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YN/MC/Yuu: *Exhausted* I’m so tired I could sleep a thous-
Malleus: *Raises Wand*
YN/MC/Yuu: -still a figure of speech Malleus.
Malleus: *Lowers Wand*
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Twisted Wonderland characters as “If i jump at them they will most definitely catch me in their arms” Part 5/5
Contents ;; GN!MC (referred as Prefect) mentions of minor injuries, can be seen as platonic or romantic! I call Malleus Tsunotarou instead of Hornton, MC does know who he is, just doesnt care at all
Characters ;; Diasomnia Dorm members
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| Part 1, Heartslabyul |
| Part 2, Savanaclaw | 
| Part 3, Octavinelle + Scarabia |
| Part 4, Pomefiore + Ighnihyde |
| Part 5, Diasomnia | <
| Extra part, Staff Members |
Tumblr media
Prompt: Ace dares you to jump at the first person to come around the corner to see if they'll catch you.
Tumblr media
Malleus ;; ace would be terrified and malleus would be very confused, is this some kind of… human ritual to welcome someone, child of man??
You groan, why does Ace have to do this to you? He probably cheated! Now you’re gonna have to ridicule yourself and possibly hurt yourself, great.
But, the moment you see his horns peek around the corner, you light up. It’s Tsunotarou! Surely he is capable! 
You yell his nickname loudly, swinging your arm as a greeting. Ace’s face pales, almost as white as the ghosts at Ramshackle. He tries to hold your arm to keep you back, away from Malleus, but he’s so skittish from fear that his grip does nothing at stopping you. He is merely able to call out to you, telling you that he’s sorry and that you don’t need to do it. But you ignore him.
“Hm? What is it, child of man? Is something troubling you?” He slightly beams as he lays eyes on you, corresponding to your wave. You take that opportunity and speed in his direction. His only physical reaction was the way his eyes widened, but it was so unnoticeable that if you weren’t intently looking at him like you are, you wouldn’t have seen it. But, behind his cool facade, he felt on edge. What is going on with you? Are you… perhaps mad at him? What could he have possibly done to deserve your wrath?
He was ready to accept anything that you’d do, as long as you’d forgive him for whatever he had done. But the way you beamed as you lounged at him, with open arms, dissolved the whole scenario he had created in his mind.
His lips quivered as he tried to restrain a smile. He put his arms around your body the moment you two collided against each other, and he didn’t even sway backwards.
“Is this… Some kind of human ritual, child of man?” You lie to him, telling you that you just wanted some attention, he smiles fondly at you. “You could have just asked.”
Tumblr media
Lilia ;; another one that probably heard you and ace, deffo capable of catching you without trouble, but may do some flips in the air with you, so if you get motion sickness you’re screwed
You don’t know if you’re truly lucky or the Seven are giving you the stink eye. On one part, he seems strong enough to be able to pull it off. But on the other… you want to keep your head on your shoulders.
Ace doesn’t let you keep thinking how to curry the Seven’s favour any longer, as he pushes you in Lilia’s direction.
Sighing, you jog in his direction, calling out to him to make him see you, which, was in fact, not necessary, he knew where you were and what you were trying to do, silly!
He had a smug smile plastered on his face. He looked at you as how a pup looks at a new, shiny toy to play with, and you were definitely not content with that.
As you started to quicken your pace, he chuckled, chuckled! 
Oh, you were going to try to drag him down.
But all your plans were defeated the moment you came in contact with him. He lifted you both in the air, his grip on you surprisingly tight. Which you mentally thanked him for, you were not looking to fall down from such a height.
But the moment he started swaying you both, you regretted it immediately.
Safe to say your throat hurts after a couple of spins and wheels in the air.
Tumblr media
Silver ;; he was feeling sluggish and decided to lay down, and then you go and crash into him, poor little guy 
Lately, Silver had been feeling slightly tired, his movements becoming sluggish with each passing moment, so he decided to find a quiet place to rest, he didn’t want to fall asleep in the middle of something important, so even if he didn’t exactly want to sleep at the moment, it was the best choice.
But oh, how wrong he was. There, on the perfect spot, the one on which he supposedly should never be annoyed by a random passerby, you two, Ace and the Prefect of the Ramshackle dorm were quietly talking together.
He hadn’t noticed you two though, and so he unknowingly became your designated target.
He yawned, putting a hand in front of his mouth to stifle it, and the first sight he caught when he opened his eyes was enough to give him nightmares. There you were, running straight at him at full speed. For a moment he was about to grab for his sword, but he would never point one at you, and he also left it behind.
He called out to you, perhaps trying to negotiate you out of whatever you had set your mind to, but you did not respond, so he quickly gave up.
You, however, did not, jumping at him when you were close enough. His arms reacted quickly, enclosing you in his embrace, however, his legs were weak at that moment, giving out under him, forcing you both to the floor. If he hadn’t felt so exhausted he could have held you without any trouble, but it was not the case.
You sat on his stomach, a little bit dizzy from the fall, but it was nowhere the same as what Silver would have felt, since he cushioned your fall. You shook him by his shoulders to ask him if he was okay, but when he didn’t respond your blood froze. Did you just kill this dude?!
Oh, he’s breathing, he probably just fell asleep. Now, you scoot him over to a tree stump so that he is a little bit more comfortable and quietly leave with Ace and a promise for a lot of tuna cans.
Tumblr media
Sebek ;; yeah he is jacked and can catch you… but will he? youre a “HuMaN!1!!”
He noticed you before Ace even said anything, calling out to you with his classic “HUMAN!”, you could see Ace playfully roll his eyes at you and push you in his direction, an evil little smirk present on his face.
You honestly don’t trust that Sebek will catch you, on one hand he is strong and capable of lifting you up, he is Malleus bodyguard afterall, but on the other, he is Malleus bodyguard, and is fully and only devoted to him, if you are not his revered “waka-sama” you doubt he will even look in your direction. But oh well, might as well run for it.
He sees you running at him, but doesn’t think anything about it, after all, he did call your attention. But what he was not expecting was your feet leaving the soil as you jumped towards him, arms open as if you wanted a hug. His instincts took over, and he acted before he could even think about what was happening, his arms now around your body in a protective manner.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HUMAN?!” He, behind his words, was worried about you. “IF YOU HAD JUMPED AT MALLEUS YOU COULD HAVE CREATED A HUGE PROBLEM!!” You ignore him, instead complimenting him, he is pretty strong but you did not expect him to catch you!! The moment those words leave your mouth he lets you down as if your touch burns him, and you can almost see the blush that covers his ears as he turns around.
“Oh! Oh, of course I am strong… I am Malleus’ bodyguard after all!” He forgot why he had called you before.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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when they think about you late at night
Tumblr media
It was all your fault. It was around an hour past his bedtime and he was still up and awake. Surely this will affect his performance tomorrow and it’s your fault you won’t leave his mind.
No, he takes it back. It’s his fault he can’t stop thinking about you. Thoughts plaguing his mind about you, and the interactions he had with you throughout the day time. Each replaying in his mind like a video one loop, and he can’t help but wish to cry in embarrassment at some memories.
He was so embarrassing! Why did he say that? Why did he do that? Seven you probably think he’s stupid now! (That’s an over exaggeration, you know his grades.)
Riddle both wishes that those moments with you become his normal. Riddle sometimes wishes you were here beside him to tell him that his embarrassing movements really change nothing, he wants to rightfully be embarrassed as your boyfriend rather then as an admirer.
Maybe someday, but right now he wishes to keep these thoughts in a dream, rather then still being awake. He needed his sleep... and he perhaps wanted to imagine that reality in case it shatters.
Ace was wide awake, eyes staring into the darkness where barely the outlines of the objects could be seen. He could hear his roommates breathe, which luckily didn’t turn into loud snoring.
Ace laid in bed, his head rested on the pillow as he laid off to the side. He could not quiet his mind at all tonight. Surprisingly, his thoughts were filled with you. His crush oh you was the savage caffeine that kept him awake.
He wasn’t like this in Middle School, even with a girlfriend he never stayed up to 1am (he could’ve sworn it said that when he last checked) thinking about her. This crush he’s having— although he wouldn’t like to admit it, was something that he thinks about a lot.
Are they staring at me? Did I impress them? Do I look good today? Would they want to date me too… all thoughts plaguing his everyday until all that’s filled with them is you.
He can’t help but lay and stare, his mind wide awake as his body yells at him that he needs to sleep, which the lack of will definitely kick his ass tomorrow, but he can’t shut off his mind. There as the click ticks forth around [1:24am], all he can think about is if you two were together, you would be asleep by his side right now.
As a fae, Malleus does not need to sleep. But the concept of time passes by quicker and Malleus didn’t even realize the morning sun was rolling in cuing how early it really was.
The concept of time was very slim to Malleus, yet spending around six hours just laying in bed mind running awry is not something he is accustomed to.
His mind plagued with endless thoughts, and for a good three to four of those hours. All he could think about was you. Your smile, eyes, height, anything and everything about you was stuck in his mind an endless loop he wasn’t accustomed to.
        When he was younger, he remembers telling Lilia that he didn’t need to go to bed, as he was a fae and fae don’t sleep! But Lilia argued back to him that everyone should sleep. But he can’t help but wish he will now. And as he is laying in bed, a sleepless night is ahead of him. He realizes this time, it wasn’t the concept of never sleeping that kept him awake, it was you.
        His mind floating towards concepts of romance he’s heard and read before. Concepts of love, and how it’s like to be loved. He dearly hopes you return the emotions, ones of confusion, joyfulness, jealousy, everything, back with him.  He imagines what it would be like for you to smile at him everyday, what it would be like to walk alongside you every night, drop you off and just being able to openly love you.
But these are night thoughts, ones for his dreams to carry on for him. He hopes his dreams become reality when daylight rolls in.
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♡ʏᴀɴᴅᴇʀᴇ ᴅᴏʀᴍ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀs x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ [ʜᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴs]1♡
𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐞: ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド[Twisted Wonderland]
𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐢𝐨/𝐢: Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto.
𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭: The yanderes finds out mc is now a fallen angel due to them.
𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭: Hello honey, this is my first time asking you but please listen to me.. What do you think the reaction of the yandere house leader's reaction to their lover who is an angel has now fallen and become a demon's. especially the reason why they become a fallen angel is because they want to continue to be with the leaders of the dormitory even though their God forbids them, and to the point of plucking out their wings. Pretty pleaseee 🥺🥺
𝐀𝐕𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐄: GN READER, Since there's more than five characters, I decided to divide the post into two parts, in this there will be only three, while in the other there will be the remaining four leaders. Although there will be yandere behaviors, mention of explicit self harm, misogyny, blasphemy and description of mutilation and implies of rape.
Tumblr media
-𝐑𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬-
For the young and promising scarlet-haired magician, your arrival could not have been described as less than a coming from hell. Probably your very first encounter would have been through the iconic duo of Ace and Deuce, which, breaking a slightly more relevant rule than the others, would have caused their execution.
Perhaps they had been secretly drinking coffee and Riddle was immediately informed by his beloved deputy dormitory, or perhaps Ace had categorically refused to feed the flamingos wearing a pink onesie after seeing Deuce. After all, they’ve only been in that crazy dorm for a week, and as much as they didn’t want to conflict with the hot-tempered boss, it was like they were attracting trouble. Unfortunately, because of the universal law, what happens to your friends is likely to fall on you, too.
Riddle had already had a bad day trying to straighten out the mistakes of some of his fellow dorm bosses and prevent every member of his perfect dorm from breaking one of his rules. And their stunt was the last straw that broke the pot of rage in the honor student’s head. At that moment he could just scream until his throat hurt, he could just end their idiocy once and for all with a series of spells, but no. The moment his mind recorded that there was another unknown person with them, it was enough to make him back from his rash thoughts. After all, he would never have wanted his reputation to be burned because of a foolish error of self-control.
At first, he wouldn’t even try to figure out who you were. He had enough problems to deal with and certainly a simple person could not have completely blown his priorities. He thought something like trying to socialize with too many people was pointless, especially with people who seemed to be less than promising.
But of course he heard about you. The student without magic who, despite lacking the basic requirements required for frequently attending a school of magic, somehow managed to be part of the regular students. And what left him even more suspicious was your immediate appointment as head dormitory for that dilapidated Onboro dorm. As far as he could possibly have known about you, you might have been a rich man’s kid so you could afford to go to a prestigious school and, what’s more, make yourself chief on the first day. He knew that crow only cared about money and reputation. As far as he knew, he knew nothing.
His annoyance would grow as you found friends in Deuce and Ace. And with your calm, kind presence combined with your sweet behavior, it wasn’t that hard not to have a bunch of guys who are just blessed by you. Your alone presence could calm the entire class, or dormitory in which you were, and any restless person could simply cry more for your words of comfort and so warm. You definitely had something otherworldly, as Ace jokingly described it as you were walking and lazing at the entrance of the gigantic maze of brambles without noticing the angry person watching you from afar.
