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random-twst-things 3 months
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, watching the news: Someone was stupid enough to try to fight a squid at the aquarium today
Floyd: *walks in covered with ink*
Floyd: Well, maybe if the squid wasn't being such a dick they wouldn't try to fight it
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ray-of-light002 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The entire collection
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blsudetah 2 months
Hi? If you don't mind, could you please do my request? GN!Mc as Cale Henituse from Trash of the Count's family, i never see something like that. I don't really see if you said that you don't write something like that. Fandom:Twisted Wonderland.
Have a good day 鈾
(And i'm sorry if I have grammatical mistake)
Tumblr media
MC as Cale Henituse from Trash of the Count's family!!
Characters: Ace, Deuce, Trey, Cater, Leona, Ruggie, Jack, Azul, Jade, Floyd
FANDOM: Twisted Wonderland
WARNING: slightly swearing? ooc
Alright, this will be interesting Cale!MC getting transported in the twisted wonderland will be a train wreck for our dear Cale!MC so much for having a slacker life, yet they have to deal with this kind of shit.
For starters, They woke up in a coffin not having a memory of getting inside there the first thing they would make is assumptions they know for sure they aren't dead yet probably sooner or later they might.
And once again they don't know where, when, what, and how could they end up here in the first place, and another thing to make Cale!MC's day more worse is because they're having a hangover couldn't this day get more fun, YOU are totally right this day start to even get more FUN with our dear beloved Cale! MC.
Not only that they have to deal with their hangover they quickly notice that the coffin was suddenly on fire and sure indeed don't want to get cremated alive like any people with common sense they got out of the coffin fast.
Now that he dealt with the flying raccoon-like cat with blue fire-breathing magic but also met another individual, a masked weirdo man with weird kinks arrived is this even normal to carry a whip everywhere he goes? Oh well, where are we right! of course, the ceremony bird face here keeps telling them to watch their familiar after trying to explain for the 5th time due to being rudely cut off every time they tell him that's not their familiar and they don't even know it until now.
So the whole room is on fire isn't this just a normal Tuesday? this is normal just a raccoon-cat burned the whole room because 'he' trying to show his ability causing whole havoc just great, they even meet more strange individuals in this room, and they know for sure they don't want to mix up with these people they know they were trouble for sure dragging them away from their slacker's life.
This is where the fun started...
Meeting Ace is like they know where most of the cause of their headaches is, after the incident with the Queen of Hearts, they come up with a conclusion that they were inside some sort of dimension of Disney fairytales, and they also realize after dealing with people in this school they do look like rip-off villains in Disney it was truly a pain in the ass situation and the reason of ruining their peaceful life
In Ace position he couldn't help but feel awe towards Cale!MC, the way they just solve things and figure things out despite not being able to do much physically he did grew some respect for them after being able to put on his shit but hey he does have the mutual feeling of being able to just slack off but unfortunately, he couldn't do that not when the red-haired dorm leader is around.
Towards Deuce he seems likable to them he does seem quite uptight and wanted to be a good student after explaining that he's doing all of this just to not see his mother crying just because of him plus they're not the type of person to judge (most part).
Cale!MC sees Raon in Grim he does seem to have a lot of similarities with the black dragon but is less intelligent but they do miss those rascals somehow.
Trey and Cater, Deuce and Ace superior alongside the red-haired dorm leader, Cater tricking them into painting those roses red why do even bother to paint that red when you can just plant some red roses instead of white? work smarter, not harder. they dislike Riddle due to his intense way of following rules and how he put his dorm mates on color because they got there late or they ate a burger in lunch why did this even exist in the first place?! all of that just for the honor of the Queen of Hearts. Honor my ass.
Riddle seems to think highly of Cale!MC, but he will not say that out loud
Leona is annoyed maybe it's because of how Cale!MC can put in his level, the same scene as how you were able to figure him out, and how a mere herbivore outsmarted him but after the overbolt, I guess he can be a little thankful. Ruggie really likes Cale!MC not because they just give him their leftovers or stuff(that is probably worth more than his life savings) nooo.. but seriously he was wholeheartedly grateful that you could help him and Leona. Jack, he admires you for how you were able to stop and prevent the overbolt and able to battle off The savanaclaws house-warden he couldn't help but wag his tail at his mere adoration at MC.
