soong-type-notinuse · 3 months
"some people struggle with neopronouns" yeah some people struggle switching pronouns when it's from she/her to he/him but you all don't expect that person to be ok with being misgendered. weird how that works. it's only valid when it's he/she/they and it can't be misgendering if it's against a neopronoun user. we get it. you don't like genderqueers.
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jinxedbrain · 6 months
The most punk, anarchist, radical thing you can do as a trans person is love yourself and love however you want to transition.
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genderpunks · 8 months
shoutout to people with genders other than male and female that prefer not to be called nonbinary. shoutout to genderqueer, gender non conforming, neutrois, maverique, aporagender, androgyne, xenogender, kenochoric, solarian, lunarian, stellarian, spacialian, genderpunk, genderfuck, abinary people, anyone else who has a distinct identity, and people who just like to be called trans and prefer to be referred to that way, ily
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Tumblr media
Trans Talmud places eunuchs and androgynes at the center of rabbinic literature and asks what we can learn from them about Judaism and the project of transgender history. Rather than treating these figures as anomalies to be justified or explained away, Max K. Strassfeld argues that they profoundly shaped ideas about law, as the rabbis constructed intricate taxonomies of gender across dozens of texts to understand an array of cultural tensions.
Showing how rabbis employed eunuchs and androgynes to define proper forms of masculinity, Strassfeld emphasizes the unique potential of these figures to not only establish the boundary of law but exceed and transform it. Trans Talmud challenges how we understand gender in Judaism and demonstrates that acknowledging nonbinary gender prompts a reassessment of Jewish literature and law.
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thefrogginbullfish · 1 year
Tumblr media
And many more!
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lgballt · 1 year
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lgballt pit (all puns intended)
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lesbian-of-nine · 11 months
the androgynous urge to wear mens deodorant and lavender perfume at the same time
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kryptosworld · 10 days
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Digital reciprocation
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gateway-2000 · 6 months
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sunday night vibing aka going to the cemetery all gothed up ⚰️
(whatever pronouns. i am an intersex genderqueer person.)
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viejospellejos · 3 months
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koiyin · 8 months
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The thoughts that went through my head when I saw Jotaro’s new hat.
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soong-type-notinuse · 4 months
every single queer term relating to gender is turned into some binary bullshit and i'm tired. like why do you all hate people who don't fit the binary so much.
when transsexual was the term for trans men and trans women, transgender was coined mainly and mostly to describe people outside the binary.
then the aptobinaries decided they didn't like transsexual anymore and took over transgender. which, at this point, is almost as binary as transsexual used to be.
nonbinary people are constantly divided into transmascs and transfems, into amabs and afabs, into boy nonbinaries and girl nonbinaries.
genderqueerness suddenly needs to include aptobinaries despite it being an old term synonymous with nonbinary. genderqueerness suddenly needs to include aptobinaries in order to not alienate them, but instead alienate those the term was created by and for. despite "gender nonconforming" being right there.
just say you hate us and go. just say you want to centre the gender binary and aptobinary people in everything that was created by and for those of us outside of the binary. you all took over transgender, then nonbinary, then genderqueer, the last identity i have left and all because you think that "everyone is a little bit genderqueer" in the same way ableists say that "everyone is a little bit autistic", because you think "your gender doesn't need to be genderqueer to be genderqueer, you just need to dislike the gender binary", in the same way radfems say "you don't need to be attracted to women to be lesbian, it's enough to dislike men".
stop turning our identities into ideologies and stances. all of this was created by us out of marginalisation and taken over by those with aptobinary privilege over us.
genderqueer and gender nonconforming aren't the same thing. if you're always, fully and exclusively either male or female, this term was not made for you.
nothing has ever felt as much like home as a genderqueer identity and you all wanna centre the binary in it. stop.
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jinxedbrain · 6 months
I will never have top surgery, and it's not even because I don't want it just for normal reasons, it's because my breasts happen to hide a very prominent chest deformity I have (pectus carinatum).
With my binder, the cushion that my breasts provide make my chest look normal. If I were to get my breasts removed, my chest wouldn't look like a chest I want or would feel comfortable in (because people are weird about deformities).
Binding is the way I get the chest I want. Binding is not just a transition pit-stop to surgery. It is a valid form of transition and end of transition and deserves to be respected as such.
Not everyone who binds want to get surgery, or can get surgery.
