#twst first years x reader
demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Y/n: *trying to call Ace* fuck! It’s not working!
Y/n: *tries again* bro! I’d blow a flying magic lion for some better reception!
Leona: *flying over on his broom* I think I can help with that~
Y/n: I regret my wording….
The next week
Jack: Y/n where did you get that new phone?
Y/n: none of your business
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yulin-pop · 5 months
Hitting them with the “short king”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First years my favorites
(I was not aware I had said something offensive. I changed the text, I’m sorry. I will be more aware of what I say next time.)
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egoistars · 10 days
BOYFRIEND TEXTS twst first years
you're literally the best partner ever ( ur a cunt )
Tumblr media
ace + deuce
Tumblr media Tumblr media
epel + jack
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( egoistars and her mandatory weekly post to remind everyone hes the funniest person ever )
Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · 1 month
TWST Incorrect quotes#347 Sex Ed
Crewel*Coming into his class*Alright you fucking gremlins its time for...Ugh-Sevens...Sex Ed
Ace:Fuck yeah bros!*Cheering along the other classmates*
Crewel: SHUT THE FUCK UP!-DOWN BOYS!*Cracks his pointer on the desk, sees they all *Now if you all can't tell...I do not want to do this so Our Dear Yuuka AND Yuu are gonna teach this one, Have fun~*Goes to pulls a chair off in the corner of the classroom allowing Yuuka & FemYuu To use his desk*
Yuuka*Smilling along with you*Hey guy!~Welcome to the most important class of your life~
Jack: Oh my sevens...*Feels dread*
Epel: Oh this gonna be darn tottin' show*Excited all of a sudden*
Yuu*Smirks and smiles at class*Who can tell me the MOST important rule of intercourse?
Deuce*Raises his hand*Oh oh! Real MEN get consent!
Yuu:Very good deucey~*Smiles proudly at him*Also foreplay is key
Jack: I uh-Sir is this the best idea?*Looks at Crewel*
Crewel*Drinking wine all of a sudden with a smirk*Probably not...But it is the funniest~
Yuuka:Now we need a voluntire!~
Sebek*Slouching down with a whisper*Please...no
Yuuka: SEBEK!Please come up to the board!*Drags the half-fae sour lemon to the board*
Yuu: And point out the SEVEN erogenous zones!
Sebek*Clenches lip and points with half closed eyes*....1.....2....-
Epel: Dont forget that one right there*Pointing at the board*
Epel: Dont worry about it
Crewel*Watching from the sidelines*Oop-Zigvolt passed out~HAHAHAAH~*Start to drink wine*
Tumblr media
Should there be a part 2? going from 1st years to second...to 3rd?~
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jester-lover · 3 months
Painting the First Year’s Nails
Warnings: female reader, fluff, impatience, short and sweet, pouty boys, reader’s physical features are not mentioned 
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
He’s so hyped
Wants the full princess treatment
Cuticle oil, buffer, base coat, color, top coat
You’ll be there for a bit, ace will not sit still
You’re his nail tech now, he’s bragging to everybody
“I bet you don’t have a girlfriend who paints your nails.”
He likes them sparkly red
Deuce Spade
He’s such a sap
To think, he was a delinquent only a few years back, and now he’s an honest young man, with a girlfriend who cares about him
He simply doesn’t move throughout, until you tell him he’s shaking
While he’s waiting for them to dry, he asks you to take pictures of them on his phone, to send to his mom later
He’s so sweet, asking if you want him to do yours next
(Respectfully say no, he’s good in intent but he has atrocious hand eye coordination)
“Thank you so much Y/N, how did I ever find someone like you.”
He likes navy blue or a clear sparkle
Epel Felmier
Vil definitely makes him paint his nails, but he sucks at it, so you paint them for him
Pouts and groans the whole time
You decide the best way to appease both him and Vil would be to paint them clear or jelly pink
After you are done, you give him a kiss on the hand for his patience
He’s slightly less distressed
“Ok, I suppose if it’s just a light color, I’ll be fine with it.”
