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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #160:
It’s a while before Tony and Pepper’s wedding. Peter wonders if he’s invited. He doesn’t care if he’s not; it’d be weird to go to your boss’ wedding, right? Still, he’d love to be there to support both Tony and Pepper.
Tony and Pepper sit down to talk to him. They don’t invite him to their wedding…
They ask him to be in their wedding.
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hail-hawk-eye · 9 months
Tumblr media
Hes an acquired exotic pet
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ircn-dad · 6 months
One thing I love about Irondad is that Tony -despite his past with Howard- is not cold with Peter, and is not ashamed to admit how much he cares for the kid (in his way, ofc).
People always judge Tony's character is Homecoming because "Hah!! Stark doesn't care about him! He ignored for two months!! He's the worst!"
Can I Start saying that that man right here wasn't in the right mood to mentor a kid right after civil war? He saw his parents die, he saw his friend almost killing him in rage and then had to deal with the breakup of the Avengers and the whole Rhodey's situation. He probably thought it would be better for both to not be in contact, because while Tony wants to heal, he also want Peter to not be like him.
Think about it: After civil war, Tony was a disaster and all of this because he was an Avenger. Of course the man wouldn't want Peter to be like him, not when Tony's life went down hill since the first day as Iron Man. He doesn't want that life for a fifteen years old kid, so he leaves Peter with Happy and everyone is safe.
Not because he doesn't want the kid around, but because he thinks it's the best for the kid to not be around a billionaire with severe anxiety and a little bit narcissistic.
Tony never showed any discomfort around Peter, since their first scene together. He has always been interested in the kid, and was the one one who understood Peter, as Peter said him self in the infinity War novelization.
(I won't start saying how everyone blames Tony for "manipulating" Peter and bringing him into a war. Just know that is incorrect, and Tony would never bring a kid in a war, because that wasn't meant to be a fight. Tony brought Peter so that -his words, not mine- he could web them up if they tried to escape. He never thought about ending up with a broken arm and with Rhodey who can't walk anymore)
Anyway, returning to the subject, I think we can all agree on one thing: Peter is not aware of how Tony actually cares about him. But not because Tony is an asshole and hates him, but because of one reason:
1. Peter in homecoming only wanted to prove himself. He desperately wanted Tony to see the potential in him, so during all the movie he he acted so that Tony could be proud of him, but at the same time when Tony complimented him he didn't even showed gratitude. He was blinded by wanting to show the man what he was worth for that he didn't notice Tony was always proud until the very end.
I don't think the main problem is in fact Tony because as we see, and Peter can't, he actually already invested in Peter's life.
He listens to the voicemails, remembers them and always kept an eye on him, even during his journey to India (TO RECOVER HIM SELF FROM CIVIL WAR Y'ALL).
And can I say something more? Tony isn't afraid to think Peter as his son. Often, in the Fanfics, we always see Tony panics because him and Peter became closer and he's scared how he could be like Howard to the kid. The second part is right, but he would never panic about thinking Peter as his son. Actually, he doesn't mind and already thinks the kid as his responsibility.
It's actually funny and cute how he says "My father never really gave me a lot of support and I'm just trying to break the cycle of shame" because all I see is a man who was neglected and abused by his father, and hated the idea of having a child because of this (remember that scene in IM3 where he flinches at the only thought of having one) until he met Peter. He decided to be better because of him, he wanted to change because of him.
When he says "I sound like my father" my heart broke because no, YOU DON'T YOU SILLY.
These two phrases demonstrate how he's not afraid to tell the kid he sees himself like a father for him. Ofc he's scared because he doesn't want to end up as his own father, but he is ready to be a good role for Peter when he will finally be healed from civil war.
He's not cold, he's not distant towards Peter and even though he's afraid of ruining the kid and his childhood, he already loves him.
Homecoming was a new start for both of them and I believe that in the two years between Infinity war and Homecoming they were not afraid to tell each other how much they cared (again, on their way because even I think it's pretty weird imagining tony saying "I love you you're my son" to Peter or Peter saying "Yes you're my dad adopt me" because that's so out of character).
Every interaction they had in infinity war screamed that. You can clearly see how much the kid is now comfortable with the man, is not shy around him, and is not scared to talk to him; you can also see how Tony has become more protective of Peter. Literally everything he says or does screams "don't touch this kid or I will kill everyone in this room and then my self" (I mean, that's what he did in endgame, no?)
at last, I want to appreciate this scene because it's not appreciated enough:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Strange is literally assuming Tony is Peter's guardian, and the way Tony crosses his arm, assuming this defensive pose to protect him self when he said "I'm confused as to the relationship here" because he wants to know what Strange has to say about them, ready to answer and to kick his ass out of the flying donut if he says something bad about Peter or about their relationship. Or the fact he always has something to answer to Strange, but this time he stays silent and doesn't even try to explain who is Peter when he asks he is his ward because that's his kid and so many other things he doesn't know how to explain.
