so Wade wouldn鈥檛 fire at the hidden speakers, and Pepper turned around with a knowing smile and comforting trill of her tongue.聽
鈥淎h, sorry about that. JARVIS is just as much a part of our family as everyone else and if you aren鈥檛 listening for the click before he speaks, it can be quite startling.鈥澛
鈥淢r. Wilson I suggest you think twice about a weapon.鈥 the AI continued, and the Alpha immediately put both hands up to show that he had reached for the non existent weapon purely out of habit. Peter had insisted on no guns and Wade never told his Omega no about anything other than heat, so he was here gunless and the AI needn鈥檛 need worry.聽
鈥淭he last person to pose a threat to my family died in quite horrible fashion, and in the time since my systems have been upgraded to be un-over-rideable.鈥 JARVIS intoned, and Peter turned wide eyes towards Pepper, who only lifted one slender shoulder in a shrug.聽鈥淩est assured I will decorate these walls with you and your mate should you think to bring any danger those who reside here.鈥澛
鈥淲hen Clint extended the invitation, he was very adamant that neither Mr. Wilson nor his Omega mate would bring a weapon to our home.鈥 Pepper assured the AI.聽鈥淏ut thank you all the same, J.鈥澛
鈥淐hrist.鈥 Wade had to work hard to get his wings down by his shoulders again, the instinct to shove his Omega behind his back and outright challenge the machine for inadvertently threatening them hard to ignore.聽鈥淚 thought robot butlers were supposed to be polite, not homicidal.鈥澛
鈥淛ARVIS鈥檚 algorithm allows him to change and adapt to new scenarios that present themselves and with this family, a new scenario presents itself daily.鈥 Pepper typed in a code and the double doors swished open.聽鈥淲ith the recent addition of Baby Maria, the soon to be addition of Baby James and our Omega Clint so newly expecting, JARVIS is picking up on elevated stress levels from our Alpha and adjusting himself accordingly. He sprayed Thor with fire extinguisher foam the other day because the God of Thunder has one volume setting-- loud-- and Baby Maria was napping.鈥澛
鈥淭he AI sprayed the God of Thunder with foam because the baby was napping?鈥澛
鈥淭ony has an Allowable Decibel Protocol and Thor is in constant violation. It wasn鈥檛 the first time he was sprayed and it won鈥檛 be the last.鈥 Another one of those shrugs, and Pepper adjusted her always perfect hair and smiled, sweeping her arm out to encompass the dining area and living room of the compound.聽鈥淲elcome to our home, gentleman. You鈥檒l have to forgive our chaos, I鈥檇 say it鈥檚 unusual, but it鈥檚 really really not.鈥澛
鈥淯h--鈥 Wade raised non existent eyebrows as an absolute beefcake of a blonde strode with golden wings strode by with a wing-less scientist at his side. 鈥淪ure?鈥澛
鈥淭hor.鈥 Pepper reached out and snagged the blond鈥檚 arm and tugged him back. 鈥淭hor, come here and meet a new friend of the family.鈥澛
鈥淢y Lady Pepper.鈥 Thor was massive, purely Alpha from the incredible golden wing span to the lightning flashing in his eyes, but he was downright delicate as he bent and kissed Pepper鈥檚 hand.聽鈥淗ow are you today?鈥澛
鈥淲onderful, darling thank you.鈥 Pepper turned a little pink, then motioned to Peter and Wade. 鈥淭hese are friends of Clint鈥檚-- the Alpha Wade Wilson and his mate, Peter Parker.鈥澛
鈥淭he one even Hel rejects, and the child with webs!鈥 Thor nearly crushed Wade鈥檚 hand in an enthusiastic shake, his greeting for Peter quite a bit gentler but just as boisterous. 鈥淥f course! Our Omega Clint spoke highly of you! You must meet my love, Bruce.鈥澛
The huge wings flicked out and just lightly brushed against the scientist, who came forward enough to just nod at the two of them. 鈥淢r. Wilson.鈥 Bruce adjusted his glasses and took a closer look at Wade鈥檚 skin, then turned to Peter. 鈥淢r. Parker. Tony showed me the video footage of your abilities. If you don鈥檛 mind, I鈥檇 love to ask you some questions over dinner.鈥澛
鈥淪ure.鈥 Peter was staring even as he took a step back into his Alpha and sheltered beneath Wade鈥檚 tattered wings. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e Bruce Banner.鈥澛
鈥淎h.鈥 Bruce cleared his throat. 鈥淵es, I am Bruce Banner. The uh--鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檝e read every paper you ever wrote on gamma radiation theory and particle physics.鈥 the Omega blurted. 鈥渁nd when I first got my powers I actually used one of your equations to measure the absolute mass of my strength considering my relative size to that of several different spiders and the potential effects if could have on my metabolism and regeneration abilities. Your study into meta humans and mutations as a force of nature and not a mistake is incredible. I know you don鈥檛 tour and teach anymore, but now that you鈥檝e set up virtual classes, I鈥檝e subscribed to as many as I can afford at a time. You are incredible.鈥澛
鈥淚ndeed, my love is incredible.鈥 Thor鈥檚 feathers flicked forward again, but this time it was towards Peter in gratitude, a hand over his heart and head bowed in respect to Wade as Peter鈥檚 Alpha so the gesture wouldn鈥檛 seem flirty. 鈥淚 tell him in Asgard he would be worshipped as a deity of intellect, but he refuses to return home with me to find out!鈥澛
鈥淚t鈥檚 nice to be appreciated for more than ah--鈥 Bruce adjusted his glasses again and sent another curious look towards Wade, his expression dimming towards empathy and sadness when he saw the ruined wings. 鈥淔or more than my ability to level an entire city. Welcome to our home, Peter and Wade. I look forward to further conversation.鈥澛
鈥淭hor, is there any word on when the Queen Mother will arrive?鈥 Pepper queried, and the Alpha shook his head, let his wings out so they rested gently over Bruce鈥檚 shoulders.聽鈥淚 am trying to prepare, but to be honest I鈥檓 not sure how to prepare for the queen and goddess of Asgard and her Valkryie guards to touch down here in the compound.鈥澛
鈥淢y mother will arrive when she decides it is time to arrive.鈥 Thor declared.聽鈥淪he was raised by witches, and her grasp of time eludes me. She knows the exact moment Steve will require her healing, and that is when she will arrive.鈥澛
鈥淵ou鈥檙e no help.鈥 Pepper sighed and blew them a kiss, then grabbed for Peter鈥檚 hand and pulled the pair further into the room.聽鈥淭ony is absolutely beside himself with excitement to meet a Valkyrie. I鈥檓 still wondering if I鈥檒l have to have a stable built for a Pegasus!鈥澛
鈥淩ight.鈥 Peter sent his Alpha a disbelieving look.聽鈥淎 Pegasus. That鈥檚 normal.鈥澛
鈥淥h Bucky, my love!鈥 Pepper waved and switched directions.聽鈥淐ome meet someone new.鈥澛
鈥淥h I think Bucky and I are fine knowing the people we know.鈥 the Omega that spoke for the former Winter Soldier was shockingly beautiful, pale skin and jade green eyes, long black hair and a tunic cut clear to their navel. A deep voice and near sneer on ruby red lips, but oddly enough their expression was full on adoring as they stared down at the chubby baby in their arms, waving their right hand above the baby鈥檚 head to make snowflakes dance in the air.聽鈥淲hy would we want to meet anyone else when our entire world rises and falls with this beauty?鈥澛
鈥淏e nice, Lo.鈥 Former Winter Soldier and 1940鈥瞫 super soldier Bucky Barnes was all soft smiles for Pepper, his left arm gleaming as he reached to pull her into a hug and accept a kiss from the other Omega.聽鈥淲e gotta teach Maria to be acceptin鈥 of others, you know that.鈥澛
鈥淚 know that I will raise her to be treated as a Queen and to accept nothing but pure adoration from the lesser, unwashed masses.鈥 Loki sniffed, but their multicolored wings raised high in interest as they looked Peter and Wade over.聽鈥淵ou must be Clint鈥檚 friends, then?鈥澛
鈥淲here is the ol鈥 Bird Boy?鈥 Wade wanted to know, quickly cataloguing any danger present in the two potentially volatile Omegas and just as quickly deciding that neither Loki nor Bucky were going to make any threatening moves.聽鈥淗e invited us up and now he鈥檚 nowhere to be seen?鈥澛
鈥淢鈥檚ure he鈥檚 up with our Alpha gettin鈥 spoiled.鈥 Bucky pushed shoulder length hair out of his eyes and tucked dangerous looking wings back out of the way before he shook Peter鈥檚 hand, and then Wade鈥檚.聽鈥淕ood to know you. Clint talks about you alot.鈥澛
鈥淎ll bad I鈥檓 sure.鈥 Wade joked, and the big Omega鈥檚 eyes flickered with something almost irritated before he answered,聽鈥淣obody talks bad about anybody here.鈥澛
鈥淗e was kidding, Omega.鈥 the newcomer to the conversation was one Beta Natasha Romanoff, tiny but unbelievably fierce, red hair and snow white wings that she brushed over Loki, over Bucky and then extended warily in welcome to Peter and Wade.聽鈥淭he Alpha was only kidding, weren鈥檛 you Wade?鈥澛
鈥淣atasha.鈥 Wade had ran into Natasha once or twice, events that usually ended with him getting his ass handed to him courtesy of the most terrifying ballerina in the world. If he hadn鈥檛 loved Peter so damn much, the Alpha was sure he鈥檇 be head over heels for the notorious Beta. Hell, maybe he was head over heels and judging by the smirk of Natasha鈥檚 perfect mouth, she was well aware.聽鈥淯h, sure I was kidding.鈥澛
鈥淧retty Omega.鈥 Natasha鈥檚 smirk slid into a genuine smile as she opened her wings further for Peter, and the other Omega opened maroon feathers in a greeting as well.聽鈥淲elcome to our home. The twins are excited to meet you, Pietro is crawling out of his skin ready to have another boy to talk to. Your company will give poor Wanda a break, she wants to dote on Clint all the time and Pietro is hilariously terrible about sharing any sort of attention.鈥澛
鈥淭wins.鈥 Peter repeated.聽鈥淩ight. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff--鈥澛
鈥--Barton Stark.鈥 she finished.聽鈥淎nd if you think the house is chaotic now, just wait till the Queen Mother arrives with her Valkyrie guard.鈥澛
鈥淵es, Natasha is very excited to meet the Valkyrie, aren鈥檛 you love?鈥 Pepper鈥檚 suppressant muted scent lightened with teasing and happiness and Natasha play growled at her, ducking in close to kiss her full on the lips and murmur,聽鈥淣ever as excited as I am to kiss you, darling.鈥澛
Bucky just smiled at the display and with one last wondering look at Wade, led his Omega partner and Baby Maria away to find a place to eat.聽
鈥淧ep, glad I found you.鈥 Before Natasha had even pulled all the way away and before Wade or Peter could ask if the Trickster God and former Winter Soldier were honestly raising a baby together, United States Air Force Colonel James Rhodes came to join them.聽
The Alpha was a sight to behold decked out in military dress, royal blue wings held high as he bent to kiss Pepper on the mouth just as enthusiastically as Natasha had. Wade sent his Omega a curious look, and Peter just shrugged a little, but his smile stretched wide as the air soaked with happy Omega scent and protective, content Alpha as the Colonel rumbled something soft and sweet to Pepper.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e leaving before dinner?鈥 Pepper asked when they parted, and James sighed through an explanation of,聽鈥淚 have to run. I鈥檓 supposed to be halfway across the country right now, and I got caught up trying to help Tony string light in Baby James鈥檚 room. I鈥檒l be home again tomorrow.鈥澛
鈥淲e spent all day yesterday stringing lights!鈥 Natasha threw her hands and wings up and the Colonel only laughed,聽鈥淎pparently they weren鈥檛 the exact right shade of not quite white, so Tony ordered more!鈥澛
鈥淥f course he did.鈥 Pepper sighed and patted at the Colonel鈥檚 arm.聽鈥淎lright love, I鈥檒l see you tomorrow. Text me tonight.鈥澛
鈥淥f course.鈥 Rhodey straightened back up, sent Wade a quickly discerning look but didn鈥檛 so much as tense up before offering Peter a smile.聽鈥淪orry to run out like this, I usually like to be home whenever someone new comes along but the world needs saving. Another time, Mr. Wilson. Mr. Parker.鈥澛
鈥淐olonel.鈥 Wade snapped a salute just because his days in Special Forces had left some deeply ingrained habits.聽鈥淎nother time.鈥澛
Pepper watched with an endlessly fond smile as Rhodey hurried out the door, and turned back to Peter and Wade with an expectant smile.聽鈥淪hall we move on? This is only half the family.鈥澛
鈥淪o this is normal chaos for you?鈥 Peter finally asked as they picked seats out at the huge table, and the other Omega just scrunched her nose and nodded. 鈥淪o what鈥檚 un-normal chaos for you?鈥澛
鈥淚f you come by next week, you鈥檒l find out when Frigga arrives.鈥 Pepper reached for a bottle of wine and passed it to Wade to open.聽鈥淪he insisted on coming to be there for Steve鈥檚 labor and delivery. Baby James isn鈥檛 Thor鈥檚 child, but since that Alpha is hopelessly in love with the Captain, he鈥檚 been just as bad as Tony with fussing and preparing.鈥
鈥淭hat was an insane sentence.鈥 Peter said slowly, scooting his chair closer to Wade and snuggling in under the Alpha鈥檚 wings. 鈥淵ou know that鈥檚 an insane sentence, right? Thor the demi-god鈥檚 mom the Queen of Asgard is coming to help with Captain America鈥檚 baby even though it鈥檚 not Thor鈥檚 baby, it鈥檚 Iron Man鈥檚 baby and also, Bruce Banner the Hulk hangs out too?鈥澛
Pepper muffled an understanding smile. 鈥淛ust wait till you meet everyone else. That isn鈥檛 even the weirdest sentence you can say about our family. Not even close.鈥澛
And the beautiful Omega certainly wasn鈥檛 kidding.聽
Dinner in the oversized dining room was the sort of crazy that usually only happened in holiday comedy films, with everyone reaching over everyone else, a truly insane amount of food and an even more insane amount of desserts.聽
The almost comically pregnant Steve was doted on by Thor, by Bruce, by Tony and Clint, and then Clint in turn was doted on by Natasha and the gorgeous Beta Sam, Tony and Bucky, who kept turning to make sure the mercurial Loki was settled and happy and playing with Baby Maria who was being snuck sweet treats by no less than half a dozen people, including the astonishing twins Wanda and Pietro and an elderly gentleman the twins affectionately called grandfather.聽
The Alpha Tony was handsome enough to make both Peter and Wade sit up and take notice, and even though the massive wings flickered curiously in Wade鈥檚 direction, Tony had nothing but smiles and welcoming words for the newcomers before he moved on to see his family.聽
The entire event was overseen by Pepper who quickly and efficiently dished out plates, made sure there was always a wine bottle open and plenty of water and juice for the expecting Omegas and in between doing everything, she also managed to answer each of Peter鈥檚 questions about their family, and also to assure Wade that they weren鈥檛 intruding, honestly this wasn鈥檛 even a full house for them yet, they should see it at Christmas time.聽
It was wild and chaotic and homey all at the same time. Almost overwhelming with all the combined scents but almost unbearably cozy too. Wade couldn鈥檛 hardly breathe through the scent of so many Alphas, but the sugar sweet contentment from the Omegas and the balanced but happy Beta鈥檚 lessened the deluge until he could finally relax his shoulders and take a few bites.聽
Peter was fascinated by it all-- by the expecting Omegas and their over attentive mates, by the way everyone looked to Tony for answers and approval while the family Alpha himself looked to all of them for guidance and opinions and help.聽
There was so much laughter, ringing around the room as they ate from each other鈥檚 plates. There was so much love, showing through every interaction and quick smile. And more than that, what brought Wade to almost uncomfortable and uncertain, wings fluttering and eyes flicking red if he wasn鈥檛 careful--聽
-- there was so much acceptance. So much acceptance and adoration between everyone at the table that it was almost too much.聽
Wade had been shunned his entire life, first by his abusive father and then by society in general when his tendencies ran towards feral. It had made him an excellent soldier but after Vanessa and after the accident that ripped his mutation out from beneath his skin and tore his wings to shreds, Wade was only an excellent monster, used to hiding in the shadows and turning away from too prying an eye.聽
He didn鈥檛 hide from Peter though, and when Clint finally did see them and came running over to excitedly sign through an also spoken conversation, Wade thought maybe he didn鈥檛 have to hide here either.聽
There was just so much acceptance and it showed through in thousand different touches between the family members. No one shied away from Bucky鈥檚 dangerous wings or silver fingers, no one looked twice when Loki magicked a knife out of mid air to cut the baby鈥檚 food into smaller bites. Thunder literally rolled around the room when Thor laughed at something Steve said, and in the same motion the huge Alpha shifted only the barest bit closer to Bruce who clearly was mostly touch averse.聽
Pepper was wearing suppressants, Natasha鈥檚 eyes flared wide in a moment of panic when wine spilled blood red on her hands but Sam grabbed a napkin and cleaned it up before kissing her gently, and where Clint lay snuggled up against the family Alpha, he kept one hand lightly over the blue reactor sat in Tony鈥檚 chest.聽
They were a family of misfits, of odd edges and unwanted souls but here gathered in the dining room there wasn鈥檛 a single person out of place.聽
鈥淭here鈥檚 room here for you and your mate.鈥 The Alpha Tony found Wade sometime after dinner when everyone had helped carry dishes away and then the entire family made its way to the common area to relax. Wade was still brooding, still watching every interaction with narrowed eyes, his shoulders set and wings tense as if he was just waiting for the pin to fall, the other shoe to drop, someone to snap and start a fight because isn鈥檛 that what family鈥檚 did?