Jack Howl
This is your idea
He’s a sucker for his girlfriend, so he holds steady and let’s you do your thing
He has really pretty nails, perfect ovals
Waits for them to dry very carefully, examining his hands for any irregularities
“Good job.”
He asks for black nails
Sebek Zigvolt
He has no interest in painting his nails!
Until he notices that his young master has painted nails
You find him outside of ramshackle, begging you to paint his nails
His hands are pretty, but calloused through his work, and he sits still as a soldier as you work
(Give him the princess treatment too he wants it but he won’t ask)
Take as much time as you like, this is quality time for the both of you
You give him a kiss on the cheek after, he is very happy
“Thank you human! I applaud your work!”
Black nail polish, he’s a happy happy boy
Thank you for reading! As you can tell, I’m still working on dialogue, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. I’ve been rewatching a lot of Simply Nailogical.
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writingfool001 · 8 months
First years: "MC, give us a hand with this!"
[MC, too tired of everyone's shit, removes their mechanical arm and throws it on the ground.]
[Ace and Epel laughing their asses off]
Jack: "This is serious!"
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thedivineflowers · 3 days
Crowley took away the first year's and grim from mc to have them do something for him but too much time has passed.
Lilia: mc please-
Crowley: This is Dire Crowley speaking-
Everyone else hiding away from mc except malleus and Lilia: what do we do?!
Malleus: they're too angered. Who knows what they'll do if we make them angrier.
Everyone looking at Leona and Ruggie
Both: what?
Trey: what do we do?
Leona: alright none of y'all say anything stupid
Ruggie: if they get madder were as good as dead. I say some of us go looking for the first year while some try helping them relax.
Lilia: understood?
Everyone: yeah!
Cue first year's and Grim running in
Parentalfigure!mc: my babies!
That's it but like I'm gonna do this with seraph of the end as well 😈
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roseyrayschangedblogs · 5 months
Moments That Happened When They Had a Crush On You ☆
First Years x Reader (Separately)
warnings: n/a (just comedy & fluff)
♡︎ romantic ♡︎
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ACE TRAPPOLA is stupid enough to accidentally text his brother about you when he’s actually supposed to text his mom, ever since then he always get teased in texts by his brother every now and then
DEUCE SPADE once got in detention because he didn’t pay attention in class also he was thinking about you and accidentally drew your initials together, he also ranted to his mother about his crush on you
JACK HOWL was running behind in gym class because he was thinking about you, his thoughts got shattered because Vargas yelled at him to go faster, he was embarrassed after that
EPEL FELMIER caught Rook spying on him when he was hanging out with you, he was making weird hand signals to get him to go away so he can be alone with his crush, you kinda just laughed at him since he kinda looked silly, he just kinda blushed in embarrassment when he realized what he was doing
SEBEK ZIGVOLT once ranted about his crush on you to Lilia, now Lilia is always giving him tips on how to properly court you even embarrassing ones, one time you saw Lilia pushing Sebek towards you and he just awkwardly stood there for a few minutes
Tumblr media
notes: i made this because i didn’t do any requests the past weeks and i apologize 🫶
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yvmiqs · 4 months
knock, knock !
characters : first years x gn!reader ( can be interpreted as platonic or romantic , but i sort of built this to be platonic ! )
in which : sick prefect ! first years come over ! prefect gets a bit sentimental ! woooo ! *explosion*
notes : i made this at 12:00am and it's not proofread yet n idk if it makes sense (it's true, never listen to ur thoughts at night)
word count: 600+ words
Tumblr media
So, you had gotten sick.
'Well, I don't feel that sick, so this is fine,' You had thought earlier, until later that day you got an even worse headache from the questions Professor Crewel was pulling on the damned test. Speaking of, looking at your scores made your head throb even harder.
You sighed as you looked around the room, no Grim to be found. He was out being mauled by Crowley for causing a hissy fit in the halls again for who knows how many times now, but atleast you'd get some peace while you were sick, and right now you were quite ready to literally pass out.
A 'ding' from your smartphone interrupted your peace; so you turned your head, and buried iunder your pillow.