For him you did not exist. A person so charitable, so benevolent, so... Perfect existed only in fairy tales where everyone lives happily ever after. In a world left in the hands of hatred and envy, such a person could not exist. I’m sure you were using your pretty face to have a bunch of simps hovering around. No one can be good without having anything else. Surely you’re hiding your deepest, most unpronounceable secrets no matter how despicable and disgusting they were. You weren’t possible, the whole world had constants, and being imperfect was normal for everyone.
And you were that variable.
The fact of your very existence was driving him crazy from the inside. There wasn’t a single moment when he couldn’t help but hear your laugh, even when he was alone. He couldn’t help emulating your little mannerisms, any more than he could completely ignore you.
After all, every God wants all of their beloved children to be happy.
As hard as it was to do the opposite, Riddle couldn’t help but want to remain independent of your angelic voice, from your adorable lips that at each movement only invited him to violate them over and over again until they were closed forever. It had to withstand your eyes, which reflected only warmth and comfort.
"It’s a trap Riddle, don’t you see?!"
You weren’t like his mother. Or like everyone in his family. And that made him frown more deeply. You weren’t normal. You didn’t yell at anyone who wronged you or did something wrong, you never punished anyone as they did all the others- no, you just smiled at them and gently, like a godsend, you started listing all the reasons why their actions were wrong. And as if that were not enough, you were able to find solutions to their irremediable and stupid damages! Don’t you understand how surreal it sounds? But it was precisely at those moments, in the moments when the crimson-haired boy did not readily turn to avoid you, that he ardently desired your comfort and warmth. He also wanted to be secretly devoured by the burning flames of your love. And as it was repeated that those two newbies good for nothing could do nothing but damage and that could only bring you to an end to say the least until proven otherwise were his eyes piercing your temple in moments where there was no one to see it.
He felt absolutely pathetic. Like a flower that in vain tries to color itself in a different way than all the others. He did not want to have your pity, from his overblot too many people who did not know anything about him had given him sad eyes and an empty excuse. He knew that no one was truly sorry for him, not even his closest friends, no one else besides himself knew what he had felt, no one cared what had brought him to his ways, no one had ever deigned to even try to understand him.
And then you showed up.
And honestly, he was definitely better off without you.
You were driving him crazy.
You weren’t possible, you weren’t normal.
Every person who ever saw you started calling you "angel". The first to start this ridiculous chain was that hunter in Pomefiore. Every single time he saw you, he would immediately approach your figure to call you with some pretty cheesy French nicknames."Comment allez-vous mon Ange? I only want what’s best for you, my dear." You couldn’t even suspect people like that Frenchman clearly stalking you? How could you trust every person you met so blindly? Even those sea sweepers who were scamming all the weaklings who were desperate enough to go to them? At first he didn’t think you would really get close to them, but surely he was wrong in the exact moment when he saw you on the arm with that freak who is Floyd, laughing as if there were no Riddle to say the least disgusted by your skit. And not only that, as a icing on the cake, even that other twin was now taking an interest in you. How could you possibly miss the people you date? The only logical explanation he could come up with was your innate stupidity. He couldn’t conceive all of this."Hey little Killy¹, how about you come with us later? I’m bored by myself" "Now, now, don’t scare the student this way Floyd. But, if I have to admit it, I’ll be glad you’re here, too, Angelfish." Or the two annoying first years with Ace who now no longer made cheeky jokes about you being an angel, preferring to use that nickname for sentimental moments alone. It made him sick to his stomach about it.. Or how Deuce was much more silent in your presence, always surrounded by fluttering invisible hearts. "A-h, of course, I’ll accompany you! Don’t worry, you’re safe with me!"
He couldn’t help but be captivated by you. But he wouldn’t admit that he was sick and obsessed with your abnormality. Every time he looked at you with a slight increase in his heart, it was just a little anxiety about the test he was supposed to take next. After all he had to prove to all that he was excellent in everything. Every time he had a slight twitch of his fingers when some filthy worm crawled by your side to touch you, it was only because of his severity. He cares about his dorm mates. Every time she blushed at the sight of your slightly more exposed thighs than usual, it was only because of the heat of the room. It was human, wasn’t he? And every time he ordered Trey to drug your lunch? It was to make you normal.
He was beginning to hate others much more than before. Hating others and you. You were definitely lying about who you were, maybe you were a magician so skilled that you could hide all traces of your magic so that you would appear weaker to others? Or perhaps you were one of those creatures created only to bring hatred and despair into the hearts and minds of those who did not want to be near you? Surely you were lying. And the most important rule of all was, "No one is allowed to lie to the Queen. This will be punished with immediate execution in front of all the people of the kingdom."
And finally now it was clear. You were not normal. That's why you were abnormal.
And if the others found out about you, you’d probably be feeling a lot worse than what you’re going through right now. Wouldn’t you want to be chained to a lab bed while they cut and tear apart your beautiful wings? Be thankful he hasn’t touched them yet. Don’t mind the collar around your neck. It’s just to make you stay. Otherwise you’ll fly away. And would you like to leave after leading a young man to his destruction? It is an even worse pain than your cries of pain.
You couldn’t come back now.
Now you can indulge in your escapes. You can do everything you want now. You were dirty. Impure. You could not categorically enter. And now you had fallen into the rabbit hole.
You should have known that if you took a rose, you’d soon be pierced by her thorns.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 ��𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫-
Now, Leona- in very simple and basic terms- he wouldn’t give a shit about you. You should not blame anyone, the lion man is one of the most difficult people to attract because of his somewhat intimidating and egocentric personality.
The lion man usually spent his days doing much more important things than what a small and incapable herbivore would do. Leona would be forced to approach you and your group before there could be a struggle that could potentially end in some unwanted death. Honestly, the only thing he thought about his dorm mates was that those empty heads were just muscles and no brains, he found ridiculous the way they had always tried to attack someone who clearly was not a problem. He just didn’t think it was even important to think about you. After all, what could a weak herbivore do to a lion like him? Nothing, simple.
The only thing he could think about the first time he saw you was how weak you might seem. Compared to those loud idiots and that parrot with a cell phone, you didn’t seem to be able to defend yourself against anyone. His posture would reassemble so that he could look even bigger and more massive than before and he could almost feel a small shiver slip down his spine at the sight of your faltering expression. Surely you had never met such an intimidating being like him, you had never seen a strong and cunning man like him, in fact, you looked like someone who had never seen something slightly uglier than usual "they lived happily ever after".
He was ready to show you otherwise.
Your first encounter would have left him with a bitter taste, but nothing to worry about for a guy like him. At least he hoped you’d have the good sense to never return to his territory. I mean, who the hell would want to get into trouble with Leona Kingscholar, second prince of Afterglow Savannah and dorm chief of Savanaclaw? Exactly.
He didn’t really think you’d come back, this time even alone- he doesn't even care to mention that weird pet cat-, there. Most likely you had some kind of death wish, otherwise it doesn’t explain. He would just be more annoyed when he heard your voice talking calmly to that puppy Jack; and unfortunately the ledge on which he had decided to keep his well-deserved rest was close enough for your voice to reach his ears, causing them to contract several times, occasionally grunting and growling trying to make you understand to lower your tone. As you kept talking, all he could think about was how you two could be so annoying, and at the end of your little chat, He could not help but swirl his eyes to the heavens, thinking that your little conversation was closed, and whisper faintly before finally finding rest.
If you had stopped there, you would have spared yourself everything, but as a loyal subject, you are tested to redeem your destiny.
Tell him that he is your king, the one and only. Just tell him that he was the one who was essential to your existence.
Live for him, and only him.
Every single day you’d come back to his dorm room just to ask the freshman and the hyena if they were okay and if something happened to them. You must have been investigating the mysterious incidents, which clearly pissed him off.
He would have finally shown that giant lizard his place and his true king, and this victory would have been denied to him only for some stupid herbivores?
He wouldn't lose this time.
He would instruct those dorks in the dorm not to interact with anyone outside of their dormitory, but at the same time he would simply release Ruggie to injure the others of Diasomnia and company. It was the perfect plan because, as unlikely as it might seem, he could always pass for the kind and caring dorm-leader who cared about the health of his comrades and who for them well became a little more reserved, and then no one would ever leak anything. In the light of these reliefs, he spent his days resting under tall trees, allowing the lazy but intriguing lion to bask in the rays of the hot sun. The moment he heard your voice, he couldn’t believe your tenacity to want to bother him. Your sincere spheres shone with kindness as you knelt before him with a concerned expression on your face. " Are you feeling weak? I can call someone to take you to the infirmary if you feel sick."
Up to that point he was also willing to forget your presence and erase you from his life, but it seemed like you wanted to be a part of it by force.
And because he respected humans so much that he considered them his equals, he didn’t mind returning the favor.
You were a human no doubt, but one that smelled absolutely delicious, causing his tail to rustle and his ears to twitch. Your final meeting would have definitely been enough to trigger that instinct in Leona.
He loved the fact that you were so weak and small compared to his powerful figure, it gave him a sick confirmation that he was once again superior in something. He loved the way in a few minutes he could easily overpower you and finally make vanish once and for all that annoying gleam of hope in his eyes, he hated how you could be so hopeful in people, always stating that in every being there was always a part of justice, and defending even the indefensible after having created only damage. You reminded him too much of his happy, carefree, annoying nephew, and he didn’t like it.
And he wondered if you would forgive him after what he did to you.
He wondered what your limitations were.
Everyone has a certain threshold beyond which you no longer act rationally, and he wanted to be the cause of your breakup. He wanted to see how fast he could get you on the hook. To pretend not to hear you and not to react at all in your presence and to see you go mad with concern for him was divine.
Yeah, just focus on him.
It just seemed to him that little game of cat and mouse before the finally get to the main course. And this almost made him purr, he loved these foreplay, they made his catch even more delicious and tasty than it normally was.
He wanted to hear your sweet, warm voice tell him that he was the only living being who could hear your praise and your acts of docile submission, he wanted to possess you in every possible way, he wanted to have control over your soul, body and mind. He wanted you to never walk or fly again. He wanted to be your first and only person to go to to solve your relatively small problems. But apparently he needed his help to figure out your real place.
You reminded him of a tiny little crane, so beautiful but at the same time so easy to devour, so delicate but at the same time so damn stubborn. That was one of the traits he hated deeply about you. No matter how much he brutalized you over and over again a day, sharing his pleasure with all those beasts in his dorm room, all you did was forgive him and talk to him gently.
"I know you’re not really like that, Leona, I forgive you."
But you did not know that there was no point of return for your beast. By now he had been completely overwhelmed by his obsession with you. If he "wasn’t really like that," then guess what you should have seen was that he was, in fact, an even more cruel and charming demon than the one you learned to stand up to.
So he had kindly decided to prevent a possible escape in an even more effective way than those he had already adopted. He wanted to rant about your bloody body even more.
Yes, tell him how you hated him, tell him you missed your beautiful wings.
Tell him how much you hate him with every drop of your blood.
In the end, even angels can hate. Finally he managed to break you. But now you don't need to use your little mouth to scream, it's better if you kneel and start worshipping your new god.
Now drown in that sweet poison that you have for him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-𝐀𝐳𝐮𝐥 𝐀𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐨-
The clever, cunning and extremely charismatic silver-haired magician had never done anything else in his brilliant career as a model student and young entrepreneur besides helping all those poor souls who desperately needed help.
In the eyes of many, he was nothing but perfect: magnificent exterior appearance, impeccable marks and a charming language ability, not to mention the fact of having two large and threatening eels that always followed him, making it clear that any kind of problems that would result in a physical situation, it would not be him to have to worry about his health.
Helping people was what he did, every day, despite many in the school had been warned not to trust the young but already so analytical magician, who, as was expected from every excellent service, was always ready with a golden contract in his pockets. And when he felt for the first time that a new student without magic had started attending a school full of uncultivated barbarians, he couldn’t help but start taking an extra look at you.
But not him, for goodness sake! He was a very busy man, he had many clients a day to help with his abilities. Therefore he would have entrusted the task to his two business partners, knowing certainly that they would not disappoint him at all.
Which he was absolutely right about.
During the short period of time required to have all the information necessary and important to carry out his work, he would try to create a certain type of debt towards him. Maybe you lost the only pen you had? What a delightful coincidence! Just then he had one more, but everything came at a cost. And of course he had intentionally hidden that last part, answering your generous thanks with as many sweet words and saying that there was no problem, and that, on the contrary, you could have kept the pen with you for as long as you wanted.
Such a generous offer, isn’t it?
Obviously all those fairly repetitive coincidences would not have been done for nothing, no- he wanted first to lull you with sweet gestures and seemingly small and harmless favors in his room before drafting a contract with you. Simple and clean.
"So, dear, I’m sure you’re wondering why I asked you to meet me in the VIP room, and the answer will be immediately provided. Since I’ve noticed an obvious problem with subjects that require magical abilities, I wanted to give you a chance to decide if I could help you with your problems. Of course, you would get, not only that, many other advantages, like the protection of Jade and Floyd, the two people standing next to us, and a possible job in my restaurant, since I know that affording food in these conditions of yours can’t be that easy. Surely a student without magic like you would benefit enormously from a contract with me. All you have to do is just sign here your name and allow me to take care of your problems while you’re here at the NRC, and in return all I ask is that you get to know yourself better."