鈥淚f you鈥檇 like to stay, I mean.鈥 Tony finished, and the other Alpha tore his attention back from watching the room.聽
鈥淭onight?鈥 Wade couldn鈥檛 help shifting a step away from Tony, tucking his wings in closer out of habit and pulling his sleeves down a little further on his wrists. 鈥淯h, thanks. I鈥檒l think about it.鈥澛
Tony鈥檚 dark eyes flicked down to track Wade鈥檚 movement, then warmed in sympathy and before Wade could wonder why, the Alpha pulled his own shirt down a little and showed him the devastation over his sternum and around the bright glow of his arc reactor. 鈥淵ou know, one thing you鈥檒l figure out pretty quick about this family is that we are all scarred. We鈥檙e all messed up one way or another but we don鈥檛 have to hide, alright? I鈥檓 sure there鈥檚 more years than I can imagine of you hiding your skin or keeping your wings away from people, but you don鈥檛 have to do that here.鈥澛
Wade鈥檚 eyes flickered red uncomfortably, and Tony shook his head. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 mean to put you on the spot or anything like that, but my Omega mate Clint told me quite a bit about you and your mate and I just want you to know, you don鈥檛 have to hide here. Pepper might do that thing where she gets nosy and overly helpful and tries to find the perfect lotion to help with your skin, and Natasha gets super protective over the more vulnerable people in our family, but the last thing anyone is going to do is judge or stare or--鈥澛
Tony waved his hand idly. 鈥--or anything like that. Thor鈥檚 mother Frigga is considered a great healer, he already suggested maybe she might help if you want. If you want. Or if your mate wants.鈥澛
鈥淧eter isn鈥檛--鈥澛
鈥淚 used to try and figure out how to change my feathers back to their original colors after my accident.鈥 Tony continued on, brushing off Wade鈥檚 token denial. 鈥淏ut my Omega mates practically rioted over me changing anything about how I looked, so I let it go. They wanted me for who I am now, I鈥檓 sure Peter is the same way with you.鈥澛
鈥淯h--鈥 Wade just kept staring, cos out of all the things he鈥檇 expected from dinner with the Avengers in their cult-compound-thing, full acceptance and quite a bit of warmth from Tony freaking Stark wasn鈥檛 really it. 鈥---okay?鈥澛
鈥淵ou still look sort of shell shocked, and I get it. We can be a lot to take in.鈥 the other Alpha said mildly, then smiled and motioned to where Peter was talking excitedly with Wanda and Pietro, and laughed out loud when Pietro let his electric blue wings out and Peter fell off the couch in shock. 鈥淎nd I know Peter has his Aunt May as family, but I鈥檓 serious. You and your mate are welcome here. There鈥檚 room, plenty of room and if there isn鈥檛 room, I鈥檒l just build on. It鈥檚 not a problem.鈥澛
鈥淭h-- thank you.鈥 Wade said slowly, and this time he meant it. 鈥淚 dunno how I feel about your team, but I know Pete really wants to give this whole thing a try. He always complains about being a lone web slinger, so we could give it a shot. And at least if we start coming around, you guys will look out for him if anything happens to me.鈥澛
鈥淎ccording to the most recent rumours, nothing can happen to you.鈥 Tony cocked a knowing eyebrow and Wade shrugged it off. 鈥淎long the same subject lines, I heard you and your mate caught a bus today.鈥澛
鈥淧eter caught a bus.鈥 Wade corrected. 鈥淚 was just there to look pretty.鈥澛
Tony chuckled softly. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 how I feel half the time with my family. I feel like I鈥檓 only dangerous with my suit on, but everyone else is incredible. Even the non super powered members of my family are super heroes in their own right.鈥澛
And then softer, the Alpha鈥檚 scent warming with adoration, 鈥淚t鈥檚 humbling to realize our mates could literally choose anyone in the world as theirs, and for some reason, they chose us.鈥澛
鈥淵eah, I hear that.鈥 Wade ran his hand over his bare scalp self consciously. 鈥淔eels like that every day with Pete.鈥澛
鈥淐lint says you don鈥檛 refer to Peter as your mate, but I noticed you haven鈥檛 really corrected any of us who assumed and Peter didn鈥檛 seem to mind.鈥 Tony raised his wings curiously. 鈥淪hould I spread the word that you have a preference?鈥澛
Wade nodded, then shook his head, then hunched his shoulders and cleared his throat, cleared it one more time before he managed to ask, 鈥淗ow uh-- how did you know it was time to make your bond official with your Omegas? I know you鈥檝e got something with everyone in here, but your Omega mates specifically. How did you know it was time?鈥澛
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know how much you know about what happened to me in Afghanistan?鈥 Tony paused, and Wade shook his head. 鈥淲ell it wasn鈥檛 great. I went overseas one man, came back a different man and it took a long time to feel like myself again. I knew it was time to bond with my mates when I looked at them and saw home. Bonding with them was like Coming Home, and that鈥檚 how I knew it was right.鈥澛
鈥淐oming home.鈥 Wade repeated. 鈥淭hat easy?鈥澛
鈥淚t was that easy.鈥 Tony said emphatically. 鈥淭he day I looked at them and felt like I was home, I knew it was time to bond with them. Everything else after was just making it all legally official. Adopting the twins, drawing up beneficiary paperwork-- details. It was about finding our broken edges and fitting them together and calling it home and then everything was alright.鈥澛
鈥淗uh.鈥 Wade thought back to how broken he鈥檇 been after Vanessa, how his wings had shredded, his skin destroyed as the mutation progressed, how the darkness had crept in tinted red at the edges of his vision--
--and how meeting Peter had been like sunshine and fresh air and like home in the middle of a storm he used to pray would kill him.聽
鈥淏ut.鈥 Tony reached out and put a friendly hand on Wade鈥檚 shoulder, not shying away from the dark feathers, not flinching over the roughness of the other Alpha鈥檚 skin beneath his shirt. 鈥淵ou and Peter are clearly soul bonded, so there鈥檚 no rush. That Omega isn鈥檛 going anywhere, it鈥檚 obvious in the way he looks at you, the way his scent changes.鈥澛
鈥淪oul bonded.鈥 Wade tried for a smile. 鈥淣ever thought I鈥檇 be taking mate advice from Tony Stark.鈥
鈥淭rust me when I saw weirder things have happened.鈥 The other Alpha raised his wings in response to Sam calling for him.聽鈥淭hink about what I said, alright? There鈥檚 room for you and Peter here. Clint knows and trusts you, and I trust him to only bring the right people to our home, so consider yourself welcome. I mean it.鈥澛犅
The later evening found Wade in one of the recliners in the huge common area, his Omega half asleep on his lap as a movie played quietly in the background.聽
Tony鈥檚 unorthodox family was scattered all around the living room-- Pepper tucked into a sofa with Natasha, pink and white wings mingling affectionately. Thor took up an entire couch with Steve on his lap and only a few of his feathers resting on Bruce鈥檚 leg. Wanda and Pietro sat on either side of Clint, signing through their conversation and teasing each other like only siblings did. Tony was already asleep with his head in Sam鈥檚 lap, the Beta鈥檚 wings spread protective and close over the family Alpha, while Bucky and Loki lay on the floor so Baby Maria could crawl between them and babble and wave her fists at the television. Yinsen was working on his tablet, Colonel Rhodes was the reason Pepper鈥檚 phone kept lighting up with text messages, and the entire room was full of the scent of family.聽
Of home, of acceptance, of mates and love and open adoration.聽
It was鈥. beautiful鈥 in a way Wade hadn鈥檛 expected to find, and the unexpected beauty gave him the courage to nudge his Omega just lightly, just gently.聽
鈥淲ade?鈥 Peter blinked those big eyes up at him, shifted so his maroon wings covered them both a little more. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 up? Are you ready to go?鈥澛
鈥淣o.鈥 Wade swallowed hard and brushed his rough fingers over Peter鈥檚 cheek, melting to his very soul when Peter turned his nose into his palm and purred sweetly. 鈥淏ut um-- I鈥檓 ready.鈥澛
鈥淩eady.鈥 Peter repeated. 鈥淩eady for what?鈥澛犅
鈥淚鈥檓 ready.鈥 the Alpha pressed his thumb purposefully into Peter鈥檚 bonding spot. 鈥淩eady.鈥澛
鈥淥h.鈥 The Omega鈥檚 honeysuckle scent flooded with pure happiness, and his voice was whisper soft as he answered, 鈥淚鈥檓 ready too Alpha my Alpha. Always.鈥澛
-- and across the room, Pietro elbowed Wanda sharply and hissed/signed, 鈥淒oes this mean I have to listen to bonding sex through my wall!? Their room is right next to mine! It鈥檚 not fair! I won鈥檛 get any sleep at all!鈥澛
Wanda put her head in a pillow to muffle her laughter, and Pietro just crossed his arms and huffed at her.聽
This family was crazy.聽
Chapter Notes:聽
It鈥檚 general canon that Peter Parker Spidey can lift between 10-12 tons easily, and a standard sized school bus weighs about 12 tons so that鈥檚 why I chose that particular scene. That and the scene in SM: HC where Peter complains about Tony treating him like a kid and Ned is like聽鈥測ou are a kid鈥 and Peters like聽鈥測eah, one that can catch a school bus!鈥 I just thought it was funny.聽
I will never not love Wade seeing whole hearted acceptance and unconditional love and finally realizing聽鈥淚 am deserving of this鈥 and I will never not love Peter being so happy and willing to give Wade absolutely everything.聽
Also HEY Let鈥檚 talk about literally terrifying Jarvis! I feel like he鈥檚 been getting more and more human in my stories lately and I regret nothing. If this Tony was going to design an AI to protect his family, I don鈥檛 think issuing threats about blowing baddies鈥 brains out would be that out of character, yes? Yes.聽
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monaisme 3 years
One Week Later - Chapter 5
This is the sequel to my one-shot, 鈥淭he Battle鈥
Mrs. Stark was seated on the couch, her back to Peter as she spoke affectionately to someone on her phone. She was obviously preoccupied and missed his quietly entering the room, as she continued talking. 鈥淚 know you want to see me, sweetheart, and I miss you, too鈥攕o desperately, but things are a little crazy right now.鈥 A pause. 鈥淚 know that I promised you a special date just the two of us, but I can鈥檛 get away from the city until things are settled and you know this.鈥 Another pause. 鈥淢organ, please鈥斺
In his haze, Peter registered the name, Morgan, and almost wondered who he was? The lethargy that had washed over him weighted him where he stood and he almost felt like he was supposed to react to Mrs. Stark鈥檚 words, be curious at least? But he could barely...
FRIDAY interrupted the moment. 鈥淎pologies for the interruption, Mrs. Boss, but Boss is on his way up.鈥
Mrs. Stark called out a quick, 鈥淭hank you, FRIDAY,鈥 then came back to her call. She muttered a tender, 鈥淚鈥檝e gotta go. I love you, baby,鈥 and hung up the phone. She stood up from the couch and gasped, her hand flying to her chest as she noticed Peter for the first time. 鈥淥h! Peter! How long have you been standing there?鈥 Her cheeks flushed pink as she hid her phone behind her guiltily.
He heard her question, shrugged in reply, and looked down at the floor as he tried to process that he couldn鈥檛 process what was happening in that moment. The almost indifference was giving way to discomfort as his brain tried to filter out the garbage bogging him down. 鈥淯m, I鈥檓 sorry. I didn鈥檛 want to interrupt... it seemed important?鈥
She looked uncomfortable, at least to Peter, but he really wasn鈥檛 sure of anything in that moment. 鈥淧eter, I should explain鈥斺 She gestured to her phone she鈥檇 brought forward, but her words were cut off when the elevator doors in the penthouse foyer opened and footsteps echoed on the marble floor.
Mr. Stark entered the living room and grinned big. 鈥淎h, my beautiful family! Exactly the people I wanted to see!鈥 he announced. 鈥淚 have news from the med bay!鈥
That tweaked something more in Peter, and his attention was diverted away from Mrs. Stark and the mystery Morgan to his mentor. 鈥淚 can see May?鈥 he asked quietly.
Mr. Stark nodded emphatically. 鈥淵ou bet you can, kid.鈥 He laughed at something to himself then continued. 鈥淪he was asleep when I got there so I had a chance to talk to the doc in person for an update. He was just getting around to telling me that we couldn鈥檛 come around today when May woke up.鈥 Mr. Stark laughed a little harder. 鈥淣eedless to say, you are definitely seeing her today.鈥
Peter felt what must have been the first spark of a real smile in ages. 鈥淩eally?鈥
Mr. Stark took a step closer to the boy, then put a firm hand on his shoulder. 鈥淥f course, buddy. We鈥檙e just gonna give the nurses a chance to help her put on her game face and as soon as she鈥檚 ready, they鈥檒l call, but for now...鈥 聽
Peter鈥檚 shoulders sagged under the weight of Mr. Stark鈥檚 hand as he realized, 鈥淣ow we wait.鈥
Mr. Stark gave an oddly grounding squeeze and pulled Peter into a firm hug. 鈥淵eah, bud. Now we wait... but she鈥檚 as eager as you, so it won鈥檛 be too long, I鈥檓 sure of it.鈥
Peter shivered as he pressed further into Mr. Stark鈥檚 chest. The haze of the last little while was lifting and he felt a little unsteady so he closed his eyes and breathed in as he clung to the one thing in his life that seemed to have changed the least.
鈥淗ey, sweetheart, not going to hassle you, but did the shower help?鈥 Mr. Stark whispered into his hair. 鈥淎re you feeling a little better now?鈥
He nodded a yes, choosing to ignore whatever it was that was going on with Mrs. Stark in order to address his previous outburst. 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry about that, Mr. Stark. I鈥檒l fix the wall. I promise.鈥 He pulled back and shifted to peek around Mr. Stark to Mrs. Stark but refusing to let go. 鈥淎nd I鈥檓 sorry if I scared you earlier, Mrs. Stark. It won鈥檛 happen again. I swear... I don鈥檛 even...鈥 He tried to explain that he wasn鈥檛 like that, that he didn鈥檛 know where the anger had come from鈥攚ell, he did, but that didn鈥檛 mean he was allowed to show it鈥 He huffed in frustration as he struggled to find the right words.
Mrs. Stark stepped closer, smiled softly, and stopped Peter鈥檚 apology before he could completely short circuit. 鈥淚 know, Peter, and it really is alright. I know that you鈥檇 never hurt me, I was just surprised, is all. Thank you for the apology, though. I appreciate it... and don鈥檛 worry about the wall, please. It should be fixed by the end of the day.鈥
Peter felt his cheeks pink with embarrassment and he ducked back into the safety of Mr. Stark鈥檚 arms. 鈥淭hank you... and I鈥檓 still sorry.鈥
Mr. Stark gave him an extra squeeze in acknowledgement then said nothing more.
It was a few seconds later when Peter could sense movement behind Mr. Stark鈥攖hen his humming and shaking his head in response to whatever it was that Mrs. Stark was apparently silently communicating to him.
鈥淧ete?鈥 Mrs. Stark spoke up. 鈥淲e need to talk to you about鈥斺
鈥淏oss, Mrs. Parker is requesting Mr. Parker鈥檚 presence in the med bay.鈥 FRIDAY alerted the room. 鈥淪he has asked me to play back her request directly. She says, 鈥楾ony, if you make me wait a second longer than I have to to see my kid, I鈥檓 gonna tell Pepper about that time you鈥斺樷 FRIDAY cut off the recording. 鈥淎pologies for the disruption in playback, while you can gauge the seriousness of her request, per your 鈥橝dmit Nothing鈥 protocol, I have determined it is not in your best interest to play the entire recording, sir.鈥 聽
Mr. Stark snort laughed, 鈥淭hanks, FRI, you鈥檙e a gem,鈥 he replied and hugged Peter tight one last time before letting him go. 鈥淲ell, kid. You heard the AI! Aunt May is waiting!鈥 Mr. Stark led him to the elevator.
Peter didn鈥檛 hesitate to follow and made it half way across the room when鈥
鈥淧eter, can you wait a moment, please!鈥 Mrs. Stark called out.
Peter cringed at the delay, but turned around to face her. 鈥淯m, okay?鈥
鈥淧eter, I... we,鈥 she glanced toward Mr. Stark, 鈥淲e still need to talk to you about a couple of things鈥斺
Peter was fighting down the impatience, and Mr. Stark must have seen it. He cut her off. 鈥淧ep. We can talk about this later on, can鈥檛 we? He鈥檚 been waiting a week and May will kill me literally dead if he鈥檚 not there soon.鈥
She looked flustered, and Peter almost cared, but she鈥檇 been hiding something earlier, now that Peter鈥檚 brain was firing back up he was sure of it鈥攁nd he couldn鈥檛 make himself worry about it anymore, especially when he needed to get to May.
She paused, seemed to consider, and then, 鈥淔ine. But can we please make the time to talk about things later? Maybe over lunch?鈥
Peter was making no plans beyond the med bay, but he knew that wouldn鈥檛 fly so he agreed. 鈥淵eah, sure. Lunch.鈥 He looked between the two. 鈥淐an I go now?鈥
Mrs. Stark looked at her husband, who stared back goofily at her. She smiled, then he smiled, and like that, Mr. Stark was on the move with him again.
And then Peter wasn鈥檛 so sure he wanted the company anymore. 鈥淢r. Stark, would it be okay if I went alone?鈥
鈥淎re you sure you鈥檙e up for that? I mean, I know you鈥檇 be okay if you do go alone, but there could be a lot going on in that room that you may have questions about and I don鈥檛 want you to get overwhelmed.鈥 Mr. Stark was concerned and had no issue with voicing it. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 have to stay for long, just until I know you鈥檙e comfortable, and鈥斺
鈥淎nd I appreciate that. I do. It鈥檚 just...鈥 Peter wasn鈥檛 sure he could find the words to convey how badly he needed it to be just them. 鈥淧lease?鈥
Peter could see Mr. Stark struggling with it. There was no good reason that Peter could think of for Mr. Stark to let him go alone except that he wanted it. And the man was right. He was already anxious and he hadn鈥檛 even made it to the elevator yet. Peter was about to give up on the request altogether when Mr. Stark broke into his thoughts.
鈥淔ine, you can go alone, but you have FRI call me if you change your mind, okay? I鈥檒l be there in two minutes. No questions. No judgement.鈥
鈥淩eally?鈥 Peter asked.
鈥淵es, and we expect to see you back here for lunch when she gets tired of you, alright?鈥 Mr. Stark teased.
Mr. Stark glared.
鈥淵es, Mr. Stark.鈥
鈥淎lright then, you heathen, begone.鈥 Mr. Stark pointed toward the elevator with a wink. 鈥淒on鈥檛 make me regret this. And you鈥檇 better tell Aunt Hottie that you鈥檙e kiss and grounding were both delivered as requested, got it? I told her but I don鈥檛 think she believes me.鈥
鈥淚 will.鈥 Peter promised and then waited only a few seconds for the elevator doors to open and finally make his way down to the med bay. He focussed on the next while and how this reunion would go. Aunt May was going to be so happy to see him, he thought. It had been the two of them for so long, and he wished that she hadn鈥檛 had to go through all these years without him. But he was back now and things would get better. They had to, right? As the elevator descended, though, his thoughts started to twist. What if it wasn鈥檛 better? He knew logically that things were different now-- for him it had been a week and five years and forever and no time at all and all Peter knew was that he didn鈥檛 need to say a word to her; only wanted to curl up beside his favourite Aunt and never leave her again.
And she was sick.
The elevator doors opened and Peter froze.
Maybe he鈥檇 made a mistake?
鈥淢r. Parker, we have arrived at the med bay floor.鈥 FRIDAY said.
Peter didn鈥檛 move, but he could feel himself getting worked up.
And so could FRIDAY. 鈥淢r. Parker. While still within normal parameters, your breathing, pulse, and heart rate are elevating rapidly. Might I suggest a few deep breaths in order to regulate them?鈥
Peter still didn鈥檛 move... couldn鈥檛 move.
鈥淰ery well, initiating 鈥楳eltdown Management Mode鈥 now.鈥
The elevator doors closed and for a second Peter thought that the AI would return him to the penthouse and he鈥檇 lose his chance to see Aunt May, and his breathing picked up more. He gasped out a 鈥渘o!鈥
The elevator stayed where it was, but its lights softened and the canned muzak that had played in the background was replaced by soothing ocean sounds. 鈥淒on鈥檛 be alarmed, Mr. Parker. Please try to match your breaths to the count, Mr. Parker.鈥 FRIDAY instructed softly. 鈥淏reathe in, 2, 3, 4, and out 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.鈥 聽 聽
It took a couple of cycles, but eventually Peter picked up the rhythm and within a few minutes, Peter was feeling a little more like himself. 鈥淯m, thanks, FRIDAY,鈥 Peter called out to the AI. 鈥淭hat was... unexpected.鈥 And he didn鈥檛 know if he was talking about the freak out or the assist.