And yet, you still heard another ding. And another. And another and another and another-
'Prefect, open up!' A message from Ace in the First Years group chat. With a sigh, you got up, knowing that atleast one person would be there to bother you. Yay. You felt heavy, but you still got down, rubbed at your stuffy nose with a tissue, and opened the door to see the first years.
"Hello, human! We have brought a cure to your illness!" Sebek huffed behind Jack. You tilted your head in confusion. "Huh?"
Epel stepped in first, holding a plastic bag. "Ace and Deuce noticed ya were reeaaallll stressed out in class earlier," He motioned to Deuce and Ace, "So we decided to get ya medicine!"
You found yourself smiling at that. "Aww, Thanks, guys... Hey. Clean your shoes before stepping in, Ace."
"Yes, my oh-so wonderful parent." He rolled his eyes, obliging. "I don't remember raising a child like you." He faked a gasp at that. "Who's the other one anyways?" Deuce snickered, as Ace finally stepped in.
"Stop fooling around already," Deadpanning at the three of you, The Wolf Beastman took hold of the plastic bag Epel was holding and walked further into the hallway of Ramshackle, Epel with him. "Oh, Hey, We'll just put it in the living room!" Jack's voice echoed as you replied with a 'Mkay.'
Sebek stepped in next, walking with his head high- as always, next to Deuce as the last people to pass by as you closed the door. At this point, everyone already had reached the end of the hallway and were at the living room. You could hear their voices from there, they were always so loud.
You reminisced at the first time you met everyone as you once again wiped your nose. They were your closest friends in this entire world, and you were so grateful to have them.
They were chaotic, sure, but at the same time, it would be pretty boring around here if they weren't. Each of them were great to be around- even if one of them was made talking about their young master a conversation topic.
You let out a cough as you laughed slightly at yourself for suddenly getting sentimental when all they did was buy you medicine, but still, you loved them all to bits.
Speaking of them, They were getting increasingly louder, and you could hear pillows, feathers, groaning, and laughter from the living room. You walked further into the hallway, reaching the living room.
"Ya sure about that?! Prefect! Come join us! Woah, Jack!?"
"If your not gonna stop, Might aswell join in-"
"Hey, Ace, let's team up, yeah!?"
'Might aswell join in' ... Alright. You hope you don't get even sicker from this.
"OKAY, Deuce!"
You sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that day as you took in the sight of the first years absolutely destroying your living room pillows. Grabbing the plastic bag on the table, you placed the medicine somewhere farther from the chaos.
You should stop them, but still..
Tumblr media
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rose-the-witch1 · 17 days
MC is a big fan of horror and it scares people
Deuce: Hey Prefect, what are you listening to?
MC, taking out an earbud: It's, uh... a podcast.
Ace: Oh, don't tell me ya listen to sports podcasts like Jack?
Jack: Hey!
MC: No, it's a true crime podcast.
Grim: What's true crime?
MC: Stories of crime that actually happened. Here, I'll show you.
[MC unplugs their phone and turns up the volume]
Narrator: ...Police were horrified at the sight of the young man, standing with a distant look in his eyes over the corpse of his brother, who had received several bashings to the face and shoulders.
Jack: Why do you listen to this?
MC: It's soothing, okay?
Epel: Murder. Is soothing.
MC: Yes!
Sebek: Humans and their violent tastes... how disgusting.
MC: Oh, wait until you hear about the Zodiac Killer.
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twistedroseytoesy · 1 month
Never smile at a crocodile
really funny idea to have the first years make up a song to make fun of sebek a bit.
"Where's Sebek?" Mc asked as they sat down with a bowl of popcorn on the old couch. Ace, on their right immediately dove his hand into the bowl to steal some, snickering when they smack his arm. Deuce, on the old shag rug, looked back at them and then looked around, also searching for their green-haired friend.
"He said he couldn' make it tonigh'. said somethn about needing to practice his sword more due to silver beating his last duel." epel said, rolling his eyes and getting comfortable on the plush arm chair.
"It's alright he's not here. We will just watch the movie without him." Jack said on the other side of Mc. He helped them defend their buttery kernels from Ace's thieving hands.
"but he does this all the time. Dude needs to take a break." Ace complained.
