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twst Incorrect quote #295
MC: “When you see him, please don’t freak out, ok?”
Crewel *cough* father figure *cough*: “To think you think so lowly of me. I’m not going to freak out. Whoever you’re dating, I’ll accept him.”
MC: “Ok... You can come in.”
*Floyd enters the room*
Crewel: “Leech get out of the way. I am about to see who MC is dating.”
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Househusband Au HC'S
Summary:Crewel/Crowley/Vil/Rook/Malleus/Idia x gn!reader
Requested by @stygianoir
A/N: my tag list is still packed so hopefully you guys find this 😂
CW:sus gardener Rook, discussions of Idia's depression and fear of death, but I think that's it
Tumblr media
Most well dressed parent at the PTA meeting. Puts everyone to shame, and makes all the other parents and teachers jealous.
Cooks five star meals exclusively , and makes sure you get your proper intake of nutrients. He can't have his favorite pup lacking in proper nutrition!
One hundred percent coordinates your outfits for you everyday. You're the best dressed worker, all because your husband hand sews you outfits designed to blow the competition out of the water.
Pretends he's not snuggly, until nighttime, then he gets pouty. He'll be aggressively folding laundry, and not speaking to you until you come to bed and let him hold you.
You own twelve dogs. Each dog has an individual diet it is on, that is hand made by him everyday. He knows exactly what every dog needs, and makes sure to memorize what each dog needs.
If you want kids, you will adopt/birth at least three. He likes a full house. Majored in alchemy before he settled down as your househusband, and is more than happy to tutor not just your kids, but also their friends, in alchemy.
Sings like Roger from 101 dalmatians because I said so. Also he plays the piano like him. Because I said so. I'm weak okay!
Tumblr media
They say he had an illustrious career as a model, then he met you. That's only half true though. He was planning on retiring anyway, and just happened to meet you around that time. He likes to let the tabloids believe it was all your fault. It makes him laugh. Vil Schoenheit bows to no one! Now drink your smoothie!
Healthy meals constantly. He somehow managed to make them all taste good though. It's a little suspicious honestly…what does he put in that smoothie? You never liked smoothies for breakfast before…
He likes to do your nightly routine for you. It's his love language. At 7 pm sharp, he clears his throat, and gestures for you to sit down. Then he brushes out your hair, does your skin care routine, dresses you in pajamas, and tucks you in, making sure to give you a kiss on the forehead before he joins you.
If you aren't home in time for your nightly routine, he goes to bed early, turned away from your side of the bed. He will not speak to you, even though you know full well he is awake. He knows deep down it's not your fault, but he has simmering rage and no one else to take it out on.
That said, when you do fight (which you do a lot) he'll storm out before he can be particularly nasty. But you'll wake up to a single rose on the pillow next to you, and a new pair of shoes to wear to work.
You have one fluffy white cat, or one child. It's one or the other in Vil's pristine house. This isn't a barn, for seven's sake.
Tumblr media
Cooks, cleans, gardens…. he's made for this life. You don't even know where he gets the time for it.
Rook prides himself on having the best garden in the neighborhood. Your neighbors asked him what fertilizer he used, and he wrapped an arm around you and giggled about how it was "the most organic around". Considering the last time you had to do laundry there were red stains on his clothes, you choose not to ask questions.
If you have kids, there are three of them, each two years apart. He makes the perfect paper bag lunches for them everyday, with little french notes in them (raising bilingual kids in this family). As he drops them off at school he kisses each one on the top of the head, and jovially waves them off.
You have two dogs that he takes hunting with him on his solo weekends (they aren't often, because he can barely stand to part from you!) But you also have a rabbit. He gave it your name, and likes to tease you by saying how he "caught his lapin" and never saying whether he's referring to you or the rabbit.
Another one who makes sure you look your best at work. But his favorite thing is when you forget your lunch, and he "has" to bring it to work for you. This is when he is at his most dressed up, and your outfits compliment eachother the most. He loves the gazes of envy that come his way as he kisses you and hands you your lunch.
When he's not doing chores at break neck speed, he wants you to either be in his arms, or him in yours. He doesn't care which! Please, his poor heart needs you!
Tumblr media
Trust fund baby. Born rich, then married you. Tried to convince you not to work, but you wanted to, for whatever reason, so he "allows" it. (Who is he kidding? He could never deny you anything, what a simp) he sulks all day though, moping like a lovesick teen until you come home. Heaven forbid you forget something and have to come back in before you actually left, because he has your boss on speed dial, and will call you in sick. Oh, you just left your wallet? Too late, he assumed you had fallen ill and had chosen to stay home with him! 
He's a little clueless on cooking and household chores (Lilia is no help) but he tries! Boy does he try! And it's not half bad. Not stellar, but not bad. You've only gotten food poisoning once, and he's only ever burnt a hole in two of your shirts with an iron.
Loves to serenade you with his violin on special occasions. You know the evening is going to be wonderful when he pulls it out. Oftentimes, it's a song he wrote for you, and sometimes he even sings along.  His deep timbre will often have you so relaxed that you start to drift off. He's fine with that! More time to cuddle!
Speaking of, he starts the night out by laying on his side of the bed, and by the end of the night he is wrapped around you like a koala. He also gets very hot at night. You often don't need a blanket. You asked him about it once, and he said something about "draconic internal temperature regulation", whatever the fuck that means.
You had to put him on a budget because he buys you every shiny thing he sees. He always goes over budget, and always insists it's the last time and it will never happen again. This, friends, is what we call a lie.
Tumblr media
He's only a househusband in name, really. He still has an income/job in the form of streaming and YouTube videos. But he stays at home, and likes it when you call him your househusband. He gets all blushy and smiley. He likes the idea of being the one you look forward to coming home to.
Ortho lives with you both, obviously. And he does all the cooking and cleaning. But he and Idia have an unspoken agreement that if you ask, he helped too.
Calls you at work at least once a day. It's always during your lunch break though, so that you can "eat lunch together" You know his mental health difficulties are acting up if he calls you more than once though.You don't have to come home, he'll be alright, he just needs to hear your voice.
His stream only knows you as player 2. When you get back from work, he'll say "Oh player 2 just got home!" And get so excited. He'll run off stream to give you a kiss, and won't come back until you remind him he's streaming. His followers have been there through the whole progression of your relationship, and despite not knowing what you look like, and only hearing your voice off screen every once in a while, they adore Gloomy Samurai and Player 2.
You always have two cats at a time, usually the ones at the shelter or humane society that are bonded or siblings. He doesn't want to separate a family, and also gets nervous about the inevitability of death. So you always have two cats. That way if something happens you always have one.
Yes. You get him to start telehealth therapy, and medication. Why do you ask?
Tumblr media
He tries, bless his heart. His cooking is not bad, but his cleaning skills are subpar. To be honest, he's not cut out for the househusband life, but you've heard horror stories about how he handled his previous jobs. So for the sake of the world, you do your best to ensure he stays here.
"He's so generous" 🙄 Any time he goes a little bit above what you expected from him, he drops that line. A particularly good dessert? How generous. He actually folded laundry today? So magnanimous. But it hurts his pride if you don't agree, and you married him for some reason, right?
He has an allowance, and usually spends all of it. Sometimes it's gifts for you, but a lot of times it's for him. Which, it's his allowance, so that's fine. But he buys the weirdest stuff and doesn't use it. It just sits around your home.
If you have to work on something on the home computer, good luck to you. Home is for loving him, not working! He'll slip into your lap, give you a sexy pout, and start caressing your cheek, and tracing shapes into your neck. Then he'll start talking about how you're neglecting him, just put the work away and come cuddle with him. 
Where he shines though, is if you guys end up with kids. He's a surprisingly good father, making sure they all are clean, safe, and well fed. He helps with homework, and is surprisingly good at it, he's good at seeing what their needs are, he knows immediately when one of the kids is sick, and is at the doctor right away… you don't know where these skills came from. But the second the kids are in bed, he's back to being your needy husband.
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Heroes vs. Villains : The Staff
Platonic GN!Reader x NRC Staff vs. RSA Staff Word Count: 2.7k
Summary: Woe to the Ramshackle Prefect, being caught up in the drama between the Disney Villains and their respective heroes. NRC Staff Version (Part 1: Crewel and Crowley)
ie. Headmaster Crowley is a nightmare, and Professor Crewel is, well, cruel. And to be perfectly honest, after meeting another dog-loving professor who doesn't treat you like absolute garbage, the Royal Sword Academy is starting to look a lot more appealing.
[PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART 4]
Tumblr media
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me!’
Crowley had chirped that very sentiment to you ad nauseum, with all the enthusiasm of an old raven eyeing a shiny penny.
“Do you really believe that?” you sniffled, angry, as you sat slumped over in one of his rickety office chairs.
People at this stupid school were mean. And yeah, school yard insults and casual accusations of being the House Wardens’ little bitch were one thing—but these assholes would go right for the throat. All of your insecurities—your fears—all laid out like a nice spread of hors d'oeuvres ready for the picking. You had endured enough sharp barbs for a lifetime, and the fact that your glorious Headmaster and self-proclaimed parental figure kept writing it all off as a ‘learning experience’ was driving you mad.
“Of course I do, dear child!” he beamed. “What sort of educator would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach! Words are but the wind, as they say!”
You nodded, sage, and shot him a smile so sugary sweet it could rot the teeth right out of his skull.
“I wish I’d never met you and I hope that all your feathers fall off one by one,” you chirped. “And I use the ‘Number One Child’ mug you gave me to scoop water out of the toilets when the plumbing fails.”
Crowley’s mouth fell open with a nearly audible clunk, and if he weren’t so wrapped up in all kinds of immoral, black magic, bull-shittery, you would have liked to imagine that maybe that had been the sound of his heart cracking in his stupid, embroidery-covered, chest.  
You popped up from your chair and breezily made your way to the exit. You propped yourself up against the intricate, wooden, frame and clapped your hands together like a bubbly preschool teacher addressing a room full of particularly dull children.  
“I’m glad we could get that out in the open in a completely pain-free way. Words really can’t hurt anyone!”
You managed to slip the door closed just as he started to wail.
That afternoon you made your way to Professor Crewel’s office, as had become your routine. It was nice. Sometimes you would help him grade papers, sometimes you would just nibble on fancy cookies and listen as he ranted about the incompetence of certain staff members which shall not be named.
Sometimes his dogs were with him in the afternoons—a pair of giant, lithe, wolf-like beasts that were most certainly of a very proud and expensive lineage. Jasper was the black one and Badun the white, and each had a coat so glossy and well-maintained that they could put your own hair care to shame. Badun was enthusiastic, charismatic, and would bound to greet anyone who entered. Jasper was more quiet, reserved, but he was secretly your favorite of the duo. Whenever you stopped in after classes, the shadowy hound would lumber over and rest his giant head in your lap.
“No puppies today?” you called when you were greeted with silence rather than a wave of happy kisses.
“They’re in for their groom,” Crewel mumbled, busy at work with his head bowed over some lab reports or other. Normally he would grouchily correct you that his two precious pooches were adults. Dogs. And should be addressed as such. He must have been really distracted today. Or maybe you were just wearing him down.
You settled into the lovely, plush, chair off to the side that you had long since claimed as your own, and set your bookbag on the floor by your feet with a thump.
After a few minutes of comfortable silence with nothing but the sound of scratching ink over paper to break up the monotony, Professor Crewel dropped his head into his hands with a miserable sort of sigh.
“You should not have spoken to Crowley as you did.”
You blinked, startled. “What?”
“I of all people understand how frustrating the Headmaster’s antics can be,” Crewel continued, firm. “But you are still a student of this Institution—and one in a precarious enough position as it is. So you need to be mindful of your tongue.”
Indignation roiled through your gut, followed by a sharp prick of disquiet that you couldn’t quite place.
“Then he should be mindful to treat me like a student and not some—some pet project,” you huffed, kicking irritably at your patched backpack for want of nothing else to do. “And besides, what’ll he even do? Expel the one person in this entire college who mops up every single one of his messes? And I mean, it’s not like he’s running around the school crying or anything. I wasn’t that mean.”
Crewel pinched the bridge of his nose and you paused, mouth parting in surprise.
“Oh come on, he did not.”
“In the name of preserving our esteemed leader’s dignity I will say no more on the matter,” he grit out, and you fought the urge to immediately whip out your phone to message Ace, and Cater, and every other rabid gossip you could think of.
“Well, maybe he deserved it,” you snipped, crossing your arms stubbornly across your chest. A bit of cautious warmth spread through you and you nervously plucked at one of the loose threads on your uniform sleeve. “And besides,” you mumbled. "He can cry about me calling him a shitty father all he wants. You’ve been way more of a dad to me here than he could ever try to be.”
“I beg your pardon.”
You froze, fingers locking in place around the picked-apart edges of your jacket. The ice in his voice was unfamiliar and entirely unpleasant. It sent a frigid wave of worry curling through your veins. Had you overstepped? You’d thought—You’d just thought—
“I-I mean,” you spluttered. “I only meant that, well… Uhm… You’re really nice to spend time with. A-And, I just…” He made you feel like you were home again. Like even though Ramshackle was empty and cold, that you could still walk into this little office and say ‘I’m back!’ to an actual, real-life person and not just the shadows that lived in your foyer.
