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Tumblr media
😭😭 he’s literally stunning. I’m in love with him
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A love gone sour
Tumblr media
Featuring: Leona Kingscholar
Genre: Angst
Event prompt: “Don’t you dare touch me.”
Requested by: @astreaaries
Warnings: Unhealthy relationships, mentions of abuse
Tumblr media
In the beginning, things were lovely. Afternoons in the botanical garden basking in each other's warmth, mornings spent cuddling in his comfy bed, dates in each other's dorms. Small moments where he kissed you softly and held your hand so tenderly. His gaze always softened when you were around, while a small smile graced his lips.
Those moments are gone. Soft touches were replaced with aggressive grabs. Soft gazing turned into harsh glares. The boy you once loved turned into a man you felt nothing for. All in the span of a month. One day, like a light switch, he grew colder and colder. Shrugging your hand off his shoulder, or pushing you away physically and emotionally. It grew to be too much.
"I already told you, nothing's wrong." The same old shit. The same old expressionless tone. Stuck in your dorm, on what was supposed to be a date. It quickly turned to an argument about his feelings.
“You're lying! I know you are!" His tail swayed violently behind him, his eyes hardening. He was this close to the door, one swift movement and he’d be gone, leaving you possibly for good.
"Don't. Let’s just chill and worry about this some other time. We aren’t gonna do this now.” He was growing more agitated at the second. You’d never been so pushy about this. Why now?
“Yes, we are.” He felt himself snap.
“No we’re not!” You flinched at his raised voice. Never in your relationship had Leona screamed at you. “Shit, that’s not what I—” you felt your heart drop as he reached a hand towards you. Was he going to—
“Don’t you dare touch me.” Your voice shook. He dropped his hand immediately. You felt uneasy around him, but your heart never beated so fast. You never felt so much adrenaline. His eyes were wide, practically bulging as you took a few steps back. A safe distance, you told yourself.
“Y/N, I’m—sorry, okay? You know I’d never…” He was tongue tied. Did you actually think he’d hurt you? Had he really messed up that badly?
“Just get out.”
“GO!” He couldn’t say or do anything. He felt helpless. Like prey in a trap. Still, he left you alone, being sure to gently close the door. He messed up, so badly. And this time, was the last.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The most I read this part the funnier it gets 😭😭😭
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Auntie/uncle y/n is scary
Cheka: *whispers* I’m hungry….
Leona: *sighs and opens his eyes* so go get something from the kitchen…
Cheka: auntie/uncle y/n is in there… I can’t
Leona: whatever *stands up heading to the kitchen*
Y/n: *standing in the kitchen holding a large knife while on the phone* and I told him! I told him “Andrew! Get that finger out of my face before I bite a chunk out of it!” And he said “do it!” *moving their hand and arm around while holding the knife almost stabbing the wall* so I fucking bit him and spit the chunk of finger in his face!
Leona: *walking back to Cheka* yeah let’s wait a little bit
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Tumblr media
I’m joining the Leona in a car thirst bandwagon :)
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protecting your boyfriend from being talked bad by random students. how does he react when he finds out?
Tumblr media
“housewarden riddle is such a stuck-up. all he does is scream at us for not obeying the ridiculous amount of rules that the queen of hearts made!” you stopped walking and continued to hear into their conversation.
“if i was the queen, i'd definitely have him as my lap-dog! it would be so satisfying to look at his face that would be pleading for my forgiveness.” another student added, laughing at the comment that his friend made. you clenched your fists and side-eyed them from a far, the atmosphere suddenly growing tense.
you could feel your blood boiling as they continued to slander riddle's name. then, you waited until they walked in front of your figure. putting your hand on the student that called riddle a lap-dog, he turned around to be met by a fist.
“w-what the hell?!”
“what's your problem, dude?!”
“haven't punched someone for so long. feels good, doesn't it?” you cracked your knuckles and glared at them. “i may be magicless, but that doesn't mean i'm weak.” slowly walking towards the student that was on the floor, he backed away before being pulled by the hair by you. “talk about him like that again and i'll make sure that you won't only leave with a bruised cheek.”
at the end of the day, you were met with an outrageous riddle that walked his way towards you. “rose, why would you commit such heinous acts? you could've been hurt and i wouldn't of known until later on!” he scolded, inspected your hands and face for any cuts or forming bruises.
you stared at him and chuckled, “i couldn't stay quiet when i hear my lover's name get played like some dog's chew toy, could i?” riddle still had his eyebrows furrowed when he felt the blood rush to his cheeks. he looked away and kept quiet before speaking up.
“i appreciate it, my rose. next time, just— just don't act as violently as you did.”
to him, it wasn't unusual to hear people talk behind his back.
he was the second born after all, and is always compared to farena. it’s not like he cared, he was used to it anyway. to him, no matter how hard he tries, nobody would change the views that they have on him anyway. he was shocked to hear that his herbivore got into a fight under his name, and rushed towards the infirmary to see you.
“herbivore, what were you thinking?” he gently cupped your face, worriedly looking into your eyes. “they were talking bad about you, leona. i'm not the type to stay quiet whenever i hear people i care about get insulted.” you smiled and showed him your fist that was wrapped up in bandages, making his attention go to your fists instead of your face.