"well how about we make the message clear that we want him over more often. Poke a bit of fun, that will surely make him determined enough to be here next time." Mc said. "I even have the perfect song from my world that was inspired from this movie too!" they said.
"cool! lets watch then hear your song." Epel said eager to watch the movie. Mc nodded and started the movie "peter pan"
They all laughed at the movie and the song that Mc shared, coming up with a plan to make a bit of fun at Sebek and his crocodile fae side a bit.
***the next day***
It was lunchtime and Sebek was looking for the group of troublemaking first years he usually sat with when malleus and Lillia were elsewhere. He heard their laughter out in the courtyard. he quickly spotted themsitting at one of the available tables, a spot open for him.
"I have arrived! thank you for waiting for me humans." he said as he st down. Quickly digging into his food.
"I'm not a human but whatever," Jack mumbled into his sandwich.
"oh Sebek, glad you ould make it to something with us." Ace said sarcastically.
"whats that-!"
"be nice Ace, besides we even prepared a song for him to show that we missed his presence last night." Mc interupted him.
"a song??" Sebek asked, somewhat offended and thankful? for the thought.
Mc pulled out their phone and started an upbeat clicking sort of song.
"Never smile at a crocodile" Mc started. "No, you can't get friendly with a crocodile" Ace continued. "Don't be taken in by his welcome grin" Jack sang next"He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin" Epel finished ith a cackle. Sebeks ears were red and he blubbered angrily at the somewhat offensive words toward his crocodile fea likeness! "Never smile at a crocodile" deuce started. "Never tip your hat and stop to talk awhile," Ace said from behind sebek as he took Sebek's hat and tipped it at him before tossing it back to the reddening first year. "Never run, walk away, say good night, not good day" Ace continued as he ran back to his seat to avoid the angry swipe at him. "Clear the aisle but never smile at Mister Crocodile" Mc finished.
Sebek glared at them all as they laughed a bit during a small prelude in the music. "Youre mocking me arent you?!" he said.
"what no. no! were your friends we would never!" Epel said wrapping an arm around the half-fae's shoulder before continuing the song.
"You may very well be well-bred Lots of etiquettes in your head" Epel sang as they tapped the side of his head a few times. Sebek slapped his hand away as he chuckled. "But there's always some special case, time, or place To forget etiquette" Jack said looking down a bit at his angry friend. Sebek paused a bit at that.
"Never smile at a crocodile No, you can't get friendly with a crocodile" Ace started again. "Don't be taken in by his welcome grin" Grim pipped up "He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin Never smile at a crocodile" Epel sang, grimacing at grims horrible singing voice. "Never dip your hat and stop to talk awhile" Mc sang along. "Don't be rude, never mock, throw a kiss, not a rock" Jack sang with a frown at the weird words. "Clear the aisle but never smile at Mister Croc-" They all sang together pausing before the next sylable then the last one as the song ended. "-O-"..."-Dile"
"Are you fools done?" Sebek asked, seething with anger from his somewhat bruised pride.
"Yep. Maybe we wouldn't put so much effort into teaching you if you were over more often." Mc said laughing at Sebek's indignant face.
"you did all that, just to mock me! how dare you! what kind of friends do that?!" He yelled getting up from his seat, food forgotten about.
"friends that are troublemakers." jack and deuce said. Everyone but Sebek laughed at that. Epel lightly grabbed the knight in trainings shoulder.
"hey, yaknow that it's all in good ol' fun. We just missed ya and thought this would be funny." Epel said. The others nodded and hummed in agreement.
Sebek pouted a bit with a frown before sighing. "If I go to tomorrow's biweekly movie night will you promise to never do something this idiotic again?"
"No promises, but for now yes." Mc answered for them all. " you should probably sit back down or else grim will steal all your food" they snickered as Sebek roared at Grim who currently was stealing his lasagna slice. As long as sebek was willing to learn they were happy to be friends with this strange crocodile.