“Let me be perfectly clear, Prefect,” he sneered. There was an undercurrent of hostility running so sharply through every word that you were left wondering frantically if you’d unintentionally trampled over a sensitive topic. You hadn’t thought it was a big deal. You just—you just really, really looked up to him. And felt safe with him. And—And—
‘I’m sorry,’ you wanted to say. But instead you just let out an odd kind of choked squeak.
“I have no intention of playing parent to anyone,” he snapped. “Let alone an untrained brat who can’t even be bothered to play civil with the people who do attempt to care for them.”
“R-Right,” you spluttered, swallowing around the burbling lump in your throat and the warmth prickling along your lash line. “O-Of course. I’m sorry for assuming. I—I… uhm…”
‘I’ll just go then.’
But just like with failed apology, those four little syllables just couldn’t seem to make it past your lips either. So instead you just shakily snatched your bag from the floor and bolted from his office, burrowing your stinging cheeks as far into your collar as they would go. The last thing you needed to do was give anyone at this stupid school any more ammunition against you. And ‘Cry Baby Prefect’ sounded like another nasty nickname that would stick to you like gum to a flat-heeled shoe.
It’s fine, you whispered to yourself, voice wobbling far more than you would have liked. Grim hated when you came back smelling like dogs anyways.
“My goodness, are you alright?”
You blinked, harried, and glanced around yourself properly for what felt like the first time in hours. You were… not on campus anymore. Huh. What a trip. You’d never been so upset that you’d blindly run off into an entire new town before. But you supposed there was a first time for everything. You did remember feeling too nauseous to return to your little hovel for the evening, but you hadn’t really expected your frantic pacing to take you quite this far out of the way.
“Hello? Can you hear me?”
Oh. Someone was talking to you, weren’t they?
Standing in front of you was a tall, lanky, man in a tweed jacket. He was stooped down a bit to make eye contact with you, and those hazel eyes were creased with worry. His blonde hair was pushed half-off his forehead in a style that looked more haphazard than intentional, and the hand he was offering you was littered with splotches of ink. There were patches of white and black dog fur littered across his entire outfit like some horrible fashion statement, and the thought of puppies made your throat tighten up all over again.
“My name is Cliff Rogerson,” he said, steady and kind. “I’m one of the instructors at the Royal Sword Academy. Are you lost? Do you know how to get home from here?”
Do you know how to get home?
You laughed once, manic, and then promptly burst into tears.
“Oh, dear,” he sighed, his heavy brow furrowing low with concern, and patted you consolingly on the shoulder. “Oh, dear.”
You were herded into a nearby café and directed into one of the quiet, corner, booths. The lights were soft and fuzzy in here, and the pleasant warmth of fresh pastries brushed gingerly along your frayed nerves. Mister Rogerson pressed a steaming mug of hot chocolate into your hands, and placed a delicately wrapped muffin off to the side of it. It was a tempting offering, and you decided to unbury your head from your hands long enough to partake.
“So how did you end up out here, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“I’m a student at Night Raven,” you mumbled into your cocoa.
You could tell he was doing his best not to look shocked, which was at least a dozen steps above the way the rest of your stupid school would just gawk at you in outright consternation.
“Forgive me,” he smiled, gentling his apprehension into something that was more polite curiosity that anything. “But you don’t really seem like one of their usual pupils.”
So you explained your situation—the Mirror, and the magiclessness, and the homelessness. You talked about your friends, and your new demon cat/evil baby, and how much you missed stupid things like good shower pressure and fuzzy socks. Mister Rogerson listened to all of it with an attentive sort of sympathy that you hadn’t seen since, well, probably since you were dropped face-first into a school full of burgeoning war criminals.  
“That sounds like a time and a half,” he said once you’d finally tired yourself out. “I’m sorry you’ve had to go through all that.”
You picked at your muffin. It was ridiculously fluffy and eating it felt like pulling bits and pieces out of a cloud. A very, very delicious cloud.
“Forgive me for saying so,” he hummed, pensive. “But your situation doesn’t sound particularly safe.”
You laughed. “That’s one word for it.”
Mister Rogerson frowned, another twitch of that uneasy worry playing across his face. He ruffled around in his jacket pocket for a moment and pulled out a neat, cream colored, business card.
“It may be overstepping of me to offer, but at the same time I do think as an educator it’s my duty to try and help every student that I can,” he smiled, kind. It crinkled the skin around his eyes. “The RSA is not overly far from Night Raven College. If you ever want to stop by—if you ever need an ear to listen, or just a space to get away from it all—my door will always be open to you.”
You took the little piece of paper carefully, like it was something precious. There were swirls of colorful music notes splattered across the backdrop of it—raucous bursts of neons that were as endearing as they were ugly.
‘Tacky,’ spat a too-familiar voice in the back of your head. ‘What sort of statement was this lowlife trying to make?‘ You could practically feel the phantom distaste emanating from wherever a certain two-toned professor had camped out for the evening.
Probably at home, you thought bitterly. Because he has a home, right? And you are not at all upset that you will never be welcomed into it. And that you will probably never get to cuddle his puppies ever again. Nope. Not at all.
You swallowed the little burst of unpleasantness that accompanied the train of thought, and pocketed the card with a smile.
“Thank you. I’ll definitely have to take you up on that.”
Divus Crewel was many things, and unfortunately, being as cruel as his namesake was often one of them. He glanced back to the clock ticking on his wall for what was perhaps the dozenth time that hour. You hadn’t been by since his—ah—outburst a few weeks prior.
He had perhaps reacted a bit more unpleasantly than he normally would have. You’d just… caught him off guard was all. It was a bold declaration you’d made, and what? Had you really expected him to be overjoyed by the idea of forced parenthood? To swoon over the notion that someone had decided to latch onto him and his perfectly pressed suit like a leech despite the fact that he was so obviously thriving in his life of solitude?
And it wasn’t that he expected you to take his biting comments lying down. Oh no. You were fierce, and determined, and were most likely on your way here to bang down his door demanding recompenses for all your suffering. There was a tray of those too-expensive cookies you liked tucked away in his top drawer. Just in case you did show up and throw one of your tantrums, and he needed something quick to pacify you. That… That was all.
But each day that he waited for you to sneak back into his office was another spent in quiet solitude. Badun had taken to whining at the door and Jasper hardly got up from his bed at all—just tucked his black nose into his equally black paws and stared straight into Crewel’s soul. Like he was judging him.
He caught himself glancing at the clock again and forcibly turned back to his work.
This was ridiculous. You were ridiculous. And stubborn. And so, very, danger prone. Had something happened maybe? Was that why you’d disappeared—because you’d gotten caught up in some sort of trouble again?
Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick—
He looked back at the clock.
Tick. Tick. Tick—
His office door flew open with a BANG and he swiveled in his chair, ready to chastise you for making such a ridiculous entrance. Instead, he ended up nearly nose-to-nose with a weeping Dire Crowley. The man wailed into his clawed hands, looking very much like he might accidentally stab himself in the eye all the while.
“What?” Crewel gaped, head spinning. “What’s happened?”
Crowley let out another inhuman squawk and shoved a piece of parchment into the alchemist’s crimson-gloved hands. It was torn at the top, likely from where it’d been pinned to something before the raving Headmaster had swiped it. Crewel read over the familiar script with narrowed eyes, something unpleasant twisting in his belly.
‘The Ramshackle Prefect kindly sends their regards, but unfortunately has other commitments for this evening. Please contact Professor Cliff Rogerson of the RSA music department in case of an emergency.’
“MY BABY LEFT ME!” Crowley sobbed, nearly inconsolable. “WHO’S GOING TO DO MY TAXES NOW?!”
The leather of Crewel’s gloves groaned in protest as his hands tightened into fists—his nails biting into his palm even through the sturdy material.  
“What do we even do?” the old crow lamented, sounding so genuinely crestfallen it was almost unnerving.
Jasper and Badun circled their master’s ankles wearily, eyes bright and lips twitching with nervous whines.
“I think,” Crewel grit out, the note crumpling between his fingers, “that it’s well past time that we have a chat with the Prefect about the importance of personal safety. And of the consequences of running off with strangers.”
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demon-lover-669 · 21 days
Crewel: *watches a shrunken Deuce run past* um did you see that?
Trein: was that a baby Deuce…?
Y/n: Did Ace spike the coffee again?
Crowley: Clearly he didn’t spike it enough
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rs-wonderland · 27 days
Crowley: You know why Yuu is still here and not on earth?
Crewel: Why? Bc your lazy to find there way home?
Crowley: No! It's bc they are orphan!
Crewel: What-?
Crowley: Orphans are never wanted!
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adrianasunderworld · 11 months
Papa Crewel
a drabble In which Yuu/Mc realizes Crewel has become their father figure.
Tumblr media
Summer vacation is fast approaching and Yuu is...still there. It’s not surprising but also very upsetting. But right now the most pressing issue is how they will spend the summer. Because with the school being closed for the next few months, Yuu is kinda screwed and will likely be stuck as a grounds keeper for Crowley just so they have a place to stay. Luckily for them, the rest of the staff won’t let that happen. They all debate on who should act as Yuus guardian over the summer. Trein initially offers. He’s a father himself and raised two girls, what's one more child for a couple months? Crewel immediately shoots it down, and says he will gladly take Yuu in. He says it would be best for them to go with who they would be most comfortable with, and as their homeroom teacher they know him best. But truthfully Crewel has grown rather fond of Yuu over the school year. To simply pass them off on someone else felt wrong. Besides, a summer with old Trein? His pup would be bored out of their skull and he can’t have that. Other staff members offered up their homes, but Crewel refused to back down on the matter, and it was decided Yuu would be sent to live with him.
On the last day of school, after everyone had gone, Yuu and Grim packed whatever few belonging they had into the back of Crewels car before bidding campus farewell for the time being. The drive isn't very long, and they are soon pulling up to the surprisingly large house. A few excited dogs run up to greet them, and Yuu thinks this may not be so bad. Crewel shows them to their room. Grim makes himself comfortable on the bed as Crewel explains the house rules. Which isn't much, mostly the usual clean up after your self, if you're going out let him know, etc. For such a strict professor, he’s oddly lax as a guardian. As the next couple weeks pass, things are...normal. Yuu sleeps in a bit, plays with the dogs, maybe walk around with Grim to explore the neighborhood, is always back in time to help Crewel make dinner. This is the most stability Yuu has had in almost a year and it feels surreal. They keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never comes. Instead of Overblots and magical misshaps, they get lake visits and shopping trips. 
Their room is comfortable. The first week there Crewel helped them unpack and even offered to take them to get a few things to make it more to their liking. Like picking out bedsheets, curtains, maybe some posters. Yuu doesn't want to take advantage of their teachers' generosity, but Crewel won’t take no for an answer, and soon the room feels almost like Yuu had lived there the whole time. Even the dogs have taken to napping at the foot of the bed with Grim as if it's always been this way. Among the things Crewel got for Yuu was a new phone. He said the one Crowely gave them was no better than a cheap brick, and that they needed something that wasn’t going to give out on them anytime soon. Especially in an emergency. Yuu realized Crewel was serious when they and Grim got lost on one of their outings. They ventured farther into town and got completely lost. Every Turn seemed to make it worse and the streetlights had already come on. Not knowing what else to do, Yuu called Crewel who picked up after a couple rings.
 “Hello, Pup, having fun out there?”
 “Um…Crewel? I need help.”
His voice got very serious at hearing how worried they sounded. “What’s wrong?”
   “Grim and I got lost in town and I have no clue how to get back to the house.”
   “Do you know the street name you're on?”
   “Um…White Avenue. And there's a cafe nearby called the Red Rose.”
   “Alright, I’ll be there in about ten minutes. Just stay put.”
   And true to his word, Crewel pulls up in his car soon after, asking if they're okay. Yuu felt an overwhelming sense of relief. They had gotten so used to dealing with everything themselves, that something as simple as being picked up when they're lost was refreshing.
As the summer went on Crewel continued to look after Yuu. From getting their back to school supplies. Taking them on day trips to visit friends. Even scolding them to stay in bed and drink their medicine when they got a nasty cold after getting caught in the rain. One night as they were video chatting with Deuce and Ace, Crewel came into the room and reminded them not to be up too late since they had a ton of errands to run tomorrow and said goodnight.
“He sounds like your dad.” Ace joked.
“Papa Crewel!” Grim agreed, knowing better than the boys that that wasn’t much of an exaggeration. 
Yuu only rolled their eyes. “He’s just being responsible and looking after me.”
“Like a parent would.” Deuce said.
“Are you going to change your last name when Crewel adopts you?” Ace continued to tease. Yuu let him have his fun, but the thought of their professor being like their dad stuck in their head long after the call ended.
An old friend of Crewels was having a baby, and Yuu had tagged along with him to the shower. Everyone was nice to them, people were laughing as the new mother opened gifts. Parents were sharing stories and had their children running about. Yet Yuu had never felt so…alone. In school they had their peers and friends, there was hardly a chance to be lonely. But here everyone was so familiar with one another, family and life long friends. Yuu felt that familiar sense of hollowness they felt over winter break. They missed their friends and family back home. They tried not to dwell on the very real possibility they would never see them again. When it was finally time to leave, Crewel noted how silent Yuu was on the drive back.
