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allgremlinart · 2 days
hating one or both of them wont make you hot actually
Tumblr media
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(Damian Al-Ghul/Wayne is...pt.1)
I will be posting part 2 for the rest of the batboys as well (the rest of them have more options)
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satoshy12 · 12 hours
DC+Dp Danny Jekyll and Phantom Hyde
While most do Danny as Bruce and Talia son in ideas, how about it's Phantom.
Phantom is Talia and Bruce's son, but Danny is Jack and Maddie's son.
Dānyāl the older brother of Damian, who while on a mission as Damian was younger, was betrayed and killed by his now dead teammates. A angry Talia hunted them and their families down.
He woke up in the Ghost Zone without a body as Blob Ghost and was then pulled into Danny's body as Danny opened the portal. Phantom was initially angry but eventually got used to it.
He even began to enjoy it, although he missed his family. Danny allowed him to use his body, but Phantom rather was sleeping most of the time. And Danny helped tried to him too, trying to get him a body after a talk with Clockwork and Frostbite.
Phantom mostly left Danny alone and only protected his little host. However, that changed when he was attacked by the G.I.W., an enemy that Danny could not attack as Human.
But Phantom had no such restraint and let out his full killing intent against them, to make them leave Gotham where Danny was as a Class trip.
But the killing intent that flowed out of him was all too familiar for few who were in Gotham. For Talia and Damian it was short but unmistakable familiarity. For the rest of Batfamily or villains it was a horrifying and thankfully short moment. Other the Joker who just laughed.
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The real reason Jason and Damian dislike Tim is because he gets along great with Talia and they hate having to share their mom's attention
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dcoosstuff · 2 days
Btw Damian has Talia's kind of autism not Bruce's kind of autism
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minnow-doodle-doo · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Talia in the Sons of Anarchy AU is still darkly morally gray, intense, and uses both those things to do what she wants. (this happens at least every 6 months)
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caffeinecopy · 4 months
Headcanon that Jason’s white hairstreak is so inconsistent in the comics because he keeps desperately trying to get rid of it and it just comes back. 
Maybe it makes more sense for it to be a stress thing, but I think it’s funnier if it’s just a weird magical side effect of the Lazarus pits.
So he dies it black, and the magic goes No. It’s white again within a week. He tries colouring it in with sharpie. No luck. He literally cuts that bit off and then he wakes up with more white hair than before.
He eventually has to call Talia like How Do I Get Rid Of It. 
She gives him the mystical speech equivalent of a vague shrug.
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Ra's Al Ghul: Talia. Why is your charity case running around stabbing people and causing me a migraine?
Talia: I may have told him that coming out of the Lazarus Pit can induce a rage fever.
Ra's: That wears off after four hours. It's been three months since you dunked him.
Talia: It's therapeutic, father. He's able to express his rage without feeling guilt over it. Let him have this.
Ra's: He ruined my favorite garden!
Talia: For as much as I put into keeping this League running, he gets to ruin as much as he wants.
Okay that would be hilarious.
Jason: *goes absolutely feral*
Talia, sipping tea: You’re doing great, sweetie.
Ra’s: It’s been six months. He’s taken down nine drug rings and three corrupt governments. Will you please tell him now.
Talia: Just let him have this.
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coffinbirds · 6 months
Jason to Bruce: Yeah, well Mom would have killed the Joker for me!
Bruce: Jaylad, I can't-
Bruce: Who is 'Mom'.
Jason: Talia, duh.
Dick: Yeah, Bruce, duh.
Dick: Wait.
Dick: What?
Damian: I was not made aware of this development.
Tim: You think she'd still kill him if she's asked nicely, Jay?
Jason: Probably.
Tim: Hm.
*Later that day*
Duke: The Joker was killed in his Arkham cell, apparently. No evidence left of the killer, but it wasn't a quick death.
Dick, looking Tim dead in the eyes: Oh wow, I wonder how that happened?
Tim: A mystery, truly.
Duke: Not that I'm complaining, right, I'm as happy about his death as the rest of you. But would Bruce be okay with this?
Damian, pouring his cereal: Maybe you should VISIT MOTHER MORE OFTEN, YOU HEATHEN.
Dick: We care very little about what Bruce is okay with here.
Duke: I'm starting to get that, yeah.
