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hailsatanacab · 3 days
Tumblr media
@the-ghost-trader - ooooh, i love this! it has the potential to be so incredibly sad, too, like poor Damian just trying to carve out something normal for himself only for it blow up in his face
BUT, shockingly, i'm not about the angst today! not yet anyway 😇
“So, how was your day?”
Despite his answering groan, Damian likes this. This. This whole… thing he has with Danielle. With Ellie. 
And, yeah, he’s not exactly told any of the others yet, but can you blame him? For wanting to keep something, anything, to himself. Wanting to keep this small little slice of goodness he’s managed to carve out, untouched and unmarred by his family, by their other lives, by the rogues, the vigilantes, the assassins, everyone.
“That bad, huh?”
Being with Ellie is freeing. That’s the best way to describe it.
She knows. Damian surprised even himself when he told her—not about the others, mind, but he supposes it’s not hard to put two and two together and Dani has always been smarter than most—but it’s the best decision he’s ever made, and no matter what the niggling little voice in the back of his head says (the one that sounds suspiciously like Father), he can’t bring himself to regret it.
He won’t. Because having Ellie know gives him freedom.
She’s a safe place, a hand to hold, a warm, welcoming presence when things inevitably turn ugly. It’s the freedom to just be normal when everything else in his life spirals into stranger and more stressful missions.
“Richard is being insufferable again. I do not understand his incessant need to know everything about my life.”
“Oh? What’s he done now?” 
“I was subjected to an hour long interrogation about my love life, like it’s any of his business. It’s infuriating!”
“Ugh, tell me about it. I get the same thing from Jazz, constantly. It can be suffocating.” Ellie says as she curls herself tighter into his side. “But it’s just how they show they care.”
“Yes, well, sometimes I wish he wouldn’t—”
“Hey!” Ellie pushes herself up to glare at him, punctuating her shout with a soft whack to his arm for good measure. “What have I said about using that word?”
“Yes, yes,” he placates with a roll of his eyes, “‘Be careful what you wish for.’ I apologise, it won't happen again.”
“Damn straight it won't.”
She maintains eye contact with him for a second longer before tucking herself back into his side, squirming around with a long, contented hum that Damian can feel rumble through him. He smiles and doesn’t complain even when he has to shift to give her more room after a particularly strong elbow jabs him in the ribs. It means leaving the warm patch on the couch, but he’s rewarded with another long, happy moan as she settles and Damian can’t bring himself to mind.
Ellie constantly makes noises. Little mews and hums and laughs and songs known only to her. It reminds him of a cat, sometimes. He likes it. It calms him down; it means she’s happy, so he's happy.
They settle back into the cushions and Damian lets the subject drop, not wanting to spoil the moment. Outside, the wind changes direction and from where he’s laying he can watch as the snow starts to come down thick and heavy. Hopefully it’ll mean a quiet night's patrol.
“Is that why you haven’t introduced me yet?”
“What?” He can't help it, he stiffens at the thought of losing his secret, of the scrutiny he'll be inviting if he lets anyone know.
“Are you worried I’ll embarrass you?”
Damian’s eyes snap down quick to reassure her, only to see her light, teasing grin. He lets out a breath of relief. It figures she wouldn't worry about that.
“Of course not, don’t be absurd. You could never embarrass me.”
“I don’t know,” she muses, her voice taking on a dangerous lilt, “that sounds like a challenge.”
“Believe me, having been subjected to Father’s Brucie persona at every gala I’ve been to, it would take a lot to embarrass me.”
“Alright, bet. I’ll get you, just you wait.”
“You’ve already got me.”
She flicks him on the nose. “You’re such a sap.”
He hums his agreement, enjoying the tinkling sound of her laughter. And then, before he can think otherwise, he asks, “Is that why you haven’t introduced me?”
“That’s different,” she scowls. “You know how hard it is to get there, there’s no signal, and Danny only gets a break like—oh, Ancients!”
Damian gets another elbow to the ribs as she bolts upright, a manic grin on her face that has him laughing.
“What is it?”
“It’s the holidays! It’s nearly Truce Day! You know I said I had a family thing around Christmas?”
“Well, do you want to come to it? I can introduce you then! I mean, it’s going to be a bit formal and you’ll have to meet everyone, not just family. There’s going to be some banquets, you’ll have to sit through some long speeches and you have to be on your best behaviour at all times, okay? Absolutely no fighting, it’s called Truce Day for a reason!”
“Yeah, it’ll be perfect! I think Jazz is going in a couple days earlier to help with the preparations, so I’ll get her to let Danny know—and fair warning, he will try to give you the shovel talk, but this is great! It’s Truce Day, so he can’t actually do anything about it!”
“I’m sorry, but you're going to have to explain a bit.”
“Yeah, I know, it’s a bit much—but that’s family, right? Danny can get pretty protective over me, which is why going on Truce Day is the best time to do it! He can’t even command the Fright Knight to stab you! It’s genius!”
“Ellie, what?”
“Like, yeah, sure, he’s the king, but even he has to obey the rules of Truce Day—and then once you’ve spent all day with him, he’ll see that you’re a fantastic, wonderful, kind, brilliant, smart, strong, capable person and he’ll get over himself and everything will be good!"
Damian collapses down onto the couch, the wind knocked out of him. This is… He had not expected anything like this at all. For all that Ellie talked about her family, she had never mentioned this.
“Did you… did you say your brother is a king?”