Yuu can’t sleep that night. Not wanting to disturb Grim or the dogs, they slowly slip out of bed and wander the halls of the large house. Eventually they sat in the dark of the living room. Hugging a furry pillow, Yuu started to cry. All the loneliness and homesickness that had built up finally came bursting out in muffled sobs. They didn’t know how long they sat in the dark until a familiar voice interrupted.
“Pup? What’s wrong?”
Crewel sat next to them wondering if Yuu had hurt themselves or something. Instead they threw their arms around him and kept crying, the sound no longer muffled by the pillow. Through their sniffling, he managed to figure out what was wrong and hugged them back. Telling them that it would be alright. They weren’t alone. They had him, Grim, and all their friends. 
As Crewel continued to comfort them, they realized Ace wasn’t really joking. Crewel had become a father to them in every way that mattered. 
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ryker-writes · 8 days
TWST characters as parents (Staff)
proud bird dad
literally he is so proud of anything you do and will share your achievements with the rest of the staff
he also has a box of things that you've completed/given to him
childhood artwork, cards you've made, old gifts you've given to him, your first assignment and test, and even some of your old stuffed animals from when you were a kid
he also has a thick photo album full of pictures of you growing up
the kind of parent who takes so many photos
he looks through that photo album a lot to look back on the precious memories
the box and the photo albums are protected using magic
he will cry is something happens to them
pretty sure he lives at the school so you grew up at NRC
you know the entire layout of the school, visited every dorm, and even met all the ghosts
the ghosts all love you
they watch over you when Crowley and the other staff are busy
naturally you become a student of NRC when you're old enough
and once again, Crowley is so proud of you at orientation
he's taking photos as you walk up to the magic mirror and get assigned a dorm
he's so happy no matter what dorm you end up in
and if you want to change dorms, say no more it's already done
he's a little bit protective
loves when you make friends
he already knows if they're generally good people because he has their student files
it's a bit different if you have a romantic relationship tho
he's scared and will look into your partner more
will express his worries, but not to you
the other staff members hear it
"my child is growing up too fast!"
if you get involved with any of the overblots he is terrified and hovers around you afterwards
other students have mixed feelings about you
some will want to be on your good side because you're close with the headmage
others will be cautious of you because they worry if they offend you then they'll get expelled
and some (Azul) may try to take advantage of you
he's also painfully supportive
if you play any sports at NRC he has set up a cheering squad for you and you alone
also probably going to ask you to help him with his work
"won't you help your dear loving and hardworking father?"
when breaks come up he will give you the choice to stay at NRC or go on vacation with him
even if you say no to going with him he will try to convince you
he calls it parent child bonding
while other students may say he's not a very good headmage, he thinks he's great
he doesn't mind what the other students say, but if you were to say it...
he may start to consider that he's not as good as he thinks
what would really make him realize they were right was if you somehow overblotted
if you did overblot, he's full on crying and heartbroken
of course he's going to save you from the overblot
but afterwards he's going to just hug you and cry
he can be a bit of an overbearing father at times, but it's because he loves you
a more strict but loving father
he absolutely loves raising you
he calls you his pup
unlike Crowley, he won't keep a million photos of you or collect your first assignments or anything
but he is proud of the things you do
if you present him with some art you made or something cool you did he will be proud
the type of dad to keep your art on the wall
he also will spoil you
like you won't even know how much he spoils you
you'll be happy just to get a new coat and it's actually one of the best brands that costs so much money
his motto is "Only the best for my little pup"
this motto perseveres throughout your life
when you attend NRC, he's super proud no matter what dorm you end up in
when you attend school is when the slightly more strict side of him shows itself
he wants you to pass all your classes and will help you study
you might not get many breaks until he's sure you understand the concept and know how to do it
of course he's not as strict with you as he is with other students
they might not even get breaks
he will push you to get good grades but he always knows when he starts to push too far and will stop himself
if he accidentally does push you to hard he will apologize and try to make it up to you
Crewel is a bit of a protective dad
he pays attention to what his students are like so when you mention your friends he already knows them
he doesn't mind as long as they're good people
if you're in a romantic relationship he's a bit more protective
remember that motto I mentioned earlier? yeah that comes into play here
he thinks you deserve the best and will not tolerate your partner giving you anything less
he can be very critical of your partner and you may have to tell him to back off
he may also give your partner more work in class than other students
Crewel likes to make sure that you're dressed well and will tidy up your appearance when he sees something out of place
very loving father
he already has daughters so you aren't an only child
you know how he treats Lucius? you get similar treatment
he is a doting cat dad and a doting dad
he spends a lot of time with you and your siblings as you grow up
he never wants to miss any part of your life
also will hang your artwork on the wall
he'll even bring some to his classroom and hang them up there
he will go on and on about you to his students if they ask
some may do this to get out of doing classwork
they find out later that they still get the assignment but now they have no explanation of how to do it
he's very proud whenever you complete assignments or get good grades
and he's very proud when you finally get to go to NRC
he won't really mind whatever dorm you get into
but he will worry if it's Savanaclaw
students in that dorm are more prone to fights so he's worried
like Crewel, he's a bit of a protective dad
he will slightly judge your friend choice depending on who they are but won't interfere with anything
unless they get you in trouble, then he'll say something
if you're in a romantic relationship, he will silently judge them too
will also be more strict towards your partner in his class
he will not tolerate them slacking off in any way
well...he doesn't tolerate anyone slacking off in his class but even more so your partner
when you're in his class, he is much more relaxed with you
while he won't let you sleep you can still get away with spacing out or not paying attention
you also get Lucius' attention while you're in the class
most students find the cat annoying and Lucius will glare at them, but Lucius loves you!
he'll lay on your lap during class and purr very loudly
whoever sits next to you may be nervous not to disturb the cat
whenever Trein and Lucius get separated he gets really panicked
unless he knows Lucius is with you
you're the only one he trusts with Lucius
Lucius himself is protective of you
if anyone gets too close for the cat's liking, he may scratch them
while Trein is more passive aggressive with his protectiveness, Lucius is more outwardly disapproving
proud dad #4
he's unashamed to be your biggest fan
no matter what you're doing or where you go he's cheering you on
he probably has you playing at least one sport growing up
wants you to be super fit and active
and he'll also feed you all sorts of healthy foods
he wants to be your role model so bad
he just wants to hear you say even once "I want to be just like you Dad"
if he does hear it, he's fallen to his knees and overwhelmed with emotion
he won't cry, but he comes close
super proud when you become a student of NRC
he doesn't really mind what dorm you get in, but he secretly hopes it's Savanaclaw
Savanaclaw is the most athletic dorm
no matter what dorm you end up in, he is cheering as soon as the magic mirror says it
Crowley has to tell him to calm down
he's not a protective dad
he encourages you to make friends and doesn't mind them at all
he doesn't mind when you have a romantic partner either
in fact if you introduced them he would simply hug them and get straight to bonding
your father has now stolen your partner for bonding time
where did they go and how long will they be gone? nobody knows
when they do come back Vargas will say he's part of the family now
when you're in his class, he already expects you to participate and stay fit
so he's not as worried about you as he is for other students
if you play any sports in school, he is coming to all your games and cheering for you
he will be the cheerleader
he's over there with pom-poms and everything
you are such a spoiled child
like really anything you want, you got it
and I do mean anything
he has connections so he can get ahold of anything
you are his special little imp
he treasures the little artwork you make as a kid
it's the one thing he won't sell
he often trains you on how to run the store
so even though you may be small, he may still have you work in the shop
he won't have you do anything too big of course
but little by little you learn more about how to work and run the shop and you get to bond with him too!
but people are more likely to come again and buy things when there's a cute child
so having you there is also a business strategy
he's such a fun dad tho
he loves to play with you a lot and will generally do anything you think is fun together
he's happy when you finally become a student at NRC and it doesn't bother him which dorm you end up in
though if he had to choose he would say Octavinelle because they got the business strategies
he's not a protective dad either
he encourages you to make all sorts of friends
he even encourages you to make friends on the other side but never specifies beyond that
he doesn't mind if you have a partner either
they shouldn't expect a discount unless they are really good to you
speaking of discounts
you don't have to pay for things while you're at the school
he gives them to you for free
but he will ask if you want to help him out at the shop sometime
some students may try to get close to you so they can get more discounts (Ruggie)
and some may try to get close to you so they can get some of those business connections (Azul)
Sam hopes that in the future, you may be able to take on ownership of the shop
it's been in the family for a long time so he hopes he can pass it on to you
you have a while before that tho
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xkseii · 8 months
Is that a dog collar?
Tumblr media
Characters → Crewel x reader
Including → 18+ content / nsfw
Warnings → sub/bottom Crewel, top/dom male reader, jealousy, worshipping, blowjob, mind-breaking, size kink, overstimulation, mention of breeding, creampie
Tumblr media
Words → 5.500
DNI: minors (-17) · ageless blogs · blank blogs
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were a new teacher at Night Raven College. The atmosphere of the school was surprising, but it was pleasant. A sort of dark thick fog hiding you from the world, you felt like you found a nice place to enjoy the peace… if you don't think about the students possibly causing new troubles. The Headmage was kind enough to take care of everything before your arrival, preparing your classroom, materials, and books. And like any other teacher, he let you have your own classroom and also one free room, so you could take breaks, it was surprising to have an entire room only for you, but you guessed that the school was big enough for this. He has even got as far as planning to leave an entire corridor for you, which was quickly refused, not wanting to have any preferential treatment for any reason.
You weren't an extravagant man, sure, like most, you appreciated a bit of luxury, but a whole corridor was too much. What could you even do with so many rooms? You could see the pout on the Headmage's face but ignored it. As he was showing you around, you learn about the school's history and notice how most people were avoiding you. Or maybe you were just intimidating, so you keep smiling at them, but they turned red and left suddenly, making you wonder if you were this scary? On the way to your classroom along with Crowley, you met three other professors at a corridor turn.
A strong and burly man was standing in front of you. He looked at you up and down before clapping, giving you a harsh tap on the back after his introduction, saying you were going to get along just fine. His muscular appearance but short height took you by surprise since he looked a bit taller from afar, but he seemed like a nice man. He started to ask you about your routine, what you were eating and what sport you were practising. You managed to answer all his questions with difficulty, his energy overwhelming you.
The second was clearly older, he was holding a black cat in his arms with a stern expression. Sensing it was better to not get on his bad side, you greet him polity, nodding at his cat too. He looked satisfied with your politeness and bowed too. You could see from the corner of your eye Crowley's disbelief. You heard a meow and watched with amusement as the cat jumped from his master's arms to rest in yours. Trein looked surprised but still gave you a weak smile, implying that he could bear your presence. With a chuckle, you gave Lucius back to his master, not without petting the cat a little.
And that's when the third man stepped closer, you felt your heart skip a beat at the sight in front of you. Surely you saw handsome men before in your life, but this one…
Even if he was taller than the two others, his head was still only reaching your neck. You could see him look up at your face, his pointer digging into your chest as he introduces himself. His prideful expression crumbled down when you grabbed the end of his teaching pointer, moving it away from your torso as you kissed the tip, looking at him straight in the eyes with a smirk. If he wasn't flustered before, now he certainly was. You step closer and gently, you held his hand, kissing it over the red gloves, watching as he flushes under the touch.
The tension was palpable until the Headmage moved in front of you, he grabbed your sleeve, and bowed to the three professors before leading you away to show you the rest of the school. You could still feel an intense stare fixed on your back as you walk away. You turn around to send a smile to the handsome man while half listening to whatever Crowley was saying.
Months have passed, and you got used to this school. You easily became the student's favourite teacher, you were easy on the eyes, understanding with the students, and you took your time to let them comprehend everything. It was not uncommon that after some class you found a cup of tea or coffee on your desk and a nice note. You even got a gift from your students on your anniversary and would often find a bouquet of flowers before the holidays.
You were getting along well with Vargas, frequently working out together, and conversing about bodybuilding, since it was Vargas' passion. Surprisingly, not only for you but for all the staff, and students, you had a good relationship with Trein. He would regularly let you participate in some of his classes since you had great knowledge about the history of magic. And even if he never told you this, it was also because Lucius really liked you. And when you were in his classes, it was an excuse for the cat to sleep on your lap.
For Crewel, you had more than a great relationship. The students never saw you away from each other for more than a day. Even in the exam period, you would be seen marking scripts together, sitting next to each other at a table, and sharing a cup of tea. It was also not uncommon to see you lean on the wall beside his classroom, waiting for his class to finish. Students would often greet you or stop for some seconds to talk with you, making Crewel wait inside impatiently since they were wasting your break. Some students even started to talk a bit longer only to see their teacher's annoyed face, especially if he was strict with them during the previous classes.
But they would always run away the second they see him take out his teaching pointer, ready to teach them a lesson. But not all students were annoying since some of them would talk to you, and whenever you were away, they would tell Crewel whatever they learn about you, from your favourite food to what you did during the holiday. And it always remained a mystery to you, how Crewel was able to bring the food you liked during your breaks or would always know about the last city you visited or group you listened to.
Today, after finishing reading a book out loud to your class and making sure they have all understood the topic, you let them go. Both you and your students were working efficiently and so, you were able to let them finish earlier almost every time. It was nice for them, but also for you. It was enough time to get out and buy something for your break.