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
How 50% of the twst boys show love
Tumblr media
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yulin-pop · 22 days
Deuce and Jack are cutie patooties fr
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First year friend group is so real (Grim helped you with the comebacks(
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egoistars · 18 days
ace trappola, self proclaimed genius, child prodigy, magician, seer, schizophrenic? realized he forgot your birthday and vows to make it up to you
warnings: swearing, kms jokes, unserious angst, ace
Tumblr media
ace trappola was going to kill himself.
he woke up in a cold sweat, wide awake and panting as panic was running through his veins on high speed, stabbing his flesh at every breath. deuce slept soundly in the bed opposite of his, snoring without a care in the world. the vision of you crying in bed, wailing about celebrating your birthday all alone replayed in his mind over and over again, each time like a bullet to his heart.
"how can you be this relaxed?" ace angrily thought as he marched up to his roommate's bed like a toddler telling his parents that he "frew up". but this was no vomit incident or potty accident. no, ace trappola was a big boy now who had to take responsibility and make sure his friends did as well.
"deuce spade," ace boomed into the blue-haired boy with pronoun's ear. he did not move. deuce drooled a little in response actually which pissed the redhead off even more. he took the shoulders of his roommate and began shaking him so fast and hard a stripper's ass was shivering in fear.
"what the-"
"deucey we have a problem," ace wasted no time explaining the issue. "prefect's birthday was yesterday and we forgot about it."
"WHAT?! why didn't they tell us?" deuce cried, his mouth comically wide open.
"i don't know, okay?! but we gotta make it up to them!"
now normally, ace wouldn't give a shit. oops, he would think, and move on with his day. but no, you were special. against all scientific odds, ace trappola developed an embarrassingly fat crush on you and when accidentally spilling it to epel one time, the country boy told him it was "cringe" and he knew epel was right.
but it's okay! ace was pretty confident in himself. i mean, the boy could pull anyone he wanted! he was delusional enough to believe that he was a master of rizz. that man popped out of the womb reciting all laws of quantum rizzics. that heart on his face? it proved it. however, now that ace forgot about your birthday, his chances of dating you were pretty much imaginary by now. all you were going to do was get a rizztraining order against him.
"what should we do?" deuce worriedly asked ace, "should we get trey to bake them a cake and call everyone up?"
ace huffed a deep breath of determination, ready to make things right.
"deuce, get ortho and help trey with the cake and meet me outside of ramshackle as soon as possible. i'll get sebek, epel, and jack so we can get gifts for prefect."
"i got this, bro."
"i knew i could count on you, bro."
the pair dabbed each other up like the disgusting, smelly teenage boys they were and ran out of their dorm.
the sun was starting to rise and the gang of first years gathered outside of ramshakle dormitory, swallowing their shame and exhaustion. as ace double, triple, quadruple checked everything, epel kept on yawning every 30 seconds, jack was uncomfortably adjusting the party hat between his beast ears, and sebek was vocally quiet for once as he was enamored by human party favors.
"alright gang, once they open the door, sebek blow the party favor because no one wants to hear you sing-"
sebek angrily tooted, hitting ace in the face with paper.
"-deuce show them the cake, and the rest of us will sing happy birthday and take turns giving them presents, got it?"
a chorus of "yes" said in various voices and volumes responded to ace's question. the boy knocked three times on the old, wooden door with a gloved hand and proceeded to nervously wait.
a low creaking brought forth your face into view.
"...why the fuck are you guys here so early?"
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PREFECT!" your friends screamed into your ear ( sebek could only toot ).
before anyone could start singing, the confusion in your face shut them all up.
"uh, my birthday is in three months. are you guys okay?"
deuce dropped the cake. epel started screaming profanities, ortho started crying, sebek sadly tooted, jack was tired, ace trappola was going to fucking kill himself if his friends didn't kill him first.
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luxthestrange · 17 days
TWST Incorrect quotes#369 Headmage Swap
At NRC, In History Class with the First-Years
Ambrose*Coming in with a bag and box*Hello class
Deuce:...Uh Sir, I think you're in the wrong school
Ambrose: No, Young Spade I'm not Me and Dire(Along with his children) switched schools for a few days, Dire suggested it be a good idea...and then he laughed...not sure what that meant...
Jack:...So does that mean, Headmage...and Yuu are with RSA Right now?*Has a bad feeling about this*
Ambrose: Yes, Young Howl that is correct
Ace: HAHAHAHA!Fucking awesome...