鈥淵es,鈥 FRIDAY interrupted. 鈥淒ue to the random nature of anxiety and panic attacks, Boss has found the protocol to be quite useful over the last five years. He will be glad to know that it has been of use to someone else.鈥
The thought of Mr. Stark knowing he鈥檇 freaked out AGAIN was not okay. That he couldn鈥檛 manage to make his way down a few floors without breaking down? 鈥淵eah, um, FRIDAY, do you think you could not tell Mr. Stark about this? I mean, I鈥檓 fine, right?鈥
The elevator fell silent for a brief moment then, 鈥淲hen this protocol was first initiated, Boss required that Mrs. Boss was notified each time it was initiated. There is no specific protocol requirement for you, Mr. Parker. You鈥檙e vitals are indicating that you are still experiencing some stress, but they are steady and within normal parameters. I see no reason to report this at this time, but if Boss asks, I will be required to inform him.鈥
Peter could have slumped with relief... or exhaustion. The constant ups and downs were messing him up big time, and he hated it, but at least he鈥檇 remembered his manners. 鈥淭hank you, FRIDAY.
鈥淵ou are welcome, Mr. Parker. Are you ready for me to open the elevator doors now?鈥
Peter steeled himself and then answered, 鈥淧lease?鈥
鈥淥f course,鈥 the AI replied. 鈥淓njoy your visit with Mrs. Parker.鈥
The doors slid open and Peter stepped out into the waiting room of what was his second home鈥攚ell, third. First was May鈥檚, then the penthouse with Mr. Stark, and then...
He turned towards the familiar voice, smiling as he saw one of his favourite nurses walking towards him, 鈥淟ydie?鈥 Her hair was cut shorter than he鈥檇 remembered it and was dyed a vibrant red. Definitely different, but still definitely her, thank goodness.
鈥淧eter, you haven鈥檛 aged a day! Get over here!鈥 She enveloped him in one of those awesome hugs she鈥檇 give him when he鈥檇 wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night after he鈥檇 finally convinced May or Mr. Stark to finally go and get some sleep in their own beds. 鈥淚 missed you so much!鈥
And Peter had exactly zero idea of what to say back. 鈥榊ou, too,鈥 wasn鈥檛 true. In his reality, he鈥檇 seen her two weeks ago when a he鈥檇 been triple-teamed by a trio of wanna-be ninja muggers with zero throwing star skills and just enough luck to land a star smack in the back at his shoulder blade. He mumbled a 鈥淭hanks,鈥 and pulled away. 聽
He鈥檇 hoped she鈥檇 realize his discomfort, but Lydie was always one to talk and it seemed like this time was no different. She pointed down a hallway Peter didn鈥檛 think he鈥檇 ever been down before and started walking. 鈥淚 know you鈥檙e here to see May so let me catch you up while I take you to her鈥攕o...鈥
Apparently it only took the length of a long hallway to find out about the life and times of all those who had been left behind. Peter tried to focus, but the moment Lydie had mentioned May again, his stomach had knotted and he did everything he could to use FRIDAY鈥檚 breathing techniques without being too obvious.
鈥...and here we go.鈥 Lydie stopped walking and pointed into the closed door to the left. 鈥淏efore you go in, though, we鈥檙e just gonna gown you up, okay?鈥
She brought Peter over to a station stocked with gloves, gowns, caps, and masks. 鈥淵eah, we want to be sure that we don鈥檛 bring any uninvited germs into the room with us while she鈥檚 already fighting this infection鈥攐r carry any out, for that matter.鈥
Peter almost recoiled. 鈥淚 could make her more sick?鈥 He hadn鈥檛 even thought about that and suddenly worried that his shower hadn鈥檛 been enough.
鈥淒on鈥檛 be silly, Peter.鈥 She chided him. 鈥淲e鈥檙e only doing this as a precaution and I know how anxious May is to see you, so let鈥檚 go. Chop, chop.鈥
Peter got to it right away and tried not to feel ridiculous in his new oversized get up even as Lydie looked almost identical.
Lydie鈥檚 eyes smiled at him encouragingly. 鈥淎lright, are you ready?鈥
He didn鈥檛 answer, but she wasn鈥檛 waiting for him to as she pushed the door open and grabbed his arm to drag him inside with her.
鈥淢ay, I hope you鈥檙e decent. You鈥檝e got a gentleman caller here!鈥 Lydie sang out softly as she peeked through the curtains surrounding her bed.
Peter heard the rustling of sheets and a groggy, 鈥淲ha鈥擫ydie?鈥
Lydie glanced back at him, gestured for him to wait and ducked behind the curtain. 鈥淢ay?鈥 Lydie whispered, quiet enough that it was only because of Peter鈥檚 enhanced hearing that he could make out the words. 鈥淢ay, can you wake up a little more? You dozed off on me.鈥
鈥淥h?鈥 The sheets rustled some more. 鈥淥h, no,鈥 she gasped. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean to鈥 is he gone? Did I miss him?鈥
A monitor beeped in warning.
鈥淪hh, shh, shh. May, it鈥檚 okay. Take a deep breath. It鈥檚 fine. He鈥檚 waiting for the all clear before he comes in. I know he鈥檚 fallen asleep on you plenty of times so don鈥檛 sweat it.鈥 Lydie really was the best.
Another beep, this one a press of something on a machine.
And then the sound of stifling tears.
鈥淢ay, honey, oh. No-no-no, don鈥檛 do that, May. He鈥檚 back now.鈥 Lydie comforted her, not bothering to lower her voice. 鈥淧eter鈥檚 just on the other side of the curtain and he thinks he鈥檚 hiding it, but he鈥檚 nervous, too.鈥 Peter heard Lydie pull a tissue from a box and pass it to May.
May sniffed, then blew her nose and squeaked out, 鈥淧eter鈥檚 really here?鈥
鈥淵ou know I wouldn鈥檛 lie to you, May, and he鈥檚 probably wondering what鈥檚 taking you so long.鈥
鈥淵eah.鈥 May took a deep breath and then another. Peter could hear her and Lydie doing a last minute straighten up. 鈥淥kay.鈥 May whispered. 鈥淗ow do I look?鈥
鈥淟ike a million bucks.鈥 Lydie reassured her. 鈥淣ow, can I open these curtains before he loses his mind?鈥
May must have nodded because the curtain was slowly dragged back to reveal the most important person in Peter鈥檚 universe, propped up in the bed and fussing with the long braid trailing down the front of her hospital gown.
And Peter stood there frozen, mere feet away from her bed, his mouth opening and closing like a fish behind the mask. 鈥淢ay?鈥 The woman in front of him looked like a weak imitation of the woman he鈥檇 left only a week ago to head to school and that stupid MOMA field trip. The yellowed, swollen face and hands screamed sickness, punctuated by the heavy scent of medicated creams, antiseptic, and blood. They鈥檇 at least made an effort to disguise the various machines surrounding her, but the curtains and draped blankets couldn鈥檛 camouflage the nasal cannula鈥攁nd the delicately flowered robe she wore over the medbay gown did little to hide the tubing still connected to her IV or the dialysis machine Peter guessed she鈥檇 been hooked up to since that call in Wakanda that morning. His stomach turned at the sight of it all so he concentrated again on her face. There, he could see the flush of fever in her cheeks and a glassiness in her eyes. She looked exhausted.
He didn鈥檛 know what to do. 聽
She looked just as stunned as Peter, though for completely different reasons. 鈥淧eter?鈥 May stared at the boy and then scowled at Lydie. 鈥淚 swear, Lydie, on the soul of my dead mother. If you don鈥檛 get all that shit off my kid so I can see him for real, I will make sure that you never find that stupid blush nail polish you swear by again鈥攁nd I know people so I can make it happen.鈥
Lydie threw her hands up in apology. 鈥淢ay, you know that I can鈥檛. Dr. Bonwick has orders鈥斺
鈥淚 don鈥檛 care, Lydie.鈥 she huffed. 鈥淚鈥檝e waited too long to see that face.鈥 May turned her attention back to Peter. 鈥淵ou heard me,鈥 she pointed to his medical gear with a look of distaste. 鈥淎ll of that garbage off, now.鈥
He wanted to listen to her, honest, but she was sick and the reality of it had smacked him in the face. There was no way he鈥檇 risk鈥
鈥淧eter.鈥 Peter recognized the tone anywhere. It was the same tone that made sure his homework got done before patrol, that his bedroom was cleaned before heading to Ned鈥檚, and that got wet towels off the bathroom floor and an apple in his hand before he ran out the door to school. Yeah. Peter knew better than to dawdle. The fabric gown and its accessories were in a laundry bin in the corner of the room in half a minute and he stood ready for inspection. 聽
May beamed with joy as she gazed upon him. 鈥淭here鈥檚 my Peter,鈥 she exclaimed. 鈥淣ow get your ass over here and give me a hug before I lose my mind, you goofball.鈥
Peter rushed up to the bed, hesitating when he reached the railing of the bed. 鈥淯h... what should I鈥斺
Lydie, who鈥檇 tucked herself inconspicuously away to work in the corner of the room, came forward to help. 鈥淐鈥檓on, Peter, you know as well as anyone how these beds work.鈥 She teased as she did her nurse magic, lowering the railing.
鈥淚 know how the bed works,鈥 he insisted as he tried to ignore the fear that one wrong move would hurt her. 鈥淚鈥檓 trying to be careful, is all.鈥
May was having none of that. 鈥淵ou couldn鈥檛 hurt me if you tried, sweetheart.鈥 She leaned forward and opened her arms, now seriously. 鈥淧lease?鈥
Peter was in her arms in a blink, fighting back tears as May finally gave in to hers. Neither of them said a word as they revelled in their reunion. Only a week and five years- five years- She鈥檇 waited for him for so long.
Peter whispered, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean to go, May, I swear,鈥 as he burrowed into her.
She buried her face in his hair and tried to breathe in the scent of him, like she'd done his whole life. "I know, baby. I know." May reassured him. She shifted slightly, started pushing the pillows supporting her aside.
Peter panicked. "Oh! I'm hurting you! I'm so sorry!"聽 He pulled back and away, "I'm gonna鈥"
May grabbed his hand. "No, Peter. You're not hurting me at all. I just need to move- these- damn- pillows." She ground out the words while she tried to readjust.
"I can do it!" Peter declared, jostling the pillows about. 鈥淚鈥檒l just鈥斺 He shifted the pillows Aunt May, just a little, but the ones behind her seemed determined to keep her from completely relaxing, if he was reading her body language right. 鈥淢aybe if I鈥斺 He slipped off the bed and started looking for the controls to set the bed at a better angle.
Lydie stepped in again, 鈥淧eter, here. Let me help鈥斺
鈥淣o!鈥 He replied loudly, surprising everyone in the room. He pressed on, moving May鈥檚 blankets in his hunt. 鈥淚鈥檝e got this. I鈥檓 just gonna adjust the bed and make sure that May鈥檚 comfortable.鈥
鈥淚 know, Peter, but if I help鈥斺
鈥淟ook, Lydie, I鈥檝e got this, okay?鈥 Not finding the controls, he moved around to the other side of the bed. 鈥淚t鈥檚 the least I can do after all this time, right?鈥 He tried to laugh at the little dig but sounded more like he was choking. They had to think he was losing his mind.
鈥淧eter.鈥 May called to him. 鈥淐ome on. You鈥檙e fuss-farting around for a bed controller.鈥 She patted the empty space beside her. 鈥淟et鈥檚 do a snuggle party like when you were little instead.鈥 She held out her arms in welcome again and that was all Peter needed.
He clamoured up onto the bed again and tried to squeeze in beside her as she shifted to give him room, just like she鈥檇 asked.
Lydie watched the exchange sadly and smiled, 鈥淚鈥檓 going to give you two some time,鈥 and exited the room. Peter was sure she hadn鈥檛 gone far.
鈥淚 remember you being smaller, buster.鈥 She teased.
Peter rolled his eyes and chuckled. 鈥淎re moms obligated to say cheesy stuff like that? Like, is it in the secret mom rulebook?鈥
鈥淣ow, Peter,鈥 she grinned slyly as she looked down at him. 鈥淵ou know if I told you, I鈥檇 have to kill you鈥攏ow, c鈥檓on.鈥 She eased herself a little further to one side of the bed and sighed in brief relief as she settled. 鈥淕et closer.鈥
He did try. Oh, how he wanted to be held in her arms and have her tell him everything was going to be okay, but gentle teasing couldn鈥檛 hide the limitations of the IV tube he鈥檇 interrupt if he laid this way鈥攐r the access site on her other side if he shifted that way.
May giggled through a new round of tears as they struggled to find a hold that wouldn鈥檛 cause her harm. 鈥淲ow, if we ever thought we could ignore the elephant in the room, huh?鈥 聽
Peter stopped his wiggling. 鈥淢ay, don鈥檛... I... I... 鈥 He couldn鈥檛 speak so he sat himself up, twisting and turning away from her. He buried his face in his hands and started to tremble.
He was going to lose her.
He could feel her pulling herself up, trying to get closer to him. Peter jumped off the bed. 鈥淣o! You need to lie down, May. Please.鈥 He pressed her gently back into her pillow pile. 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna grab a chair, okay?鈥
鈥淧eter, stop it. Get back up here,鈥 she ordered, watching him work his way up to another freak out.
But he couldn鈥檛... he just couldn鈥檛.
Instead, Peter grabbed the straight backed chair rested against the wall and, in a flash, seated himself at her bedside. 鈥淣ah, I need you comfortable, May...鈥 He grinned big and insincere, 鈥淎nd you know I鈥檓 a bed hog. Really! This is probably way better for you.鈥 He focussed on his hands as they twisted at her blankets. 鈥淛ust until you feel a little better, please?鈥
She didn鈥檛 bother to hide as her frustration shifted to concern. 鈥淧eter, please. I know this is strange,鈥 She reached out to grab his hands, stopping him. 鈥淏ut we鈥檙e gonna get through this. Okay?鈥
Peter slid his hands out from under hers, then gently laid his on hers, but could say nothing. A part of him had thought that maybe... just maybe Mr. Stark had been overstating things so that Peter would find relief at things not being so bad. But Mr. Stark would never have done something like that. Peter had just been wrong. His vacillating between hope and impending doom stopped exactly then.
He knew all about Parker Luck, after all.
He gave May鈥檚 hands a squeeze, kissed them, then pulled away. He could feel the greasiness of lotion against his lips, and forced himself to ignore it. 鈥淵ou should lie down, May. I don鈥檛 want you to get more tired because of me.鈥
鈥淧eter. I鈥檒l worry about me, alright?鈥 May lightly scolded. 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 also gonna worry about you, got it.鈥 She cupped his cheek and tried to catch his eye. 鈥淲e鈥檒l need to talk about this eventually, sweetheart.鈥
He closed his eyes and prayed for strength, 鈥淚 know...鈥 he choked out. 鈥淏ut can it not be now?鈥
May didn鈥檛 say anything for a moment before agreeing. 鈥淎lright... but soon? Hiding your head in the sand does nothing but leave your butt exposed for that big kick in the pants you鈥檙e trying to avoid, and you know it.鈥
Peter nodded. He didn鈥檛 have a choice.
The last two Parkers clasped hands again and sat silent for a moment; May savoured his presence while Peter mourned hers.
Five damned years. Peter鈥檚 thoughts turned to Titan and failed attempts and how if he鈥檇 only gotten the gauntlet.
A series of beeps sounded from one of the hidden machine, startling the two from their thoughts.
鈥淗oly crap!鈥 Peter jumped as he threw his hand to his chest, knocking over his chair in the process. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 He scanned his aunt, not seeing why the alarm was suddenly going off. 鈥淒id I do something?鈥
鈥淐alm down, Peter. That means my dialysis is done for today.鈥 She reached for his hand. 鈥淚t alerts whoever鈥檚 on shift that they can unhook me.鈥
Lydie entered the room again without a word and pulled a blanket off the machine closest to the bed.
Peter looked away.
鈥淚鈥檒l be quick, folks, then a quick check up and I鈥檒l be out of your hair.鈥 Lydie promised as she pressed a button to silence the alarm.
May didn鈥檛 pretend to be anything other than irritated. 鈥淟ydie, can we just do it later? Peter鈥檚 here and I don鈥檛 want to鈥斺
Lydie raised her hand her hand to stop her. 鈥淣uh-uh. I鈥檝e already broken one rule for you today. If you think I鈥檓 not following another protocol, you鈥檝e got another thing coming to you.鈥 She glanced over to the young superhero. 鈥淪orry, Peter.鈥
He just shrugged and moved his chair back towards the wall. 鈥淣o worries. I鈥檒l just stay out of the way.鈥 Yeah, even he knew better to fight with the nurses in Avengers Tower.
Lydie chuckled, 鈥淚 wish you were that cooperative when you were a patient here, Peter.鈥
May outright cracked up at that. 鈥淵ou tell him, Lydie.鈥
鈥淵eah, yeah, yuk it up. I am a stellar patient.鈥 Peter pouted, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e both so mean to me.鈥
The laughter died down as Lydie disconnected things and went about doing what should have been a cursory check. The cuff of the blood pressure monitor has inflated, May had flinched at its tightness, and Peter had sympathized. Lydie had pulled the stethoscope from around her neck, preparing for the next check when the alarm went off.
鈥淢ay?鈥 Lydie questioned suspiciously. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on?鈥
May looked from Lydie to Peter, then back to Lydie. 鈥淣othing. You know that the machine is too sensitive. 聽Let the cuff do its torture again,鈥 she pressed. 鈥淚t鈥檚 probably because I was laughing is all.鈥
Lydie wasn鈥檛 buying it, 鈥淧eter, would you be a dear and step into the hallway, please.鈥
Yeah, Peter knew that tone, too. It was the old 鈥榯he medical professionals need to discuss things that aren鈥檛 any of your business鈥 tone. He was out of the chair and into the hallway in a shot.
It wasn鈥檛 like he鈥檇 be missing anything, anyways.
鈥淥kay, May, 鈥榝ess up. What鈥檚 going on?鈥 Lydie whispered.
Had they really forgotten that it didn鈥檛 work?
Peter could hear a button being pressed, maybe an aural thermometer, then May鈥檚 reply. 鈥淢y pain medication,鈥 she whispered back. 鈥淚 should have thought to say something before he got here, but then I fell asleep and I couldn鈥檛 let Peter know鈥斺
鈥淗ow bad?鈥
May exhaled slowly, 鈥淏ad enough that it set off that stupid machine.鈥
A quiet beep sounded.