“plus, i only bruised my knuckles and gained a few cuts here and there. they're all in the same area though, so i'll be fine. you should worry about the others.” he could see that you were amused with yourself, making leona sigh and softly growled, “what did you do, anyway?” you closed your eyes and grinned, “i only punched them both in their jaw. nothing too serious! only one of them got a dislocated jaw.” leona can't help but let out an amused laugh, proud of you.
“i'm glad that you're not hurt, herbivore. i'm proud of you for winning the fight, but don't injure yourself for me. now move over, i want to sleep.”
usually, he'd have the leech twins take care of people who talked bad about him. but today was different, because this time it involved you.
“hey boss! you have to guess what shrimpy did today!” floyd opened azul's door with a loud bang, his sharp teeth showing in his smile. azul's head snapped up once he heard your name, well... ‘shrimpy’, curious to what floyd had to say. “what happened to the prefect?”
jade, who was behind floyd, chuckled and brought a gloved hand under his chin, a sadistic smile present on his face. “they punched a student for talking bad about you.” floyd whined and looked at jade with an offended look, as if jade insulted him. azul looked at the twins in horror and quickly stood up, his chair falling to the floor. “what?!”
floyd grumbled and stared boredly at azul. “shrimpy beat up a guy for you, boss. you should thank shrimpy for their kind acts, you know! they let me squeeze that guy too~” azul could only turn his head towards a now grinning floyd, annoyed. “where are they now?” jade laughed and pointed towards a vacant table at monstro lounge, who had only one customer attending at said table.
azul rushed and quickly went to the table to see you with your phone out. “dear, are you hurt?” he grabbed your hand and checked for any present or forming injuries, making you gently smile at him. “not at all.”
“please leave all the violent stuff to the leech twins. i wouldn't want you getting hurt because of me.”
why would anyone talk bad about kalim? it was clear to you that the reason that this student talked bad about kalim was because of one reason, envy.
kalim is a sweetheart. but each person, no matter how loved they are, there will always be one person that dislikes them— no matter how kind they are. they would highlight the bad doings of the person they are envious of, instead of their rights.
“kalim is too naive for his own good. he’d be quite easy to manipulate, don’t you think?” you kept quiet as you walked beside the student that decided to change the topic from something irrelevant to kalim; who was your boyfriend. “i mean, if i told him to go against a wild and rabid dog, he’d probably say that every dog is nice and try to approach it!” he laughed.
is he serious? talking about your boyfriend when every single student of nrc knows of how protective you could be of kalim. “don’t talk about kalim like that.” you quietly spoke, glaring at him from the corner of your eye. “you’d rather side your boyfriend than side by your friend?” he asked, grabbing onto your wrist.
“we were never friends to begin with. who even are you?” you scoffed, harshly pulling your wrist away from him. “keep your hands to yourself— i don’t need your filth.” your voice sounded sharp, making the student sweatdrop. turning your figure around, your eyes spotted kalim in the distance— who was making his way to you. “next time, learn how to keep your mouth shut.”
you told what happened to kalim, and he could only sweatdrop and smile nervously at you.
“are you okay though? i wouldn’t want you to get insulted as well :(”
vil knew that some didn’t like him. but does he care? no. he’s a model, a famous and widely known model across twisted wonderland. everyone knows that when you get into modelling, you would have haters and fans.
“vil thinks he’s all that when really, he isn’t. could you imagine being so obsessed with beauty that you force other people to follow your routine?” a student said, catching your eye. you could agree, vil does tend to be strict about beauty but that student doesn’t need to describe him like that. “strip away his beauty and let’s see how he reacts.” the student laughed along with their friend, slapping his friend’s shoulder in the process.
“i bet he’s worth nothing if he didn’t have beauty. people wouldn’t even look at him!”
vil rushed to the scene, shocked to see his potato in a quarell. out of all people in nrc, he couldn’t imagine his sweet potato getting into a fight with... his own dorm members? “potato! what is the meaning of this?” you looked at vil to see his worried face (and obviously graying hair that is bcs of you), and glared at the student from the corner of your eye that was holding his stinging cheek. “they slapped me! i didn’t do anything!”
“you couldn’t control your mouth, could you? and the same was for me, i couldn’t control my actions.” vil furrowed his eyebrows and looked between you and the student, slowly regaining information of what was happening. “so it all started because of you?” vil scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest, squinting his eyes at his dorm member. “i am greatly disappointed. i will require a full fledged explanation from you at the dorm. don’t think that you will get away without punishment.”
the student let out a huff of breath and closed his eyes in surrender, “yes, housewarden...” vil now turns to you, “and you, potato, i want an explanation too.” you looked at him and nodded, knowing he wouldn’t do anything anyway.
“so that’s what happened... potato, i appreciate the concern— but putting yourself in potential danger is irresponsible. i would say that ignoring them is better— but i will never understand your ways.”
idia wasn’t a social person at all. only God knows how he pulled you, because surely nobody does. it was clear to everyone that no matter how cold you could be, he was your one weak spot.
