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ryker-writes · 3 days
Hello~ I have a request with Gn!reader, and romantic scenarios pls 🙏🏼
Can I have Ace, Malleus, Floyd, Sebek, Kalim and Vil with a s/o that can fall asleep anywhere, in weird position and anytime pls? One time I fell asleep on top of my fridge in a frog like position in the middle of the afternoon, being in the cadets makes you able to get your sleep no matter what 🫡
Thank you! Take care 🕺🏻
(And one little question, will you accept my request in kidnapping you and make you my friend? 🧐)
Literally how do you do this. In a frog like position??? On top of your fridge??? I getting really chaotic energy from that and I love it. I am confused tho like what cadets make you need sleep that much? Also, I accept being kidnapped as a friend! Anyway thank you for the request!
extremely confused
one night Ace was up late and hungry
so he goes down to the Heartslabyul fridge and almost screams at the shadow figure on top of it
until he realizes it's just you
now he's just confused
he tries talking to you too but you aren't responding
this man shines his phone flashlight on you and is now lightly nudging you to get you to talk
probably wakes you up in the process
he asks why you're up there and you just say you fell asleep???
he's trying to get you to come down and just sleep in his bed with him
will try and pull you off the fridge but if you refuse he will give up and leave you there
once Ace knows about this ability of yours, he's looking out for you more
when he finds you sleeping in an odd place around campus, he just sighs and tries to move you somewhere better
he's probably going to take pictures of you like that first tho
fascinated and concerned
the first time he finds you in a weird position and you weren't moving or saying anything back to him...
he thought you died for a second
but when you wake up he's very worried
he asks you if someone cursed you to sleep like that
once you explain it to him, he's very intrigued
he's curious about all the places you've fallen asleep in the past
you also remind him of Silver
he's worried that one day you may fall asleep somewhere unsafe and get hurt
so he's always keeping an eye out for you and where you may be sleeping
if he finds you sleeping in a weird position, he may try and adjust you so you're in a more comfortable position
unless it's somewhere he thinks is unsafe, then he's picking you up and carrying you somewhere else (most likely Diasomnia)
Malleus will never wake you
no matter what time of day it is, he hates to disturb your peaceful sleep
and he gets really upset if someone else wakes you
so he'll stay nearby and watch over your sleeping form
he thinks it's fun
he also wants to know about the kinds of places you've fallen asleep in
he wants to try some of them too
Azul is stressed out and and asking you why Floyd is trying to sleep on top of the fridge
what he does when he finds you sleeping depends on his mood
Floyd might join you wherever you're sleeping and try to sleep like you do
he may wake you up if he's bored
or he'll just pick you up and carry you around with him
he does that when he wants to be with you but you're sleeping
if you wake up then great! now you can hang out with him
if not he will continue just carrying you around with him
Floyd isn't going to try and readjust you or anything
he thinks the fun positions you sleep in are entertaining so why would he move you?
but he will move you if you're unsafe
he's so worried about you
at first he thinks Silver's sleepiness has rubbed off on you and he's very upset with Silver
you have to explain to him that it wasn't Silver
now he's always on the lookout for you and the weird places you sleep
he's mentally checking every corner of each room that he walks in
when he finds you sleeping he's very conflicted
part of him wants to let you sleep because you look so peaceful and he would feel terrible for disrupting
but he also wants to wake you up because you can't sleep there and it has to be uncomfortable to sleep like that
he worries that your body will hurt later for sleeping like that
his pride gets in the way of him carrying you around
he usually ends up waking you and urging you to find somewhere else
but if he just can't do it, he will try to sit quietly near you and keep others from disturbing you
Sebek is also very worried that you'll fall asleep somewhere unsafe and probably lectures you to check your surroundings before you sleep
he thinks it's funny
he's very entertained by your weird sleep habits
Kalim will also try to imitate your weird places or positions
if he finds you sleeping somewhere, he's not going to wake you up
instead he'll join you
Kalim will either try to sit like you are or cuddle (if possible)
tho he won't fall asleep, he'll just stay by you
he's trying to be quiet but sometimes he's not so good at it
Kalim probably won't realize if you've fallen asleep in an unsafe place/position and will probably join you anyway
somewhere in the distance Jamil's Kalim senses are tingling
Jamil would be the one to find you two and tell Kalim (and you when you wake) that it's unsafe and you shouldn't be there
I think that Kalim can relate to sleeping in weird positions but not weird places
when Kalim sleeps in his bed he does the weird positions without even realizing
you guys are weird sleepers together <3
you're stressing him out
in almost every way this habit brings him stress
sleeping at random parts of the day is not good for your sleep schedule
and the random positions are bound to make your muscles sore and you're supposed to sleep a certain way to help with spine support
when he first finds you like that he's waking you up
will explain in thorough detail why that isn't good for you
other times when he finds you sleeping like that he will do one of two things
he may wake you up and insist that you don't sleep like that
or if he's feeling a bit softer, he'll quietly move you to a better position
he usually has Rook keeping an eye out to make sure that you're not anywhere unsafe
if you're somewhere in Pomefiore, he may actually carry you to sleep in his bed
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azulsluver · 3 days
How would the boys react to a mc who knows how to fight? Like who would and wouldn't like it?
Those who would:
Jack, Rook, Kalim, Lilia, Silver,
Unexpected unless they knew about this from afar. Jack and Rook fall into the category of, “wow so strong…respect!” Kalim thinks it’s cool, he wants to see you and Jamil spar one day. Lilia is a freak, he thinks it’s sexy that you can fight. Silver respects that you can fight for yourself, but it wouldn’t stop the gnawing of you getting hurt to ease his mind.
Those who wouldn’t:
Riddle, Cater, Deuce, Ruggie, Azul, Vil, Epel, Jamil, Malleus, Sebek
How dare you fight back, it’s really offensive and you actually can’t do that because I said so! (Riddle, Sebek) You’re hurting Cater’s feelings, don’t hurt his pretty face now… Deuce let’s put his evil side #dontmesswithhim, in all seriousness respect but please don’t. but Azul, Vil and Jamil find it annoying that you’re not docile. Epel is a whole other breed of offended. Malleus will give you the puppy eyes before locking you up in isolation as he cries himself to sleep. Ruggie didn’t do nothing wrong, you’re the boss!
Those who like it only because they get to hurt you afterwards:
Jade, Floyd, Trey, Leona,
Tsk tsk, sadist. Jade wants to see how far you can go, your punches are strong and you know how to put somebody in a locked position, he’ll show you what he knows as well. Floyd thinks you have much to learn, he likes the fact you can stand up for yourself but you lack some techniques that’ll be easy to take advantage of. Hell show you how to actually hurt someone. Trey’s unique magic scares the shit out of me and it’s top tier when it comes to fucking people up mentally. You’re prodding at his authority, Trey might not be able to fight as well as you but he can sure suck up a punch to the face(buff Trey supremacy). Alright pants down and lay on his lap y’all know the drill. Leona…would depend on gender. Respect if you’re a chick, but he’s still gonna be bitchy bout it so sleep with one eye open. You getting decked if you’re a guy, sum it up— everyone start looking behind when you walking.
Gets his ass beat: Ace and Idia
No comment
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mlk082 · 1 day
Playing Games With the First Years
You play cards in the Heartslabyul lounge.
It could be cheat, it could be go fish, it could be war, it could be poker.
You play whatever Ace feels like playing, unless you have an objection.
Ace bets homework answers whenever you play. He knows you did the work, but he also knows that you won't give him the answers for free.
He doesn't bet all the time though. Sometimes, Ace is just bored of staying in a tiny dorm with seven guys, so he goes over to your dorm or calls you over to the lounge because it's less crowded.
Doesn't tell you if he can see your cards.
Either joins a card game with you and Ace, or does something outside. It's a series of things.
Wanna race?
No? Wanna play a video game?
Video games are simple and they don't take that much more thinking like board games do.
Unless you want to have a race, because he would love to do something competitive.
Maybe go down to the docks and see how many times you can get a stone to skip?
He won't trick you into helping him with homework, Deuce will ASK and then make it a contest.