鈥淎w, shit. May!鈥 Lydie hissed. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e fever鈥檚 up, too! You know better than to not say something about that!鈥
Peter could hear Lydie鈥檚 movements around the room, a drawer opening, vials being shuffled about鈥斺淚鈥檓 going to get your pain meds and some fever reducers on board, then I鈥檒l call Dr. Bonwick.鈥
鈥淣o.鈥 May blurted out, desperate. 鈥淵ou know it鈥檒l put me to sleep. Just wait until Peter鈥檚 visit is over, an hour? Please? Can I have just an hour with him?鈥 聽
鈥淣o negotiations, May.鈥 They were done with trying to be secretive. 鈥淲e鈥檙e already pushing our luck because of the delay with the dialysis... and Peter鈥檚 a smart kid. You know he鈥檒l understand.鈥
Peter could hear the quiver in her voice again. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want him to understand! I want him here!鈥 May moaned, giving in to her pain and exhaustion. 鈥淚 want five years with him, and I want stepping on legos, and sleepovers with his friends, and... and I wanted him to be a man before he had to deal with鈥攐h.鈥 May couldn鈥檛 speak, and so she wept.
And Peter鈥檚 heart broke again鈥攈ow many more times would he feel it splinter before it finally stopped.
Lydie tried to comfort May, even as she went about her job with a haste that made Peter realize his coming had been a mistake. She鈥檇 been hurting. She suffered because of him鈥攆or five years, she had suffered because of him.
It took a few minutes, but May鈥檚 cried eventually softened, then levelled to a nice even breathing. She鈥檇 fallen asleep. Lydie popped out of the room, took one look at him, and knew. 鈥淵ou heard?鈥
Peter nodded.
She stepped into the hallway completely, approaching him like a wild animal. 鈥淚 gave her something to calm her, but with the fever and all...鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 asleep, I know.鈥
鈥淕ood.鈥 She looked over her shoulder into the room, and then addressed Peter. 鈥淪he鈥檒l sleep for a while now, which is good.鈥 Lydie assured him. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to call Dr. Bonwick and get her started on her new meds. If everything goes as well as we hope, she鈥檒l be ready for visitors tomorrow, okay?鈥
Lydie stared at him for a second and forever. 鈥淢ay mentioned that Mr. Stark had filled you in on some things. Do you have any questions for me? May鈥檚 given me permission to give you the basics.鈥
Peter stuffed his hands in his pockets, hunching his shoulders as he fought the urge to ask one of the so many questions he didn鈥檛 want answers to. 鈥淣o. I鈥檓 good.鈥 聽
The look on her face told Peter that she didn鈥檛 believe him.
鈥淎re you alright?鈥 She asked, sympathy pouring off of her. 鈥淭hat visit had to be hard for you, too.鈥
Peter shook his head in the negative, 鈥淚鈥檒l be fine.鈥 Peter assured her. He always was, after all. 鈥淵ou just worry about Aunt May... please.鈥 He tried to be casual about it, but the tears welling up were a dead giveaway.
Lydie stepped closer. 鈥淧eter, you鈥檙e allowed to be upset, too. I鈥檓 sure that Mr. Stark can find someone that can鈥斺
An alarm blared in May鈥檚 room, loud and urgent. Lydie stopped talking and rushed back into the room, turning the alarm off and double checking what she thought was the culprit. 鈥淎-ha!鈥 She called out as she reattached the oximeter to May鈥檚 finger. She watched the numbers jump back up from 0% to a not amazing but could be worse percentage. 鈥淭here you go, May.鈥 She squeezed the sleeping woman鈥檚 hand in support then went back into the hallway. 鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry about that, Peter, she shifted and knocked... off... her... Peter?鈥 She looked down the empty corridor then rushed down it towards the elevator. She noted the floor numbers descending on the display. 鈥淥h, shit.鈥
* * * * * *
鈥淢r. Parker, would you like me to initiate 鈥楳eltdown Management Mode鈥 again?鈥 FRIDAY inquired.
May was dying, if she wasn鈥檛 already dead. He鈥檇 pushed her too much. She was too weak and in pain and then the alarm had gone off and he knew鈥
Peter said nothing, just stared at the numbers on the panel as the elevator descended. He couldn鈥檛 be there anymore. He couldn鈥檛 be there when she wasn鈥檛鈥
May was dead, and Peter was alone.
鈥淢r. Parker, you are again displaying signs of distress, and failure to respond will require me to contact Boss and update him on your condition.鈥
Peter blinked as he registered the unintended threat. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine, thank you. I just need some air,鈥 he rasped out.
鈥淵es, fresh air and exercise are both optimal solutions for mental distress. Boss has programmed me to provide him positive reinforcement when he takes the initiative on his own to remedy his anxiety. Would you like me to tell you 鈥榞ood job,鈥 Mr. Parker?鈥
鈥淣o, thanks.鈥
Peter felt a slight shift in speed, then the elevator came to a halt.
鈥淚t is currently an overcast 58掳F, Mr. Parker. Enjoy the fresh air.鈥 The elevator doors opened, revealing the Avengers Tower lobby bustling with activity. 鈥淢r. Parker, should Boss inquire, what time will you be returning home?鈥
Home? May was dead and Peter was alone.
Peter chuckled darkly. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 have a home anymore, FRIDAY,鈥 he replied, and pushed his way through the masses of people, out the front doors of the tower, and into the chaos of a world struggling with unexpected rebirth. 聽
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stuckonstarker 4 years
Runaway Groom
It鈥檚 the night before Peter and MJ鈥檚 wedding when Peter decides he can鈥檛 go through with it. He鈥檚 in love with someone else.
| Brief/Mentioned Spideychelle |聽
When Peter proposed to MJ he had been so sure he loved her. He had been certain she was the one for him, but after one year and a lot of self-reflection, he鈥檚 doubting himself.聽
It鈥檚 the night before the wedding, Peter should be ecstatic, but he isn鈥檛. He鈥檚 almost dreading the thought of marriage now. There鈥檚 a weight in Peter鈥檚 chest pulling him down, a sinking feeling in his stomach. He wants to love MJ, but he can鈥檛. Peter loves Tony. He鈥檚 always loved the man, but it鈥檚 grown out of control, it鈥檚 become untamed. Peter - for the life of him - can鈥檛 get Tony off of his mind. It鈥檚 driving him mad.
MJ is out with her friends. Peter is home alone, he can鈥檛 tell whether that鈥檚 a blessing or a curse.聽
The silence haunts him, there鈥檚 not a moment where Peter鈥檚 brain isn鈥檛 reminding him of the shameful fact that he doesn鈥檛 love MJ. It鈥檚 an acidic, venomous self-loathing that Peter wants to will away. It settles deep in the pit of his stomach, hissing at him to do something other than throw a pity party.
Peter stares at his reflection. The person he鈥檚 looking at doesn鈥檛 feel like him anymore. It鈥檚 like he鈥檚 staring into the eyes of a stranger. He sighs, turning away from the mirror.
Peter looks out of the window into the night, the street is wet from the rain, water reflects light from the streetlamp. There鈥檚 a bittersweet longing in the air. It鈥檚 crisp and clear, it gives him a hazy sense of longing for a life he could never have. It reminds him of what he does have, how lucky he is, and how ungrateful he鈥檚 being. It reminds him that he鈥檒l never be content with the life he鈥檚 been given. That he鈥檒l always be searching for more until he gets what longs for.
Peter inhales deeply, trying to calm his stormy emotions.
He knows, deep down in his soul, that he鈥檒l never be fully happy with MJ, that she鈥檒l never complete him. Peter hates himself for it. Hates himself for letting her down. He鈥檚 let a lot of people down lately.
There鈥檚 a dull ache in Peter鈥檚 chest, a longing for something he knows he can鈥檛 have. A longing so visceral and present it scares him in its intensity. He knows it isn鈥檛 right, that it isn鈥檛 fair to MJ. She deserves better, she deserves the world - he had told her that once upon a time, when his feelings weren鈥檛 so complex, and when her smile didn鈥檛 feel like a maze to navigate.
Peter鈥檚 mind wanders. He imagines a world where he and Tony are together, living in a secluded cabin surrounded by lush forest. A world where Peter鈥檚 life isn鈥檛 underlined with a sense of somberness, restlessness, constantly running away from, and yet chasing, the one thing he鈥檚 ever wanted.
He鈥檚 picking up the phone before his mind can protest. He鈥檚 dialing the number on autopilot.
鈥淧ete?鈥 Tony鈥檚 warm voice carries through the phone.
Peter says, 鈥淗ey, can you come over? I鈥檓 kinda freaking out about some things.鈥
鈥淥n my way,鈥 Tony says, 鈥淚鈥檒l be there soon.鈥
鈥淭hanks,鈥 Peter says, suppressing a sniffle.
Peter feels dull nausea bubbling up in his stomach. His heart patters in his chest loudly, the noise echoing in his eardrums. There鈥檚 a sharp sting of hatred, he shouldn鈥檛 be looking for support when he鈥檚 going to abandon his fiance. And he definitely shouldn鈥檛 be getting support from the man who his heart longs for.
It feels like an instant and an eternity before Tony鈥檚 sharp, two-pronged knock hits the dark oak door.
Peter opens the door, tears forming in his eyes immediately. He can鈥檛 help the way Tony鈥檚 gaze breaks him, like every emotion Peter鈥檚 ever had is suddenly on display for the older man. Peter鈥檚 always trusted Tony with his life, and the man never failed him. It made it easy for Peter to fall into Tony鈥檚 arms, to sink into the man鈥檚 tender embrace.
Tony scoops Peter into a hug, soft voice cooing: 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay, you鈥檙e going to be okay. Tell me what鈥檚 wrong. I鈥檒l help you, I promise.鈥
I鈥檒l help you, I promise.
Peter鈥檚 heart stutters in his chest, his sobs grow more pained. He looks up at Tony, wide eyes pooling with despair. Tony smiles encouragingly, nodding for Peter to talk.
鈥淚鈥檓 terrible,鈥 Peter whispers in the older man鈥檚 hold.
Tony shakes his head, 鈥淣o you鈥檙e not, Peter, you鈥檙e the best person I鈥檝e ever met.鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 Peter sobs, voice broken, 鈥測ou don鈥檛 understand, Tony, I鈥檓 terrible. I鈥檓 doing something awful.鈥
Tony pulls back partially, 鈥淲hat are you talking about?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 love MJ anymore,鈥 Peter says. His voice is resigned and solemn. Peter鈥檚 eyes are a pool of shame and guilt and regret. The tears slow to a stop, but his eyes are still wet.聽
Tony鈥檚 face flicks through several emotions, clearly conflicted about this sudden declaration. His eyes move around like he does when he鈥檚 in the lab pondering a solution to a problem. He probably is, Tony tries to solve all of Peter鈥檚 problems.
The thought feels Peter with an icy sense of love and dread. They mix together into a lethal cocktail that makes Peter鈥檚 heart jackhammer in his chest. A sudden wave of lightheadedness nearly knocks Peter to his feet.
Tony catches him, sitting him down on a chair.
鈥淢aybe,鈥 Tony says, 鈥測ou鈥檙e just getting cold feet. This is normal, I think鈥 I鈥檝e never been married so I don鈥檛 exactly have a lot of experience, but I do know that you look at her like she鈥檚 your world. And you do care about her. This feeling you have could be a fluke.鈥
Peter shakes his head, 鈥淣o, Tony, it鈥檚 been like this for a while. I know the initial glow of a relationship wears off, but this鈥 This is different. Being around her is like a job to me. Oh my God, I am horrible. She鈥檚 so wonderful, I shouldn鈥檛 be doing this to her.鈥
Tony鈥檚 mouth opens, but before he can say anything, Peter continues.
鈥淚 used to think people who rushed into marriage were stupid, now I鈥檓 one of those people. I think she knows something is wrong too, she鈥檚 always asking me if I鈥檓 okay and I have to lie directly to her. It鈥檚 killing me, Tony. I know the responsible thing to do is to tell her, but she鈥檒l hate me, despise me.鈥
鈥淚 think you should tell her,鈥 Tony says, 鈥渋t鈥檚 the right thing to do.鈥
Peter nods, 鈥淭here鈥檚 something else, though.鈥
There鈥檚 a thick, overwhelming tension in the air as Tony nods for Peter to continue.
鈥淚鈥檓 in love with someone else,鈥 Peter whispers, looking down at his lap. A cold wave of shame drowns Peter, he鈥檚 unable to look Tony in the eyes. Peter can only cling to hope that his feelings are more hidden than he believes. He looks up at Tony.
Tony sighs, his face is unreadable, which is killing Peter. Tony鈥檚 gaze meets Peter鈥檚, and - despite it all - Peter feels at home. The older man closes his eyes and rubs his forehead.
Peter feels like falling apart on the spot like a spool of thread unraveling quicker and quicker until there is nothing left.
鈥淭here鈥檚 never a dull moment with you,鈥 Tony says, voice vaguely fond.
Peter smiles, hoping Tony didn鈥檛 immediately suss him out.
鈥淚f you don鈥檛 love her and love someone else you definitely need to come clean,鈥 Tony says, 鈥渂ad things are bound to happen. Hearts are going to be broken,聽 there are going to be relationships that may never be fully fixed, but鈥 if it鈥檚 what makes you happy, then go for it.鈥
Peter smiles despite the weight in his heart and the storm in his stomach.
Tony asks, 鈥淲ho do you love?鈥
Peter freezes, feeling like a butterfly caught in a net. Panic shoots through Peter鈥檚 body, and in a split second, Tony seems to realize what Peter鈥檚 always known. There鈥檚 a heavy silence hanging in the air, both parties afraid of what it means.
Tony asks, voice even, 鈥淲ho do you love?鈥
Despite himself, Peter admits, 鈥淚 love you.鈥
Their eyes are locked, their hearts drumming to the same beat. Peter is unsure of what comes next, the thought of rejection too agonizing to think about even for a moment. There鈥檚 a stillness in the room like even the wind was afraid of making noise.
鈥淚 love you too,鈥 Tony says.
鈥淵ou do?鈥 Peter asks, hope sparks in his chest like the beginning of a fire.
Tony nods, 鈥淚鈥檝e always loved you, but it鈥 it was never the right time, then before I knew it, you鈥檙e off getting married.鈥
鈥淣ot anymore,鈥 Peter says, 鈥淚鈥檓 not getting married now.鈥
鈥淧eter,鈥 Tony says, 鈥測ou are about to leave your fiance, that鈥檚 a big deal. You can鈥檛 just jump from that to me.鈥
鈥淚 want to,鈥 Peter says, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever wanted anything more in my life.鈥
Tony smiles, his dark brown eyes overflowing with joy. Every wrinkle in the man鈥檚 face is a work of art, Peter is sure. Peter is drawn to the man like a magnet, slowly approaching him, placing a hand on his chest. Tony does nothing to stop what comes next.
Peter wraps his arms around Tony鈥檚 neck, pulling the elder man down into a kiss. It鈥檚 soft and gentle. Explorative on both ends; each of them trying to meet each other in the middle. There鈥檚 a lightness in the air, like the feeling of butterflies swirling and dancing in the summer air. Peter feels free. It鈥檚 the feeling you get when you drop a weight, or when a storm reaches its peaceful end.
They pull away from each other slowly. If they had it their way, they would be glued together till the end of time.
鈥淭his is wrong,鈥 Peter whispers. They鈥檙e so close together that Tony can feel Peter鈥檚 soft breath against his skin. It sends electric pleasure through him.
Tony nods, 鈥淵eah鈥︹
Peter looks into Tony鈥檚 gaze, the man鈥檚 eyes are full of want and passion. There鈥檚 a wildfire in Peter鈥檚 heart, untamed and out of control, but so beautiful. And Peter wants. He wants more than he鈥檚 ever wanted in his life. So, Peter takes, pulling Tony back into another kiss.聽
Tony reciprocates eagerly like he鈥檚 a dehydrated man who had just found an oasis. The wildfire of want burns brightly in Peter, making him lose all rational thought. If there was one time Peter could say 鈥榝uck you鈥 to morals it was now. Peter pulls away, looking into Tony鈥檚 hungry gaze.
鈥淟et鈥檚 go,鈥 Peter says, breathless and needy.
Tony asks, 鈥淕o where?鈥
鈥淎nywhere with you,鈥 Peter says, 鈥渁nywhere as long as I鈥檓 with you.鈥
Tony nods, taking Peter鈥檚 hand in his, 鈥淚鈥檝e always wanted to live in a quiet cabin surrounded by the forest.鈥
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Stay by me..(Peter Parker x Reader)
鈥淧eter, I鈥檒l be fine! Don鈥檛 worry!鈥 You called as you ran out of his aunt May鈥檚 house, you two were planning a small get together of your friends on Graduation night. It was just going to be a small party as a sendoff seeing as Ned was heading off to college, along with MJ(which you didn鈥檛 mind one bit, but you鈥檇 never tell Peter that.) 聽
鈥淲ait (n/n)! Why don鈥檛 you stay until tomorrow? You have before, and there is no school tomorrow..鈥 Peter called after you as he ran down the stairs and out the front door, His eyes widening in horror as you spun around stepping onto the street to answer him. The pure fear and horror in his chocolate brown eyes is the last thing you remember before waking up in this black void. 聽
Peter paced as his aunt May tried to comfort him but to no avail. He wasn鈥檛 able to calm down, the accident still fresh in his mind. His webs didn鈥檛 make it to you in time. Why didn鈥檛 you listen?? It was 10pm in the middle of Manhattan how on earth did you think it was okay to leave. 聽
鈥淓xcuse me, are you Mr.Parker?鈥 A nurse asked and Peter finally stopped in his pacing as his head shot up to look at her. 聽
鈥淗-how is she?! Is she okay I-鈥 As Peter started to bombard the poor nurse with questions, she held her hand up and with a small comforting smile she replied, 鈥淢s.(last name)鈥檚 surgery was a success, she is currently in her room, and her parents requested for you to come in before they leave.鈥 聽
Peter let out a sigh he didn鈥檛 realize he was holding and nodded. 鈥淭ake me to her.鈥 聽
It had been a couple of hours since then, Peter somehow convinced your parents to head home for the night, with the promise that he would immediately call if you woke up, or anything else were to happen. He was currently holding your hand, for fear if he were to let go it would be as if you were to die the moment he would. 聽
鈥(n/n)鈥.I鈥檓 so sorry. This is all my fault. If I had just tried harder to get you to stay, or if I was a bit quicker- 鈥
You didn鈥檛 know how long you鈥檝e been in the black void for,, It could have been days, or even months. But no matter how long you鈥檝e been there for, you knew someone was there with you due to the soft pressure and heat on your hand. You couldn鈥檛 figure out who it was though, until you heard the nickname that only one person calls you. It was clear as day. 聽
鈥淧ete? Peter where are yo-鈥 You stopped mid-sentence when you heard his rambling something about you, and an accident, him also rambling on and on about how it was his fault. 聽
The accident came flooding back to you in waves as the pain hit. After the initial shock you fought hard to leave the black void, he didn鈥檛 need to be blaming himself when it was your own stupidity that got you here. And every time you went to move it was like your body hadn鈥檛 moved in 150 years, and it felt like lead. 聽
Pete鈥檚 hand on yours felt really nice and using what little strength you had in you, you squeezed his hand making him pause in his rambling. You cracked your eyes open and your tired (e/c) eyes met his bloodshot and tear-filled chocolate ones and a small relived sob left his lips. 聽
鈥(y-y/n) I-I'm so sorry. I should have-鈥 You squeezed Peter鈥檚 hand again effectively shushing him so you could talk. 聽
鈥淧-pete, it's not your fault. I was my own, I should have paid more attention. Stop blaming yourself for everything..... okay?鈥 As you were saying this you brought a weak hand up to his face which he immediately leaned into and covered with his own.