Azul doesn't like Cale!MC despite finding out about their ancient powers Azul really want their powers for all of himself. maybe it's because of their cunning personality or maybe it's because they easily see through his true personality? or both, he wanted to make sure to not cross paths with but it seem like it was a total failure after finding out that he made a contract with their friends after failing miserably before and after the overbolt, he is still wary of them. Like his master, Jade doesn't like them at all but also has some piqued interest in them but he is indeed not a fool to let his guard down. Unlike Azul and Jade, Floyd on the other hand really likes our dear Cale!MC to the point whenever he gets a chance to see Cale!MC in the glint of his eyes will go full berserker mode to chase down Cale!MC so they make sure whenever they walk around the halls make sure Floyd isn't around.
Note: oh gosh this where the part I got really busy this request is already old and I really wanted to finish it fast :( and it turns out unfinished sorry Anon but if you wanted part2 please request on my dashboard once its opened^^ I still have a lot of unfinished stuff once it's all gone I'll start opening requests
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angelduxt00 1 month
So I鈥檝e been hyper fixating on twisted wonderland for a while now
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thatonesebeksimp 5 months
Cryptids and Eldritch horrors of the twst community,
It is with great pleasure that I inform you that Moray Eels love cuddles.
Tumblr media
(if you make any fan art of them please @ me I love them)
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himbo-writer 5 months
No Nut November
These are my personal head canons on if they would lose NNN or pull through.
Ok so this man would win because I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what it is. The man was sheltered his whole life, and even if he did know what it was I doubt he would lose.
I feel like if you provoke him enough he would fold but otherwise he would get through it no problem. If he sees your skirt is just a bit too short showing off your panties then he might but what really sells it is when your being domestic and teasing.
I think he would lose only because this man is on magicam 24/7 he's bound to have seen some kind of scandalous pics. All you have to do is just find one of those photos and do the same and he folds like a lawn chair.
Yes he lost. It's not his fault that you wanted to try on his dorm uniform and it just so happened to hug all the right curves. He couldn't help wanting to see you covered in his cum <3.
So we all know from the first chapter that he's kind slow and naive but I feel like he would win because he would think of it as just another obstacle to being a great mage.
Yeah he failed. I whole heartedly believe that if you where in a relationship with this man that if he wanted you he wouldn't care about location or time. He definitely forgot about the challenge and just fucked you without a care.
He passed but barely. He purposely kept himself busy as to not lose but towards the end he was running out of excuses and almost folded.
He surprisingly lost, however it wasn't his fault that when you where cleaning around his room you got stuck. The poor boy happened to see and couldn't hold it in any longer.
Yeah he lost not because he's horny no he lost because this is most likely his first relationship and when you brought up the challenge he'd go red. He couldn't stop thinking about you after and just gave up on the challenge.
He won. There is no real reason to why he won he simply just avoided your advances when you tried to provoke him. However trust and believe that once that clock strikes 12 he's getting back at you.
Theres no telling with this man his mood changes so much he could go either way. However if you tease his enough and then leave him like that he'll be folding quick.
He won, he won because any time you tried tarsing him he wouldn't understand what you where talking about. Went the whole month without a clue and only realized what was happening afterwards.
He lost, he lost because this man is worked to death 24/7 and he just needed a way to relieve his pent up stress. It's not his fault you just so happened to stop by when it was bad.
He actually lost. When you told him about the challenge he thought it was stupid but then decided to give it a try. What he did not expect was for his partner to be wearing black lace lingerie after a stressful photoshoot.
Yeah no he lost too. He just couldn't help that your so beautiful and stunning, when you told him of the challenge he thought it would be fun. However he sis not think you would.go out of your way to purposely make it difficult for him.
He won there wasn't really a whole lot with this one he simply told you he was too busy. He actually was busy studying for his exams and didn't realize what you where trying to do at first.
This man lost hard. He really thought he could last the whole month, he only lasted a week. He knew of the challenge already and figured he would try but when he walked in on you cosplaying as his favorite video game character he folded.
He easily won because he's never around half the time so this was a walk in the park for him.
He also won but he's actually around more so it was a little harder for him. He's an older man so he has some experience with these kinds.of things and wasn't easily tempted.
He won because half the time he was asleep and didn't know what was going on or what you where doing.