The only thing he didn’t expect was your imminent rejection, his gloved hand that was still in the air, while his large grin that characterized him and his bright eyes were sharpened for a second, before returning to their original position. Of course, to others Azul seemed perfect, but in the end, perfection is not something that the human being or tritons or faes can simply achieve. It can never be so. Perfection concerns only every Gods and theirs nearest creations. You could see through all his flattery, and in the end you managed not to get dragged into something you didn't want to do.
"I’m sorry, Azul-san, but I don’t think I want to make a contract right now. While my situation may not be the best, I think I can manage on my own. If you don’t mind now, I’ll leave so I don’t bother you again, goodbye."
Azul, with a movement of his hand, had to stop the swinging figure of Floyd before he could even utter a single word, deciding that with brute force he would not go anywhere with you. He did not want to tarnish those two impeccable years for ordering to mistreat an innocent young student, while it was different for those who had not respected his terms of contract.
Strangely, he had not considered your perspicacity and your possible instinct, which had left him at times puzzled and at times angry with you, for having ridiculed him resoundingly rejecting an opportunity that only on very few occasions are proposed, and with him, for not calculating that part of you, causing a flaw in his otherwise perfect plan. He couldn’t find a single moment when he was distracted from his original task, but maybe it was just your calm, sweet, and so charming, but at the same time so intriguing personality that accidentally led him to think that I was completely innocent, while instead you had an intellect like his.
He needed to find out more about this new side of you.
Until that time he had been accustomed to your usual I seemingly blessed by the seven. He swears that for a moment he also had the courage to imagine your figure in the other school by principles, and for some reason that thought made him feel weak at the knees, causing him to stagger for a moment. He hated feeling weak for you, he hated how he wanted with all his heart to hear all those praises, unfortunately addressed to that freshman Deuce for passing a test by Professor. Trein, addressed to him.
He was selfish, but all those years he was forced to hide and hide his talents, why shouldn’t he be now?
After all, he deserved to be after helping so many troubled souls.
He also deserved to be blessed by your coming, he wanted to be blessed by your presence.
Finally he had found someone like him, someone who was not as severe as Riddle but also not as obsessed with beauty as Vil, perspicacious as Leona and so trusting and kind but not as exacerbating as Kalim. In a way, you were the perfect definition of soul mate for the promising young man. In light of these rather strange thoughts, Azul could not help but continue and continue to deny all the obvious evidence of his infatuation. Something was wrong with him, he felt it. He felt that there was something in you that simply could not be compatible with him. Maybe the fact that you were a human being and he was a sea's creature? He didn’t believe that, he would just create a potion that could turn you into a mermaid forever, and he would stop even dwelling on it. He could not understand why he continued to have paranoia, which was disturbing him from the success of his contracts, and which was consuming him from within.
The days that passed turned into months, months in which Azul had radically changed his attitude towards you: he kept trying to remain indifferent to your actions, but every time he saw your kind smiles and when he saw the way your hand moved when I comforted your friends by hugging them, he felt warm and fuzzy inside as he admired you, unable to tear his gaze away from your praiseworthy figure. Unfortunately his loyal business partners were there and they knew him so well to notice the change inside him.
They always noticed everything.
And instead of stopping their dear friend’s collection of personal items, they only encouraged him, laughing and commenting crudely on how exhilarating it was to see the usual charismatic and bewitching dormitory head Octavinelle pining completely for the little prefect that he could never have for himself.
After all, doves do not breathe underwater.
Azul’s patience would be thinning more and more, leading him to several hysterics and moments of deep depression, all so that you were not with him.
What would he have to do to be even in your sight?
He would have done anything, cut all eight of those embarrassing tentacles and offered them to you in exchange for just a little peek. He didn’t understand why he wanted to be with you so badly in the first place, but maybe that wasn’t even the biggest problem at the time.
Maybe it was time to cage the wings of his adorable angelfish.
He was literally shocked and he was about to scowl at the bigger twin before he looked at the title of the big, heavy book that had slammed in front of him.
"That’s why you were so.. magnetic.."
"You're a creature born to love."
"Maybe you came down for him?"
"Maybe someone sent a wonderful being like you to love him?"
"You should have been! That’s why he couldn’t hate you!"
"But now, my loved angelfish, there’s no need to get so upset, we still have to draw up a contract dear~"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
¹= KilliFish, according to Wikipedia, a killifish is any of various oviparous (egg-laying) cyprinodontiform fish. All together, there are 1,270 species of killifish. Many of the species rely on such a diapause, since the eggs would not survive more than a few weeks if entirely submerged in water. Most killies are small fish, from 2.5 to 5 centimetres, with the largest species growing to just under 15 centimetres. The word killifish is of uncertain origin, but is likely to have come from the Dutch kil for a kill.
Tumblr media
Part one
Part two
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bunnwich · 2 months
Tumblr media
Sorry my phone sucks but I will take proper product photos with my camera eventually.
:3c I am pleased with the quality, I hope you are too! More info coming soon when these ones will be up for sale.🌠
I am working on more designs so we might get more boys in time for Valentine's Day!💖
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haru-natsuka · 9 months
Consolation (Riddle Rosehearts x Reader)
Genre: Romance
Tumblr media
Your husband, Riddle consoling you due to your insecurity with your body
(As per usual, the photo is not mine. It belongs to its rightful owner. If anyone knows who is the person, feel free to let me know)
You had turned around several times in front of the big rectangle mirror and looked at the proportion of your body. Everything small about you, the wide of your shoulder, your hand, your leg and even your chest look kind of normal and yet why you could not seem to make his cloth look baggy like the women did. Did you eat that much?
"Darling, you know in the queen of heart rule we must eat breakfast by 8- Could I ask what are you doing dear?" He stopped in his mid-sentence about the rule he still kind of implemented after both of your marriage upon noticing the trail of tears at the corners of your eyes.
You tried to act as normal as possible and claimed that it was due to you yawning before. However, your attentive husband did not buy it at all.
He tilted your head upwards, straight to meet your eyes. His warm, gentle thumb wiped away your tears away and caressed your cheeks in hope of comforting you from any of your unspoken worries. His eyes reflected nothing but love which was enough to remind you of the reason you married this man and no one else as you stare at it back.
"Would you like to share your problem? I know we can sort it out together." He tried to master the most soothing voice he could so he could persuade you from being reluctant with him.
"I.....-" Searching for the right word, you averted your eyes to everywhere but him still doubting to let out the true embarrassment you tried so hard to hide but he effort of waiting patiently for your answer and the way his attention only focusing on you, kind of opened up your heart to let him knew your problem.
"Riddle darling am I cute for you?" You hide your face in the crook of his neck and snuggle closer to him as you were nervous about the upcoming answer waiting for you.
"Dear Y/N, do you remember what I said when I propose to you?" You nodded slightly as the scene seemed to be happening yesterday although it actually took place years ago.
"You are the only perfect girl for me. My existence is for you and does your existence is for me too?"
"In the rule of the queen of heart no.730 stated only said when you are meant it to be and I can swear to you I meant everything, dear. All of these years you are clearly fine. What occurs to increase this self-doubt hmm?" His finger gingerly combed through your silky hair although deep down inside he was the one who actually had a hard breath. He might be doing a bad job as your husband for these past years to make yourself for worrying for nothing
"Yesterday, I saw our neighbour's wife wearing baggy cloth and I ask if it is her new style and she said she wear her husband's cloth. It looks very cute Riddle, so I tried to wear yours but it kind of stuck at my butt and I'm sorry to not do the same for you..."
"Is, is that really what disturbing you, dear. All of these because of that?" You shyly nodded to admit his words. Riddle first, was in disbelief at first before he silently chuckled to himself. How could you called yourself not being cute when every of your action literally flattered his poor heart most of the time. Let teased you to lessen the tension, should he?
"Last night, did I fail to show you how cute your butt is or you would like me to do it now" He crept his hand to your butt before he squeezed it with delight and you let a sound that like a melody to his ear.
"It nice, round and squishable or this is not a good proof for you. We can take further steps than this" You hit him on the chest with your fist as he smugly smirks at you, knowing how he had a great effect on you and the flush on your face just make a concrete proof for him.
"What your answer, darling?" You brought yourself closer and higher until the tip of your nose brushed slightly with each other and the teasing atmosphere still continue.
"Isn't you are the cute one. You are small and tiny after all"
"I don't like to be called cute but if that makes you happier then go ahead"
"Really? my cutie Riddle"
"Only for today, alright darling"
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4e7her · 4 months
october writing prompt #23 - secret
character: azul ashengrotto
contains: yandere themes, drugging mention / plan (love potion), reader referred to in second person pov, gender neutral reader, yandere reader
Azul liked to think it a secret, how much adoration he held for you.
It didn't mean he was... entirely correct, but he thought it that way. And you were determined to let him keep that peace of mind, acting oblivious and playing like you couldn't see the adoration in his eyes whenever he talked to you.
His comfort was of the upmost importance to you - especially with such a sensitive issue.
Waiting for him to come to you, was truly what you thought would be the best path. But... it had been months, now, and he seemed no less cowardly.
Worrying your bottom lip between your teeth, you tap your fingers against your sides as you stand in the Monstro Lounge, the picture of anxiety as you wait for Azul to call you in to his office.
Of course, that was just the picture you portrayed.
No one else could see the love potion you had tucked in your bag, or how you had prepared for this exact moment.
You had spent all week pouring over how you would do this, how you would make Azul finally act, and how the love potion would react when met with someone that was already in love.
Extensive research is what told you that he would simply fall into a twisted sense of affection - much like your own, if you were honest, and you couldn't find that anything besides perfect.
Who wouldn't want a lover that was just as devoted to you as you were to them?
There would no worry of being cast away, or having misunderstandings, or even having silly things like time or other people come between you. How could they, when you would both do anything for each other?
You had arranged meeting your darling with an excuse of needing help studying - something that you just knew he wouldn't be able to refuse.
Not when you already held his affections, and especially not when you still possessed Ramshackle. He couldn't possibly resist the chance to force you into a deal - not that you would let him, of course, but you would let him think himself sly.
You always were good at playing oblivious... you just hoped it would hold up after you and Azul got togther.
[click here to go to masterlist]
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reeversals · 3 months
Tumblr media
PART 1 ✦ PART 2 {!} ✦ PART 3 {!}
Tumblr media
Cater was harping on and on about that game again. It was something made by an indie producer (with Riddle having googled the word 'indie' for a quick second) that rode on the so-called hype train. Unlike how his image projects it, Riddle is quite caught up with fads: no thanks to Cater harping on within earshot of Riddle when the red-haired housewarden was in a peculiarly good mood.
It started like this: Riddle scoffs when Idia's voice (crackly through his floating tablet) giggles in ridicule at Riddle's practically ancient phone model. Not a touch-screen even: an old galakei that was already phased out ten years ago.
("Riddle-shi, that thing's a fossil by now, lol." Idia's voice echoes in that eerie giggle when he finds something terribly amusing. "What, so strapped for cash you can't buy a new phone?"
Riddle scoffs. "Phones are primarily used for communication. As long as I can send mails, call people, and have an alarm, I don't think that anything's amiss."
Riddle hears Idia grumble something like 'probably takes notes by hand too, god that's so--' but the shorter housewarden just rolls his eyes.
It is to his horror when he wakes the next day that Idia Shroud has taken his phone for an hour, and remodeled it to have a larger screen--as thanks for the alchemy notes that he borrowed to base an algorithm on something or other.)
Tumblr media
I'm gonna say it: Riddle definitely didn't notice the game installed in the first few weeks of him receiving his all-new Idia Shroud tm modified phone.
Personal headcanon that Riddle has lived with near-zero access to the internet in his house with Madam Rosehearts. If he needs to look up something, their house has a veritable library of books, and Mama Rosehearts, perfectionist that she is, definitely updates said library bi-annually.
Cater makes fun of him for not having a magicam account and typing like a middle-aged mom: squinted eyes, phone at maximum brightness, and screen held arm-length away from him. Probably uses a finger from the other hand to scroll too lmao
Cater notices the game too: he chirps about this and that, and Riddle is confused at everything. What's a card? What's Attack, Guard, Break? What sorcery is this?
No, really. He's gonna be overwhelmed by the game, shut it off, and forget about it for another week. And then maybe, when he feels lonely enough to be alone and when doubt in his actions as housewarden starts creeping through his veins, Riddle checks the game and opens it. He doesn't know what he's doing, really, and there seemed to be an event at the...gacha?
Pulls your Event UR card for the said event in a single 10-pull, no pity. Cater is sooooo salty when he finds out.
"Law is the bedrock of Order!" your voice echoes from the phone as your UR animation plays. "I shall restore command with iron will!"
Oh. Oh. Riddle's interest is peaked when he hears your voice line. Manages to find the tutorial missions and manages to win with your UR card. ("Order established--shall we go further, Captain?")