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qcomicsy · 21 days
Phrases I bet were said on the Wayne Manor without context Part ll
Tim: You know, everytime we have to say "technically it's not murder" it doesn't sound as great as we hope it so.
Dick, on the living room:
Duke, first time alone with him: So... Discowing, huh.
Dick: Alright-
Alfred, very tired: I suppose I shouldn't ask about the 6'0 orange lady flying of your window this morning?
17 year old Dick Grayson: I'd really hope you not.
Steph: I'm JUST SAYING, that IF "hypothetically" WE both showed up on patrol wearing my cape, hood down and then lifted up the hood just to show matching RedHood™ helmets behind it we could both have the joy to see penguin's henchmen pissing on their pants.
Jason putting his book down: I'm listening.
Dick: Just- Just be nice about it, for once in your life okay?
Bruce: Hn. (lying)
Bruce: I'd like to remind all of you that Diana has international political immunity.
Dick: The fuck you mean by that????
Bruce: No reason. Just saying. In case we all forgot.
Alfred: We are all aware that Master Bruce isn't fond of violence *loads glock*.
Bruce: Be nice to your brother
Jason: I'm not even nice to you.
Jason, 10 years old talking about Dick to his school friend: Yeah, he just comes here, eat all our food, screams at Bruce for 45 minutes and goes away.
Tim, 15 years old, also talking about Dick to his school friend: He just comes here-
Bruce, very, very tired: So... a boat.
Tim: Do it.
Jason, cleaning his gun: Dude what the fuck.
Tim, 7 nights awake in a roll: Do you think if I just scream loud enough Clark will come here and put me out of my misery.
Dick as Batman, 12 nights awake in a roll: He won't.
Dick putting Batman's suit: He couldn't at least had the DECENCY of cleaning- muffled cursing noises*
Harley Quinn at 3 am: I'll pay you fifty bucks if you pretend you never saw me here
Dick, 17 years old: The fuck are you doing here.
Talia, with a shitty ass grin showing the engagement ring on her finger: I live here.
Bruce: Listen-
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arunneronthird · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
had a thought today about damian “ swear i will protect u with my life” wayne
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oifaaa · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Speaking of evil Jason I'm still of the belief that he just was fucking with Dick with the whole ginger bullshit it was his special way of coping with Bruce's death
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writer-room · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
More of these. Anyway we should utilize the fact that Jason knows Talia a lot more often.
One Three
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geraldmariaivo · 22 days
What if we combine the concept of Danny being Bruce’s bio kid, and the concept that Danny can’t be the ghost king just yet, so he’s the prince and someone else has to be the official regent? Because that then opens up the possibility of Bruce randomly being summoned every time someone tries to summon the Ghost King because as far as the realm is concerned he is Danny’s parent, and they’re asking for the ghost King, not the ghost Queen.
This could lead to scenarios like:
-Cultists trying to summon the ghost king only to summon Batman.
-Cultists trying to summon the ghost king only to summon Adoptions Georg Himbo Bruce Wayne
-Batman being in the middle of a meeting at the watchtower only to suddenly be whisked away to a slumber party full of teenagers who didn’t expect this to work, and are 100% sure they didn’t do it right because how the fuck else would they get Batman?.
-Bruce Wayne getting yoinked all magic-like in the middle of his own gala, only to show up two days later with torn clothes somewhere wildly far away.
-Ra’s and Talia fairly reasonably assuming that Damian is the prince of the afterlife because Talia fucked the ghost king, and Ra’s being mad that he had no idea about any of this. -Bruce having a fucking aneurysm because he can’t figure out why the fuck all these attempts to summon the ghost king end up summoning him, because he can’t remember doing a single thing that would earn him such a title.
-The rest of the batfamily desperately trying to figure out when the hell Bruce became the ghost king.
-Alfred preparing a post-summoning kit/routine because sometimes Bruce gets sent back, and is both very disoriented and definitely not allowed to go on/finish patrol afterward.
-Finding out he has a son he didn’t know about because a ghost came up to him and told him to get his feral child under control.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I love Dan Mora as much as the next person but for me I would have to say Simone Di Meo is my favorite cover artist currently. Like no one does lighting like him and I’m just always in awe when I see one of his covers.
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chunkysoup22 · 5 months
Tumblr media
some funny guys
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