No way is he challenging you to a race, he knows you'll lose and he likes to be fair.
In the same sense, tag won't work.
So you and Jack play catch.
It could be a Frisbee or a ball of some sort, but it's catch. Should he help you brush up on your MagiShift skills?
Jack won't throw the ball
too hard but you better be ready to be outside for the next 2 hours. Your hands will be red by the end of it, but you'll be fine.
He used to climb trees on the farm and run around getting mud all over him with his cousins.
But he can't do that at Pomefiore. He'll get in trouble by the ever so esteemed Housewarden. And Rook would have some comment because he was watching.
No one would get mad at him for flying in the field though. It happens to be school related.
Maybe you wanna play MagiShift with him? He could get the others in on it too!
But you and Epel race on brooms whenever you're bored because it won't get him in trouble, and he doesn't want to be in the dorm. Unless Rook is still at school after clubs, no one should be watching him be a goof on a broom.
Epel will stand on the broom or hang on it. Definitely challenges you to do better.
Malleus Trivia!
What a wonderful game, don't you think? He created it himself.
Sebek always wins so it's not a fun game for you. Why are you doing this?
If you complain enough, he'll eventually just play a normal game of trivia.
You're still at a disadvantage but you do way better.
In the section of pop culture, you do WAY better than Sebek. It's the section that gets you the most points from the game.
(Lilia isn't allowed to play because he knows all the answers.)
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demon-lover-669 · 20 hours
Ace and deuce making a YouTube video!
Deuce: ok so what is the next item we are reviewing? And are you going to hold my cock the whole time?
Ace: oh yeah sorry *moves his hand*
Deuce: thank you
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roseyrays · 2 days
"oh damn.." a.trappola
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: basically f!reader is an idol and her next comeback has a flirty and suggestive concept
song used is fever by enhypen
reader has ni-ki’s part in the song (which also means reader is 16-17 in this hc since ni-ki is 17)
warnings: suggestive words but is sfw dw, possibly ooc, i think i made ace too babygirl in this hc, CRACKK
Tumblr media
being honest when you mentioned to him about your next comeback he thought it was gonna be cutesy and fun like hey tayo and billy poco
(he makes fun of you for it)
when he saw the translation of the song HE WAS SO FLUSTERED
"my body burns because of you, my heart is thirsty for you" (reader has ni-ki’s part here cuz he’s the loml)
when you sang the lyrics "My sun, stop baby, oh baby" he definitely thinks you meant him
(it is about him)
like damn his face was so red
don’t even get me started on the dance break
he didn’t know female idols do that especially you
the body roll? the dancing? ACK
LIKE WTFFF he knew your voice was deep but holy shit
after he watched the mv, he just paused for a sec, face all red, not moving his phone going dark
(deuce asked him if he was ok lmao)
he wanted to learn the dance after that
“what" - deuce
"yes ace you already showed me the video last night" - deuce
"NEVER!!! 너 때문에 온몸이 타올라 너 때문에 심장이 목말라 Like a fever, fever, fever, fever !!!!" - ace
“omfg STOP-" - deuce
inspo by this guy lmao
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: if you guys want more idol!reader just request! :) well when the request box is open ofc..but ask box is open!
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dotster001 · 3 months
How they get you under the Mistletoe
Summary: Twst NRC students x gn! reader. How they get you under the Mistletoe.
A/N: Merry Christmas if you celebrate that! If not, happy holidays! I was gonna do the staff too for this, but it got so long 😂 if people enjoy this, I can do the staff and RSA/Noble bell.
Ace Trappola
You have no idea until it's too late.
You had to admit, despite the strict rulebook she made, the queen of hearts knew how to throw a holiday party. You were finishing off a glass of the best sparkling cider you'd ever had when you felt an arm around your waist.
You turned to see Ace, just in time for him to lightly punch your shoulder as he told some random student, "And this one? You shoulda seen them, they really whipped our asses into shape."
"You're exaggerating," Deuce pouted from next to him.
"Am not," Ace said. He pushed you slightly forward and gestured to you.
"You wouldn't know it by looking at them, but our beloved Y/N can be a hard ass."
He took a step forward, and whispered, "Huh. Would you look at that prefect. It appears we are under the mistletoe."
You wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face, but it was too late. His lips were already on yours.
The world around you faded, and for a moment it was just you and him. Then you were brought back to reality by …
"Ew, Ace," Deuce groaned, and walked away, as did the other Heartslaybul student.
You were about to follow after them to apologize for Ace's tomfoolery, when he grabbed your wrist and whispered, "Hey, we're still under the mistletoe. Can't wreck tradition, now can we?"
Deuce Spade
You were setting up decorations together
First years were in charge of setting up the decor for the Heartslaybul holiday party. Ace and Deuce had of course come begging on their hands and knees for you and Grim to come help.
You'd decided it would save time if you split the work, so Ace and Grim were working on the upstairs hall decor, while you and Deuce were working on the common room.
You were on a shaky ladder trying to hang up some garland and mistletoe, when Deuce panicked and held your ladder still.
"I feel better knowing that I'm holding the ladder still for you," he said, looking up at you nervously.
You nodded, and finished hanging the things, before climbing down (sort of) into his waiting arms. You were about to say you were okay, when you noticed his reddened cheeks, and his eyes flicking between the mistletoe and your lips.
Knowing Deuce as long as you had, you knew you'd have to initiate the thing he clearly wanted. You pressed a quick peck to his lips.
His eyes widened, then darkened as he smiled mischievously. He grabbed your face and kissed you fervently until Grim came through hoping to escape, and screamed.
Riddle Rosehearts
You have to follow the rules.
Riddle had been acting funny the entirety of the party. He'd been quiet, and his face was a bright red, but you figured he was probably tired from exams, and/or stressed about returning home for the break.
It was nearing the end of the party, when he suddenly approached you with a stern frown on his face.
"I know you aren't a member of Heartslaybul, but remember, when you are in my kingdom, you have to follow my rules."
"Why yes, your majesty, of course," you gave a mock curtsy. "And now I'm sure you're gonna tell me what rule I broke?"
He scowled before he turned away.
"Rule 533, the queen and their beloved must share a kiss under the mistletoe, if the holiday is being celebrated under a full moon."
"I'm your beloved?" You couldn't decide whether to tease him, or flush yourself. But this whole thing was very vulnerable of him, and your heart was melting.
"Yes" he whispered. "Now are you going to follow me to mistletoe, or do I have to punish you?"
You gave a fake sigh, "Lead the way, your majesty."
He led you under the mistletoe, and gave you a chaste kiss.
"That's it?" You scoffed.
"What do you mean that's…"
You cut him off with a deep kiss, that he reciprocated incredibly quickly.
When you pulled away, it hit you.
"Wait, isn't it a crescent moon tonight?"
His eyes widened at being caught, and he said the first thing that came to his otherwise empty brain.
"Off with your head!"
Trey Clover
A quiet (orchestrated) moment alone
You were helping Trey with the baking for the party. Knowing Heartslaybul, the party itself was going to be raucous, so having some time to just chill with Trey was nice.
Once everything was in the oven, you began trying to clean up some of the clutter.
"There's no need to do that right now," he said with a soft smile. He took a seat and patted the chair next to him.
"Come sit for a moment, just relax," he hummed before crossing his arms behind his head, closing his eyes, and leaning back.
You took the seat next to him, and did your best to find a comfortable position before sighing.
"I'm not an old man like you. I can't just sleep anywhere."
He opened his eyes and cocked an eyebrow.
"Old man?"
"Yeah, let's face it Trey. You're an old man in a college kid's body."
He smiled mischievously. "That so?"
He pulled out some mistletoe he'd been holding on to and held it above your head, using his other hand to seductively caress your jaw.
"Well, ya gonna give this old man a kiss?"
"That came out weird," You said with a laugh.
"I know, I heard it after I said it," he winced. "Still…"
He leaned in even closer.
"Part of that question still stands," he whispered.
Before you could tease him with a "which part", he was kissing you like he was starving, and you were his last meal.
