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honey-milk-depresso 2 months
Hi hi Honey! I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself!
how about crack headcanons for Malleus, Silver, and Lilia reacting to hearing reader shouting "they've had it with Adeuce and Grim" then chasing them with a broom. 馃槶 Idk it was just something that randomly popped into my head. Take your time <3
TW: Slight swearing, I will now put that as a warning as my friend's sister saw a cuss word and I will never forgive myself for letting her read my fics-
TWST S/o's had it with Adeuce + Grim
Malleus Draconia
It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming,
On days like these...
Well, on a nice day like this, Malleus was strolling merrily down his way to see you in Ramshackle.
The thought of you greeting him with a sweet, cheerful smile warms his heart and it made him more hurried in his footsteps, walking towards your dorm as he anticipated your cordial greeting.
And as he knocked on the door...
Malleus blinked, as he peered from behind the opened door. There he found you standing above with a broom in hand, the two first years and tanuki he had learnt about from you, kneeling with their heads bowed and hung with shame. Were those... anemones on their heads?
Malleus quietly closed the door; thankful you had not noticed. He had definitely stepped in at the wrong time and to see you so unruffled and... fierce. No, that might be an understatement.
The dragon fae never would have thought you'd be a completely different person when you're upset. Whatever those three might have done surely had you erupt.
He doesn't want to know why you had a broom in the first place...
Lilia Vanrouge
He had met those three troublemakers during their first week of college, and he could already tell they were bound to create trouble.
Lilia went to Ramshackle on a particularly normal day. He was quite excited for you to try the dish he painstakingly made, and this time he finally had Silver's approval as he did not spat out the whole thing (at least).
He was proud of it, and whatever he had learnt from his Master Chef Class, he hoped you would be impressed by it.
On his way, he knocked on the door. "S/o-"
Lilia was cut short by the muffled screaming behind the door, and he wondered if what happened. He peered from the window and saw the chaos unfold: you chasing Ace with a broom, who was backed in the corner. Deuce and Grim were holding you back, as you almost gnawed on Deuce's arm.
My oh my, s/o. Who knew you were so chaotic? He decided maybe now wasn't the time to... say hello, and he went off.
"What friends they are... Fufufu..."
Silver had decided to meet you after a long day. He was up from classes till club activities ended, and he just wanted to take a good long sleep in the comfort of your presence.
He was desperate enough to brisk walk his way towards Ramshackle, urgently wanting to seek rest and comfort in your arms. He pictured you embracing him while whispering to him about how much you love him as he loves you as he would slowly be lulled to sleep by your voice...
Silver was pulled back to reality and his daydreaming was cut short by screaming in Ramshackle.
He looked towards the window, seeing Ace running at full speed as you hunted him down with a broom. Grim was clawing onto the redhead's jacket as Deuce hurriedly followed you, trying to stop you from committing further acts of violence.
He could hear from Ace: "STOP- DON'T HIT ME, I SWEAR IT WASN'T ME-"
Yikes... Not a good time to enter now, is it? Silver made a U-turn back to Diasomnia as he sighed, reminding himself not to make you upset. Ever.
"I'll just go back to my room..."
Reblogs help! ^^
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aririkasama 1 month
Ace: Yuu, I just have the funniest moment happen to me earlier.
Ace: So, As I was working at burger king.
Yuu: 馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃
Ace: I haven't even told the story yet.
Ace: What the fuck are you laughing at.
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cancerdust96 7 months
MC/Yuu: You know, you were always like a father to me.
Crowley: O-oh...? That's what you thought of me as? I...feel very complimente-
MC/Yuu: You will never return with the milk and you'll never be there when need you the most.
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hxjikonn 1 month
Little moments episode 1
Pairing: Idia Shroud x Reader
Synopsis: Just stuff I think Yuu/MC does, asks, says to the twst boys.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You: *calmly sitting and watching Idia play his game* 鈥..so..