“that ignihyde housewarden? idia, yeah— he’s such a freak.. how did he manage to date the ramshackle prefect anyway? is the prefect blind or just stupid?” now, insulting you was one thing, but insulting your boyfriend?.. that’s too far, even for you. idia wasn’t a freak, he was just less sociable than others. what he said made your blood boil, and it raised your temper to the core.
you kicked the back of the student’s knee and made him kneel, a shadow resting on your face. your hand moved over to grab him harshly by the hair, forcing him to look at you in the eye. “not only did you insult me, you insulted idia as well. you think you’re higher than me just because you have magic?” the way that venom dripped down your voice made the student in front of you quiver in nervousness, his eyes glinting in fear. “prefect! what do you think you're doing?! to the headmaster's office!”
you turned your head to look at the source of the voice to find Crewel with his hands on his hips. scoffing, you let go of the student and found strands of hair on your palm. it disgusted you, making you immediately remove the strands. “i'm sure you would love to know the full story, sir.” your eyes moved to look at the student that gulped, making crewel raise his eyebrows. “both of you, headmaster's office. now.” your lips curled into a thin smile.
“it was just detention for a month, idia.” staring at idia, who had his eyes wide open. he knew of your violent behaviour from ortho, and rechecked the security cameras to make sure it was you. “s-still! what if you got hurt because of me?” idia quietly voiced out, concern visible on his face. he looked quite adorable, making you laugh out a little. “don't be silly. it'll be worth it in the end, won't it?”
“im used to being called a freak... you don't need to endanger yourself for me,”
malleus was quite sensitive to the topic of relationships, mostly platonically. so, this person knew what to rub into the wound of malleus, making you scowl.
“nobody actually likes malleus, that's why he is never invited to any gatherings!” your eyes squinted to glare at the student in front of you, who was laughing. the student stopped laughing to huff out a “you don't actually like— 'love' him do you?” , making a vein of yours pop. this guy was truly getting on your nerves. is he asking for a deathwish?
“i'd prefer it if you avoid talking about my personal feelings for others—” the student jabbed you with his index finger at your chest and scoffed in your face, making you grumble in silent anger. “wait, don't tell me you've actually fallen for that dragon?” he retreated his finger and huffed out a laugh. “hah, that's quite pathetic!”
you grabbed his wrist. “what the— let go!” the hold you had on the student's wrist made him whimper in pain, begging you to let go. “speak of malleus like that again and i'll break your wrist.” you tightened the grip making the student's eyes water, before releasing his wrist and turning around to face the opposite side.
“child of man, i heard that a student was injured because of you. did he provoke you?” malleus questions, curiousity written on his face. your eyes moved from his hands to his face, letting a gentle smile decorate your features before answering his question with a soft tone. “tsunataro, he was being disrespectful. i couldn't of stood silent as your name get slandered, could i?” he smiles.
“oh, how lucky i am to meet you. you are too precious, child of man.. but don't risk your safety for me.”
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Leona 😍🫶
Tumblr media
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*Ruggie coming into Leonas room, to find Leona sitting on his bed smiling*
Ruggie: Whats up, with your ass this morning?
*Yuu turning around in there sleep*
Ruggie: Oh! Nevermind.
Leona: If you wake them up, i swear Bucchi im gonna finish your whole career...
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Hi. You can react the characters to the fact that the MC kissed the little Cheka?
A/N: I did it with the dorm leaders because I thought they would have a wide range of reactions. If you want more let me know.
C/W: discussions of Riddle's trauma and what it means for the future of your relationship, germaphobe Vil, and I think that's it
Little Cheka has come to visit his beloved uncle! But his beloved Uncle is tired. Luckily, he knows a certain herbivore is always willing to babysit. While you're playing with Cheka, your s/o looks over at you just in time to see you laugh and kiss his cheek.
Tumblr media
Riddle is conflicted. Cheka is cute, like the hedgehogs he loves so much. So he understands the urge to give him kissies. In fact he'd probably give him kissies too if he felt closer to the kid.
But also, it makes him think about the lack of love he had in his own childhood, and it kind of sends him to a dark place. 
Now he's wondering, if you two ever raise kids together, if he'll be able to break the chain. He's spiraling quickly, which means his temper is shorter, and, oh look, Grim just got collared again.
Probably tries to avoid you and Cheka until he goes home. He doesn't want to think about it more than he already is, and doesn't want to take his temper out on two innocent sweet hearts.
When you come to see him after Cheka goes home, he'll ask you to sit down like you're about to have some business meeting, and you'll discuss his fears for the future. You do your best to assuage his fears. After all, you haven't even graduated yet, and neither of you is even sure you want kids. This isn't something he should worry about right now. 
But you assure him, as you press a kiss to his cheek, that should you both decide to take that route, you know Riddle will be better than his mother.
Tumblr media
Oy! That's his herbivore!
He's lucky he woke up from his nap just in time to see that. He's immediately up and walking over to you, wrapping his arms around you so that yours are pinned to your sides, and pressing kisses all over your face.
Cheka, being a child and not understanding this is a show of dominance, thinks this is a fun game! So he climbs up on the nearest object so that he can reach your face and start giving you kisses too!