Cater Diamond
Doing an innocent trend
Being the token non magic student at NRC, Cater knew you were a gold mine for content. You'd become a frequent guest on Cater's magicam, and a popular one at that.
So when Cater had told you before the party that he would need you for a trend later, you didn't think too much about it.
Now he was dragging you off somewhere, giggling over his shoulder as you spilled your drink, or tripped on a stray student. You figured you'd pay him back later.
He stopped abruptly, and told you to stay put as he set up his camera. You had ten seconds once he started the camera to get set, so he always filled you in while he set up any filters or sound bites he wanted.
"Kay, so you're under mistletoe right? So the trend is to kiss your bestie's cheeks under the mistletoe, then hug. All you gotta do is stand there and look fabulous, until the hug part."
It sounded like a pretty boring trend to you. But, whatever, that's why Cater was in charge. He finished set up, pressed the button, and the ten seconds timer started. He ran back over to you, gave you a reassuring, "ready?", And then kissed your cheek on the far side to the camera as the video started.
He kissed your other cheek, and you began to move closer for the hug, when his arms were around you, and he was kissing you.
He took a step back, and took in your appearance, which was flustered and shocked. Your jaw was dropped so far you were certain it was on the floor. And your heart, oh God your heart, you were worried it was beating way too fast.
The set time of the video ended, and Cater practically skipped over to his phone, where he checked the video, added some effects, put in some tags, and posted it.
All you could do was watch him the entire time, words completely gone from your brain.
After the video posted, he put his phone back in his pocket and gave you a smug grin.
"I tagged you in it," he said, eyes looking softer than usual as he pointed to the pocket you kept your phone in.
You pulled it out, and looked at the video you were tagged in.
"Kissing my crush under the mistletoe to see how they'll react."
Leona Kingscholar
It was an accident, but he's not complaining.
Ruggie had asked you to bring Leona the food plate he'd asked for, since he was trying to put as much food in Tupperware as he could before the Savannaclaw party finished. You were a good pal, so you agreed, knowing full well that the second the plate was secure, and you were in arms reach, you would become a nap buddy.
But you weren't complaining. Even though Savannaclaw was hot, it still felt nice to cuddle with a heater during the holidays. For the vibes, of course.
Just as predicted, he opened a single eye, had you set down the plate, and suddenly, you were a little spoon.
"Thanks herbivore," he hummed half heartedly as he nuzzled into your neck.
You were finally starting to drift off, when you were flipped on your back, and he was hovering above you. His eyes were lit up with mischief as he looked down at you like the prey you were beginning to realize you were.
"I guess my nap spot just happens to be under the mistletoe. You'll indulge me, right herbivore?"
Then his lips were on your neck, your jaw, your cheek, but never your lips, until you whined at him to stop teasing you.
He laughed lowly, and whispered, "As you wish." And finally gave you what you wanted.
Ruggie Bucchi
If you don't know how he does it, hi, you must be new. Welcome to the fandom 😂
"Laugh with me," he whispered, and before you could cuss him out for being a prick, he was already giggling and walking you both over to the mistletoe that you'd seen a Savannaclaw student and his Octavinelle boyfriend making out under an hour ago.
When you both stopped under it, he gasped in mock surprise.
"My my my, what have we here? It appears we've been caught under the mistletoe!" He said, as his grin turned sneakier and sneakier now that he was certain he'd won.
His tail was wagging at a mile a minute as you "reluctantly" puckered your lips out to him. He pressed a chaste kiss to your lips, and you thought it was over.
But Ruggie is an opportunist.
Hours of making out later, you finally pried yourself from Ruggie's embrace, but only on the promise that you would bring back some hot chocolate to share.
Jack Howl
You'll have to initiate.
The entirety of the party, you'd seen Jack's eyes flicker to the mistletoe, over to you, and then down to the floor in embarrassment.
He'd made sure neither of you wandered over in that direction, and if you asked him if something was wrong, his cheeks would darken.
Naturally, because this was Savannaclaw, you, Ruggie and Jack were the only ones there for party cleanup.
You subtly made eye contact with Ruggie and nodded towards the mistletoe, then towards Jack.
Ruggie grinned and made a gesture for money with his hands. You rolled your eyes and nodded, and he smiled.
"We're out of garbage bags, I'll be right back guys," Ruggie said before leaving the room.
Jack started to follow after him, and you grabbed his arm.
"Wait, where are you going?"
"We have trash bags right here," he nodded at the obvious box of trash bags, and you cursed Ruggie in your head.
"He's just giving us privacy, come over here," you did your best to pull him over to the mistletoe, but he was made out of stone.
"Gah! Just trust me!"
He frowned, but allowed you to pull him over. Once you were under the mistletoe, his tail started wagging like a fan, but his eyes couldn't meet yours.
You pressed a soft kiss to his lips, until he sighed, and relaxed.
It was over far too soon, but you knew Jack would probably explode if you overdid it. And you'd rather not have that happen.
What surprised you, though, was how you were suddenly engulfed in his arms, as he buried his face in your hair, and held you close.
Azul Ashengrotto
His wingmen are simultaneously the worst and the best.
The Monstro Lounge was having a winter themed night. Azul may or may not have been planning with the tweels how he was going to effortlessly get you under the mistletoe.
You arrived, as planned, with Grim, and had taken a seat at a table near the VIP room.
"Prefect! I apologize for interrupting your meal, but I was hoping you could look at the menu I'm thinking about for the next semester."
"Of course," you stood up and followed him to the chosen spot, but now that you were here, he was nervous to initiate. So he continued pointing out dishes on the menu until…
"Have you kissed them yet?" Floyd shouted from across the lounge.
"Yes, you see we've been keeping other students away from the mistletoe, but they are starting to get upset. I'd hurry up if I were you," Jade said at a much subtler volume.
Azul turned a bright shade of red as you looked at him.
You gave him a nod, and he took a deep breath, and kissed you.
"God finally!"
"Subtly, Floyd!"
Jade Leech
You don't know until it's too late, part 2.
"There's something I'd like to show you in my room. My new terrarium has produced interesting results."
You were following Jade to his room, when you realized he was no longer walking with you. You turned around and saw him furrowing his brow at his phone, and typing something.
You walked back over to him to ask what was wrong, and you were suddenly pulled flush against him as he gave you a smug grin.
"Looks like you've trapped me under the mistletoe," he said as though he wasn't the one who had pulled you in.
"Ah well," he sighed, with a surrendering smile, running a gloved finger along your jaw, then tilting your chin up. "if that is what you truly desire, I suppose I shall have to oblige."
Floyd Leech
You have three options.
There are three ways this can go, and it all depends on his mood.
Route 1:
Floyd had joined you in your booth and continued slouching, until he finally just laid himself in your lap.
"Floyd, there is mistletoe over there," Jade said as he dropped off the food you'd ordered.
Floyd groaned, "Shrimpy and I can just kiss over here. What's the big deal about a leaf?"
Route 2:
Floyd immediately grabbed your hand when you set foot in the Monstro Lounge. He giggled excitedly like a kid on Christmas morning.
"C'mon Shrimpy! We gotta kiss under the mistletoe!"
Whether you're flustered or not doesn't matter. Prepare for excited sloppy kisses.
Route 3:
Floyd said nothing as you entered the lounge and he just….scooped you up. Long boy was way too strong to fight off, so you just kind of let him. But that was the only way to get along with Floyd really. You just had to be along for the ride.
Once he reached where he was going, he adjusted your position so that you were pressed to him, and his hands were under your knees, and you wrapped your arms around him for more support.
"Hmmm…. I've caught myself a Shrimpy," he said lowly, but his eyes were glittering with excitement.
"Well, it's too late for you," he leaned in and nibbled your lip. "Because according to Azul and land people's traditions, that leaf above us means you have to kiss me."
Kalim al Asim
Just asks you like a normal person.
The Scarabia holiday party was hopping, obviously. You'd expected nothing less. He'd planned for everything including...
"Y/N! Let's go kiss under the mistletoe!" He said excitedly as he grabbed your hand.
He froze for a minute then looked at you sheepishly.
"Only if you want to, of course, but I'd really like to kiss you, please?"