After what seemed was him hesitating for a moment, he quickly leaned down and captured your lips with his. Shock and confusion immediately wracked your body as last time you knew he loved MJ. But before you could think on his too hard instincts took over and you closed your eyes and kissed him back, seeing fireworks behind your eyelids. After a few moments the two of you pulled away and a shy smile was on Peters face, but it quickly turned serious again as he gently grasped your hands. 聽
鈥(y/n)...I was so so scared I lost you when that happened. I always told you that I loved MJ whenever you asked me about relationships due to the fact, I was just too scared to tell you, and when you agreed to go to the prom with me even if it was just as friends, I was so happy. And seeing you like that and the fact that I wasn鈥檛 able to help you broke me. I can鈥檛 bear the thought of losing you again, so please just....Stay by me..鈥 by the end of his confession/rant he was red faced and looking anywhere but you. 聽
You shakily brought your hands to both sides of his face and gave him a chaste kiss. After pulling away, you give him a small smile and murmur a 鈥淎lways.鈥
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rynhaswritersblock 4 years
take a bullet | p.p.
summary: you and peter go on your first mission without the team, flirting can be a powerful tool, and cliches like "taking a bullet" for someone don't seem so unrealistic anymore
warnings: cussing (as always wtf), a bit of angst???? wOah
Tumblr media
+ + +
in and out.
oh, how you desperately wished this were only a mission to get burgers at in n' out and not one to hack into an insane, power hungry organization's secret base.
can't always have what you want, can you?
the quinjet lands just a few miles from the base. the rest of the team opted to stay back, figuring that it was time for you and peter to have your first standalone mission. nonetheless, tony was alert, prepared to suit and fly over at any given time. you and peter give the group an awkward wave before walking out, the sound of the jet's doors locking back up making you flinch.
"you good?" peter asks.
"yeah," you say, giving him a hopeless smile before shaking your hands out and pointing your palms at the ground, bursting into the air. the green energy hovers around your wrist as you dart through the air and see the HYDRA base in the distance. peter is beneath you, swiftly swinging through the telephone poles.
as you get within a mile of the base, you begin lowering yourself, softly landing on the concrete and looking over just as peter touches down behind you in his signature landing pose. you quickly glance around before grabbing peter's wrist and focusing your powers.
the two of you morph into agents, dressed in the uniform HYDRA attire-- all black and military style. you look down at yourselves, then each other, nodding your heads. you were now donned in tight black shirts and black combat pants with matching boots. a belt holds the pants up on your waist, gun resting on your hip.
you begin walking, the two of you entering easily with your fake badges. all you had to do was get into the center of the building where the mainframe and computers were, and, essentially, trash it all. luckily, your powers gave you enhanced intelligence, so hacking into HYDRA's system should be a piece of cake.
the two of you approach the doors beneath the sign labeled "MAINFRAME: RESTRICTED ACCESS." you take a deep breath before putting on a confident yet blank face, walking up to one of the guards and showing your badge. peter does the same to the other guard.
the guard gives you a look. "you're not at a high enough level."
you humph, looking for a second before going, "not high enough, huh? well uh, okay, let me just-"
you begin to fake rummage around the pockets of your legs before swiftly snapping your head back up and kneeing the guy in the nuts, grabbing him by the arms as he doubles over and, with a wave of your hand, making him fall unconscious. your green energy lingers in the air around him.
a sigh falls from your mouth as you stand back up, looking over at peter and the other guard, who stand there, staring at you, dumbfounded looks on their faces. you furrow your brows at peter before he lets out a small "oh!" and turns, punching the guy and webbing him to the wall.
"pay attention," you mutter as the two of you walk down the hallway.
"sorry," he whispers, glancing over at you.
the two of you make eye contact and you can't help but let out a tiny laugh out of pure nothingness, shaking your head as you look down at your boots.
"nothing, parker."
the two of you round a corner and reach a set of double doors, the word "MAINFRAME" above it and a guard staring straight ahead. you quickly snap back behind the wall before he sees you.
"stay here," you whisper to peter with a mischievous smile.
"it's our first mission alone; why not have a little fun?"
you wink at peter and round the corner, making the sway of your hips just a bit more prominent as you walk towards the guard. peter sticks his head out slightly to watch before tony's voice rings in his ear, causing him to whirl back around and hold his ear.
"parker! what are you letting my daughter do?" tony asks, anger in his voice.
"shit, i forgot we had comms," peter mutters. "uh, i don't know."
"oh, for fuck's sake.. just make sure she doesn't get hurt, otherwise you'll be in pain with her as well. hear me?"
peter nods, feels stupid for nodding in the middle of an empty hallway, and sticks his head back out.
"good afternoon," you say, smiling at the man.
peter is in shock. were you seriously about to start flirting with a middle aged man? and for no good reason?
"evening, sweetheart. identification?"
the word sweetheart makes you internally cringe and peter's ears burn.
"oh, i, uh," you say innocently, beginning to fiddle with your fingers. "forgot it today. do you think you could still let me in, please?"
the guard smirks slightly. "how about i do, but only if you give me a kiss."
"a kiss?" you fake laugh, glancing behind you quickly to see peter's eyes poking around the corner. you just about lose it. "well, fine, officer. i guess that'll have to do."
and that's when peter loses it. he steps out from behind the wall, fired up and ready to nut-punch the guy for being a total misogynistic dickhead. and for flirting with a teenage girl. however, the boy stops when he sees you step forward.
you bite back a shudder when see the man's face up close, bringing a hand forward to make it seem as though you were to plant a small kiss. instead, you get him in a choke-hold, grabbing his ear and twisting it.
"i hope you die, you sick fuck," you whisper before using your powers to knock him out, giving him a hard kick as he thumps onto the ground.
"what the hell was that, y/n?!" tony booms into your ear. you stumble.
"shit, i forgot we had comms," you mutter. peter smiles, thinking that's exactly what i said! "uh, i just wanted to have a little fun on our first private mission?"
"when the two of you get back, i swear-"
"tony!" nat jumps in. "y/n, peter-- go do your job. i'll calm tony down, and we'll be here in case you need backup."
you mutter a thanks before turning around to look at peter. "well?"
he sighs, expression hard before walking up to you and past you, breezing through the doors.
"someone's jealous."
the boy spins around.
"i am not-!" he blurts, stopping as you give him a look. "i am not jealous."
"okay, pretty boy," you nod, walking next to him and sitting down at one of the computers.
the sound of the team going wild blasts through your comms. "she got you there!" sam says, letting out a whoop.
a small smile creeps onto your face as you begin typing, easily getting into their system and working through the codes to get everything in the base to shut down. and explode, as you hope. you hear peter elicit a sigh and glance over to see standing him next to you, back facing you and arms crossed over his chest. you shake your head before continuing typing, just a few codes away from being done.
you turn around to see a guard walk in, gun drawn. shit was right.
you move to stand and grab your gun before peter reaches back and stops you. "i got it."
"show identification," the guard orders. you finish putting in the codes but don't get the chance to finalize them before you hear the gun click.
without thinking, you shoot up and shove peter to the side, feeling a sharp impact in your gut. it's a searing pain that blinds you and you stumble over, grabbing your abdomen and miraculously managing to fall into the chair.
"shit, y/n," peter gasps, running over to you and trying to hold you up. "guys? we need help here!"
you let out a weak laugh when you hear the sound of movement through the comms and clint saying, "yeah, we got that. from, you know, the gunshot."
your eyes start to get heavy and you teeter on the edge of consciousness, trying to reach for the mouse to submit your actions and complete the mission.
"y/n, please don't die please don't die please don't die- what are you doing?" peter asks, letting out a yelp at the blood spilling out from your wound.
you let out a soft giggle. "you're cute, parker."
"y/n i know we flirt all the time and i love it i really do and i honestly wish it were more but now really is not the time," peter struggles, eyes getting watery as he sees you pass out in his arms. "shit."
the blood is all over your torso. the boy stares at it for a second, dumbstruck, before opting to take off his shirt and secure it tightly around the wound to stop the bleeding. he then looks around, panicking, before his eyes rest on the computer, he quickly reaches out and hits submit just as the team runs in. within seconds, you're ripped from his arms and he's left there, standing in a daze before scott runs back in and grabs the boy by the arm.
"listen, parker: i know the situation was dire, but was taking the shirt off necessary?" the ant-man asks as they jog back to the quinjet. a tear rolls down peter's blank face. "i mean, i know the two of you've got stuff going on, but your ripped muscles truly are only distraction from the whole hacking thing she was trying to do."
"that's not-"
"yeah, i know, pete. i know."
+ + +
peter couldn't move.
his entire body and brain felt numb as he sat there, resting his chin atop his clasped hands. hell, he hadn't even thought about the fact that he was still shirtless until steve held out a shirt for him that he'd dug out of the boy's closet. and, even after shrugging the tee on, he reverted straight back to his initial position, the inside of his mind feeling like tv static.
it wasn't that he didn't trust dr. helen cho. it was that it was you.
he stayed in the chair outside the medical wing of the compound for almost four hours until dr. cho walks out. the very sight of her makes him shoot up from his seat. "is she okay?"
the woman gives him a sympathetic look as she pulls the surgical mask from her face. "no complications, peter. give her an hour or so to wake up from the anesthesia and you'll be the first to see her, okay?"
"okay," he nods, pursing his lips as she pats him on the shoulder, walking away.
+ + +
the boy had finally settled on a position on one of the couches in the commons, eyes boring straight into the blank ceiling.
he turns his head to see tony. he gives a small, expectant humph.
"she's up," tony says, "if you wanna see her."
peter's off the couch in seconds. "if i wanna see her my ass."
tony turns to watch the boy jog off, letting out a huff. kids these days.
peter bolts into the room, using his hand to swing around the doorway and slow down. you jump at the sudden movement, which makes you wince, still awfully sore.
"you're alive," the boy sighs.
his tone wasn't entirely full of relief. there was a monotonous way about it, one that made you frown slightly. yes, he was relieved as hell, but there was a twinge of anger hidden in his voice.
"yeah, i am," you sigh, nodding.
a painful silence settles in between the two of you. your heartbeat quickens as you notice that the look in peter's eyes wasn't the same soft gaze that you had fallen in love with.
"why did you do it?" he breathes, helplessly giving his head a light shake.
"i had to, peter," you reason, "i didn't even think about it-"
the harshness and severity of his voice makes your blood run cold. the interruption felt like a dagger cutting across your wound and you wince; you'd never seen this side of peter before. moreover, you most certainly never expected that your first time seeing it, it would be directed towards you.
"you didn't think about it, y/n! it was stupid and irresponsible and i just don't understand why you'd ever make such a dumb decision!" he flops his arms to his sides. "shit, y/n, you're smart as hell! you're the one who knows how to hack into HYDRA's security system and make the whole building blow up!"
"thanks for the compliments, asshat."
a huff falls from your lips and you sit up, continuing before you can even see the surprised expression on the boy's face. you weren't one to go down without a fight.
"i'm not the stupid one here. i can't believe you! you seriously expect me to just sit there and think about just, you know, maybe trying to save your life? to ponder it like a fucking philosopher? do you really think i'm that self-centered? is that the type of person you think i am?" you seethe as your wound plummets a sharp pain throughout your abdomen.
he steps closer. "y/n, i never-"
"no, peter, i'm the one who got shot in the stomach, i'm the one who gets to talk," you interrupt. "don't you get that i did this out of love? god, parker, you're so oblivious all the-"
or maybe he wasn't.
his lips were soft on yours, harsh yet gentle, the whirlpool of emotions that matched your own. you felt his hand curve around your neck to deepen the kiss and you're forced to turn your body to him and put a hand on the rail to steady yourself. a sharp pain radiates through your abdomen and you suck in a harsh breath, reeling back. his hand slips from your neck and the overall loss of contact shakes you even worse than the stitches bearing your stomach.
"sorry," he mutters, a gentle and worried look in his eyes. that's the peter you knew.
"it's okay," you breathe. you shift and sit back, feeling a bit more relaxed as peter pulls up a chair and sits at your bedside, lacing his fingers with yours.
thor's voice rings out from the doorway. "i still cannot believe that it took little y/n getting shot for the two of you to admit your undying love for one another."
your head snaps over to the man. "and since when was that your business?"
before you know it, a boom of sound erupts at the door, the entire team coming out from behind the wall with arguments flying out of their mouths. you sigh, shutting your eyes and leaning your head back as you suppress a smile, peter squeezing your hand before webbing the door closed.
+ + +
i hope y'all enjoyed <3333
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growntolovesecrecyfic 3 years
Grown to Love Secrecy - Chapter Three (Petekey)
Can be read here.
Summary: 聽Mikey Way hates Oscar Wilde but Pete Wentz convinces him to read The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Chapter Three:聽 The Tyranny of an Old, Loveless Man
It鈥檚 been a few days since Mikey and Pete鈥檚 first night together on the bus. It was an awkward endeavor, but Pete found it quite charming, seeing how nervous Mikey was and how much Mikey wanted to make him happy. He couldn鈥檛 help but smile the whole time he was with Mikey.
For the following days, things have been pretty quiet amongst the bands and their missing bassists. One always off with the other but this doesn鈥檛 mean that their performance has faltered if anything their new sparked friendship sparked between the two has set off speculation amongst fans and it drives them crazy to be able to sneak a peek at the hottest new bromance in the scene. Don鈥檛 even get me started on when the bands would join each other on stage and perform together, fangirls everywhere go wild.
The sun, the music, and the romance (well, mostly on Mikey鈥檚 side) has created the perfect summer for the two. Sure, there are some awkward moments of Mikey questioning their relationship status and Pete鈥檚 heart thinking for his dick or maybe the other way around. However, these aren鈥檛 things that you communicate with the guy you make out with sometimes. So, much like themselves, their feelings stayed in the closet.
Pete conjured up this crazy idea of having their bands being able to hang out with each other and create bonds within the two groups after they leave Texas. Making plans at going to some waterparks before and after their sets to cool off in New Mexico. Maybe watch the sunsets or see some movies as most friends do. And It was during this time where Pete has an inner monologue with himself everyday about his feelings for Mikey.
He promised himself that he wouldn鈥檛 hurt after Jeanae. He wouldn鈥檛 bend over backwards for another person because he鈥檚 the only one that gets hurt in the end and the only one that鈥檚 painted as a terrible person. But even so, his feelings for Mikey grow as they stay up late and talk about what the future holds for the both of them and their bands. Both of their widely anticipated third albums and the tours after Warped. Will they ever tour together again? Will they be happy (together)? Does anything they do matter? They are a bunch of existential motherfuckers.
Pete brought up the idea of marriage and Mikey scoffed at the idea which bewildered Pete.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think marriage will ever be for me. When my parent鈥檚 divorced, it made me believe that love wasn鈥檛 as magical as most think it is? Will it really heal everything? Will having someone love me replace the hatred I have for myself? I don鈥檛 know.鈥 Mikey looked up at Pete, finishing his mini tangent before his voice faltered and he looks away from him. 鈥淧lus, I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e met the person that I鈥檇 want to marry yet.鈥 He didn鈥檛 want to think what he said was true as he would like to have a potential future with Pete. Marriage? Maybe not but it doesn鈥檛 mean that he wants to rid his life of Pete. He鈥檚 one of his closest friends and even if this fling isn鈥檛 anything but that, he鈥檇 still love to have Pete around.
Pete was silent. He didn鈥檛 know why he was so upset. Friends with Benefits shouldn鈥檛 hurt this much. The benefits of being Mikey鈥檚 friend is the occasional make out sessions behind porta potties at Warped and gross, sticky hand jobs and head in gas station bathrooms with the side effects of falling in love with a man that doesn鈥檛 believe in the magic of love and what it can heal. Pete shakes his head, who was he kidding. He was the one to initiate this whole idea of a fling with him, why he so upset? This was his grave and now, he must lie in. Or is it his bed? Well, it might as well be grave with the way that this relationship will the death of him.
鈥淪orry, I was thinking of鈥 stuff.鈥 Pete responded. 鈥榊eah, that鈥檚 smooth as hell, Pete.鈥 He thinks to himself sarcastically, mentally facepalming.
Mikey let out a breathy laugh and Pete swore his heart could burst.
鈥淵eah, 鈥榮tuff鈥.鈥 He sits up and moves his hands up to make air quotes, 鈥淚 can tell. Every time you鈥檙e deep in thought, your eyebrows squish together, and you bite your lip and look off into the distance. You鈥檙e kind of spaced out, deep in your own world. I think it鈥檚 pretty cute.鈥 Mikey shies away from Pete and scoots to the end of his bunk.
Pete smiles and crawls toward Mikey, grabbing his thighs and pulling him into a kiss. The couple kiss for a few moments before they pull away, their breath heavy and their faces hot. Their noses are still in contact with each other as they lose each other into their eyes. They swear they can get high off just being around each other. They lay there for a while before they recollect themselves.
After they come down from their high, they get back to working on Pete鈥檚 mission to get Mikey to fall in love with Oscar Wilde (and maybe fall in love with him too).
鈥淎lright. So, what chapter did you read up to last time?鈥 Pete asked as he waited besides Mikey who鈥檚 flipping through the pages of the maroon-colored book that the pair have been invest in for the past week.
Mikey skims the book as he answers, 鈥淯h, I don鈥檛 remember. I think we left off at the part where Lord Henry was saying some bullshit about his selfishness and how Dorian was like charmed, so he ditches Basil to hang with Lord Henry.鈥 Mikey shakes his head at Dorian鈥檚 naivety. How can he leave the one man that seems to care for him for some other person who鈥檚 clearly not good for him?
As the pair read the rest of chapter three and move onto their transition into chapter four, Pete couldn鈥檛 help but notice the similarities between himself and Lord Henry. From his own perspective, he鈥檚 charming and witty yet so destructive. Almost everything good in his life has been ultimately destroyed at his own hand. He鈥檚 surprised that the band has lasted as long as it did. Maybe it was the other guy鈥檚 efforts into keeping the band afloat or maybe the band is what keeps himself sane. Hopefully, he isn鈥檛 the Lord Henry to Mikey鈥檚 Dorian. However, Mikey doesn鈥檛 see himself as that way. He hasn鈥檛 gotten that far into the book to find a character to relate to yet, he finds them all to be either too obsessed with someone else or self-obsessed and he doesn鈥檛 think that he鈥檇 ever find someone to fall that madly in love with to obsess over.
Despite, Mikey鈥檚 constant jabs at Gerard for loving Oscar Wilde so much he can see where Gerard in high school was coming from. This book is amazing and tugged at his heartstrings in a way that was too embarrassing to admit to anyone but himself. And well, maybe Pete. He is his boyfriend. In a way. Maybe. Probably. I don鈥檛 know.
While Mikey was having his third relationship crisis of that week, Pete couldn鈥檛 help but watch him. He realizes that he鈥檇 like Mikey around longer than the summer allows. But would Mikey want that? Is that what鈥檚 the best for either of them? Pete shakes away those thoughts of self-doubt. Why wouldn鈥檛 Mikey want to hang out with him and the guys? They鈥檙e best friends and Mikey鈥檚 pretty close with everyone else in the band.
