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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #152
Steve Rogers: You get killed, walk it off!
Peter: Yes, si-
Tony: Peter, you get as little as a paper cut, you come tell me! Do not listen to what Captain Asshole says!
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abbendipity · 1 month
If you’re gonna say that anyone saved the world in the MCU, say that it was Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark. Cause it’s been the two of them since DAY 1.
Nat was the one who closed the portal back in 2012.
Tony was the one who flew the nuke into the wormhole in 2012.
Nat died for the soul stone.
Tony died, snapping his fingers, for all life.
So yes, the avengers saved everybody. But Nat and Tony are the real MVPs.
Put some respect on their names.
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tonymystark · 2 months
Missing hours
Tumblr media
gif © MCU perfect gifs
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stackthedeck · 6 days
I've been saying this for years but I've finally found the funniest way to say it, in the MCU Tony Stark isn't so much Peter Parker's father figure as he is his deadbeat dad figure. Like Tony shows up once a year to take Peter to a baseball game kinda vibe. Tony in homecoming is like hey kid I know I haven't seen or spoken to you in months but I bought you something and that's basically the same as emotional support. Tony taking Peter to Germany in civil war is like when your deadbeat dad tells your mom you're having father-son time but he's really just taking you to his guys' poker night and trying to get you to cheat for him. When Tony says you're nothing without the suit then you shouldn't have it, it's like when your dad says if you're not going to follow my rules in my house you can leave, I put a roof over our heads what else could you possibly want from me. Tony mourning Peter after infinity war and calling him his kid is like when your dad only wants to hang out with you after he's lost custody. Like well and truly deadbeat behavior no wonder the fanon is like that
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8bitskey · 2 months
Tumblr media
i care about Tony Stark a normal amount so I made a sticker sheet, just for myself
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moti032 · 9 months
Tumblr media
This is similar.
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marvel-lous-guy · 7 months
Tony: what do we never do?
Morgan: Lie
Tony: unless...?
Morgan: you can get free birthday cake at a restaurant!
Tony: *proud* that's my girl!
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itsmechara426 · 21 days
Irondad Prompt #175:
Royalty AU
King Anthony Stark has a plethora of responsibilities as king. However, when one of his servants — a teenager by the name of Peter Parker — becomes sickly, Tony puts all those responsibilities off to care for the boy.
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Nights at the Circus: Masterlist
Gifted with powers at the age of sixteen, you thought you could avoid being ‘discovered’ by S.H.I.E.L.D by working as an act in a traveling show, but when the jig is finally up, you find yourself having a hard time fitting in at Avenger Tower, where Loki Laufeyson seems to be giving you a particularly hard time. Will you lose your mind navigating this new life, or will someone make everything worthwhile? 
PAIRING: Loki x Reader, possibly others  STATUS: Ongoing, soap opera  CONTENT WARNING:  Smut, injury, bondage, BDSM, various praise/degradation kinks, Switch! Loki and Switch! Reader (but mainly Dom!Loki, Sub!Reader, sex magic, occasional dub!con, possible threesomes, other kinks, general melodrama RATING:  **18+ MINORS DNI**
Tumblr media
@huntress-artemis @el-zef​ @lokisprettygirl​ @mochie85​ @mischief2sarawr​ @michelleleewise​ @lokisninerealms​ @toozmanykids​ @xorpsbane​ @lokisasgardianvampirequeen​
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imabiconicnerd · 5 months
Tumblr media
Tony Stark doodle
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fandomworld2 · 9 months
Peter: I'm incredibly fast at math.
Tony: Alright, what's 30x17?
Peter: 47!
Tony: That's not even close.
Peter: But it was fast.
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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #147:
Stark Industries hires a Karen to be apart of their security team (not knowing the Karen is a Karen). All hell breaks lose when Peter Parker tries to enter the building for his internship. And Tony is not happy about it.
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jaepokii · 10 days
Tumblr media
Redraw of a request but I hate this one just as much as the last one so let’s see how long this one will stay up :DD
🚫Please do not tag as Starker🚫
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tonymystark · 2 months
Steve's most used word in MCU is Tony
Tumblr media
That's such a husband thing to do
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aidanezra · 1 year
Tumblr media
Failure? Tony Stark x Son!Reader (Part One)
Prompt: During dinner one day, the topic of Y/N’s grades comes up.
Themes: angst, eventual father/son fluff
Pairings: son!reader x father!tony stark (also pepper is reader's mom!)
A/N: I started writing this back in 2019 and just now finished it but this is still my first piece of writing posted here, so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Plus, what's a first post without some angst? I hope you enjoy it :)
Warnings: angst, depression, a representation of my shitty ass eating habits + lots of friggin swearing
Words: 1,028
Part Two
Part Three
My body felt slow like quicksand as I moved to the dinner table. I hate this. I know what my Dad is going to say the moment I answer his nightly question of “How were your classes?”, Shit Mr. Stark, absolute Shit, with a capital ‘S’. I despise papers, I hate the classes I write them for and I hate the papers too. Before we know it, maybe my Dad will hate me too?