This day, you make a run for a shop you were visiting regularly, buying raisin butter tarts before heading back to school. If you remembered correctly, one of your students told you it was Crewel's favourite food and so, you planned to enjoy them with him, which explained why you dismissed your students this quickly. You were feeling guilty since he would always bring one of your favourite drinks or pastry, and you wanted to return the favour.
You were waiting like usually beside his classroom, checking your phone in silence as no students were out in the corridors yet. You heard chairs scraping against the ground and as you were going to enter the class, the Headmage stopped you. He motioned for you to come closer, which you did, curious about why he wanted to talk to you. Turns out some students had caused trouble again, and he wanted you to talk to them soon, you nodded, listening to his complaints about the damage they did.
You were too focused on the man in front of you to notice the students going out of Crewel's classroom one by one, watching with curious eyes as you were conversing with the Headmage. And soon enough, every student has walked away, going back to their dorms, or at least most of them. Crewel was surprised when you did not enter his classroom immediately and checked to see if you were just late, but stared at you bewildered, talking to Crowley. He clenched his jaw when he saw Crowley laughing with you, the hand that was resting on his hips moved to hold your forearm.
That's when he noticed the box you were holding in your right hand, surely a gift you brought for him. At least that's what he thought until Crowley took it from your hand with a big smile, opening it with wide eyes. Crewel clicked his tongue, showing his irritation openly as he got back into his class, tidying up his desk before getting ready to leave. The students outside were chuckling at his behaviour, how he was not able to conceal his jealously. Everyone noticed the obvious tension between the prideful teacher and you. After all, he was always buying things for you, as you were always waiting for him, replacing his coat on his shoulders or simply spending all your breaks together.
Meanwhile, you promised to the Headmage to take care of the students before bowing, watching as he was walking away, satisfied. You head to Crewel's classroom, knocking since the door was closed, but you did not get an answer. You stand there for some seconds before knocking again, annoyed, you just opened the door, jumping a bit when he stood there just in front of you. He had put his coat on and was ready to leave, you looked at him a bit confused.
“Did I get the time wrong? I thought you had a break too.”
You're even more surprised when he did not look into your eyes, saying he had something else to do. He was going to walk forward until he saw how you haven't moved out of the way. The handsome man sends you a glare, ready to make a fuss as he points behind you.
“Thought you were busy. Don't let Crowley wait-”
He stopped in the middle of his sentence, noticing how Crowley wasn't here anymore. He opened his mouth only to close it back, confused at what just happened. Weren't you offering something to Crowley just a second ago?
“Crowley? He wanted me to scold some students I had in my class.
Oh, and I brought raisin butter tarts. Aren't they your favourites?”
You raised the box that was in your hand, enough for Crewel to notice it. You see him freeze on the spot, his eyes going from your face to the box in your hand, mouth slightly open in shock. You were confused. Does he not like these?
“Oh. You don't like these? Sorry, I thought-”
Crewel bit his lips, flustered by the childish behaviour he had just shown. He felt so stupid, he was so confident all the time and still, he got jealous because he saw you laughing with someone else in front of him. You even took the time to get his favourite pastry, and he was ready to leave you there, in that corridor, confused as you were waiting for him to show up. You were so nice to him, he knew you had also a class just before, which mean that you had to run to buy these, just for him.
He was holding his pointer with shaky hands, panicking since he did not know how to explain the situation to you. Your eyes looking at him so softly when he was being horrible, it was one of the first he really felt guilty. He wanted the ground to swallow him. How did the thought of you being a two-timed guy even dare to cross his mind? You weren't even together yet. He noticed how you were wearing the coat and shoes he gifted you, the leather shoes were perfectly shined even though you were wearing them every day. He even heard from one of his students that you were going to the dry-cleaner every two weeks for the coat.
You called out his name softly, trying to get his attention without success. You tried again, many times, watching as he was lost in his thoughts. You could see some students observing the scene, curious, and so you grabbed his waist, dragged him inside his classroom and close the door behind you. You placed the box down on his desk and took off your coat, placing it carefully on the desk too. You thought Crewel would have been back by now, but he was still internally panicking.
You stood in front of him, trying to understand why he became anxious without reason. That's when everything made sense, when he tried to leave and talked about Crowley suddenly. You chuckle as you understand that he was just jealous. You stepped closer to him, your taller frame hovering over the pretty man, as you grip his left hand, your body pressed against him. It tugged him back to reality, and he blinks harshly, clearing his mind.
You raise his hand to your lips, kissing it over the red gloves softly like you did when you met him for the first time. The cold leather sends a shiver down your spine, as you let your kisses move higher. Your lips graze his wrist, finally in contact with his skin directly. He jolts at the feeling, the warm lips on his cold skin, and with your body being so close to his, he feels your warmth and the protective hold your arm had, wrapped around his waist.
You moved even closer, nuzzling your head into his neck, nipping at the soft skin. He gripped your hair, but never tried to tug you away. You were licking and sucking on the accessible skin, but soon, you got more greedy, and you undo his tie, sending it somewhere else in the room before opening the first three buttons of his black shirt. You smiled against his skin, biting down roughly, forcing a moan out of him.
Before you could tease him, he placed his hand over your mouth, looking at the door. He was focused on listening to what was happening outside, as you hear Crowley's voice asking the students if they saw you. That's when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, you could feel Crewel become tensed against you. And you can't help but chuckle against his glove, while he was distracted by what was happening outside, you let your tongue loll out, licking the skin that was not covered between his gloves and his black shirt.
He gasped, sending you a shocked glare while you could just laugh. You were going to focus back on his neck when he pushed you away, cheeks turning red. You sigh, running a hand through your hair as you head for the door. You simply tell him that you'll be back as you turn the doorknob, planning to talk with the Headmage quickly, so he could leave you alone, but Crewel felt his heart break as he thought you were leaving.
He grabbed the back of your shirt, tugging you backwards, almost making you fall from the sudden force and movement. Crewel refused to let you walk out of this room, especially if it was to talk with Crowley. He lets go of your shirt, sitting on his desk, before motioning with his fingers to come closer. As you step forward, he let his coat hit the desk, his black shirt and vest still on him.
When you finally stop in front of him, he spreads his legs a little, leaving some room for you as he wrapped his arms around your neck, tugging your face to his. Your lips meet slowly, his tongue sensually gliding over your lips as you open your mouth. Your hands resting on his thighs as you can't help but squeeze a bit, earning a whimper followed by a slap at the back of your head. You laugh at his flustered face, the oh-so-proud professor shying away when someone kisses him and start to tease him.
Crewel felt like he had no control over the situation, as you were standing in between his legs, and you looked ready to pounce on him, devouring anything he could give you. The way you were licking your lips while looking at him make his body heat up, he could feel your crotch against his thigh, the way your dick was hardening while just simply admiring him. It boosted his ego, but he was also getting worried, the bulge in your pants was clearly too big. He would never be able to take in something like that.
He thought about stopping right now, but when he heard Crowley outside again, saying your name and your head shot up, the jealousy was too much. You were here, in between his legs but not paying attention to him. He gripped your soft hair, swallowing the surprised groan that flowed past your lips when he dragged you closer. He wrapped his legs around you, making sure you could not leave, he needed all of your attention and affection.
You were taken aback when he trapped you, you could get away if you wanted to, you were clearly stronger than him, but he was too cute to even think about leaving. You kissed his forehead, moving to his nose and cheeks, to his lips and jaw, just peppering kisses everywhere on his face as your hand moved higher.
You slowly unbuttoned his black and white vest, and pull it off of him, as your hand moved smoothly over the black shirt, tempted to just rip it open. The warning tone he used to say your name was clear, he knew what you were thinking about, and he was disapproving. And that's why, you looked down at him with a smile, ripping his shirt open. Your second hand moved too as it hold his small waist, you observed as your hands looked so big as you held him like that. His snatched waist was made for you to grab, digging your nails into the soft skin as the marks on his pale complexion would stay for a while. He was glaring at you as his shirt was lamentably ripped apart, as you did not even care one bit.
“I'll buy you another one.
Or… I can let you wear my shirt.”
And suddenly, he was not complaining anymore, saying that he did not mind if you ripped all his shirts open. You chuckle at his shameless behaviour, with his hand now griping your tie, he forces you to kiss him, the door of his classroom still unlocked as he was half naked. He thought you were going to take off his shirt until you kneeled, taking off his shoes, kissing up his ankles. You were groaning against his skin, kissing and sucking, worshipping his body.
With shaky hands, he unbuttoned his pants, letting them slide down his legs until he watches you yank them off. His heart was beating loudly in his chest when he raised his leg a bit more, placing it just beside your head, and swiftly, your hand was under his knee and your other on his ankle, so you could hold his leg up. Your wet kisses became more and more aggressive, teeth digging into the skin, as their only purpose was to make him bleed. He swallowed his saliva sharply, awestruck by how nice your hands felt against him. The way you would hold his leg and his waist perfectly, how you were able to move him around as you wanted, just like a doll.
Your head leaned in, nose pressed against his bulge, his underwear still in the way. The feeling in his stomach grew rapidly as you did not touch him correctly even once, his back arched a little more to let his hips thrust forward, grinding onto your face. You groaned as you could only see him, smell him and taste him, thoughts about him were filling your mind, making you forget where you were.
He struggled to hold himself up as your fingers hooked under his underwear, pulling it off and letting his dick spring out. You gripped his thigh, the only thing you were able to hold to keep you stable as the tip of his dick grazed your lips, your tongue lapping at the sensitive part. The heat was unbearable for Crewel now, and that's when your head dipped down, taking easily most of his length into your mouth. The sudden pleasure made his hand fly to the back of your head, hips jerking up as he buried himself entire into your mouth.
You were groaning around him, the vibration heightening his sensitivity as he spread his legs wider, your tongue wrapped around his length as you swallow him whole. You could not help but let your index circle around his rim, pushing against the restraints a bit, watching with amusement Crewel covers his mouth instantly.
He could feel his fuzzy mind becoming blank, your eyes fixated on his face as your mouth suck him off, spit leaking from the corner of your lips and dripping down his length, wetting the table under him. He could see you struggle to breathe properly, his dick twitching at the back of your throat, tasting his precum. Even with your mouth being full, you looked proud and were still in control, when he tried to push your head down, you gripped his hands, pinning them on the desk, refusing to submit. Crewel's back started to arch, panting harshly as he feels you swallowing around him, almost gagging when he slipped down your throat. His body was burning, legs quivering as the strong pleasure paralyse him, head rolling back as he cums into your mouth. Your throat constrict around him, taking everything he was giving you.
When you stand back up, he was laying on the desk, a hand over his heart as he shakes. He raised a trembling hand in your direction, holding your hand as he comes down from his high. He blushed, even more, when he noticed the cum at the corner of your mouth disappearing as you pass your tongue over it, a satisfied smile on your face. While he was almost naked, you were still fully clothed, the bulge under the tight fabric of your pants more obvious than before. He blushed, glaring at you as you laugh and start to undress, showing off on purpose, but not looking at him to prevent him from being embarrassed.
When you looked back, you felt your body go stiff at the sight, his legs spread apart, feet placed on the desk as he fingers himself. The drawer on his left side was wide open, showing the tub of lube placed there along with some other things. He covered his moans with his hand, looking at your body in admiration, dick twitching uselessly in between his legs, still glistening with your saliva under the light.
You stepped closer, squirting some lube on your fingers before inserting another finger in him, joining the other two already in there. He lets out a loud moan, watching as your hand and his move together to prepare him, the squelching wet noises filling the room. While his finger was stretching him open, your fingers, longer than his were pushing deeper, feeling around and trying to find his sensitive spots. Your other hand started to jerk him off, watching as he was grinding against your bigger hand, the double stimulation sending his mind spiralling.
As he almost screamed when cumming, you kissed him, swallowing his moans as there were still students outside. He looked so pretty with his flushed cheeks and teary eyes, fighting to keep his noises in as the voices get louder outside. He felt his stomach turn, his release dripping into your hand and the desk, eyes almost rolling back as he was near again. He sobbed into his hand, as it was becoming too much for him, but before he could let it go, you stopped everything, as far as tugging his own fingers away.
And Crewel was full-on crying now, hiccuping as he gripped your shoulders, begging for his release. It was as if his mind made a sudden turn and the only one that could touch him was you, not even himself. You were going to make fun of him until someone knocked at the door. You clasped your hand over his mouth, pushing your fingers in to shut him up.
Your other hand raised his leg to wrap it around your waist, tugging his body forward, ass and legs not touching the desk as you place your dick in front of his hole, rubbing the tip against his rim. You observed his face, waiting for him to nod at you. It was painfully hard for you to wait, your patience was running thin, and you felt you were going to combust. Your hand leaving his mouth to grasp the edge of the desk, tensed muscles keeping you sturdy about him, not looking away from his eyes, so you could resist the temptation. He inhales and exhales softly before nodding, closing his eyes as he waits impatiently.
The tip got in, the warm walls squeezing you, he could feel every inch scraping his inside. He was almost too tight around you, it could snap your dick in two with how much pressure he was applying. He was clenching like a vice around you, forcing you to go deeper and deeper slowly, you could not even think about going fast with how his body overheating under you.
When you felt the base of your cock hit his ass, you finally snapped out of your daze, slowly you looked up, the bulge appearing under his skin, chest heaving up and down rapidly, your hand that unknowingly moved to his neck, choking him. And his face, his cheeks were a perfect shade of red, pretty lips parted to take in as much air as he could, his eyeshadow and liner smudged over his eyelids as it seemed like he was crying black tears. His pupils were blown out, hair dishevelled as he chokes on his moans, gasping as his inside got forcefully stretched.