Mikey could feel Pete鈥檚 gaze on his face, feeling himself grow hot before he turned to face the older man, 鈥淎nything wrong, Pete?鈥
Pete quickly snaps out of his own mind and shakes his head, 鈥淪orry. Thinking again, aha.鈥 He exhales before he speaking softly, 鈥淪o鈥 Mikeyway. Would you鈥 and the rest of My Chem like to鈥 I don鈥檛 know, erm, hang out tomorrow? Like all of us. As a group.鈥
Mikey was a bit startled by this proposition; their bandmates hardly hang out with each other off stage. It won鈥檛 be that hard to convince them though, considering all they do is hang out with Jamia at merch, sign autographs, hang with the fans, and mess with Cortez.
鈥淚 mean, sure? I think tomorrow will be great. I鈥檝e heard New Mexico has the best sunsets.鈥
Pete smiles, 鈥淚t鈥檚 a date.鈥
鈥淎lright, who the fuck ate all my Cocoa Krispies鈥 Bob exclaimed entering the main room on the bus. The rest of the guys looked up at him confused while Frank as stoic as ever without peering from his magazine answers, 鈥淵eah, so what if I did it? It wasn鈥檛 labeled.鈥
This set Bob off and the rest of the guys and they all got into an argument over how the labeling system is bullshit and that if you know it鈥檚 not yours to not take it. All the guys except Mikey. This isn鈥檛 unusual behavior for him as he tries to avoid all conflict if possible. This was evident to Gerard and the guys when some drunk guy punched Gerard without warning and Frank tried to run up on the dude while Ray was holding him back. Leaving Mikey nowhere to fade into the background talking to some girl he took home later that night.
However, Gerard was skeptical, he hadn鈥檛 spoken all morning even during rehearsals, he didn鈥檛 even leave a few snarky remarks at Frank or Gerard as he usually did. It was odd.
Later after the bands small quarrel, they decided to take a small break and go on a walk while Gerard said that he鈥檇 rather stay with Mikey, leaving just the two of them on the bus.
Mikey on his sidekick, texting whoever the hell he鈥檚 always texting. Gerard guessed it was the guys from lostprophets or maybe the dudes from Fall Out Boy or Adam or Geoff or the countless of girls that ask for his number that he gives out on the random. He鈥檚 surprise that Mikey hasn鈥檛 gotten his number leaked yet. Mikey chewed on his lip as his fingers stayed frozen on the keyboard of his sidekick, glancing up at Gerard ever so often.
Gerard was the first one to break the silence, 鈥淪o, do you have any plans for today?鈥 Mikey kept his eyes glued to the sidekick, scanning the screen as it has the answer to Gerard鈥檚 question. Mikey sniffled a bit almost as if he needed some time before he spoke then he wiped his nose with the sleeve of his 鈥淢ikey鈥 hoodie. He was prone to allergies, no matter what time of year it was, hay fever is one of his biggest enemies.
鈥淯hm,鈥 He looked down at his sidekick once more before closing it and setting it to the side, 鈥淧ete and I were talking last night. You know, how he鈥檚 always trying to make me read The Picture of Dorian Gray? Well, we鈥檝e been hanging out a lot and I know, I鈥檓 sorry that I haven鈥檛 been able to talk to you guys or hang out with you guys much.鈥
Gerard nodded along as Mikey spoke, agreeing with everything he said as yes, Mikey did hang out with Pete a bit too much to his liking and he hardly hung out with the band unless Pete is with him. It bothered him a bit, but Frank already said that he shouldn鈥檛 speak on it so he鈥檚 going to leave it at that.
鈥淎nd he feels bad and wants us to all hang out as a group. Not just us performing onstage to rile up the fans or anything. Not My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. Just a couple of dudes from Chicago and Jersey.鈥 Mikey picks up his sidekick, reading the message that鈥檚 displayed before him but before he texts back a response, he looks back up at Gerard, 鈥淲e can all go out to a waterpark far from Warped and we can just relax and swim and be us.鈥
Gerard smiles, 鈥淵eah, I鈥檇 like that. I think the guys would like that too.鈥
Mikey smiles back at his brother, 鈥淎wesome. I鈥檒l let Pete and the rest of the guys know.鈥 Mikey jumps up from the booth and towards the back of the bus.
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mostly-wolfstar-blog 4 years
:I just realized there鈥檚 a piano in the Shrieking Shack
Tumblr media
Which made me think:
What if Remus tried to play the piano to distract himself?
What if he was terrible at it but he does it anyway?
What if Sirius actually knows how to play the piano because of his family?
And he notices Remus playing once and corrects him?
And then Remus starts asking to play?
What if Sirius doesn鈥檛 like to play because it reminds him of his family, but he does it anyway for Remus?
... And then this happened:
(CW: Injuries and some blood)
Eleven-year-old Remus is alone in the Shrieking Shack, waiting for the moon to come. It's his second transformation at Hogwarts and he's still an irrevocable mess. He paces around the room, looks through the window, then, finally, comes to the piano, and, in need to do something with his hands, tries some keys. It's awful, because he really doesn't know how to play, but he can't stop; if he does he might actually go mad. He plays mindlessly, without any sort of rythm, feeling the pull of the moon, until the bones of his fingers break and it's all too much.
That was the first time he played.
Throughout the following years, Remus finds comfort in the piano. He looks it up, learns how to play some simple pieces. It's not perfect, he knows - he's not trying to be - but alone in the Shack, with nothing but anticipation and the horrible pull of the moon, it keeps him going.
Now in his fifth year, and Remus is no longer alone. Prongs is peaking through the curtains on the window, while Wormtail's making himself busy by 鈥済etting everything ready for the night鈥, which means arragging a coupe of blankets and trying to make the place look less abandoned, dirty and depressing than it actually is. Moony hears pacing, Padfoot, obviously, but can't bring himself to move his head to look at him.
"What're you looking at?" He hears Sirius ask Prongs.
Remus is in too much pain to pay attention, so, instead, trying to dull the ache in his body, he goes to the piano.
"There are some kids out there." James answers, as Moony plays the first notes to Debussy鈥檚 Clair de Lune (aka Moonlight), "What if they try to come in?"
"We're in 'the most haunted house in all of Britain'" Pete answers, "They won't try to come in."
"I would, if you guys dared me," it sounds far, almost like there鈥檚 a glass wall between Moony and James.
"Not everyone's as stupid as you, Prongs" Sirius鈥 voice startles Remus, makes him jump, which, in turn, makes his legs hurt a little more; he hadn't noticed the other boy was so close, standing right behind him, actually.
"Yeah, you worry too much," Wormtail agrees, "They'll go away."
"That's all wrong," comes Padfoot's voice again, but Remus barely even registers it, focusing on his fingers, his fingers moving over the keys in the piano, and definitely not on how it feels like he鈥檚 knee is about to explode.
"What?" Prongs asks.
"The- the song. Moony, you're playing at the wrong scale. It's supposed to sound like this," and without permission Sirius is touching his piano, making it sound much more melodic than Moony ever did. That gets the smaller boy to look up, finally, staring at this friend鈥檚 face, vaguely lit by the magic candles in the corner, his long hair falling over his eyes, his hands moving swiftly - expertly - on the piano. And then Moony's right arm cracks loudly.
With a gasp, Remus doubles over from the pain and almost falls off the bench. It takes all his strenght to say: "Change."
Moony feels the soft fabric of a blanket over his shoulders and opens his eyes to one James Potter. It takes him a couple of seconds to notice his friend's mouth is moving, that he's holding out a piece of chocolate. Remus' arm aches incredibly, but he takes the candy nonetheless, and leans back into the arms of his other two best friends. It's a while before he can pay attention to any of the quiet chatter around him.
"We should bring music some day," Wormtail's saying, quietly, like if he speaks any louder, he鈥檒l hurt Remus (which might actually just be true).
"Yes, of course, let's throw a party while Moony's bones break!" That's Sirius, his particular brand of sarcsm unmistakable.
"It would sure be a breaking party," Moony manages to say, though his voice comes out weak and weird.
"Ouch, that was such a bad joke it actually hurt," Prongs says, taking a hand to his chest dramatically.
Remus feels more than hears Sirius chuckle lightly behind him, "Merlin, did the wolf take your sense of humour?"
"Probably, right between taking my body and my sanity. But don't worry, it's coming back."
"How're you feeling?" Wormtail asks.
"Like every bone single one of my bones just broke, and then reset," he answers, "so, basically normal."
"Can we do anything to help?"
"You've done more than enough," Remus' eyes fall back closed.
"Hey, maybe that music idea wasn't so bad," Prong's voice has that tone that says he's plotting something.
"Sure, let's just go down the street and buy a radio from Zonko's," Sirius' voice drips with sarcasm.
"I was thinking more along the lines of you showing us what you can do on that piano..."
"Oh no!" Padfoot reacts immediately, "no, no, no..."
"Oh, yeah, it looked like you could play, right before..." Peter trails off, not wanting to talk about what happened last night - which grates Remus' nerves, because he's been transforming for most of his life, it's not like he'll break down if it's mentioned in conversation.
"Looked like? Oh no, Padfoot can play," Prongs insists.
"Maybe, but I'm not gonna play for you," Sirius declared.
"Oh come on, we won't make fun of you!" Pete tries.
"Nope. No way."
"Not even for me?" Moony asks.
Padfoot鈥檚 silent for a second, then he sighs, "Man..." like saying 鈥榯hat鈥檚 not fair鈥, but when Remus can finally raise his head to look at him, there's an unreadable expression on Sirius' face. "Okay, fine, but enjoy the show, guys, 'cause I'm not doing this again."
Padfoot gently disentangles himself from his friends and walks to the piano. His fingers ghost over the keys, the same unreadable look on his face, and for a second Remus considers telling him he doesn't have to, but then Sirius plays. It starts soft at first, the slow melody to a ballad Moony has never heard before, then it gets stronger, echoing through the room, seeping with emotion. Laying there, with his head on Wormtail's lap, Remus forgets the pain and loses himself in the beautiful song. Of course, it all comes back when Sirius stops and the boys have to leave, but, this time, when Madam Pomfrey asks the young werewolf how he's feeling, he's not lying when he says he's fine.
Despite his initial refusal, Padfoot plays the piano in the Shrieking Shack many more times. Sometimes the Marauders talk until Pomfrey comes, and no one remembers the music. In a few occasions, Sirius' hand is hurt, or someone is really injured, and the four of them are just too worried. On other days, though, Remus asks. He does so whenever he can, because the piano has always been a comfort, and it means so much more when it's Padfoot playing. When he's feeling okay, he sits next to his friend and tries to learn something. When he's not, he just lays down and lets the melody take over him.
"Where did you learn to play the piano?" Moony asks one night, sitting in the astronomy tower alone with the boy he has just kissed for the second time ever. Remus doesn't know what he's doing, what he wants, what Sirius wants, but for now he'll play with those beautiful fingers and make conversation.
"Hum..." Padfoot shifts uncomfortably, but doesn't pull away. "My mom," he says simply, and Remus doesn't miss the quick flash of pain in his eyes.
"Oh. Did she... Make you?"
"No. No, she didn't," his voice turns quiet.
"Then... What?" Remus asks, because Sirius looks so sad and he doesn't get it.
There's a long sigh, before the long-haired boy starts speaking. "I used to love it. It was this thing that I did with my mom and Reggie, we'd spend hours at it and have so much fun." He pauses, and Remus wonders if he should say something, but turns out he doesn't have to. "But, then, I grew up, came to Hogwarts, and... And, now, I only play at their parties when they don't want me talking to people. I mean, the piano is right in the living room, so most of the time I don't wanna go down there and have to see my parents. And mom never calls me to play anymore. And then there are these parties, and they are just so embarrassed of me, they have to make sure I stay far away from everyone. I mean, it's not like I want to talk to any of those assholes, but..."
"But it hurts anyway," Moony nods, now properly holding his hand.
"Yeah... What really hurt the most, though, was when she started playing with Reg. Sure, he came to the piano sometimes, but he didn't even like it that much, I mean... It was our thing, mine and hers." Sirius looks up in a little exasperated gesture, and Remus suddenly remembers that he's been asking him to play at Shrieking Shack for years - he's making his friend relieve these bad memories... He wishes he'd known.
"I'm sorry I asked you to play."
"Nah, it's okay. Happy to oblige," and there's that charming smirk again.
Moony doesn't ask Padfoot to play again, and the times at the Shrieking Shack might have a little less light, but Moony doesn't mind, because his friends are still by his side and Pads is happy.
Then, one time, Moony doesn't respond in the morning. He has turned back, and he's breathing, but he hasn't said anything and his eyes have barely opened. Sirius feels like he's going to throw up.
"It doesn't look like any of his injuries are that bad," declares James, which sounds like a huge understatement to Sirius because Remus is covered in blood.
"Hey, Moony," Wormtail lays a gentle hand on the boy's arm, "just... Say something so we know you're okay?" Peter's the only one that's had the guts to talk to Remus right now, probably because he's the only one who didn't hurt him. Peter didn't sink his teeth in the sickly soft flesh of his friend's arm, didn't slam him against a tree, wasn't responsible for scaring the wolf into the deeper end of the Forbiden Forest - where he'd been alone and vulnerable, and gotten hurt (and right now, it doesn鈥檛 matter that it was self-defense, because every time Sirius catches a glimpse of Moony鈥檚 unmoving, bloody form, he feels like a monster). Sirius can't do this, he can't. And, meanwhile, Wormtail鈥檚 requests are turning into begging: "Moony, say something, please. Or, or don't- don't say anything if you can't, but, just- do something. Let us know you're alright, we gotta know you're alright... Just- open your eyes, please? Moony, can you-"
"Wormtail, you're scaring him," James cuts him off, and Sirius gets close enough to see Moony's body, small and red and so, so fragile. It lasts onlya second, though, because then Sirius is leaning back against the far wall, wishing the image out of his mind.
"Moon-" Prongs starts and his voice falters. He has to stop to clear his throat, before going on: "it's okay, Moony. Shhhh, it's okay," it sounds like he's trying to calm himself as much as his friend.
"Oh god..." Wormtail whispers, but Sirius doesn't know why, doesn't want to know.
He feels useless, standing there against the wall while his friends do their best to help Moony, covering him in blankets, trying to stop the bleeding. Prongs is wondering out loud about the risk of using a spell on Moony right now - something Wormtail doesn't know the first thing about - when Sirius wills himself to walk closer. He fists his hands in determination and takes a step that allows him to see his injured friend over Prong's shoulder. The blankets cover most of the injuries, but they're starting to soak in blood, and the small body is shaking slightly and this can't be good at all. He wants to tell James to just use the charm because it looks like Moony is going to die right there, but he knows it's probably not that bad and no one can handle this better than his best friend. Padfoot wants so badly to get to Moony, to hold him, tell him everything will be alright, but he feels like if he takes one step closer he'll lose the frail control he has over himself.
Instead, he walks toward the piano. As much as it reminds him of his mother, of the happy family they'd once been and of how far away from that they are now, it helps Moony. So, sitting there at the little bench, the only song Sirius can think of is Clair de Lune, Moonlight, by Debussy, the song the Remus had tried to play back in one of their first nights in the Shrieking Shack, the song his mother had taught him when Sirius was eight. He starts slowly, getting reaqucainted with the notes, then gains confidence, momentum, letting the song wash over him. His thoughts wander to big fingers over Sirius鈥 small ones, his mom, guiding him gently over the keys, and it hurts in a way he can鈥檛 understand, can鈥檛 process, and so he tries to think of something else, anything else, and his thoughts land on his bleeding friend, his bleeding Moony, who loves the piano because it used to be his only company in painful nights, nights in which he could have died, nights like this one... Padfoot feels the prickle of tears at the back of his eyes, but he won鈥檛 cry, won鈥檛 allow himself to do so. Instead, he pours it all into the dusty old piano and promises, to himself and to a Remus who can鈥檛 hear him, that he will never again stop playing for his Moonlight.
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theysaywhatasadsight 5 years
The Perils of Love
A/n: A short imagine for @bucky-smiles聽鈥榮 bollywood writing challenge, my prompt was this聽song . This one was beta read by @nasarogers and @mcuspidey and @thebookwormslytherin
"So then, obviously, she smacks him because what else is she gonna do? Here the idiot is trying to woo her and she's trying to get funeral arrangements for her hamster ..." her hands waved about, bangles jangling. Almost every session went like this, an hour and a half where they would actually study and the last 30 minutes spent discussing random things. Y/N sighed and closed her notebook. "I fucking hate maths. Or anything that has both numbers and letters. Who thought it was a good idea, anyway?"
Peter didn't feel mentioning his fondness for algebra would win him any points from Ms. Liberal Arts. When initially she had approached him, asking for help studying maths, he had been confused as to why a photography major needed it. She had muttered darkly that she held the same beliefs.
He wasn't complaining, though. The only class they shared was the one subject she detested, but atleast he got to see her instead of his stupid textbooks.
Peter had tried to resist, of course, devoting his attention to getting a degree and a job (though his mentor had already promised him one, he didn't want to look undeserving of it) but the force that was YN YLN was unstoppable when it came to convincing.聽
Resist why, someone might ask. Studying with a pretty, intelligent girl had to have some benefits, right?
Benefits only if someone enjoyed longing and heartache, as if wishing for something that was forbidden. Nothing quite as dramatic as disapproval from anyone or interruptions in studies, it was clear that she wasn't very interested in him aside from as a study partner.
He had zoned out while she was playing with her phone, thinking about how patrols and studying had ripped away any hopes of sleep from him, when she looked up at him.
"I should go, right? Ugh, I hate doing this to you, I'm so sorry."
"Yeah, uh, I was-uh not that you need to apologise- I think you, uh don't need my help anymore鈥"
She looked confused. "I-What?"
"I think we shouldn't study together anymore."
"Did I do something wrong?"
"It's not you, it's me."
"What the fuck?" She was plain pissed now. Snatching her books back, she stood, frowning. "Thanks for the help, I guess." And stormed away before he could say anything.聽
Head in his hands, he decided to call Tony.
"So you like this girl, and she asks you to help her study and then you decide to break it up...why?" Tony sounded sleepy and confused.
"Shit, is it 2 already? I thought you were awake." He deflected the question.
"You know I stay awake until 3, Pete. And answer the question. Why did you end it?"
"I-just, I don't know. This just friends thing is killing me."
"Then ask her out?"
"I'm telling you, she's definitely not interested."
Tony, reading a magazine of Pepper's while she slept beside him, smiled at his son's words, mirroring those he had confessed to Rhodey some odd 15 years ago. "And how do you know that?"
"Because...well leave it. I should probably go on patrol anyway."
"Sent a suit out. Get some sleep, kiddo, I can hear your yawning from here. And stop drinking that damn coffee, you'll ruin your sleep."
"I'm not as old as you, remember?"
"Oh yeah? Tell you what, I'll come visit on Saturday and we'll see who looks more dead. And don't worry about the girl, okay? Just don't be a dick. Don't tell your aunt I said that."
YN asked him to coffee once to just talk, after class ended, but he refused, pleading a test in Chemistry. She pursed her lips and said nothing.聽
As she walked away, all of his row turned to stare at him. Ever since they had started studying together, he had been the envy of almost every idiot there, some whispering nefarious rumours over his and her intentions.聽
"Did you two break up?" One of them whispered.
"You seem quite interested?" He whispered back, making all of them turn back to packing their things up.
