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twstwhore · 4 months
"What if I turned into Toast and it was Irreversible?"
warning: none
ft: Malleus, Floyd, Epel and Ruggie
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't plagiarize my shit please <3
(I was watching Omori and had the idea to do this)
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whateverdontgiveashit · 2 months
Intrusive thoughts won so you guys get entertainment.
Warning:Crack fic,GN!Self insert(Yuu),relationships can be read whoever you want,Yuu doesn’t find a way home,light angst where the first year friend group falls apart in the future,second person view,Yuu is described as taller and with a deeper voice.
Prompt:(Headcanon)Yuu touches a time artifact that causes their future self to be swaped with them,but apparently Older!Yuu is an ABSOLUTE DILF/MILF/PILF when they grow up and how do their friends react.
So for a history class Trein decided to bring an ancient time artifact he was gifted,to show the students on the lesson about the history of time magic.At first he simply wanted to show and explain what it does but the students wanted to take a closer look!(Mainly Ace and Grim)He relented but only allowed you to do so being that you are one of the more responsible out of your peers and you were magicaless so it’s not like you could use it.And you couldn’t but shit still happen.
A blinding beam of light shot out as the arcane clock began to tick and everything started to warp.
The first years looked in horror as you were envelop in smoke.Only for a larger and fuller figure to take your place.
After all settled their shocked faces only worsened when they saw…
Ace Trappola:
Tumblr media
Just staring mouth agape
Bitch when?
You simply looked around the class confused but also amused as you turn to look at the first year gang you burst into laughter
“Holy shit I forgot how stupid you used to look Ace.”
Why is your voice so deep?
He didn’t register your words
You simply looked amused
As they explained the situation you broke out in laughter
“To think that your guys’s shenanigans would follow me way beyond into the future when we part is so funny to me!”
Hey it wasn’t even my fault this time!Wait-
So apparently you never find a way home and all of them grow up to be successful
But fall apart from one another?!
But why,why did we-
“Listen Ace we all grow up and have to do are own shit it’s just life.”
Deuce Spade:
Tumblr media
Absolutely dumbfounded
Eyes about to pop out of their sockets
Mouth agape too
Takes a good 2 minutes to process shit
Just silently staring at you but in reality he is just zoning out into the cosmos
“Deuce you look like a fish”-You say cooly as you simply look around amused
He slowly closes his mouth takes another minute to think jumps back a little and then breaks into a mad blush
It’s fucking Yuu BUT HOT.
He just doesn’t know how to react like he can’t even speak like abddbghh
Tease him doesn’t matter what you say you can say pickles and you’ll send him just by your voice alone.
What does he do now he just standing there like:0.0
Jack Howl:
Tumblr media
He was the only one that from the beginning was like
Please don’t do this
Like he was already against this whole thing from the very start but now he has in front of him a version of you that is older,hotter and has the same scent just a bit different
He is wary
And isn’t sure how to react or what to do
He wants to help he doesn’t know how,you are also hot asf-wait
“Hey Jack long time no see,ey?”
…Yuu what the fuck.
You are extremely amused he is confused and having an internal crisis with himself cause
The situation is serious,time travel is dangerous,where and what happened to their Yuu,when did you grow that massive fucking cake-
Epel Felmier:
Tumblr media
W-Who the fuc-k are ya!
Are the first words he said you looked down at him seemingly unimpressed and curious
And suddenly his tongue was tied and there was a lump in his throat
“Oh shit,Epel!I forgot how puny you used to be!”
Holy fuck.
Who the hell you callin punny ya bastard?!
His accent slipped as you cocked your head back laughing
“Shit,despite that you haven’t changed much”
Wai-*part two*
So after they tell you what happened you tell them you’re from the future
WAIT,so I grow TALLER!
“Yep,you even put on some muscle.”
He’s never been more enthusiastic for the future like he grows taller and stronger and you become sexier it’s a win-win
He ain’t never gonna complaining about Vil no more
Tumblr media
(Pic of Epel when he grows up lol.)
Sebek Zigvolt:
“Yea,yea I’m fine Sebek you don’t need to scream,Damn how did I even finish NRC without going deaf with you around.”
You simply said rubbing your ears and collecting yourself
“Sebek you good?”
If Deuce was starting into the oblivion Sebek is starting at your soul.
Tumblr media
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Y/n’s Twsted snap story part 2.
Y/n: *walking into the kitchen* what are you doing?!
Ace: *looking up front covering grimm with Frosting* nothing?
Epel: *holding a bottle of sprinkles*
Grimm: I’m a cake!
Y/n: *sighs* you better get me more butter…
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mioified · 6 months
hello hello ! can i req a scenario with azul, riddle, and epel ? waking up/mornings with them <3
thank you very much !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🌃 Goodmornings!
Short morning up scenarios with Riddle, Azul and Epel!
warning; might be a little ooc..? ^^' I also didn't proofread this again so sorry in advance
helloo! thanks for requesting this! sorry for taking so long ^_^
Tumblr media
ꨄ Riddle R.
You slowly awaken to an all too familiar voice calling your name. Gently fluttering your eyes open, you turned to the other side of the bed, facing the voice chanting your name—Your lover, Riddle Rosehearts.
"Y/N, You need to wake up and get dressed for class! You mustn't let your drowsiness taint your perfect attendance.."
you yawn and rub your eyes, attempting to process what he was trying to tell you.
when you realized what he said you looked at him with a face of puzzlement.
"wait.. get ready for... class?"
"Yes! Todays a friday, You may sleep in tomorrow but for now we need to get ready." Riddle gets up from the bed, trying to urge you to do the same.
You let out a small chuckle, which evolved into you full on howling out of laughter and he raised an eyebrow at you and huffed—Being late to class is no laughing matter to Riddle. He takes pride in his perfect record!
You inhale deeply trying to take a break from your bursting laughter, But you just couldn't believe it!—The Riddle Rosehearts—forgot it was a Saturday! You swore you could feel tears forming out of your eyes, This was too much!
Your lovers patience was running thin, what could be so funny at the moment that it was worth risking being late to class?! He huffed and crossed his arms, giving you a mean glare. "I demand you tell me what's so humorous right now, Y/N..." He looks at the clock, checking to see how much more time you both have left before you have to leave.
Your loud laughter had gradually turned into soft giggling, Calming yourself down, you tilted your head at Riddle with the sweetest smile as if you weren't just laughing at him.
"Riddle, Are you sure you read the date right today?"
"..wha..." His eyes shot open, He couldn't have possibly read the date on the calendar wrong? could he? He closes his eyes and starts to try and recall back to when he woke up. With his blurry vision and head filled with worries about his classes for the day, maybe, just maybe, he might've read the date wrong when he took a quick, lazy glance at the calendar on the bedside table...
Riddle opens his eyes as he shoots a look at the calendar, this time with his vision and head clearer.
..Saturday. You were right. Riddle let's out a sigh of relief. On one hand his attendance wasn't ruined! but on the other, he felt ashamed for not carefully looking at the date earlier, Now he's woken you up for no good reason. When you were sleeping so peacefully too!
He gently flops down onto the bed, putting his face into the pillow. if Riddle was being honest, He too, was extremely sleepy this morning, he was just sucking it up. If he doesn't put up an example for the other students, who would?
"I'm sorry, Y/N.." he sighs and looks at you with slight guilt in his eyes. "I shouldn't have woken you up this early."
You put a hand onto his head, gently combing his cherry-red hair with your fingers.
"It's alright, Riddle. Don't sweat it." you assuringly told riddle.
"Really..? Is there anything i can do to make it up to you though?"
You removed your hand off of Riddle's head and put it to your chin. You closed your eyes, pretending to be lost in thought, Although you already knew what you wanted.
"How about.. sleeping in some more with me?" you give him a sheepish smile and moved a little closer to him on the bed. You lifted up your blanket, inviting him in.
He sighs and accepts your offer, sliding under the blanket next to you. He closed his eyes and wrapped an arm around you. "Well.. I suppose if thats what you want."
Tumblr media
ꨄ Azul A.
you fluttered your eyes open, looking around to see everything in its respective place as it was last night. The pearly white walls along with the large painting hung onto it, The elegant vanity mirror right above the table, The cute little seashells that admitted light right above your head—All of it in the same place as it was last night, except for one thing, Something that was right next to you last night before you went into dream land,— Azul.
When you quickly realized that you had woken up without him by your side, you immediately sat up and scanned the room, looking for any traces of him. Just as you were about to give up and stand up to go look for the silver haired boy yourself, the door creaks open. You see Azul pop his head through the door before opening it fully, Revealing him standing there with a tray of various food along with a cup of your favourite drink.