Also, Peter saying an awkward and quick no while staring at Tony will never not be cute for me. It's like this already happened before and someone already pointed out how they look father and son together, and Peter is not even that embarrassed. He's just confused why everyone keeps thinking they are father and son (but not unhappy)
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neverbsane526 · 15 days
*Peter doing anything remotely life threatning*
Tony: What has gotten into that child? I'm telling you, he gets it from your side of the family!
Pepper *sighing*: Tony, Peter isn't our biological child
Tony *sniffling back tears*: I know 😢
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mducklesworth · 1 year
*after endgame*
Pepper: I'm sure you know Tony hasn't been in a very good place lately.
Steve *nodding solemnly*: I understand. It must be hard for both of you.
Pepper: And his coping mechanisms . . . are, well, you know, quite unusual.
Steve, imagining either an insane amount of wine bottles or freshly built Iron Man suits: I'm aware, and if there's anything I can do to help . . .
Pepper, moving towards the door: And there's just so many of them, you know? I tell him he can't handle it, but . . . (smiling fondly) he has a way of proving me wrong.
Steve: *steeling himself for whatever's behind the door*
Pepper: *opens the door*
Tony with Morgan asleep on his lap, Peter snuggled on his other side, Harley installing a laser into his prosthetic arm, Vision tossing popcorn into his mouth, and Nebula braiding ribbons into his hair:
Pepper: I keep telling him he can't just adopt kids when he's sad!
Steve, tearing up: just look at them
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peachykeenpeter · 7 days
Can we just talk about Tony and Peter for a minute?
Tony grieved Peter being blipped. The kid became ash right in front of him.
5 years. A marriage and a daughter later, and his heart still hurts thinking of him and seeing the framed photos of his mentee. A young friend. Someone who was like a son to help grow and watch out for.
Then this fucking ant dude shows up with the idea of time travel and everyone thinks its possible and tony thinks is certain they’ve all lost their last collective brain cell.
But he thinks. And thinks some more.
In the course of an evening, this dude figures out fucking time travel. And he is in shock. Not so much that he figured it out, but the fact that he can actually get Peter back.
Tony figured out time travel to save a boy who had become family to him.
And then, at the end of the line after making the heroic sacrifice he made. His last word, “kid,” spoken so softly in effort to give some comfort, to tell him it was okay. Only taking his eyes off him to look to his wife.
I cry every time
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underoooos · 2 years
Tony : Peter and I were crossing the street, and this guy drove by and honked at us
Stephen: *sighing* What did Peter do
Tony : He chased him to the next red light, then reached into his window and uh...
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theoneandonlyphoenix · 8 months
Peter: *after watching sonic movie* i relate to sonic! Because i too am an orphan,live with parent figures who can be in mortal danger cause of how much time i spend with them for I I a superhero and a kid!
Pepper: *sobbing into papers*
Tony,a tired dad: Peter,you want me to call your therapist-
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ctrsara · 6 months
Tumblr media
Just got a really cool deck of cards. Of course they’re in the same suit. ❤️
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ironman-stan · 11 months
Peter (placing two cheeseburgers stacked on top of each other on the counter): I got you your double cheeseburger, Mr Stark!
Tony: Kid...
Peter: What's wrong?
Tony: Peter, when I said I wanted a double-cheeseburger, I meant I wanted one cheeseburger with double the quantity of cheese; I did not mean two cheeseburgers stacked on top of each other
Peter: Oh... I- I am so sorry... I- I guess I'll just take one of the burgers
Tony: No.
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spider-dancer · 8 months
Fanfic: So much Irondad fluff!🥰💕✨
Tony Stark is putting together a brand new queen sized bed in the bedroom that was previously referred to as a guest room. Now it will be the home of a smol spider child who was over at stark tower so often that Tony thought it was just easiest to give the kid his own room. Ok fuck it, the kid grew on him ok? So what if the genius wanted the kid over every other day, Peter seemed to enjoy the company just as much as him so it only made sense to make his place in the family that much more permanent.
“Alright FRIDAY, the kid’s now got a new bookshelf, desk, bed, TV and some video games to go with it. Anything else Peter could use for his new room?”