He's played this game with his dad before! What usually comes next is his dad starts to tickle him, so now he's tickling you and laughing hysterically.
Leona sees his nephew is onto something here, and starts to tickle you as well. It's a trap you didn't even realize you fell in. And now you're wriggling as much as you can to escape the barrage of tickling.
Good luck, herbivore. You're gonna need it.
Tumblr media
Azul is not into PDA. It interferes with his sauve business like persona. So when you kiss Cheka's tiny, little, squishy cheek, he feels a surge of envy.
He immediately berates himself. It's not the same. That's a child. Children are allowed to be given love in public. It wouldn't be the same if you kissed his cheek. 
But he's thinking about it all day. He's unknowingly tapping his pen loudly on the desk as he pretends to listen to what clients are asking him for. Luckily, Jade is always on top of things, so it still looks like everything is normal to outsiders.
Would it be so bad if he were to express his love for you in public? It wouldn't be unprofessional, right? Heck, it might strike more fear into people considering he has won the love of the Ramshackle prefect. (In thinking these thoughts, he's forgetting that he's ready to melt into a puddle when you kiss him in private)
When you slide into his lap to get his attention at the end of the day, he asks if you can try giving him a kiss on the cheek in public every once in a while.
He does, in fact, die the one time you're able to try it.
Tumblr media
Let's be real. He's giving Cheka kissies with you. When he found out you were babysitting, he was so pumped! He loves to play with littles! 
Probably brought snacks and all sorts of toys that he thought looked fun at the Mystery Shop. 
Little Cheka loves Kalim and Y/N! He wants to play with them forever! But, alas, he has to go home eventually. And when he's giving a tearful goodbye, both you and Kalim start pressing kisses all over his face, and promise you can play again soon.
Once Cheka leaves, Kalim is just as sad, and missing his siblings a little. You know how to fix this, right?
That's right! Press kisses all over his face until he's laughing and smiling again!
Tumblr media
He has Rook keep an eye on you from time to time, since he's very busy and wants to feel like he's part of your life. (Yes, he knows it's a little creepy, that's why he doesn't tell you. 🙄)
He's at a club meeting when he gets sent a photo from Rook, of you kissing Cheka on the cheek. And his first thought is…gross.
Potato! You have no idea where that child has been! Imagine all the germs and diseases he is putting onto the skin that he has worked so hard to help you get perfect!
His second thought is about whether or not he should have you quarantine before you can touch him again. He's too busy to get sick, and whatever dirt you now have on your skin will for sure upset the delicate balance of his own skin.
Well, his club members see him furiously typing what is looking to be a long paragraph to someone. I wish you the best.
Tumblr media
Ortho and the tablet float over to find out where you are, and after you kiss Cheka, you see the tablet go on mute.
What you don't see is Idia having a meltdown about how absolutely adorable it was to watch his S/O kiss a human cat thing! He's giggling and squealing before getting it together and unmuting the tablet and asking in a super chill voice, "what's up?"
He later finds the footage in Ortho's database and screenshots the moment. He makes it his wallpaper on his phone. 
Starts searching the web for cats you can raise together (real cats, not human cats) he wants to see his favorite human kiss all the cats!!!! He knows he'll OD on cuteness, but he doesn't care! 
Melts a little every time he thinks about the cutscene he's working so hard to unlock. But it's worth the wait when the three kitties he bought are approved to stay in his dorm, and he gets to take all the pictures he could ever want.
Tumblr media
*Fights fae urge to kidnap the child*
You have clearly chosen this child as one to be celebrated! He materializes on the scene and immediately begins bestowing blessings on the child. Cheka will now live a long life, beloved by all his subjects, and will only know happiness to the end of his days.
Malleus is about to start bestowing extra blessings, like the ability to know every language, when Leona comes on the scene and starts yelling about how his nephew stinks of lizard. Honestly, what did he expect, the "lizard" is your boyfriend.
He scoops Cheka up and leaves, and Malleus is fighting the urge to kidnap for the second time. By now Lilia has shown up, and is not helping.
Just kiss his cheek though, and he'll forget all about it. His child of man just kissed him! Huh? What child?
Tag [email protected] @stygianoir @leonia0 @lleoll @eccedentesiast-sapphic
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writingseaslugs · 2 months
Leona | Fluff, and love, a lot of love | Set up is that Leona's S/O was there during his overblot and took care of him during the aftermath. One morning he jokingly asks if they're married now, S/O says "if you wanted that? Yes. My heart is in your hands and that's not something I give to just anybody.. but it's yours to keep if you'll have me."
Soft mornings with Leona is all any of us need. So here you go, some ultra fluff for the lion.
Disclaimer: This is an AU of Twisted Wonderland where all characters (minus Ortho) are 18+. If you’d like more information about the AU, please refer to the links below!
Request Information | AU Information | Masterlist
Leona Kingscholar: Morning Proposal
You tried to stifle your yawn to no avail. Your eyes watered as you did so against Leona’s neck before nuzzling into his arms some more. Leona’s hand on your waist gave a gentle squeeze as he started to come to as well, the morning streams of light painting the room a beautiful gold. You weren’t ready to wake up yet, you still wanted to sleep for a few more minutes. Leona’s body was warm against your own and you didn’t want to leave any time soon.