I sloppily fall into my chair at the dining table, right across from my father, who, at the moment, is staring blankly at a screen. His eyes don’t even gaze my way when my chair makes the most annoying high-pitched sound, he doesn’t even acknowledge me. Well that sounds about right.
Mom yanks the clear, glass, electric screen from Dad’s iron grip, “Come help me bring dinner to the table, will ya?” she chirps and I can almost hear my Father groaning in annoyance. 
Once the food has all been brought to the table and put on everyone’s plate, my Dad finally looks at me. It’s a cold look, stern too, but I still want to search for the ounce of love he may have for me in those brown eyes of his. His mouth opens like he’s going to speak, but recoils, and purses his lips.
He begins to speak again, “So, kiddo, how were your classes today? Anything new happen?” 
“They were fine. Boring and uneventful, but fine.” I spin my fork around in my pasta, procrastinating the thought of having to bring the fork up to my lips. He pauses and drops his own fork, causing a clink sound to erupt, furrowing his eyebrows as hs eyes stare straight at me.
“What grade did you get on that paper?” He raises an eyebrow at me and then gently pushes his plate aside.
“What does it matter?” 
“Well, I would like to know if you worked hard enough on it to get an acceptable grade.” He crosses his arms over his chest and I can almost feel the large amounts of varying emotions boiling up inside me, ready to burst and roll right off my tongue.
“I got a D minus,” I flinch, prepared for the worst possible outcome, but instead of yelling and screaming, I get silence. 
“Go to your room, you’re rewriting that essay and turning it in tomorrow at noon.”
“What? That’s not nearly enough time! You-” I’m cut off by the sound of my Dad’s chair scratching against the tile floor as he moves to stand. He gestures towards the hall, and I take that as my que. I retrain from running and semi-calmly walk towards my room. Accidentally slamming the door behind me. My hand grazes against the doorknob before swiftly locking it. 
My feet bring me to my unmade bed and I plop myself on the side of it. I feel tears pricking at the corner of my eyes, begging to be let go. I seem to give in because before I know it, wet hot tears are pouring down my cheeks as I let out sobs and pull my legs up to my chest.
It’s just a stupid grade, yet, to my Dad, it’s everything. I get good grades, then I’m good for him, otherwise, I'm just something he can throw away when I’m no longer useful to him or the Stark legacy. Its. Just. One. Stupid. Grade. Yet at the same time, it’s my worth as a person and a member in this family. I hate this.
Tony’s POV
Y/N's door slams shut and I flinch, beginning to regret sending him to his room. Did I overreact again? Was I too harsh? Should I be easier on the kid?
I'm ripped from my thoughts when Pepper chimes in a moment later:
"You shouldn't be so hard on him. He's trying."
I grimace, Pep's right. But I dont want to admit it. "He needs to work harder. He's slacking."
She sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Tony, he's a kid, your kid. No, our kid. And he needs your support, not your constant criticism."
I cross my arms, sliding down my chair, my gaze directed down the hall at Y/N's room. I'm not criticizing him, I'm only helping him. Teaching him self discipline. If I don't, he'll turn out like me and have to do it on his own.
"I'm not criticizing him, Pepper. I'm being a father."
"Not the greatest." She mumbles under her breath, I pretend to not have heard her and continue our meal. In silence. Agonizing silence..
As I finish my plate, Pepper gets up, heading to the kitchen to begin the nightly chores. I get up behind her, meeting her at the sink, "I've got it, Pep."
"Thanks." She smiles, a small but genuine smile and heads back to the dining room, retrieving the rest of the dishes. I begin to separate them into dishwash and handwash, starting to load up the dishwasher. My mind running a thousand miles per hour.
Am I becoming my father? Am I hurting my son? Am I doing something wrong? Am I the bad guy?
"He didn't touch his plate, again." Pepper cuts my thoughts short, yet again. I cringe as she scrapes the plate clean, following by her handing me the plate. I smile to myself as I take it from her hand. Y/N's used the same plate since he was 5, the same one he and I made together. He decided he wanted to have his hand print and mine together, his is in blue and mine in red. I remember it like yesterday, his little giggles as I painted his hand a bright blue. I'm sure to gently wash it, to not accidentally wash off the 10 year old hand prints placed on it. I rinse it and put it aside, continuing with the rest of them. Letting my mind run free yet again.
I'm not a bad father. I'm doing what I have to. I'm protecting him and nurturing his potential. My criticism is constructive, not harmful. Did I hurt him?
I couldn't have hurt him. Did I?
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emberheartbeat · 1 month
Tumblr media
Tony 💞
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