She tried talking to him again when she ran into him in the hallway, but he got away citing a class he was late to.聽
Irritated, YN stormed up to his dorm, murder written on her face. His floormates, who liked to tease them normally, were scarce, probably terrified.聽
She knocked thrice at the door, jaw tight. At the lack of response, she knocked again. She fished out her phone from her jeans, cursing the company for making it so tight and herself for wearing it instead of her normal leggings. She called Peter again, determined to talk.
"So yeah, Vogue didn't exactly cover all the angst of the relationship. Jesus, half of it they made up." Tony sat on the bed while Peter lounged on the chair, poor posture and leg resting on the table. He merely hummed. While Tony's advice was great, he wasn't sure he really understood the situation.
"I just-you knew at some level Pepper would be willing to get with you, right? I don't think that's the case here."
"Shall I tell you a secret? No girl is willing to study a subject she hates, that too without break, for only passing a subject. Just so you know. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have cooking duty today." Stark got up, stretching. "I really do feel dead, wow."聽
Peter rolled his eyes but got up to drop Tony off. They both heard the knock at the same time. It rang three times, and after a gap, again. He checked his phone, which showed missed calls from the girl he was dreading to talk to.
The door swung open and she was greeted by a face she'd only seen on TV. Tony Stark smiled at her, muttering an excuse me, walked away whistling. She tilted her head and looked at Peter, who had gotten up to close the door.
"Mind if I come in? Can I distract the scholar for two minutes?" Her voice was sugary sweet but her eyes betrayed her frustration.
"Sure, come on in." He opened the door fully. She came in, slamming it shut. She thrust the tiny tetrapack container she held towards him. Twisting it, he saw it was a juice box. Peter raised a single eyebrow.
"Since you want to act so childish." She snarked, stabbing a hole in her own capri sun. "You must be getting such good grades now that you're not studying with me."
"That's not the thing鈥" he looked away.
"Eye contact, please."
"Look, this just friends thing. I can't do it. I legitimately cannot. First of all, I hate maths, and second, even if I didn't, I can't focus on anything but you. Anytime you tell me about how cute that guy in psych is or how that girl in ethics helped you I actually go ballistic. Totally creepy, I know. I want you to be my girlfriend, but since that is not possible. That goddamn mole on your chin keeps following me, and I just wanna kiss you-" he was interrupted in his rant by her lips on his.聽
3 seconds later, she broke away, smiling from ear to ear. Peter was still in shock, made catatonic by the fact that YN HAD JUST KISSED HIM.
Before he could say anything, she was kissing him again, dragging him forward by the shirt.
Patting his pockets, Tony checked for his wallet to pay for the can from the vending machine when he realised he'd probably left it behind, showing Peter a photograph of Pepper he carried that was so old, it was ripping at the edges.
"Fuck." He turned around, hoping the kids wouldn't be fighting. He had enough white hairs trying to break up Morgan's kindergarten fights. No one had warned him kids would be so much trouble.
Except Pepper, of course. She really was the best.
Their fervent making out was interrupted by the door swinging open, Tony's voice drifting into the room.
"You seen my wallet? Can't lose that photo鈥 Ms.Potts made sure every other copy was destroyed, I swear the woman is more vain than me-OH MY GOD OKAY I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THAT."聽
YN, turning around to lash the person interrupting with her fiery tongue tripped and fell when she saw who it was, dragging Peter, who she held by the shirt, down with her. They landed in a heap on the floor.
Tony grabbed his wallet, put a finger on his lips and walked away, closing the door behind him.
"Wanna get that coffee now or鈥?"
"I may have another capri sun. I'm too embarrassed to go out now."
YN laughed and pecked him on the cheek.聽
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sensestinging 5 years
Perfect Day (Peter Parker 脳 Reader)
Pairing: Peter 脳 Reader, mentions of Peter 脳 MJ
Warning: Cheating, angst, soooo much angst, swearing
Summary: 鈥淚 saw "I love you鈥 written in the steam/And I couldn鈥檛 help but smile at the sweet message you left me/But it wasn鈥檛 in your handwriting/Then those happy little letters/Were the saddest things I鈥檝e ever seen"聽
Or Peter has to choose between MJ and you, but instead of choosing he continues to date both, then you find out.
Word count: 1,993
A/N: Think of Schmidt from New Girl like end season 2 early season 3. My headcanon is that Peter would do something similar because he doesn鈥檛 know how to deal with 2 girls wanting to date him and instead of hurting one girl he can鈥檛 bring himself to end it with either and then angst. Also they are put of high school at this point, maybe early 20s, and Peter is living in his own apartment.聽
Based off Perfect Day by Gabbie Hanna
Gif by @starksparker
Tumblr media
鈥淲hat鈥檚 it going to be, Parker? Y/N, or me?鈥
MJ鈥檚 voice is laced with venom, arms crossing over her chest. You study her face. You don鈥檛 know her well but she exudes confidence and strength, but even you can see the sadness behind her eyes. They鈥檙e glassy, half lid. You bite the inside of your cheek and look back to Peter.
His eyes are wide like a deer in headlights. He looks between the two of you, speechless. He never thought he would have two girls telling him to choose.
鈥淢J is right, Peter. So, who do you love?鈥 Your voice is softer than MJ鈥檚 but your heart is heavy. You already know he鈥檚 going to choose MJ and just want to get it over with.
Peter鈥檚 eyes snap to you, stuttering out incoherent sentences while trying to also change the subject. You see MJ sigh and roll her eyes out of the corner of your eye and you look to the floor.
鈥淲hatever. Just tell me in the morning. I鈥檓 over it tonight.鈥 MJ stomped to the door, middle finger lifting to flip Peter off, but you couldn鈥檛 help but feel it was partially directed at you too.
You take a gentle breath and lace your fingers together in front of you. 鈥淐all me in the morning when you鈥檝e decided.鈥 You force a small smile and walk out the same door.
Peter looks around him in the now empty room, hoping maybe someone, anyone, had been standing there watching the events that just happened and would have some advice to give him. But no one was there and Peter was alone and in way over his head.
Tumblr media
You and Peter were spending a day at the beach. The usually crowded sand was abnormally empty and it was beautiful out. When Peter suggested going you initially thought he was crazy. It was overcast with a slight chilly breeze, but you put your suit on under your clothes and went along with him anyway. When you got there, the sun was out and shining bright. There were a few clouds floating by, but you could still see the bright, beautiful blue behind. Your hands stay connected as you made your way into his apartment, smile and joking with each other the way up.聽
鈥淲ill you shower first, or shall I?鈥 You say, closing the distance between the two of you, giving him a gentle kiss.
鈥淲ell, we could save water and go together?鈥 Peter gently squeezed your butt, gaining a small squeak from you. You smack his arm and move away from him.
鈥淐alm down, Peter. We can have plenty of that later. I want to make sure I get clean, not just fool around.鈥 You start walking toward the bathroom, looking over your shoulder and giving him a flirtatious smile.
He was about to give you a snarky reply when his phone rang. He grabbed it from his pocket and shook his head.
鈥淪aved by Ned, L/N. Shower and I鈥檒l get back to you with a witty response.鈥 He waved his phone at you, causing you to laugh. You nod and open the bathroom door, locking it behind you.
As you shower, you think about how perfect the day truly was. Your heart fluttered thinking of every kiss, hug, brush of the hand. The butterflies in your stomach strong as you washed the sand out of your hair. Every time your fingers ran across your scalp, you thought of every splash of water Peter hit you with. Every sandy kiss you shared as you lay on the sand, relishing in the heat from the sun.The shower was short, not wanting to keep Peter waiting long. You get out of the shower, grabbing a towel and you reach to wipe the mirror so you can see your reflection when you see something written in the steam. Your heart skips a beat as you think of Peter having written the note for you; a heart with 鈥楲ove You鈥 written neatly inside. As you reach out to trace the note in the air, you felt a tugging at your heart.
That鈥檚 not Peters. That鈥檚 MJ鈥檚 handwriting.
You jerk your hand back and bring it to hold a fist against your chest.聽A gasp made its way out, not that you wanted it to happen but the air feels like it had been pulled from your lungs. The room was spinning and you hadn鈥檛 realized your breath had quickened until you forced yourself to sit on the toilet to steady yourself. Your mind went to the worst case scenario, but that wasn鈥檛 Peter. Peter wouldn鈥檛 lie to you. Yeah, he did about being Spider-Man for all but a week, but he wasn鈥檛 good at hiding things. Looking back there were signs that he was the web shooting hero, it was so in your face that you just laughed when he confessed to you.
鈥淥bviously, Peter.鈥 You brought your hand up to your eyes, pretending to wipe away tears from your laughter. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 exactly hide it well.鈥 And he laughed with you, rubbing the back of his neck and told you about all the slip ups he had made.
But sitting there, feeling the invisible heat of MJ鈥檚 handwriting burning into your side, you can鈥檛 think of anything that would make you second guess Peter鈥檚 actions. And then, on the flip, why would MJ have written a note like that to Peter in the first place?
You take a deep and shaky breath at this thought. The MJ you know, while not very well, didn鈥檛 strike you as the type to leave cute notes around like that. Not the affectionate type, you had decided. You convince yourself she would never in a million years write something so loving, for a partner or otherwise, and stand more confidently and shake the thoughts from your mind. But as you looked back to the note you feel the tugging in your gut telling you it was hers.聽
You remember the note she had written for you and how the weird things you didn鈥檛 understand at the time now made sense.聽 'I hope you can be happy.鈥 And 'You are an awesome lady who deserves the best.鈥 Why else would she have written those things if she didn鈥檛 think he had dumped you. And while you didn鈥檛 have the note on you, the writing was etched into your brain and it matched what was on the steam.聽You stand on shaky legs, dressing into your clothes as you slowly opened the door, hearing Peter still talking to Ned. You walked into the hallway, turning to look at Peter who had his back toward you. He was speaking in a hushed voice, laughing slightly every once in awhile and you felt your body numb. What if that wasn鈥檛 Ned, but really MJ? Your legs move on their own as you come up behind him, grabbing the phone.
鈥淗e鈥檒l call you back.鈥 You say, hanging up and cutting off a confused Ned. You set his phone down on the counter and look at your hand.
鈥淲hat the hell, Y/N? I was in the middle of-鈥
鈥淲hy was MJ here?鈥 Your eyebrows scrunched together, taking a deep breath before looking into his eyes. His jaw was open, eyes wide, but he closed his mouth quickly when you looked at him.
鈥淚-I don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about.鈥 He gulped, jaw tensing and you could tell he was grinding his teeth.聽
鈥淚 saw what she wrote in the steam on the mirror, Peter. You can鈥檛 lie to me.鈥 You watch as he folds his arms, frowning at you.
鈥淵ou think words written on a mirror are from MJ?鈥 You nod. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 even know her. How could you recognize her handwriting?鈥
鈥淪he wrote me a letter after we got back together. If it鈥檚 not hers, and I know it definitely isn鈥檛 yours, whose handwriting is it?鈥
鈥淢ust have been鈥 May. May probably wrote that when she was last over?鈥 It came out as less of a statement and more of a question, causing you to let out a scoff.
鈥淪ure. May came over- over a month ago, I should add- and wrote "I love you鈥 on your mirror?鈥 You shook your head.
"How do you know that was a month ago?"聽
Your hands go to your head, eyes widening slightly. "Because I was fucking here, Peter. We all had dinner together.鈥 You felt like you were going to lose your mind.
鈥淲ell, it still could have been from then!鈥
鈥淣o, no it couldn鈥檛. What is in that room is fresh. Like, for the last few days fresh.鈥 You open your mouth to say more, but you鈥檙e suddenly speechless. You never pegged Peter to be the type to lie. Silence stretches between you too, both trying to find the right words to say. You clasp your hands together and bring them to your face. 鈥淧lease. Just tell me the truth.鈥
Peter鈥檚 eyes begin to water and he looks down, letting out a breath. 鈥淵/N-鈥 He takes a step closer to you, but you step away. 鈥淵/N, I-I never meant to hurt you.鈥
Your breath flies out of you again. You know he鈥檚 rambling to you, spouting off excuses but you can鈥檛 hear him over the pounding of your broken heart and the angry buzz in your head. Your knees feel weak, and you find your way to the couch, sitting down with a thud as Peter stands in front of you. You feel the tears silently fall from your face, and you take a breath and close your eyes tight.
鈥淗ow long?鈥 You whisper, cutting off Peters rambling.
鈥淲-What do you mean?鈥 You smile, but it isn鈥檛 a happy smile. It鈥檚 a frustrated smile, the type you force yourself to put on in order to not snap.
鈥淗ow. Long. It鈥檚 a pretty self explanatory question there, Pete.鈥 You stare harshly back at him, seeing him stumble a bit, biting his lip and looking down.
鈥淩ight before we鈥︹ He whispers, not wanting to finish his own sentence.聽
Your mouth falls open in disgust. 鈥淵ou鈥 You came to break up with me?鈥 Peter reaches out to touch you, but you move to stand, moving so that the couch was between you two. 鈥淗ow fucking dare you, Peter Parker. You are such a baby."聽
"I never meant for this to happen. You have to know I never meant to hurt you.鈥 His hands were shaking, tears falling down his face. 鈥淚-I鈥檓 sorry.鈥
鈥淵eah, well, sorry doesn鈥檛 really cut it.鈥 You move to grab your bag.
鈥淧lease! Just, don鈥檛 leave.鈥 He moved to follow you, trying to keep his panic at bay.
鈥淕oodbye, Peter.鈥 You say grabbing the door, but he forces it back closed.
鈥淚 need you to listen to me-鈥
鈥淣o! I don鈥檛 need to listen to anything you say. You know, I was just thinking how perfect today was. How you still made me feel these stupid butterflies every time we kiss. You killed them tonight. I have nothing left for you. I don鈥檛 want to hear anything else and I-I can鈥檛 deal with this.鈥 You yanked the door open despite Peters arm still being on it. 鈥淵ou ruined this Peter. Not MJ, not me. You. That鈥檚 all the closure you鈥檒l get from me.鈥
You shake your head at him one last time before slamming his apartment door behind you. You had expected to hear it open back up, Peter chasing back after you but that doesn鈥檛 happen. You walked to the elevator but opt to take the stairs instead. At Least take them to go down a floor or two just in case Peter did decide to open his door as you鈥檙e standing there waiting. But as you get down one set of stairs you collapse on the stairwell and let yourself sob.
What did I do to deserve this?
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breadkneewrites 5 years
Keep Yourself Alive
kathleen aka @losingmymindtonight i borrowed this scene-by-scene style from you and was slightly inspired so this is for you, my love. ily 鉂ゐ煠
It takes a month for Tony to notice something鈥檚 wrong.聽
It鈥檚 been a month since Peter鈥檚 death was reversed, and Tony just now聽noticed something鈥檚 wrong.聽
I guess you could it boil it down to 鈥榟e鈥檚 a bad father (-figure).鈥
A week after Peter is brought back and carefully swaddled in blankets on Tony鈥檚 couch, Tony notices that the kid carries around one of his blankets.聽
It鈥檚 a ratty, old thing that smells like stale whiskey (from worse times -- before Peter) and is covered in not-a-few stains (nothing disgusting, mind you). Pepper gave it to Tony a few months after her initial signing as his personal assistant, claiming, 鈥 you needed some blankets to make your house a home.鈥 At the time, he thought it irrational and used it only when he was having a bad day.聽
Now, it seems, the old thing has a new owner. Pepper notices every night when she comes home from the office. She tucks it further around Peter鈥檚 shoulders, plants a quick kiss on the his head, and passes to change into her sweatpants and slippers.
Honestly, Tony just thought the blanket thing was similar to how children carry around a teddy bear when they鈥檙e, like, two. One night he asked Pete about it, and the kid shrugged it off.
鈥淚 can buy you a new one. You don鈥檛 gotta use that old thing. Pepper gave me that years ago.鈥
鈥淚 like it,鈥 Peter said plainly, shrugging. The blanket was tightened around his shoulders as he said so. The motion seemed protective, like the old cloth was going to be stolen from him. Tony just stretched his hand to ruffle the kid鈥檚 hair lightly, ignoring the way Peter鈥檚 soft flinch made his heart twinge.聽
鈥淎lright, but let it be washed with tomorrow鈥檚 laundry. It smells of booze.鈥 Tony paused, his eyes crinkling with a smile,聽鈥渕y fault.鈥澛
鈥淚 don鈥檛 mind it.鈥 Peter doesn鈥檛 seem to have anything else to say after that.
Tony draws his hand away and lets it fall to his side.聽
Two weeks after Peter is brought back, Tony sees the kid biting his nails.聽
It started as a small thing. Tony would see the kid pick at his thumb and gently slap his hand away from his mouth. He usually followed this up with a joke.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna lose all your nails there, Pete.鈥
鈥淲hat? Oh, sorry. I didn鈥檛 realize I was doing it.鈥 Peter drops his hand and wipes the spots of blood on his blanket. Tony watches him do so, idly wondering if the blanket鈥檚 been washed yet.聽
鈥淵ou gonna stain my blanket too?鈥
鈥淪orry, Mr. Stark!鈥 Peter jumps off the couch and runs the blanket to the kitchen sink, throwing it under the hot water. He recoils with a hiss as it hits his hand. Tony rushed forward to inspect the burns.聽
鈥淗ey, you alright, kid?鈥 He flips Peter鈥檚 hands and notes the way the nails have been chewed to shreds. Deciding not to comment on them (he鈥檚 pretty sure Peter鈥檚 not in the mood for a little lecture), he reaches behind the kid to turn off the water.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 fine,鈥 he mumbles. The blanket is partially soaked now, and Peter looks at it. His shoulders tense briefly.聽鈥淚鈥檒l just hang it up to dry. The blood鈥檚 probably gone now.鈥 He pulls his hands away from Tony and gathers up his blanket (it鈥檚 far, far too big for him).聽
Tony watches him stumble to the living room.
Three weeks after Peter鈥檚 brought back, the nightmares start.聽
The kid鈥檚 always had nightmares, always about his Uncle Ben or Aunt May, so Tony honestly doesn鈥檛 think much more of them. It鈥檚 become habit for him to wake up in the middle of the night (or, more recently, stay awake) and rush into Peter鈥檚 room to pull him into an awkward hug. The kid sobs and shakes as he struggles to explain what happened in the nightmares each night, and Tony tries to soothe him.
鈥淪hush, Pete. You don鈥檛 gotta tell me. Just breathe, okay?鈥 Peter would never answer, but stops trying to tell Tony what鈥檇 happened. Now, he just curls against Tony鈥檚 side and digs his fingers into whatever shirt Tony is wearing as he tries to catch his breath. Tony always feels warm when he does that.聽
Maybe he鈥檚 just selfish.
Tony will brush the curls off Peter鈥檚 sweaty forehead as he struggles to pull Peter into a more comfortable hug. Some nights, however, Peter is violent.聽
Tony shuffles in the room and quietly tries to soothe the kid by waking him with a gentle shake, moving to curl into the bed with him, and Peter will claw his way out of his grip. He scratches (he doesn鈥檛 really have fingernails that can hurt anymore) and scrambles to get away from Tony, his body a wreck of shivers.聽
Sometimes, Tony has to wrestle Peter into his hold to get him to stop yanking at his own hair, pulling at it like it will snap him out of his fear. The screaming is the worst. Peter will scream in absolute terror, the sound gut-wrenching, and throw himself to the other side of the bed. Away from Tony. Am I the monster?