He was one step away from losing his mind, you were far too deep into him for him to remain sane. His body looked unusually tensed as you watch his cock twitch, just some drop escaping the tip, he just had a dry orgasm. You chuckled at the sight, pull out slowly, moving your hips at a soft pace, afraid you would break him. Wet squelching noises filled the room as every time you would pull out, you could see some lube escape his body, sliding down until it pooled on the ground. As this soft movement continues, you feel his hand grip yours, intertwining your fingers, and you can't help kiss his palm again. Your eyes focused on his expression, to make sure you weren't hurting him.
As you were going to speed up, your phone vibrated again. With a scoff, you grabbed it, answering with an annoyed tone, asking Crowley to make it quick. He sounded confused over the phone, not understanding why you were so mad.
“Shut up and listen.”
And at the same instant, you snapped your hips forward, a loud moan following that surely could be heard outside, and Crowley was behind the door. He stuttered over his words, but you just told him to call you tomorrow before turning your phone off. You snapped your fingers, using your magic to lock the door before gently grabbing Crewel by the waist, and flipping him around.
With his torso resting against the wooden table, hands gripping at the edge of the desk and his teeth biting into your coat, you started to move more freely, your rough thrusts making him jolt, and the desk moved, creaking under his weight. He did not have time to say anything before you were fucking him roughly, uncaring about the noise anymore. You gripped his leg, holding one up to hit deeper into him. His lower half being kept up by your strength only, your deep groan and his muffled whimpers filling the room, with the loud sound of skin clapping.
As you went to grab his hair to hold him up, something caught your attention and with a smirk, you unhooked the collar from his teaching pointer and clasped it around his neck. One finger gripped the loop to tug him against your body, his back arching until his head was resting on your shoulder, at this point, you were just holding him up and slamming your hips against him. His dick rubbed against his desk, sending painful shocks of pleasure through his body.
Crewel was a mess, teary-eyed and babbling uselessly as he clings to you, losing the notion of time and reality. You were practically impaling him on your cock, fucking him dumb as in the heat of the moment, you managed to find his mouth, biting and kissing, entangling your tongues. Your body was burning, almost as if you were working out, abs tightening as you kept yourself from cumming, you needed to see him lose it.
You moved one hand, grabbing his dick and jerked him off, Crewel almost mewling as you show his cock some attention. He was chasing his own orgasm with newfound strength, helping you fuck into him by moving his hips, clenching around you on purpose. His pulsating cock was leaking onto your hand, and when you speed up, his head slammed back onto your shoulder, screaming at the top of his lunges. His voice broke, as it became a noiseless scream, coming all over his desk. The tightness around you, sending your mind spiralling, cum flowing into his hole. He whimpered, thanking you over and over for breeding him and if now he could be your wife since you filled him up. Since he wanted to get bred, why couldn't you fill him up a bit more?
Crewel's eyes completely rolled back, he was too tired to even make a sound at the end of the afternoon, your break was over a long time, but you never left his classroom. His insides were now moulded to your liking, his body could only be used by you. You came into him so many times that you forgot for how long you've been here, Crewel passed out at one point and woke up a while ago. His neck was bruised because of the collar that you kept tugging at, and his stomach and the ground were covered in his cum, but you both did this for so long, that he was not able to cum anymore. His dick twitched uselessly, barely even able to get hard as his body was forced past its limit.
You weren't in a better state, your legs were giving out, your back hurt with how deeply he racked his nails onto it, mind fuzzy as you weren't far from passing out. You were more than overstimulated, barely able to comprehend what he was telling you. When finally, you came one last time, filling him up to the brim. You fell forward, catching yourself with your hand on the desk, you quickly let Crewel sit on it before you fall on your knees, on the ground.
You blinked harshly, trying to stay awake as your head was resting on his thigh, also covered in fluids. His shaky hand running through your hair, lulling you to sleep, and you closed your eyes for a second.
When you woke up, Crewel was out of light, passed out on the desk, all the papers ruined and your coat was stained. With a sigh, you enveloped him in it, since his clothes were ripped. Thankfully you were much taller than him, and so your coat was able to completely hide him. You cleaned everything and got dressed, holding Crewel in your arms as you walk to your room, avoiding all the students.
You washed him up and changed him into your clothes, which were clearly too big for him, before tucking him in your bed. You were going to leave to scold the students, so you could sleep in peace just after, but he grabbed your hand, half asleep, whining. And with a sigh, you throw your coat away, sending your shoes somewhere else before lying down beside him, holding him protectively and nuzzling into his neck. And before you knew it, you were asleep.
The next few days, the students were surprised by how close you were, almost acting lovey-dovey in front of everyone. The students that made a bet about you saying that you will both end up together were more than happy. Unsurprisingly, Crowley was avoiding you, everyone noticed that the second you were in his field of vision, he would leave quickly, cheeks burning an impressive red as he wasn't even able to look at you in the eyes.
Crewel was spending all his breaks with you, cuddling into your body and sometimes coaxing you into cancelling one of your classes to stay with him. Soon enough, your dress was filled with his clothes, and it was almost scary how you dressed the same way. After all, Crewel showed up with everything but shirts, and you were forced to buy more because he would always wear the one you wanted. He was also never seen again with the red collar on his teaching pointer.
Crewel also started to always take the time in the morning to do your liner, refusing to see you without it, so you could match. At some point, you ended up with all your clothes having duplicates, so Crewel could choose what both of you would be wearing in the morning without struggling about a missing vest, or a shirt that you both wanted.
Tumblr media
❥ author note
→ Thank you for reading. 
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Here is my ko-fi, if you would like to support or commission me!
Tumblr media
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sweetleaf-cafe · 9 months
Crewel basically being the Prefect's Dad
First, don't think you're getting the upper hand during class, pup.
He wants you to do and be at your best whenever possible, which calls for some harsh lessons.
And he will call you out in class when you're not paying attention.
Still, whenever you need help, Crewel will be there to look after you.
That includes keeping Crowley and the boys off your back.
Particularly when he notices Crowley dumping all of his work as headmaster onto you.
Simply unacceptable.
If he sees that you're struggling, emotionally or physically, or just that your workload is out of proportion, you can bet Crowley will be left in a far worse state.
Really, if you start crying or get burnt out from everything you're somehow expected to do, Crewel will be seething.
And naturally, Crowley finds out pretty quick.
Oftentimes, he doesn't even need to chew him out to tear Crowley apart.
Instead, with Crowley in the same room, all he has to do is call you to him.
When you walk in and call him "Papa", Crowley starts blubbering.
Shouldn't he be your father figure?!?!?!
Furthermore, as you neatly dodge the clingy birdman, you head straight to a smug Papa Crewel, who pats his pup on the head.
And you can forget about your responsibilities as prefect.
(Which really are the responsibilities of the headmaster.)
As Crewel informs Crowley they'll be going on vacation for parent-child bonding time.
He can and will force Crowley to deal with his own problems, and while he's at it, get you a mental health break.
During this break, he'll make sure you don't fall too far behind on your studies, however, will focus on getting you back to top-notch.
If you really just can't handle a whole lot at the moment, then he'll keep studying at a minimum.
You'll both spend quite a bit of time just in his home or studio, at least at first.
Before going on some ridiculous adventure, he wants to make sure you've had time to recuperate.
And of course, he has dogs.
At the very least, three.
Each one is just as important to him as you, and he expects you to get along.
Really, it's amazing that you've managed to be considered as important as his dogs.
Still, they're all quite friendly and well-trained, so you don't have to worry about having any problems with them.
He absolutely softens whenever he sees you spending time with them.
After a day or two of rest, if you're up to it, Crewel will take you on a trip.
He'll try to cater it to your tastes, but you can expect it to be classy.
Well aware that you don't have much in terms of belongings, he'll first make sure to get you something to wear outside your uniform as well as whatever else you might want or need.
Straight up buys you a collar with return information.
Crewel will make sure that you are well dressed.
He cannot have his pup looking like a mutt at the side of the road.
Still, he's well-acquainted with style and is easily able to come up with something that suits your preferences and looks good.
When he sees that your style's improved, Crewel will be beaming with pride.
And he will absolutely make sure you can strut, but that's for another day.
Once you've gotten everything you need, as well as visited several dozen pet stores, he'll take you back home, as it'll be getting rather late.
And holy smokes, he's an amazing cook.
His tastes are quite refined and nothing is extremely sweet or salty, but always a perfect balance.
Beyond that, he cooks with a lot of vegetables and eats very healthily.
You will find practically zero junk food in his house.
He knows he's got to work hard to maintain his figure, and he will do so.
Still, if there's something you want in particular, he'll be sure to keep an eye out for it.
But he'll only buy those sorts of things on a rare occasion, but will make sure it's special every time.
Once you return to Night Raven College, he'll make sure that you get caught up quickly.
That includes assigning someone that isn't Ace, Deuce, or Grim, to help you for a little bit.
(The probable candidates being Jack, Jamil, Vil, Riddle, or Trey, or basically, any responsible student that won't get you even more sidetracked.)
As a parent, Crewel will always keep an extra eye out for you, and strive to help you succeed.
And Great Seven help them, but Crewel has some opinions on quite a few of the boys.
He'll let you (and them) know if he disapproves of something, but overall will leave your relationships with them to your discretion.
But if they start causing problems, he will raise hell.
And it won't be long before he legally adopts you.
Considering that you're stuck in a completely new world, Crewel knows that you'll be needing support, which he's happy to provide.
Que the guardianship disputes between Crewel and Crowley.
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globalrebrand · 9 months
Pregnancy Headcanons
Part I: Jack, Vil, Divus
Warnings: None, fluff! Pregnancy and afab!reader, neutral pronouns.
A/N: A repost from my old blog
Jack Howl
Tumblr media
When Jack finds out you're pregnant he's determined. He's committed to giving you and your baby the best life possible. His tail is wagging nonstop all day after you tell him the good news. There's a chance the baby was an accident but Jack has always wanted a large family like his own, as long as the two of you are committed to each other (it's canon he commits for life remember that) and have the means to care for another child, he's not too concerned about perfect timing.
Jack is resolved to being the best father he can even before the baby arrives. He makes sure that he gets on top of every task. He's building the crib and painting the nursery. He'll start doing more chores to make you life easier. He wants you to have a stress free pregnancy if possible. Jack might run himself ragged trying to take care of you and work so make sure you don't work him to hard, but then again his immense stamina is part of what knocked you up in the first place 😉
He's your diligent servant for the entire pregnancy. He would only ever take orders from you, but he also recognizes and is deeply reverent of the fact that you are doing him a favor by having his child. He is so grateful and he'll tell you often, back rubs and foot massages every night if you want.
Takes being yelled at the on the chin, doesn't complain once about your mood swings. Just don't tell him he's a bad partner or that he doesn't support you. By all means bitch him out about how he bought the wrong brand of hot sauce or that the thermostat is too low but any words too biting and he'll get a bit dejected. He'll care for you like nothing happened, but damn, he didn't know your mood swings would be so brutal.
Jack is a man of action, so he's going to the store at 2am to get you your snack cravings. He'll be in the kitchen crafting what ever abomination you ask of him. As long as you're eating healthy more often that not Jack lets you eat whatever you want.
Tries to win the prenatal classes by being the most organized and vigilant partner in the room. The instructor is always giving him compliments on how committed he is and it just feeds his ego.
Cuddles you closely every night. Spoons you from behind with a hand on your belly while you clutch your body pillow and curls his tail around your thigh.
Gets very overprotective. Someone bumps into you on the street and he's growling, hackles raised and ready to pounce. It's all you can do to talk him down.
Lets you have whatever birthing option you want, he'd be a bit squeamish about seeing everything but he wants to be there to support you in anyway he can.
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
When he finds out your pregnant Vil will be so proud. He's very pleased to be able to create a precious child in the image of two beautiful parents. He's very careful about family planning so when you two get pregnant its very deliberate and well thought out. Vil is likely on some kind of male birth control so there's really no chance in hell of him accidentally getting anyone pregnant.
Vil will only start trying with you when he's settled and stable. No jetting off abroad every other week for photoshoots. Of course he'll still take projects and work, but if he has to go abroad for a long stretch of time to film he'll bring you with, granted you aren't too close to your due date.
While you love him dearly, you'll realize that Vil quickly becomes the pregnancy police. He's micromanaging you from the day you find out the baby is in your womb to the day it's born. You barely get to enjoy pregnancy cravings because Vil is strict on your diet. Even if you argue with him in a hormone induced rage he won't back down. He'll argue that giving into unhealthy cravings is selfish and puts the baby at risk, completely shaming you for wanting to indulge. He devises the perfect pregnancy diet for maximum nourishment for the baby and is intolerant of any deviations. His father sneaks you food though because he feels bad Vil is so strict but he's so stubborn and there's nothing he can say to change his mind.
You're not getting out of prenatal yoga. Vil didn't read through three books about it so you could tell him you don't want to do it. And morning runs only get suspended in the third trimester. Vil is committed to making sure you have an active pregnancy.