How could you say no to those puppy eyes?
"Of cour-"
The words weren't out of your mouth when he was pulling you to the mistletoe, and excitedly kissing you all over your face, really anywhere he could reach, like his affection for you was exploding in kiss form.
Jamil Viper
A quiet moment, in private.
You knew Jamil was probably in charge of a lot for the party. He seemed particularly stressed, too, because after this he had to oversee cleanup, and then helping all the students get ready to go home for break.
So you stayed out of his way during the party, and offered to take over cleanup manager, while he helped final inspections and packing.
He finished a little before you, then helped you finish, and invited you for tea in his room. When you both had your tea, he exhaustedly flopped backwards on the bed with a groan.
"That was a lot," he sighed.
"Yeah, but you have a little break now," you said, massaging his shoulders.
He sat up with a start.
"I was supposed to kiss you!"
Instead of answering, he just started fervently making out with you. Eventually, your lips were free as he held you close and kissed your neck and the rest of your face.
"What do you mean you were supposed to kiss me?"
"Under the mistletoe," he managed to get out. "It's the whole reason Kalim put the stupid thing there."
Vil Schoenheit
He just asks (pt 2) He's not an animal, potato.
The holiday party was a formal affair in the Pomefiore dorm. Vil was seated in his throne, with Rook standing by his side, as his potatoes mingled. His eyes were on a single potato. You.
At length, Rook gave a laugh.
"Roi du poison, just go kiss them. You know you want to."
Vil sighed, and gave a glare to Rook, but it was too late. He was already calling you over to the throne.
You arrived and gave a mock bow.
"Your highness," you said with a grin. "You called?"
"Yes," since you were going to act like a smart ass, he'd play with you a little. "I'd like you to join me under the mistletoe, if you'd be so kind."
Your jaw dropped, and you looked like a blubbering fish. He smiled to himself, and stood up from the throne, gracefully taking your arm and walking to the mistletoe.
He tilted your head up with a single finger and smugly asked, "Well?"
You gave a vigorous nod. He laughed and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.
Then he just walked away.
Always leave your audience wanting more.
Rook Hunt
Everything seems normal-WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU COME FROM?
He must have been hiding nearby. Waiting for you. A part of you was chiding yourself for not knowing.
You had intended to walk past the mistletoe into the kitchen, where you would get some more snacks. No one had been around. You were certain.
Rook dropped from the sky just as you stepped under the mistletoe.
"What the fuck!" You shouted, but he was simply giggling, and wrapping his arms around you, trapping your arms to your sides.
"You let your guard down, Mon Trickster."
"Yeah, that's on me," you sighed.
"Is the prey surrendering?" He laughed out in amusement.
You gave an experimental wiggle, then sighed .
"Yeah, looks like it."
He leaned in and spoke against your lips, his warm breath sending a shiver down your spine.
"Then I'll take my prize now."
Epel Felmier
Thinks it's stupid…until it's not.
"Kissin' under the mistletoe is a stupid tradition," Epel said for the fifth time in an hour. But this was the first time you'd heard it. You'd been elsewhere all day. But he'd said it to literally everybody else.
"Yeah, it kind of is," you laughed back, and his frown deepened.
"W-well, it's not that stupid," Epel said.
"Sure it is, I mean who even came up with it?"
"It's not stupid! I'll prove it to ya!"
He grabbed your wrist and dragged you off under the mistletoe, and kissed you hard.
"See? Not stupid," he said smugly. Until he realized what he'd just done. Then his face turned a bright red.
"Fuck," he muttered. " 'S a stupid tradition."
Idia Shroud
Lmao not happening.
He'll die before he goes to the holiday party. And he'll die before he participates in such a stupid normie tradition.
Sorry Idia simps, but you know I'm right.
Malleus Draconia
Over prepares.
Whoever was in charge of decorating….had definitely overdone it.
The ceiling was covered in mistletoe. You couldn't go more than a couple steps without finding yourself under another sprig.
"Child of man, are you enjoying your festivities?" Malleus suddenly boomed from behind you.
"For sure!" You turned to face him with a smile. "Thanks for inviting me!"
Malleus smiles for a moment, then releases the fakest gasp you've ever heard.
"Child of man! It appears we are under the mistletoe!"
You look at the multitudes of mistletoe on the ceiling, and laugh, "I think it'd be weirder if we weren't under the mistletoe."
He furrows his brow and pouts. "Lilia told me about the human holiday tradition where you must kiss if you are under the mistletoe."
You felt your cheeks warm as you put two and two together.
"O-okay, if you want a kiss then-"
His lips are on yours immediately, his hands in your hair and on your back, like if he stops moving them you'll be able to escape his grip.
He pulls away and licks his lips seductively.
"There, we have not broken tradition."
You both walk a couple of steps, then…
"*Fake gasp* Child of man! We are under the mistletoe yet again!"
Lilia Vanrouge
Hijinks and mischiefs.
You have no idea how you ended up under the mistletoe with Lilia. But now he was floating around you in circles, tapping his chin thoughtfully with a satisfied smirk.
"Now what do I do with you, little human? It appears you have fallen in a trap set by the very crafty Lilia Vanrouge."
You felt his breath on the back of your neck, as he hovered close behind you, but not close enough to actually touch.
"I suppose I could let you go."
He whispered.
Then his breath was on your right ear.
"Or I could trap you here forever so that you have to kiss me whenever I want."
He floated in front of you and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. Why it hadn't occurred to you to just leave him there, you had no idea. But with all the hovering and breathing on your skin, you thought you would lose your mind if he didn't kiss you soon.
He hummed to himself, then tilted his head and leaned in close. As his lips were about to brush against yours, he abruptly shifted up and pressed a quick peck to the tip of your nose.
Then he grinned and flew away.
Cheeky bastard.
A goodnight kiss.
Silver had fallen asleep halfway through the party. He'd woken up at the end, when you were about to leave. He knew it had been snowing, so he'd offered to walk you back to Ramshackle.
As you reached the door, Silver found himself taken with how beautiful you looked surrounded by the snow. Your eyes glinting from the cold, your hair shining with the glitter of snowflakes. Truly radiant.
"Wait," he said softly as you turned the handle.
You turned back to him and raised an eyebrow. He walked closer, and took your hands in his, rubbing his chilly nose against yours affectionately.
"I don't know if I'll get to see you again before break is over," he whispered. You leaned the rest of the way in and softly kissed him, before slowly pulling away and stepping inside.
"Goodnight Silver," you whispered, and he swore he'd never been more awake than that moment.
Sebek Zigvolt
It's stupid until it isn't (pt 2)
"Y/N keeps walking very close to that mistletoe. Dangerously close," Lilia whispered to Sebek.
"So?" Sebek asked, as though he hadn't been watching you do this for the last half hour while you talked to some random second year in his dorm.
"It looks almost like Donovan is doing it on purpose," Lilia said with a smirk, nodding at the second year in question. At a second glance, Sebek saw Lilia was right. It looked like he was trying to back you into it.
Sebek scowled. "It doesn't matter. It's a silly human tradition of little substance."
His train of thought was interrupted as he heard you laugh loudly at something Donovan had said.
Without a word he marched over to you.
"Oh, hey Sebek!" You turned with a smile. "What's-"
He wrapped a single arm around your waist, and pulled you close as he kissed you under the mistletoe.
He kept the arm around your waist as he turned to Donovan, who had a rather ugly scowl on his face.
"EXCUSE ME DONOVAN, MY HUMAN AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE A PRIVATE CONVERSATION IN THE HALLWAY CLOSET!" Sebek said, louder than even he intended. But your flustered expression, and Donovan's rage, as he walked you to the hallway, made it all worth it.
Tag list- @lleoll @shytastemakerthing @stygianoir @leonia0
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angelltheninth · 3 months
Twisted Wonderland Men Teasing You
Pairing: Trey Clover, Ace Trappola, Leona Kingscholar, Ruggie Bucchi, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viper, Rook Hunt, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, flirting, public display of affection, teasing, blushing, cheek kisses, neck kisses, hand kisses
A/N: Something about writing TWST fluff that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Trey teases you when it's just the two of you, he's not a big prankster and is rather down to earth when compared to some of his dormmates. He likes to do the little things like complimenting you a lot about things he knows will make you flustered, or pulling you towards him unexpectedly and nibbling on your ear just a little to get you to yelp and gasp.