“Yeah! High King Phantom, have I…” The manic grin slips off her face as she turns round and notices Damian. “Have I not mentioned that before?”
“No. No, you have not.”
“Ah. Sorry. Probably should clarify that I’m also a princess.”
“Right. Yes, that's understandable.”
“And I’m not really his sister, I’m his clone.”
Damian blinks and tries to say more, but he has no idea what he’s meant to do with… any of this information. 
Normal. He thought she was meant to be his normal. Nothing could have prepared him for this.
Not that it changed anything, of course, of that he was certain. It’s just… a lot to take in. Overwhelming. But it's okay! He takes a deep breath, and another, and a sense of calm washes over him. Ellie makes one of her little hums as she cocks her head to the side to consider him and he can't help but relax at the normalcy of the sound. It'll be okay, he's dealt with stranger and he can deal with this.
“I’ve, uh… I’ve told you that we’re half ghosts, though, right?”
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gyancastle · 2 days
Tumblr media
My version of deaged Jazz.
I'm back after more than a month without posting anything here.
I wanted to draw Jasmine, because I couldn't stop thinking about how depressing it would be for her, to be a kid again. Just think about it.
I imagine it as a DP X DC Batman crossover.
She was really excited about turning 18. She would finally get Danny out of her parents' house, she would go to Gotham City college and get a job. But at any moment she would lose all her independence, because a strange experiment from her parents exploded in her face.
I also thought, "My God, she would be a really scary kid," just imagine. Jazz is 8 years old and is able to talk like an adult, she has the best grades in school, she could be considered a genius, but she also has a bad habit of psychoanalyzing people.
I would also like to add Dan and Elle in this equation.
. . .   . . .   . . .   . . .
Mi versión de Jazz rejuvenecida.
He vuelto después de mas de un mes sin publicar nada aquí.
Quise dibujar a Jasmine, porque no podía parar de pensar en lo deprimente que podría ser para ella, el volver a ser una niña. Solo piénsenlo. 
Me lo imagino como un crossover DP X DC Batman. 
Ella estaba realmente emocionada por cumplir los 18. finalmente sacaría a Danny de la casa de sus padres, haría a la universidad de ciudad Gótica y conseguiría un trabajo. Pero de un momento a otro perdería toda su independencia, debido a que un raro experimento de sus padres le exploto en la cara.
También pensé, -Dios mío, ella seria una niña realmente aterradora- solo imagínenlo. Jazz tiene 8 años y  es capas de hablar como un adulto, tiene las mejores calificaciones de la escuela, podría ser considerada una genio, pero también tiene el mal habito de psicoanalizar a la gente.
También me gustaría agregar a Dan y a Elle en esta ecuación
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vipower001 · 3 months
Dp x Dc prompt (short)1:
Danny learns how to play an instrument and gets a gig at one if the Bats Rouges bar or something. The Bats show up to fight said Rouge and while the rest of Dannys band ran and left he stays playing music. Like the band in titanic did but instead he’s playing some up beat or intense beat to make it sound like their in a fight scene. Better yet if the instrument he learns is the Violin.
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ghostreblogging · 2 months
Okkk twin au is good and all but older brother Danny au
Imagine newly adopted Danny, probably not even a blood kid he just has the face. And he is ecstatic that he's gonna be an older brother. He is like a highly determined toddler trying to babysit. Trying to take a page out of Jazz's book.
And like he's not scared of the death threats. He's a part ghost, that is just play fighting to him .
Their new brother Danny wasn't weird, they were the vigilantes and Danny was a civilian. That also meant that they had to expend extra effort to not have him snooping in some directions. And if it weren't for Damian they would look like a normal family.
But Damian was not happy, far from it. And eventually it was a matter of time till he attacks Danny.
And it just happened. Instead of running away like you know a normal person. The kid catched Damian mid air circled him and tried to hug him. It was magnificent. Because the one who was losing wasn't Danny.
And eventually Damian was caught in a bear hug.
Tim: you know we should help him, but this is also like entertainment.
Damian being Damian.
A batkid: Damian! No!
Danny : the kids like 10. Why so scared? As he is holding him up by the scruff of his shirt.
Damian holding his sword trying to threaten Danny.
Batkid: No swords!
Danny: You can't discourage him! The kid might lose interest!
Batkid looking at Damian who is almost trying to stab him now: oh that would be great.
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riot-ghost · 21 days
I'm losing my shit imagining full grown Local Feral Raccoon Man Fenton moving into the shitter of Gotham. He just took a look at Batman's 'no metals allowed' rule and thought there wouldn't be many issues to it. He's accidentally moved in right across from Red Hood's most common apartment.
Now Jason Todd has just gotten notified that someone suspicious moved in right across from the hall from one of his more frequent apartments. Oracle did some digging, and he immediately set off a bunch of red flags. The man is late twenties with, like, eight doctorates but no significant job. Came from some hick town that started as some government experiment some years back. An older sister who was a child physiatrist. A disconnect from birth parents, taken in as a ward by some local legend/myth barely mentioned globally. Former godfather is filthy fucking rich. Not in a good way, either.
So when Jason catches his first glance at the man, it immediately pings him that something is just overall wrong with him. He's average height, around five seven or eight. He looks taller, given the fact that he's thin. Skin and bones, hasn't eaten in a week kind of thin. His hair is fluffy, shaven on the sides but not the back. His hair poofs up, giving him odd horns. His skin is tan, coated in freckles, something that definitely wasn't something you saw in Gotham. He always had a brown rat somewhere on him too, which made Jason really confused the first time he'd seen it.