“Morning.” His voice was husky as he grumbled it out and you hummed, loving how his voice sounded when he just woke up.
“Mornin…” You managed to hum, not changing your position. His arms wrapped around your own as he changed his position, laying on his side with you wrapped up in him. You made your own slight adjustments to get more comfortable as well.
“I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning…” Leona said, his voice still laced with sleep, “It’s nice.” He said and you swore you could hear the smile on his voice.
“Then just marry me already.” You joked and you felt him stop breathing for a moment.
“What did you say?” He asked, suddenly feeling more awake. You two had been through hell and back together, especially after the overblot. It came to a point where you stayed at his dorm almost all the time, just to wake up like this. You also wouldn’t mind waking up every morning to this, so why not get married and make it happen?
“You heard me, kitty cat.” You said with a small laugh, “Just marry me already.” You said again and Leona adjusted you so he could look you in the eyes.
“Say it again.” He said and you smiled and gave him a soft kiss.
“My hearts already yours, Leona, ever since the first time you wrapped your arms around me. I’d love nothing more than to be tied to you.” You said, making sure he knew you were earnest.
“I…fine.” he said, a small flush on his cheeks and you heard a small growl, “We’ll get married then.”
“Sounds good to me…now can we sleep in a bit longer?” You asked and he huffed.
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tezret · 8 months
How An Actual Healthy Relationship Is
You/Reader, finally getting invited to a dorm leader meeting: I made Azul scream last night
Leona: What the fuck
You/Reader: screamed real loud
Vil: What the FUCK
You/Reader: bet no one's made him scream like I did
Idia, pissed: [Name], please, we really don't need to know
Azul, who absolutely did not appreciate being pulled off his bed by his feet at 3 am after watching Paranormal Activity alone with the lights off in order to win a bet against you, which in hindsight was probably just the first part of a very elaborate, mean joke: THEY REALLY DON'T NEED TO KNOW
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The order fits into self aware au. How would Malleus, Jade and Leona react to an extremely caring reader?
Self-aware au
I do not take any responsibility for you reading this no matter which age group you are from!
WARNINGS: Yandere themes, obsession, possessiveness, manipulation, violence, murder, injuries, family problems, unhealthy relationship
Leona Kingscholar/Jade Leech/Malleus Draconia-Player is extremely caring
Tumblr media
Let's be honest, Leona is a sucker for attention even if he doesn't show it
I mean, house cat over there was deprived of affection throughout his entire childhood so what did you expect? A healthy headspace? Haha no
So when he was sitting there, daring at the student who just stepped on his tail when he felt it for the first time
And at first it was not a great sensation
He always felt someone looking at him, watching him, him never being able to escape...
But after he also watched the black haired annoyance he soon understood what was going on... or at least he thought he did
Malleus and his little fanclu-I mean his “friends” were known for having a rather “interesting” interest in the Overseer and since that started they were saying that they were watching them
Ok so he has his own little pair of eyes staring at him no. Great great. No way he likes tho-WHY IS HE PURRING??!
Now that things have been going like that for a longer while he does notice though that you treat him different than others
Whilst you would be like “may, I can wait with your spell material” you are with him “OUT OF THE WAY! I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF MY CAT!!!”
Whilst everyone is just trying to get a tiny bit of that attention and care he is just like “I have no idea what I did but I like it”
But I think I mentioned him being starved as a kid of attention and care from his family and his general surroundings, right?
Well it's going to show right here, right now
Whilst he basis in what you give him like sunbathing he is more or less just terrorizing others
If someone dares to try to get close to him so that they might get some of his cake he will create a new sand pit
Even though his family doesn't know Leona is aware that they would be at least thankful that his magic doesn't leave any trace to follow at the scene of the crime
Just keep that attention up! Otherwise he might just snap and make short process with everyone
Tumblr media
Confusion. Just confusion (at first at least)
Here he is, hat stand extravagance, witnessing how an all-knowing entity starting down on them is especially caring towards him
I mean, it all started on the day that exchange student ran after their friends after they got entangled in a contract with Azul
At first he thought you hated him
You were known as someone who was for fair contracts
And danger noodle over here knows that Azul plays dirty
Like “dumping mineral oil into the sea” kind of dirty
Why else were you always sending him out there to “squeeze the fishies” (-Floyd Leech, the not-so-extravagant hat stand)?
Why else were you always staring at him when he was talking to Yuu?
You gushing about him and how much you liked and wanted to take care of him didn't even cross his mind
Well, until the team was defeated for the first time
Oh boy, you were angry
But you were even more concerned about him
S-so you were just caring for him? Ha...Haha... HAHAHA- (Don't forget to breathe, Jade)
Is he overjoyed about that? Yes
Does he play dirty to keep that care to himself? Absolutely
The next time you see an NPC they might be a bit silent and avoid you
Jade is good at collecting dirt on people, you know?
Tumblr media
Aww how cute! We like the lighter!