"Ah, You're awake. Good-morning. I do hope you slept well.." He walks over to the side of the bed you were sat on and places the tray onto the soft mattress.
"Oh.. Azul! You didn't have to.."
"Mornings aren't very busy in the Mostro Lounge, So I thought it'd nice if i brought you some breakfast in bed." Azul looks to the opposite direction of you, Trying to hide the redness in his cheeks. "Well, You should eat it quick, our dishes are best served fresh after all."
You give him a shrug then proceed to grab a fruit kabob from the tray, Who knew Mostro Lounge made food this cute? you pushed away the thought as you bite into the heart-shaped apple slice placed at the top of the kabob, letting out a hum of delight.
"Are the kabobs to your liking? If you favour other things feel free to tell me."
You shake your head no, taking another bite out of the kabob. While chewing on the fruit, you get an idea that's sure to make your morning a little more.. lively. You finish eating the fruit in your mouth before you look Azul in the eyes, a mischievous grin forming onto your face. A flash of worry grazed Azul's face, he never liked it when you tease him, He gets too red for his liking.
You suddenly bring the fruit kabob forward, waving the tip of the stick infront his lips. He raises an eyebrow at you, Unsure of what exactly he should do in this situation.
"Why don't you tell me if they're to your liking, Azul?" You let out an airy giggle as you watch his face get as red as the strawberries on the kabob you were holding when he realized what you wanted him to do.
"Why would i do that!? It's for you! I can't just eat something thats for you!.. Stop waving that stick in front of me, You're gonna poke me with itttt!" Azul let's out multiple whines and grabs your wrists, You continue to keep the kabob infront of his mouth, Pushing him to eat a fruit or two off of it.
"Come on 'Zulzul.... It's just a lil' fruit.."
He blushes at the nickname and loosens his grip. Feeling too embarrassed, he finally gives in to your wishes
"Alright! Alright.. just.. just give me a second..!!" he lets out a sigh of relief as you remove the stick close to his face, letting him catch his breath from all the complaining he was doing. He pushes up his glasses and you can see the faint tint of pink spread on his cheeks.
"Okay, I'm ready." He says with a monotone voice while opening his mouth; You internally laugh at his seriousness at the situation. Not wanting to worsen his flustered state you get straight to the point and bring the fruit kabob to his lips, without any complaints this time. He bites down onto the kabob, sliding the top fruit off and chewing it in his mouth, Carefully judging it's taste.
"Well? Do you like it?" You look at him with sparkles in your eyes, awaiting for his answer.
He puts a hand to his chin and closes his eyes for a moment, thinking about his answer.
"it's sweet.." he opens his eyes to look at you and gives his best attempt at a "cool" grin, but you can see the anxiousness and uncertainty in his crooked, cute smile.
"Although, it's not as sweet as you!.." He winks at you.
"you're so corny.."
"I deserved that.."
Tumblr media
ꨄ Epel F.
"Y/N.. hey.. Y/N..! wake up!"
Your eyes shot open at the sound of Epel waking you up. You stretch out your arms and shake yourself awake. He's standing beside the bed with his arms crossed, clearly frustrated from his attempts of waking you up.
"Geez!.. Yer' s' hard ta' wake up! Vil would never let ya' get away with stayin' in....." Epel stops himself mid-sentence, like he had realized something important. Uncrossing his arms, He clears his throat and tries again, this time much more soft spoken and sweeter.
"Vil doesn't appreciate us staying in bed for too long so, Let's get started for the day together?" He lends out an arm to you, offering a hand to pull you out of bed.
"You know, You don't have to be so worried about using your accent around me.. I can understand you clearly."
He sighs and shakes his head. "It ain't that simple f'me... Ya' never know when Vil could be around. Ah' jus' wanna be careful." He stretches his arm out more for you to grab.
"your always so uptight about Vil.. Let loose a little!" You finally grab his hand, but instead of him pulling you up, you pull him down, making him fall into the bed right on top of you.
"H-Hey! whaddya think yer doin?! if we ain't up'n ready in 5 minutes Vil ain't gonna be too- Ack!" You stop Epel's whining by 'softly' hitting his head with the pillow you were next to. His eyes widen, taking a couple of seconds to comprehend what just happened, before he gives you a smirk—"If thats how you wanna play.. That's how we'll play!"
He rolls off of you and grabs a different pillow, fluffing it in his hands.—Oh, it was on.
Epel throws the pillow and hits you straight in the face, thank sevens it was a soft pillow, if it was anything else you'd think you might've broken something. You grab the pillow he threw at you and swing it at him, hitting him in the chest. He gets a hold on the pillow you were hitting him with, stopping your attacks.
"Heyy!! Let go! thats not fair!" You tug on the pillow, trying to pull it away from Epel. He laughs while trying to do the same
"Nuh-uh! Tis' is totally fair!"
Epel tugs a little harder on the pillow at the same time you do—you then hear a rripppp, and see the stuffings of the pillow fall out.
You look at the ripped pillow, then to Epel. His eyes were widened and his mouth was agape, He was in the same shocked state as you. You look back at the ripped pillow, then to wide-eyed Epel, then to the pillow again.
"Erm.." You scratch your head, wondering what to do, Till you hear Epel giggling a little.
You look at him with a puzzled look and his giggling grows louder. "Vil's gonna be so mad wahaha!"
You start giggling with Epel, You guys could clean up the mess later, At the moment you were just happy Epel wasn't too stressed about the situation like you thought he'd be.
The room was basically filled with laughter at that point, both of you enjoying your carefree but eventful morning with each other.
Eventually the laughing grows back down. Epel wipes a tear off his eye. "Oh well, We can clean it up later. Let's start getting ready before Vil actually gets on our case-"—Just as Epel mentions Vil, You both hear the door slam open.
You and Epel turn your head to look at the door to see Vil.—Oops.
"Yeah, you both should be ready because I'm already about to get on your case." He stands in the doorway with a scowl on his face, Clearly annoyed.
What a tiring morning it turned it to.
Tumblr media
my ruggie plush came in this week ^^ hes so cute guys hgegghghrhhh
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safespaceforace · 3 months
How They'd Kiss You
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit x GN!Reader, Rook Hunt x GN!Reader, Epel Felmeir x GN!Reader.
Warnings: Rook speaks french but i provided translations. Theyre google translated though so i cant assure you that they're accurate.
Vil Schoenheit
Kisses with Vil would vary between public and private. After all, he does have a reputation to uphold.
In public, kisses with him would be very few and far in between.
If he did kiss you in public however, itd most likely be a peck on the cheek or forehead.
In private though, he'd be far more affectionate with you.
The two of you are in Vil's dorm room as he's taking off his makeup. No matter how much he enjoyed having it on, for the sake of keeping a clear complexion he did have to take it off. Youre sitting beside him talking away as he does so about how your day was. He smiled at this appreciating that he was who you chose to talk to, once he finished removing the products from his face and going through his normal skin care routine he turned to you, placing a hand on your cheek softly.
He leaned in until your foreheads touched and he smiled softly as he looked into your eyes with admiration. Ever so carefully, Vil pressed his lips against yours, for a nice soft peck. He chuckled as he pulled back, but he wasnt done. He leaned in again, this time for a longer kiss. His lips slanted perfectly against yours, his lips caging in your top lip. You could taste the flavour of the chapstick he'd just applied, it was sweet like sugar. His hand moved itself from your cheek to the back of your head holding you in place. His eyes were closed and he was clearly relaxed.
Vil's kisses are typically slow-paced, gentle, and passionate. He wants to showcase all of the love and admiration he holds for you in them
Theyre certainly going to leave you flustered afterwards, making Vil smirk and tease you about it.
Rook Hunt
French translations: Mon Amour = My Love, Tres Bien = Very Good, Magnifique = Magnificent
This man.
They would last a while too, and he'd use one arm to pull your body to his while the other hand cradled the back of your head.
I feel like his kisses would be sloppy yet passionate.
Hed definitely snog you in public with zero shame
I have a feeling he just mushes his lips against yours and calls it a day.
Dont be surprised if he breaks the kiss to say something along the lines of "Tres Bien" or "Magnifique" before going straight into it again.
Rook ran towards you in the hallway of NRC his arms extended as if for a hug as he shouted your name. As soon as he made it over to you he flung himself onto you, causing you to stumble backwards a little. His arms were tight around you bringing you two flush together.