Idia: Oh no here it comes鈥 *pauses the game*
You: I haven鈥檛 even said anything!
Idia: Just say it鈥hat is it???
You: 鈥.
Idia: 鈥.
You: When you shower鈥o you go bald???
Idia: Oh by the great seven鈥 *burries his face in his hands* *groans*
You: Well???? Do you??? I mean your hair is fire so- wait hold on, do you shower? Or鈥 can you showe-
Idia: Stop, I鈥檓 no longer continuing this conversation.
You: Alright alright鈥. *is quiet*
Idia: *continues to play his game* Y/n鈥.don鈥檛 even try to pour that bottle of water on my head or I swear I might commit a heinous crime.
You: *just drinks the water* *sits back down and watches him play*
Tumblr media
A/N: This is gonna be a mini series that I wont take seriously, prolly gonna be mostly crack. Just something I came up with when I have a dumb scenario in my head馃拃馃拃馃拃
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michelletsw 7 months
Twisted wonderland on Twitter lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
All art in this post goes to the rightfully owner "not mine"
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mxzenpai 1 month
Tumblr media
Then Leap
*At a dorm head meeting*
Leona: B*tch do you WANT me to jump across this table? BECAUSE I DON鈥橳 HAVE ALL DAY FOR THIS OKAY?
Malleus: You feelin鈥 froggy? Leap.
Vil: Nonononono-
Azul: It鈥檚 okay!
Leona: Nuh-uh! Let me-
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ladyorchidia 2 months
Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #18 (because I have no motivation) :
Keeping up with Night Raven College
Tumblr media
Crowley : I love all my students..Equally.
Deuce : Headmaster ! Have you seen yuu/mc ?
Crowley : ...
Crowley : Who the fuck is that-
Tumblr media
Yuu/Mc : Oh hi epel- wait a minute what are you holding ?
Epel : It's a jar.
Yuu/Mc : I can see that but what is inside the jar- ?
Epel : Oh I trapped Vil inside cause he told me to be more 鉁℅ r a c e f u l鉁
Yuu/Mc : ...What the fuck-
Epel : *proceeds to aggressively shake the jar and menacingly look at it* how's that for graceful-
Tumblr media
Vil, banging his small hand on the glass : Epel get me out of here right this instant
Tumblr media
Ruggie : Here is your lunch and that weird, expensive as fuck dessert I wrestled over three people for.
Leona : Why thank you Ruggie, I greatly appreciate your efforts.
Ruggie : ....
Leona : Why are you looking at me like that ARGH-
Ruggie, chocking leona with his magic pen : WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BANK- I MEAN DORM HEAD-
Tumblr media
Lilia : Hello, welcome to my cooking show ! I am here today with Jamil Viper who-
Lilia : ....
Lilia : We haven't even started to cook and you're already trying to commit suicide ? Hey put that pot down I use it to grill the meat of my enemies-
Tumblr media
Lilia, has trapped Jamil in a cup : Don't worry if you don't want to help, you can stay in here.
Lilia : Epel is good with inventing new spells, I should make malleus meet him- But wait that could end up creating a second fae vs human war....
Lilia : ...
Lilia : Perfect, I didn't have enough fun with the first one anyways, ROUND TWO LETS GO
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading this I greatly appreciate it and if you just scrolled all the way down to see this message it means I am in your house-
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writingseaslugs 2 months
im not sure if i should field this as a request since it's more of a general question, but i would love to hear your thoughts: of our favorite boys (read: all of them), who do you think are the surprisingly good rappers? (i am listening to Low as we speak and im thinking of the boys singing along with it and i fully blame the fact i haven't had much sleep) personally i think: floyd (he has the energy, i can sense it), sebek (idk something about him just calls to me and tells me this is right), maybe leona (if he's in the right headspace), and idia for sure (tho the boy probably would be mortified if anyone heard him but i firmly believe he could preform Rap God without missing a beat) but what do you think? sorry if this is a weird thing out of the blue...