Actually manages to lose track of time--and he hisses and shuts off the game mid-battle. Gets back on his usual track--but not quite. Riddle makes time to play your story quest: your Event Version is that of a knight following the Command's orders: Riddle appreciates how you seem to follow most commands to a T--but your canon version is another version entirely: he can't look at your Plugsuit Cards without wincing. His face is not red--no it isn't.
Riddle is happy with your basic cards, really. The type to get event URs and SSRs within a few pulls and then just leave them underleveled lmao (Cater and Idia gnashing their teeth in salt kinda)
Ignores other characters' story quests in favor of your story quests and the Main Quest. Attached to your rule-following character, among other things. And another is the fact that you know that what you're doing makes you happy.
Riddle can't say the same for himself--he knows that his Mother, being an accomplished doctor, was definitely right. She had accolades and various awards--showing that she had the brains and the source to back up her arguments.
But sometimes, Riddle thinks that maybe, perhaps, Mother wasn't entirely right. On those days, when he feels like absolute shit when he hears mutters of him being a tyrant, of perhaps being heartless, or perhaps being a terrible person altogether and not being able to muster his will to assert his ideals, Riddle sits somewhere quiet and plays a certain voiceline of yours in the first UR card he rolled.
"Please rest, Captain. The road is long. If you're lost now, you can regroup and think of another way to reach your goal. Victory isn't a thing gained with a single strike, after all."
On days like this, Riddle wishes you would come into Twisted Wonderland and take him away to yours: perhaps he would find another way of living there, instead of rigidly following rules and hurting those he wanted camaraderie with.
Tumblr media
Leona finds the harlequin, childish, and juvenile book in a pile with the more complex herbology books stashed in the hidden corner of the greenhouse. It's the typical plot that's all the rage with the purveyor of teen romance novels in the 'net, from what Leona could tell. (he chucks it back into the pile, naps, and forgets about it for a few weeks, and cracks it open in the middle of the book, and decides to kill time by reading from there.)
Tumblr media
Look, he's so lazy to the point that he's barely hanging in there in grade terms. I doubt Leona would make any effort to open said book in the first place unless he was absolutely bored out of his mind, to the point that sleep wasn't a good remedy.
Leona definitely starts reading in the middle of the book--just cracks it open into a random page and starts reading.
Immediately balks at the inaccuracies in royal living and etiquette in the book, despite various notes from the author in the back saying they did "intensive research." Personal headcanon that Leona was definitely educated in royal etiquette and duties, because even if he was second in line, Leona was still a royal child.
(he is blessed and beloved by his family--just not by his people. And this bitter lion cannot see it. Understandable why though.)
Personally thinks the novel would be bland trash without the conflicts you introduce. He thinks that you're wasted on your in-universe partner. What kind of disaster is the heir to a throne when he's so easily seduced or charmed by other people despite being engaged?
An upcoming heir-picking disaster, that's what.
Draws parallels between him and you. Like how he's never enough for the throne, you will never be enough for your betrothed, despite loving them with all your heart and doing everything to better yourself for them.
(this, to him, is worse: to be disregarded despite all the effort you put in is something that just stings to a terrible, personal degree, that Leona wants to throttle the author by the neck.)
Skips to parts where you show up and cause conflict, thinking that it's the most interesting part. And personally, deep inside, he just enjoys how thoroughly you trounce the protagonist, to the point that they cry and go ask for help from various love interests.
(he's a simp lmao)
Leona genuinely gets pissed at your condemnation event. Like tail-lashing, muscle-tense, almost-wrinkling the book page pissed. He continues reading, magic humming through his veins.
These characters are really condemning you for the shit you pulled, despite those being done to protect your dignity from being trampled by a fiancee-stealing fucker? Like they weren't any better? Your fiancee who gallivanted around with another person in an open affair despite being engaged, The affluent merchant's son bribing some of your less-satisfied servants to sell insider information to sabotage your businesses, and your younger sibling stealing your governance ideas and spreading misinformation about you to make themself look the better heir?
has to put down the book for a few hours or else he's gonna dissolve it into sand.
When he opens it, Leona skims over the ending and finds that you get executed under a trumped-up charge of murder: orders by your fiancee.
Turns the book into fine grains of sand. "Whoever wrote this book needs a refresher course on morality and etiquette." He mutters before attempting to sleep off his anger.
Tries to sleep it off, gives up, and leaves the lowest rating he can give on the author's page. "The book would be bland as shit without the antagonist. Imagine having feelings for and actively going after an engaged person. You call that protagonist a saint? You need a refresher course on morality, it seems."
Posts the review, forgets about it, and goes back to sleep. If you appear in his dreams and he consoles you with uncharacteristic gentleness about your destruction, that's Leona's business.
bonus: Leona gets verified in that platform as the ACTUAL second prince of the afterglow savannah, people actually start reading the book, and everyone agrees on his analysis that the Protagonist and the Love Interests were definitely the ones more in the wrong: especially if viewed in a more critical lens.
Farena starts reading said book and is dropped into the rabbit hole of Otome Isekai novels lmao
Tumblr media
Azul starts his interest in gaming through the predatory nature of gacha gaming: i.e. the money he can get by pay-locking certain merch and certain items in-game for ludicrous amounts of thaumarks.
Begins his journey through gacha gaming through Idia's recommendations. Surprisingly, it's the same game that Idia recommended Riddle. Azul starts scouring through his lists of contacts on who could provide what materials for high-quality production of unofficial merch. He rolls the gacha and realizes that in-game currency could also be bought.
Another way to make money. His eyes glint. Oh, an in-game shop?
He checks the store and sees--"Hey there Captain! Back from work? Maybe this'll help!"
Tumblr media
Like most of those on this list, will probably not grow fond of you immediately. Azul's researching ways how to make more money, so he probably thinks of you as a kindred soul: merchants in arms.
Will probably appreciate you more once he finishes your story quests and the main quest: you never give boons, and it's always tit-for-tat. Equivalent Exchange with no loose strings, and it's absolutely beautiful to Azul, how you make unreasonable requests seem reasonable to the protagonist and their groupies.
Look: Azul never cuts slack in the quality of his work, so all his merch created is top-notch. Of course, he's happy to see that his favorite character is also appreciated by people other than him, though he can do without the NSFW fanart crossing his dash/feed every once in a while.
(jk he later makes an alt acc where he bookmarks said art to ogle at later lmao)
Only one UR Card of yours was gotten from months of grinding, and a few SSRs. All leveled, and stats maxed. Your cards are notorious for having the lowest drop rate, so having one UR and a few SSRs definitely attests to Azul's tenacity.
(may or may not have whaled when the game dropped a dark element Halloween UR of yours with the final GROOVY being you lip-biting in a suggestive pose. Didn't get it but Idia did, and Azul is still salty to this day.)
Being an irregular game character, there's little content of you, and while Azul is closeted in his interests, he can't deny that on tiring days, he plays your voicelines and just feels a bit better.
Azul downloads one of your voicelines and sets it as his alarm noise lmao
"Heeeey, wake up, Captain! These wares aren't gonna sell themselves in the World's End!"
Tumblr media
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Dogs or Cats: Savannclaw Edition
🦁Leona🦁- Leona wouldn't want either. Pets are a bit too much work and he just couldn't bother to take care of one. However, he had to have one, he would probably wind up owning a cat. Cats are more independent than dogs, so he figures he won't have to take care of it too much. I could see Leona with an adorable little tabby. An affectionate, playful kitten who just wants to be near Leona, despite his hostility. It would probably try to jump into Leona's bed and cuddle next to him while he sleeps(wouldn't necessarily want the cat in his bed, but wouldn't make any attempt to prevent it from doing so). When it was a kitten, it would have to use all of its speed to keep up with Leona's fast pace. That kitten would continue to follow him everywhere, even well into adulthood.
🌼Ruggie🌼- Oh, he would definitely own a dog. He either adopted a rescue dog, or found a stray out on the streets and decided to take it in. Either way, when they met, there was an instant connection. I'm picturing a Jack Russel Terrier, though I could imagine Ruggie owning a bulldog as well. Since Ruggie doesn't like to spend much money, this dog grew up playing with trash. Boxes, socks, bubble wrap(with supervision ofc), etc. Not that it minds at all. Anything that keeps it entertained is a win for both of them. This dog has a bad habit of stealing food from people, except Ruggie. Ruggie may or may not train him not to take food from Leona, but everybody else is fair game. Learned on day 1 that food made by Lilia is INEDIBLE and not to even be near him when he's in the kitchen. Donuts have become its favorite thing to steal eat, but will happily graze on dandelions when they're present. 🐺Jack🐺- Dog, for sure. Similarly to Deuce, he would work out with his dog daily for hours on end. I feel like Jack and his dog would be the type to play tug-of-war a lot, and Jack would keep his dog supplied with bones 24/7. I could picture Jack owning a pitbull, a friendly one(Pitbulls aren't inherently vicious or mean. They become this way when people train them for fight, or just not giving them the care they need. Jack is a kindhearted person, so I have no doubt that he would raise his doggo to be friendly, despite the reputation that pits have). That dog would be super big, but also really friendly. A people pleaser kind of dog. Although it would stick close to Jack most of the time, it may learn to follow Ruggie when hungry.
I think the Leona with the tiny kitten is my favorite thing out of everything I've written for this so far. Working on Octavinelle, will be up later most likely.💙
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skully-64 · 4 months
Not sure if anyone has done this before, but what if there was a fic about malleus being in love with MC, but they like Lilia
In most of the fics I see, malleus asks for advice from Lilia (because he doesn't understand how to date a human)
So what if he does everything right, but MC likes Lilia, and not malleus
I feel like there could be a lot of drama there
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hanafubukki · 8 days
Malleus Draconia’s Flower Bouquet Meaning Revisited
Twst Bdays Flower Language Masterlist
Tumblr media
So, I have already made a post about Malleus Draconia’s Flower Bouquet Meaning   but now knowing what I do about Book 7 and then seeing these flowers and their meanings again? The flower language has an added layer to them now and it just makes me want to go crazy. 🌺🌺🥺🥺
The way they chose his bouquet? and the way they intertwined it from what we knew about him in the past to what we know about him now? It’s just makes me so giddy because I love him so much and we are getting so much more in depth with him.
Anyways, obviously, Book 7 spoilers ahead so tread with caution. ☺️🌺💕
I won’t be mentioning all the meanings and flowers I mentioned in the original Flower language post I made for him (if you're curious, the masterlist link is given and so is the original post). I will only be mentioning the meanings/flowers that stood out to me even more now.
So, we know family to Malleus is everything, but even then, for their happiness, he wouldn’t speak his true thoughts. It is only when Silver breaks down that his emotions which he was holding in break. His hold was already fragile from Lilia’s and MC’s revelation and now, we have Silver who usually can’t express himself well, breaking down in front of malleus. 
You know...the one who helped raise him (with Lilia) and probably sees Silver as a little brother, which leads on to his OB.
Malleus literally OBs because he doesn’t want to loose Lilia.
and I bring these points up just to show what family means to malleus.
I also want to bring up that, like in Maleficent 2, Malleus doesn’t understand humans. Which is one of the reasons why he’s attending NRC. That is also why at times Lilia and the others have to make him understand what he clearly doesn't compute lol.
With these thoughts, onto flower meanings we go:
Flower Colors: 
Green Flowers: Youth is one of the meanings for this flower and in this chapter we get an idea of his age. Dragon Fae lives for a long time, with reaching age of maturity at 1000. Malleus was said to be around the age of his fellow classmates (so maybe around 200-500 years?) in terms of human development. 
White Flowers: True love, purity, and sympathy. We already know about True love connection and as Malleus put Lilia to sleep, time will only tell who wakes him up. Though maybe, just maybe, Malleus will be waken up with True Love kiss? by Lilia? Sympathy and innocence plays a huge role in Chapter 2 of book 7. Malleus’ innocence of not wanting to loose his family but also the sympathy he felt towards Lilia, especially when he mentioned how great Lilia used to be and now he can’t even stop Malleus or perform a strong magic spell against him.
Red Flowers: pride, passion, strength all played a a role into malleus OB and putting everyone to sleep. It was his love for others and his strength that allowed him to do such while in control of his emotions. After all, he didn’t go feral or uncontrollable yet.
Green Roses: Renewal and New Beginnings is what I want to focus on for this flower. Renewal in the sense of him not loosing Lilia and in a sense, Lilia would be healed in his dreams. As for New Beginnings...well, Malleus said it himself didn’t he? You will be the hero of your own story and he will show you the True Happy Ending.
Hidden Lilies: As mentioned before, Lilies = Lilia in my mind and with the added meaning of Love and Rebirth? It only confirms that these flowers represents Lilia even more. In a sense, these dreams are a way to have Lilia be reborn to his old self again (at the cost of Malleus’s life?).
White Amaryllis: The symbolic meaning of children and innocence, in the end, Malleus Ob because of his love for Lilia. Malleus might see Lilia as a father figure and that need and desperation of having Lilia alive and with him cries out as innocence and devotion of a child doesn’t it?