"Oh my sweet Trickster! You looked so belle I just couldn't help myself, I had to come appreciate your beauty up close! I hope you don't mind mon amour."
He smiled at you and moved one of his hands up to tangle in your hair while the other hand slid down to hold your waist. Suddenly he dipped you down, moving the hand on your waist down to your knee. While you fell towards the floor, his other hand moved from your head back down to your shoulders to help support you better. Again, without warning Rook slammed his lips against yours, taking your bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling on it playfully before releasing it and pushing his smooth lips against yours again. By the time he pulled away from you, both of you were out of breath.
"Absolutely Magnifique, Mon Amour."
Epel Felmeir
I feel like Epel would want kisses to be private for the most part.
He doesn't want Vil or Rook to pry into his relationship.
His kisses i feel would be a tad bit rough while still being a lovely comforting feeling.
You and Epel were relaxing at ramshackle when all of a sudden he turned to you with a nervous expression.
"What is it, babe?" You inquire.
He hesitates before he voices his request to kiss you. You smile widely at his proposition and nod grabbing his hands enthusiastically and pulling him towards you. As soon as he sees your excitement he removes his hands from your grip and grabs your chin between his thumb and forefinger. His grip was sturdy as you were dragged to meet his lips
They crashed against yours with a bit of pain due to his eager demeanor, but once the two of you got into the rhythm of it the roughness paired beautifully with the way he sucked on your upper lip. He chuckles against your lips, giving you no reprieve whatsoever as he pushes your back down against the dusty couch.
The kiss will be rather short lived but his passion makes it feel like it lasts for ages. He will not pull back until he feels that he's properly flustered you though.
However if you take control during the kiss he'll enjoy it as well. Just expect to have to fight him for it. Epel needs to show you that you can rely on your strong boyfriend to make things right.
Call him cute i dare you he'll be as rough as youd let him after that, biting and whatnot.
He's amazing. Please appreciate him like he deserves to he appreciated
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pandoa · 2 months
Let me just scoot myself in here real quick AHEM! I would like to participate in this 100 followers event!
I would like epel with....
Daisies ~ “it’s our little secret, alright?”
Freesias ~ “you’re an idiot” “no, i’m not” “i hate you” “love you too”
Thank you^^ you don't need to do this if you don't want to and congrats on 100 follower you deserve atleast 500 but I digress.
Tumblr media
Daisies ~ “it’s our little secret, alright?”
Freesias ~ “you’re an idiot” “no, i’m not” “i hate you” “love you too”
~epel felmier x gender neutral reader~
warnings: just random people thinking epel is a girl while on a date with reader.. bless his heart. pls remember that although here, in this fic, it's to be taken as light-hearted comedy in a fictional scenario, misgendering others can have serious effects on people irl. always remember to never assume the important things about a person just because of their appearance. thank u <3
Tumblr media
♡manly misunderstanding♡
Epel wasn’t too sure what it would feel like to overblot. But he was sure that he would be moments close to forming the oozing, black liquid from his pen if you and him did not walk out of the mall you both had been shopping in as soon as possible. Because what had disrupted your very first date together as a couple was just outrageous.
Out. Rageous.
“Hello, Miss!” an overly cheery voice called out to you both, specifically referring to your startled boyfriend who jumped up in surprise. “Would you like to try out our new moisturizer?” the saleswoman chirped, “It's one hundred percent made of natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter! Perfect for a self-care day!”
Epel hesitantly raised his pale hand in refusal, instinctively shielding you from the gazes of the insistent advertisers as if you were a jewel in need of protection—even despite the fact that he was clearly the one in need of more protection rather than yourself.
 “Ah—No, thank you,” Epel politely declined, “I think I’m alright—”
The bright saleswoman, however, continued to tread closer and closer to the first year’s defensive form as she eagerly passed down a fancy-looking bottle of lotion into his hand, “Are you sure? We are having a limited-time sale for this season only! Here, come into our store and see for yourself—”
“Young Lady!” Readily backing away from the previous shop, the two of you hastily moved forward to flee the creeping stares of the mall only to immediately be caught by another spokesperson. “Please have a sample of our latest concealer!” The seller, this time a very young and refreshing boy, called out to Epel, “Clogs no pores and nurtures your fair skin!”
“Ah—Sorry, I’m not very into that sort of thing—”
“Hi! Wanna try out this trending red lipstick? I bet it would SO match that cute top you have on right now, Miss. Post and share it with your girlfriends, too! Or even your boyfriends!”
“Please, just leave us alone—” 
Hollering in frustration, Epel’s sanity had ticked its final thread of patience as he bolted towards the blaring red lights of the mall’s heavenly exit. You quickly followed behind him, concerned but slightly amused by your boyfriend’s struggle to escape the grasps of the endless sea of salespersons as they all flocked the young boy like a stray piece of food being surrounded by a wave of birds on the shoreline. Dashing past the tempting aroma of the plentiful food stalls, speeding away from any stranger who had so much as looked your way, and skipping across the wooden tiles of the mall’s boardwalk, you and Epel had finally stopped to rest as the advertisers were now nowhere in sight.
Well, you had thought so, at least. 
“...You know,” your voice said tiredly, finally catching your breath from the strenuous chase, “if the other first years saw this, they’d never let you live this down, right?”
“Shut up,” Epel glared back at you with no real ill intent. “It’s our little secret, alright? And no tellin’ Ace or Deuce ‘bout this! Nev’r!”
“Really~? What if I accidentally let it slip out one day during alchemy lessons that we were both chased down by a bunch of your fangirls and fanboys because of your beautiful looks? What would you do then?” a smug smile then slowly grew on your face, clearly trying to cause some sort of mischief between the two of you with your jokes.
The boy proceeded to maintain an exhausted stare at your comment, “You’re an idiot, (Y/n).” 
“No, I’m not.”
“I hate you.”
“I love you, too.”
Epel, upon hearing your words, stood still in shock for a fragment of a second as he took in what you had just said in its entirety. “That’s… that’s not fair,” he muttered in what seemed like a flash of defeat, “But you were kiddin’, right? You wouldn’t actually—”
“Hey, you there!” another unknown voice coming from the store adjacent to the both of you pierced your ears like a dozen nails on a chalkboard, “Would you like a special sample of this new cologne and perfume by a well-known rising actor and model? May I present to you, madam, Fairest and True, Schoenheit: The Fragrance—!”
“NO, PLEASE,” Epel curtly yelled as he leaped yards away from the salesman innocently holding out an elegant, violet bottle of perfume towards his stature, “ANYTHING BUT THAT—”
Tumblr media
a/n:  currently imagining vil in a fragrance commercial like adrien agreste from miraculous ladybug. i am dying.
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Then Epel x reader? I don't mind any scenario, take your time. Thanks 😊
Epel x reader getting in suggestive position
Tumblr media
You we're practicing dancing with Epel, next week there is gonna be prom, and Vil wanted Epel to dance like profesional.
"You're doing great Epel!" you said smiling to him
"Thank you, you're doing good too" Epel blushed
Then Epel stumbled, and he fell forward. You screamed, he falled on you.
"Are you okay?" Epel asked worried "Did I hurt you?"
"Yeah I'm oka-" you were saying, but you got interrupted
Rook opened the door, he looked at you both
"I can't believe it Monsieur Cherry Apple" Rook gasped grasping dramatically his head "So young, but do this act" He left probably to tell Vil this, but Epel isn't sure
"Wait!" Epel bolted out of the room to chase him, you were dumbfounded what happened
Tumblr media
I'm sorry it took that long, but I didn't knew what to write
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tingerines · 4 months
Tumblr media
Pairing: Epel x GN!Reader Genre: Fluff
In this world, soulmates do exist.
No one knows when they will meet theirs or if they ever will, but chances of the latter is very unlikely.
See, the universe has a funny way of bringing two destined souls together; in this case, soulmates are brought together through music.
As a result, it isn’t strange for one, or two, or even a dozen people to suddenly start singing in the middle of the street. The more fortunate members of society are able to contain this urge, and you’re fortunately one of them.
But balance is a must.
So, while most soulmates will start singing the same song no matter where or how far apart they are, you have to deal with a song playing on repeat in your head for an undisclosed amount of time. It’s similar to how people say they have a catchy song stuck in their head, but you hear your soulmate’s voice singing to you instead.
Luck is truly on your side though, because you think that your soulmate has one of the loveliest voices that you’ve ever heard.
Or do you only think that because it’s your soulmate?
You wonder what they must be like. Definitely an interesting person based only on their music taste — which is completely random. They could be singing a tune that probably should belong in an opera and suddenly change to a song about baking a cake the next.