Ace doesn't go one break without teasing you. He wouldn't do it in the middle of classes but after? Oh you bet. He's always holding your hand, commenting on how small and gentle it is compared to his right before kissing it and watching you turn the same color as his heart tattoo. Always gets a laugh out of seeing you so cute and flustered, which is why he has no intention of stopping, he knows you'll get back at him sooner or later.
Leona might be lazy but let no one call him passionless, especially not when you're the subject of his passion. Can be both aggressive and gentle with his teasing. Sometimes it's holding you close, your back against the wall while he mouths at your neck while whispering how much he missed you during classes and other times it's mumbling in his sleep about random things he likes about you. Most of the time he doesn't even remember doing that, it's just second nature at this point.
Ruggie is a very mischievous guy, he will tease you whenever he gets the chance, no opportunity is too small or too big. Passing love notes to you during class is a must, stolen winks, taking a bite of your food before offering you his while talking about indirect kisses and promising real ones later are all part of an almost daily occurrence with him.
Azul chooses the moments he's going too tease you very carefully. He has to make sure to do it when you least expect it. When you're walking to class he'll walk up next to you kiss you for good luck and then walk off, he'll drape his arms around you while you're in the café, watching your face adopt that cute but bashful smile right before he wipes it off your face with a sweet kiss after delivering you your order.
Jamil being a pretty reserved person, at least in public will sometimes squeeze your hand a little to let you know when he's about to let go and always kiss your cheek before and after class. His teasing comes in the form of his looks, his ever so slightly devious smirk as he looks at you from the other side of the classroom, the hidden silent words mouthed at you. Nothing to get either of you in trouble but enough to make you want to kiss him silly after classed end.
Rook despite looking like a gentleman has a hidden mean side to him. Not actually evil although you do call him that when his kisses leave you breathless and wanting for more. Yet somehow he always kisses you like that just before the bell rings. While on walks he knows what spots to take you to where you won't be disturbed so he can have fun with you away from prying eyes. There you can whimper all you want, there's no need to hold back.
Idia sends a lot of flirty messages and sometimes pictures of him without his shirt on because he claims it's too hot to be wearing one. He'll never tease you in public though, be protective yes, but not tease. In his opinion that side of him is only for you to witness and take delight in. He feels similarly about seeing you flustered, at least for now he'd like to keep it for himself.
Malleus likes whispering things to you while you're nestled in his arms. Hearing, feeling you react to his words is some of the best rewards he can hope for. Well other than he way you moan when his fangs make marks on your neck or your inner wrist. He knows you're asking for more, but you must be patient and wait, meet him later tonight, and he'll make all your wishes come true.
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kalims · 4 months
‎˃ ᵕ ˂ . . "I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
paper rings,
premise. there's nothing more memorable with a paper ring and a promise.
characters. all dorms.
includes. gn!reader
cw. topic of marriage.
note. you know those ring pops? yeah, those but paper rings.. I am listening to taylor swift right now so basically mc is proposing
Tumblr media
in a very flabbergasted way he's less than proud to admit. riddle isn't able to do anything other than stare dumbly at the item you're offering so casually, awfully aware of the steaming warmth on his cheeks and frantic beating of his heart. his throat feels awfully empty from the way he can't even say a thing from how shocked he was. there's practically steam flushing out of his ears when he looks away and scolds you for being way too early. (maybe he's implying that it might be better for a later occasion.)
trey hasn't exactly pondered on the topic of marriage a lot. why would he? he's living a pretty good life. surrounded by his close circle, being able to excel and enjoy the thing he loves, having a decent academic standing. what more could he wish for? apparently marriage. just the notion had him whipping up deserts in his head, specifically for a wedding and he's suprised at how serious he's being at it. even his parents are getting a shock from how he insists to do the wedding cake commissions himself for some 'practice' he says.
receiving the shock of the year certainly doesn't come by a lot but cater supposes he can't exactly avoid the thing forever. consider this the most shocking he's ever gotten because you'd know from his frozen face and the smile that dropped into an open gape. right after he breaks into this goofy grin before giggling somehow ominously. you should expect cater to basically advertise your proposal, posting it all around social media with barely container excitement. you'd think he'd throw it away after he's done taking pictures but he's hidden it deeply in his closet.
ace trapolla ponders on whether he should just slap your hand away like when he'd probably do but for once he's silent. staring at the ring with such intensity that you took the initiative to joke about his out of character face. so, ace huffs and playfully rolls his eyes at you. to be honest, his usual self would definitely push your hand away because he thinks it's a joke and it's funny but the thing is. it's not. oddly enough, it's somehow serious to him and he literally hates it! stop making it serious to him he's gonna contradict himself after making disgusted faces to couples.
he had never felt such honor before. sure, deuce is pretty flustered. face tinted in pink but he's feeling like he just recieved a medal right now.. so proud would be a better word to describe his feelings. deuce just watches you slip the ring into his finger after he had nodded slowly. you don't know if you should be concerned or laugh at the way he never took his eyes off it. speaking of his eyes, they could be comically quiet sparkles in it from how amazed and proud he seemed.
compared to leona, ace's stares is like a cat to a well.. lion. leona just stares at you pointedly, glancing at the ring once and you swear something strange flashed in his eyes for a moment. you aren't given the time to venture too deeply into it as leona had already retreated back to his previous position and seemingly going back to sleep. you just shrug and decide to leave him to it. leona's ears twitch, picking up a rustle of paper in the grass. right behind him then your retreating footsteps. he just lays there, staring at nothing then turning to his back. the ring is over there. and he's currently fighting his inner self whether or not he'll test if you got his finger size right.
ruggie doesn't skip a beat and immediately leans in closer without warning, only to take a real good look at the ring you've made. he whistles and makes a cheeky comment about its just how he liked it. actually, it's true. as much as ruggie liked shiny things this is the little things he prefers and he lowkey just fell in love a little more. so, if you don't mind at all! he'll take the ring to keep to himself. since you did make it for him there shouldn't be any problem. don't worry, if you guys do actually end up getting married there's a chance he'll do it with paper rings. strange as it is.
his face holds a contortion of seriousness and 'seriously?' don't get him wrong. jack is quite stupefied by your gesture, don't you know that rings are often associated with the topic of marriage? you're literally proposing to him and you're doing it so casually?! oh please. in all seriousness actually he'd actually like that but he fears he might accidentally tear the whole thing into shred by accident. it's funny on how such a big, muscular man could treat something like paper so fragile. done like a true tsudere he turns pink, furrows his brows and loud away.
with the growing silence that azul thought of as awkward, he quickly clears his throat in hopes of clearing the.. atmosphere. if it weren't to the wake up call he snapped into, he definitely would've dropped the cup he was holding by his faltered grip. he puts on a smile that was more wobbly than he preferred but he can't really comment on it since it was currently his best. anyhow, he flicks his gaze down the ring and gestures for you to place the ring in his palm. he won't accept it, atleast not now but he will. when he would be able to provide for the two of you for a better life. until then he'd keep it in his safe when he's ready.
there's nothing more in-character for jade than a wide, kind of ominous grin. it's like he's teasing you non-verbally just from his face expressions itself. raising a brow and nudging you, with that grin still present on his face. jade says something about you being too impatient for marriage but he'll gladly adjust to your,,, preference. should he call you his fiance now? yes, the whole time he's been teasing you. not at all phased by your bold proposal. if not, he seems a little too pleased about it.
fully intent on glomping you. floyd wastes no time lurching forward and basically glomping you with a flurry of giggles, looking like he's high on cloud 9. 75% of the time he was just full of giggles as he continuesly stays clingy to you for the past time, and the rest muttering about getting married. don't be suprised if the whole school knew at this point because he kept saying "shrimpy and I are getting married. hehe." a lot and he doesn't even know how loud he actually is being.