Jokes aside, Malleus knew immediately that you were there even though he wasn't present in the prologue ceremony
So when Lilia came home that night he just bursted through the front door, doorknob in hand, yelling words about the Overseer
The general had to calm down so that the "young" fae could finally understand what the was saying
Ah, so you were here... WAIT WHAT??!
But then... *sad dragon fae noises*
Why? Well he thought he was either so boring that you left him alone or that you avoided him because you disliked him
I mean, imagine, the one being you always looked up to, thinking they understood you to some degree, is now staying far away from you
But then why were you always heading into battle with him? And why were you so angry the first time he had an elemental disadvantage?
When you finally had enough material you shoved that straight down his throat, saying something about “can't let him get hurt” and “not this pretty nifty little thing!”
So... you liked him? Why were you avoiding him then? ... You know what? He won't ask
That doesn't mean it's good for his ego though
Whenever he sees the house cat in the garden he just has that expression that literally screams smugness
But if someone dares to say that you don't care for him?
Roasted chicken my friend. Roasted chicken
His letters to his granny are now always filled with “how kind and caring the Overseer is” and “if there is a spell to get you here”
... You know what is waiting for you, right?
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mawwart · 3 months
Tumblr media
Pspspspss here biker kitty cmere pspspsps
Poor Leona took a lil longer bc my hands are Fucked Up again so had to take a lil break :))
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cupids-chamber · 3 months
LOVE YOU LOTS' Leona is forced to attend one of his brothers banquets with you, he urges you too leave with him so the two of you can go back home and cuddle!..
Tumblr media
Leona hadn't got the slightest clue, as to how he ended up here.. he was sure that he was home minutes ago, in bed.. cuddling with you. Having all your attention to himself, yet now he's here, attending one of his brothers events... 'So annoying..' he scoffed.. He wished he could go back home..
His gaze turned towards with you, he remembered how about an hour or so your attention was fully on him, and now it's elsewhere, entertaining guests and their various questions as to how you "tamed him" as if it wasn't the other way around..
He'd cause a scene, yet foreign diplomats were here this time around, and he'd rather not create such a scene, in front of you.. he couldn't have his herbivore thinking he's a bad guy and leaving now could he?
About an hour in, Leona's patience had been tested multiple times.. it was getting all the more difficult for the lion to hold his cool.. He's much rather go home, yet because he was a 'prince' he had to stay!..
Even if you couldn't realize it, quite the few servants had taken notice of the prince's dismay and deuterating mood, as he sat on a couch in the corner, refusing to leave or interact with others.. The servants tactfully avoided him, trying their best not to get caught up in one of his lash-outs.
"Hey, you!" Leona called out to a nearby passing servant, "Give that to me!" it was obvious he wasn't in the mood to care, raiding the stash of drinks on the poor servants tray.
"Hey.. herbivore.. I wanna go home" Leona slurred up on his words, making incoherent babbles, but it didn't take a genius to form out his words. "You want to go home" you asked, letting out a chuckle as Leona nodded, one could easily tell that the poor lion had a tad to much to drink, 'he reeks of alcohol' you thought..
"I wanna go home and cuddle!" he claims, wrapping his arms around you. Catching you off-guard, you let out a deep sigh before complying with his demands.. "Ok.. Let's go home..!"
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation from me.
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cursedcola · 6 days
Prompt: "Will You Marry Me?" - Proposal Headcannons Characters: Everyone :) Part(s): Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw(Here!), Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde, Diasomnia Fandom: Twisted Wonderland Warning(s): None. I mean, unless you don't want to marry any of them. Just don't read if that's the case. Note: These are all if he is the one proposing btw. I've been thinking about maybe programming a small fan-made mini-otome using these ideas. Just for some practice for school while also being self indulgent hehe
Leona Kingscholar
Let’s just rip the bandaid off. Leona dates to marry. He’s not someone to invest his time in something troublesome, and frankly? Not many people catch his interest. Sure. He might think someone is physically attractive, but there’s a difference. He doesn’t follow the traditional path either. The ‘dating’ stage doesn’t last long because he’s already made up his mind prior to it.
Dating is pretty much just formality. The moment you agree to it, you’re essentially agreeing to marry him. He’s not going to put in effort for just anyone. Bonus points if he’s the one to confess his feelings first. That is basically concrete confirmation that he intends to marry you.
Leona proposing is inevitable. Only two things stand in his way: time and pride. Time, because he is no idiot. Your ways are unlike his people, and unlike him. He’s patient. He knows how to play the game. He can wait, but not forever. He’ll observe you over time and slip in questions here and there about your goals in life. Then he’ll find a good time frame. Please remember that Leona is not just an ambitious hot-head. He’s a smart one.
Then there is his pride. He will not put himself in a position that has a chance to fail. No. He will play dirty, and wait until you are tinkering with the idea of marriage. He’ll steer conversations towards talks of the future, and make it so you’re the one who starts them. All to get you warmed up to the idea of spending your life with him, and to a stage where he can clearly tell where you lie emotionally. He might appear neutral on the outside; however, it’s all according to plan. While you are just beginning to imagine your lives together, Leona’s already had the thought process long prior. You don’t need to know that though.