The way he dressed? Screamed for Jason to punch him in the face. He wore baggy black cargo pants, with a loose band shirt with cut out sleeves. His boots had inch-tall platforms but he walked with hardly any sound. He always wore long fingerless gloves, always black. What really got Jason? Was the fucking cartoon lab-coat the man always wore. The slightly off-kilter safety goggles that were always on his forehead. The man had to have different lab coats, too, because some had different stains, or tears.
It had to be a fucking joke, Jason thought. That or he was cooking meth. But the man was good. His door had eight different locks, his windows were practically bolted shut and had a one-way tint on them. His walls were sound proofed, and Jason only ever got minimal glances inside of it.
Jason's suspicion for the man jumped when he got hired as the new Chemistry teacher at Gotham Academy. The school Timothy and Damian both currently went to.
So Jason leaned against the hall, right beside his door. He waited, patiently, until Daniel emerged from the stairwell. He was looking down at his severely out-dated phone, carrying a backpack over his shoulder. Jason figured he didn't see him as the man walked closer.
"Any reason you're waiting for me?" Daniel snapped his flip phone closed, looking up at Jason with tired eyes.
"Just waitin' for you, babe." Jason grinned, winking. It was just recon, he told himself. Another part of himself called him a big, fat, fucking liar.
"Oh?" Daniel shifted, raising an eyebrow. A little smirk came to his face and Jason grinned a little wider, leaning towards him. Jason tried not to laugh seeing his rat in his hair, glaring daggers at him.
"I figured I'd do the neighborly thing and welcome you to the building." Jason says.
"Really?" Danny steps closer and Jason feels absolutely feral.
"Well, yeah. There's so much to tell you about this place. Like how the elevator has been out for thirty years. Or the rat on the third floor does a little dance if you give him mozzarella cheese, but won't take pepperoni."
"Why don't you tell me more?" Daniel moves in closer, teasing Jason before ducking under his arm to unlock his door. "I'm Danny Nightingale, by the way."
"You can call me Jay. Or anything you want, really." Jason turns around to him. "Going to invite me in?" He asks.
"What are you? A vampire? I left the door open for a reason." Danny drops his bag by the door, and Jason is filled with a sense of victory. Danny takes off his shoes and Jason is a little caught off guard with how much the shoes are lifted. He does a hand symbol over his chest, and brings his hand to his forehead. He holds his arm out and his rat clambers down and onto the side table he has by the door, scrambling down and further into the apartment.
The apartment is... Surprisingly normal. The loveseat has a hand-crocheted blanket on it with a floral pattern on it. Plants hang from the ceiling, like. A lot of plants. The TV is outdated, with a curved screen and a VCR. A laundry basket sits overflowing next to the couch, and the kitchen is clean and pristine.
Danny steps into the kitchen, starting a kettle with hot water. "Anything I need to know about you Jay?" He asks. Jason gives a little grin watching him half-climb the counter to get to his tea collection. Jason takes note of the collection- a very well stocked kitchen. Several different teas, mostly centered in helping sleeping, relaxation, to fight anxiety.
"Well, I've got a wild family."
Danny scoffs, setting two mugs on the counter. "Don't we all."
"Anything I should know about you, Danny?" Jason asks.
"Nothing that comes to mind." Danny hums. He takes off his lab coat and peels the gloves off his arms. Jason finds himself watching Danny watch him analyze his electrical scarring. Jason takes off his jacket, setting it besides Danny's as he joins Danny in the kitchen. "Nothing to say?"
"I have plenty of my own, trust me." Jason watches Danny pour the water. "This one? My younger brother got a new sword." Jason lifts the bottom edge of his shirt, pointing to the stab wound Damian had given him. "This one, my first time taking off a tire." Jason lifted the shirt to his chest, pointing at the one he got when he was four.
It's a night that Jason finds himself enjoying. Danny fixes breakfast in the morning, and Jason thinks he'd be okay with Danny being around forever. Then thinks about what Roy would say, that he always fell hard and fast.
Then Danny comes back into the bedroom, wearing Jason's shirt, and Jason thinks he's absolutely screwed if this man turns out to be a villain.
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krispymoist · 5 months
Those twins Damian and Danny's fics always have them being like “YOUR ALIVE!!!?!!!!” *starts crying* but what if instead they immediately accept it?
Dick: omg Damian don't freak out but we found out that your twin is alive!! Damian: I KNEW MOTHER WAS LYING-
Damian: Brother I've come for you! Danny, who in one year died, learned ghosts are a thing and became the ghost king: yeah okay what's up dami
It would be even funnier if Danny and Damian find out themselves and just don't even tell anyone.
Danny would probably introduce Damian to Jack and Maddie but Damian would wait to tell the Batfam and make them suffer.
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thekitsunesiren · 2 months
I love the thought of Feral Danny just activating whenever he knows that Joker is around. He has two senses: his ghost sense and his clown sense, and both are wonderful.
I also love the thought of him just stopping in a conversation when he knows Joker is around. Just picture him just sitting and chilling with one of the batkids when he just freezes, sits up and looks around like a startled meerkat. He then excuses himself and dashes away out of any building and in any direction that he felt it. There is then a crash and some startled cries, and everyone just runs towards the sound to see Danny beating the hell out of Joker with no restraint, practically foaming at the mouth with ghostly aura and everything.