being the sunshine he is everyone would expect kalim to be the happiest. and he is, you can tell from the brightest perk up he does and the bright, happy grin-smile he does right after. he looks like he can barely contain the happiness from bursting out. unlike any other of the guys, kalim probably thinks of this as a serious thing and doesn't think it's a joke at all. he doesn't even hesitate with accepting the ring and promises he'll make you one himself too. why would he buy you a different, expensive one when you gave him something so priceless?
jamil can't help the furrow on his brows. he probably looks disgruntled and bothered by you right now but it's quite the opposite. him, you're giving him paper rings? to him? it's not that he hates the notion, he thinks it's secretly cute but why him? there's probably a thousand other people wanting to receive one from you but yet you're here offering him a fragment on your love and you already stole his heart. he guesses no amount of ordinary can make you ignore him. it feels like a crushing responsibility to be the one chosen by you but he doesn't feel pressured at all.
in hindsight vil should be offended by your audacity to give him a paper ring out of all things! most people would probably sell their souls to purchase one imbedded with the most expensive kinds of crystals and gems. but he can't help but feel.. he isn't sure, pleasantly suprised? you never fail to dazzle him even if your ring isn't sparkly to compare to him but he does remember his dad speaking about how not everything should be all about the price. sometimes, it's the thought that matters and if your thought was to marry him he'd gladly do.
besides everyone else. rook is the most appreciative by your gesture, he doesn't have a problem practically singing how much enchanted you've made him by this alone. go on prefect, shall you do a play? he'd absolutely rejoice if you went along with him, going on your knees to recreate a real proposal and he'd say it was the most magnifique performance he's proud to ever taken apart of! by morning and day everyone notices how much more joyous he's been, sparing the ring made of paper in his finger that he wears literally every day. but they don't wonder too much, strange and rook in the same sentence fits quite well.
between the entirety of pomefiore, epel certainly has the least graceful reaction, with the loud scream, mind boggled eyes and all. if not for the etiquette lessons rook had drilled into his memories, epel would have taken you for the shoulders and started shaking you frantically, wriggling your brain cells into oblivion. but he just resorted by sparing you his mercy and just keeping his hand curled into a fist by his chest. epel is torn between 'what do you mean by this?!' and a firm 'I do'.
my boy idia's reaction is the most predictable and prominent. when I say predictable, most of the time he's just on the verge of a breakdown at unexceptable things and prominent by the increasingly passionate flame that his now pink (previously blue) has. I mean when is it not pink when mc is involved really? idia is of course, having a crisis because WTF?! that was literally so cute that he's gonna have a cardiac arrest. someone please sedate him... consider idia a fan of paper craft because you started receiving a bunch of origami stuff, ranging from paper flowers to cranes. even ortho is suprised at the sudden motivation to pick up a hobby.
when you told ortho to wait when you forgot something he definitely didn't expect you to come back with a bunch of flowers made out of paper for him! the boy is singing praises for you as he clutches the batch happily. almost like he's cradling a child. you bet ortho is gonna make some sort of artificial liquid to drown the flowers into so that the paper doesn't get worn out or crumpled. he will certainly keep it safe for years!
akin to childish joy. malleus hums pleasantly. he doesn't think that this is a fake or anything at all, though he was sure that he'd be the one to propose first.. oh well, it's a nice thing. you never fail to suprise him child of man. he stares at you with a smile playing upon his lips and crinkled eyes, almost like he is in a trance. do you think he'll tell you that he quite literally just fantasized your future in front of you. (💀) goodluck cause man's obsessed and he's definitely not letting you take anything back. it's final. (no take backs 😡 <- like that)
giggles but atleast it's more mischievous and less ominous than jade's. lilia likes to see what kind of look you'd have on your face if he reacts differently. he's kicking his feet up, giggling and shi'. he acts like he just got serenaded by a high school crush, and you are technically his high school crush. might tease you into fluster instead but it all depends on his mood. it's pretty hard to fluster him you know and before you can do it it'll be the end of the world. (promises you that he'll be the househusband if you do get married and doesn't pay mind to your sweatdropping and horrified look.)
screeching like it's the end of the world. sebek probably woke up the world next to this one from how much bullshit he just started spouting, loudly if i may add. bullshit because everyone knows whatever he's spouting isn't even true and he's just saying it to convince himself.. sebek what do you mean the idea is preposterous? didn't you have a crisis last night because you couldn't sleep with a certain somebody in mind? silver is literally exposing him and sebek is calling him a traitor. he's never gonna vent to silver ever again, period.
to be honest maybe silver actually has the most normal reaction. he's just; oh wow, that's beautiful thanks. then goes back to sleep but this time he's been blessed with a dream of a future with you. he just doesn't spare an over the top reaction and prefers to cherish what he has now. which is what he's currently doing, he loves you and he doesn't want to wish for anything more until you're fully ready.. we love a respectful, consentual man. of course he keeps the ring but so that it won't get in the way of his work
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lyneira · 7 days
Tumblr media
♡ don't look..! 🫣 ♡
Tumblr media
-> how they would react after walking in on you undressing
slightly perverted and a bit more on the crack-side
lyneira's 1.2k milestone event
Tumblr media
Scolds you
Vil, Riddle, Jack, Trey, Rollo, Sebek, Jamil, Silver, Jade
Once they walk in the room to see your half-naked form, they're going to immediately look away and shut the door without a word. Once they're outside, then they're going to apologize and would proceed to scold you for a looooong time for not locking the door shut.
He's just really worried for you. What if someone ill-intentioned had come instead and tried to peep on you? The thought distresses him so. Thus, he's not going to leave your doorstep until you're either finished changing or until you've locked the door yourself.
(For Sebek, he'd do all of this but would definitely be much louder about it)
Freezes up
Malleus, Azul, Ruggie, Rook
Honestly, they'd be frozen when they see you, I think from both an 'oh crap, I walked in on them and they're nearly naked! 😰' feeling and an 'oh...they're nearly naked 😳' feeling.
Either way, they'd just be staring in awe from both the shock and view of your body. They want to apologize this instant, but they're currently at a loss for words. They want to turn and leave like they know they should, but their body just won't budge. Look, they're not intentionally trying to be a pervert but MY GOSH the gorgeous sight of you just has them completely mesmerized.
It's only until you turn to them and speak up do they finally snap out of it and apologize for the intrusion and leave, the blush and shame clear on their face. (Yet, the thought of you would never leave them for the rest of the day or few 🫣)
Freaks out
Idia, Deuce, Epel, Kalim, Neige
The moment they see your half-exposed body they would instantly go red and run out of the room yelling, "I'M SORRY!!!!", so freaked out that they even forgot to close the door behind them. (Neige probably wouldn't forget, though)
They truly did feel bad about it because even though they saw your body for barely a second, that image of you was now stuck in their minds. The more they thought of your body, the more they would freak out and feel ashamed of themselves.
I think it'd take a while for them to have the guts to approach you without thinking of that moment again. They'd apologize numerous times if they ever did recall it.
Is nonchalant about it
Ace, Leona, Floyd, Che'nya, Lilia, Cater, Trey
I think they'd all of these guys would be calm about it but in different ways.
I feel like Ace, Leona, Floyd, and Chenya wouldn't even really apologize but would be like, "Nice bod, you should really lock the door next time tho" LOL
Despite this attitude, I think they'd be decent enough to lock the door for you on their way out. He wouldn't want anyone else seeing the lovely sight that only he should see, hehe 😏🤭
And as for Lilia, Trey, and Cater, they would apologize, "Ah..! My bad, y/n", and probably lightly scold you as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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little-miss-mei · 24 days
Ace: Hey, Yuu. Who's more desirable? Me or Deuce?
Yuu: It's a tie.
Ace: Really?
Yuu: Yeah.
Yuu: You both lose.
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sadtonight · 4 months
Kissing you, kissing you, kissing you, kissing you- (additional entry)
Summary: you kissed him in more ways that he could imagine and more times he could count. But he had his preferences in kissing of course, reaching cloud nine when you did his favourite types~
Characters: Ace, Leona, Jade, Rook, Malleus;
Warnings: none, lots of kissing, a bit spicy, mentions of blood in Jade's part, reader is gender neutral, established romantic relationships;
Side notes: ah, those individuals. It's like love/hate thing depending on what sort of content of them I will encounter. Except for Rook, he's such a freak I'm kinda smitten ha ha... But if I knew any of them in real life, we would throw hands on every second encounter lmao.