He won because he dosen't talk anything other than malleus 24/7 so this was easy for him. At one point you said "why dont you just hit that bussy is your such a simp". He didn't understand what you ment and lilia couldn't stop laughing.
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lov3yl 11 months
omg guys
so i had to delete twisted wonderland, cause i needed storage for an update and like i was dumb and thought all my data would save
it did not.
but as i鈥檓 playing the beginning again, i noticed something..
do y鈥檃ll remember the practice fight we had to do for a tutorial?
Tumblr media
Y鈥檃ll who does that look awfully alike to?
that鈥檚 right
Tumblr media
this mf probably ate too many of those damn charcoal looking overblot gems
now he鈥檚 too powerful and killing off everyone from twst
i get you wanted to be the most powerful wizard and all, but bruh
y鈥檃ll struggling when all you really need to do is throw a can of tuna his way
be back to normal real quick
but like actually鈥. maybe i鈥檓 dumb and somebody has already discovered and mention this
but it could be disney foreshadowing the future fate of NRC
listen man, i鈥檓 all one for angst, but if anyone lays a hand on my mf back talking baby cat
i鈥檓 raising hell.
The same goes with all the other twst characters lmao, they just slightly below grim.
Grims my lil bastard son.
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ai-dev 2 months
I wonder what he's staring at...
Tumblr media
Note: I haven't posted any new content since like 2-3 weeks ago..;-; but anyway ignoringgg that I'm opening requests for any art/short animation definitely not because I want to put off a project I've started ahahah... I'm very proud of this though
Anyway to sum it up asks/requests are open and hopefully I don't go on another random hiatus lol
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yukibana 2 months
Bwahahahahaha sksksksk Lmfao馃ぃ Riddle is so scared of the twins that the second he came in, he鈥檚 hiding in the corner 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
Tumblr media
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sparkimonki 2 months
Tumblr media
Y鈥檃ll I had a dream where there was a resturant in purgatory and it was run by these three and I鈥檓 still thinking about it help
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mangacupcake 1 year
Adjlfsk I just realized something about Floyd鈥檚 cute bag!
Tumblr media
So at first I thought- oh it鈥檚 him! Or well, Flotsam.
But look at Floyd-
Tumblr media
His yellow eye is on the left- but guess who has a yellow eye on the right?
Tumblr media
This eel! Floyd has a mini Jetsam/ Jade on his bag!!馃挄馃挄
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samanthachan 1 year
Twst boys coming home to child mc that did what kevin did in home alone when the house was going to get robbed
Azul : why are their traps and dead bodies everywhere
Mc : these bad guys tried to kill me and rob us
Azul : you should have called the police
Mc: if called them they would find your illegal documents
Azul : well you shouldn鈥檛 have killed them
Mc : I didn鈥檛 mean to
Azul : what do you think setting someone on fire does it either serverly inguries them or kills them
Azul : why are you holding a crowbar
Mc : I used illusion magic to put a mirage of a spider on one of them then one of them hit them with a crow bar
Mc : I鈥檓 going to put it away
Azul : just clean this up
Lillia: what happened here Mc was this your doing
Mc : some bad people tried to rob us so I set up some traps
Lillia: it looks like their dead
Mc : I didn鈥檛 mean to
Lillia: I know
Lillia: let鈥檚 clean this up
Flyod: orca chan why are their dead bodies on the floor
Mc : I finished cleaning up and disabling the traps just need to take care of the dead bodies they were trying to rob us and kill me
Flyod : how did you kill them orca
Mc : they went through so much idk
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ray-of-light002 10 months
Tumblr media
I love the official english translations they鈥檙e so funny for no reason
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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happilyasimp 7 months
Ruggie: Don't ever get lessons on singing from Eclipse.
Ace: Why?
Eclipse: *snacking Flyod across the head cussing him out for messing up* (Gordon Ramsay ass mf)
Flyod: *runs for his life*
Kalim: I don't get it, he gets mad at everyone else for messing up but me.
Jade: That's because he fell for you.
Ace: Aren't you supposed to be helping Flyod?
Jade: And suffer the pale one's wrath? *Shudders* No thanks.
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dire-crowley-apologist 5 months
Floyd: oh and btw when horseshoe crabs are asleep theyre called honkshoo crabs
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thatonesebeksimp 6 months
Omg Jade does it too
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They're both good with kids my heart can't take it please I already want to date all of them don't do me like this
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