He's bad at handling the mood swings. He knows he should give you more grace but his pride struggles with tolerating the blatant disrespect. On days where you really upset him he'll snap back but he'll immediately feel guilty when he sees you staring to cry. He has to remind himself that you're doing an amazing, incredibly difficult task by carrying a child, his child. He makes up for it by pampering you with massages, frequent spa days.
He's so cuddly during your pregnancy. Vil is normally kind of like a cat with his affection. He wants it when he wants it and you better not turn him down. But when you want affection he'll probably be less likely to indulge you if he's not in the mood. However with your pregnancy he can't get enough of holding and caressing you, he's just delighted you're carrying his baby!
Is so excited to dress you in cute clothing and find lingerie that accentuates your bump. He thinks you look adorable all round, he can't keep he hands off of you!
Vil gets oddly sentimental over the course of your pregnancy. He documents everyday of your pregnancy on his personal, private magicam account. He'll publish a pregnancy photoshoot to his main account but that's it. He's super private with your pregnancy he doesn't need too many prying eyes, your pregnancy makes him more protective than he was before. 
He wants you to have a home birth if possible and he wants to able to be close to you while you labor. Fuck being stuck outside in a waiting room with all the other men. He'd gladly deliver the baby if you'd let him.
Your labor is a rare time where you could be yelling at him, cursing him out and he would just smile at you warmly and take it because very soon there will be a precious child for the two of you to cherish together and he couldn't be more excited!
Divus Crewel
Tumblr media
The One True Baby Daddy
He's the best dad in the Twisted Wonderland cast hands down. He's stern about your health but understands that you'll need to indulge your cravings, making him more lenient than Vil but not nearly as whipped as Jack.
Crewel will be pleased to find out you're pregnant. He claims he doesn't want pups of his own but it's all a lie. After your first pregnancy he's going to want many many more babies. Like a minimum of six. He'll mention it briefly before the two of you get married but he doesn't really make it a priority. Birth control was thrown out the window the day you said 'I do'.
He knows how to deal with mood swings like a pro. He deals with hormonal teenagers with magic everyday, you don't think he can handle one pregnant person? Please, honestly you'll find it hard to get short with him because every time you start getting upset he'll just give you a slightly amused smirk and nod along with your complaints.
Like Vil, Crewel is also very excited to dress you in cute clothing and find lingerie that accentuates your bump. He'll be far more invested however, he's shopping with you and purchasing expensive items. It's not the last time you'll be pregnant with him so he doesn't mind splurging on some really nice pieces.
Talks to the tummy. At then end of a long day he vents to you and your tummy. "I swear those mutts at school have no morals, promise you'll be better than them alright puppy?" It's so sweet it makes you swoon.
Won't shut up about you at work. Every student at school will know that Crewel's partner is pregnant. "My puppies won't be as ill-behaved as you mutts."
Strong arms Crowley into giving him an extremely long amount of paternity leave. He might threaten to black mail him but who cares, Crewel has six months off for paternity leave, more time to take care of you!
He's so doting it's almost embarrassing but he won't let you shame him for being over the top. He's feeding you by hand, walking constantly with a hand at the small of your back and displaying every manner of his normal chivalry. He doesn't even realize he's doing it if you tell him that everything is a bit much he'll just tell you that this is what a good spouse does and to deal with it.
Brings you everywhere he can. Make sure you have opportunities to travel before the baby comes.
Gets an interior designer to style the perfect nursery. It fits the aesthetic of your gorgeous home and radiates luxury.
You're probably having multiples with him (because let's be real Crewel has a beastperson dog spouse to feed his fetish) So a home birth is probably out of the question, but he'll make sure you have the best medical facilities on Sage Isle for your birth.
When the day comes he's right by your side offering you reassurances. He can wait to meet your baby and he's knows that his little one is only the start of a big beautiful family.
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moeradoezstuff · 5 months
Summary:Mc is has a extremely high fever and crewel is taking care of them like the good dad he is and has a little bit of a meltdown during it
Might rewrite this one in the future
Warnings:None(Extremely Short)
Tumblr media
Mc/Yuu:Professor I have question..
Crewel:Yes pup?
Mc/Yuu:who's- *Sniff*
Crewel:*he pats their head*I'm gonna take care of you pup don't worry--
Mc/Yuu:Who's gonna take care of grim when I die?? Or prevent deuce and ace from being beheaded?? Or Cowley's paperwork??
Crewel:...your not gonna die pup...and I need to have a word with the headmaster..
Mc/Yuu:*Whining*Yes I aMm I've had this for a week already and I hate it-
Crewel:I know pup everyone hates getting sick, but you'll get better soon now stop whining and go to sleep
Mc/Yuu:...I'll try...
Crewel:*Pat pat*Good pup, I'll make you something to eat when you wake up
Mc/Yuu:Alright Thank you sir..I hate Crowley..
Crewel:I understand that..
Mc/Yuu:But you didn't hear that from me, not snitching *Plops face first on pillow*
'The man looked at the sick student with pitiful eyes'
Crewel:*Sigh*This puppy is way too young to be dealing with all this pressure..no doubt stress gave them this sickness, I should've been more helpful with the poor thing, I swear I'm gonna kill that bird
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twst-shenanigans · 9 months
twst Incorrect quote #237
Floyd: “Do you know that we are made of atoms?”
Floyd: “And atoms never touch each other.”
Floyd: “So in my defence, I did not punch that guy.”
Crowley: “....What the-”
Crewel: *genuinely proud this boy understood something from his class*
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dotster001 · 5 months
Twisted Earth
Summary: What if we are the game characters in Twisted Wonderland? Gn!reader x Crowley/Crewel/Vil/Rook/Malleus/Idia
requested by @stygianoir
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Tumblr media
He plays your game instead of actually doing his work, but he thinks no one knows. (everyone knows)
You're his favorite character. He relates to you, (or he thinks he does, but he's a little delusional). If you got transported to your world, he thinks of how he'd treat you to whatever you want, and then you'd stay with him forever, constantly praising his generosity. Ah, bliss.
Despite you being his favorite, his gacha luck is very bad, and he only has two or three of your cards. He has a lot of your best friend, and even more of that one character that the game devs keep alluding you have a history with, but only a couple of yours. It drives him crazy. He's very pouty at the end of an event period.
He wrote one self insert fanfiction. Except it was the kind of self insert where the author gives the reader, a name, a personality, and a physical description. So it was just for him in the end.
Tumblr media
He got the game because he saw Crowley playing it in a meeting (again), and he became curious what the big deal was.
You're his favorite because you have the best color scheme and design.  He has an SSR from an event of you, and it made him like you even more because it gives him a major power boost.
He has that event SSR, and all your regular cards. He doesn't mind what he's got, he can just see the rest on the internet.
His latest fashion line was a collaboration with the game devs, specifically for your character. The devs are also thinking about having an event with his outfits. He is patiently awaiting the start date.
Tumblr media
He found the game when they reached out to his manager for an endorsement on his magicam feed. He played the game a little, and got your basic SSR in his first pull. 
He plays on his free time (which isn't very often), and mostly focuses on the main story, and your side stories from your cards. Like Crewel, he has an okay collection.
You just live such a different life from him, it's fascinating to see!  He likes to think about how much you could teach each other if you were real. He also just wants to pamper you, especially after that recent angst arc.
He may be lined up as a celebrity voice actor for season two of the game's plot, but we can't discuss that at this time.
Tumblr media
He has two best friends now. Gao Gao dragon kun, and you. 
Got the game after Lilia told him "all the cool kids are playing it". He plays it every day, multiple times a day.
He finds your character to be an endearing human, and thinks your adventures are cute. He likes you a lot, because he thinks if you were real you'd be his friend, and maybe something more? Oh! He gets butterflies thinking about it!
He doesn't have very good luck getting your cards, but he's fine with that! He takes good care of the ones he has.
He discovered fanfiction! He is the biggest fanfiction reader on any platform, and is single handedly funding all of his favorite writers. Has made many requests, from various authors, for y/n x lonely fae prince. He cries for angst, and giggles like a kid for fluff. Lilia has read all of his favorites.
He may or may not be working on a spell to make you real.
Tumblr media
If the Great Roi du poison endorses a game, you can bet that Rook will be playing it.
That said, he only opens the app once a month. He's too busy and distractible to remember to play more often, but you're definitely his fave character.
He likes to imagine just watching you. Seeing you explore a magical world after coming from a nonmagical one. He finds you to be a fascinating character, and is an avid theorist for all the lore!
He's a fanart drawer. You cannot change my mind. It's mostly of you, but sometimes, if he's feeling generous, he'll draw other people's favorite characters, or draw ships people have for you. But  he has to grit his teeth the entire time he does the latter. He'd rather draw you and him.
Tumblr media
He's been playing the game since it came out. He was on the developer's hype train months before the release, and downloaded it the second he could.
He has average luck, but he's also spent real money on the game just so he can have the entire collection of your cards. He's only missing one, because for that event he had worked himself into a gamer coma, and now he'll never forgive himself. He's waiting impatiently for the revival of that draw.
He simps for your character so hard. You have all the traits he's looking for in a significant other. Although, he is one of the realist gamers, who worries that irl you wouldn't like him. But he likes to pretend anyway, hugging his body pillow of you, and imagining you both cuddling every night.
He has bought every bit of merch he could find. He has read every x reader fanfic of you on the internet. He has commissioned several fan artists for pictures of you, him, and Ortho as a happy family. He has paid your voice actor on Magicameo terrible, I know I'm sorry to wish him a happy birthday in your voice. He's unstoppable.
Tag list- @shytastemakerthing
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dilatorywriting · 4 months
Heroes vs. Villains : The Staff [Part 2]
Platonic GN!Reader x NRC Staff vs. RSA Staff Word Count: 3.1k
Summary: Woe to the Ramshackle Prefect, being caught up in the drama between the Disney Villains and their respective heroes. NRC Staff Version (Part 2: Crewel and Crowley)
ie. Mr. Rogerson has awesome dalmatians and his wife makes even better cookies. Meanwhile, Crewel continues to be an emotionally constipated mess, and Crowley is... himself.
[PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART 4]
Tumblr media
You were met at the door by a pair of over enthusiastic dalmatians—the chaotically cute duo sending you ass-first to the office floor in a merry greeting that was more of a graceless tackle than anything else.
“You brought Poe and Perdy!” you exclaimed, laughing past the face kisses.
“Well, they’d never forgive me if I didn’t,” Mister Rogerson huffed good naturedly. “Do you know how much this little nutter cried when I came home the other day and he realized you’d been by? Ages, I’m telling you. Thought he was going to pout me into an early grave.”
You squished both of them affectionately and showered the lovely, spotted, beasts with every compliment under the sun.
“Oh! Before I forget…” the professor rustled around in his leather messenger bag and retrieved a neatly packaged pastry box all bundled up in a colorful, twine, bow. You accepted the treats happily and removed yourself from the dog-pile to take your usual place on the well-worn piano bench. “Annie made you some more cookies, seeing as you liked the last ones so much.”
“Did you help?” you asked.
“Hmm? What makes you say that?”
You held up the first treat from the pile—half-singed on one side and squishy with raw dough on the other.
“You caught me!” he laughed, and retrieved a second box. “These are from Annie. Those are my failures.”
“Such horrible lies,” you tutted, dramatic. “Trying to trick an innocent victim into ingesting poison just so that you can keep all the good ones for yourself.”
“Hey, they’re not that bad!” he defended, taking a large chomp out of one of the less charred looking of his creations. Immediately his cheeks went nearly green. “Or… maybe they are.”
You pushed a water bottle in his direction which he accepted gratefully. There was always a stash of them just to the left of his composer’s stand, and another hoard in a conspicuous looking storage cube closer to the piano at which you’d perched yourself. There were more sweets hidden in his desk drawers too, for when something stronger than water was needed to wash away whatever awful thing he’d tried to ingest. You knew where a lot of ‘secret’ things were in this room. It felt nice, to be so privy to all its little treasures.
“You know,” he smiled, finishing the last of his water with a final gulp. “Annie keeps pestering me to have you come by for dinner.”
“I wouldn’t want to impose,” you hesitated, looking around the room where so many of your little odds and ends had already started to accumulate. Empty mugs, the patch that had fallen off your jacket, the thread which you’d intended to use to fix said patch. Just… little footprints showing you’d been by.  “Well, any more at least.”
“Nonsense,” Mister Rogerson laughed. “You’re more than welcome! But we don’t mean to pressure you, of course! Especially if you’re busy! Just something to think about if you’d like. Anyways, how has your day been?”
And thus began your afternoon ritual. You would sit and split Annie’s delicious cookies as you rambled about your various grievances. Mister Rogerson would inevitably come and take a seat beside you on the piano bench and start playing some gentle strains of this or that—‘just little things he was working on,’ he’d said. Occasionally you’d accidentally lean on the keys, throwing the whole thing into a cacophonous mess. But he would just chuckle and replay whatever the piano had just screeched, calling it a ‘fascinating addition’ and merrily jotting bits of it into his notes. It was nice. Better than nice. And you didn’t realize just how comfortable you’d become in your daily chitchats until you’d become perhaps a bit too comfortable.
“It’s just been so exhausting. And on top of all the other ridiculous things, I’m so sick of that fact that it’s like my job to be their personal punching bags or whatever when they’re Overblotting all over the place, and—”
The piano cut off abruptly.