The icing on the cake is when you visit his home. Checka is Leona’s secret wingman. Your soft spot for the boy is something he takes advantage of, and lets Checka consume your attention during a tour of the palace. You meet his elder brother, who irritatingly pries for details about your relationship. Leona lets it go. Just this once, because he knows you feeling at home is more important in the long run. You share a room with him during your stay, and he made arrangements for small changes according to your tastes. You’re also gifted with a new wardrobe of traditional clothes for your stay, and given free reign of the area. Naturally you are guarded in secret, as per the King’s orders. His brother knows as well as Leona does that it is imperative that your stay goes well.
You will be touring landmarks and tourist spots within the continent as well. While Leona would much rather laze his free time away in his room (away from his family), he goes. Word spread that he was bringing home his partner. Thank the gossiping maids for that. Walking with you makes the rumors official, and is safer than having you walk alone with Checka and some royal guards. That would have arisen suspicion, and been troublesome. More troublesome than walking around and confirming to the public that you are not to be touched.
Ignoring the many remarks about how Leona is unusually active during his visit (thanks to you), his pride is high. You’ve thoroughly been slotted into his life, and are accepted. Any apprehensions about you denying him were snuffed out. The way you took to living with him so easily proves it. If you weren’t welcomed by his family? Well, it wouldn’t change anything. This scenario just makes what he’s about to do easier.
The first night you arrived, Farlan presented Leona with a Kingscholar family heirloom. A ring that has been in their family for generations. Not meant to be worn permanently, and only for proposals. Farlan used it to propose to his wife, and at the ceremony presented her with the ring he picked out. Now Leona will use it to propose to you.
One look at it and Leona declined. He’s spent his whole life chasing things that he couldn’t have because of his birth status. He would not yield this moment to tradition. Farlan was shocked, but rescinded the offer with a supportive smile. His brother had found himself, and the King was proud.
On the evening of your final night at the palace - Leona finds you alone on the balcony of your shared room. If he was going to do anything, it would be now. Initially he was 100% confident in getting your acceptance, but the longer he watches the less sure he becomes. Deep down there is rooted fear that he will once again become second choice, and that you’ll choose to return to your world over him. His hands are in his pockets, and one of them fists around the ring he prepared long ago.
Right when he moved to back out, you turned to come back inside. Your serene stature brightened at the sight of him, and he gained back some confidence. If you could only look at him that way forever…well, here goes nothing.
What are you doing out there without a coat? It gets extremely cold in the Savannah during the night. Do you want to get sick? I won’t be the one taking care of you….,” he sighs, pushing the door open, “Stubborn mule. Make some room, I’m coming out there….I’m near-certain that you figured it out, but this isn’t just a normal vacation. I brought you here to ask for your hand. What?? Stop playing dumb. Not your ‘hand’ hand - oh, for crying out- marriage! I am asking you to marry me!….I am taking the laughter as a yes, now give me your finger”
Tumblr media
{ 'Everything the light touches...is our kingdom' - A golden sunrise. Befitting. He used to hate them. Hate that phrase too. Yet you are the sun that Leona has been searching for. He continues to fight against fate in hopes that his efforts will bare fruit, and you are living proof that there is a chance. Maybe not easily. His life might not be what he originally dreamed. He may not get to sit on a throne of light . Yet there is a light in his life, and he likes to think that fate did not bring it to him. No, he found you all on his own.}
Ruggie Bucchi
'I don't see why you haven't proposed to that young darling yet. Keep waiting and you'll miss your chance, boy'
Well, of all the things Ruggie expected to hear during his visit home, that wasn't one. Normally he'd be nagged over being away too long, or not writing home enough. This? It caught him off guard. Grandma was always sticking her nose where it didn't belong...but, maybe she had a point this time.
Your relationship. It's not something Ruggie has given much thought. It's uncharacteristic of him to get comfortable enough not to look a few steps ahead, but he's gone soft. A fact that he begrudgingly accepts with a grain of salt.
Naturally, he doesn't admit this out loud and instead changes the topic. On the outside, he acts normal and helps out around the house. However, internally he is thinking over his grandmother's prying.
Marriage. It's not necessarily 'beneficial,' to say the least. With only a few months left until graduation, he'll finally be entering the rat-race to secure himself a comfortable position for life. He's worked hard and developed connections to make it happen. The finish line is right there.
Where does that leave you? He can't necessarily be as flexible if he has a partner to worry about. It's a weak link, and might cause problems in his plans. The smart thing to do would be to break things off. After all, how many school romances get a happy ending? It's so unrealistic. He'll be busy with work, you'll have your own responsibilities, and eventually it will be like you are strangers with a title tying both of you together.
This reasoning alone is enough to settle the problem. It's just - he doesn't like it. It's the most realistic path and he hates it. If it was about finding a companion, then he could do it later in life.
But when he tries to picture that lifestyle with anyone other than you, it doesn't sit right. It's physically upsetting, and makes him nauseated.
Sleep evades him that night. Ruggie finds himself sitting in the kitchen doing homework, burning the midnight oil until he can think with a clear head. Naturally, his all-knowing grandmother finds him there and makes him spill his thoughts.
She's direct with her advice. It's rare for Ruggie to be stumped considering his quick-wit, and understanding emotions is a wisdom you gain with experience.