You never knew what to expect from them, least of all silence.
But that’s exactly what you got today.
If this wasn’t something out of the ordinary, you wouldn’t have been so worried. But you couldn’t help but think of all the things that could be wrong.
It’s for this reason that you’ve dragged your friends out to the nearest tea shop: to worry incessantly about someone you haven’t even met yet.
“No, I’m telling you that they have never not sung, Ace,” you groan while rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands. “What if they tripped on their way to work and cracked multiple teeth, or something?”
Ace looks up at you with utter unamusement on his face as he takes another sip of his bubble tea, “that’s pretty dramatic, y/n. Maybe they’re just busy.”
“I mean, isn’t it nice to have some peace and quiet? They’ll probably go back to singing by tonight,” Jack offers before you could say anything else. “It could be worse.”
“How’s that?” you sigh before occupying yourself by taking small sips of your matcha latte.
“Our friend from college has never heard his soulmate’s voice — well, not since he was little.”
“Are you serious?” you raise an eyebrow, feeling a bit skeptical about this information.
But you weren’t one to talk; you’d always opted to wait until the late hours of the night to sing. A small part of you reasoned that you only did so to not disturb your soulmate throughout the day. But the bigger part of you knows that you’re just afraid to embarrass yourself.
“Yeah, you can ask him yourself,” Jack nods before nudging his chin towards the space behind you.
You turn around to see a young man at the cash register paying for his drink. You can only make out the top half of his face due to his face mask, but you can already tell that he’s attractive — with wavy lavender locks that perfectly frames his face and double-lidded eyes that curve slightly at the ends, as if he has a natural wing.
You’re not sure why you can’t take your eyes off of him. You’ve seen plenty of attractive men in your life, yet…
Jack clears his throat at the same time Ace pokes at your forearm, forcing you to divert your attention back to the two.
“What?” you ask again, your eyes shifting between your friends who keep exchanging knowing looks with one-another. “Why do you look like that?”
The pair don’t answer you and instead wave over the handsome stranger that’s caught your attention. He immediately makes his way over to your table and places his hands on the chair right next to yours.
“May I sit here?” he asks, his eyes curving into crescent moons as he smiles — though it’s not visible to anyone.
You look up and accidentally make eye contact with him; and that alone is enough to make a comforting warmth spread from your heart to the rest of your body.
Both of your eyes widen in surprise, though you don’t realize that the stranger is experiencing the same exact warm comfort as you.
But why?
Jack and Ace exchange another set of knowing looks before Ace pats the table loud enough to snap you both out of your trances.
“Oh, um… y—yeah, go ahead,” you manage to stammer out, your hands nervously tucking loose strands of hair behind your ears as you turn to sit upright again.
What is wrong with you all of the sudden?
“Thank you,” the man clears his throat and moves to situate himself onto the empty seat before extending a hand out towards you, “I’m Epel, by the way.”
“O—oh,” you hesitantly reach out to wrap your fingers around Epel’s hand in a handshake, your skin immediately tingles upon contact. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m y/n.”
“‘Y/n’? That’s very pretty,” Epel says as his eyes curve into crescent moons once more.
“Th—thank you,” you bow your head in hopes that the shadows will conceal the blush creeping up your cheeks.
“Epel, you have a pretty name too,” Ace comments in a playful tone as he pats the said man’s cheeks.
You shoot a glare at your friend, mentally cursing him for teasing you at such a time, but he only smiles innocently at you in response.
“Call me ‘pretty’ again and you’ll never see the daylight again,” Epel chuckles. “How are y’all?”
“We’re good. What’s with the mask?” Jack gestures towards Epel’s face, and he assumes that he must mean the face mask.
“I caught a cold — just my luck,” Epel sighs.
“Is Vil going to cut you some slack today then?”
Epel shakes his head, “nah… I just won’t be able to sing as much as I usually do. Which is why I’m saving my voice as much as I can.”
“What if they’re sick?!” you suddenly exclaim, prompting Epel to turn towards you with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Excuse me?”
“They’re talking about their soulmate again,” Ace whines before planting his face onto Jack’s shoulder.
“Oh? Why, what’s up? Did you finally meet them?”
“No…” you shake your head before giving your friends an apologetic look, “they’ve just stopped singing — and they always sing. So maybe they’re sick!”
“Sounds like me,” Epel says jokingly with a grin, but his laugh is cut short by the alarmed look on your face. “I—I’m kidding. I just meant that I sing all the time too for—well, really because Housewarden Vil asks me to.”
Watching the awkward exchange prompts Ace to hunch over and start coughing, but you can hear his hidden “smooth” in between the sharp sounds. You shoot your friend a glare before placing a hand on top of Epel’s — and it’s just a gesture of reassurance.
At least that’s what you try convincing yourself of.
“So,” you start, hoping to change the conversation’s topic for everyone’s sake, “is there any particular reason why you’re being made to focus on your singing skills?”
“Oh!” you can see the glimmers of happiness in Epel’s eyes as he begins to talk animatedly about his hobby. “It’s ‘cause of my family’s apple farm. Which, hear me out, ‘cause I know you’re prolly thinkin’ ‘how is that even related’? But…”
Then Epel begins to explain how his family business experienced a boom in business after this year’s SDC, and he saw this as motivation to work on strengthening his charms. After all, Harveston isn’t a well-known part of Twisted Wonderland; and if he works hard enough, he could help not only his family, but the other elders in the village as well.
“Then Vil had this great idea that we should start an NRC radio show. I like to call it the Epel Farm but Vil was not a fan of that. And, well— it’s more of a ‘daily podcast’ than it is a radio show. I do a lot of different things depending on my mood; sometimes I’ll give advice to my listeners or just play music — and sing, of course. I surprisingly like it a lot.”
“You seem to be very passionate about your family and apples. It’s wonderful that you’ve got such a strong source of motivation,” you can only offer a sheepish smile as your head is still spinning from the overload of information Epel just spilled onto you. “I haven’t gotten the chance to tune in yet, but your radio show sounds great.”
And the two of you continue your conversation just like that, completely forgetting that you have other friends sitting right across the table. Too enamored with one-another to even notice their amused stares.
Truth be told, Ace and Jack had a sneaking suspicion that they knew who your soulmate was for a while now. Epel’s too.
At first, it seemed like a coincidence. You’d whine about the fact that you couldn’t focus well when your soulmate keeps singing a song about washing the dishes. Then that same night, they would hear Epel singing a similar song in a pre-recording of Epel Farm.
When asked, Epel had told them that he rarely hears his soulmate’s voice unless he stayed up late enough. He’d wake up with swollen eyes the morning after and was surely scolded by Vil, but he always thought that it was worth it.
They connected the distant grey dots when you told them you try not to sing until nightfall in fear of disturbing your soulmate’s day.
The coincidences continued to pile on from there, and Ace finally convinced Epel to meet you for confirmation.
Except he left out the part where you were going to be here today.
But Epel is smart and he catches on very quickly. It also helps that your friends were not very subtle with the way they were gawking at you two as you conversed.
You must be someone special. He could tell from the moment you made eye contact earlier.
Whereas your parents never told you the feeling of meeting your soulmate — not to mention your friends haven’t experienced such things either — Epel was more blessed.
He’s been excited to meet you since the moment his parents recounted the day that they met. The feeling of comfort and warmth, like basking under the hot summer sun or wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket on a snowy day.
The same exact feeling he had when he first saw you.
But he’s not one to jump to conclusions. He needed solid evidence, and there’s only one way he knows how to collect it. Subtly.
“Do you want to come back to Pomefiore with me then? I’m about to head down, and it’ll give you a chance to finally listen in,” Epel offers, holding his breath as he waits for your answer.
You hum in thought, glancing over at your friends for their confirmation before nodding, “sure, I would love to.”
“Perfect, I’ll go grab my drink and we can go.”
Underneath the face mask, Epel is absolutely beaming in delight but he tries his best not to jump for joy right away. Instead, he counts to ten in his head to calm his nerves before he gets up from his seat, “oh— Ace and Jack, you guys can come too. Just don’t break anything this time.”
“Wh— it was totally Jack’s fault for scaring me!” Ace tries to defend himself but the shorter man is already out of earshot. He sighs, lips jutting out into a pout as he crosses his arms and slumps back down his seat.
“Your soulmate sucks, y/n,” Ace grumbles due to his hurt pride, the weight of his words not registering until he notices the way you stare at him with raised eyebrows.