Mister Rogerson’s hazel eyes had gone wide, as if he was spooked. Immediately you realized that you’d said something that you should not have.
“There are students at Night Raven College who have Overblotted?” he asked, slow, like he couldn’t even believe the words were coming out of his mouth.
“What? No. Of course not!” you lied, like a liar.
“Kiddo,” he frowned, stern. “You just said—"
“—I mean, no one’s actually Overblotted, Overblotted,” you spluttered hastily, rifling frantically through your brain for every plausible excuse you could cough up. “It’s more that I’ve heard a lot about Blot, and how it becomes a—you know—Overblot. Which sounds really scary, and like something that I never, ever, want to actually see! And it’s just that everyone there is a mess, so I guess I should I have said that I’m more just worried about Overblotting.” 
A pause.
“Which, again, I’ve never, ever, actually seen.”
More silence.
Mister Rogerson sighed, apparently relieved by your bullshitting, and slumped forward over the piano keys.
“That’s… That’s good. You really scared me there for a moment, kiddo. Overblots are no small matter. They have to be reported to the proper authorities and dealt with accordingly. It’s a whole fiasco, and paperwork and legal proceedings aside, it’s dangerous.” He laid a gentle hand across your shoulder. “I’m just glad you haven’t been anywhere near something like that.”
You swallowed a chunk of wayward cookie, hoping you didn’t look horrifically guilty. But then some other part of what he’d just rattled off stuck in your head and that shame was wiped away by panic.
“They’d be taken away?” you whispered, something unpleasant and nervous curling in your gut.
Mister Rogerson looked down at you with a sympathetic wrinkle to his brow. He squeezed your shoulder reassuringly.
“I know it sounds scary, kiddo. But that’s what we have to do to keep everyone as safe as we can. Does that make sense?”
You thought of Riddle, crying into his hands after years of emotional neglect—and then of the pair of you sitting in the Heartslabyul gardens after all was said and done, eating strawberry tarts with your fingers like little children. You thought of Leona, miserable and bitter as he was, finally breaking after an entire lifetime of feeling like nothing but a failure who slunk about in his brother’s shadow—and then how just last week the beastman had been lounging in the sun with his head in your lap, grouchily demanding your leftovers. You thought of Azul, and his bullies, and his stupid desire to take on the world just to prove he could. You thought of all the friends you’d made, and of just how many of them really needed a goddamn therapist. You thought about them being taken away to who-even-knew-where. Where you’d probably never see any of them again. And where you wouldn’t even know what was happening to them.
General grumpiness with the lot of them aside, your friends were the one, genuine, beacon of warmth in this miserable, cold, new world. Sure, they were all assholes. Mega assholes. But you knew that they’d stand by you through anything—do anything, if you needed the help.
 And the idea of giving up on them? Just like that? Because it was protocol?
Your stomach roiled and you set the cookies off to the side.
“I’m sorry if I’ve upset you,” Mister Rogerson frowned, taking in whatever unpleasant expression was no doubt twisting your face into knots. “We shouldn’t talk about it anymore. It’s not a fun topic.” He slid a new page of sheet music across the piano’s sleek, black, shelf. “Here. I started writing this the other day. What do you think?”
Strains of upbeat jazz threaded through the room and Perdy and Poe came over to mouth playfully at your ankles—no doubt begging for crumbs. Soon enough you were laughing along, clapping off beat and making jokes at the expense of his nonsense lyrics. You still liked Mister Rogerson. You liked him a lot. And you didn’t doubt that he was a genuinely kind person.
You’d just… maybe have to be a bit more careful about what you let slip.
“It’s kinda like being in therapy,” you explained to a very frustrated looking Deuce. “Like, how you want to say just enough to get help but not enough for them to throw you into an asylum. You feel?”
“What in the fuck are you on,” Ace gaped.
“See, if any of you actually even knew what therapy was, you’d get it.”
“I still can’t believe that’s where you’ve been every afternoon,” Deuce frowned, poking at his lunch with a consternated sort of look on his face. “Don’t you—I don’t know…”
“What?” you asked.
“Feel horrifically guilty and maybe like you should be burnt at the stake?” Ace complained, reaching over to swipe a fry from your plate. Grim hissed and swatted at his fingers—his little mouth stuffed too full of your half-eaten burger to yell much of anything else. “You’re a traitor, that’s what you are. Prancing around with those goody-two-shoes in their stupid, shiny, building every damn day like a—like a—”
“A frog?” Deuce suggested.
“What, no. Dude—”
“Frogs prance!”
“Frogs fucking jump, you ingrate—”
A heavy box landed on the table with a THUD, sending the quarrelling duo into silence. A mountain of homemade chocolate chip cookies stared back at them, nearly sparkling in their brilliance.
“Yes,” you intoned, stern. “It’s worth it.”
“It’s worth it,” Grim and Ace agreed heartily, already busy swapping their lunches for sweets.
Deuce sighed and reached for his own cookie. “If you’re sure...”
Being called into the Headmaster’s Office was not something with which you were unfamiliar. In fact, Crowley not having summoned you into his gloomy chamber over the past few weeks was more of an anomaly than not. Normally he was hurling new jobs at you left and right—organize this event, Prefect. Pick up my groceries, Prefect. The main hall is looking a little dirty, Prefect. Go stop my students from committing mass murder, Prefect. Maybe your wave of insults had rattled him enough to leave you alone for that little while. Or maybe he’d just been biding his time until he could think of something equally as nasty to say back.
Of all the things you were expecting upon trudging back into that office, a scowling Professor Crewel was not one of them.
You blinked owlishly, taken aback.
“Good afternoon, Professor.”
His lip curled, sour, and you fought the intense and suicidal urge to ask him just who’d pissed in his cornflakes that morning because damn. You hadn’t even done anything. That you could remember. Maybe. And besides, if either of you had any right to be acting all bitter and pissy it was you. Not Mister ‘I Have No Intention of Playing Parent to Anyone.’ The memory had your eyes stinging and your blood boiling all over again. When neither of the men deigned to greet you, you cleared you throat irritably and crossed your arms.
“Can I help you with something, Professor? Headmaster?”
“It has come to our attention that you’ve been sneaking off campus in the evenings,” Professor Crewel declared, with all the civility of an off-grid hermit. “Which I’m certain that you are fully aware is against school policy.”
Crowley just nodded, stiff lipped and robotic, and his silence immediately had you suspicious.
“Well?” Crewel snipped. “What do you have to say for yourself?”
You took a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then another.
You smiled, icy. “Then I’m sure this is just another infraction to add to my file. Which I’m very sure totally exists. Right, Headmaster?”
Crewel’s dark glower swiveled in Crowley’s direction, and you watched the Old Crow audibly gulp.
“Because of course, you keep proper records on all your students here,” you continued, happy to push your luck. “Especially the ones in special circumstances, and whose documentation is therefore not automatically forwarded to you by their previous schools. Right, Headmaster?”
You’d never seen a more apt demonstration of the expression ‘sweating bullets.’ It was intensely satisfying. Professor Crewel looked like he was heavily debating turning Crowley into a feather boa. After a too-long moment where you were pretty sure you were about to witness a murder, the two-toned professor sighed and turned back to you with a stiff sneer.
“It’s not safe,” he said, and you gaped at him.
“It’s not safe,” he repeated, practically grinding his teeth. “What were you even thinking? Leaving Night Raven when you know full that you have no other connections in this entire world! Running off with a complete stranger on top of that.”
“Mister Rogerson isn’t a stranger!” you defended, resentment bubbling beneath your skin. How dare he? Now he cared? Now you weren’t just a leech, or a brat, or—or—No. It wasn’t fair. “And it’s not like I ran off into the woods or something! I’m at another school!”
Crowley slammed his clawed hands down onto his desk with a metallic BANG!
“I left you a note telling you that was exactly where I was!”
“I don’t even know what that means, but I wish I was!”
“Enough!” Crewel snarled, cracking his pointer across the desktop. “Both of you!”
“But he—!” you defended.
“Detention!” he barked.
“What?! That’s no fair!—”
“Detention!” he snapped again. “Three weeks!”
“Are you joking?! I didn’t even do anything!—”
“Four weeks,” he growled.
You pressed your lips shut, feeling your mouth wobble and your eyes warm with frustrated tears.
“Yes, sir,” you finally managed to grit out, and then turned without another word and stormed from the room, slamming the door behind you.
‘That may have been too much,’ Crowley had the gall to say to him, after Crewel had just watched the man have an entire meltdown in his desk chair and accuse you of outright subterfuge.
‘That may have been too much.’
The alchemist had watched, carefully stone faced, as your eyes had welled and you’d glared him down with a look that was a step or two past betrayed. Something tightened uncomfortably in his chest, and he refused to put a name to it. Naming things gave them power, allowed them to grow and spread. Like a tumor. This was all your own doing, and the subsequent punishment was clearly for your own good. So, what? He steps a bit too far and says something that’s perhaps just a bit too cold, and you go running off to—to Cliff Rogerson of all people? Pettiness is not an excuse for making poor, stupid, unsafe, decisions. And he would have certainly responded to any other student in exactly the same fashion.
‘That may have been too much.’
Crewel grit his teeth and fought the urge to run his hands through his hair in frustration. Normally he could use Badun as a stress ball, but he’d stopped bringing the dogs to campus when you’d continued to refuse to show up to his office. It had stressed them terribly, and it was unfair to force them to sit through the same, dull, solitude that he had to endure just on the off chance that you may change your mind and come wandering in. Jasper hardly acknowledged him at all anymore—only grumbled at him miserably when he returned in the evenings before curling up by the fireplace for the rest of the night.   
‘That may have been too much.’
It… It really, probably, was. And he really should… apologize, shouldn’t he?
Divus Crewel could deny it all he liked, but he knew well and good that he wouldn’t have treated your classmates in such a manner. That unnamed twinge behind his ribs may have influenced his reaction a bit more than it should have, especially when he himself had so clearly relegated your place in his life to ‘by professional association only.’
So he forced himself to straighten his fur coat and start the trek to Ramshackle. It was a grueling walk, with broken pathways and rivers of mud. No wonder you were always running late to things. Perhaps he should bring this up to Crowley, and—
A familiar face stopped him in his tracks, and a wave of red-hot irritation worked its way through his veins as efficiently and viciously as one of the poisons he was so keen to brew.
“Oh,” Cliff Rogerson blinked back at him, “Divus! Good to see you.” It was not. It didn’t sound like Cliff thought it was either.“No need to call campus security or anything. I’m just here to pick up the Prefect for dinner.”
“Dinner?” Crewel repeated. It sounded bitter in his mouth.
“Annie’s making lasagna,” Cliff stage-whispered, like a secret.
“Can we get going?” you called and Crewel startled, noticing you off to the side for the first time. You looked so… small, for some reason. Hunched, maybe. Just, not your usual larger-than-life self—the Otherworldly Hero who showed up swinging to every fight, always armed to the teeth and ready to duel any monster, every horror. It made something in his gut twist unpleasantly. “I’m starving.”
“Of course, kiddo,” Cliff laughed and tossed an arm across your shoulders.
“How lovely,” Crewel interrupted, trying and failing to force the steel from his voice, “But I think that maybe you should reexamine your professional priorities. That hardly seems appropriate.”
“Oh, come now,” Cliff smiled. It wasn’t friendly. “It’s only dinner. And besides,” he chuckled, and gave your arm a fond squeeze, “Annie and I have always wanted kids.”
‘I have no intention of playing parent to anyone.’
A deep, cold, sort of dread rattled through Divus Crewel’s bones and settled all the way in the pit of his stomach. It was similar to the sensation that had been slowly clawing its way through him these past few weeks—the very same unpleasantness that he had refused to name.
‘You know,’ Crowley’s grating voice swam through his head once more. ‘That really may have been too much.’
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
If they had to do online class in Twst
Crewel: how are you doing today…?
Ace: You haven’t filled the food bowel in the basement for a while.
Ace: So I’ve been surviving off the weeds growing in the cracks of the wall…
Y/n: dude what the fuck are you talking about…?
Deuce: Riddle won’t let Ace out of the basement
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treysimp · 6 months
Would you ever do the staff for the bath headcannon ? I love the third years one btw 🥰
It's time babe! I hope you enjoy!
Taking A Bath With Them - GN!Adult Reader/NRC Staff (Crowley, Crewel, Vargas, Trein, Sam)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rating: T (Lightly suggestive themes)
Tags: Reader's body not described nor are pronouns used, non-sexual domestic intimacy and fluff, elements of body worship, implied body insecurity from reader, established relationship, how do I make myself fall in love with each character I write for guys please explain to me.
Words: 3k
Silly author's notes: Not that I’ve been seeking it out but it feels like I never see anyone trying to put the moves Vargas (like I’m sure you exist, Vargas-fuckers where you at?) so since all of you are so fucking complicated I’m gonna do it! Fluffy domestic garbage for all!