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(I'm writing this prompt because I've once again been reminded of Laika the space dog and I am unbelievably sad to the point of tears. I thought this might sooth the ache a bit. Or not. Still crying. (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠))
TW: discussion/mention of animal death
You have been warned!
next →
Friends in Orbit
The first time the Justice League meet Phantom is a complete accident. He didn't mean to find the Watchtower, honest. He was just having so much fun racing through the stars with a friend that he didn't realize he'd found the Justice League's HQ until he had to hastily turn intangible to avoid face planting into the massive satellite. Once inside though, he's immediately confronted with the Justice League in a huge conference room discussing their next mission.
Everyone freezes, Danny because holy crap he's surrounded by the world's greatest heroes in their top secret base of operations, and the Justice League because how the hell did a kid get in here??
After the initial panic dies down, the Justice League interrogates Phantom on how he found the Watchtower and what he's planning to do with the information of it's existence and location. Needless to say, they're surprised when Phantom explains it was truly an accident that he even found the place and that he was just up here for a bit of fun with a friend. Martian Manhunter is able to confirm that he's telling the truth. When asked about said friend, however, Phantom looks at the heroes in confusion.
"What do you mean? I'm talking about Laika. You've never heard of her?"
He gets a few confused looks back with only a few seeming to realize what the strange glowing boy was talking about, Bruce and Clark being two of them. They remain quiet though as Phantom explains further.
"Laika was the first dog launched into space. I come up here every couple of days to play with her. She gets lonely out here all by herself, so I like to keep her company."
Many of the heroes who know about Laika and the role she played in history were even more confused. How could this strange boy be playing with a dog who died over fifty years ago? In space no less?
When asked this, Phantom gave them a sad smile. "Isn't it obvious?" He asked in return. In the next moment the gathered heroes heard an echoing bark of excitement as a misty, star-filled dog phased through the same wall that Phantom came through. The dog pranced and raced around the room, exuding so much joy from her very being it nearly brought several of the heroes to tears. After a single lap around the room, she came to a stop in front of Phantom and jumped into his arms. He laughed as she licked his face out of excitement and eagerness for their game of tag to continue.
Phantom looks up once again with an expression mixed between joy and melancholy, before finishing what he was saying before Laika's arrival.
"She may have died within hours of orbiting the earth, but her spirit lived on to play among the stars."
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry some more. Yell at me in the comments all you want, I refuse to be sad by myself with this.
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some-rotten-nest · 10 days
Okay. Okay. I get that Bruce was trained by assassins and all, but like, what if he wasn't?
Hear me out.
Bruce was trained by assassins, yes, but he also decided that wasn't enough to protect the streets of Gotham, because while the assassins taught him so many different ways to fight, they didn't really help with how to deal with the Riddler's questions or how to deal with a traumatized witness that dissociated whenever he asked.
So, what'd he do? Summon the Ghost King Phantom, of course. Phantom was said to be very merciful and kind and he was a vigilante/hero, so, why not, right?
And Danny teaches him as bast as he can for someone that fights like a rabid squirrel. He teaches Bruce about how to deal with witnesses that would dissociate whenever they were reminded of a traumatic moment, and different therapy techniques Danny himself picked up from Jazz.
And the Riddler's questions were puns more than not, and Bruce had heard more than his fair share while with Danny (and Dick).
Bruce doesn't mention it because he doesn't want to encourage his kids to summon God knows what as well. Bruce got extremely lucky that Danny was exactly as the stories portrayed him, if not more chatty and happy for an eldritch being.
Probably going to make a fic with this premise later on so be on the look out for that.
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pixiatn · 3 months
Another random sleep deprived 3am Duke and Danny prompt
Duke summons the Ghost King as a desperate last attempt to heal/help his parents. He receives not only help but also a new husband (Danny said "oh yeah I'll help you with ur parents but in return I get ur hand in marriage" as a joke, Duke immediately agreed on the count of desperately wanting his parents to get better. Danny tries to explain "IT WAS A JOKE, IT WAS A JOKE" but whoops too late ghostly deal has now been sealed, the wedding invitations have already been sent out🫠)
2 days later John Constantine burst into the watchtower during a meeting, slams a wedding invite in the table, points at batman and says "why the FUCK is YOUR SON MARRYING THE GHOST KING"
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glitter-gummy-bears · 14 days
New idea for a Danny Phantom DC crossover fic!
Danny always knew that he was adopted. His parent's had always been open with this fact and always made sure he knew they loved him just as much as Jazz. What they failed to mention was that they found him in a crashed spaceship while camping!
"You were so small and scared," his mom told him with a sigh, "We couldn't understand anything you were saying, the only thing we understood was your name."
"Sooooo you're saying Daniel is my alien name?" Danny asked in complete disbelief.
"Yep! But you said it kinda weird for a while," his dad chuckled like this whole situation was completely normal, which admittedly calmed Danny's nerves a bit. "You would point to yourself and say Dan El! Dan El! Gosh, it was adorable."
Danny felt his face heat up. His dad ruffled his hair and laughed, "I miss those days, now my kids are both moody teenagers! I'm starting to feel old!"
Danny found himself laughing lightly. Honestly, this whole thing would be pretty cool if he wasn't still freaking out. He was an alien. A freakin alien. As if being half ghost wasn't strange enough!
Danny could only pray that his life wasn't about to get even more complicated.
900 miles away Clark Kent sat at his desk at the daily planet.