Hypericum Berries: Peace, protection, and rebirth, all of which again brings to mind why he put them all to sleep.
Thistle: Pain and aggressiveness which given all that Malleus feels in Chapter 2, this stands out even more now and what he was feeling.
I am surprised time and time again how much this story and the diasomnia family are entwined and how much they love each other 🥺💕🌺 Feel free to come scream with me in the comments and my inbox 💕💜
Tumblr media
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brainlessrot · 11 months
Twisted Wonderland characters as “If i jump at them they will most definitely catch me in their arms” Part 2/5
Contents ;; GN!MC (referred as Prefect) mentions of minor injuries, can be seen as platonic or romantic!
Characters ;; Savanaclaw Dorm members
☰ Menu
| Part 1, Heartslabyul |
| Part 2, Savanaclaw | <
| Part 3, Octavinelle + Scarabia |
| Part 4, Pomefiore + Ighnihyde |
| Part 5, Diasomnia |
| Extra part, Staff Members |
Tumblr media
Prompt: Ace dares you to jump at the first person to come around the corner to see if they'll catch you.
Tumblr media
Leona ;; his body might act on itself and catch you (on accident) but probably wont do anything, like, he wont even get out of the way
Oh, crap. How… lucky, just the person you’d want to see in this case, right?
He was walking, so, so slow. Drowsiness still visible on his face, his tail swinging lazily behind him. Is it good or bad that he still hasn’t noticed you running straight at him?
I mean, he knew you were there… he just didn’t care, making him ignorant of the immediate accident that was bound to happen any second now.
As you pounce at him, you try to acknowledge what is going to happen, you’re going to fall, perhaps scratch a knee or two, and you’ll have to run for your life with a very annoyed lion whom will be trying to murder you.
You had closed your eyes before the impact, and sadly missed the way his eyes shot wide open, his arms hastily thrown around you. He stumbled back for a second, but made a swift recovery.
“Wh- Herbivore?!” His hold on you quickly slid away, forcing you to fall, well, you had anticipated that the moment you laid eyes on him and Ace snickered.
“If you tell anyone about this, I will eat you.” He didn’t even stop to check on you, before rapidly walking away, his tail swung wildly behind him. He left you quite literally on the dirt.
Tumblr media
Ruggie ;; hes instantly getting out of the way or uses laugh with me to get you to stop
There he comes, way too many bags in his hands, probably full of food.
He was munching on a donut, and you felt bad for what was about to happen. However, Ace didn’t let you chicken out, pushing you in his direction, with an empty promise of buying Grim food for the next couple of days.
Listen, Crowley had your funds on a chokehold, and cutting some of Grim’s food expenses could really help you. So, make sure to tell Ruggie you’re really sorry, okay?
You ran at him, determined to get those tuna cans. He heard you before he saw you, and for a moment you saw him panic, his tail swishing around. He looked around, did someone send you because they finally caught him stealing small bits of food off of the cafeteria? Surely not! He had already made a couple of escape plans, but when he saw Ace smirking behind you, they all went through the window.
“Laugh with me!” He forced you to stop on your tracks, as he stopped using his unique magic on you and your legs gave out under you, he let a huff out. He was worried you were going to crush his hard earned groceries. Some were even for Leona!
“Shyehehehehe, what were you trying to do?” He crouched down to be at the same height of you, sitting on the floor. As you explained how Ace coerced you to his plan, he chuckled lightly. “Here,” He held out a doughnut. “for you.” You gladly took it, Ruggie giving food was rare, and you weren’t going to pass this oportunity of a lifetime! Even if it wasn’t close to cover for Grim’s tuna money.
“Now you owe me!”
Tumblr media
Jack ;; oh boy, this man will drop anything if you jump at him, will probably say that that it was on instinct and absolubtely was NOT worried you were gonna get hurt
Thanks to the Seven it was him! If you had to choose someone to keep you from dying, it would definitely be him.
Your eyes quickly drifted to Ace, and he looked quite defeated. He tried saying you cheated and that it was not fair, but you ignored him, opting to rub it in his face by winning the dare.
You called Jack’s name loudly, and for a split second you saw his tail wag before he spun around, facing you.
"Huh? Prefect? What are you do-UGH." You jumped on him without even letting him finish his question, and, as you predicted, he was quick to take a hold of you. His muscular arms tightened around your body, and even if he staggered back slightly when you collided with him, he didn't seem to have any problem carrying you.
That is, until he realized that he was holding you, long after he had stabilized his footing, and normally anyone else would have already let you down. Then, he let you down, crossing his arms over his chest as he looked to the side.
"That is dangerous." Oh Seven, he's going to lecture you. "If my instincts weren't so sharp you could have gotten really hurt." Sure, "instincts", let's call them that. "I was worried– worried that it would affect Ramshackle dorm's reputation." Damn it, he was about to say he was worried! And stop lying, it's not like it has any (good) reputation anyway.
Nevertheless, he accompanied you the rest of the day, and sent really dirty looks at Ace the moment he learned that it had been all part of his schemes.
Tumblr media
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the-hearteater · 4 months
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diasomnia-cookies · 7 months
Hii WELCOME on the community Razz so I Saw your post and want to Ask you Can I have Idia and a reader (GN or fem ) who is cold to people, but kind to the person they love (headcanons btw) I Hope you have a great day!!
Hello! Thank you for being the first request and for everyone being so welcoming!
Headcanon: Reader is cold to everyone except Idia
Characters: Reader (GN) x Idia
Warnings: N/A
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie you scared the shit out of Idia when he first met you, especially with how frigid everyone said you were
But one partnered history project soon changed his tune and before he knew it he was crushing on you and tada here goes dating
He found out very quickly that your cold attitude was selective, only reserved to those that happened to be a nuisance...which was almost everyone but definitely not Idia
It made sense to absolutely no one. You went from being cold one minute, to smiley and giggly at a text from Idia
You barely spoke in class, only to answer questions, but when you were with Idia? Oh everything changes.
You would talk about everything under the sun with Idia, lay in bed together and play games, laugh and cuddle all the time
On the rare occasion you both actually go out in town, it was a shock to the general public, but no one would dare to say anything
Someone tried once, a passing comment about the "Ignihyde freak" and it umm didn't turn out well for the commenter. Crowley heard something about catfish and seaweed, but he wasn't going to ask.
And in the next moment you went right back to hold Idia's hand and strolling along the campus
Being giddy was a nice change of pace for you too honestly, being shut off from everyone was kind of exhausting. But that was okay, because Idia made you happy and he you.
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thelonelyme · 7 months
♡ʏᴀɴᴅᴇʀᴇ ᴅᴏʀᴍ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀs x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ [ʜᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴs/sᴄᴇɴᴀʀɪᴏ] 2♡
𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐞: ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド[Twisted Wonderland]
𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐢𝐨/𝐢: Kalim Al-Asim, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia.
𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐭: The yanderes finds out mc is now a fallen angel due to them.
𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭: Hello honey, this is my first time asking you but please listen to me.. What do you think the reaction of the yandere house leader's reaction to their lover who is an angel has now fallen and become a demon's. especially the reason why they become a fallen angel is because they want to continue to be with the leaders of the dormitory even though their God forbids them, and to the point of plucking out their wings. Pretty pleaseee 🥺🥺
𝐀𝐕𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐄: GN READER. That's the second part of this post, so if you want to read about the whole dorm crew, make sure that you've read that. There will be explicit scenes of poisoning, blasphemy, allusions to rape, implied murder, delusional behavior, mention of not-voluntary imprisonment, allusions to NS/FW themes, kidnapping, explicit stalking, cyberstalking, mention of blackmail, mention of torture, mention of imprisonment. Sorry everyone for the prolonged time of inactivity, I did not feel good, and moreover I had for a period lost the motivation to do anything, so sorry again. I’ll try to bring my life back to order, so update more often. I hope you like it, honey💗. I don’t have the responsibility of who reads such my works, however good reading <3.
Tumblr media
-𝐊𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐦 𝐀𝐥-𝐀𝐬𝐢𝐦-
For such a solar and enthusiastic magician as Kalim, your arrival at Night Raven College could not have been described in other words other than a literal blessing from God. The young student and dormitory chief of Scarabia had always been considered the exception to the college rule: in contrast to violent and petty behavior like those of Savanaclaw, or like those shy and manipulative as apparently almost all the students of Ignihyde, possessed a natural kindness and genuine concern for others; something that many times had made him get into some trouble.
He seemed like the perfect candidate for the famous college in the south of the island, with a young and fresh look like his and with a behavior worthy of the best prince straight out of a fairy tale, Many students in his dorm couldn’t and still haven’t been able to understand, how he ended up in a place famous for cruelty and for the rigor in training his students in the best possible way.
But Kalim could not have cared less, after all education is education, no matter whether in one apparently better school or another, and not understanding the reason for such a tense rivalry between the two schools.
So, during the upcoming Christmas holidays, he never expected to find himself in front of a literal angel. The first time he saw you, he would immediately be enchanted by your figure accompanied by two boys in the hallway. At that moment, he could literally drop all the books he had in his hand that Jamil was asking for and immediately run in your direction, as if he were a magnet and you were the magnet of his heart.
As in the fairy tales that by now Jamil had been forced to mark in his memory how many times he had to repeat them to the silver-haired and scarlet-eyed magician, that feeling of complete stiffness and a warm feeling in the heart that made him warm up in ways that no one had ever managed to do, the acceleration of his beat in a few seconds from your sight and a priminente redness on his cheeks- he was certain that he’d just seen his one true soul mate.
He had waited years and years to find the person who would be by his side all his life, and you finally showed yourself to him! Just as his parents had always told him, as he had always dreamed from an early age! You can’t blame her excitement and all her heat the moment you felt a pair of calloused hands on your shoulders.
"I’m touching them! And I can feel how soft their skin is even from over this uniform! I swear, I’m going to die of joy!"
He hoped that his heart would not keep beating so hard all the time, otherwise you would surely be frightened, and he did not want to cause you any kind of pain.
He was sure, and the brilliant and kind smile you gave him was only helpful in confirming it: You were certainly his soul mate.
From that day on, things would change dramatically: now all his attentions and his whole routine revolved around you, with his one and only Habibi ¹.
He could not help it, by now your presence was simply essential for him to function normally; basically for him you were like oxygen for a drowned, fresh water for a thirsty in the desert, abundant food to a hungry, you were a drug. Just being yourself with him had somehow made him feel like the only person with whom, according to him, you would share all those hugs and words of encouragement late at night on the large balcony of the castle in Scarabia.
Your magnificent and splendid body would only be the icing on the cake, for him you would have been perfect in any way you could have been. What brought him even closer to you had been your magnificent personality, so kind and comforting, so good and perfect from any kind of external or internal point of view.
He could not live without him with you, he had developed an addiction to your sweet caresses and your words so reassuring that they never failed to make him burst into tears for the ardent and genuine love that simple words positioned in the right way contained.
He could not help but imagine you together with your future children, biological or adopted, playing with them while gently stroking your head and watching with dreamy eyes your beautiful features. You would have both worn dresses worthy of a fabulous and fantasic person like yourself, traditional clothes of the Land of Hot Sands, dancing together dances in the center of the huge ballroom of the family villa during your future wedding. He already had in mind the perfect wedding for both you and him, even though he couldn’t bear less than what the main colors or how the flowers should have been arranged until he was with you. But he would do it with immense pleasure and joy knowing that everything would be for you and only for you.
He had already written tons of letters over the past months to his parents where he described your love for each other in the most disparate and romantic ways, even to the point of convincing and constantly writing them that soon you two would really get married, which the two were extremely happy about, and get them to send as many letters to convince Kalim to bring them home during the summer holidays.
For the next few months, Kalim was literally clinging to you, or continuing to praise you incessantly during every single moment of the day where unfortunately he could not be with you, and forcing the strict and diligent Vice Dorm Leader Jamil to endure hours and hours at night of awkward words and thoughts from the red-eyed boy, and ordering the latter to reassure him on his growing concerns. His need for you had become morbid, leading him to increasingly monopolize your blessed time along with him and Jamil, who obviously would have taken advantage of it in the best possible ways.
"Jamil, tell me they’ll never leave me."
"Jamil, they always say they’re happy to have lunch with me, but then why do they have lunch with others?"
"Jamil, do you think I should send them more presents? Maybe this way they’ll realize I’ll never get tired of them."
"Jamil, which chains do you think are better, the silver ones or the gold ones? I sincerely prefer the gold ones, but please choose! You always do a great job at these things, and as you know, I’m not very good at making decisions, hehe."
Unlike the imaginary world that Kalim had built in his mind, his ebony-haired servant would instead have seen beyond those walls with which the blood-red-eyed boy had long since begun to dodge all kinds of normal reasoning. He had seen all that time your face slightly frightened and surprised by the huge amount of gifts that Kalim had daily sent from home just for you, he didn’t lose how your presence had become a fixed point in his day. About how now he should not only look after the needs of the white-haired boy, but now also your own under the orders of his master.