— what Ace really hates is the concept of hesitate. What's there to be unsure of? Just pick something and be done with it. Yeah, that's why after short lived pining and countless lame "are we together or something?" hints the ginger came up you to one day and encouraged you to finally admit that you definitely had a thing for him;
— how you become a couple was rather straightforward and casual, and yet Ace hated how his cheeks were so hot, praying for his heart not to break his ribs from how much it was pounding at that moment. The way you stupidly smiled and how you told him that you indeed liked him very very much almost made him howl from happiness;
— Ace is experienced in dating or at the very least he knows what to do, like hugging, holding hands, cuddling, eating from the same plate, playing with each others hair, going to college together etc etc. Oh right, and kissing of course!
— the ginger was such a tease and he knew that. He would intentionally sway his face from you when you reached out to meet his soft lips, which at that point needed a punch instead of a kiss. It was strange how professional and amateur he was in making out at the same time. Angling your face with one hand, the other resting in your shoulder, but his tongue being all over the place. Ace preferred that kind of kisses, or at least that's what he told you;
— one time you stayed over in Heartslabyul dorm, both of you chilling out in his shared room that was lucky empty that evening. It was a comfortable silence — Ace was a bit groggy from a hard day so he didn't speak much. You laid on the bed beside your boyfriend, watching him play some game on the smartphone, his head currently resting close to your chest;
— all while you combed his hair in a steady, lulling motion. Ace almost succumbed to sleep, until he heard you quietly wishing him good night, and feathery pressing your lips to his face: his eyelids, his forehead, his cheekbones with cheeks, his nose, his jaw and finally his mouth. Why in Twisted Wonderland you were so damn adorable?? After saying it out loud, he opened his eyes and turned his head to the side. Ace was as red as roses he often painted, and despite not saying a single word after, he hoping you would continue. Hey quit staring and... please continue kissing him...
— generally nonchalant about kissing. If you want to stick to lion's side, clinging to his arm and leaning on his chest he wouldn't mind at all, unless you get in the way. Although same doesn't applies for kissing: if you demand kisses he would poke fun at your "desperation" but if you politely ask for permission to peck him he will, with a scowl or pokerface, give in and let you do the thing, with great reluctance in public though;
— honestly he didn't care, lazily making out when both of you are cuddled somewhere warm was amazing, case closed. But Leona wouldn't say it's his top one choice — however, if asked about his favourite type he would change the topic, unless it's you who was asking, because in that instance he still wouldn't give you a solid answer. The truth is that both of you knew what it was;
— the prideful male hated, despised, absolutely loathed how you could just come up to his sitting or laying form and...kiss his head. That's right, that's it. First you lightly ruffled his hair with your hand, and when Leona started to grumble, you would crane down and press your lips to the crown of his head or to the space near his ears — the worst places by far;
— it's not supposed to feel so nice, it was unfair how this tiny stupid gesture made him all warmed up inside. Like he was some plain house cat or something. The beastman now has to be on an extra lookout for the annoying hunter: if that creepy guy found out about how vulnerable Leona is to head kisses...it won't end well. Similarly, if Ruggie found out, then the lion can expect constant snickers and mockery from the hyena boy;
— but if you point it out, while actually pressing kisses onto his head, which was resting on your chest, Leona would tell you to shut up already. Provided you feel bold enough to keep teasing him about his soft side, he would bring you down, pinning your hands with one hand while squishing your face with another, loom over you. Care to repeat what you have just said?
— if you want to be "roughed up" so badly you should have just asked, he is more than happy to put you back into place. Oh? Leona won't stand a chance against you? Hah, sounds like a bunch of crap but sure, amuse him will ya? He already won you over, little battles like these are child's play.
— now if you only knew Jade on the surface level, as a prim and proper, polite and kind person, a true gentleman if you will, then it would "shock" you to know that he really really enjoys all kinds of unexpected kisses from his beloved partner;
— merman couldn't just get enough of them! Ordinary things that ordinary land couples do were very educational and, simply put, nice to experience: it involved so much mouth work and care, like not losing track of time in order to not forget to breath, or not to bite your tongue off in the heat of the moment. If any of the aforementioned situations happened, your boyfriend would actually feel just a drop of guilt instead of pure gloat, rubbing circles on your cheeks in a comforting manner as you heavily pant or swallow saliva mixed with your own blood;
— when it came to unexpected kisses however, Jade would rather not be a "surpriser" but a "victim". He was merely browsing books in the college library when all of the sudden you popped up out of nowhere and unexpectedly smooched his slightly parted lips and skipped off to do your things. Weren't you the most adorable one? Albeit bystanders were not all too pleased...
— said bystanders were mostly Floyd and Azul that did not, in fact, asked to be subjected to your amorous business. Floyd had to drag his twin brother away to finally get to alchemistry classes when your hugging and pecking was taking way too much time. And Azul had to literally make a fake coughing fit just for his vice dorm leader to finally tear his face away from yours and give him proper attention;
— what gets Jade to absolutely lose his mind is lipstick that easily leaves marks. When he sees the beauty product carefully applied to your lips he can't help but playfully, expectantly smile at you. At first he was quite upset upon seeing his face, neck and shirt covered in a colour of your lips, yet it was weirdly fascinating. Merman helped you apply lipstick back, gently gliding the tube along your lower lip while holding your chin up, but insisted on leaving those pretty love marks you left intact;
— the reaction it raised from his dear brother and dorm leader was priceless. Hmm? You want to say that Jade has a lipstick marks on his shirt's collar, neck, jawline, cheeks and everywhere near his mouth? Oya, you are absolutely correct, he must have not noticed it, how careless of him. Your watchfulness is much appreciated. Que to Azul gagging mentally, and Floyd physically.
— mon amour, there is no type of affection in the whole universe and beyond that Rook Hunt doesn't love or hasn't expressed yet!! The man showers people with all sorts of commentary on whatever attribute has caught his keen eye, so naturally he can't seem to stop showering you with praise on whatever topic he witness you get involved in;
— the huntsman is very physical with his partner too, if you don't mind that is, since he respects and cares for your wishes. Rook always has one on his hands on your body, like resting his hand on your waist or cradling your hand in a loose hold. Bien sûr, he also never left without planting a kiss onto your being!
— ah, pressing his lips to the back of your hand when you visit Pomefiore, pecking the side of your face when you don't face him directly while you sat together, lurching to your mouth to taste the last bite of the dessert from the your tongue — the delicious looking sweet treat he has been watching you idly eating in the courtyard on the bench for the past fifteen minutes;
— it's easy to kiss Rook once or twice, yet impossible to make out with his mouth running French miles each time you pull away just a little to take a breather or to shift. Additionally, your boyfriend was unreasonably busy, leaving you very little time to get things truly going;
— do not fret through, the huntsman tries his very best to clear his schedule enough to spare you the right amount of time, so you both wouldn't rush things before they escalate to something more... something he admitted to be enjoying way to far;
— Rook is the most desperate when you initiate long, slow, steady and oh so sweet make out session. Sitting or laying down as close possible, limbs wrapped around each other's bodies. It was incredibly warm, like you went ablaze, no matter how much clothes were discarded;
— the pace at which your lips unhurriedly shifted was driving Rook insane, his constantly sharp hunter senses dulling ever so slightly, the only thing on his air deprived mind being to kiss you again, again, again and again for as long as humanly possible. French words and phrases would seep out of this throat, worshiping your sheer existence. L'amour dangereux, he kept chanting, yet kissing you once more, for longer than before.