Bruh this has me ROLLING. Aight, let鈥檚 goooooo!!!!!
Would be capable of reciting Eminem鈥檚 鈥淩ap God鈥 no problem, even the fastest part. Aka they can rap and they do it well. Could also freestyle and make it sound good.
Floyd, Idia, Lilia, Ruggie, Jamil, Ace, Rook
Could technically rap, but they refuse to do it. They鈥檙e capable of it, but they aren鈥檛 gonna vibe with it.
Trey, Jade, Leona, Vil, Sebek
Thinks they can rap but they鈥檙e stumbling over words. They tried and they鈥檙e having fun so give them a round of applause.
Kalim, Cater, Deuce
Tries to rhyme Orange with Door hinge when asked to rap then gets embarrassed and never thinks about it again. I鈥檓 sorry, not everyone is perfect but we still love you.
They absolutely cannot rap, but that鈥檚 not gonna stop their dorm members from recording a long ass rant you鈥檙e giving out and making a horrible remix and speeding up your voice so it sounds like a rap.
Riddle, Azul
Rapping? Rhyming really fast to a beat? Oh鈥hat鈥檚 cool but I鈥檓 not doing it.
Jack, Epel, Silver
He鈥檚 CHEATING but that rap is a bop so we鈥檙e gonna let it slide.
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a-small-tyrant 3 months
A random thought just popped into my mind. Imagine how Rollo would react to a female MC. I can see the horror and disgust on his face now.
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anxiouswhiterabbit 2 months
Imagine fem!yuu is a lesbian and one day there was a potion accident that turned all the cast into girls. Cue yuu鈥檚 gay panic.
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honey-milk-depresso 1 year
First time I saw the octo trio my first thought was 鈥済od damn it of course they're hot鈥
That being said could you do the octo trio reacting to their crush saying that (just you're instead of they're) the first time they're properly introduced/meet?
basically- [email protected]/trey-
"Too good of a first impression" (Octavinelle)
Azul Ashengrotto
Was it the wavy curls of his hair and charismatic poise, or his charming smile and perfectly framed words that fall out of his lips so smoothly and a calm ocean's wave that made you instantly swoon?
Honestly, it's probably all of the above-
"Why good afternoon, s/o. Welcome to the humble lounge of Octavinelle~"
"H-holy crap, you're the most beautiful man I've ever met," you gasped in awe as you looked at Azul as if he was some sort of god.
Holy shit was Azul caught off guard so badly that he almost choked.
The twins were sure gonna tease him non stop once you leave, but-
oh my god- he was so caught of guard that he spent the rest of his day just thinking about it while blushing hard.
He was so embarrassed, but at the same time really proud that you thought he was- you know- h o t-
Maybe... maybe it wouldn't be so bad to just... talk to you and get closer to you. I mean, you already had a good first impression of him right? Maybe too good... <3
Jade Leech
Oya oya?~
How amusing~
Was it the way he presented himself towards you and that charismatic smile of his? The way his mismatched eyes glint with such enigma? Or maybe his deep and smooth his voice can be when he flashes a grin with pointy, jagged teeth?
Maybe all the reasons? Probably-
"Why, if it isn't the s/o we keep hearing about. Any honor to have you at Monstro Lounge," he smiles.
"O-oh my god... you're so hot..."
He blinks. My oh my~ how straightforward~
Jade was pretty caught off guard by your response, and he has much of a good impression on you as much as you have on him. A pretty funny one, too.
Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to get to know you more, no? Maybe he'd find you... "hot". Fufufu~ He's only teasing~
He found you endearing- <3
Floyd Leech
I mean, he's cute and hot at the same time- I get you-
Floyd, in his own way, has his own charms. His carefree yet captivating grin, his jagged jaws that gleamed white, his droopy mismatched eyes that somehow made him endearing and beautiful, his iconic laugh... who could blame you?