"Remember Jamil, every wish of my Habibi must be fulfilled immediately, okay?"
And of course he always did, noting in the meantime how your simple word could change any previous opinion of Kalim.
"I think that’s a kind of fruit a little bitter, I didn’t remember it so-What? You don’t like it so much? True, not even me, actually."
Surely he would have noticed this, causing him to cling more and more to you, telling him that he had to spend all his time with you and instead leaving the duties of dorm head to him, something the silver-haired boy was extremely willing to do: all for her beloved and adored Habibi.
The ebony-haired servant would remain silent, as he had always done since his childhood, continuing to pull the strings of this little theatre so that he would finally have a real place in society; he did not care at all about your ever-increasing looks at him, or how he would always try to get the sticky kid to go away, but this would just reset everything he had done and built in the last few months in the dorm, reborn under a new regulation and under a new rigor rediscovered.
If he stopped you meeting with Kalim, everything would be erased, so you could definitely suffer a little longer before you left.
But Kalim wasn’t a complete fool, and he knew it.
He knew and saw the way he was subtly threatening you by threatening to spread disgusting rumors about you, about you not being such a pure, chaste angel, about all sorts of things that would bring you down at the slightest exit without him. He knew what power was, and he wasn’t below using it to hold you to him, not after what happened with Jamil before.
If you had refused or even hinted at a possible breakup of your relationship, the first reaction it could have had is to immediately throw yourself at your feet, tightly grabbing the fabric of your school uniform and crying, begging in sobs and wondering if it was his mistake, he swears he’ll make it up to you!
And if I kept trying to avoid him gently, since you’re such a nice person that you didn’t immediately kick him out of your life, it would have to come down to the ways he absolutely didn’t like to use. Usually his conflicts were not even resolved by himself, but this was neither a conflict nor a problem- don’t misunderstand, he still thinks that there were problems in the relationship because of your ever-increasing thoughts of wanting to leave, but he thinks there are problems for a completely wrong reason, which he swears on his own life and on those of his whole family never to repeat again.
He would never want to get to do this- after all he wants the person he will marry in the future to have a good reputation and be loved by everyone- so this move will be used as a last resort in case of failure of any previous attempt to make you stay with him.
He knew that Jamil was not one of the most sociable and transparent people you could ever meet, but he knew that he would never do something as petty as hypnotizing him again- and he was sure! He could remember every single moment of his days, unllike of when he had whole lapses of memory scattered throughout the days. And then he was helping him with his relationship, so he was certain that he could trust his and your life in his skilled hands.
And it hasn’t been that long since you last saw the bright sunlight, at least not in person.
He knew that every beautiful dove must fly, so he compensated for the time you normally spent in the luxurious rooms of his castle in the Land of Warm Sands riding with you on his magic carpet. But not before you have sealed your wings with a beautiful padlock and gold chains: after all, white and gold were such beautiful colors together. After all, as kindness had put Kalim in some trouble, and in a world like the human one, yours has put you in far worse trouble than you could have ever imagined.
You were enchanted by the mesmerizing eyes of the beautiful snake that, slowly and patiently, while you remained staring at the blinding vermilion, wrapped like a powerful and heavy gold chain tightly to your body. Making you immobilized by your own mistake, and remaining forever enchanted by the red gems that the young man possessed, those same irises that had been your end.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-𝐕𝐢𝐥 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐭-
Vil Schoenheit, head of the dormitory of the ancient Pomefiore, a very famous actor with an unnatural beauty and rigor, would never have thought he could fall so low for a simple person. The blond-haired perfectionist so focused and so devoted to achieving the perfection of himself and everyone in whom he could see potential, could not help but describe you as the exact opposite of what he would have considered his perfect soulmate: although you too could also have had a strong potential like that first year Epel, but, from what he’s always seen, you haven’t even tried to achieve the best version of yourself.
Like the scarlet-haired dorm boss or the smart silver-haired octomerman, he wouldn’t even have time to even know what you look like.
At least, before he heard about you.
With his increasingly emerging figure in entertainment and fashion, with his excellent school career to keep such, his relentless search for beauty and the burning desire for revenge on that useless being who had always stolen all the spotlight, he had a very narrow daily schedule. And the fact that he had to manage a dormitory full of people who still had to see that beauty and charisma were an immense and unique source of power, did not help at all the coverage of his imminent dark circles.
At first, and as I said before, he wouldn’t even want to know who you were. But the quick tongues of all these dirty hicks he had to endure in school, would let slip away in the luxurious dormitory room that in his school there was a particular little student who had the reputation of being the most beautiful in the entire realm of Twisted Wonderland.
Even more than Neige.
It wasn’t enough just that stupid idiot with a rosy face to put a spoke in the wheel, now there was also a third person against whom he had to win?!
He couldn't believe it.
He did not want to believe that a simple person like you could be considered by all even more beautiful than him and that idiot without even making an effort, while he had to work hard to get to the point where he was now.
He was jealous, he just wanted to be the one adored by everyone for once: not Neige, not you, just him.
He knew what it felt like to be one of the most beautiful of all, but he didn’t want to stop there. No, he wanted to be the one and only to hold the power of eternal beauty, he wanted to ruin your smiley faces to death so that you two couldn’t even get outside without you being labeled as deformed monsters, he wanted to destroy your lives, he wanted to eliminate you two.
But Vil was not such a reckless and incautious man, he already had a plan in mind, and now he just needed to add a few more details thanks to your arrival. He would have called his trusty hunter, and he, being a good subject as he was, had immediately satisfied the bizarre requests of the poisonus man.
A little setback, this was you in his eyes. Like everyone he had to compete with to get to the top, he just had to make sure that you didn’t get a chance to be better than him.
But your presence irritated him so much, he hated so much how your eyes didn’t even have a hint of make-up but that they still turned out to be absolutely delicious for the blond-haired man as he continually struggled against the increasingly strong feelings of desirability he was developing towards you, he hated how he would always have to pay attention to his strict diet to stay online while you would try every cake that Trey would cook for any unnecessary parties in his dorm.
He hated how he could not stop watching you as you posed as the hardworking and always available person you were, thus bringing to your side a herd of rednecks and useless potatoes that were shamelessly hovering over you, using flimsy and shabby excuses just to get a speck of your attention, and leaving a bitter taste in his mouth as he turned abruptly and forced himself not to curse everyone with his Unique Magic.
And while the handsome man was slowly falling into the abyss of madness, his trusty Rook would notice every single look of Vil directed at you, a look of such primitive hunger and such magnificent and pure hatred, a poison so limpid and deadly that it made to praise even more this new love of his.
But unfortunately such a scruffy and tacky frown did nothing but ruin the beautiful features of the poisonous beauty, the expressions of anger that did not belong to him did nothing but position themselves on his immaculate face as soon as he saw the dirty hands of a student of Savanaclaw on your shoulders as he hugged you, while that disgusting being was clearly looking for more from you.
"Oh, that student, la beauté de cette école, quelqu'un qui possède une beauté d'un autre monde ² , but not so much to compete with our wonderful head of the dormitory in appearance" And throwing a mocking and nonchalant grin at the other man. That made the handsome man frown even more for the casual tone of the hunter in talking about you so freely.
"Yeah, whatever but when- Umh, I apologize Schoenheit-senpai, but when can I train for Magishift tryo-?"
"Rook, I need your services one more time."
"And Epel, keep practicing your etiquette, your manners and the way you speak are barbaric. Don't forget what I've told you."
And suddenly, all those nights spent studying for the various tests that until then had not weighed on your physical health, had done nothing but drain you of all your energy, making you feel completely grounded. You wouldn't be able to understand why these sudden changes, until that moment your routine had never given you any kind of problems, but Ace would have just swept it all away by saying that most likely it was you who were just stressed out and that finally all that workload was hitting you all at once.
And you, being such a responsible student, despite all the warnings of Jack and Epel to rest, would have continued to help Riddle with all the preparations of the VDC instead. You couldn’t help helping all those people who didn’t ask, but clearly needed help. Something that the man with lilac irises had noticed from the beginning.
And how can he not exploit to his advantage a situation so useful to his cause?
And working with the Heartslabyul's leader, he would subtly observe you several times under the guise of having to control the stage setup process for NRC’s biggest event himself.
Normally he would have hated all those people who would only take advantage of the opportunities on the fly, and in fact he still did, but he could not call this "opportunism", but a small incentive to help himself in his life. And by the way, it wasn’t like he’d never worked hard for the duration of his stressful life until- like everyone else except him had- so he was sure that instead of hurting you, he was just helping himself.
Clearly the effects of the presumed fatigue were making themselves felt and seen: the skin once so bright and seemingly shiny would instead become sicker and battered, your face harbored light dark circles and your body began to feel much weaker and exposed to any kind of bump; you felt sick, as if you had ingested something that made you feel extremely bad, as if someone was sucking your energy away. And these symptoms would go on for so long that not even your friends would let you walk alone for fear that you might stumble and hurt yourself. And the effects would, at some point, even cause the first of a series of fainting in front of the blond himself.
He almost felt sorry for seeing you so weak and hurt, but he couldn’t help but feel a sadistic pleasure in your pitiful sight. A student so perfect in all respects, so good, kind and charitable, so good to his classmates and so understanding, reduced to nothing but a weak body kept alive for an unknown reason. He chose you to be the guinea pig for his famous poisons.
After all, there was a reason his trusty hunter always called him by that nickname.
"My beloved Roi du Poison, you truly are the most beautiful and poisonous man that the entire Twisted Wonderland has ever seen!"
He liked that nickname in a way, as he also loved his talent and knowledge in potionology. He had tried to recreate to the letter the infamous "poison kiss", created and perfected no less than the so esteemed Evil Queen. But alas, some ingredients could not be collected and obtained at the time of need, so he had to improvise by mixing several ingredients, making it all turn out to be a deadly potion.
Or at least he thought.
It was rather peculiar that a poison created to kill had not yet borne fruit, causing him to rage silently as it rechecked every single process of the potion that had kindly handed you nothing less than your beloved best friend. Of course, at the beginning even the first year was strange and annoyed by the strange request to give you a basket full of red apples,
"Why do I even need to do this- that's so useless. Why me and not Hunt, he would've loved to do this for him. By the way, the ones of my family would be definitely better, the colour is too much bright, surely they're all too much soft and ew..", he thought many times during the day, but he had not asked questions to the handsome man.
Vil couldn’t help but start ordering Hunt to write down every kind of reaction you were going through, every kind of change, even if it was insignificant. But more importantly, to tell him everything that was slightly out of the ordinary that you did or said. It wasn't possible to resist that much to a deadly potion.
He couldn’t understand the way that even though you didn’t know that he was the cause of your ever-worsening ailments, you would continue to understand when to leave him alone and help him with his problems, try to understand his thoughts and continuing insistently to approach him, both emotionally and physically. He did not understand you.
How could you ever approach and help your executioner? He did not understand.
And, as always, Rook never failed to satisfy him, bringing him what he had asked for and more.
And then he finally had an answer that appealed to all of his questions that had been running through his mind until that moment. No one, not even that idiot in the other school, could have such sweet and supportive behavior as yours, despite the fact that you were literally falling apart because of the envy of another.
No one would have survived for so long a poison that would have assured death. You can't simply die. What kind of angel would ever get killed by a simple human? Lose your body for what?
"Apparently I do, Vil."
An even tougher challenge than training Epel? After all, he couldn’t call himself a dorm-leader if he couldn’t even get you turned into clay in his soft, soft hands, he wouldn’t have been him if he hadn’t finally helped you see that he was the key to your salvation.
Only he had the solution, only he could really help you in all that discomfort that you had. All alone, betrayed from what you thought your best friend. Left behind by all those who you thought were friends. Betrayed by your own god. You were only deceiving yourself.
After all, you should have known that man was made in their image.
He would continue to be convinced that he was only attracted to your potential beauty, even though he knew it was just a pathetic excuse to avoid hurting his ego by forcing you into his luxurious, comfortable bed, observing that day by day the potion had not had the desired effects, but that it was still powerful enough not to allow your body to regenerate normally, and consequently letting him do whatever he wants with your fragile and now mortal body. He could finally keep you in a crystal coffin where only he could see you, in a place that only he had permission to access, a place dedicated entirely to your wonderful being, a being that divided his reason from his instincts.
Thus leading him to force you to live a different kind of hell, one where Vil was constantly torn between loving you obsessively until his death, spoiling you with every kind of luxury and every kind of wealth you could ever desire, treat you as a true queen, not as a mere ordinary angel as you had been treated up to that moment, while the other side of you was divided by hatred of the one who had made him wither like a dead rose, making him constantly and incessantly think about your beautiful face once so soft and so shiny, and letting him finally realize what he really wanted from you.
You got too taken in by the juicy red color of the apple in the hand of the beautiful evil, and this time, laying down, you would finally have a bite of the queen’s venomous grip.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-𝐈𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐝-
It is not a novelty that the blue-haired boy was an extremely shy and elusive person with self-isolative tendencies, who spent all his average days in a messy and gloomy room, and he never would have come out willingly if his little brother didn’t pull so much weight on this subject.