It takes a while for Peter鈥檚 eyes to clear up, the confusion and fear gone, and he chooses to crush himself against Tony in a smothering apology. His throat is too destroyed to say anything, so he just attaches himself to Tony鈥檚 side and curls his fist into the man鈥檚 shirt.
Those nights, Tony is reminded how he鈥檚 a bad father (-figure). (He would never call Pete his kid - he obviously wouldn鈥檛 want him to.)
After Peter is calmed, he will silently detach himself from Tony鈥檚 side and sink into his mountain of blankets (more had joined the first).聽
Tony gets up and leaves the room.
A month after Peter鈥檚 brought back, the panic attacks start.
Usually, they鈥檙e short and sweet. He sees something that reminds him of Titan -- of space and the war he wasn鈥檛 meant to fight -- and he鈥檒l start breathing heavily. His hands shake and he curls them into fists, the blanket is wrapped more firmly around his shoulders, and he cries. Tony sits next to him and talk about things that are not聽related to the attack, rubbing his back in slow circles.聽
Pepper thinks Tony needs to put the kid into therapy. He needs it. He does, and Tony knows it. But he鈥檚 already considered himself a bad father (-figure), and Peter already declined the offer, so Tony just tucks his feet up on the couch next to Peter, turns on Star Wars, and talks shit about the plot-holes.聽
鈥淭his isn鈥檛 even a plot hole,鈥 Tony begins, the blanket scratchy on his hand as he rubs comforting circles on Peter鈥檚 shaking back,聽鈥渂ut why the fuck do the Stormtroopers always miss? Solo is right there? He鈥檚 literally right there.鈥 He points for emphasis and Peter follows the direction of his hand to the screen. A smile briefly twitches his lips. A better attack then.聽
鈥淚-It鈥檚 science fiction,鈥 Peter retorts. Tony ignores the stuttering (he鈥檚 learned that鈥檚 another way to just throw his progress backwards) and opens his palm in exasperation as Han Solo dodges yet another聽laser-bullet-thing.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 dumb. Anyone could鈥檝e made that shot.鈥 Pete just sends him a watery smile and draws his ragged blanket closer. Tony keeps rubbing his back, well-aware of the bumps he can feel on his spine. Not eating enough. Gotta tell Pepper this one. She鈥檚 gonna freak.聽
Twenty minutes later, Tony drops his hand and Peter shoves his legs onto Tony鈥檚 lap.聽
It takes one month, four days, and several nights of sleeplessness for Peter to finally tell Tony what鈥檚 wrong.
It鈥檚 nothing he didn鈥檛 already know. He knows the tell-tale signs of PTSD. Hell, he struggles with it every damn day. But he wanted Peter to tell him. To come clean -- to ask for help. It鈥檚 what he needed聽to do. Shoving the kid into a therapist鈥檚 office and a handful of pills wasn鈥檛 going to help the kid grow from his trauma. It鈥檇 just hide it.聽
Then again, Tony鈥檚 never been good at handling his own problems. He鈥檚 probably just wrong.聽
鈥淢r. Stark?鈥 Tony glances over at Peter one day while tinkering on a new suit. It鈥檚 nearly finished, but it鈥檚 not like anyone but Tony could see that. Parts were strewn around the lab haphazardly. Peter hugs his blanket tighter, his chewed fingernails digging into the scratchy material. 鈥淐an we talk?鈥
Tony tosses his screwdriver onto the nearest table and wipes his hands on his work cloth.聽鈥淵eah, Pete, what鈥檚 up?鈥 Peter鈥檚 eyes flick around the room, full of internalized panic. Dread creeps up Tony鈥檚 spine.
鈥淚 think,鈥 the kid pauses, swallows, and continues.聽鈥淚 think I need help?鈥 His tone raises in a question as he drops his eyes to Tony鈥檚 new suit and back up to settle them on his mentor鈥檚 face.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what to do.鈥
Tony moves to gently wrap his arm around Peter鈥檚 bicep and tugs him towards a couch he had put in the lab so Peter could sit and talk to Tony as he works. After settling on the couch and tucking his socked feet under his body, Peter twists to look at Tony, determined.聽鈥淚 need help,鈥 he repeats.聽
鈥淎lright, but you鈥檙e going to have to give me more to work on than just that, Pete.鈥
鈥淚-鈥 Peter scrambles for a place to begin.聽鈥淚 can鈥檛 sleep, at night, and-鈥 Tony keeps quiet as the kid tries to sputter his way through this. He needs to be able to say it (at least, he thinks the kid鈥檚 supposed to).聽鈥淚 think I need help,鈥 Peter just says lamely. It takes a couple of pauses for him to continue.
鈥淓ver since what happened with Thanos, I can鈥檛 stop thinking about it. Dying. I鈥檓 scared, Mr. Stark. I can鈥檛--鈥 he waves his hand around in an attempt to explain,聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what to do.鈥
Tony moves to wrap the kid in a crushing hug.聽鈥淛ust saying it, Pete, is a good start.鈥 That鈥檚 all the kid needs to spill everything left unsaid.
鈥淚 keep using this blanket to hide, because I feel like he鈥檚 gonna get me. I can鈥檛 stop biting my nails because if I do, then I won鈥檛 know if I can still bleed or if I鈥檓 still dust.鈥 Tony tightens his grip at that one.聽鈥淭he nightmares,鈥 Peter chokes out,聽鈥渁re always of him. Titan. The snap. You--鈥澛
It feels like a cold slap to the face, but he should鈥檝e expected it, honestly. Of course聽Peter is terrified of him. He鈥檚 a monster. He let Peter die. Let him fade into dust-- didn鈥檛 help him-- let him fall--
鈥--you聽dying.鈥 Peter finishes, snatching Tony鈥檚 attention.聽鈥淢r. Stark, I don鈥檛 want you to die.鈥 Somehow, in Peter鈥檚 confession, he鈥檇 pressed closer to Tony so he could curl that fingernail-bitten wrist into his sweaty, dirty shirt.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 not going to die, you hear me? I鈥檓 right here.鈥
Peter falls asleep curled next to Tony, his face stained with tears. Tony drops his hand from the kid鈥檚 back. After a moment鈥檚 thought, he decides to put it back.
Tony Stark may be a bad father (figure), but as he moves to wrap the blanket around both him and his kid, he feels like everything will be alright. He might not know what to do about his own PTSD, let alone Peter鈥檚, but they鈥檒l get there somehow, someday. Tomorrow, he鈥檒l ask Peter about joint therapy.
They鈥檒l get through it. Together.聽
Maybe he鈥檚 not so bad of a father after all.聽
(He鈥檚 never been right before.)
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starker-stories 4 years
My Virgin (Revisited), Chapter 2
This chapter on AO3
By @thestarkerisobvious鈥 and @starker-stories鈥嬧
All links are to AO3. As everyone knows by now, starker-stories blew up his starkerstories blog, losing everything that was below a readmore on tumblr-full-text posts. So the safest place for fic is AO3. You don鈥檛 need to be a creator to have an AO3 account. You can have one solely as a reader. But to read anything at all in this series, you can just be an anonymous reader and/or commenter.
The entire聽Messages Series. 聽All links are to AO3.
Messages Unsent聽聽(complete & posted)
Nothing More Than A Machine聽聽(complete聽& posted)
Tomorrow聽聽(complete聽& posted)
My Virgin (Revisited)聽聽(complete & posted)
The Cold聽聽(completely written) posts every Thursday 聽
Untitled Book 6 聽(聽in progress聽)
Untitled Book 7聽聽(聽in progress聽)
Tags: Sexual Roleplay, Virginity Kink, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Kissing, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, A teeny weeny bit of plot for the next book hinted at, Happy Ending, Happy Sex
Tumblr media
Chapter 2:聽You鈥檝e been kissed
But Peter had been thinking all day, hadn鈥檛 he? Been thinking about the things they had talked about, and the things Peter still had yet to say. Some of those things Tony might not like, Peter was still worried about that. But some of those things...
鈥淭ony?鈥 Peter asked breathlessly, pulling his face away enough to speak.
鈥淚 love you.鈥 Wait, that wasn鈥檛 it. He tried again (but dammit Tony鈥檚 hands were making it really hard to think.)
鈥淚wannatellyousomething鈥 Peter blurted out before Tony鈥檚 mouth distracted him again. That worked, but unfortunately it left Tony looking up at him and Peter with nothing to say.
His brain flitted back to the things that had been on his mind that day 鈥 The Cold, and how Tony might react when he explained it, and something else.
He decided to go with the Something Else.
(Even though it was really embarrassing.)
So he ducked his head into Tony鈥檚 neck (his favorite hiding place) and whispered it.
鈥淚 have a confession to make.鈥 As soon as the words were out of his mouth he wished he hadn鈥檛 said them. Why talk about it now, when they had discussed it thoroughly (and tenderly!) the night before?
But dammit, it made him hot to talk about it. And, ah hell maybe鈥 maybe Peter had initiated the kissing on the couch just in case he did work up the nerve to ask鈥
鈥淚 only ever lied to you once, Tony. Ever. That first night. You asked and I鈥 I told you I had done 鈥榠t鈥 before. And I hadn鈥檛. Not with鈥 people I mean. Toys don鈥檛 count. So that means I lied. That was my first time.鈥
鈥淚 know baby. I told you, I could read you like an open book.鈥 Tony casually reached around Peter鈥檚 waist, sliding his hand up under the hem of his t-shirt, caressing him with a firm touch, with the warmth of his palm.
鈥淏ut I鈥檓 still mad at myself for not telling you. Because鈥
鈥淥kay, maybe this is wrong but鈥︹
He blushed furiously and ducked his head. But hiding his face wouldn鈥檛 make him understood, so he tried whispering it into Tony鈥檚 ear.
鈥淢aybe I鈥 always wondered鈥 what would you have done if I had told you?鈥
鈥淲anna find out?鈥 Tony said, playfully leering.
鈥淥h god.鈥 Peter whimpered, closing his eyes and hiding as best he could in Tony鈥檚 shoulder even as he grinned from ear to ear. His heart skipped a beat and his stomach tightened鈥 and his cock immediately stood at attention. 鈥淯m鈥 yes.鈥
鈥淚n that case鈥 This has to be in my bed.鈥 He smiled, hoping Peter would catch the inflection. Because while it was their bed now, that night it had been his. 鈥淚 loved carrying you there. Should do it more often. Do what you did that first night. Arms around my neck, legs around my waist.鈥
When they arrived, Tony didn鈥檛 just dump Peter onto his bed, he let him down slowly, kissing him the entire way until he was sitting on the edge of the bed. Tony climbed in and wrapped his arms around Peter, gently guiding him to the center of the enormous bed.
鈥淏aby, I will never get over the way you look right here. We can be together ten years and I鈥檒l never get tired of this sight. But this isn鈥檛 about ten years from now. This is about my beautiful virgin who I want to tenderly take apart until he鈥檚 screaming from how good it feels.鈥
Peter giggled and blushed and covered his face with his hands. Oh well 鈥 it wasn鈥檛 egotism if you really were that good.
鈥淚鈥檝e waited so long to kiss you, Peter.鈥 Not untrue then, not untrue now.
Tony brought their lips together so slowly. His fingers stroked the side of Peter鈥檚 face, slid into his hair, with just enough firmness to let him know that he was in the hands of someone who knew what he was doing. In the hands of someone who appreciated what he was being given.
Lips together but not kissing, Tony moved the words across them. 鈥淚 love you.鈥
He kissed them into Peter鈥檚 mouth, probing softly with his tongue at the line between them. Teasingly light, exploring the boy鈥檚 senses, listening to his responses. Learning Peter鈥檚 body. For the first time. All over again. It had been so long since they鈥檇 made love in this bed, made love like this, it was almost like it was their first time.
He found the touches with his tongue that made Peter shiver. Too much. He found the ones that made him gasp. The ones that made him moan. The ones that made him pant into Tony鈥檚 mouth. That made Peter want more. He waited, deepening the kiss bit by bit, always leaving Peter wanting more.
Tony broke the kiss and stretched out over Peter鈥檚 body, holding most of his weight on his elbows and knees, just letting the heat from their skin touch. His hands on either side of Peter鈥檚 head when he kissed Peter again, his hands tangled in Peter鈥檚 curls, fingers twisting them, playing with them, while he kept his kiss teasing again, not deeper like they had been doing before. He waited again to sense Peter鈥檚 need.
Tony used to be so crude in bed. It was all take. Didn鈥檛 matter how inexperienced his partner. He didn鈥檛 hurt, but neither did he care. It took time for him to learn. To appreciate. To observe the little reactions that a body made. Until making someone have those reactions became almost as good as the finish itself. Maybe moreso. Definitely moreso when it was Peter having them. Tony devoured every sound, every breath, every tiny movement he made 鈥 realized and unrealized. Peter鈥檚 responses were dialed up to eleven. Then add at least double that because Tony was so hyper-focused on them.
When Peter was ready and not before鈥 when it wasn鈥檛 just want but need, Tony slipped one hand behind the boy鈥檚 neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss. He lowered a little of his weight onto Peter鈥檚 body. Grounding him all along its length. Their kiss never truly broke. Only enough to take half a breath and then resume, it fell into a circular rhythm of a single, endless kiss. Until Tony felt the boy shiver and he noticed a change in the texture of his gasping breath.
Tony loosened his hand from Peter鈥檚 neck and broke their kiss entirely, separating, leaning back to look into the boy鈥檚 eyes. His cheeks were flushed, the delicate skin of his face a little irritated from the scrape of his beard, his lips strawberry red from his kiss. And Peter鈥檚 breaths were still too fast.
鈥淏aby,鈥 Tony whispered. 鈥淩ight here baby. Shh. Look at me, Pete. I鈥檓 here.鈥 He smiled softly as he felt Peter鈥檚 chest moving more steadily. 鈥淏eautiful.鈥 Careful not to be too gentle and set off Peter鈥檚 senses so soon after he鈥檇 just brought them under control.
Peter whimpered, but he obeyed. Looking into Tony鈥檚 eyes, he sighed. This was better than he could have imagined. For so many months now Peter had missed the afterplay, that peaceful laying-beside-each-other and talking-all-night time that meant so much to him in the beginning.
Only now did he remember 鈥 foreplay was a wonderful thing, too.
Then Tony started talking and his whole body glowed.
鈥淚t鈥檚 all right, baby. I have you. You鈥檙e safe. You can let go and know that I鈥檓 going to catch you. Always, Pete. I won鈥檛 let you fall. Beautiful, you can let yourself feel all of it. I鈥檒l hold you through it all. Through everything. You鈥檙e mine, Peter. That means I鈥檓 yours. Every night, but especially this night.鈥
Peter鈥檚 eyes fluttered shut. He moaned even as he smiled. This is what he had been asking for, what he had been daydreaming about. Tony always talked during sex, but this? This crooning, this gentling, this was a thing of beauty.
Tony ran his thumb across the boy鈥檚 smiling lips. 鈥淗as no one ever properly kissed you, Peter? No one but me?鈥 He knew that Peter hadn鈥檛 had sex with anyone before him. But this? He hadn鈥檛 asked because Peter was so insistent on keeping up his ruse. 鈥淎re all your kisses mine, baby?鈥
Oh well, it had been lovely while it lasted.
Peter kept his eyes closed, so he didn鈥檛 roll them. But he couldn鈥檛 keep the perturbed look off his face.
He lifted his head and looked above them 鈥 okay that WAS the full-head-eye-roll but he tried to disguise it.
鈥淭ony,鈥 he said, looking at the vast expanse of the Alaska King they were laying on. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think this bed is big enough for you, me, and your ego.
鈥淥f course I鈥檝e been kissed before鈥 hello? And for the record I am not a virgin, I just haven鈥檛 done鈥 that鈥 one thing before. With people. Toys don鈥檛 count. And if I鈥檝e never been kissed like that before it was because I didn鈥檛 want to鈥︹
He stopped short.
Of course he had never been kissed like that before! He had kissed boys before, but it had always been one quick step on the way to something entirely different. There wasn鈥檛 a single person on Earth, or on other planets, that he wanted to kiss for that long. So, really, Tony was right.
That bastard.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been kissed鈥︹ Tony put a chaste kiss on Peter鈥檚 lips. 鈥淟ike you kissed your girlfriend at a dance. You鈥檝e been kissed鈥︹ He opened his mouth and did a poor example of the typical teenage moray eel kiss. 鈥淟ike you kissed your first boy, too excited to even think about doing it right. You鈥檝e been kissed鈥︹ He shoved his tongue into Peter鈥檚 mouth like boys do because they think that kissing is basically tongue fucking. 鈥淟ike you kissed your first college boy at a party. You鈥檝e been kissed鈥︹ That time he did a proper French kiss, not clumsy, but without finesse. 鈥淟ike you were kissed by your first date who was a couple of years older than you.鈥
Tony cupped the back of Peter鈥檚 neck again, his fingers tangling into the soft curls at the nape. He brought their lips slowly together, repeating the way he kissed Peter earlier. Making Peter want. Letting Peter know how much he wanted as well. Holding it, repeating it, letting it build from kiss to passion to desperation. 鈥淣ow, baby, you鈥檝e been kissed.鈥
Peter turned his head to one side and tried to recover. Both his ability to speak, and his pride. Damn Tony, they were supposed to be recreating their first time together, the first night he had lost that particular v-card. Not to admit he had never been kissed like that before.
He pushed Tony away by a few inches to increase the space between them, breathing in what air he could find there.
It didn鈥檛 work. He just sighed in frustration (it came out more as a growl) and covered his face with his hands. He didn鈥檛 want Tony (who had done exactly as Peter had asked) to see his forehead crease, but it was creasing now. Dammit, he had asked for this! Had fantasized about it for ages! How could he not realize that now, in the moment, his ego would be getting in the way?
While Peter's face was covered, Tony smirked at the sound the kid made at having been proven wrong. Tony did have all of Peter's kisses.
Peter had moved them apart just enough for Tony to slide his hands along the hem of Peter鈥檚 shirt. His hands worked underneath the soft fabric. Palms flat, warm and firm, he moved them up, one along Peter鈥檚 back, the other caressing his stomach. As they rose, his forearms lifted the boy鈥檚 shirt. Tony pushed higher in the back, dragging Peter鈥檚 t-shirt up over his head, then down his arms and off.
Peter moved his hands away from his face to let Tony have his way (besides Tony was doing that thing to his stomach which certainly took his mind off anything else. It always made him melt when Tony touched him there 鈥 WAIT did he do that on purpose? That bastard.)
鈥淧eter, you are beyond beautiful,鈥 he murmured, leaning in to kiss from the crook of the boy鈥檚 neck, down his shoulder, onto his chest until he came to the center of it. 鈥淟ook at you. You take my breath away.鈥 Tony lifted Peter鈥檚 arms until they settled lightly around his neck. His hand trailed from his lips on the boy鈥檚 chest, down to the button of his jeans. 鈥淚 need to see all of you. Every bit of you is perfect. And you鈥檙e giving all of you to me, aren鈥檛 you baby.鈥
Too breathless to speak, Peter only nodded in assent. His injured pride wasn鈥檛 hard to ignore if Tony kept talking like that.
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