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depressedoompaloompa · 2 months
Looks like someone is wasting their time on tumblr needs a glass of ✨water✨
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newtloss · 1 year
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miranhas-art · 1 month
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It's not supposed to make sense
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getoswhore · 7 months
when i was young these cars had me in a crisis
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minisheku · 2 years
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Bakubee and Midoflower.
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rainbow-angel110 · 3 months
*eating the homemade garlic sauce straight out of the container*
Me: This is it. This is the peak of my asexuality.
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mellowthefox · 5 months
what's your religion?🙏
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sublieu · 5 months
My biggest red flag is the fact I had a crush on sonic.exe for 4 years straight.
What's yours? :3
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ihaveawindow · 11 months
So i was at a family gathering recently and as we were watching Enchanto (cus there were kids there), directly after that song Surface Pressure where the Mirabel and Luisa hug, yada yeda- i thought.
The rewritten version of Isolde (OUR Isolde) would definitely hug tristan tightly enough to crack his back in that hella satisfying way.
I have decided that this is now canon, fight against it and i will cut you out of the Guinevere hate club's budget.
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anoddopal · 10 days
Uhhmmm….. uhhhhmmm….. /*adds Alm.alexia to F/O list*/
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rhinozilla · 5 months
I just realized something about Calder in Detroit 07. The quote goes “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” 
And yet Calder ‘died’ a villain (he got better) and has since lived long enough to become a hero.
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eggsnatcheskneecaps · 8 months
Kurogiri is a malewife
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helenawa-art · 1 year
I was trying to teach my friend how does IbisPaint work and I open my gallery to this how do you think I feel
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rainnotliam · 2 months
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everydaygremlin · 25 days
mike wazouski has fallen from the sky
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moonwatchertheidiot · 3 months
Do dragons have refrigerators?
It just occurred to me that I have no idea how dragons store their food. The canon series never really talks about food that much. Obviously, I know modern refrigerators wouldn't exist because there isn't electricity, but they have to have some way to keep their food fresh and edible, right?
Ice Boxes
Ice boxes are essentially the grandfather refrigerator, or just a fancy type of cooler. Ice could be stored in them to keep food cool or for icewater, though they were not electricized so the ice would eventually melt. I can see IceWings using these.
Preserving Food with Salt
I'm pretty sure this technique was used in ancient Egypt and many other early cultures. The salt would dry out the food to prevent it from molding and bugs from getting to it. SandWings, NightWings, and HiveWings would totally do this.
Burying Food Underground
This is also an ancient practice I've heard about. Food would be tied up in a bundle to keep bugs out and be buried in a dry place. This wouldn't work in the long term, though I can see the food lasting for a few extra days. I'd say MudWings and SilkWings would use this technique.
Yes, it has occurred to me that not all food necessarily needs to be preserved. Foods that last a long time in the first place could just be stored in a regular pantry.
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