Idia Shroud, the descendant of the great God of the Underworld, a figure to follow and an inspiration to some, and terror and disgrace to others, had never aspired to a career as brilliant as his fellow dormitory chief, he simply did not feel the morbid need to be noticed and to receive so much attention from people, and even less, he did not feel the need to get even just in touch with a person outside his virtual bubble.
He absolutely did not see the advantages of having physical or "normal" relationships, and if there were, he was quite sure that the advantages were much less than the disadvantages he would suffer. By now he had resigned himself to being what he was and what each time he saw faintly on the screens: a useless rejection of society, someone who did not even have the courage to see, even just to speak, to a person in the flesh, someone who was just one face among a thousand in many forums who assiduously attended, almost maniacally, someone who could never carry on the surname of the noble Shroud family, hoping that the responsibility instead goes to his younger brother who was definitely better suited to the task, someone who could not even leave his room without feeling weak and without energy.
"I already told you for the millionth time Ortho, I don’t want to go out at all, not even Hades himself could change my mind."
And when the news of the student without magic who had become prefect on the same day of their admission first arrived at Ignihyde’s dormitory, the handsome blue-haired male could not have cared less. He didn’t have a shred of curiosity about you, leading him to ignore his younger brother’s futile attempts to socialize with someone other than him. He was starting to worry about his older brother’s tendencies, and those concerns would come close to the limit of tolerable when he mistakenly read for once what he shared on those forums he was obsessed with.
And he knew that Idia meant every word he wrote, every word imbued with hatred of the world that was not good enough to accept him and to allow someone like him not to be targeted for his own interests.
Even if he had never been bullied, even if no one would have dared to touch a hair of him for fear that he might in return burn his finger with his flames. Ortho had been with Idia centuries and centuries before, and even there, his big brother had always had a tendency to hate being together with others, always isolating himself in his room in the family castle. But he thought he couldn’t abdicate beyond that. He knew that his brother had always suffered from extreme social anxiety, probably the cause of his problems, along with other disorders that interfered in establishing normal healthy relationships with real people.
Idia, on the other hand, saw no problem in his current life. He lived alone, in a room he didn’t need to leave, eating whatever food he wanted and being able to stay online for as long as he wanted. Maybe this was the only thing in his mind that he had control over, or maybe he had become so addicted to it that just walking out of the room would blind him for a moment.
But the fact is that, as mentioned before, he would never deign to see you, he did not need to see the annoying faces of his classmates, let alone the popular ones. He would never meet them again, so it was useless for him to even try to make friends with someone who will inevitably forget you.
He thought it was pathetic.
He had no time for normal people, but instead he had too much time to spend on forums and games, always changing his interests and topics, and he would be right in those places that he would almost certainly meet you under a nice nickname that would spur him to talk to you. The male’s room was messy, smelly and completely in the dark except for the dim light of the blue screens, where Idia spent his time playing different games, talking occasionally and bitterly commenting on the stupid and senseless moves of his teammates. But he could not even finish the round before finding himself quickly reading the public chat, and then stopping to read the whole message.
The_Pref.ectme: "Hi, sorry if I’m sudden, but I don’t know this game well, and I need help. Sorry to disturb."
Obviously, a newbie like you wasn’t educated at all and didn’t even have a thousandth of his experience in that game, so he would have decided to mentor you for an evening, by writing quickly in the chat that he would call you on another platform and that there he would explain everything to you.
And when he first heard your voice, he could feel himself floating in the Olympus.
Your voice sounded so harmonious and so calm to his ears, so beautiful and so pure, as if a nymph was whispering softly in his ears, lulling him into a state of apparent trance, it almost melted his brain as calming as it could be.
He had never felt this way throughout his long life of isolation and loneliness, leading him to pant heavily at the first sign of another person even minimally attractive.
A sticky layer of sweat was all over his face, and the prominent redness on his face as you spoke and expressed your thoughts to him about how you found the game difficult, would have made him immediately change the microphone and abruptly interrupt the call and exhale a trembling sigh, almost trembling for the experience he had just had and making him take long and deep breaths to avoid melting the plastic of his chair with the warm flames of his hair.
In the meantime, and while the blue-haired man was biting his hand trying to suppress all kinds of noise and not alarm his younger brother, you would never have thought to finish the call so quickly and so abruptly, while a continuous and sudden knock on the dorm door would wake you from your worries about the boy at the other end of the call, and welcoming kindly and as always an Ace who had been kicked out by Riddle again for breaking another rule. And since Grim was soundly asleep in the main room, you would tell your bizarre adventure with this guy online.
"I don’t know, maybe he was a 50-year-old creep who just wanted to see you naked."
"I don’t think so, at first I could also hear a glimpse of his voice, and he looked like a boy!"
"You have to be more careful on the Internet! I could never allow anything to happen to you, let alone Deuce."
"Don’t worry about me, Ace."
"And don’t make me worry, okay?"
And for you it would have ended there, eventually deciding to sleep on it under the advice of one of your best friends.
But the same was not for Idia. At all. He’d spent the whole night thinking about that moment when he knew that your beautiful lips had begun to produce that sweeter melody than ambrosia. He kept thinking back to that exact moment when your words had entered his head for the first time, unable to do anything but begin to fantasize about how you might actually appear in real life and not covered and disguised by a beautiful avatar.
He wondered if you were tall or short, if you had short or long hair, what color it could be, and how you could be. He knew you’d never want him around, but then again, he was just a dirty virgin who hadn’t showered in over two weeks, doing nothing but sit in his room full of paper towels and energy drinks, who would never have had the courage to approach another human being had it not been only through the internet. It was a disgusting incel ³ that he couldn’t even hope to have a beautiful person, like he knew you were, by his side.
This new fixation would have led him to look for every single clue to understand what your identity was, initially looking for any useful information about your game profile that you both were playing before, then start the actual process to see who you really were.
After all, what kind of student at Ignihyde would not know how to hack an account, especially that of such a naive person about the clear dangers of the internet? All those years spent studying programming and computer science would come in handy, which he had no doubt about. He knew that in the end everything he had studied on his own would always come in handy. Whether to ask someone for private information, or ruin another’s life, with a simple click and the right words could simply make another’s life a hell.
And after a short time, he had complete access to your computer, which oddly enough and fortunately had not installed an antivirus or the like, would have been a somewhat longer process, but in the end, he knew he would always succeed: The only thing he felt he could boast of was his almost infinite knowledge of technology, giving him the ego boost he needed to continue everything he was working for. He also had access to your search history, which even if I tried to delete would always be able to see, and more importantly, your webcam and microphone.
Finally, he could finally know that being magnificent had a voice worthy of being brought to Olympus.
And when he saw you, it was as if all the emotions he’d spent days stabilizing had suddenly returned. His dead heart was pounding, as if he had a sudden attack of tachycardia, he felt himself suffocating with his own saliva, forgetting even for a few seconds how to swallow, and consequently dropping some saliva on his sweatshirt, the blush had returned, making him feel hot and scorching under the heat of his sweatshirt- and although normally his dorm was extremely cold, he continued to sweat profusely, his thin fingers were rigidly welded on the mouse, By clicking and zooming on every part of his body that was visible to him, his hair now threatened to melt his headphones.
"Oh- my- my- sev- en…"
The news of Idia’s interest in the prefect had been a shock to his younger brother, but also a huge relief. He finally met someone who wasn’t him! And he also fell in love! Years before, this huge change in the life of his niisan would have been nothing more than a mere image in his brain, a fantasy, an illusion that included more happiness, he thought, impossible than his brother. At a certain point he had even given up trying to reason with the man, and therefore he had lowered a bit the shot trying these times to convince him to leave the dormitory at night with him while everyone slept, alone and in peace as Idia liked.
"NO-! I mean- what if someone wasn’t awake and instead began filming me?! I- I don’t know! Did you understand!? What if someone even noticed my hair? NO."
So when you would hit not only the near-impossible interest of Idia, he believed it was fate. And that’s what Idia thought. It was repeated that your meeting had been planned in advance by the Fate, an omnipotent existence that ruled at will both human and gods.
No one could escape the Fate.
Not even the beautiful little angel you were.
He thanked the fact of having known you online and not in real life- also because there would be only one chance in a million that would have met you just when it was released for the first time in the last five or six months. But now all he could do was keep watching your every move from the camera that conveniently could spot you every time you walked in, making him find out as many things about you.
"Ah~ my little and tempting angel! I bet you would have liked to have such a devoted follower like me."
As the months went by, the adorable little Ortho would become a huge friend of yours, which his personality allowed him to do, starting with a casual conversation over lunch in the cafeteria, with the excuse of having to look for a volunteer to test a new machine, which, despite much concern expressed by none other than by your friends who were currently sitting at your same table, you had naturally and immediately agreed to do.Helping was your main mission, your only mission, and so helping a little boy like Ortho was enough on its own to fill your pure heart with joy, coming shortly afterwards into the gloomy dormitorium.
His brother lacked that ability to be with others, so Ortho would be the voice and body of Idia outside his room, and not wanting his nii-san to lose all happiness, that one glimmer and glimmer of a possible better future that you were carrying- He didn’t want to be the cause of his suffering.
Idia could not help but compare himself to the lonely and gloomy Hades, who for centuries remained because of an extremely favoritist society that had forced him to be what he had become. In the past he could only compare you to the wonderful Persephone. Now he understood his ancestor. Or maybe it was a family thing.
But in the end, his brother, a boy so kind that you would never be able to resist his constant prayers that you should visit him at least once in his dorm, always spent a lot of time alone, and all he wanted was to spend a little more time with his new best friend! Did you really want to leave him all alone in a place so isolated and full of people just as isolated? No? Perfect! Just follow him to Big Brother’s room and you can all have a big pijama party! Actually, do you want some pomegranate? They are produced by his family, so you can also binge on them!
And that tiny little grain.
A grain had been your sentence.
A mere grain of pomegranate would have been the invisible chains that would have kept you in the room of Idia, you should have remembered the immense jealousy and possessiveness of the god of the dead, you should have known of his obsession with his beloved little angel.
The light morbidly attracts the darkness.
And now you were bound to him forever like his Persephone. Until the end of time, governing together, one beside the other, in a world of death and silence, where a land of sinful and decrepit souls will be forced to obey you two without asking questions, and not letting you fly away in the world of humans.
Even for the god of the underworld this method had worked, so why shouldn’t it have been the same for him?
There was a very small chance that everything he did might end badly, but Idia didn’t care. He could have been discovered by the inhabitants of the island or by other students, but in the end he knew that you could never leave him in any way, and he enjoyed this. Even if he had disappeared, the bond between you would have remained unbreakable.
Don't you know how many times Persephone has tried to escape from that gloomy, old-fashioned prison? She even tried to kill herself.
But how can you die when you’re already in a dead world, and what’s more dead then a dead spirit like yours?
And you too, as she did, would have surrendered to the inevitable fate that had been forged only for the two of you. You would have been chained to a world where the dead speak, and where the living die, and where the red juice of the pomegranate would have continually stained the floors with crimson, dripping from your wounds and your mouth, sealing you forever with the fire of the underworld to him.
You were deceived by a soul, and soon you would have to pay a heavy toll. A soul for your freedom, throwing you into a whirlpool of familiar whispers and shadows, drowning in death with Idia.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐬 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐚-
Malleus Draconia, an extremely powerful wizard with powers still unknown to most students, an honorable student with excellent scholastic returns, a powerful young man who was destined for the throne , a boy who conveyed immediate anxiety to anyone who was in the same room with him, thus leading many people to associate his presence with something to avoid, a gloomy fae that for all those who saw it was a complete enigma, seemingly no solution, an extremely well-known individual, but who, fortunately or not, did not show around so often. And the students were grateful for that, they were constantly chatting and talking so much that they even forgot his presence in the school, some always avoiding to speak of him as if even his name was a taboo and others trying to neglect the whole by pretending it did not even exist. After all, those who mind their own business live for 100 years.
And for Malleus this was and will always be just ridiculous.
Why the hell would he even want to touch someone, let alone attack a student clairvoyant much weaker than him? He did not understand how those humans had come to conceptualize such a ridiculous and useless idea as those "beliefs" that had spread in the school since his arrival, he would never stoop to hurt anyone, and this made him more and more nervous, the rumors about him, as ninety percent of the students who met him ran away immediately with the queues between their legs.
"What a cowardly behavior. Truly miserable."
He resented the way his appearances did not reflect, as he thought, his real behavior, but he loved that respect that only he, only Malleus Draconia could have from all those who knew him directly or who had heard only false stories and stories about him, After all, he loved to see how the majority of the student body didn’t even look at him in his emerald eyes, for fear of what he could do to them.
But they wouldn’t have to worry, he repeated, he wouldn’t have done anything, even if he recognized that those fictionalized and false rumors had reality funds; he knew what he was capable of, and he was extremely proud of it, he knew a lot, too much, well the dragon that lay dormant within him, a beast that no one until that moment had managed to wonder except himself, and one that no one had ever awakened. Being close to a volcano is always safe, until it erupts, at least.