First-Years look at each other knowingly, some nodding like Ace and others warier
Ambrose:...Okay, Well on Monday I bring my students donuts! So here you go help yourself!*Opening the box with delicious still warm donuts*
First-Years Gasps in shock and some of them...even crying as they each get a donut to their desk
Epel: OH MY SEVEN!?*is already stuffing his face with the fresh apple donut*
Jack*Tail wagging behind him as he also eats his own donut*...anyone ever done for us...
Ambrose:...Oh my seven...what is it usually like for you all?
In the First Year class in RSA...On the other hand
Yuu*Kicking the door open with grim on arms and name tag that says "I am your Teacher: Yuu"*GOOD MORNIN' YA WASTES OF SPACE!
Stu1:...Oh fuck-...no...
Stu2:Where is our head mage!
Yuu: Ambrose is DEAD
Stu1:No he's not!
Yuu*Putting grim on the desk and rolls their eyes at him*Well he MIGHT as well be, Cuz no one is coming to save your mediocre asses-Imma beat the BITCHASSNESS outta y'all...oH no a live potion~*Throws an unstable potion to the class*
Class: AAAAAH!?OH MY SEVENS!?-*they all scatter and are either hit by the explosion*
Tumblr media
We all know...Yuu/We are the actual head mage of NRC by now...
Who wants more head mage swap?~
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jester-lover · 3 months
First Years with an Artist Girlfriend
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of insecurities, bribery, terrible attempt at a southern accent
Tumblr media
Ace Trapolla
He is a deeply annoying boy when it comes to your artwork
“Y/N, hey- Y/N! Draw me! I’m pretty cute yknow!”
He thinks you look very cute when you’re all focused in, messy clothes and hair, doodling everything you see
If you actually take the time and draw him, he’ll be EMBARRASSINGLY flustered, literally hand covering mouth, redder than his hair, shaking, homie is in heaven
Deuce Spade
He is so comforted by your presence
Deuce is accustomed to more vicious behavior in life, but not you, you relax him
He’s the type of guy to stand behind you as you draw, just staring in awe
He would rather die than ask, but he hopes that you draw him somewhere
“You have a really great talent, I hope I can be around to see you flourish.”
Epel Felmier
He’s probably the least invested in your artistic talents, but he will commission (bribe) you to help him distract Vil with your artistic talents
You do end up drawing him, because he’s an aesthetically pleasing looking guy, but you try to up the masculinity a little bit to make him happy
He finds watching you work really captivating, he’ll often just…lay there and watch you work, the sound of pencil hitting paper is soothing after a hectic day
“Just stand right there and let’em look at what yer making. Just long enough for me to slip away!” (I am so sorry southerners I’ve tried and I’ve failed)
Jack Howl
Opposites attract huh?
This boy absolutely adores having an artist girlfriend, he is the best person to use as a living reference, he’s SO good at standing straight for long periods of time
Will get so giddy if you show him your sketch book, he thinks it’s such an honor! Jack will sit there, tail wagging, just ever so carefully turning each page in pure awe
“So where did you get the inspiration for this one?”
Sebek Zigvolt
He’s so difficult istg🙄
He’s a great boyfriend, but he feels the need to question everything you draw like he’s a toddler
Why are the eyes shaped like that? Why is the nose so high up? Why do you only use this paper with these paints?
The questions never end with this crocodile man
That is until you tell him straight up that you literally don’t know why you do certain things, you just do
Now he’s on about how humans are so weird, just kiss him ffs
Jokes aside, he does absolutely adore it when you draw around him. He’ll turn his head to the side and watch you, but if you notice, he’ll flip his head right back around.
He never asks for you to draw him, he COMMISSIONS you to draw LORD MALLEUS in all his GLORY
He pays very well
“I’ll pay you as much as you want to paint a 3x3 foot portrait of the Young Master! For a human, your skills are exemplary!”
(I bash Sebek because he’s my favorite.)
Thank you for reading! I apologize for any dialogue discrepancies, I’m still getting comfortable with doing dialogue.
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