“Who’s my soulmate?” you snort and lean forward to gently smack Ace’s hand. “Don’t joke around like that!”
“S—sorry,” Ace scratches the back of his head, the toothy smile he offers you filled with awkwardness.
Were you always this naive, or pretending to ignore the fact that he just slipped up?
His eyes shift up to look at something behind you and he breathes a sigh of relief before jumping out of his seat, “Epel! Great! Let’s get going before you’re late!”
“Uh— Okay, okay,” Epel holds his hands up in defeat as he allows Ace to usher him out of the tea shop.
You and Jack follow not too far behind, with you clinging onto your friend’s arm for warmth and protection against the chilly autumn breeze.
Thankfully — and surprisingly — the walk back to the Pomefiore dorm was only about one mile, tops. It was still a half an hour walk, but you can’t complain in the presence of good company. Plus, it probably would be a few days’ walk if you didn’t have a mirror to transport you to anywhere you want to go.
“Here we are,” Epel announces, his voice quieter and a softer tone than it had been at the tea shop. He stops walking right outside a door to a room marked with a medium-sized apple sign. “Please come in.”
Epel hurries to hold the door open for you, and you can’t hold back the giggle that bubbles up your throat as you walk past him.
How adorable, you think to yourself.
You absolutely adored the way that he so enthusiastically talked about his radio show earlier, and you can see now that he truly treats this place like his second home.
True to its name, the interior of the room is decorated with shades of green and various apple drawings randomly placed on the wall. Just like an apple orchard.
The environment is bright and warm, and if Epel was a room this is what you imagine he would look like. Is that strange?
“Okay, follow me. You guys can sit right outside of the broadcasting booth, and we’ll be able to see each other,” Epel gestures for your trio to follow him deeper into the room.
His face mask is pulled down now, exposing the lower half of his face, and you can’t help but to steal glances at him every few seconds. You had the gut feeling that he would be attractive, but nothing could prepare you for how pretty the man truly was.
Lost in thought — well, more like Epel’s face — you don’t notice that your friends have stopped walking and you face plant directly into Jack’s shoulder, causing you to stumble back ungracefully.
“Are you okay?” he looks back in concern.
“Uh, yes,” you affirm, a hand rubbing at your sore forehead.
“Be careful,” Epel comments before reaching out and taking a hold of your hand. He gently pries it off your forehead and leans forward to study the blanket of red on your skin. “It doesn’t look bad, but if it still hurts and you want to ice it, please let me know.”
“Okay, t—thank you,” you whisper.
From the close proximity, you have the opportunity to see his features more clearly — from his piercing light blue orbs to his adorable plump cheeks down to his rosy lips.
You’re not sure why you couldn’t stop staring at him, or why the same warmth as before is spreading through your body again. But the feeling is very much welcomed.
Unbeknownst to you, Epel feels the same way.
The sound of someone clearing their throat pops the momentary bubble you were encased in, causing the two of you to take a step away from one-another.
“Epel. We need to go check the sounds now,” a very familiar man stands off to the side, his face seeming as if he’d showed up someplace he wasn’t supposed to.
“Thank you, Housewarden Vil. I’ll be right there.”
“Alright. And Jack. Ace. Y/n. It’s a pleasure to see you all again,” Vil greets you all politely before he turns on his heels and hurries back inside what you presume is the broadcasting booth.
“Have a seat. You should be able to hear the broadcast through the speaker here,” Epel gestures towards a seemingly misplaced large speaker just outside of the broadcasting booth. When he turns back to you, he flashes a bright smile that has your heart suddenly skipping a beat. “I hope you’ll like it.”
With that, you both part ways. Epel walks to the broadcast booth while you walk over to where your friends have retreated minutes earlier.
“I feel strange,” you confess after situating yourself in a seat facing the glass door to the booth.
Jack and Ace exchange looks for what seems like the hundredth time that day before Jack says, “a good strange? Or did you already catch Epel’s cold?”
“I don’t know, but… I feel so warm and fuzzy. So I guess that’s good? I—” your sentence is cut off by a familiar voice in your head, and you let out a short sound of relief.
Your friends give you looks of confusion mixed with worry, mostly because your mood suddenly changed and they can’t tell if you’ve suddenly lost your mind. But you shake your head and whisper, “my soulmate is singing again!”
Jack eyes flicker briefly towards Epel, who seems to be speaking into a mic, before coming back to you, “what’s he singing?”
“Actually, it’s not a made-up song for chores this time,” you hum along to the lyrics in your head, your brain working to figure out what song is playing before it clicks. “Ah! It’s ‘Piece of My World’.”
Jack nods as he hops off his seat and makes his way to the speaker Epel pointed out earlier. His fingers fumble with the controls before you suddenly hear the same song blasting through them as the one in your head.
“How?” you ask, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you stare at the speaker. “That’s such a weird coincidence.”
Surely this was just a coincidence, right? But the more you listen, the farther away the voice in your head gets, the voice coming from the speaker replacing it instead.
The same voice that you’ve heard every day for as long as you can remember.
Your soulmate’s voice.
You stand up, hesitantly inching closer to the speaker, where Jack is giving you an apologetic look. How long had he known?
A million thoughts were running through your mind per second, faster than your heart is racing at the moment.
But when you’re a few feet away from the glass door, it suddenly makes sense to you. The way you felt so comfortable around him, how easily attracted you were to him, and why your friends had insisted you meet him all those times before.
Somehow they always knew, but now you know too.
Feeling eyes on him, Epel looks towards the door and makes eye contact with you. His mouth falls open to a small “o” when he sees the look of utter astonishment on your face.
Did you figure it out? Was he right?
Your lips moved, though he couldn’t hear what you were saying through the soundproof walls. That didn’t matter, however, because suddenly a voice greets his mind. One that he hasn’t heard sing to him when the sun is still up in years.
“You’re my soulmate.”
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noyaetnox · 5 days
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- I adore Vil so get ready 😌🙏
- you were for sure the one to confess, BUT. But. It was after you've both basically started flirting like crazy, and it was painfully obvious to everyone around that two have the hots, the butterflies, the emotions for each other and you were basically dating by that point, it just wasn't official. He didn't confess because he's just that stubborn, and you, you are too 😀🫶
-> this is why no one was surprised when you've finally announced that you guys are together officially
ALSO Epel took the whole thing the hardest. He had to listen to you talk about your massive crush on HIS HOUSEWARDEN but then ALSO watch Vil look like a lovestruck fool. He really wanted to beat the two of you up 😁
- you know how some people joke, how their friends, that are dating, are like their parents? Yeah that's you and Vil. Like, at first you two didn't know about, but once Deuce accidentally called Vil mom and then Epel, and you finally had the talk, and they confessed that they do see you as kind of parental figures
-> it was sweet but why
-> Vil got very angry when you told him because that's not true??? And then you were hanging out with your first-year friends at Ramshackle and he came to tell everyone to go to sleep (he knew you'd stay awake the whole night otherwise) and almost all of your friends -tired- called him mom
- you two are the parents of everyone at NRC. It's fate. You have to live with that, but it's fun! Sometimes, at least!
- you keep your relationship private from the general public for some time. It wasn't because he wanted to hide, he simply wanted to find a good time to share something so important to him. You eventually told the world, though!
-> you got some hate for it. Actually a lot 😔
-> Vil was very mad. He really thought his fans were better than that. He really expected them to be mature and accept that he found someone he liked, genuinely, and that they would happy with him. He once voiced his anger during and interview where he talked about the relationship. Most of the hate stopped after that, and you could deal with the few hateful comments that showed up from time to time just fine! He tried his hardest to remain at your side and remind you how they're just haters and you should not take any of it to heart,,, let's be honest, though, you both needed to be there for the other. That was, of course, totally fine!
- despite all of that, I strongly believe it strengthened your relationship. Like, after that it's as unbreakable as bedrock when you play on survival without any mods or hacks. And that's something to respect!
- you often spend your free time together and have spa days. You both put on facemasks and watch a show that you both then bitch over because the character so terrible, or their acting, or the writing in general. You enjoy that 😡☝️ bitching at people brings you two closer and that's beautiful 😌
- if you used to like Neige you don't anymore. Because let's be honest, Neige <<<<<< Vil. Like, you've got this amazing boyfriend who's a total hottie and you want to fuss over Neige? Now go watch Vil's newest commercial 😡!
- dates with him are, of course, in secret. He's got crazy fans and doesn't want to force you into dealing with them, too. Sometimes, the two of you go out incognito, in funky outfits to hide your true identities. Rook loves it, because you've got this game where you go insognito into the public and Rook tries to find the two of you and then gives you a rating out of 10 how well you hid. Sometimes it works very well, sometimes not so much.