For someone like Ruggie, who's always maximized every outcome and thought ahead - you're a weakness. Something that he can't control, and yet exactly what he needs in life. We don't get to choose who we love in life. Love is unpredictable, and Ruggie's found it at a young age. Career opportunities come and go, but he will never get back the time spent at your side...so why not maximize that instead? Hm?
He leaves for NRC the following day. For the last time, considering it is his final year. On the way he stops at multiple markets and dips into his savings. With nothing but a ring and an idea, he ditches his stuff in his dorm and heads to Ramshackle.
He's not nervous. That left his system the night prior. His grandmother's tough advice hardened that up quick.
He knocks on the door, half expecting one of the resident ghosts to answer. Instead it's you, and he's down on one knee before you can speak. With one hand, he holds out the ring. The other itches his nose in attempt to hide his wobbly grin.
"Shishishishi~ I don't have to explain what's going on, right? I'm sure you can put two-and-two together quickly. Are you really so surprised that you have nothing to say? Hmm, I guess that I can take the lead. Pretty soon I'll be leaving. You still have another year here, and I can't promise that I will be around much. Until now, I had no plan for us. Likely because being with you is the most natural thing I have experienced. I've always aimed for a life of comfort, but now I want you in that picture too, y'know? So...when you graduate next year, will you marry me? I'll be patiently waiting, shishi~”
Tumblr media
{Rose Quartz. The symbol of unconditional love and family. Something Ruggie hasn't experienced much in his life, and is grateful for. Ruggie did not want to choose a generic gem. Not for this. He may be known for cutting corners, but this is too important. He has done his fair share of trading, and knows exactly what to look for when shopping. No salesperson alive could convince him otherwise. You may not understand the meaning behind the gem, but that's alright. He doesn't mind, because this is the ring he'll see on your finger until you're both old and grey}
Jack Howl
Jack takes the longest out of all in his dorm. In result, his proposal is the most natural. Not to say that he does not put thought into it! Oh no, this poor lad hella overthinks the event. It's just getting him to the proposing stage is - well, anticlimactic?
All Jack requires is time. Once you've both settled in to your lives on an individual standpoint, with time comes thoughts of taking your relationship to the next level. As adults who have been together for years, it's only natural? At least for Jack. He has never been for or against getting married. So, there really is no internal battle for him to fight. He just? Lets himself be happy with the idea? I know, I know. It sounds too easy - but think about it. Jack is responsible, kind, and a bit like a golden retriever (or should I just say wolf?). He doesn't ignore his feelings. So if he feels that he want's to marry you, then why not? The worst that can happen is you say no.
There was no epiphany. No spark or overwhelming feeling of affection that made him want to marry you. No impending doom, nervousness, or special moment that he can pinpoint as 'the moment'. Nothing. You weren't even around.
He was merely finishing up morning jog and heading home. The thought casually entered his head, and he let it stay. Over time it reappeared over and over, until he felt that he'd heard it enough to act on it.
Jack is high-key observant and knows your likes and dislikes by heart. He feels that such an important moment is something he needs to think through deeply, and on his own. Many have been at the receiving end of his determination, and that doesn't exclude you. Once he's set his mind to something, there is no holding back. Over the course of weeks he proceeds to undergo self-reflection, and craft a proposal that he feels is perfect.
One question he spends time thinking about is 'where,' because Jack would prefer to do an intimate act like proposing somewhere private. The last thing he wants you to feel is pressure to accept, so he chooses to propose on a late night walk. This might arise suspicion since he isn't in workout gear, which is rare. Yet it's a price Jack is willing to pay. He's never been great with surprises anyways.
He tries to uphold some element of mystery though. Do not laugh, but he put the in a plastic bag and hid it inside the container for his protein powder. When times get tough, you have to get a little creative.
Right before your evening stroll, he says that he wants to make a shake (under the pretense that afterwards he'll work-out). In actuality, he takes an empty bottle and slips the ring inside.
While you're both walking, he shakes it around and 'complains' that nothing is coming out. With you completely unknowing, he opens the cap and feigns surprise. It makes you curious, and he hands over the bottle a bit too eagerly
It's light, you note instantly. A glance inside reveals the ring, and when you pull it out Jack stops walking. His face sets with determination despite the red hue overtaking his neck and ears.
Will you marry me?? -- oh wait, that was too blunt, wasn't it? Hang on!, " he takes a breath, and coughs into his fist, "So. I've been doing some thinking. We've been together for years now, and to me you've become irreplaceable. I don't know how else to describe how I feel, other than to say that you are the person I want to spend my life with. I can only hope that you feel this way too,"
Tumblr media
{He isn't a man of the arts. Jack has no eye for fancy jewels, or what's an appropriate design. He originally thought to have the shop keeper help him decide. Yet, that felt impersonal. So he perused many stores, and did his best to imagine your reaction to seeing each ring. Nothing caught his eye until this peridot. A simple cut with an eye-catching color. Sure, it's not what others would recommend but he liked it. Who would Jack be to deny his gut instinct?}
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cancerdust96 · 9 months
The dorm leaders who don't graduated:
Tumblr media
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