As he typed about local long-lost sisters reuniting after years apart, he couldn't help the depressed, bitter feeling swirling around his stomach. Growing up Clark had always wanted a sibling, someone to play with and help him with chores on the farm. Someone who understood him.
So you can imagine his shock and delight when he learned he actually had a sibling! An older brother!
They were sent to earth in separate ships but should have landed at around the same time!
Clark did what anyone would do and searched for his brother. Then he started college but would still look. Then he got a job but would still look. Then he became a superhero, he didn't have much time to look. Then he joined the Justice League... he didn't look much anymore, and when he did he wasn't hopeful.
Clark was just about done with the article when a beep let him know someone from the league was trying to get ahold of him.
He quickly left his desk and headed for the hallway. Pressing the button on his earpiece, Clark couldn't even get a word out before a familiar brooding voice echoed in his ear.
"I looked."
Clark felt a chill go down his spine, "Did you find anything?" he demanded, sounding more like Superman.
There was a pause.
"You're gonna want to see this."
Clockwork watched as all the pieces finally fell into place. He waved his staff and saw the event that started it all play across his screen. Two Kryptonian ships heading to earth when a portal opens up, a portal Clockwork himself created, and swallows one of the ships.
The portal opens up again over a decade later, spitting out the same ship.
"Yes, everything is how it should be."
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escelia · 2 months
Thank you so much to everyone who enjoyed the first part! I hope I didn't miss anyone in the tags.
You can click here to read the prologue and here to read part one.
Not So Normal pt2
Bruce had gathered his whole brood in the Batcave for their debrief. This time, Danny included. He'd hoped that one day he would bring Danny down here and tell him all about their nightly activities, just not so soon. His newest son didn't even seem fazed at all by all the vigilantes flooding into the cave. Not that that really meant anything with him floating down through the ceiling with Dick and Damian in hand. To think one of the kids living under his own roof was a meta and he hadn't noticed… he had to step up his game as Gotham's greatest detective.
"Is the Joker alive?" Was Bruce's first question once everyone was situated and settled. He had a personal rule about not killing his rogues, but honestly, after what the Joker pulled, he thought he might be able to overlook it. After all, when an eldritch being takes a life, who is he to argue?
"Of course he's alive! Nobody dies when I get involved." Danny puffed his chest proudly. He hadn't broken his no casualty streak since he started hero work over a year ago. Not many heroes could say that, and Danny worked damn hard to keep it that way.
Bruce let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Out of relief or disappointment, he didn't know.
"Next question. Where and what is 'clown jail?'"
"It's a subspace of the Infinite Realms." The detective tucked that term away for questioning later. "It's a trick I picked up from my Head Guard back in the Realms. It's basically a space where you experience whatever punishment I think fits your crime. But it's all psychological, so no one ever gets hurt there."
"And what's his punishment?"
"Are you a meta or an alien? I can't tell at this point."
"How long have you known about us?"
"Why did you look so different back at the warehouse?"
"You have a Head Guard?"
The questions came in like a flood. Danny flushed at all the attention, unsure where to start first. He looked to Damian for help, but he only folded his arms and smiled smugly. That little traitor! But he supposed that's what he deserved for waiting so long to tell his family. In his defense, the last time he told a family about his abilities he'd ended up strapped to a table with a scalpel poking at his spleen.
"One question at a time, please!” Danny screeched, covering his face in embarrassment. He stared at Damian pleadingly one more time.
"I told you to tell them before something drastic happened, so don't look at me. "
"You knew?" Jason pouted. Damian just smirked and puffed his chest in pride. He knew exactly why Daniel hadn't told them, but had been confident that his new family wouldn't react the way his old one had. Perhaps this would teach Daniel to trust him a bit more. And wasn't it something that Damian wanted Daniel to trust him.
"They aren't like the Fentons, Daniel. You should tell them."
The words were like a balm on Danny's nerves. The others were smiling patiently at him, judgment absent in favor of eager curiosity but not in the cruel way it had been on Jack and Maddie's faces. He took a deep breath before starting in on the details. No place like the beginning, he guessed.
He told them about how he half died when he was 14 and all the abilities he gained as a result. He told them about his hunter parents and his colorful array of rogues turned friends. Bruce had paled considerably when he got to the part about Pariah Dark whisking their town away and his subsequent defeat of the Ghost King. And he looked downright nauseous when Danny detailed his victories over several of the more godlike entities of the Realms, like Overgrowth and Vortex. He left out Dan, skipping to the part where he'd effectively become the ward and apprentice to the Master of Time, Clockwork. And finally, he told them about Jack and Maddie.
When he'd stumbled into Gotham after the vivisection and begged Bruce to take him away, to protect him, "please, I just wanna feel safe again," he'd told him that it was abuse and refused to outline the details. This time, he looked him in the eyes, and with one finger wrapped around Damian's for support, he told his family about how the Dr's. Fenton had cut him open and poked around in the name of science.
"So… you're not a meta?" Duke asked in the silence that followed Danny's confessions. He had to admit he was grateful his brother wasn't dwelling on his past. Damian had been right, they were taking it well. Boy, did he let it show on his face in a typical, 12 year old, "I told you so," fashion.
"I don't have a metagene and I'm technically half-dead, half-alive. Damian used the term Pseudo-Meta. I kinda like it."
"So let me get this straight," Jason began. "Since dying, you won the Ghost King's crown by right of conquest, defeated several godlike entities, who are now your friends, and your mentor is the literal God of time?"
"Pretty much."