- you introduced cosplay to Vil and he likes it a lot, to pretend to be someone else for even a little, getting to wear crazy outfits with crazy make-up, please find a couple cosplay to do together 🙏
- he brings you many expensive gifts in the form of jewelry, clothes, stuffed animals you name it. He is rich, but he feels the need to give people expensive things to keep them close. He has a fear that you'd leave him if he stopped, despite you telling him that's not the case all the time. He's very hard-headed (Aries gang), so you wouldn't be able to change his mind, but you can give him gifts in return.
Don't buy him expensive gifts, give him something that comes from your heart, a silly drawing, a sticker, a mug you saw that you thought he'd like and he's in love. He prefers giving, so give him something he won't feel bad about later down the line, okay?
- all in all, it is a great relationship despite some of the bad things, lots of love and care (sometimes not in a way you would like, but it's Vil 😮‍💨)
- platonic: bro doesn't treat you as crazy, because you're only his friend. You're not part of the Pomefiore dorm, nor are you his significant other, so he has no reason to dictate your life. For the most part 🤭 it's in his nature so he can't stop himself ALL the time, but you can clearly tell it's not as intense
Tumblr media
- even if you're a Rook simp, I refuse to believe people aren't afraid of him. Bro is a pro stalker and pops out of nowhere all the time 😰😨😨 that's scary. Not to mention he is all of that compiled into a french man.
- anyway. Rook basically liked you from the start. You caught his attention, because you were a magicless human in their magic school, not to mention you only caused trouble and carried around a Grim. If that isn't interesting, I don't know what else is
- he started following you just like any other interest of his. You knew about his antics of stalking (from everyone, really) so you didn't think anything special of it. It made sense that he was interested in you (you would be, too, had something like happened at your school). It was only after he hadn't stopped for months that you started thinking this wasn't just another phase of his. Gathering courage, you finally went to Vil to ask him about his opinion in this matter to which Vil straight up told you Rook has a crush.
- you were SHOCKED
- Vil then went on to explain that Rook does stalk often, but yours seems to be different, and that they often converse about you, and Rook just proclaims how his heart beats louder and faster whenever he sees you, and that your beauty is simply out of this world! (Pun intended)
- surprised Rook hasn't said anything about that, you caught him stalking you, inviting him for a chat over a cup of tea, where you finally asked the question. Rook just laughed, called you a silly animal and then told you that he's in love at this point and it's not just a crush
- cue surprised Pikachu face
- you started dating after that, and Jack stopped hanging out with you. You smelled like Rook - not to mention Leona doesn't allow you to enter Savanaclaw anymore 😅
- that said 6 times out of 10, if you look behind (after feeling like somebody is watching you), Rook will be there smiling goofily at your person and his finger would've sending you hearts. The other 4 is when he's watching you fr and doesn't WANT you to notice him.
- Rook is very loud and says whatever is on his mind (I would hit him if I was Vil), which is why you sometimes have to ground him and remind him not to say something. But also, he kind of speaks in riddles? But not riddles? Like, his words don't always mean what he wants to say and it's on you to pick up on that.
- Rook is a very family based guy. Like, he loves his own and definitely dreams of having one at some point, so be prepared for that.
- Rook is very silly and you have to live with that. I believe one of your past time activities is playing dress up - Rook dresses you up and you dress up Rook and then you take a bunch of pictures that later go into his album... or more of them (he's still very creepy)
- your life became chaotic as hell ever since you got together. Like one minute you guys are resting and painting each other's nails and the next you're flying on one broom across the ocean while he shows you all the tricks he knows (you have almost lost your life several times)
- WHICH BRINGS US! Rook is not very serious most of time, talking about you loosing your life - he will just laugh it off and ignore it if nothing serious happens. On the other hand, the second something actually happens he is very serious and scolding either you, himself, or the person that hurt you while catering to you and making sure you're A-OK
- he says "I love you" and "love you" all the time. Instead of goodbye, everytime he sees you... Just every opportunity he gets and it's so sweet 😔 me when
- despite being totally in love and everyone thinking you spend all the time in the world together, you actually don't see him as often - not because you're busy or anything 😁 it's just that Rook has to do his shenanigans often
-> you just receive a frantic call about how he has to "DO THIS THING" and you don't hear from him for the rest of the day, or you get a letter is it isn't as sudden. Most of the time, though, you know exactly what he's doing because he sends you pictures - of sleeping Leona, eating Leona, walking Leona, yawning Leona, glaring at him Leona, running at him Leona, running away from him Leona, oh hey Ruggie, Leona sending him the middle finger, Neige, ... you get it
- despite all of that, you spend a lot of time with one another... surprisingly
- you got into trouble many times because of him, but it's fine you're used to it at this point 💀
- platonic: this man is basically your guardian. "Can your guardian sign this paper?" "OUI!" Rook how did you get here 😨😨😨 silly tall french man who likes you a tad bit too much and basically considers you his child
Tumblr media
- mutual pinning so bad
- like it was painfully obvious to everyone, even to the two of you, but you both kind of though it was just friendly flirting from the other side and that the other could never possibly return the feelings
- that said, none of you "actually" confessed. You have started flirting one day and it went from there. You know how in all those enemies to lovers fanfics, the two of them go somewhere and some stranger confuses them for a couple (very unrealistic btw, when do strangers go around calling other people couples 💀), anyway that happened to you and Epel when you were one day hanging around alone - you went to get coffee and the barista refered to him as your boyfriend and none of you said anything and have been dating since.
- like I'm talking calling each other sweet names, little kisses, holding hands, and all of that. So you're official but also not? Idk man, I don't make the rules
- he REFUSES PDA - unless it is to annoy people ("Epel stop kissing the prefect during dorm meetings" "How could you stand between our love, Vil? 😔" "You know what? 😮‍💨 Whatever" and Vil doesn't speak to him the rest of the day) and you don't care about that much. After all, you get all the affection in private
- talking about privacy 😀 good luck getting away from the 1st year squad and Grim. If it isn't Ace and Deuce crashing at yours, it's Jack about homework or working out, or it's Sebek coming just because (he wants to hang out but is too conscious to say it, so he comes up with crazy excuses how you can get attacked and he has to protect you for WAKASAMA), or it's just Grim that does it on purpose (the rest don't realize you guys want to be alone), because no way in hell does he -Grim- accept anyone as your lover! Epel started either locking Grim out of the Ramshackle dorm or bribing him with tuna 🫡 it keeps him busy for a few
- because you get no free time together, he is often snappy and curses the world
- that's why he often invites you away from everyone
-> the moment you guys started dating you became a part of his family - his grandma has your contact information and you talk to each other all the time, and she sends you stuff (she sends a big package to Epel with the words to give half of it to you 😭) and you just love his grandma and she loves you - you actually promised her that you will marry Epel one day and she was the happiest and you were the happiest and Epel has no idea what happened (he skipped a few chapters)
- you spend every holiday with him and he isn't asking!
- he tried to teach you how to carve apples. It did not go well 😔 you simply can't carve an apple out of an apple - not to mention you then can't eat it because it's too pretty (when Epel carves it)
- Epel thinks you're crazy
- anyway
- your dates are usually not just the two of you. It's like the song: "it's finally me and you and you and me just us, and your friend Steve" except it's Ace, Deuce, Jack, Sebek, or Grim. You have to hold Epel back from beating all of them up, it's not you're doing anything crazy during you dates - not to mention they all just kinda do their own thing. That means you two can still have the date - just with some background noise!
- he isn't big on giving you anything, mostly because he forgor 💀 he might think about it for days and the he'll see you and just go "shit" because he wanted to bring you a gift he really did. You, on the other hand, give him a lot. He's just so cute and adorable (don't tell him) that you can't help but want to buy or make him stuff that will make him smile (he loves you so much and you love him so much and when you give him something he's so happy because you thought of him and just cjsbxiabbsjdjabxoba)
- yes
- all in all, the relationship is very chill, you're all feeling very safe in it, not like with many of the other NRC students 😀.
- but for real, I can't stress enough how good the relationship will be ☝️
- platonic: he treats you like one of his bros 😎🏋️🤸🤾🏃⛹️ because no way will he be friends with someone lame 🙄
The Pomefiore chapter is finally DONE! 🤝
It's a bit shorter because there's only 3 members, but it's fine. I'm done with my finals, so I've got time for maybe a month before they continue so I'll try to ouch more chapters out 🫡
Next chapter will probably be Savanaclaw, so see you there 🤸!