"Ehehehe~ So this is the magicless student? You're so tiny like a little shrimpy~"
You stared at him, mouth open subconsciously. "You're so cute, but you're so hot-"
Like his brother, Floyd just blinked and took a moment to digest your words in his head.
Then, he grins, flashing once again his sharp rows of teeth at you. "Awww~ Isn't that funny? You're a hilarious little shrimpy~"
He thinks you're so funny. Based on just first impression alone? That's hilarious!
But maybe it wouldn't be all that boring to pester talk to you.
Maybe he's gonna have tons of fun with you in near future~ <3
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simplisticslime 1 year
Tumblr media
Fucking jealous dragon-
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twistedoverbloat 11 months
Oke so
This is my first time sending ask here, but anyway-
You know how Vil calls Yuu per "potato"? Ye? So what would be Vil's (and other students?) reaction to seeing Yuu in potato outfit? Like, they came to school in a most generic potato outfit. Like full on fullbody suit potato, like those t-rex outfits
(I'm 90% sure that Epel would try not to laugh)
(I should name myself 馃 anon if that's oke?)
Yuu when they saw the outfit they immediately bought it.
They ran to Ramshackle to change into it. They ripped their clothes off and then ran to Pomefiore. When they were in the hall of Mirrors they got looks but most laughed and Yuu ran the rest of the way there. When they walked to the doors all the students saw their outfit and were like yeah that fits them.
Yuu kicked open the doors and Vil had his back to them but Rook and Epel were to ones to see then first. "OH M Y SEVEN YUU-" Epel busted out laughing and fell on the floor. Rook chuckled seeing the Trickster.
And that when Vil finally turned to see what's happened "Why are you-.....Potato?" Yuu strikes a pose for him as they were in a full body suit of a potato. Vil composer broke as he began to cackle at them.
"Oh my great beautiful queen!" He then walked to Yuu and hugged them "Ahh thats been the hardest I've ever laughed. Thank you potato." Yuu smiled knowing they did the best thing ever. Made Vil Sho毛nheit laugh.
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randomnessblush 6 months
Going to Ikea with the first years
Inspired by this commet
Tumblr media
Going to Ikea with the first years
Ace Trappola 鈾ワ笍
Dumbass got lost right away while you were browsing in the pillow section. You hear an intercom call "Y/N come to the front of the store you son is looking for you" You sigh going to pick him up.
Deuce Spade 鈾狅笍
He got interested by the egg themed room that was being show cased (Because Ikea). While walking away from the cart you go to buy and piece of random home decor. Somebody stole from the cart Deuce saw them an immediately went after them luckily you grabbed him by his collar and dragged him off to get Ace.
Jack Howl 馃惡
He looked in the fake plants section to see all the cactus that were he was about pick up the last one before you stopped him. Instead you bought him a Fluffy cactus blanket his tail was wagging like crazy but he denies liking it. You find a wolf pup plush and throw it on the ground he immediately dove to save it only find it was an plush.
Epel Felmier 馃崕
Get called your child many times and sometimes daughter. He freaks out before Jack calms him down. He finds fake apples and carves them and it somehow works. But that was after trying to eat one and almost choking. Tries to help with the heavy lifting but fails.
Sebek Zigvolt 馃悐
Loud ass crocodile can keep his mouth shut. He finds a gargle statue and Screams like a five year old to buy it for Malleus. He even flops on the floor and kicks his legs it was quite a sight for oncoming people. You decide to get an mini version so he doesn't throw an tantrum again.
Grimm 馃
The raccoon had to come with and he slept in the shopping cart mostly before you guys enter the food court. He goes and scares away the worker perparing the food an burns down many displays before the water sprinklers turn on. He gets you all kicked out.
Second Years Third Years
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michelletsw 7 months
Grim: mistakes where made.
Grim: on purpose.
Grim: because I'm a cat.
Grim: long story short the couch is on fire..
Y/n already tierd from school/aduce/Crowley: 馃
Y/n continues to respectfully yeet themselves into a manhole: 馃暢馃毝
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