Want more TWST? Here's my masterlist!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dire Crowley:
‘Never judge a book by its cover, but tattered books don’t get picked off the shelf,’ is probably a quote Crowley heard in passing one time and then immediately tried to contribute to himself. Being the headmaster of a famous and prestigious school involves a lot of hard work, but you can never forget about appearances. Clothes make the man, and if the said man in those clothes doesn’t pull them off, what is even the point of wearing them? It feels like a lecture every time that you and Crowley bathe together, but you can’t say that you necessarily say that you disagree either. If anything, it was a trademark of NRC to be the flashy talented bad boy counterpart to the pure princes of Royal Sword Academy. Public perception seemed to ebb and flow as far as which one was the superior institution, but you would never tire of Crowley’s antics to show up Ambrose and improve NRC’s reputation. You may wonder, does Crowley remove his mask when bathing? And the answer is yes, but it is replaced with a gel pearl mask to ‘get rid of his horrendous eye-bags’ Crowley would say. You would wonder who would even see said eye bags, but you felt like you weren’t going to get a better explanation even if you asked.
Since Crowley loves to travel so much, one of the best parts of any vacation is being dragged to a beautiful outdoor hot spring when the ever-busy Headmaster is relaxed for once. He asks over and over ‘isn’t it beautiful here,' or, ‘are you happy with this,’ or even ‘this was nice of me right’? It’s the smallest hint of insecurity and worries that he will readily give. Crowley wants you to enjoy your time together, but a small part of his heart gnaws at him that maybe he missed something crucial and you were just too kind to say something. That you weren’t having a good time, that you didn’t truly think that he was kind, talented, and magnanimous and was just staying with him out of pity. 
He hated himself for those thoughts, he truly didn’t believe that you would think of him so, but the stream of questions ran across the back of his closed eyes like an unending scroll of his deepest fears shaped into written reality. Crowley would then hear you tell him how happy you were, gushing about the bath, the clarity of the night sky, and the lovely locale and he could feel his anxiety washing away just like splashes of water on the surrounding tile floors circle down a drain. 
He would pull you to his arms and talk about what he wished for the future, any particularly astounding stories from his past, and he would feel a genuine smile whisper across his lips. Maybe he wasn’t as great as he hoped, maybe he wasn’t as kind or as thoughtful, but you were still here in the soft warmth of his arms in this soothing water… and that was more than enough. Maybe he needed to think a little more in the short term, and all that came to mind was the fluttering heartbeat in his chest as your head leaned on his shoulder and his lips met your soft cheek.
Tumblr media
Divus Crewel
Crewel is another one for spa treatments and taking great care of your body. He loves to take you into your bath and spoil you with scrubs, oils, and potions of his own making. He is ready to smooth, perfect and tighten every insecurity you have. More than anything, his favorite pastime is stealing you away for a weekend trip to somewhere beautiful where you both can be pampered. 
As the man is also more than a bit into a gorgeous classic car, imagine the most idealized movie setting, the two of you cruising down the coast in a cherry red convertible with fashionable headwear to keep both of your hair behaved while your oversized sunglasses gleam in the sunlight. The word glamor doesn't cover even half of it, but it's a good start.
Expect these trips to be for both business and pleasure: hunting for vintage clothing pieces and fabrics in beautiful locales, scrounging through markets for rare ingredients, and then wasting the rest of the days away at spas, drinking delectable wine and enjoying only the finest foods. You worry that you are too spoiled by him at times, and if you mention this to him, he will just laugh joyfully. 
‘If I ruin all other men for you forever, I can’t say I would complain,’ he would joke, smoothing mud from the bath you shared over his shoulders sensually. He already had ruined all other men for you, but you were sure he probably knew that anyway. That was part of what was so lovely between the two of you, there was so much left unsaid, but never unheard. 
You got ready in the morning together, passing products back and forth across the double sinks in a routine. You would get your dinners and pass pieces of the best bites back and forth so that you could both enjoy each taste together. Every task felt routine but oh so comfortable. You would try the same products and give your opinions on them, swapping purchases back and forth based on who’s skin might suit it more, whose hair would behave better with each ingredient, and so on. 
Students at NRC would try to distract Crewel during class by asking him when he was going to marry you, and most of the time he would throw back some sort of ‘maybe when you get an A on an essay one of these days,' if he was feeling snappy. It was hard to miss the way his eyes would crinkle any time you were mentioned and how his mood would be notably lifted for the rest of class. This isn’t to say that he was any less harsh on his students, but they did see him smile more, so the criticism would be just a bit softer as a result. You would know these days too, as he would pull you into a bath and massage your neck while he laughed heartily at the shenanigans of his classes. 
That was another thing you so loved about these quiet bathtimes, getting to see all of the faces and responses that he kept hidden just for you. 
You were so lucky.   
Tumblr media
Ashton Vargas
Your meatheaded darling did mean well, but… he was just one of those people that thought that you could muscle through everything. Unfortunately, he had built enough muscle that he has been proved right so far. While Ashton was quite self-obsessed and would flinch in fear every time he imagined that he lost even a centimeter of calf muscle, he never would give you any grief about how your body looked in the slightest. He was very encouraging and would do everything he could to get you to (healthily) build up your stamina and strength, but there was never a time that he would get frustrated with a failure you had. If you’re a person who cries when they’re frustrated, he will wipe them away. If you are someone who yells or wants to throw things when they’re frustrated, he will give you a ball and let you go ham against a wall until you’re cooled off enough for a hug. Vargas wasn’t always book smart, but he was intuitive to others’ needs in a way that few people are. 
Ashton is very enthusiastic about bathing, which is good for you because you get a great view while soaping up. Since he’s such a show-off, Vargas will wait on you hand and foot to get a chance to flex a muscle, flip his thick hair over his shoulder or sparkle his perfect white teeth your way. 
He just wants to make sure that you feel just as beautiful as he knows he is. He wouldn’t do this for just anyone, you know? You’re special, even when you might not agree with him. There was no arguing with him, if the peak physical specimen of himself thought you were worthy of bodily worship, how could you deny him? Are you saying that he isn’t gorgeous? His big blue eyes will sparkle in dramatic unshed crocodile tears at the thought. Oh? Did you say he is gorgeous? Well, then you are too. Beautiful people know how to spot beautiful things, and the only way you could argue that he was wrong was by saying that he wasn’t beautiful. 
His logic made you want to hit your head against a wall, but when a man with the body of a goddamn superhero tells you that he thinks you’re hot it’s pretty hard to disagree with him. If you still try to fight it, prepare for over-the-top compliments while he forcefully tries to make you relax and go along with his praise. We are talking scrubbing behind your ears and saying that you have ‘well-formed lobes’ kind of compliments. You like that he’s complimenting you, but you also don’t know how to respond either.  
More than anything, his hugs are to die for. During a bath, after a bath, once you are both snuggled in bed and comfortable? Heavenly, all of it. 
Vargas loves to talk you to sleep, both of your plans for the next day, going over when and where you are taking your next vacation, and giving suggestions for what muscle groups he thinks would most benefit you to build. Hell if you tell him that makes you uncomfortable or you aren’t able to follow through, he will immediately change his plans and make variations to be kinder to your back, your knees, neck, ankles, etc. Never underestimate a man who knows anatomy better than geography. This goes double when you grab a map and realize that one trip that he told you was a 'two-hour drive’ from Night Raven was actually a fifteen-hour one, even with the help of the mirrors. 
Oh well, his confidence was something you loved, no matter how correct he may or may not be.
Tumblr media
Mozus Trein:
Trein was almost hilarious with how soft and tender he treated those he cared about versus the strict and stern History teacher exterior that he gave off. 
Something that drew you to him was seeing how tenderly he cared for his daughters. All three of them had all flown the nest at this point, but seeing him smile softly while he penned them letters as he scratches Lucius’ chin and murmured conversation to the cat was something that made your heart melt. 
You had been brushing up on your animal languages to better talk to Lucius too, and you could make out the gist of what he says now. As you suspected, he is not the most polite to others, but he is relatively quick to befriend those that bother to talk to him and offer treats that he likes. Due to these habits, you get along quite well. You try to ask for secrets about Mozus, but Lucius won’t always answer. The only consistency you can make out is that it seems like the cat will only answer you when he thinks it’s funny, but his sense of humor can be a bit difficult to work out.  
Trein is not one for much intimacy, he is more one to enjoy mutually comfortable silences. He has had a lot of time to work out every habit and isn’t overly open to doing things outside of them, but a soak with bath salts or some other kind of medicinal mixture suits him quite well. Trein humors your wants and needs and is more than willing to go along with any ‘couples’ treatments you might be interested in within reason. 
Surprisingly, he is open to doing things like acupuncture, fire cupping, and various types of experimental medicines, but if you ask him to get a facial his eyebrow will be stuck in a skeptical arch for the entirety of the experience. You were able to snap a picture of him making this face while wearing a green clay mask with cucumbers over his eyes. You treasure the photo, but you will never show it to him as you know he will be horrified at how undignified he looks. Part of his charm, you think.
Overall the greatest treat of all is seeing the relaxed smile that creeps onto his features when he is truly relaxing. It felt like something special just for you, sneaking a sleepy peek at him in the evening: relaxing in a silken robe, reading a novel, glasses perched on his strong nose, sipping at chamomile tea, and wearing the softest smile. It made your chest feel so warm that you got to see these small and simple moments. Everyday moments were the most special, you thought. Perhaps this simple comfort is what happiness truly is. 
He will see you staring at him, invite you over for a chat and then wrap his arm around you and bring you to bed. He tucks you in tightly, much like one would do a child. His eyes soften when he does it, you suppose there must be a lot of pleasant memories attached to the action. Once he is satisfied with the bedding, he climbs in next to you, giving you a pleasant peck on the forehead before turning off the light. You hear the pitter-patter of little fluffy feet walking in a circle, a huff, and then a perfectly elegant flop and a warmth near your right foot. You sleep soundly, waking up every so often to feel a hand fixing the blanket that you repeatedly kept throwing off of your shoulder and another kiss on your temple as soon as it was finished. 
Tumblr media
As the youngest and least academically-focused staff member, Sam seemed always eager to prove himself. This was especially funny to you, considering how his ‘friends’ gave him such a leg up in almost every situation that you wondered why he ever felt less-than. 
Sam had worked his salesman voice to near perfection, had an in with almost every vendor of note, came from a famously powerful family, was strikingly handsome, stylish, and had a killer smile… 
Okay, you were wandering off topic here, but how could you help it? 
His magenta eyes would flick to yours in passing and you found yourself not being able to think of everything but him. You wanted to joke that his signature spell was how he took your breath away, but that one was all him. You weren’t even sure if he knew how breathtaking he was, moving through each room like a tap dancer one Maxi Ford away from a full routine. 
The theatricality that he brought to everything he did made you feel similar anticipation to being in a theater, hoping and praying that the handsome lead actor would look down at you specifically during a pivotal scene. For the sake of your heart, you were glad that somehow you had succeeded in catching his gaze the same way he had yours. 
When it came to bathing, he enjoyed it. As the local ‘literally-everything’ supplier, he always had something to surprise you with if you wanted a fun gimmick in the bath, but he had his own perfect set of potions to maintain his stylishly dyed hues. You weren’t entirely sure if his particular swirl of hair colors was natural or magicked into place, and the few times you thought to ask Sam, he would just put one finger in a ‘shush’ motion over his mouth with and wink. It was hard to deny that his cheeky mysteriousness wasn’t appealing though. 
If Sam was having a particularly good time, he might try to entice you in a cute little deal or ‘give you an offer you couldn’t possibly refuse’. 
It was a relatively silly game because the cost for all of these handshake deals was always ‘a kiss’ which you would gladly give him regardless of if he gave you something in return. You liked the goofy smile he would give you after you agreed, so you indulged him regardless. He sometimes would act shy and murmur something about ‘stealing his first kiss’ (he made this joke from your second kiss onwards) but would quickly give up the ghost to cover your face in playful smooches and thread his hands at the nape of your neck so you couldn't move away from his lovesick gaze. 
You’ve seen no true gentleman before in your life if you haven’t seen Sam at a proper ballroom soiree. Letting his relaxed slouch straighten into an elegant straight back and properly dressed to the nines, it seemed like he belonged under a spotlight. Sam was an amazing dancer, singer, card player, gambler, smooth talker, and pianist. He seemed to be accomplished in yet another hobby each time an acquaintance of his would say hello and jokingly admonish him for not showing off some hereto unknown skill of his. He would take the friendly jabs well, say ‘perhaps another time’, and then introduce his ‘charming companion’ (you) to them all in turn. Saying each word as fresh and new as the first time, though the words were practically a script for him at this point. 
The ultimate renaissance man, truly. 
Once you both were exhausted and came back to your home, you would bask in each other’s company. His voice raspy from overuse of the night, he whispered his thanks to you for accompanying him. You interrupt his soon-to-be soliloquy to say, ‘how could I possibly refuse an invitation from the most beautiful man I know?’. His eyes would crinkle with laughter from your response and he would pull you close, exhaling into your hair while the exhaustion of the night hits him like a well-anticipated crescendo. 
Sam idly thought that out of the two of you, the power you held over him was far stronger than any spell he knew. 
It was this time of night that you thought he looked his youngest, chortles losing all of their rehearsed and powerful baritones, words spilling out messily, sentences punctuated with ‘ah’s and ‘um’s. 
Sleepy magenta met your eyes and you would decide to finally drag Sam off to bed, tucking him under your fluffy comforter with care. He fell asleep on a dime, and when he was sleeping you felt like you could see the angelic face he must have had as a child. 
You couldn’t wait to see what you both did together tomorrow. Maybe you’d even tell him that you loved him. 
You weren’t going to be able to stop yourself from blurting it out sooner or later anyway.
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