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penofpenguin · 7 months
Ok umm I don’t know if you have requests open or not but can you do a epel x reader which epel got turned into a fox and have deal with a lot more of rook and vil so his only escape is with the reader?? and the reader couldn’t resist pampering him by petting him on the ears and tail??
ahem- yes!! That sounds so cute ^^
I definitely loved writing this because it's so fluffy...like...literally- So enjoy this one! ^^
Content Warnings: None
Epel gets turned into a fox and his s/o is having wayy too much fun with him.
Epel x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
How did this even happen?
Epel was in one of his alchemy lessons and it wasn't a good idea bringing apple juice to the lesson. Instead of grabbing his apple juice, he grabbed a potion and drank it.
That was Jack's explanation to you, holding a small fox version of your beloved.
You were probably not listening because of how fluffy fox Epel looked and how his round eyes were just innocently blinking at you.
"OH! Yeah sure Jack I'll take care of him!!"
Jack gave you the fox and left to his club activities. You just looked at Epel and Epel just looked at you.
"You wanna walk around a bit?" You asked, to which Epel nodded.
While you were walking around, the one person Epel didn't want to see popped up. Vil.
"Greetings potato. Have you by any chance seen Epel? He's supposed to meet me after his alchemy lesson."
Epel growled at him.
"N-not really. Maybe he's-"
"What is this creature doing here?! Is this even allowed???" Vil interrupted you, pointing to fox Epel.
"C'est Epel!" Rook exclaimed, popping out of a bush, giving you, Vil and Epel a slight scare.
"Rook...how many times must I tell you to not hide in bushes. Look your hair is messed up."
"My apologies Roi du Poison,"
Vil turned to Epel.
"Look here baby potato, I don't know how you got into this situation, but I need you to be at Pomefiore 4pm sharp. Understood?"
And with that, the third years walked away.
Epel gave you puppy eyes and nuzzled into your arms, as if he was begging you to not leave him in his dorm.
"Alright...I'll see what I can do..." You said, a defeated smile plastering on your face.
You decided to take him to your dorm, as he wouldn't attract attention there. He rested himself on your bed and was going to take a nap. It looked really cute so you just felt like pampering him.
You grabbed the fox and cuddled it into your arms.
"Why're you so fluffy and cute-"
The fox was startled by your sudden enthusiasm. He then felt smug about getting so much affection so he nuzzled you back.
Epel did feel slightly jealous that the amount of affection you gave this fox form was alot more than how much you give his normal form. But for now he's living the moment.
You pampered him for about 30 minutes now and he's loving it...but he kind of wants to go bite people who call him cute(you're an exception but don't use it often he'll be sad) and make the most of being a small but fierce animal.
He tries to move away from your embrace but you're too strong.
"C'monn, lemme pamper you a lil bit more~"
He gave up trying.
You felt so much comfort cuddling him that you fell asleep, holding him in your arms.
When you woke up from your nap, you found yourself laying on the human version of your boyfriend.
"Epel! When did you turn back?"
"When ya were asleep. Good morning~" He kissed your nose.
"I love any form of you I swear to the sevens." As you were about to get up, Epel pulled you into his embrace once more and trapped you in his arms.
"Leaving so soon?" He asked with a grin.
"I mean...I napped for an hour so..."
"What happened to all that lovin' n pettin' y'were doin' all that time back? Won't you do it again?" He teased.
"If you want to...I mean I prolly skipped a class."
"I'll come up with yer excuse. Just pamper me more." He rested his head onto your neck.
You smiled. He was so determined to get what he wants and it's something alot like a fox.
"Alright then,"
"It's 4:10...Where is Epel!?" Vil asked, unhappy.
"Maybe we shall spare him this time, Roi du Poison. Did you see how much love his round, fox eyes held when he looked at y/n? It was a pure sight!" Rook explained, making Vil roll his eyes.
"Just this once!"
I never really wrote for a character turning into an animal + I wrote this at 2a.m. so I'm sorry if it kinda came out weird. Hope you enjoyed it tho 💖
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iameliseposts · 1 month
Hello! Just stumbled in to your blog and I love your style so I’m here to ask:
Can you please write a scenario in which Epel and MC (gender neutral) are play fighting and it ends with a soft cuddle session? Pillows, blankets, and a whole lotta fluff please :)
This Means War - Epel x MC
Thank you for requesting anon and sorry for the wait! I hope it has as much fluff and crack as you wanted! I hope you enjoy!!
And I think this is my last late request! I have a sequel to write and then no more. If any of you have any requests, especially Valentines themed ones, send them in! 
Tumblr media
“Do you know what this means Epel?” You looked at your boyfriend intensely. He looked weak and frail upon first glance, but you knew better. He returned your stare, eyeing you down, “Oh I know. Do ya know what this means?” “Of course. This means war!” And you swung your pillow.
Epel jumped out of the way, somewhat gracefully. Huh, Epel’s beauty and grace lessons with Vil are paying off. But now was not the time to be mesmerized because Epel was about to attack! He lunged towards you swinging his pillow, but luckily you blocked it with your own. You currently stood on your chair while Epel was on ground level. Where should you go next?
Epel swung again and you jumped out of the way and onto the floor. Quickly, you escaped to your bed, standing tall. You pointed your pillow at Epel menacingly. Thank the stars for Ramshackle’s high roof. 
“It's over, Epel Felmier. I have the high ground.” Epel merely grinned like the gremlin he is, “You underestimate my power!” You dramatically gasped, “Don't try it.” “Oh I will!” And he booked it towards you.
You nearly shrieked as he jumped onto the bed and tackled you down. You felt a hand come behind your head to protect your head as you both fell onto the cushy mattress. It makes your heart flutter, to know how he’d always save you.
Epel pins you to the bed with his two arms on each side of your body. He completely trapped you with no escape… “Got ya! What was that about war?” Epel grinned ear to ear and you didn’t know if you wanted to punch that victory smile off his face. So you did. You punched his lips. With your lips. Gently. 
You caught Epel off guard with your attack. It was a lot softer than he imagined and he didn’t mind in the slightest. He reciprocated with the same vigor, loving and passionate. And you got him where you wanted.
You pulled him, catching him off guard and wrapped your arms around him. With an, “Oof!”, he collapses on top of you and is stuck underneath your tight and devoted embrace. When he looks up, you give him a bright smile, “You might have won the battle, but I won the war!” 
Epel puts his hands up as much as he could in defeat. “Yeah yeah ya got me.” You gleam in the pride of your victory, “Then as the victor, I want an endless supply of cuddles!” Epek mock gasped, “Endless? And miss school?” “Do you object?” Epel shakes his head with a hearty laugh, “Not a chance!” He shivers a bit, “But isn’t it a bit cold?” Oh yeah, Ramshackle has barely, if any insulation. Dammit Crowley, he couldn’t do one thing for the Ramshackle prefect, could he?
The good thing about Ramshackle was you had it all to yourself and this includes the pillows and blankets from the other rooms. You had cleaned them all prior and shoved them in your closet to snuggle with later. Man were you thankful you decided to be responsible, so could use them now. 
Shoving Epel gently off you (to his dismay), you prance to your closet and grab the first few blankets you saw. You go back to the bed and pull the chair towards the bed. You drape the curl the blankets around the bottom of the bed frame. “Whatcha doing?” Epel asked, but you kept working. You made a knot, twice on the bedframe and twice on the chair. Putting another blanket overtop and horizontal. 
Going back to your closet, you pull out a bunch of pillows you’ve also crammed into there. “How much bedding have you shoved into there?” Epel deadpans. You tossed the pillows and extra blanets inside your little tent. A makeshift fort, made of blankets for your beloved. You crawl inside, lying on the pillows and blankets. “Tada~ I have constructed a fortress and I’m taking you hostage!” Epel grinned from ear to ear, the grin you’d die for. He slips inside the blanket fort and cuddles next to you. “Oh no, I guess I’m stuck!” 
“Yeah you are!” You preened once more. “But…” Epel wraps his arms around you and pulls you to his chest, “I think I won the war.” You giggled as you nuzzled into him, 
“I can’t say I mind.”
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morgandoesstuffsig · 3 months
— twstw boys attempts at courting you p.1
— e. felmier, piomefire, 16yro
— no c.w
— sfw + hc form
— a/n; trying out new formats🤭 also very short
Tumblr media
— : ☆ EPEL F.