— the fae could have never imagined how charming the kissing process actually was: not long after you two begun kissing on the regular basis he finally realised the appeal. Truly, you will never know until you try it for yourself;
— Malleus acknowledged your affection that was present in the every lightest peck to his skin, soon enough his own infatuation translating into pressing his lips to the part of your face he could easily reach. He adored how surprised you were at the start, your little heart freezing for just a moment when his mouth connected with your forehead. The astonishment quickly wore down after a couple of months unfortunately, but nonetheless the kissing part never got tiresome or boring;
— you had to explain each and every kiss you made since your boyfriend hardly could see the difference. The results and intentions are all the same isn't that right? Turns out formal hand kissing could be romantic too. Malleus found it incredibly amusing, to the point of smirking like a child, when you took his large hand and gracefully yet casually drew your face forward to meet his pale knuckles. It felt so gratifying to receive such treatment considering he was a future king of Briar Valley — something which you regarded without fear or apprehension;
— in turn, dragon fae wished to return the favour. Not a single type of kiss could be satisfactory to the degree that in his opinion would make you as delighted as him. Malleus had tried to apply already existing knowledge of kissing onto you, only to teleport away, with no explanation, to ponder on what else to test when he didn't get the reaction he expected to prompt;
— you never minded the weird antics your boyfriend sometimes drabbled in. He was yours after all, and you loved him either way. You cuddled up to his chest, adjusting in his lap while Malleus was reading an old book. Taking note of your movements, the male brushed the side of your face with his fingers painted in black nail polish;
— you used this opportunity to catch his hand and snuggle into it, pressing light quick pecks all over the slightly cold skin. Malleus could crash gemstones with his bare hands, lift the heaviest objects and ignite or freeze his limbs in a split second, but you adoringly squeezed them with your weaker ones, just having your lips resting on his wrist. Such a precious, mortal, beloved being you were, weren't you?
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ranimotia · 3 months
Tumblr media
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fuzzybonefluffy · 7 months
Azul said that you behave like a grandmother of first-year students
Azul: gently taps on the table MC/You: taps back Adeuce: what are they doing? Jamil: Morse code Azul: aggressively taps on the table MC/You: slaps on the table TAKE YOUR WORDS BACK-
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oepionie · 30 days
💭masterlist | 💬ao3 link
sypnosis: leona, ace, & jamil with an s/o that gifts them a big bag of chocolates
⊹ [ cw ] — slight angst, hint of jealousy◞
⊹ [ tags ] — FLUFF.GN! READER | leona sugar daddy era, jamil wants to throw hands w your suitors, ace gets jealous◞
⊹ [ w.c ] — 1k+◞
Tumblr media
"Happy Valen-"
"Didn't I tell ya' you didn't have to get anything for me?" Leona grumbles, taking the human-sized box of chocolates from you and dropping it onto his bedroom floor. Truthfully, Leona doesn't really see the use of valentines day. He hates the tacky gifts and how they're coloured in bright pinks and reds, garishly decorated and covered to the brim with hearts and laces.
What's so special about the holiday? You two are already a couple are you not? Isn't it only for mushy, lovesick idiots who can't even get past the hand-holding stage?
"I just wanted to give you a gift…but if you don't want it then I'll just take it back. That cost a lot y'know." You frown, bowing your head down to the floor. Leona's ears droop a bit and he sighs, getting off his bed to walk over to you. He places his finger under your chin, tilting your head up to look into his emerald-green eyes.
"Hey…I didn't mean it like that." He mutters, stroking your cheek with the rough pads of his thumb. The lion pulls you down to lie next to him, his tail wrapping around your leg.
"Know damn well you don' got enough to go by. I'd like it better if you use that cash for yourself." He says, wrapping his arms around your torso and spooning you, pressing his face into the crook of your neck. You smiled as you carefully undid the now-loose braids in his hair, running your fingers through his tresses.
Leona couldn't care less about chocolates, cheesy love poems, or teddy bears…but being the centre of your attention ain't so bad.
"Here." Leona takes your hand and places a thin plastic card in it. Confused, you examine the card for a while before turning to him. "Why are you giving me your credit card?"
"I'm taking you out shopping later. Use that, I'll pay for everything, no buts."
Tumblr media
Ace eyes the gigantic box of chocolates in your hands, a smug grin on his face. Oh, that was definitely for him. His sweet and adorable partner made him a special Valentine's Day present, making him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Prefect, you truly had no idea just how much you inflated his ego.
He casually leans against a table, clearing his throat. Holding in a laugh, you pretend to ignore him and continue scrolling through your phone. Once again, he is attempting to play the cool guy.
Ace furrows his brows, leaning in closer to you and clearing his throat louder this time. You stay silent and continue looking down.
"Oi! Prefect!" You smirk, letting Ace wrap his arm around your shoulder. He caved in quicker than you thought. His hand sneakily drifts over to the gift, fingers curling over the cover.
"Soo…who's this for?" He beams at you, all excited like a puppy.
Ace looked so happy…it was too bad you decided to mess with him today. Smiling back, you snatched the gift away from his grasp.
"It's for Deuce!" You pipe up. His eyebrows rose to his forehead as his face and jaw dropped. He raced forward to try to grab the present away from you, screaming "DEUCE?"
You dodged him and ran to the opposite side of the room. He gawked at you, practically seething with anger and jealousy.
"I-I'm your boyfriend! Not him! Why-" He sputters out, hands grasping your shoulders. He shook you back and forth, whining.
"What kind of partner doesn't buy their boyfriend anything but give their best friend chocolates? "
"Calm down. Of course, it's for you." Rolling your eyes, you grasp his hand in yours. You dragged the box towards him before timidly brushing a kiss against his cheek. "H-Happy Valentines Day."
He seized the chocolates from you right away and gazed at them like they were the most priceless thing in the world.
"MAN! You really gotta pull these lame jokes all the time? These better be the best chocolates I've ever tasted!" Ace joked, popping a heart-shaped piece into his mouth. He sent you a boyish smile. "Well…since it's coming from you, I'm sure it'll be the best."
Tumblr media
Jamil scowled at the jumbled presents and love letters sitting atop your desk. His hands grasped a box of his own, itching to just rip every single gift out of there. How in the world was he going to get his present inside of that mess?
Even though he was your lover, he couldn't even get his present through—damn these suitors!
"Jamil?" He jumped and turned to face you, a sheepish expression on his face. You were looking up at him brightly, holding an enormous pink box in your hand. He noticed how your arms shook with the weight of carrying the entire thing.
"Happy Valentines Day!" You cheered, holding the box up to him. He gently took it from your hands, eyes soft. His irritation had melted away into something warm and gentle, these feelings making his heart beat faster and his palms sweat.
"Thank you, prefect. Oh, and this is for you." Jamil handed you the neatly wrapped box, filled will all sorts of handmade sweets and pastries. He rubbed the back of his neck, seemingly embarrassed at the somewhat lacklustre gift.
Jamil's eyes darted to the stack of presents atop your desk, he swore he saw a brand-new phone in there somewhere.
"I know it's not much but it's from me…It's not as expensive or as flashy as some of the other gifts you received but-" He was interrupted as you hurried to sweep the heaps of presents off your desk and into Grim's, the cat looking more than happy to receive so many things.
You turned back to him, clutching the gift tight in your arms. "It doesn't matter! I only want your gift!"
Jamil felt his heart skip a beat. With a rare smile on his lips, he pressed the bright pink box against his chest.
"Me too."
Tumblr media
Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Y/n taking care of Baby 1st years.
Y/n: *sitting on a bench reading with Deuce in their lap.*
A mom: oh how cute! How many little ones do you have?
Y/n: *looking up* beside my little cuddle bug? 4 more.
The mom: oh a handful… where are your others.
Y/n: oh just playing. Actually one second. *running to the sand box holding deuce* Ace Brain! Get that sand out of your mouth or your going back on the leash!
The mom: oh my….
Y/n: Epel! Get outta that tree! I swear I’ll call Papa Vil!
Epel: *glares*
Y/n: Jack! Stop trying to burry Sebek!
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michelletsw · 8 months
The first years with overbolts:
Y/n: Time for plan G.
Ace: Don’t you mean plan B?
Y/n: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Deuce : What about plan D?
Y/n: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Jack: What about plan E?
Y/n: I’m hoping not to use it. Sebak dies in plan E.
Ace : plan E sounds nice.
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