"Damn," he whistled. "I don't think I died right the first time. I want a do-over."
Danny snorted in laughter and Damian tutted at him while the others elbowed him in ribs.
"Does that make you a god?" Dick teased.
"I don't think so, but every time I ask Clockwork he gets all cryptic, so maybe?"
Bruce was getting a headache.
"Alright, it's time to solve some real mysteries now," Tim said with a gleam in his eyes. They'd migrated up to the kitchen for post patrol cookies. Alfred had been pleasantly surprised when Bruce had explained that, thanks to Danny, everyone had made it home relatively unscathed. And considering they'd had a run-in with Joker, that was worthy of cookies in his opinion.
"Danny, how in the world did you get Damian to stop trying to stab you?"
"Actually, yeah! You guys have gotten really close. What's the secret?" Dick asked with a raised eyebrow. Damian rolled his eyes and answered for Danny.
"I challenged him in combat and Daniel accepted. It's not my fault none of you were intelligent enough to realize it was a bonding tactic." Bruce tried to hide his laughter in his mug while the others blatantly gawked at him.
"No way."
"I have a picture of the first time he managed to graze me in a sparring session! You guys wanna see?" Everyone swarmed him to see the photo. Dick cooed and tried to pinch Damian's cheek, but was met with snapping teeth. Steph, with eyes sparkling, just muttered, "cute," so as not to stir the youngest's ire. Danny ended up promising to send the picture into the group chat later.
"By the way, you never did say what Joker's punishment was," Jason mentioned casually. Danny smiled cruelly, his frosty blue eyes glowing.
"His greatest fear, of course! A prolonged stay in a Gotham that has not nor will ever know the Joker. I swear, I've never met a clown that wasn't a total narcissist." Danny popped the last bite of a cookie into his mouth and dusted the crumbs off on his pants. "No one is allowed to hurt my brothers. Ever."
Damian was just about to climb into bed when he heard a knock at his door. He looked up just in time to see Danny phase through it into his room.
"Why even bother knocking?"
"Because it's polite!" Damian rolled his eyes. "I just wanted to say thank you for earlier." He took a seat at the end of the bed and Damian sat next to him, as was tradition for their late night chats.
"I'm the one who should be thanking you," Damian countered. "You weren't ready to tell everyone, and yet you came when I called."
"Of course I did. You're my little brother. And I'd do it for any of you." Danny nudged him with his shoulder, and it earned him a tiny, barely there smile.
"Thank you Danny."
"Using a nickname, huh? Don't let Dick hear that, he'll think you're playing favorites."
"Of course not. I have a reputation to uphold after all. Besides, Richard already thinks you're my favorite. It's giving him a complex."
"Well, aren't I?"
"Tt, don't push your luck."
There was a beat of silence before they erupted into laughter. Danny was so proud that he could make Damian laugh, even if it was more reserved than the guffaws he and their brothers had when they found something particularly funny. He couldn't wait to brag to Jazz about it once it was safe to contact her. If it was safe to contact her.
"I'll see you in the morning," Danny said, leaning lightly against his brother's shoulder in lieu of a hug. He floated over to the door. "Goodnight, Dami."
"Sleep well, Danny."
Vlad Masters gnashed his teeth while he stared at the computer screen in his office. First Daniel up and disappeared without so much as a word, and now he was all over the news and tabloids as the newly adopted "Daniel Fenton-Wayne." He was annoyed. He was furious! He was… confused. What had that fool Jack done to get Daniel taken away? Why hadn't Maddie stopped it? How did Daniel end up getting legally adopted by Bruce Wayne of all people? The boy should have come right to him if something was wrong. He deserved it! The boy was his or he was no one's!
The man swatted the mug off his desk. It shattered against the wall.
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immortallylightbird · 1 month
Prompt #9
Okay so this isn't really a prompt, more of Immortally rambles but
Blind Danny au
Danny gets blinded during the portal accident, he could get a seeing eye dog and came, but also! He learned about his ghostly wail early on, and uses it as an echolocation type thing. He uses it to see where things are and where people (and ghosts) are. Just imagine the crossover possibilities.
Danny mocks the bats for being bats but not having echolocation. They would be so confused and Jason would be cackling at their dilemma
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starwrighter · 9 days
The first out of three prompts I'm throwing out this month
Featuring my favorite trope of de aging the ghost boy for trauma and angst purposes :D
Okay! So Danny gets captured by the G.I.W or the Fenton's he's experimented on until his body can no longer take it and he retreats back into his core. Since he is still in the G.I.W's/ the Fenton's lab this doesn't exactly help him escape. With Sadistic Joy the G.I.W/ Fenton's start experimenting with Danny's core. They don't manage to break his core fortunately (whether it be because halfa cores are hard to break or the sheer powerhouse that is Danny you decide!)
Danny reforms before they could figure out how to use his core as a weapon and this causes some side effects. Both halves of him were balanced with each other, instincts clicked into place. New organs and features of his body worked perfectly with his newly enhanced human ones. Only problem with this was that he was now a baby. A literal baby like a little under a year old! And worse news he was still in the lab, his memorys blurry and his thinking process babyfied. He didn't know much about the people keeping him captive right now but he knew they hurt him and he wanted out.
The G.I.W/ Fenton's are furious that Danny reformed before they could create the perfect weapon and are now trying to make him retreat back into his core yet again. They do their worst but do to Danny's new balanced forms He. Does. Not. Give. Danny doesn't retreat back into his core he's unable to; his body healing the damage faster than they could deal it. Eventually they decided they'd kill Danny again the same way he died the first time.