But again, these nocturnal behaviors around him only annoyed him more and more, he knew exactly what his classmates were doing.
Had he really been alone so long that now no one remembered? But it would not have been possible, he always heard the occasional whispers from the students of other dormitories, and moreover, he was the head of one of them, therefore, he had happily excluded this option, instead leaving him to bitterly process the other hypothesis.
Are they doing this on purpose? Whatever it is, it makes his blood boil with rage, but being stubborn as it was, it would have denied him immediately and fiercely, leading him to think that they were not necessarily avoiding him, but that they were just extremely forgetful. He was defending all of them by every means possible, and the least they could do to prevent half the castle from being suddenly struck by random lightning was at least to recognize his presence in the rooms.
"Shut up Zigvolt. I’m perfectly fine. Now, don't bother me. Ah, no, wait, take note of the fact that I’m gonna love it for a while, so you don’t have to wake up half the dorm screaming like you always do."
Obviously he had heard about you, the infamous and so much on everyone’s lips, even the silent and mysterious dorm mates, a spirit so free and so well-liked by everyone, so much so that he always had someone who would like to be with you. And Malleus at first couldn’t help but be slightly amused by all your "adventures" that every day you carried out with those other freshmen, including the controlling Sebek, who, in your presence did not scream in the slightest, and who was extremely delicate, giving the impression that if he had used even a pinch of his fae magic on you, you would have broken instantly like porcelain.
But would you break if you were in his presence?
He noticed that every single student always had an aura of calm and well-being after being with you, walking or just talking quickly with you. He wondered if he could finally feel himself, like the others, at peace with everyone and in particular with himself, if he could confess to you all kinds of dark thoughts he had always had, and if you would eventually forgive him.
To him you were like an unknown but fascinating presence at the same time, how you could induce so many men to follow you without them making moves on you, and without even needing some spells for it, How each time you seemed to bring a new air into the rooms every time you walked into one, how you could possess a talent for attracting all to yourself, things that, unfortunately, he could not do.
You were the opposite of him, so simple but at the same time so complicated to have close despite your charitable nature, and until then he would have considered you only a "funny" human completely exposed to all kinds of danger and so seemingly and certainly unaware of every evil that the world could reserve for everyone.
And everything would have been in a stalemate for him if I hadn’t had so much mercy on him.
"Hi, I wanted to ask you, since my friends and I were having a little party in my dorm, would you like to join us, I would really like to have you with us."
Everything seemed to be temporarily immobilized the moment you asked that question. Almost every person who had the luck or misfortune to have passed in that instant whispered how you had just signed your death sentence, while some even prepared to fight in the event Malleus could hurt you at any moment, and others still staring without moving a muscle.
As for him, he had regained no control over his body, as if his soul had temporarily left the material and bodily counterpart while he had no strength to move even a single muscle, while his face would not show even the slightest hint of emotion on his clear and defined features, making him look like an imposing and impressive statue for others.
But to you, it was not terrifying at all, which is why you continued to keep a sweet smile on your soft features and patiently waiting for a response from the fae, you had vaguely guessed from the very sight that he, like many others who had helped you throughout your life, had unfortunately always been misunderstood and put aside, you knew he was not the type to hurt someone casually, something for which your friends kept comparing you to a nurse always ready to help any soul that needed, but that he also continued to convince them not to do anything rash with him, and what you reproached them gently. You had managed to see the real Malleus Draconia, that child deprived of the necessary love and always estranged from everyone.
Suddenly, with a sharp nod of his head, he took leave just as quickly, leading you to snigger and admire the lukewarm sparks that remained of him.
"What a brave human."
This show of affection towards him, in his eyes, would have left him breathless and extremely confused, he simply cannot understand what was the spark that would have provoked his curiosity, He didn’t understand why a human like you had the guts to talk to him, let alone invite him to a party. But don’t misunderstand it, amidst that blanket of sudden emotions, an immense euphoria and joy would predominate such inner chaos. Finally someone invited him! Someone didn’t consider him a monster! He had finally met someone he had seen through his scales, he would finally have a friend for the first time, and he was elated by it.
From this point of no return, Malleus would wander much more often into the places you were accustomed to attend more often, and with every mention of your name or your sight, a light, hard-to-see smile would appear on his mouth, a smile that made him more charming but at the same time something he was not used to, always seeing himself and being seen with a perennial neutral and sometimes sad expression.
By the way, he would eventually become more concerned for your safety, still believing that you were a being created from porcelain, and that it could be broken even by a breath. He would begin to watch over your figure incessantly, not even letting his supposed trusted knights have the task of watching over you: Sebek was an extremely racist half-fae towards any kind of creature other than his own- and what for which Malleus mocked him silently, finding funny how he hated and did not want to see the half of himself- and even if he was duìiventato your friend and said to be changed for the better thanks to you, he didn’t believe that once at your window at night he could control himself. Most of all he knew that controlling his fae instincts was extremely complicated, so he excluded the handsome young man with the mint hair from the assignment.
While Silver, he probably would have fallen asleep during the times he was supposed to be watching you and keeping you safe, and not feeling safe about his presence at all along with yours, contrivedly imagining the fact that you could have been more comfortable with someone like you than with a powerful fae like him.
And leaving the job to none other than the one she trusted most, Lilia Vanrouge, who would immediately accept the job, subtly hinting that the future monarch might have a little crush on the adorable human.
It would be useless to say that every guy who before wandered around you, would have disappeared for a long time, noticing the look quite strange and disturbing both of Lilia and the heavy and suffocating presence of Malleus at your side. He absolutely had to avoid that he could be replaced by someone else unworthy and ungrateful of your presence, so making him more self-conscious and stunned by your calm and long chats, from which he would learn a lot of information about your life and yourself. At first he did not know what to do with that feeling of constant burning in his chest, he being quite if not completely inexperienced and innocent about abstract concepts and never tried for him as love.
Lilia would be his humble mentor in this new world where the powerful black-haired wizard would stumble upon. It would teach him everything he knew about this new burning feeling, a feeling as wonderful as it was painful.
And Malleus was doing exactly what the wise ancient fae had told him. Even though he still didn’t fully realize what he was doing, he trusted Lilia blindly, and he knew for a fact that he would never do anything to hinder him in any way. He was sacrificing for you every single piece of his mind, every drop of his being for you, putting his heart on a silver platter so you could do the same with yours. His behavior would start to change in a twisted way, constantly giving you questions, some of which were extremely personal and you weren’t allowed to answer, which annoyed him to say the least.
He was doing everything he needed to do, bare his heart, revealing all the darkest secrets of his soul, and you dared to lie to him and not answer?
Didn’t you have to make sacrifices?
In a relationship no one would keep secrets for themselves, and Malleus knew first of all what it was like to keep everything inside, catalyzing those emotions inside, but that didn’t justify your unwelcome behavior towards that kind of thing. He knew how hard it was, but if he could, he knew you could, too, and just as you comforted him on all his worries and forgave him for everything he did, he knew he would, too, He didn’t think you might have done such terrible or uncircumcised things that you would have categorically refused to express. He would never have judged the only person who had approached him, it would have been the equivalent of a suicide for the young man. He would never do that.
"All right, child of man, I see, now what do you say we take a walk? The weather is great right now."
He was doing everything he had to do, bare his heart, revealing all the darkest secrets of his soul, and you dared lie to him and not answer?
Didn’t you have to make sacrifices?
In a relationship no one would keep secrets for themselves, it wouldn’t be right; and Malleus knew firsthand what it meant to keep it all inside, catalyzing those emotions and hiding them, But that couldn’t possibly justify your unwelcome behavior towards that kind of thing. He knew how difficult it was to talk about uncomfortable topics and say everything to a person who couldn’t understand exactly how they felt; but if he, Malleus, could open up to you completely, he knew you could do the same with him.
And just as you comforted him on all his cares and forgave him for all that he had done, he knew he would also do it: he would hold your hands gently, wrap them with his much larger hands, and bring one to your wonderful face, stroking his cheek with his thumb and at the same time wiping a stray tear, he would have moved your head so that your looks could cross, the beautiful color of your eyes in contact with his jade eyes, inducing you to tell him all that you hid in the depths of your pure heart, smiling at your best and trying to comfort you to the fullest of his abilities, and holding you gently and tightly in an embrace as streams of words and words flowed from your mouth, as Malleus would have listened to every drop of it, drinking from your lips as if he were thirsty.
He didn’t think that you could do things so terrible or so evil that you would categorically refuse to express, he knew that you could never do it, he knew that you were so pure that not even the most corrupt creature would be able to corrupt you. And even if he was wrong about him, he would never have judged the only person who had ever approached him, never dreamed of it. A stab in the heart would have been better than witnessing your pain and disgust. He would never do that.
But, regardless of his thoughts and wills, he knew full well that everything that was going on around him was just daydreams, an illusion created by his cruel imagination to fill those moments when you weren’t together.
He did not understand.
What was going on?
What was happening to him?
All those images in his mind, all those thoughts about you, horrible scenarios where you forget about him, where you would finally listen to your pathetic friends and start avoiding him, like so many people have done before. The daydreams were progressively and slowly turning into nightmares for the fae, who did not yet understand what was happening, for him a morbid fear of your rejection, and the anger towards your friends who at the moment when they spotted even a small spark of his presence, would begin to invent unnecessary problems just to get away from him, which he would have responded with an even thicker stickiness than before, indirectly forcing you to stay with him for hours and hours, he could not describe the anxiety and the prominent prong he felt every time he saw you among those people who would separate you. He didn’t want to lose you, he would have died if you had just tried to leave, he felt a twinge in his heart just at the thought of canvases.
All he wanted was to hold on to his treasure so tight that he could never escape from his arms, so damn and selfishly close that no pathetic human or any other creature would ever be able to see you again.
During those moments of silence he would begin to think about which of the towering towers of his castle in his land would be most suitable for your stay. Surely he would have chosen the room in the highest tower of the castle, and the most lavish and shining room you would ever see, and inevitably he would have basked under the pride that your compliments on the luxuries of the place would have brought him, swelling his chest with a smile of happiness, one of his typical smiles he would do only in your presence. He would have taken care of you personally, leaving you with no choice but to blindly trust him, which he did with you, he would have dressed you in the best fabrics and dresses ever made, all custom-made by your future husband, would order his cooks to cook every dish or delicacy that would come to your mind, would make you bathe in the best cosmetics and beauty products recommended no less cehe by Vil himself. He would have lovingly provided for your every wish, even and especially at times when you wanted to become closer to each other. He would cuddle you lovingly everywhere in his castle, whether it was in front of Lilia and her knights or in front of his entire kingdom. She wanted everyone to know that you were his and his alone.
His beautiful treasure, the purest and brightest of all that other rubbish that ran around you and him.
This behavior and abrupt change in his habits, would have been noticed by you and everyone you considered friends and acquaintances, which would have only fulfilled his greatest fears, Now, despite your cryptic look where he could vaguely distinguish those two emotions that he absolutely did not want to see on your beautiful features, pain and distrust towards him.
He could not bear to live a life without you, by now you had become the only person who had finally given him the wonderful feeling of being well-liked, what did you expect from a powerful dragon fae who had always been deprived of love throughout his long life?
It was obvious that he would attach himself to the very first person who would show him some affection.
Especially if that person was you.
It would have changed your mind. He knew you’d never give him up, it wasn’t like you, it would make you realize that everything you were doing was just because you were being manipulated by your rotten friends that you were with every time. He only had to show you that those you considered friends were not such, and that he alone was worthy of your holy trust, taking your splendid body in his arms and returning to his land.
The school years were over for him, and by a lucky coincidence all this would fortunately happen a few months before the end of his senior year at Night Raven College. And as long as you could have fought him and tried to spread your white wings, tried to go desperately to Crowley, what could that stingy little crow do to a guy like him? He could literally shatter his precious school and everyone in it with a simple earthquake, and he knew he would never want that.
"Me’è corom veh, m’j cora⁴"
Finally he could fulfill his deepest dreams, finally he had another half to spend eternity with. He could finally have his happy ending, an end that had always been denied him until that moment, now it would become reality, and all because of your kindness and kindness.
You both would have your happy endings, forever trapped in the dragon’s jaws.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
¹= Habibi is an Arabic word that literally means “my love” (sometimes also translated as “my dear,” “my darling,” or “beloved.”) It is used primarily as a pet name for friends, significant others, or family members.
²= Translated: "The beauty of this school, someone who has a beauty from another world."
³= A member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women or men sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile towards those who are sexually active.
⁴=Translated: "I love you, my love", from the Ancient Language of Feridia, the Feridian Alphabet consists of about 21 symbols with a refined spelling, which in most cases represent one of the elements of Nature that ruled the Island and the Fairies of Feridia. Almost every graphic symbol can be traced back to a letter of our current alphabet, allowing us in some cases to reproduce approximately some proper name.
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