Tumblr media
my little skrunkly
hes very soft spoken with you
he may not be very talkative but that doesnt stop him from being competitive and short tempered
he never loses his temper with you though
you don't treat him differently because of how he looks
why should he give you a cold shoulder?
he only realizes his feelings later
later later
when he gains the courage to try and court you, he takes it slow
gift giving, small words of affirmation, etc.
when he gains more courage to confess
hes going to leave you a note somewhere only you will find it
you two meet up in private somewhere
confession below
"Yuu! You actually came..!" Epel said surprised.
"You called for me, didnt you?"
"Yeah, I did." He smiled at you.
"Well, what's up?"
"I have something to tell you... if you dont feel the same, hopefully we can still be friends but I wanted to tell you that..." he took a deep breath.
"...that you mean a lot to me. More than a friend. More than a "bestie." I... I love you, Yuu. I guess you could call me an apple because uh, I fell for you..." He said, blushing from embarrassment at the cringeworthy pickup line he said at the end.
"Will you... Yuu [L/N], take me to be your boyfriend?"
— : ☆ EPEL F.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Headcanon time!Okay so Epel with a Yuu that absolutely adores him because he is cute!Like they baby and dote on him!(And will also throw hands for him)
Warning:Gn!Reader,relationship can be read however you want,bad grammar (probably)
Epel Felmier:
He absolutely hates how you treat him
He is not cute!
But you only coo at him and tell him that just because he is cute that doesn’t make him any less of a man
However he only scoffs at you but doesn’t push you away
Epel only realised that perhaps this wasn’t so bad when he understood that femininity can also be a strength!
Now he uses you to save his ass
Every time Vil tries to force him to take ballet classes he just runs to you hugs your waist buries his head in your chest and whines how Vil is forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do and you
Go apeshit.
You have wrestled with Vil so many times and it’s always such a sight
Cause yea Vil is stronger than you and can use magic
You have sheer determination and stupidity
Vil respects that
But if he has to fight you one more time…
You be beefing with him 24/7 cause no way you letting Vil do whatever he wants to Epel
Tumblr media
When the first year gang teases him(mainly Ace)he just plops on your lap and snuggles your chest with a shit eating grin to assert dominance
Ace and Grim get hella pissy about it
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Ace during NNN
Ace: *sees y/n shopping for something in Sam’s* uuuhhhh
Deuce: no ace you can do this
Ace: i don’t think I can!
Epel: yes you can dude!
Ace: but Russel wants out!
Epel: who’s Russel?
Ace: Russel the love muscle!
Deuce: Russel the love muscle?
Ace: yeah he’s the Cyclops that lives in pants land!
Epel: he’s talking about his penis…
Deuce: no shit!
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rs-wonderland · 3 months
Heyheyhey, hope your doing well! I might have a request if it's good, domestic fluff/househusband Epel, Sebek, and Trey? Thank you :D
Note for anonymous{Hi hi dear, im going great thank you. And i just love the idea! And i hope you don't mind that i'm adding kids to this request.}
Epel Felmier:
-Epel I can see him acting like the type of househusband who will do everything on his family farm and look after the kids at the same time. Surprisingly it doesn't turn out chaotic, the kids actually love helping dad around the farm.
-When you come home, Epel will be waiting for you with dinner and the children, who have long been asleep in bed.
-And then he will start telling you about how he chased the children around the farm all day because they stole a couple of apples from the basket, and how he chased them and ended up in the mud.
-He's not the best cook, but he can whip up a dish or two. Expect that on your days off, you all cook as a family (usually you make an apple pie), which ends up with apples and flour all over the kitchen counter, and a lot of laughter.
-He will try to show how manly he is and teach the children how to do the hard work around the property. Some things are fine, you know, picking and carrying a few baskets of apples, and some things are lifting very heavy objects. So you better stop him.
-The house doesn't shine as clean as it is. At least there are no cobwebs and dust, the dishes are always washed and the laundry is folded. So who cares. All that matters is that when you get home you can rest well.
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pandoa · 1 month
sorry for bothering you again, Pandoa! idk if anyone asked for Epel but I dedided to do it myself. Tulips (said by Epel) and red roses (said by reader), theme comfort of home. Only a suggestion but I thought about this in Epel's home, like in the event. He and reader are talking and he just confess himself right there in a moment of confidence. I just... my country boi ily <3
Tumblr media
Tulips ~ “so what if i’m in love with you?! is that so wrong?”
Red roses ~ “i’m afraid your existence in my life has tremendously done wonders to my racing heart. i may have to ask for yours in return”
~epel felmier x gender neutral reader~
cherryyyy thank you for another precious request <333 writing for you is always a joy and i really like how this one turned out too lol. hope you enjoy~
Tumblr media
♡confidence juice♡
“We’ll never escape your family’s teasing, will we?” a chipper voice coming from your form asked as you sipped on a warm cup of apple juice, making yourself comfortable as you turned your head in all directions to bask in the peace of Epel’s room. Decorating the entire room was apple-accented accessories and lodge-like furniture that gave the room an aesthetic rustic look—one that somehow gave off an entrancing homely aura—while rays of sun coming from Harveston’s sky peeked out to kiss the tips of your fingers resting on the lavender-haired boy’s bed. The two of you had paid Epel’s family a visit at their farm in Harveston to try a new apple-centered beverage the Felmier’s had made; however, with Felmier family’s excitement over meeting you for the first time, bustling chattering had filled the orchard like harmonious critters chirping in the woods. 
“Yeah…prob’ly not,” Epel said as he joined you in your seat at his bed, a fresh cup of his grandparents’ newest apple recipe in hand, “Ever since we got back ‘ere, they’ve seemed a bit nosey, haven’t they?”
“It’s cute.”
“No, it’s not.”
“Well, in your eyes it’s nosey. In my eyes, however, it’s cute. Almost endearing actually,” you reasoned while the calming aroma of spices from the apple juice tickled your nose. You made sure to take note and send your compliments to Mrs. Felmier on their family’s most recent recipe. It was absolutely amazing.
“Yeah, but I was kinda lookin’ forward to spending time with you alone. Y’know, show you some places from my childhood—things like that,” the Pomefiore first year shifted his body to face you as a light shade of pink glowed on his cheeks in slight embarrassment, “My family does not help at all, too, what with them constantly on our backs when we’re together.” Epel shivered when he swore he could feel the piercing gazes of his family spying on the both of you through his bedroom window, “And they keep starin’ at me like some kind of cicada is about to pop outta’ my chest; it makes no sense.”
“Cicada? Epel, what are you talking about—?”
“Well, I guess I did talk about you a lot to them before coming here. They might’ve figured it out by now…” the boy continued to mutter under his breath as he took a small sip out of his crimson red cup. 
“Figured what out, exactly—?”
“But so what if I’m in love with you?! Is that so wrong?” appearing to be stuck in his own temporary world, Epel had accidentally let his own thoughts that had been boiling within him for quite some time slip out of his mind. His exclamation made sense at the moment, but now that he thought about it, why did he feel the need to say that again? Was it always this easy? Had he been concerning himself over his feelings for you for nothing? Was there something in the apple juice his grandparents had given him that gave him a sudden wave of coolness?
“Wait…” you cautiously looked at the boy as you struggled to believe what you had just heard, “Could you repeat that again for me, please?”
“I…I said that I love you, (Y/n),” Epel’s softened voice contrasted the determined expression coming from his light blue eyes. This was never what he planned to do during your short visit to Harveston, but there was just no going back, correct?
“Oh…” a hesitant mumble escaped your mouth as you fumbled with the now empty cup resting in your hands, “Then I have something to tell you, too.”
"What is it?”
“I’m afraid your existence in my life has done wonders to my racing heart. I may have to ask for yours in return,” you said with an infectious smile that sent shivers through Epel’s accelerating heart. 
“Hey,” the first year then feigned defensiveness at your confession, “Don’t steal my line. That’s rude.”
An amused laugh of yours sang throughout the warmth of Epel’s room, jokingly playing along with the boy’s bantering, “Aw, I’m sorry, is that surge of confidence of yours still working right now?”
“Yes, in fact, it is. Thanks for noticing.”
“No problem~” you said, pulling him into an affectionate side hug from the right, “And I love you too, Epel. Just so you know.”
Since when did you two ever get so bold? Epel wondered. He supposed he would have to ask his grandparents if they really did put something in that new apple juice. Like some kind of confidence juice, or whatever. 
Yeah, that’s right. Confidence juice. 
Tumblr media
a/n: it just occurred to me that "confidence juice" could be taken as a reference to alcohol and i would just like to say that that is not what i meant by it at all 💀
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