They put the now officially 1yo halfa into the portal chamber. He's cuffed and muzzled to keep him from escaping or making any of those ghostly chirps, clicks, and warbles at them. (They think Danny is threatening them but he's just showing distress and calling for an adult to help him)
They quickly turn the portal off and on again with Danny inside but when they look into the chamber there's no Phantom or ghost core.
The portal didn't kill him though. No, it blasted the infant through the infinite realms so fast he clips into a different universe and crashes directly into Bruce Wayne's living room.
The batfam are very startled because they were just having a movie night, they even got Jason to show up! Now they're trying to coax a terrified baby out from under a piece of furniture so they can get the cuffs and muzzle off him.
Everyone's gone from laughing and cringing from embarrassment from the stupid movie made about their vigilante persona's to being concerned, sad, and angry on behalf of their unexpected guest.
Damian leaves the room for a second and returns with a stuffed animal from his room, offering it to the baby. The baby doesn't have the free hands to grab it but crawls out to reach for it. Damian takes the opportunity to scoop the little boy up and removing muzzle and cuffs.
Danny immediately let's out an avalanche of repressed chirps and trills, excited to be free from his chains and happy with the toy he was given. Danny decides the angry child is okay, he didn't know about the bigger people though.
The entire fam has already decided he's theirs now and they're going to destroy whoever had the balls to do something like this to a child.
(Damian would make a great older brother and you can fight me on this! >:(
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ghostreblogging · 2 months
Omg like I had this dream about it yesterday. So what if batfam decided nope we're gonna ghost proof this house. And in the way they did it, they didn't use blood blossoms, ectoranium etc (blood blossoms are extinct and hard to find in large quantities and ectoranium is a space metal that nobody knows exist yet or confused with kryptonite) They used magic, so it's little less noticable.
And Tim decides to Invite his new friend over, aka Danny Fenton . Said friend refuses to touch anything while there. He wouldn't sit, eat food, or touch any of the occupants. And when he finally accidentally touches something, the spell works and he is captured with glowing chains or straight up thrown back into the infinite realms.
Danny finally has time for normal teenager shit. He managed slowly go through the bureaucratic shithole that is the infinite realms politics and he managed to come out with his sanity intact. Phantom is no longer a menace but a hero that tragically gave himself up to seal all of the Infinite realms (that is kinda true he did go through a nightmare to make sure ghosts didn't attack the living world and had to do the equivalent of centuries worth of paperwork to do that.)
And all things considered ghosts are a thing of the past for most people. ( He hopes that the ones he allows through keep their oaths and stay hidden)
And he can finally be a normal teenager again, albeit in Gotham of all places. But the death in the city masks his more inhuman traits and he really didn't wanna go through another paper work stuff to register himself as a meta without the meta gene, he would have to do that later though.
But he can do that later, he's on a vacation and he's not doing that.
He is standing in the doorway. People around him are getting their umbrellas and sadly he doesn't have one. He was debating internally if he should just go or go back to the lost and found for an umbrella.
He was waiting for Tim as he agreed to come for dinner. The car ride to the Wayne manor was calm, filled with few words.
All changed when he came to find the whole manor was covered in intricate magical circles and traps. He saw atleast few that straight up sent him to the dark parts of the realms and he didn't want to touch that. And as much as he wanted to straight up escape, Tim had been asking for multiple days.
So as much as he wanted to flee, his social skills are shit and he didn't want to risk the awkwardness afterwards.
So he tried his best. Didn't touch the ground floated slightly above it, didn't touch the furnitures cuz apparently it was considered part of the house, couldn't touch the walls. Couldn't even touch the residents before setting the alarms off.
He thinks he pulled it off. Of course he pulled it off everything was going smoothly and he just has to make sure he has everyone in the room in his sights and float a bit. Well until the actual dinner. He couldn't touch the food and he looked quite akward so much so Tim whispers to him.
"You okay? You aren't touching your food."
"Oh I'm okay, it's just-" before he could even start with his sorrowful excuses, someone someone grabs his arm, again it wouldn't have been a problem too it would only raise the alarm, until he is pushed down into the chair thus triggering multiple traps .
Big golden chains appear and he is arleady out of the chair by then. He opens a window and turns to say sorry but he accidentally trips over another trap and is pulled into the realms. He should probably cross Tim out of his list of friends.
Tim's friend just fell through a portal, should probably call Constantine about that.
Dick was the first one to speak up after the silence that incued.
"Did we just banish Tim's new friend to the shadow realm?"
"Wait why did he trigger the alarm? He didn't seem all that ghostly, was he like Jason"
"Probably. We probably won't see him again, do we just. . . Push the blame onto Constantine?"
" We are heroes-"
"And how the heck are we supposed to enter the realms anyway? And escape! Constantine greatly expressed that portal was one way only"
They see Danny just waltzing through Gotham and they pull him aside.
"What the fuck. You got pulled into the shadow realm yesterday! How do you even trigger the alarms"
Danny who arleady went through the five stages of denial and how tf am I gonna explain "oh you see i am a warlock of....uhhhh
I didn't think this far
And after a very stressful meeting with batman and the entire JL dark members cuz apparently his alter ego became a big deal without his agreement.
Where he
Had to speed learn how to create duplicates
Had to fight off a few ghost lawyers cuz they wanted to be a part of "the very important meeting of importance"
Got asked to do magic (he's still learning okay?)
