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Cool. That takes a bite out of guessing 馃槣
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Absolutely no one asked, but I have something to say
I have seen聽so many posts聽on this website about how it鈥檚 hard, impossible even, to keep a clean room/house, so I have 3 hopefully helpful tips to offer from a fellow mentally ill person!
Number one: tackle it in sections. Instead of thinking about it as one large space that seems endless, tidy your desk. make your bed. put your shoes away. do the smallest tasks, take a break in between, don鈥檛 beat yourself up for not being able to organize an entire room in one go. anything is better than nothing <3
Number two: condense your area! when you get to a disaster zone, put it all in one giant pile in the middle of your space. this helps me for two reasons, one is that you can see everything you need to do so its less likely you will find things shoved in nooks and crannies later on. the second reason is that it motivates (at least me lol) to get it over with because at a certain point it becomes obnoxious to look at/step over
Number three: get rid of things you dont use!!! this one has definitely been preached from the rooftops by everyone on the internet and their grandmother, but it really does help. i like to have a consistent goodwill/give away bag where I put stuff i realize i dont use anymore.
obviously there is no one-size-fits-all template for everyone, but these are the tips that help me and I hope they can help you too. Do as much or as little as you can manage, have a good night loves
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Popular choice鉁
鈥> (Accept his offer)
You鈥檝e had a successful interaction with Gaming Club Leader! Xiao and you鈥檝e obtained your phone!
You discovered one of Xiao鈥檚 traits is Worship
Those with the worship trait are known to act as their object of affections guardian angel. They see their darling as someone who is a godsend, and as a result these individuals will do anything to shield their love from the unworthy. Overall they merely wish for their Senpai to be happy, even if their happiness may not lie with them鈥epending on the circumstances.
Xiao鈥檚 affection lvl increases +5! Current affection lvl: 55
Xiao鈥檚 Envy/insanity meter have been unaffected due to your choice!
You鈥檝e completed your objective!
And are free to go home before nighttime! However you may also look around the Gaming club for potential clues/trinkets/weapons鈥.who knows if you鈥檒l ever get the chance to roam free like this.
((Go home)) ((Look around))
Votes locked at Wednesday midnight 馃暃
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you're supposed to eat the plastic straw when you're done
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PSA. (Of course it's actually "halve." You knew that.)
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Casual Advice:Make it look accidental.
You ever find yourself present to someone being a nasty human and insulting someone etc. There is already arguments or you can not interview verbally for one reason or another... specifically a public eating area.
Fill cup with water (not sticky or stain baring for legal reasons), locate a tripping area near person. Aim for pants... this avoids electronic liabilities but will ruin their day and make them leave.
Execute the KlutzFail. Don't apologize. Just curse your drink and leave to get another drink.
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One easy trick to getting thicc: eating this three days a week
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And now, comes the hour of Text Post shenanigans, Lore not yet typed up, and random tangents of adoration.
If Serena is named Serena, the text posts are before her time in Hisui.
If she's named Akari, they're during the events of legends arceus and post game.
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Happy New Year!!
Screen Tones is back with our first episode of 2022!
This week we discuss editing webcomics.
馃挱What have our speakers done to streamline their work, change it, or expand it to include more info?
馃挱What are some things to keep in mind while editing?
Hear our answers to these and more by hitting the link below:
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June 14, 2022
Yesterday I repeated the Chapter 5 of my textbook and finished the tasks in the associated exercise book. Amazingly easy as pie! I'm really happy that I'm developing a certain routine and that it's easier to remember.聽
The following phases are new and hopefully planted in my brain forever ;):
(Chinese, Pinyin, English, German)
璇烽棶鎮ㄨ吹濮? -> q菒ng w猫n n菒 gu矛 x矛ng? -> May I ask what鈥檚 your name? -> Darf ich fragen wie Ihr Name ist?聽
瀵逛笉璧 -> du矛 bu q菒 -> Sorry! -> Entschuldigung聽
娌″叧绾 -> m茅i gu膩n xi -> It鈥榮 okay -> Das macht nichts聽
No new vocabulary today!聽
Happy Learning! 馃槉
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Helpful Hints
If you鈥檙e having any issues; Please refer first to the FAQ &Troubleshooting聽page. After reviewing, feel free to report a problem with the following google form:聽https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfa-SdHbm3qtoBH0sQkF9VlVbH8gBzqUVoxkqZ9sb8r77ZqIg/viewform?usp=share_link
If you have questions about certain sets, first read the manual for it first as you may find your answer there. All Manuals can be found here:聽https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HRu56bTx4vnk9PEQ_TrtTPIQYaedCrqr?usp=sharing
Beta Tester Application Form:
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/VVTWAwdCwn
Please note that if you join the discord without doing a beta application, you are limited to what channels you can view.
If you find a聽鈥渂roken link鈥; Please refer first to the Download Links page. These links are always the most updated for any set. If you do not see a link that matches the name of the set you鈥檙e looking for, make sure there wasn鈥檛 an updated and renamed version made.
If you鈥檇 like to support me; Please refer to the Donate page. I don鈥檛 run a Patreon as I feel it puts undue stress on creators. Donations are put toward mostly high quality texture purchases, mesh sets, and other creation resources. Also for vast amounts of tea.
If you need to contact me;聽If you鈥檝e left a message in the messenger and it hasn鈥檛 been answered, or if you have a particular ask that you need a quicker answer to, please feel free to reach me on my main tumblr @fracturedmoonlight
If you鈥檙e looking for my policy; Please refer to the Sun&Moon Policy page. There鈥檚 a method to my madness as they say so please respect it. I am however open to collaborations and the like, you just have to ask me.
Do I take requests/suggestions/commissions; Currently at this time, no. If I would like suggestions/input on the plans I currently have, I will ask the community for feedback.
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The Mind blowing theorists鉁
This list consists of Helpful theories that may increase your chances of survival
馃崁Anon- [馃崁 1] [馃崁 2][馃崁3][馃崁4][馃崁5][馃崁6]
馃悙Anon- [馃悙1] [馃悙 2][馃悙3][馃悙4][馃悙5]
馃Salt- [馃 1] [馃 2][馃3][馃4]
馃巸Anon- [馃巸 1] [馃巸 2][馃巸3][馃巸4][馃巸5][馃巸6]
馃崻Anon- [馃崻1][馃崻2][馃崻3][馃崻4]
馃尯Anon- [馃尯1][馃尯2][馃尯3][馃尯4]
馃帣Anon- [馃帣1][馃帣2][馃帣3]
馃敂Anon- [馃敂1][馃敂2]
馃惏Anon- [馃惏1][馃惏2] [馃惏3]
馃懢Anon- [馃懢1][馃懢2][馃懢3][馃懢4]
鈽侊笍Anon- [鈽侊笍1][鈽侊笍2]
馃嵁Anon- [馃嵁1]
馃崑Anon- [馃崑1][馃崑2][馃崑3][馃崑4]
馃挓Anon- [馃挓1]
馃敄Anon- [馃敄1]
馃帯Anon- [馃帯1][馃帯2]
馃巰Anon- [馃巰1]
Empathy Anon- [1]
(A/N: if you wish to be added let me know!)
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