“Actually boss, there is one thing that might be beneficial to mini boss.“ the AI chimes happily.
“Yeah, what’s that?”
Peter bounds from the elevator into the luxury penthouse of his one and only mentor. Mr. Stark said that he had a surprise for him and Peter couldn’t be more excited.
“Mr. Stark!" Petter chirps as his father figure strolls into the room.
"Mr. Parker!" Tony teases in response.
"Hi Mr. Stark! You said you had something to show me?"
"That I do kid, follow me." Tony smiles, trying to contain his own excitement that arose from his child’s hyper energy. He leads his little mini me to the room next to his own and opens the door, gesturing for Peter to go through. "This is for you, the room I mean. I figured you’re here for the majority of the week anyways, so we may as well have a nice place for you to sleep. I decorated a little, but we can always change it or get you more things to make it your own."
Peter walks in timidly and turns in a slow circle to take in everything. The bedroom is large and painted a calming blue. The bed has avengers sheets and there are a few Ironman and Spiderman posters across the walls, much to Peter’s amusement. In addition, Mr. Stark had bought him new legos and games that he’d always seen at the stores but could never afford.
"Mr. Stark. . . . Just, wow." Peter breathes, "This is amazing, it’s too much though. Everything looks so expensive."
"Nonsense Peter, you forget I’m a billionaire. Plus I’m not returning anything and if you don’t take it then it will hurt my feelings so you better just enjoy it." Stark reasons gently.
"Thank you Mr. Stark. This is the best thing anyone has ever done for me."
Tony could see the kid start to get emotional so he tugs him into a hug which Peter enthusiastically returns.
"There is actually one more thing about this room that I wanted to show you, it was actually FRIDAY’s idea. Here, come over to the bed." Stark explains, and sat one the bead next to the headboard. "So whenever you feel the need you can push this button here and . . . tada!" He exclaims as a nightlight in the shape of the arc reactor lights up the middle of the headboard, glowing a soft, electric blue.
"Woah" Peter whispers in awe, his eyes widen as he steps closer and sits next to his mentor. "It’s wonderful Mr. Stark, it- . . . that sound. Is that-?"
"Yeah kiddo. FRIDAY recorded my heartbeat and uploaded it to a mini player in your night light. She said something about spider hearing and oxytocin lessening anxiety or whatever. Anyways, I hope it’s not too weird." He replies as he scratches the back of his head, eyes down at the floor to hide his blush.
"It’s perfect Mr. Stark." Peter beams up at the genius, his own cheeks tinted pink ever so slightly.
"I’m glad you like it kiddo." the older man murmurs as he pulled Peter into a tight hug once again and presses his head to his chest. "And just so you know, you can still always come to me in the middle of the night to hear the real thing if you want to. I’ll always be available for you baby. Whenever you need me, I’ve got you."
"Thank you dad. I love you." His son whispers into his shirt.
"I love you too Bambino."
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irondadmadlads · 3 months
Irondad Prompt #158:
Tony: When’s the last time you slept?
Peter: When’s the last time YOU slept?
Tony: Touché
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hail-hawk-eye · 9 months
Tumblr media
Everyday is bring your spiderbaby to work day 🥹
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mellarkandart · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
like father like son
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grumperella · 3 months
Chapter 4 posted of my Irondad multi-chap fi! 
Chapter Summary: After an emotional 2 days, getting picked up by Tony, settling into his new living situation and accepting the reality that May is gone... it’s Thanksgiving day, and the boys only have each other. Tony’s never had much of a family around for this holiday, so what could he possibly do to make the day easier on his grieving ward?
Main Summary: When May is killed on her shift, tragically caught between warring gangs, 15 year old Peter is left bereft of his last remaining family. Unbeknownst to him, May had nominated a new guardian in her Will…
A story about Tony and Peter learning how to live in their new reality, building a bond neither of them expected. Meanwhile, Tony is working hard to amend the Accords and pardon the Rogues, while Spider-Man is hell bent on avenging May’s death, with or without his mentor’s help.
Chapters posted weekly! ___
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mducklesworth · 1 year
Pepper: Why did you give Peter a suit??!?
Tony: He said he felt unsafe!
Peter in the middle testing out his webshooters and promptly webbing all the furniture in his room to the window, which is beginning to splinter, as he blasts Led Zeppelin in his mask loud enough to rattle the door in its frame, four spider arms waving around from his back: THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL MR STARK
Tony: I'm sorry.
Tony: . . . do you want a suit?
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