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lovesick-joey · 2 days
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he's very helpful
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rozeoxim · 3 days
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Drinking buddy for Constantine
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It’s SO funny watching those “sigma males” use the joker as their face of business..
Like yeah, man…this fucking twink is SO manly and masculine…
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kenandeliza · 15 hours
A random thought / headcanon
Superman learns knitting/sewing, deciding to give an “ugly sweater” to his friends, including captain marvel
He doesn’t make them ugly intentionally, he’s just bad at making designs
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robinsleeping · 11 hours
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This man is simply built different
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Tim: So, this Daniel, he lives with you?
Jason: Yeah, he just moved in last month.
Duke: And that's going well?
Jason: Yep! He is so great.
Damian: So he knew you and was like more...
Jason: ...
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theartistonthemoon · 14 hours
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He looks like a bug
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loudmouthmento · 2 days
My top ten favorite DC characters (nobody asked for this):
1. Dick Grayson and Cass Cain (I won’t ever choose between them they’re my favorite mfers in this whole place)
2. LADY SHIVA!! You guys don’t get her like I do
3. Roy Harper (New Earth)
4. Vic Sage!! Charles Victor Szasz! Charlie!! I love him so much he’s such a mess of a person xoxo
5. Donna Hinckley Stacy Troy and Victor Stone. Whoops another tie idc idc idc they mean so much to me
6. Helena Bertinelli!! My girl!
7. Kory!
8. Tim Drake little brother of all time
9. Ollie Queen <3
10. Bruce Wayne. I LOVE a good Batman comic hate to hear it hate to see it.
Honorable mentions—
(11) Bartholomew Henry Allen
(12) Wally
(13) Swamp Thing <3
(14) Lobo 1990
(15) Damian
(16) Oracle
(17) Dinah!!
(18) Hal, Mia, Lian, and Connor
(19) Garth
(20) Steph and Leslie Thompkins
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nerdybird34 · 2 days
Batboys & Cuddles💞
Who out of the batboys likes to cuddle, and what positions do they favor?
Now, I was not going to put Damian in this list because he’s under age and I don’t really want to think about cuddling him for that reason alone. But, I forgot that I can say that he’s an adult. So just so everyone is aware every character in this list is 18+ and this is just what I think so please don’t get mad at me.
Dick is definitely a cuddly kind of guy. He likes cuddles every moment of everyday no matter what position you guys are in he LOVES it! It helps him feel close to you, and he feels like he is keeping you safe.
He tries to hide it and hates to admit it but, he secretly loves cuddling. He loves spooning with you (and of course he has to be the big spoon and would have it no other way). He loves holding and protecting you, because you are the most important thing in the world to him.
Tim’s a busy man so he doesn’t have much time for cuddles. But if you can convince him to take a break or if you try cuddling him when he’s doing work I bet he would love nothing more then to hold/be held by you.
Damian (adult)
Damian is most definitely a grumpy cuddler and will act like he is so pissed off at you anytime you try to show any affection towards him. But don’t worry, because your love means the world to him and anytime your eyes meet for even a second his heart skips a beat. 
I hope you all enjoyed this! I’ve been wanting to do more…shall we say spicy lists about the batfam lately but I don’t know if you guys would be interested in that, so let me know what you think.🖤🦇
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crypttonight · 2 days
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sadams8782 · 1 day
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Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) trying on some alternative outfits.
If you enjoy the images, click on the link below for downloadable versions which are at full HD resolutions.
DeviantArt: www.deviantart.com/SAdams8782 •           Please do not use this image without giving me credit. •           Consider supporting me with a favorite and/or by following.
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mongeesemeese · 2 days
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The Dollmaker: probably one of the creepiest villains from DC, at least in my opinion. Bro turns his victims' corpses into dolls, was raised by a cannibal, and made his mask out of parts of his fathers face. WTF.
Some of the villains in Gotham could legit have horror movies made about them - this guy is definitely one of them.
Anyway, yet another addition to the DC project I'm working on.
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drspock888 · 2 days
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Sunday vibes Just be Batman
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lovesick-joey · 7 days
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fyi your dad is a whor—
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arlos-warm-drpepper · 1 month
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This panel is from batman and Robin eternal vol 1.
Anybody know what the original dialogue was before it was altered? Thanks
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"My favourite superhero is Green Lantern!"
"My favourite is the Flash!"
"Mine is Robin!"
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