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genderpunks · 25 days
what is androgyny? how do i be more androgynous?
we get this question a lot- a lot of people are curious about what being androgynous means, and what it means to present androgynously. some people believe they want to be more androgynous, but struggle with how to integrate that into their comfort zone. here are some tips and some information on what androgyny is, and how to accomplish it, from an intersex androgyne.
what is androgyny?
androgyny is a state where one's gendered behaviors, presentation, roles, and so on, feature both masculine and feminine elements at the same time. androgyny is not to be confused with total gender neutrality, or genderlessness- androgyny is often times very pointedly "both male and female", and this is the distinction between the two presentation styles and identities.
how can i be/look/present androgynous?
figure out which elements of masculinity and femininity call to you, especially, if you think androgyny, and not gender neutrality is right for you. if you like feminine clothing like skirts and 'women's' shoes, you don't have to forego wearing them just because you prefer to wear men's everything else. the point of being androgynous is to pointedly wear very feminine + masculine things at the same time.
facial + body hair with women's clothing are a wonderful combo, don't be afraid to wear bulky men's jackets, blue collar working clothes, thick flannels, and other hyper masculine clothing with tights, skirts, short shorts, body suits, leggings- creativity is the name of the game. there is no one way to be androgynous, the only goal is to combine masculinity and femininity at once. if you are seeking to gain a completely genderless appearance, you are looking for gender neutrality, not androgyny.
not all men and women dress the same, by the way, so you may just want to take the time to search and look at different men and women's clothing to see if there are different styles that appeal to you. if you are alternative, look into alternative clothing for both men and women, if you are into high fashion, combine elements from both men's and women's outfits- bulky masculine jewelry can change a look drastically, or, delicate feminine necklaces and earrings can make a statement.
have fun with the way you wear your hair. you can do literally whatever you want- try men's and women's hair cuts of all types. you will have a few you hate, but it's worth trying. if you really find that you hate shopping for shoes, you may just be shopping in the wrong gender's section. same goes for any other garment. you may naturally just find yourself wanting to combine mens and women's clothing- let yourself do that. don't feel like you "have" to dress any type of way- literally be free. break the binary in your head that outfits have to be 100% male OR female, masc OR fem
play with combining masculine and feminine names, terms, pronouns, roles, and so on. be a guy who's a wife. be a girl who's a husband, be a male girlfriend, a female boyfriend, a male mother, a female father, etc. combine gendered pronouns and use he/she or she/he together. call yourself both a boy and a girl in the same sentence. break the binary in your head that a person can only use 1 set of gendered terms at once!
drag is absolutely an option here and encouraged- please play around with drag looks. experiment with gender and go nuts with it- be over the top masculine one day and over the top femme the next. wear extremely garish, campy, ridiculous looks that highlight the enjoyable parts of your gendered presentation and have fun with it. don't be afraid of drag, drag loves androgynous ppl
what if xyz men's/women's articles of clothing, being referred to by male/female pronouns/names/etc., being seen as a man/woman make me dysphoric?
androgyny may not be for you- if you are very strongly dysphoric, and struggle with being called by the "opposite" gender's pronouns, names, etc. and struggle with wearing strongly gendered men's or women's clothing, androgyny is not for you. it's totally okay if you need to avoid things that make you dysphoric, just know that in being androgynous, you are adopting both 'male' (andro) and 'female' (gyn-) appearances, roles, presentation, and so on.
can being more androgynous help me with dysphoria?
androgyny can also help you cope with dysphoria, however, if you are in a stage of your transition where you are capable of being okay with being misgendered in a sardonic way, or are okay with seeing your agab as a separate identity, or a part of you, without invalidating your current gender. many trans people do in fact identify as both, or as a "guy who was a girl" or a "girl who was a guy," etc. it's okay if you want to play with both genders once you've lived as both for a while. it's fun. it's cool. it's sexy
how do you find out if you are androgynous/if androgyny fits you? does every androgynous person choose to be androgynous?
every person's journey is different. some of us are born like this- i am intersex and am naturally very androgynous. my body is very much 50/50 "male and female," so to speak. nature did not cleanly put me in one box or the other, i fell right between. so for me, adopting androgyny was a way of coping and healing and being myself- i did choose the labels, but i didn't choose my identity, if that makes sense. i've always been a genderfucker, personally, and i've always loved being "both", a "boygirl" a, a "he-she", a dyke AND a faggot, and so on. just be mindful that intersex people don't choose our traits, so many of us are just born like this and want to be ourselves. perisex people who choose to become androgynous are just as cool and important
if you like being a boygirl, a girlboy, a boy and a girl, a girl who's a boy and a boy who's a girl, whatever the case, you very well could be an androgynous person. the sky is the limit, but just remember that there are some basics. if you are avoiding gendered presentation, androgyny isn't right for you. but if you love combining male and female aspects of gender and being a "both", it could be right for you. good luck, take care.
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a-genderfluid-anomaly · 3 months
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you know what? i look so damn beautiful.
Siegfried (he/him)
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grymoria · 8 months
Long story short, humans aren't a binary and the typical "biological female" and "biological male" doesn't matter. So if everyone's biology isn't the same, then why the hell should society list what our gender should be?
If you identify as a cisgender (one who identify as the gender they were associated with at birth) then that's fine. But if you don't, then that's fine as well. Gender is a social construct. They're made up so every gender identity is valid.
If you want the full article here:
Tumblr media
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