He panicked tried to sell one of his powers as a spell or him just having the copy of his patrons power.
More people got worried about him supposedly creating a contract with a very powerful new unknown diety
Got into the JL dark as a warlock
People apparently trusts him now???? As FENTON??????
Apperantly showing off weaker version of patrons power was a bad idea cuz he greatly overestimated the power limit.
He is a powerful warlock of a powerful "demon"?
"so what is he"
Uhhhhhh a guardian spirit?
Uunhuun soo it's phantom right.?? Leme do some research
Wait . . . . Clockwork. Oh my god.
Now he is the number one call up magic person for the bats now.
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riot-ghost · 12 days
So I've started a DP writing prompt and I don't know whether or not to finish it so I'll set my base ideas here and see if it hits.
Danny slammed his locker shut, kicking the metal door so hard that it crumpled like a can of soda, barely hanging on by the top hinge. The school was mostly empty, given that school was out regardless. But the remaining students were in a similar state as him.
The students remaining in the school were all in different stages of grief, really. The whole scene looked like something straight from one of Jazz's textbooks. Paulina was picking up her locker, talking with Star about Phantom. Denial.
Danny was the perfect picture of anger. Pure rage leaked from every pore. Star had only just passed bargaining, the mascara tear-stains from begging with her parents are enough evidence of that.
Dash sat against his locker across the hall, staring into blank space. Mikey sat in the cafeteria, head buried into the phone he'd gotten off of his parents.
All of Casper High was like this. Tucker sat next to Mikey, the vibrant screen glaring at his thick-framed glasses. Sam was trashing the art room, her angry screams heard from where Danny stood in the hallway. He'd gotten into his locker and was currently busy tears apart every picture he had with his parents.
What Danny really wanted to know, what all of the students did, was why. Why was this happening? What led to this?
It had started the Friday before, really. School was going as normal. Danny was on edge. There hadn't been a ghost attack all week. He sat in his seat, ready for English class. Mr. Lancer came in. He set down his book, took off his reading glasses, and stared at his class.
"Our funding has been cut." No one says anything. Mr. Lancer sighs, rubbing his face. "I... Shouldn't be the one to break this to you." He turns to the corner of the room. "I... Have to be." He sighs. "Eighteen years ago, I got hired for an acting job." Still, silence follows his words.
"A government-funded project. Full time, the pay was astronomical. I was suspicious, but I was broke. I was so indebted that I would have joined the military. Or, hell, I would've done anything." Mr. Lancer took a seat. "I was briefed on this... This project. The Amity Project. A fake town, something about the ambient air. Genetically mutated kids. I didn't understand it all."
There's a click from somewhere. Just a background sound, hardly anything. "I didn't understand the sheer size of the project. A whole fake town? I-I was in awe. But then, when you guys got here, to this school, and the project took a turn. No longer was the project raising you guys. It wasn't... It was something twisted and wrong. It was torture." He hangs his head. "No one told me. No one told me until it was too late, and I was too far in, and-"
Mr. Lancer swallows. "I'm sorry." He places his head in his hands. "The Amity Project has come to a head. The portal's been shut down, and you all will be... Dispersed. Rehomed."
"Why?" Danny finds the word falling from his mouth before he can even think.
"They say it's because our benefactors were almost caught. Downsizing. I... I recommend you all stay here. At school. Your parents. They... They are your parents, but they are scientists. This has been a job to them. You'll all be given your housing and guardian's information by Monday. I'm sorry."
Danny had only gotten minimal information from his 'parents'. Just that they'd be busy sorting through years of backlogged data. Just that they were upset that it was all over. No one could stand being around the edge of the town- the sheer number of people just on the other side of the fence was overwhelming.
The juniors of Casper had stayed in Mr. Lancer's English class for hours after the bombshell had been dropped. They'd all had some sort of deep-rooted mutual understanding with each other. And they were all feeling. All feeling anger, depression, they were all feeling grief.
The cards that sat in their back pockets, the creased folders, everything. They all stood in a line, now, all twenty-four students. All of the younger students had been cleared. The older ones had already been gone. But they knew, those 24 students, they knew that it wasn't them that the Amity Project ruled around. It was them.
The students looked less their age as they watched car after car pull up in front of the school. They look like warriors, watching the 'civilians' step out of their cars.
Danny is in the middle of the line, hunched forward a bit as he twists and rips at the flag pole in his hands. He crunches it like it's made of playdough, the metal creaking and grinding in his hands.
Sam is to Danny's left, dripping in blood red paint. Her gothic attire is soaked, her hand color is lost to the red. She looks hellious, like she'd crawled from her own personal pit in hell.
Tucker stands to Danny's right. His posture is firm. His eyes are calculating. His jaw is set. His face is stone. He's tall, looming.
... So. Anyways. I'm thinking from here Sam goes with Diana Prince, Danny goes with Clark Kent, and Tucker goes with Bruce Wayne. The rest of the class goes with assorted civilians (or minor vigilantes). The class remains in contact with each other via letters. The story will follow them coping with not being normal, with the rage and anger, and their evolution into being a new phase of heroes. Heroes without masks or names or anything.
Jazz is living with Barry Allen. She was specifically separated from Danny, and kept that way. Vlad is a halfa, but he's part of the project. Dani is his daughter, and Dan was an unscripted blip in time.
Any feedback would be nice! I just don't know if it'll turn out the way I'm thinking it will.
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